Violence Towards Children

Submitted by Felicia Browne, Human Rights Advocate
Felicia Browne, Human Rights Advocate

Felicia Browne, Human Rights Advocate

The Convention on the Rights of Children states that children have the right to live in environments free from violence. These fundamental rights provide social and political protection for children.


However, in many Caribbean societies, child abuse has created serious developmental challenges for children and young adolescents. Young children are increasingly becoming victims of abuse, especially in domestic violence cases.

Over the past few months, the Caribbean Mentorship Institute is alarmed by the number of children that have died due to abuse. Child fatalities due to abuse and neglect are still underreported. One report on national child abuse and neglect deaths estimates that approximately 50 percent of deaths reported as “unintentional injury deaths” are reclassified after further investigation by medical and forensic experts as deaths due to maltreatment or physical abuse. It is often more difficult to establish whether a fatality was caused by neglect than it is to establish a physical abuse fatality. The institute states that though there has been a public outcry for those young lives, our policy makers continue to condone corporal punishment in public schools and homes, which signals indifference to physical violence inflicted by big people on small ones.

The Institute adds that though effective parental education is being provided to new parents, not enough is being done to guard against excess force being inflicted on children. As a result, civil society and public organizations should play an active role in advocating for the victim’s rights. For instance, the Children’s Act provides specific guidelines for the accepted norm of physical punishment of children by their parents and guardian, however, the Act take little consideration for the psychological and mental trauma that children may suffer due to physical punishment. And it falsely supposes there is a need for any physical punishment of young children.

The president of the CMI adds that, “children should be protected under the State. We must work effortlessly to ensure their safety in their homes, schools and public spaces. We should provide continuous parental education on peaceful parenting techniques that will provide parents and guardians with knowledge of child safety and development. Additionally, our policy-makers should ensure that there are no contradictions where children safety is concerned. If the State provides parents and guardians with the authority and autonomy to physically punish their children, then why isn’t consideration given for the psychological care of children. Physical abuse and punishment have been known to trigger psychological and emotional trauma for young children. It is critically important that such laws and parental rights be revised to afford the holistic development of children.

The safety and protection of children are their fundamental human rights; we should all be responsible for their safety.

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14 Comments on “Violence Towards Children”

  1. Well Well & Consequences October 19, 2015 at 6:19 AM #

    Some subjects I can be very aggressive and assertive with, some bothers me so much, am unable to fully articulate.

    My question to the useless, to his own people, director of public prosecutions Leacock is why has 3 or 4 children been killed in Barbados over the last few months and no one charged?

    Is open season on children being allowed in Barbados?

    Children, the disabled and senior citizens are the most vulnerable in any society, is that why the able-bodied authorities in Barbados are so uncaring toward their plight?


  2. ac October 19, 2015 at 7:59 AM #

    With all the evidence provided which shines light on the physchological harm caused by various abuse to children .There are many in bajan society still endorsing corporal punishment as the next best solution to discipline children


  3. MR.C October 19, 2015 at 3:39 PM #

    I do believe that SLAVERY, and how the SLAVE MASTERS treated us has followed many of us up to this day. But before I continue. I DON’T want anyone to think that I am endorsing this behavior in any way; I am against it 110%.. But for what ever reason, or reasons. Physical Punishment was the norm for as long as I can remember. But it’s becoming even worse now. Many parents are young people who in all honesty might not have wanted the child in the first place. So that within itself created some anger towards the child. Then some are angry with the fathers, and direct the anger towards the children. Or some fathers towards the mothers. The way in-which slaves were punished, seem to have followed us up to this day and time. Many preaches one thing, but then does the other behind close doors. In my humble opinion, anytime that we are so fortunate to become parents. That within itself is a blessing. And should be treated with LOVE & RESPECT. We should work hard at guiding our children through communication. But in doing so we have to leave out the name calling and the use of profanity also. Disciplining our children should NEVER be done in anger. An angry person very seldom thinks straight during that period. Physical Discipline should be our LAST source towards our children. But when any parent allows their children to become involved in any conversations other than when they are being addressed directly. You have started to make that child feel that he,or she is equal. As a boy growing up I could NEVER be around any adult conversations, let alone become involved in the conversation. But in many instances that way of life seem to have vanished. Not only in the Caribbean, but just about all over. Yes I gotten a few beatings from both my parents. But NEVER to any point that I had any injuries. I didn’t think it was worth the pain from the punishment. So I stated to realize I had alternatives. And my alternatives were that they ALWAYS had my best interest at heart, and I needed to listen and pay attention to what I was told to do, or not to do. I have Physically Discipline a few of my children no more than 2 or 3 time before they were teens. But they knew that I wasn’t doing anything to them because I was angry with, or at them. But doing what I thought was the right thing to gain their FULL attention. After that I NEVER had any problem with any of them following what I said to them. I’ve NEVER verbally abused any of my children at anytime. I RESPECTED them, and they RESPECTED me. What some people call Discipline, is brutality towards their children. No child should have any broken bones or scars after any form of Discipline. That old saying, Spare not the rod and spoil the child, is many times taken too far.
    I strongly do believe that when any couple have the knowledge that they are going to become parents, that both of them should know the responsibilities of being GOOD PARENTS. Many have followed their parents methods in parenting. And some others chose to think that being the child’s friend make life easier.. Many young parents think that giving everything to their children, and paying dress up is also a good thing. So when the child don’t listen to them. They become angry and tell them all the sacrifices they have made for them. And the angry punishments begin.
    I hope that others will take the time to at-least speak to some of the children, or parents before it gets to the point of no return.
    Take that child that THE MOST HIGH has Blessed you with, and treat it with all the LOVE and RESPECT you can find in your heart. And most of all start teaching it from day one. STOP thinking that they don’t understand. They weren’t placed here without any knowledge. They depend on us to help them to put what THE MOST HIGH has given them to advance. So we as parents are RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR CHILDREN. DON’T TRY MAKING THEM GROWNUPS BEFORE THEY LIVE THEIR LIVES AS CHILDREN.

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  4. David October 19, 2015 at 3:42 PM #

    So we will allow children, primary and secondary them, to bear cellphones during school period? Perhaps a distraction.


  5. ac October 19, 2015 at 4:31 PM #

    So the question then: how does one break the cycle of indoctrinated abuse that is rooted through the years of slavery and reinforced through biblical teachings with an adherence to “spare not the rod and spoil the child”
    For surely barbadian society those of the christain faith would gawked at the suggestion of outlawing corporal punishment under man made laws and would rather preference and quote the bible as the source of all wisdom and authority,


  6. pieceuhderockyeahright October 19, 2015 at 4:42 PM #

    “For every thing under the sun, there is a time and a season.”

    When my grand “chilrun are is reading well” get dropped off to primary school, there sole purpose there until me son pick dem up, in fact there sole purpose in life till dem lef secondary school is to learn whu we payin $**** a term to teach dem ingrunt donkeys!!

    Edutech give all uh dem a cuntputer and aftah Minister Ronald we Jpnesing spend a next 1/2 billion dollars pun dem donkey dem doan need not cell phone fud de internet.

    Mens and wummens who wuks someplace, merit a cell phone, you dont, it ent age appropriate at ages 5 – 16 rather when you in my school.

    When you at home wid you muddah and faddah offa school property and outside of the official purview uh my school, you is not to have no phone.

    You remember when you Scvunt had was to have an excuse fuh being pun de street with de scool uniform aftah 6 oclock?

    You is a chile and you doan wuk at Slime or SLOW you ent need no phone.

    Next ting i gine hafta invest in a CellPhone jammer fuh dese menses and wummens dat we breeding in both senses of the word!! Chile Care Board especially.

    Imagine my ole donkey self at ** funeral de udder day and, in de middle uh de “eulogy uh lies”, cause David dat chile was a born criminal or de ole man name ent **** otherwise called Methusulah by de young congregants, in de middle uh de funeral de Minister (i cyan call he name or dem gine know it is me, Ingrunt *** answer he phone and start to talk!!!

    Now you dun know dat de ole man did gi he a nasty stare, and started to say dat he ccvunt ent got no respect fuh de dead and dat I hope de likkle vagabond, de one dat dead, not de one dat answer de phone, visit he scvunt in de night and push de living vagabond of de bed and fyah 3 ghosts bullets in he botsie!!

    Well wunna dun know dat de madam she pinch me real hard and tell me to behave meself!!

    I did was gine tell he scvunt someting but he start dat ingrunt smile, wid all he teets dem, and turn off he phone!!

    If you at a funeral unlessing you is de prime minister and dere is a coup of you government you phone shud be off!

    If you is a chile, you doesn’t need a phone causing it ent in you job description!!

    If dere is a national emergency, de headmastah or mistress gine call you donkey and get wunna off he school grounds and effing dem doan do dat, we gine come heah and shame and blame dem donkey.

    I apologise fuh using all dem consored bad words and ting, but de ole man does get passionate bout dese tings dem

    I shudda use Dompey instead uh Donkey but I fraid dat he and he next two partners drop kick de ole man like dem tag teams does do when I call he or De antichrist or Alvin de Chipmunk name…


  7. Donna October 20, 2015 at 4:59 PM #

    Still awaiting an arrest in the Jahan King case. What is it that has the police stumped?


  8. ac October 21, 2015 at 8:45 AM #

    Notice yesterday that acquistions pertaining to the development of land as a perquisite for youth activities was overwhelming passed in the house
    Also of interest was the need for the opposition to defend Minister of sports castigation of a project geared to youth which the blp had promised with all kinds of declaration attached to the people if that community
    Also of inteset is that the said project was not delivered by the blp and the present govt has. taken the initiative as a pressing need for the community to fulfill


  9. ac October 21, 2015 at 1:10 PM #

    The luck lustre response to this article exposes the hypocrisy of the BU political foot soldiers who were up in arms and cussing govt to a tee after violent acts occurred to children
    It is now abundantly clear that unless articles to do with violence against children do not cross a political landscape to be judgemental towards govt policy the BU household would not give credence or will simply ignore
    How sad


  10. nanci October 24, 2015 at 5:53 PM #

    i saw a woman beating her twelve year old son in the bus stand, with everyone looking, the tourist and other visitors to the island watched in horror, they could not believe it. The sad thing about it was, the woman was proud of what she was doing. I could not even look at what she was doing. So I have to agree with mr October, some women get a child or children for a man,but when the relationship die off, they are left with the kids. If the mother or father that is raising those kids are not strong, loving parents, those kids would be abused and pushed aside. The parent will then in most cases bring a partner in the home, and if the parent see that the partner, dont react too kindly to the child or children that dont belong to him or her, thats where the problem gets even worse. Its a pattern of abuse, and on top of that, if the child have no one or no where to turn for help, thats even worse for the child. You cant beg or ask parents to love their kid regardless, because the general public dont live in the home. We can only pray and hope that kids in these situations i just mention, grow up, and remember the parents that treated them with such ill ways, pay for their sins. I think this behavior with single parents, have been going on for ages, some kids bore the pain and left home when they get adults, and some kids who could not bear the pain anymore took their own lives. Some single parents love their kids, not all single parents are bad parents, but in the end, your kids should come first, they didnt beg to be born, and they are not to be blamed for any failed relationships. To any child that is living in a home with abuse, and brutality, I hope you be strong, and grow up and leave home, and never look back at the parents or parent who cause you pain. They will get old and try to claim you then, because they need your help, but dont be caught in their presence, let them feel the same pain they gave to you, when you were at the most vulnerable times in your life.


  11. David October 24, 2015 at 5:59 PM #

    What is up with all the missing females we gave been seeing in Barbados of late?


  12. chad99999 October 26, 2015 at 12:30 AM #

    I hope Barbados does not allow misguided agents of neocolonialism like Felicia the Human Rights Advocate to create confusion and disorder in this country by peddling the feeble – minded diet of nonsense that we are fed by Europeans.
    This is a country short on discipline and good behaviour. We do not need to make things worse by being more permissive with our children. In Sweden, the font of bad ideas, they lock you up if you spank your child in public. That is what all of this child advocacy leads to. God forbid we allow the same thing to eventually happen here.



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