Fair Trading Commission (FTC) Must Play Leadership Role Transitioning Barbados to RE

Hallam Hope - Managing Director of CARITEL

Hallam Hope – Managing Director of CARITEL

There is nothing surprising about a monopoly, namely EMERA, seeking to protect its commercial monopoly interests. That essentially is what the Renewable Energy Rider (RER) consultation paper is about. At issue though is whether the desired regulatory approval that serves a monopoly’s interest should be allowed to undermine the interest in the liberalisation and economic safeguards of a sovereign state. There is little doubt in my mind that based on the research and very small team assembled by my consultancy CARITEL that we do have the intellectual resources in Barbados to take the emerging Renewable Energy (RE) sector forward.

The Fair Trading Commission (FTC) clearly has its challenges or it would have done two things. Rather than pass the buck. It would have addressed the RER holistically meaning Fuel Clause Adjustment (FCA), RER etc as one issue and secondly, it would have come up with its own researched positions rather than tender an EMERA document for public comment.

This is a national issue of some significance not a request for a rate adjustment. We have the usual confusing mix of excellent information, disinformation and unresearched prattle.

12 thoughts on “Fair Trading Commission (FTC) Must Play Leadership Role Transitioning Barbados to RE

  1. “Understandeth thou what thou readest?” was the question the apostle asked of the eunuch on the way to Damascus.

    I think that the physiological disposition of that eunuch, “not having balls” has alot to do with the state of action/inaction of the FTC.

    Actually, not having BALLS pretty much sums up the state of apathy across the Barbadian landscape where many parade as men, men parade as women, women parade as men and the whole XYY chromosome thing is very much confused.

    But back to the BALLS ISSUE.

    There is something about being able to hold your balls once in a while and stand up as a man would and shake your pen** at a cu**

    What is happening, or has happened all ovah dis place, is that these persons of ambiguous sexual persuasion now lead these organisations and their modus of engagement just mirrors a lack of resilience and resoluteness in their respective jobs based on the absence of “BALLS”.

    All them mofos up there in Green Hill are concerned about is getting paid at the end of the month.

    They WILL NOT ROCK the boat, nor do anything that lets them enact the mandate that they tout on their website.

    “Dear Lord, send us men and women to rule over us who have the morals and skills to dispense their duties with confidence and competence. If Thou seest fit O Lord, send some scourge that will single out these “balls-less eunuch-like” parasites and give us persons who do the job that they get paid for.”

    “Save a special scourge for the gay priests and pedophiles”

  2. The FTC seems to have done a sidestep on the RER. The consultation paper basically says that the BL&P’s revised proposal is so different to the original that they have decided to ask for comment from the public.
    I would like to know what the FTC thinks. While I am happy to respond with my comments I do feel that the FTC has ducked and left us to catch the ball.
    It would be nice to think that there was resource and expertise in the FTC which could lead the debate revision process. Sadly, I have seen no evidence of that yet.

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  4. The attorney at law for the Fair Trading Commission has jumped ship and is now working for the BL&P / EMERA.
    Now we understand why it is so difficult in this country to get a lawyer to back you in a lawsuit against one of the big businesses. As the Bajan saying goes, these lawyers do not want to #2 on their own door steps,as most of them are looking down the road to a pick with one of these same companies , that will pay them handsomely.
    It looks like we will be paying the higher rates that EMERA is seeking and Government may well accede to the 40 years lease they are demanding.

    • The Chairman of the FTC has responded by saying that the lawyer is obligated to honour the confidentiality agreement she signed. Do not know how many believe this will be the case.

  5. Bradley Manning of the US Army and Edward Snowden of the NSA , would have both signed the equivalent of the Official Secrets Act.

    • @Colonel Buggy

      Indeed, it just demonstrates how ridiculous Sir Neville Nicholls statement quoted in the press.

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