Solutions Barbados – A Political Party in the Making

solutions_barbadosGrenville Phillips II is the founder of Barbados’ newest political party Solutions Barbados. BU asked Grenville to give Barbadians an update on the building of the political party. The following is what he had to share:

Approximately once every 5 years, Barbadians select persons to manage their national affairs. At the time of our independence, we received a debt-free island with well-maintained pubic infrastructure. Fifty years later, our public services are generally poorly managed, and we are risking losing our country as a result of our unsustainable national debt. During periods in Barbados when money appeared to be plentiful, we mistakenly thought that our national economy was being properly managed. However, it takes no special competence to uneconomically spend borrowed money.

It normally takes approximately 10,000 hours of practice for persons to operate at an expert level. Therefore, it would seem that successfully managing a business, with about 10 employees for about 10 years, should adequately prepare an individual to manage our national affairs. To my knowledge, none of Barbados’ ministers of Government have ever come close to this minimum standard of preparation.

I do not blame any past or current member of Barbados’ parliament for the current state of our national affairs. Rather, they deserve our deep gratitude. When we had to elect persons to manage the national economy, they were the ones who stepped forward. At the end of each election cycle, they graciously demitted office and admirably accepted the will of the electorate.

If anyone is to blame for the abysmal state of Barbados’ national affairs, it is those who were adequately prepared for national service, but refused to step forward. Thus, they deprived Barbados of their skills and left the electorate to choose from among a group of unprepared, but willing candidates.

Barbados is fortunate to have had exemplary employers who have effectively trained and cared for their employees as they managed successful businesses. They willingly chose less corporate profits in order to maintain their employees during economically challenging times, and rewarded them for their productivity during times of plenty.

Those employers were adequately prepared to manage Barbados’ economy. However, rather than fulfilling their national duty, they generally ignored the call. They ought to be utterly ashamed of themselves, and are ultimately responsible for forcing Barbadians to select people who were simply not prepared to manage national affairs.

There is no shame if the electorate chooses others to lead. That is the governance system within which we operate, and the same voters, and their children, have to live with the consequences of their choices. However, to provide them with fair choices, it is the responsibility of the most demonstrably competent and caring employers to offer themselves as candidates in each general election. How else can a small independent country with few natural resources be properly managed?

Our politics has now degenerated into career politicians desperately trying to convince Barbadians that all is well while we are being drowned in debt, taxes and downgrades. It is long-past time to relieve our career politicians from this burden, but thank them for their efforts. I am publically calling all employers with the requisite preparation to review the solutions at, and then contact us with the intention of being candidates in the next general elections.

Grenville Phillips II is the founder of Barbados’ newest political Party, Solutions Barbados, and can be contacted by: Web:  E-mail:  Tel: 232-9783


  • Soc democracies fail, because the members of the society do not truly believe in paying their way. It is always those who in their opinion ‘have more’ and should be contributing more (which means they have to pay less). Once it becomes common behaviour to pocket taxes, public revenue or evade any other public contribution beyond a certain level, the model fails. And leakages along the way only exacerbate the problem.
    When the public employee becomes a personal revenue centre beyond their salary, who loses? When the local businessperson abuses the rules, who loses? What you get is a society of skimmers and finger pointers.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Yeah Northern…like they got right now.


  • Any of you remember the late Errol Barrow on a political platform stating that the Caribbean could be almost totally self sustaining.

    If there is a collapse in the “world economy” Caribbean countries could still survive through intra regional trade.


  • @ Hants,

    Today’s Advocate reported that Nevis as from December 2017 will convert to Geothermal energy. In layman’s terms this means that Nevis electricity supply will be 100% renewable! The same as Iceland. It will also be supplying her neighbours with her energy supplies.


  • @flyonthewall

    Agreed ! ‘Capitalism without a conscience is destructive’ and we must accept ‘The poor you will always have with you!”. Many a violent revolution has been as a result of the unbridled greed and avarice of the economic elite…(the ‘business class ?). To this end,let us also not forget the importance of integrity, transparency, accountability, freedom of information and the ability to recall elected parliamentarians who are incompetent or breach their fiduciary duties…essential elements of good governance, elements which our two leading parties will always promise just before and during an election but never pursue once elected ! From its pronouncements thus far,should we expect anything different from Solutions Barbados ?


  • Dear All:

    Allow me to respond to your additional concerns.

    Unworkable Solutions

    The solutions have been published for discussion in order that they may be improved. You are encouraged to suggest any improvements. Our aim is to implement the agreed published solutions.

    Dishonest Politicians

    Your skepticism that we will become dishonest politicians is justified. Since Jesus had Judas within His chosen 12 disciples, then we can expect at least 3 persons who will betray us and vote for selfish interests. To reduce this risk, we are preparing an explicitly stated binding contract where an individual who does not vote for the agreed Solutions will pay a penalty of say BD$5 for each non-compliant vote, to a non-political NGO that agrees to keep us accountable. You are free to suggest your top 3 for consideration.

    Country not Corporation

    There are countries where corruption is institutionalized. There are also irresponsible employers. If you have only been exposed to the bad, then it is understandable why you may think that reports of the good are fanciful.

    Leaders of a country should aim to provide an economic environment where individuals can have sufficient income to allow them to do what gives them fulfillment. Individuals are responsible for doing their best with each opportunity. Businesses can facilitate this vision and are sustained by profits generated from the development and sale of goods and services.

    Evidently, Barbados has not been well managed over the past 50 years. The root cause appears to be that it was managed by persons unprepared to manage our national economy. Responsible employers have adequate preparation. However, please do not equate employers with corporate shareholders whose principal motive is the scheduled dividend.

    If all an individual knows are irresponsible employers, then it may be difficult to imagine that their responsible counterparts actually exist, but I can assure you that they do.

    Best regards,


  • This is when you approach the Orwellian Utopia. All are equal, but some are more equal than others. Who decides? When health care and education are universal, essentially the government decides value?
    This was where Bim was always unique. I knew of 2 doctors, and they used to get paid based on what the patient could afford. Fish, vegetables, money, fixing the car, or other skills. If they didn’t have money they didn’t get paid. But enough people had money/insurance they made lots of money on a relative scale.
    When the quality of life is dictated by material possessions, everybody wants to have nuff money. Who is to say a school teacher, who gets the summer off is worth more or less than someone who writes computer code who works all year?


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