The Beat(ing) Goes on…@LIAT

Message received from a concerned individual.

LIAT1LIAT passengers stranded in St. Maarten for a week, Letter from LIAT CEO. I find the CEO’s letter to be well hidden, don’t know ’bout you… does the knee-jerk Chairman have anything useless to say? Just like his Boss, a pair of mouths with hot vaporised garbage flowing out of them.

And a friend of mine was in Grenada over the season, LIAT cancelled his booked flight, did not notify him or re-book him on anything (all flights were full the following day), he had to spend the time at the airport begging for a space and waiting, got home to Barbados almost two days later.

Business as usual, I suppose. Weren’t we all told the new ATRs were supposed to make LIAT’s entire operation smooth and efficient?

Remember, silent useless Barbados owns more than 50% of this disaster, but the man running the show and calling the shots (our mutual Marxist Comrade) only has to pay less than 10% of the accumulating debt. And HE says because it is a public service THIS is the way LIAT must be run.


5 Comments on “The Beat(ing) Goes on…@LIAT”

  1. NorthernObserver January 9, 2016 at 12:00 PM #

    Doesn’t LIAT = Leaves Island Any Time? seems all is good


  2. David January 9, 2016 at 1:15 PM #

    The LIAT problem, a regional problem, is *emblematic of the standards we set ourselves.*

    On 9 January 2016 at 16:00, Barbados Underground wrote:



  3. watchman January 9, 2016 at 3:14 PM #

    LIAT has to be worse than ever now ,look at who the chairman , the man was told years ago by tourism players. it time to leave Jean , you pass expired


  4. Artaxerxes January 10, 2016 at 8:49 AM #

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  5. BimJim February 9, 2016 at 10:30 PM #

    Donville Inniss – mouthpiece of The Jackass Fumble – is again demanding that the other islands cough up hard-earned taxpayer dollars to throw down into the LIAT cesspit…

    My response…

    Mr. Inniss, more than three years ago PM of St. Lucia Kenny Anthony told the shareholders of LIAT to clean up its Board and management and he would look at investing his country into in LIAT again. But nothing has happened, so St. Lucia is still not a shareholder. Had the shareholders installed a Board that has a modicum of competence and management who have a clue, not only would St. Lucia have taken shares but also Grenada and St. Kitts/Nevis.

    But The Comrade made it crystal clear, in public, that LIAT was a social service and is supposed to run at a loss.

    Barbados pays 50% and Antigua 30% of that loss. The Comrade only has to find less than 12% of the loss – and like you, that money obviously has no value to him because it does not come out of his pocket.

    Two years ago the Trinidadian CEO Brunton chased himself away from Antigua after causing a “meltdown” during the fleet change exercise stranding thousands over the 1,000 miles of network – which he was amply warned about by experienced aviation people, including the LIAT Pilots Association and the Civil Aviation Authority in Antigua, but he ignored all of them.

    A year later LIAT advertised for a new CEO, and dug up a meek Englishman retired from the bowels of British Airways who had done nothing remarkable for almost 40 years there, had never run an airline like LIAT, and chose him over several far more suitable “turn-around expert” applicants – at least one of who actually had prior Caribbean experience.

    The feeling then, and now, is that the shareholders did NOT want change, but wanted to continue doing the same thing over and over – always expecting a different result. And we all know what that kind of behaviour suggests.

    Over the last few years there has been public call after public call from responsible people in the region for LIAT to change the way it does business. There has been zero response from those who oversee or run LIAT.

    Mr. Inniss, you are playing with taxpayer money, not your own, so it automatically has no value to you. For you to demand that other Prime Ministers also take the view that their taxpayers money has no value and to pour it down the LIAT cesspit is to also show no value for those Prime Ministers – who, unlike your own boss, are guarding their national trust as they should, and not writing blank cheques to regional resources which are being run abysmally badly and refuse to be made more efficient or accountable.

    I have some questions, Mr. Inniss… maybe you can ask your boss for some hints (but I doubt he has anything useful to say to the public, as usual)…

    Why did Barbados amass all those shares in LIAT? 50.3% puts Barbados in a sorry place – and with your boss unable and unwilling to make any decisions means LIAT is unable to make any major regional decisions.

    – The three largest shareholders of LIAT are broke, Mr. Inniss… how long do you think the airline is going to survive with The Comrade imposing his Marxist ways?

    – How long is PM Gonsalves going to remain the puffed-up Chairman of the LIAT shareholders – in a position that is normally rotated?

    – How long is the incompetent Jean Holder going to remain the puffed-up Chairman of the LIAT Board?

    – How long are all those unqualified and politically appointed Board Members going to remain on the LIAT Board?

    – When are the shareholders going to turn the Board, management and LIAT around to make it run more efficiently? Certainly with 3 hours as a standard delay for LIAT these days there is nowhere DOWN to go (apart from those people stranded for a week in Sint Maarten) and a great deal of UP available.

    – And, Mr. Inniss, when are the taxpayers of the shareholder governments going to have access to the fullest accounts of LIAT for any of the last 30 years? What is being hidden from those who actually pay the bills? What is the big secret, Mr. Inniss? Have YOU ever seen the LIAT accounts of ANY year?

    Mr. Inniss, if you want to make demands of the other governments then you will have to find a better location for them to put their taxpayers’ hard earned money than a cesspit such as LIAT. Clean it up – replace the Board and get better qualified management than plodding unqualified or underqualified bureaucrats, and you may well see a difference in the way people see the airline.


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