Fair Trading Commission: Discussion Required About Frequency Ride Through Standards

Submitted by Hallam Hope as a on Barbados Renewable Energy Program–A Case of the Tail Wagging the Dog blog

Hallam Hope, Caritel

Hallam Hope, Caritel

As sometimes the solitary or among the few private sector/consumer-based participant in consultations on Telecommunications and Renewable Energy CARITEL […] tries its best with no funding to follow, analyse and take part in matters related to these two sectors. We have learned that discussions are underway between EMERA and the Fair Trading Commission on something called frequency ride through standards which will affect the consumer and investment. This matter does not appear on the FTC’s website, I am unaware of any public communication on the matter ad its a technical issue which someone needs to explain to the consumer as it could have financial and even information access implications.

What will really be the role of the next committee chaired by lawyer Tricia Watson with regard to the new Electricity Act, when will we know formally about new taxes on the industry that have apparently been approved in a legislative form but with no discussion and what about the land tax rebate that was placed on hold for persons who were to received a 50 per cent rebate. I am definitely not repeat not suggesting any ulterior motives by Government but arguing there is a lack of information and discussion on matters which affect all of us as consumers.

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14 thoughts on “Fair Trading Commission: Discussion Required About Frequency Ride Through Standards

  1. It is always interesting to observe how vocal talk show moderators are co-opted to positions like the one Tricia Watson has landed. It is obvious listening to the lady she appears to know her stuff about the complex field of telecoms operations/regulation etc. BU will observe if her position tempers her views when related matters are broached when she is in the Chair and on the air.

  2. @David,

    Why doesn’t somebody start a business to supply install and service photovoltaic panel systems for properties OFF GRID ?

  3. David; Re your 3:51 pm post.

    You’re right of course!

    However I think that Battery technology has progressed in the last couple of years to the point where reliable 1 kw systems can be constructed for sale at much less than 10,000 dollars bds. Such systems would be adequate for households with small energy efficient fridges and without washing machines, electric dryers and electric stoves. I suspect that there is a substantial market out there of such homes.

    • @Are-we-there-yet

      A good battery to support a standard 3kw is about $5,000 with a life of 5-7 years. We need to see that number falling some more to make off grid system more appealing.

  4. David;

    A battery bank of four 6-volt lead acid Trojan RE batteries or 2 Victron 12-volt gel Batteries will support a 750 W system that will produce about 3 kwh per day and costs the home owner about 2500 dollars in Barbados. Such high end PV dedicated batteries have an expected life of 5-7 years with good maintenance. Someone can do the maths re relative savings as compared with with a typical grid tied system but I think there are possibilities there that should be explored by the PV suppliers.

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