David Thompson’s Punctured Legacy

The Thompsons

The Thompsons

The FIFA corruption scandal has confirmed the nature of humankind and our ever present  fallibility. The  epicentre of the investigation struck close to home with key decision makers in CONCACAF  – including former Vice President Jack Warner[…] indicted by the FBI. Warner  […] given notice he is prepared to squeal, a decision which gives an appreciation of the wrongdoing individuals are prepared to guard for reasons of greed and spiritual wickedness. As the FIFA saga unfolds Barbadians wonder if local officials will be mentioned. The unfolding scandal caused BU to reflect on the meaning of legacy.  There is a type of legacy defined by money and there is a legacy defined by respect. The BU household, by our living, will want our legacy to be one where we are remembered with love and respect. This is something all the money in world CANNOT buy. The late prime minister David Thompson encouraged former President of the Barbados Football Association (BFA) to not relinquish the post although he was a sitting Cabinet member. One is left the question why, it appeared to be a nobrainer, if not a conflict of interest, certainly a distraction from the more important responsibility of minister of education and human resource development. Allegations continue to fly about FIFA dollars used to finance the general election campaign of  Kamla Persad-Bissessar. Former FIFA Vice President Jack Warner was chairman and co-leader of the United Nation Congress Party (UNC).

Back to the late David Thompson: What legacy has he left for his children? There is sufficient information in the public domain to support the conclusion David Thompson colluded, manipulated, and masterminded the swindling of CLICO policyholder’s funds. This is difficult for BU to admit because we held high hope for the Thompson led government on the 15 January 2008. Why should Mara Thompson and company be able to spend monies siphoned from CLICO companies. The time has come for Mara Thompson to be asked some very hard question.  Although she was named recently in a court filing by the CLICO judicial manager greater pressure from the citizenry must be brought to bear by highlighting one of the greatest injustices perpetrated on thousands of Barbadians.

Many, including BU, have started to question the length of time this government has taken to provide remedy to CLICO policyholders after five years of dillydallying. It must be purpose work!

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  1. “…..They should have just shot him. If all officials are corrupt like him our country would be finished!”

    If you are a student of geo-politics ; youwould understan that Zhou Yongkang’s incarceration is not only about corruption but internal party squabbling

  2. We will know if Mr Thompson’s purported legacy is really punctured if the Polyclinic is named after him without protest.

  3. @balance June 12, 2015 at 12:05 PM,

    You are correct.

    I have a question to ask you. If a party or a leader of a party is voted into power should it not be an essential pre-requisite that the party or the leader of that party be legally obliged to carry out a corruption audit on their predecessors? This would ensure that the political party in office would be fully aware that all cases involving corruption under their watch would be fully investigated.

    The reason why Thompson was corrupt was due to the portfolio of the dark arts practised by his predecessor. Both parties are depraved and corrupt to the core. Both parties know where the bodies have been buried. Both parties have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. This is why Barbados is in decline.


    @ Sunshine Sunny Shine June 12, 2015 at 2:44 AM #

    “……….I will not advocate violence against anyone”. Your sentiment is shared by the majority of Bajans and this is why Barbados is in a depressed state. You will only ensure that corruption is reduced to near zero by restructuring the laws of the country. I would suggest a sentence of death for our high ranking corrupt politicians and a sentence of life imprisonment for our corrupt wealthy business men/women.

    Bajan style procrastination will never fix the structural problems of our island.

  4. makes my imagination go wild having to watch a fourteen year investigation of the previous Blp govt, there would not be enough salt to throw on them slugs

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