Becoming a Republic

Posted to Facebook by June Naime Yesterday at 10:15pm.
Independence, 1966

Independence, 1966

Going Republic might sound good in principle but when you change the legal entity to another legal entity every Treaty every Agreement even down to the letterhead has to change including all international Airline Routes, every Double Taxation Treaty will need to be changed and amended.

Do you think that Barbados in the Re-Negotiation is going to get the upper or lower hand…it certainly will not be the same. The only people that stand to benefit are Lawyers and Those Seeking Power Over The People.

Under the Commonwealth there may be an influence for us to stay Democratic where under a Republic nobody has our back and as a small Nation this is crucial. Too much power is already concentrated in the hands of the Prime Minister and it will be more so with no accountability. By becoming a Republic we will be on a fast road like Venezuela our neighbours. Although these are the effects of Socialism, this will definitely put more power into the hands of fewer people.

This is the worst possible time where Barbados is at its weakest financially and in the International Arena, we will be putting ourselves to Re- Negotiate everything. When they want to take peoples minds off of these trouble times in Barbados that Politicians who make promises and cannot fix, the strategy of the Left is Misdirection, Magicians use SLIGHT OF HAND all the time, it is their favourite tool. The Dems are using this ploy to hype more votes for re-election and also by linking this Republic Ploy, to the 50th Anniversary of Independence. We are constantly bombarded on the airwaves daily with countdown to this Celebratory time.

So far from helping Barbados we are hearing about projects that cost Billions including Waterworks 1 billion… We will only reap higher water rates, all we will see is a new building and none of that money used to get more water for Bajans, they are acting like they can cause it to rain! Is God telling us something by the Drought? Are we are heading in the wrong direction? What about The Airport Project 1½ Billion and Cahill 700 Million? I suppose that Bajans jumped the gun with the Cahill project when it is already a done deal with land selling in St.Thomas for a few cents per Acre and the finders fee of 200 million said to be divided between 5 persons! Who is going to repay this debt and who is benefits, certainly not We The People, our Grand Children and their Children for Generations to come will be made to pay.

By moving in the Direction of a Republic will put us in More Debt, More taxes, more Serfdom and the only way for the people of Barbados to STOP & CHANGE THE DIRECTION IS TO SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD LOUD AND CLEAR, Civil Servants work for the people not the other way around. The power is in Our Hands; we can prevent them from becoming the Civil Master!

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157 Comments on “Becoming a Republic”

  1. are-we-there-yet January 9, 2016 at 7:41 AM #

    That should have been “boss”


  2. Bush Tea January 9, 2016 at 7:45 AM #

    When a whole country can find nothing more to ‘celebrate’ after FIFTY years, than the fact that England got tired of them ‘loitering’ on its back steps and sent them packing, then we know that we are dealing with REAL brass bowls.

    When the Olympic Sports people have to resort to giving sports awards in 2016. … to men who won medals 50 and 15 years ago, while lamenting the LACK of a BASIC stadium…then we KNOW where to look for brass bowls

    When a Government have sold off …or allowed to be sold… national assets such as BNB, BARTEL, BS&T, BL&P, Almond, etc …how the hell is that different from having PARROs for parents …selling off the damn household furniture and silvers to fund their habits?

    When KNOWN crooks /gangsters and pimps such as the CLICO group, the CAHILL conspirators, this Insurance/medical scam being perpetrated by Harris etc can continue WITHOUT criminal charges or even any investigation in this country….. we can only be classified as brass bowls…

    What Republic what?!?
    Not even a Banana republic… we would become a SHIITE republic.

    We need to FIX our brass bowlery BEFORE even talking any shiite about such changes. Republicanism is something to be pursued by people with PRIDE and INDUSTRY ….not mendicant, parro, brass bowls…
    ..and as Nassar said yesterday, Independence Shiite!! NO DAMN man can GIVE Bushie independence. Bushie’s independence is a BIRTHRIGHT …and brave is the brass bowl that can take it away…
    Time to stop ‘celebrating’ that too….


  3. are-we-there-yet January 9, 2016 at 7:45 AM #

    ac’s post, on the other hand, was worthy of “BOOS” and perhaps even banishment.


  4. Well Well & Consequences2 January 9, 2016 at 8:19 AM #

    I agree with the Bushman, David, what a post from Amused, I actually felt it. While I have no problem with Bajans celebrating their achievements in the last 50 years, not the politicians’ achievements because I have a feeling that this recent lot believes it’s all aboutvthem and not the people, it is hypocritical for Fruendel & Co to waste the taxpayers money, it does not belong to DBLP, for a year long celebration, that is ugly and just highlights the politician’s incompetence when so many people are being affected by water shortages, bad roads, no severance payments, no tax returns etc, it’s in bad taste, tacky and useless to taxpayers.

    I am told that there are boxes and boxes of complaints against attorneys, who abuse their client’s trust, money etc, sitting in the Disciplinary Committee’s Office of the Bar Association, just sitting there because head of the committee is doing nothing about them, the Chief Justice has to take a stand and do something about those complaints, because obviously, the disciplinary head is useless and only collecting a salary for doing nothing.

    ACs role is to keep us sober and able to constantly highlight the incompetence of DBLP.


  5. Just Saying January 9, 2016 at 8:35 AM #

    Mandatory read for Barbadians who stand against racism.

    Well Well & Consequences2 January 9, 2016 at 4:37 AM #

    Just Saying… don’t care how Bizzy, Goddard or Chandler try to dance around the issue, majority blacks on the island have a right to celebrate at any time, their achievements post slavery Barbados, it’s a majority black country. A relative was pointing out to me yesterday, that Bizzy and that lot only make up 2.7% of the island’s population, exactly what do they want to be recognized for, is it spending the last 50 years pretending they are superior to the black majority, is it celebrating that they too can practice racism against the black majority, is it bribing the politicians for every government contract, is it living off the backs of the majority as parasites for the last 40 years, is it aiding the politicians in corrupting the system so totally, that it is now non-functioning.

    Is it colluding with the politicians to illegally acquire land belonging to old, helpless people, hoarding so much land and jacking up the prices to such a degree, that the majority are unable to purchase land for their future generations because land has been priced out of their reach.

    Does Goddard want recognition for giving information about the pokiticians to the US Embassy as reported by Wikileaks. Does Chandler want recognition for pretending the majority blacks are unable to do anything on their own unless she shows them how to, like a typical know it all.

    Had these same 2.7% minority on the island been in the majority, blacks would have no voice, given the past and present nasty attidudes they display to the majority, as minorities. Bizzy is yet to say what he wants recognition for, is it for one of his white managers assaulting a black customer at his Warrens location because according to bizzy, the manager was just in a bad mood, of course bizzy did not fire the culprit because he only hit a black man and a customer, so what’s the big deal. Is that what bizzy wants recognition for, the arrogance and nerve of this dummy is amazing. See why him and his politicians Mia and Co. wanted to get rid of the internet and social media out of Barbados, they just believe they will always be untouchable, because there will be no politician on the island with the brain power to stand up to them and put them in their minority place.

    Exactly what have they contributed other than positioning themselves, aided by weak politicians, to control the financial sector, steal business ideas from the last 2 generations of young black entrepreneurs, aided by waek politicians, stagnate 2 generations of young, bright people with the deceitful pretense that they went to Cow out of slavery with hardly any clothes and he saved them, gave them work, all of this delusion on their part is always aided by weak politicians.

    I am all for the majority blacks celebrating achievements, but this year long nonsense at taxpayer’s expense will now return to bite Fruendel & Co in the asses, because Bizzy & Co now want recognition for all the nasty, corrupt, racist things they been doing to the majority for the last 40 years and they want it at the majorities’ expense. I wonder how much in bribes Bizzy & Co would be willing to pay Fruendel & Co. or Mia & Co. for that privilege.



  6. David January 9, 2016 at 8:41 AM #

    Just Saying, Togetherness, In and Out aka waiting or DLP troll.

    On 9 January 2016 at 12:35, Barbados Underground wrote:



  7. josh January 9, 2016 at 6:53 PM #

    @ Amused

    Barbadian blacks are not independent whilst Bizzy et al retain 90% plus of the wealth and those in non tourist or wealthy (rural) areas have to contend with a lack of water and the dumping of stinky old molasses. If the latter two actions were occurring on the West and South Coast as well as the North and East then one could argue a measure of equality but they are not and this is arguably purposeful. The majority blacks of the island are paying their taxes and water bills and quite frankly subsidizing the tourists. The profits from the high end tourism are not reaching the central bank otherwise Barbados would be a wealthy country. I bet Bizzy et al have water and yes, him and his ilk should be recognized as part of the 50 years celebration for raping and pillaging Barbados and black Bajans.


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