LIFAA Joins LIALPA to Accuse LIAT Management of Issuing a Misleading Statement



(St John’s, Antigua) The Leeward Islands Flight Attendant Association (LIFAA) views the Press Release issued by LIAT’s Management on 25th October 2016 as unfortunate and misleading, where Acting CEO Julie Reifer-Jones maintains that the Company has sufficient crew to operate the current schedule. The Release stated that the Company employs 76 Cabin Crew and that LIAT’s crew sickness levels for 2016 equates to 13%, a pattern that has been in existence for some time. It was also stated that so far this year, LIAT has cancelled 261 flights and delayed a further 564 due to crew sickness.

Read full Press Release


  • Unfortunately,in most encounters involving management and flight operations services,management is at a big disadvantage,in particular Reifer-Jones, a new kid on the block hoping to sit in the hot seat.She can say goodbye to that ambition.Flight crew is who makes or breaks the carrier.When the two components come together as in this scenario,expect major hiccups.Roaches seem to board the aircraft in the Antigua hangar because I can recall seeing johnny postles in the Avros back in the 70’s.


  • By way of background, which David does not provide enough of, LIAT is a money pit.

    It used to be bloated with far too many employees, at least 1,200, most of them at its Antigua headquarters, but it is now down to about 670 — still far too many for an airline flying only 10 aircraft, but as you can see, the flight attendants are squawking.

    Barbados owns approximately 50% of LIAT’s shares, with Antigua, St.Vincent, Dominica, holding most of the remainder.

    The airline has never been able to make money. It lost EC $56 million in 2015, and has lost hundreds of millions of dollars since the 1970s.

    There have been many proposals to replace LIAT with an inter-island ferry, but apparently it’s hard to find a company interested in the idea.


  • You are obviously new to BU. BU published a press release, period.

    By way of background you should have noted that although LIAT made a lost of 9 million in the last year but last quarter it made 5 million dollars. There is also rationalization of routes being currently undertaken. LIAT is not a government department, those island not contributing and routes not profitable must be looked it.


  • It is abroad that the taxes collected by LI AT on behalf of the shareholder governments is a significant source contributing to the bottom line.Citizens are at a great disadvantage because the major shareholder Barbados either is not required by law or as pointed out by the Auditor General do not care or exhibit good corporate policy and governance by publishing annually the Financials of the carrier.
    It sickens one to see the cavalier attitude of this DLP government and the former BLP government when it comes to accountability.Only external pressure by the likes of the contributing governments to CDB will bring this matter into the public domain.The fact that a former President or CEO whatever called,is now head of the CDB offers no comfort.


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