Private Beach @Port Ferdinand!


Port Ferdinand

“No, no ma’am,” called one of them. “Not this beach. You want the other beach. The Port Ferdinand beach. Come, come—I just clean it this morning. It perfect.” Quite content with my current […]swimming situation,

I nonetheless heeded the man’s orders and thus discovered the beach on the right, which was indeed petite, pristine and perfect—and all mine for the afternoon.”

Barbadians have always been curious if public policy rings true that there are no private beaches in Barbados.  We congratulate the owners of Fort Ferdinand for rolling out such a luxurious property. In case you are unfamiliar who is the investor  – BJERKHAM! There is that name again.

BU’s concern – if we are to believe the quote above printed on the world renown website –  is that a private beach is being promoted in Barbados. Did the Mighty Gabby not deal with this issue in his very popular Jack? – see issue A New Slice of Luxury in Rural Barbados: Introducing Port Ferdinand.

BU is willing to give Baz Dreisinger who submitted the promo article to the benefit of a large doubt. Wonder how much she was paid.


  • Dems like to speak of Errol Barrow like he was some god………well with this band of morons in the party he built…………..Barbadians can safely say that they have now awoken out of their sleep and have now realised that the current bunch have sold this country out and we no longer have a country……..and that is not being melodramatic.

    Stupid blacks have power but the whites have them imprisoned!

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  • A private beach or privacy at a beach?

    Some beaches are empty when most people are at work.I wont give the writer the benefit of the doubt.I think the intent with the other pictures conveys that the beach is private with the perfectly compliant “niggra”:

    “No, no ma’am,” called one of them. “Not this beach. You want the other beach. The Port Ferdinand beach. Come, come—I just clean it this morning. It perfect.”


  • And if or when, Bjerkham’s buddy, Bizzy gets his way, we will also be seeing a private islands off the platinum coast.


  • Methinks this Baz lady likes private beaches or the concept. She penned another article (advertisement?) for Forbes on the newer Cliff restaurant. And here is how the interview with the chef ends…..”Nobody but us has a private beach apart from the high-end hotels, and there you can’t have a roast party with locals and music, the way we can. It’s a great scene.”
    and her bio is interesting
    Professor Dreisinger earned her Ph.D. in English from Columbia University, where she specialized in American and African-American studies. Her book Near Black: White-to-Black Passing in American Culture (University of Massachusetts Press, 2008) was featured in the New York Times Book Review and on National Public Radio. She is the founder and Academic Director of John Jay’s Prison-to-College Pipeline program, which offers college courses and reentry planning to incarcerated men at Otisville Correctional Facility, and broadly works to increase access to higher education for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals. Professor Dreisinger moonlights as a journalist and critic, writing about Caribbean culture, race-related issues, travel, music and pop culture for such outlets as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal, and producing on-air segments about music and global culture for National Public Radio (NPR). Together with Oscar-nominated filmmaker Peter Spirer, Professor Dreisinger produced and wrote the documentaries Black & Blue: Legends of the Hip-Hop Cop, which investigates the New York Police Department’s monitoring of the hip-hop industry, and Rhyme & Punishment, about hip-hop and the prison industrial complex. Professor Dreisinger’s book Incarceration Nations: A Journey to Justice in Prisons Around the World will be published in Febraury, 2016.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Most of the advertising in North America lists the beaches as private, there is an advertising on Prospect Main Road just around the corner from Fitt’s village that lists the beach as private, never mind that the beach is on the other side of the road, by the hotel Waves and has nothing to do with the property in question, the dude who owns the property, a non-bajan, believes he has the right to privatize a beach that does not belong to him, he would not do it if he was not allowed


  • Just so that Prodigal Son does not forget let me remind him that no one sung the praises of EWB more lustily than Owen Arthur when he was the leader of the party for which the aforementioned Prodigal Son would give his life. The same Owen Arthur was the chief architect in the Cash For Gold escapade that saw our Gold Coast change hands. If EWB were seen as some God, let’s not forget who the angels were.

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  • Well, well, well Mr Hamilton Hill, touchy aren’t we? The truth hurts, doesn’t it? Atleast Mr Owen Seymour Arthur was man enough to give Mr Barrow his due!

    Thank God the likes of you with your tribalistic D L P cult mentality cannot change history, because when it is written Mr Arthur will be recorded as having had one of the most brilliant minds this region has ever produced. And that is a fact! He is APPRECIATED AND ADMIRED THROUGHOUT THE REGION AND BEYOND.

    Mr Hill, it is time for you and the likes of you to do some serious introspection – you know why? Because if Mr Owen S Arthur had been Prime Minister under a D L P Administration, NO ONE could criticize him. All of you would be out with your cudgels swinging decapitating them all the while extolling his greatness second only to, as Prodigal puts it your God, Errol Barrow.

    Instead, intoxicated with this D L P psychosis, you all left where you lived overseas and went home in droves in 2008, despite Thompson’s track record of being a compulsive liar,
    among other things, and sentenced Barbadians to a life of utter despair – a living hell! A feeling of being buried alive, is how it has been expressed to me. Have you ever felt that way Mr Hill? Indeed not!

    What the likes of you need to do, is work steadfastly day and night to rid Bim of the horror that you have created for the Gem of The Caribbean by inflicting nothing less than a pack of criminally insane morons on it! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!!!

    Truth be told,including Dems like you, (even though some would suffer asphyxiation before admitting it in public) yearn for the days of stewardship under Owen Seymour Arthur. May God bless him abundantly and shine His light on the Hell Hole that Barbados has become!

    Oh Mr Hill, one more thing, no man is perfect not even your exalted E W B . In fact, if all of the skeleton were exposed, for all to know, eg. the Stokes affair, Jerry Bull and the HARP Project just to mention a few. Some of you might be tempted to become suicidal like the ones that went picking up the rocks from your dead king’s grave. Now, what could be more heinous, except of course ,Thompson and his Morons.

    The scary thing about it, is that you turned around and try the deifying crap with Thompson too – and what happen?? Shite man wunnah don’t learn?

    And Got Talk For PRODIGAL, STEUPSE !!!


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Bernie FieldsOctober 22, 2015 at 2:37 PM
    “What the likes of you need to do, is work steadfastly day and night to rid Bim of the horror that you have created for the Gem of The Caribbean by inflicting nothing less than a pack of criminally insane morons on it! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!!!”

    Thanks, Bernie, for the bellyful of laughter seasoned with flowing tears of frightful concern for the once highly admired and grudgingly labeled gem of a well governed country called Barbados.

    Now the former gem of the developing world is so badly etched with acidic incompetence and tarnished with so much corruption it is fast acquiring the unenviable status of a junk bond banana republic ‘managed’ by a bunch of ‘damned’ lying political monkeys handling the gun of governance over a supremely docile people.

    Even in the face of stark reality the bunch of compulsive liars still continue to pull wool over the eyes of the naïve people about phantom projects to be financed by international financiers who are still camped outside the office of the MoF and falling over one another to invest in the ownership of the gem of make believe.

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    Bernie Fields you sound like a white boy to me.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ LT.HORATIO CAINE.October 22, 2015 at 9:31

    Yes he is. Just like Bjerkham or Maloney.


  • Bernie
    Gotta hand it to you,you spoke volumes when you said Barbados sorry enough that they allowed this minority pack ‘o wild boys to replace Owen Seymour.May Gaul bline dese barefoot hoes for wrecking Bim.


  • Bernie is that you Sir Alan?


  • But Bernie all I said was lets not forget who the angels were. Oh yea and I also highlighted the way the gold coast changed hands. .Ya missed dat part didn’t ya? Which lot belongs to you?


  • @HH

    In fairness to OSA his supporters respond by saying the government did not own land to sell on the West Coast.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Miller….that is as perfect a description of the politicians/lawyers, doctors , their lackeys, sycophants, the business people and owners that can ever be attributed to the whole lot…they are indeed criminally insane, the whole lot of them.

    They have refined their activites over the decades and are so subtle it’s barely noticeable, only to the people who feel their wrath, which makes them even more dangerous.

    It’s so bad that there should be some international law that allows the world body to just drag them all out of the island (s) in handcuffs and drop them in some 90 foot concrete hole somewhere very far from other humans to live out the remainder of their days, let them keep each other company.

    No producer, director, not even Steven King could make this stuff up, I too would be hard pressed if I did not see it for mysef.


  • In fairness to Hamilton Hill I hold fast to the practice of facilitation by OSA. That’s neither here nor there so I move on. Bernie are you sure that in the existing climate where the hive is concerned you should permit a word like TRIBALISTIC to spout out you mout?


  • If by some stroke of luck the leader of Her Majesty’s loyal opposition is able to quell the impending storm called The Maria Agard Saga, let’s see her and the troops (Bernie included) deal with Lord Inchiquin when he makes his move. Mia’s Theme Song:Ah Feeling Uneasy In Me Pants.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    And herein lies part of the problem that compounds the corruption in Barbados, the politicians cannot even call the DLP/BLP parties their own, some albino lab rat in England has that privilege, they are so busy being corrupt that it has not once entered their minds that though they are still owned, no one is intevening, from the other side of the pond, to stop the corruption, though their fraudulent royalty status is still being cited as the owners.

    I mean, we all know that the politicians don’t mind, the better they are able to practice greed and corruption on their own people and if they are in doubt, to test the waters, all they have to do is make a list of names of candidates, the most corrupt on the island, and send it to England for approval of pimphood title status, then they kniw they can carry on smartly.


  • Frustrated Businessman

    I think everyone would acknowledge that construction of west-coast properties for foreigners replaced sugar as one of our main income earners and, more importantly, EMPLOYERS. Off-shore banking might earn money but it doesn’t employ.

    Furthermore, the profile of the employees is the same as sugar: company owners, managers, overseers, drivers, equipment operators, mechanics, welders, masons, carpenters, unskilled labour; the transition was reasonable painless 30 years ago.

    The glaring difference is that agriculture can be continued on the same land for millennia, or in our case, 350 years. Construction can obviously only happen once.

    But what was our choice? Disallow foreign ownership of property and starve? That is exactly what the result would have been. Instead we have great people from ‘over and away’ living here temporarily or frequently who love our little rock and take part in society, in some cases making this their permanent home.

    The rose-coloured glasses that Bajan intellectuals sleep in at night is why we are in the state we are in, they populate the parliament, cabinet and snivel service. Dippa, Tom and Owen were realists with a practical approach to business and the leadership skills to carry a population along with them while demanding results from a civil service to facilitate investors. We should be so lucky again.


  • @ Frustrated Businessman October 23, 2015 at 11:24 AM,

    “Tobago attack survivor says murders of foreigners may be linked Peter Green says attacks including murders of British couple this week could reflect local resentment towards foreigners owning property on island”

    I found your contribution dry, detached, and lacking in empathy. You casually concreted over a 350 year period of tyranny; whilst citing how the growth in the construction industry led by foreigners represented a win-win-win situation for the Barbados economy.

    You argue convincingly that the mode of employment during the sugar plantation era and that of the construction industry are interchangeable.

    Given the history of the Negro throughout the Caribbean, you and others should ask yourselves a simple, yet fundamental question: why would the Negro – who having experienced 350 years of brutality on countless plantations – accept an economic model which would tacitly accept and allow the reintroduction of a demonic group of foreigners to develop roots in our region through the purchase of land and buildings? Sir it makes no sense.

    Yes Sir, construction may only occur once yet it is evident to all that it is wreaking havoc on our miniscule island. It is an unacceptable price to pay for what some would call the price of development.

    I am totally opposed to the purchase of land and houses by foreigners in Barbados – particularly non-negroes. Apparently there are strong rumours circulating in Tobago that foreigners are being targeted due to the fact that they are purchasing land and real estate thus disenfranchising the sons and daughters of those full blooded Negroes whose ancestors paid a high price for the development of Tobago and the UK.

    Now Sir, I certainly do not condone the type of practise that targets innocent foreigners. However, I would, fiercely, argue with you that the steep rise in violence throughout the Caribbean can be linked to the huge surge in the numbers of foreigners who have had a negative impact on the economic and political lives of our Caribbean citizens. Politicians please take note!

    To say that we would starve if we refused to allow foreign ownership of our property is at best fool-hardy. The question that you and your ilk should be asking yourself is the following: given that Caribbean governments have gone down the path of selling out to foreigners; are we not creating the perfect storm where we give birth to ethnic cleansing within our region?


  • Well Well & Consequences

    There is no way the resilient descendants of slaves that are spread throughout the Caribbean would starve if subtle brutality is no longer practiced against them, if their land and properties are no longer stolen from them or sold out from under them with the help of politicians, that’s just another myth being perpetrated to once again steal from a people, their birthright, again.

    How about all these foreign interests allow the people of the Caribbean to freely purchase properties in their countries in exchange, how about that?

    The politicians have to be watched very carefully, the lawyers even more carefully.


  • Frustrated Businessman

    Exclaimer, why would you think negro-ness is any kind of pre-qualification for stakehold in a country that was abandoned by it’s indigenous population prior to settlement by the ancestors of the current population, especially when the New World settlement is ongoing? I think your should take your racist assitude off to Tobago where it might be appreciated by the excusers of a serial killer.

    Well Well, for your information prior to debate, research the first Caribbean island state to cast off the bonds of slavery to create an independent nation. I’ll give you a hint, it happened during the Napoleonic Wars.

    We have just been lucky enough to have maintained and gently evolved the systems of society and governance that kept us developing for 350 years, despite the blood that was shed by all to get to this point. I would once again remind all reading that nearly no-one who came to the Caribbean prior to 1800, in bondage or otherwise, came here by choice.

    We just happen to be the very lucky survivors who were living in the lap of luxury prior to 2008.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Frustrated?…you are of the group of local minorities trying to rewrite history for Barbados and the Caribbean.

    First….there were some archeologists recently in Barbados who disprove all you are trying to rewrite about the natives who still existed on the islands when the thieving illegals calling themselves settlers arrived on the islands.
    2nd……barbados was among the last, if not the last to abandon slavery, you talk rubbish, Haiti was the first in the wesrern hemisphere to do so, eir democracy is older than the US’, why do you think France made them pay 100 years for their freedom. If Haiti had strong black leaders, after their heroic feat of casting off chains, the resultant devious plans by Europe and others could not have stagnat them to the state they are in today.

    By extension, the same thing appes to today’s weak minded leaders who lack strength and brain power.

    We have gone over this over and over ad nauseam on BU, if you are newly arrived try the archives.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Stagnated, applied….these small thingies are helll….lol


  • Allow me to approach this from a different angle. I see a reluctance of my countryman to think outside of the box. I see them aligning themselves in one of two camps, little realizing that these two sets of opponents are manipulated by a single set of puppeteers.

    Are we marching to a state where properties will be labeled with signs such as “Tourists only”. Will we devolve to what South Africa or the old southern USA states was, with the sole difference being that we have black faces in power? Is this Animal Farm?

    We may deceive ourselves that our numbers give us political power and that such power will allow us to correct wrongs; but we must realize that those we select as leaders becomes puppets to those with money.

    I see three groups here; those who would maintain and defend the status quo; those who would change the status quo, but as citizens of animal farm, they will see the faces of the new masters blurring into those of the old masters; and those like myself – we observe and comment, we wish for better, but we believe that our country is in a deadly spiral to mediocrity.

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  • Well said Exclaimer….
    Just remember that many only recognise the wisdom of prophets after the fact….

    Frustrated Businessman is speaking for a small select class of Bajans.
    Anyone who thinks that what has happened to ownership patterns in Barbados in the last 30 years is anything but a recipe for serious troubles in our future …has to be asleep….


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Frustrated Businessman October 24, 2015 at 10:17 AM
    “I would once again remind all reading that nearly no-one who came to the Caribbean prior to 1800, in bondage or otherwise, came here by choice.”

    Does that catchall include members of the clergy who were ‘encouraged’ to visit the islands to administer to the spiritual and moral needs of the slave owners, white plantation managers and other poor whites (aka back row johnnies or bakra johnnies)?

    Like “nearly” all whites , you deceitfully know that as long as stupid black people continue to accept and falsely believe in the god the same white enslaver gave them they, the blacks, will always feel inferior to the people the same white god made in his image.
    And this, my friend, applies right across the board whether in Barbados and South Africa where the blacks are in the majority and pretending to have political power or in the USA where blacks are put in their minority place.
    As long as Blacks continue to worship other people’s gods and ignore the God which gave them their black skin in the first instance’ they will always be hewers of economic wood for the other races, mere consumers of material goods manufactured by non-blacks and just playing the role of entertainers and sport makers.

    As Chalkie would say: “Them People Laughing At ‘Wunna’ Blacks”. Not you of course, Mr. Smartass Businessman.


  • @ millertheanunnaki October 24, 2015 at 3:07 PM #

    watchman October 23, 2015 at 2:51 PM #

    My black Brothers And Sisters of Barbados , please take a look at the face of the PM, and the Ministers of Barbados and you will clearly see that they are the reincarnation of some callous black people who sold our ancestors in Africa , they action and behavior (greed ) of governing Barbados from 2008 to today have clearly showed what reincarnation could be,it seems as if the pack of like minded persons have a short time to destroyed Barbados before the devil recall them

    Stop dealing with the melanin content and deal with the facts as shown above.
    One shoe does not fit all,the many African Kingdoms are now playing themselves out in this Region,why do you think the continous xenophobia with our Caribbean bretheren exists to this day as expounded by Bush Tea et al.


  • @ Vincent Haynes

    In every country we have skin colour and classism players


  • Frustrated Businessman

    Prexactly VH. In Bim it is always someone else’s fault, in history, present or future. Easier for Bajans to talk shite in rum shops than get off their asses and do something. The time for marching to get new massa out of gov’t (plantation) house long overdue.


  • The beach at Port Ferdinand is not private. There is a gate that is unlocked for all to gain access. It is a well kept beach, pristine and lovely. It is only when the black people start leaving their litter on it then I can see where problems will arise. If people had to pay to use the beaches perhaps we may see a cleaner Barbados. People do not appreciate things when they are free.


  • Every beach in Barbados can be accessed by boat.


  • @islandgal

    Is there a reason to have gate access to a public beach?

    You are obviously challenging the author of the Forbes article.


  • @Hamilton Hill

    Hamilton. I deliberately did not comment on your “Gold Coast” comment because I thought you were being facetious, however, I have realized that you seem to have forfeited your common sense and by extension your dignity to This Damn Lying Party.

    So let me enlighten you a bit Most Coastal lands( especially West Coast) were originally plantation land.In the late 30’s when the plantation owners decided to divest themselves of some of their property, the coastal land was sold very cheaply at one shilling (24 cents) per square foot because there was concern and reluctance on the part of the prospective purchasers to build on sand. And yes, people of every hue bought as long as they had the money.

    As tourism grew, from as early as the late sixties, visitors started purchasing properties from PRIVATE CITIZENS for handsome sums. They even changed hands from one foreigner to the next. So Owen Arthur could not have sold out the Gold Coast because it was never the Crown’s to sell.

    And by the way, the cost of the land was at it’s highest between the late 90’s and 2008, and it was a good thing because it put some reasonable sums of money in the pockets of some ordinary and not so ordinary Barbadian pockets, it brought much needed foreign exchange especially since the demand for Barbadian sugar was on the decline with competition from South America as well as the introduction of other types of sugar eg, beet root etc. It provided employment as well.

    Do you know that that miscreant, Thompson used to laugh at you people and often said you all would believe any thing he told you. It seems as though every time he had a bout of verbal diarrhoea you guys lapped it up without questioning if it was fact or fiction. As Bajans say ‘like um is gospel’.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Does it not seem laughable that this seemingly Ouroborosic debate, in 2015, vacillates incredibly, between land, previously for agricultural purposes, specifically King sugar, and now for construction purposes?

    Is it not incredible that both of our groups, those of us defined and oft confined to our negroness and in the red corner, those of purported privilege, Bajan whites seem caught in the same struggle of apportionment of a single resource and incapable of proposing, promoting and actively pursuing another?

    This blog is an example of the stasis of our collective minds, sir Allan and the other Bukras on the one side, Owen and the Black Star Liner Crew on the other half of the social landscape (no not economic) and in the 3rd half yes incredibly as that division of this 11×14 cake is, the inept DLP and BLP ites stagnated in Barrow or Grantley Adams time tunnels.

    So we both accept the lack of vision of both bungling political parties, and while the DLP takes the case as being the very worse political party the cuntry’s ever had, neither faction can be the Moses needed.

    And I boldly say neither and will substantiate that statement with these remarks.

    Our brightest minds represented by the place with the Stool on Cave Hill, formerly led by a man whose legacy is now one of building of buildings while abdicating minds, perhaps on reflection this is the symbolism of stool, as in faeces.

    On the other side COW, Bizzy, Sir Allan of the buy um, let it run to rabble for seven years, get a negrocrat to change it land use purpose at the town and cuntry department, aided and abetted by Owen, redevelop um and sell it off to the highest buyer. And we wonder why Tobagonians killing foreigners?

    So blacks who manage 95% of the institutions, I said manage not own, have abandoned blacks 95% of the population and bemoan our fortunes while doing only that which we know

    Then we come here and wonder about why the Bukras who really only moving the earth to please because that and merchandising is also all they know to do, is not proposing an empowerment strategy for the niggers who work with them.

    And both our collective serpent mentalities have been unable to propose other viable solutions outside of forex generation or job creation outside of debating de indigenous peoples of the land, ownership and use of that land to save this country.

    All three halves bereft of the grey matter required for solutions…play acting while death comes calling us once a week with killing our perceived rich folk.

    But hold on a moment, ent de ole man prophesy (I entitled tuh use dis verb whu after all dem does call me Methuselah at me church) ent I prophesy dat de killings gine increase?

    Well leh me gi wunna one more prophesy.

    Wunna only gine tek dis serious when eider a Sir Hilary or a Sir Allan get kill den wunna gine want to sit down and do sumting instead uh all dis “my doggie bigger dan you doggie” we love doing heah pun BU


  • David January 23, 2016 at 10:15 AM #

    Should this not be further highlighted in order for us to see if the Govt. will ask the paper to retract the private bit in its story.


  • @ David has the government changed the Town Planning act to allow private beaches ?


  • The beaches are not private but because of the geography it is easy for some hotels to give the impression to passive bajans who do not know their rights – ignorant about civics.


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