Minister Donville Throwing Stones From Glass House

Submitted by Anthony Davis

THE AMOUNT OF MONEY the University of the West Indies is spending on the ‘coronation’ of ‘king Hilary’ is of tremendous concern to Minister of Commerce Donville InnissBarbados Today

Methinks that the members of this Government will not forgive Sir Hilary for the statement that he made about the state of affairs which obtains at the UWI Cave Hill Campus since the Minister of Finance, in his wisdom, decided that Barbadian students must pay for their UWI education – regardless of their circumstances. This attitude towards him seems to stem from the fact that Sir Hilary once stood on their platforms lambasting the BLP. Like everyone else who lives in this country, he has the right to change his opinion whenever he wants to. It is not Russia and it is not North Korea!

Pray tell me, Mr. Minister, since you are so concerned about “whether there was a need for such an elaborate event in the current economic environment where guests would dine on caviar and lobster tails”, what did it cost for this Government to entertain part of the Royal family during the celebration of the 375th anniversary of Parliament, and did that take place in a time of plenty? I think that caviar and lobster tails would more have been served at the banquet for him and his wife! Up to now no one but you and your colleagues knows how much of the taxpayers’ money was spent on that. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

Also, Mr. Minister, how will you and your colleagues and your friends be knighted when we change over to a republic and get rid of the Royal household? On the one hand you want a republic and be rid of them, and on the other you want yourselves, family and friends to be knighted. It’s like those who want to go to Heaven but don’t want to die. You can’t have it both ways, Mr. Minister!

I hope that you decline your invitation to that ‘elaborate event’ for Sir Hilary! It would be the honourable thing to do seeing your disgust at people eating “caviar and lobster tails”.

Digging for facts is better mental exercise than jumping to conclusions.”


  • Caswell Franklyn

    This nonsense to promote Sir Hilary out of the way is indeed a wasteful exercise that should be condemned. However, it does not seem right that that condemnation should fall from the lips of a member of the most wasteful and useless political administration that this country has ever seen. The people of his country has been experiencing terrible hunger pangs and this incompetent and uncaring lot took our money and spent it on projects to enhance their political fortunes, and to put money in the pockets of their fatted calf brigade. Donville, do you remember the David Thompson football crap and constituency councils? If you has any shame you would shut your trap and crawl under the nearest convenient rock.


  • And how much has been wasted so far this year on these utterly pointless parties for visitors who have already shown their commitment to Barbados by returning year after year, thrown at Ilaro Court by “Queen Freundel”?


  • And it is hard to know whether it is bare arrogance, stupidity or idiotic insensitivity to announce you are going to redurbish your offices to the tune of $10m in the same breath as telling the people to ‘hold strain’. Next thing they will proudly announce it is to be financed with contributions from the non-leper and others who find themselves curiously well off.


  • John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES.

    Two well know crooks face to face,


  • David (not BU)

    Caswell Franklyn I hope you ready for more David Thompson football. Only bout here….


  • THE AMOUNT OF MONEY the University of the West Indies is spending on the ‘coronation’ of ‘king Hilary’ is of tremendous concern to Minister of Commerce Donville Inniss – Barbados Today

    Somebody needs to tell Donville to shut up.

    Somebody needs to ask Donville how much we the taxpayers spend on feeding Parliamentarians, week after week, months after month, year after year, decade after decade.

    And why do we continue to feed these people [Parliamentarians] when we pay them so much that they can well afford to buy their own food, even if they feel like eating cavair and lobster tails, washed down with hampagne.


  • The minister for St. James south is a real comic strip, always shooting from the hip without using his head. Wasn’t he one of Cave Hill gradients. Maybe if they had some one with Sir Hilary vision, they may have been doing a better job. I agree with you Simple Simon they should be buying their own food when the day come, it’s disgusting, while so many people are starving, and children going to school hungry.


  • Sometime ago Donville said “I have bills to pay too”


    We all have bills to pay.

    But Donville it is time to man up.

    We buy our own lunches.

    Buy your own lunch.


  • Simple Simon May 20, 2015 at 3:32 PM #

    “THE AMOUNT OF MONEY the University of the West Indies is spending on the ‘coronation’ of ‘king Hilary’ is of tremendous concern to Minister of Commerce Donville Inniss – Barbados Today…….Somebody needs to tell Donville to shut up.”

    As I have repeatedly mentioned on BU, it seems as though after a weekend of partying and drinking a few alcoholic beverages, Donville attends these constituency branch meetings, “stale drunk”, to talk shiite.

    A collective participation of the three campuses, St Augustine, Mona and Cave Hill will pay the $300,000 for the ceremony, which Donville said could be better used to pay tuition fees for students. I think he should first ascertain Cave Hill’s portion to find out how many potential students that sum could sponsor.

    However, Inniss also needs to tell Barbadians if it is equally “a tremendous concern” knowing he is a member of the LARGEST CABINET in the history of Barbados, especially against the background of a recession and that over 4,000 public sector employees were retrenched as government claimed the civil service WAS TOO LARGE.

    Better yet, since Donville is so out spoken, he could recommend a reduction in the number of ministers of state and parliamentary secretaries, and suggest the funds used to pay them be allocated to sponsor a few UWI students.

    Donville, is it also “a tremendous concern” to you that $1,531,561 allocated to Constituency Empowerment (as indicated in the 2014-2015 estimates) could have been used to fund tuition fees for a number of poor Barbadians?


  • so what.s up with this Donville Inniss obsession. the Blp misfits who stands around quoting numebers forgotten the Goliath amount of money the blp spent on flyer overs, and the golden toilets and lavish shopping trips all at tax payers, really foot soldiers before you count your numbers sideways just take a look at the enormous amounts of wastage that the blp govt mismanaged a part of which now must be recovered at taxpayers expense,

    what an idiot mia mottley claiming victory for the repeal of the municipal tax,, a tax that the govt had promised to be temporary, that woman needs to stop paying attention to speckled fowls and peacocks,


  • @ac May 20, 2015 at 6:26 PM “forgotten the Goliath amount of money the blp spent on flyer overs, and the golden toilets and lavish shopping trips all at tax payers…”a part of which now must be recovered at taxpayers expense”

    Unlike you ac I am completely non-partisan.

    Since you know so good that the BLP spent money on lavish shopping trips I invite this DLP government to go ahead and recover the misspent money from those BLP members who mis-spent it.

    I would thank and support any government which takes back money which was misspent by any previous party.

    I would rather the money be paid back by those who mis-spent it rather than stick the bill to the long suffering tax payers of Barbados.


  • The “jalous garçons” in the govt got nuff time to focus on Beckles.
    While one may not agree with Sir Hilary, the man has a legacy that any Barbadian would be proud of.
    Meanwhile Sir Pornville and his leader scratching around in search of a legacy cuz the one they got now ain’t pretty.
    These posers with accelerated inertia syndrome are looking for a “red herring” to distract from their miserable performance.


  • Talk bout a CURSE!!!
    Every shiite mashing up……

    Now Stinkliar has turned his attention to Customs…. by year end, this too will be in shambles…..turned into jobby.

    But WHY…..? is it because BRA has a loyal, compliant “yes-woman” figurehead?

    BRA shiite!!! ….what makes these DLP jokers think that it is so damn important to have all tax collecting agencies under one umbrella….?
    What ancient thinking.
    There is NO reason why Customs cannot be reformed just where they are…. The problem of course is that the thieving politicians don’t have the balls to deal with the thieving customs officers….

    Oh wait …. a white man from over and away came here and told him to amalgamate….so….
    Therefore the DLP is duty-bound to change everything that existed for 50 years overnight…

    what a bunch of JAs….!!

    Hold on….
    Don’t the police collect some taxes….? Will he ‘BRA’ them too..?
    How about putting the post offices and postmen under the BRA too…..?
    rabbit (f)…

    Lotta shiite…that makes NO damn sense….and will ONLY cause chaos…
    The damn inmates are running the brass bowl asylum….
    ..Can’t fix basic problems …and yet looking to create REAL complex ones….unnecessarily.

    After the Sargassum; the downgrades; the layoffs; the Massas and white people laughing at us; the crime….. Bushie hope that wunna asses ready for the coming hurricane season under these DLP/BLP blights….

    Only sack cloth and ashes can save our tails now….

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  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    You have to have some type of shame when you are repeatedly face with embarassing situations that continue to push your popularity deeper down in the doo doo. How could a government be so ignorant to continue to show their stupidity so openly and believe that they are doing right in so much wrong..


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine May 21, 2015 at 1:59 PM #

    How could a government be so ignorant to continue to show their stupidity so openly and believe that they are doing right in so much wrong..
    Not if it was their intention in the first place to systematically destroy this country.

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  • Typical silly Bajan behaviour. Rather than focus on the message we focus on the messenger. Sir Hilary has shown a high level of insensitivity to the state of economies in the region. His behaviour is one of a feeling of entitlement.

    Whatever one may think of Minister Inniss he has been consistent in raising concerns about the growing expenditure at UWI at a time when others are struggling. What has UWI done to contain it’s administrative costs.

    I have seen several new buildings, more parks and perhaps more staff.

    Why is there a view that one needs to spend $345k.on a 2 hour event to install Sir Hilary? And there is a reception afterwards that is not included in this cost.

    Caswell Franklin continues to fight or recognition today given his horrible failings in previous life. The DLP can do nothing right for Caswell. Caswe


  • The installation of a Vice Chancellor is indeed a grand occasion. The issue for me is how grand does it need to be. UWI admitted that they are spending almost $300,000 on a temporary structure to house this event. Why could it not have been held at the gymnasium at a rental rate of $20,000 for the day?

    Why could it not have been held at Mona or St. Augustine where facilities already exist for such?

    Why must Sir Hilary continue to get his way and no one can challenge him?

    How many poor Bajans could have had their tuition paid from these funds?

    Neither Caswell nor anyone above have addressed the fundamental issues here. Attacking Minister Inniss without addressing the substance of his comments belies sheer ignorance and petty partisan politics.

    If I lived in St. James South I would vote for Donville Inniss. He is one fearless and honest politician who seems not to be prepared to just say and do what everyone wishes to.

    Unfortunately his present party leader is useless and clueless


  • Here comes the political yardies.


  • Is Corporate Barbados sending a message to this administration, judging from the recent increase in the number of corporate uniforms across the island ,which we are seeing in blazing RED.


  • Caswell Franklyn

    Only Asking

    I am so sorry for for Donville that you do not live in St. James South but I do and I am so registered.



  • Perhaps we should also be asking how much does it costs to rent those palatial tents and all of the associated trappings which go with them , on those occasions when Illaro Court is transformed into a Mini Buck House.


  • @Only Asking May 22, 2015 at 9:22 AM “His behaviour is one of a feeling of entitlement.”


    I’ve never heard of Hilary asking for anything for himself.

    He asks only for enough money to run the university to educate our children, mine, yours, his and Donville’s.

    Hilary continues to live in the same modest fashion that he always has.

    No birgride.

    No big fancy house…he lives in the same house that the has lived in when he was a mere lecturer.

    This is not a man with a sense of entitlement.

    This is a man who wants to see the advancement of ordinary working class Bajans…he wants working Bajans to be able to move from the working class to University Chancellsorships in one generation as he has.


  • In this case, Minister Inniss is more than right, he is right and gone down the road past second right.

    If the reported amount that is allegedly being spent on the ‘ceremony’ is true, it is an insult to every taxpayer, who pay the funds that support the UWI, an insult to every student and parent who has to scrunt to pay fees, an insult to every family that is struggling to make ends meet.

    That this money is allegedly being spent, clearly demonstrates the priorities of the UWI administration, or lack thereof.


    You go Donville, tell them.

    PS – And for any idiot who jumps on my post as being pro DLP, go and check my last year of posts. I don’t post BLP or DLP, I post on principle.


  • Nothing has changed. Back in 1966 on attaining Independence , a grand ball was kept at the Hilton Hotel. Each member of the Barbados Workers Union had to contribute $5.00 towards the financing of the ball, for 500 top shelf specially invited guests. This is our culture.


  • One day we should look back and say to Sir Hilary.”Well done,thou good and faithful servant”.Of the Don of Pornville?”Wheel and don’t come again”.


  • Eco friendly houses built from plastic bottles


  • nobdy not paying wunna blp yardfowls no mind wunna ain’t got no issues so every dog and cock fight wunna show up and puffed up and outta order,, drum roll please,,


  • NationBLPNewspaper

    The real threat to democracy is when you have the largest and most dominant media in the small island of Barbados (The Nation) that is controlled by one party( The BLP and Sir Fred Gollop) which uses political operatives as “columnists” to spin for the opposition week after week.
    The Nation newspaper would have intelligent Bajans believe that the only columnists that they can find to hire are those clearly supporting the opposition BLP.

    What a national disgrace as Clyde Mascoll, Tennyson Joseph, Pat Hoyos and Albert Brandford fall over each other every week to kiss Mottley’s ass.


  • @NationBLPNewspaper May 28, 2015 at 12:11 AM “What a national disgrace as Clyde Mascoll, Tennyson Joseph, Pat Hoyos and Albert Brandford fall over each other every week to kiss Mottley’s ass.”

    These fellows may kiss Mottley’s ass but we do not.

    Sometimes we just read their first predictable paragraphs, stupes our mouths and dun wid dat.


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