Terrence Thornhill the #2 CLICO Man in Barbados Continues to Get a Free Pass

Enterprise Growth Fund Ltd

Enterprise Growth Fund Ltd

The number two man for many years in the entity that was CLICO Barbados Holdings Ltd (CBH) is Terrence A. Thornhill. He sat and walked next to the embattled former CBH Chairman Leroy Parris. The recent Deloitte’s Forensic Report confirmed what many know and that is Thornhill is the man who has witnessed the unsavoury, immoral and illegal deeds exposed in the forensic report unsealed recently.

The BU household is perturbed at the lack of outrage directed at Thornhill who has been implicated in the CLICO mess. Further, the fact he continues to be Chairman of the Enterprise Growth Fund Limited (EGFL); an important state agency charged with providing venture capital financing to the small medium-sized enterprises, exposes an unwillingness of the citizenry to demonstrate outrage.

It is an ignorant position for some – including BU – to call for the resignation of Mara Thompson, Michael Carrington and other members of the political class yet allow Thornhill to operate below the radar. It is an embarrassment to all Bajans who aspire to be sensible to accept Thornhill in his role as Chairman of the EGFL.

Where is the outrage!

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  2. Bajans are trained what to think and what to think about people, If any of the News or reports dont ask any question Bajans will stand and do or blame no one, All , All of them who sat on the Board that makes up the word CLICO had a Duty to let the people who put money in this business to say some thing,








  3. Terrence Thornhill sold his professional soul to the devil by being not only the ‘left-hand’ man of Leroy Parris but also the chief accounting technician in the whole scheme of fraud.
    He was the local technical brains behind the swindle and being a man without a professional moral compass was kept on to cover the dirty tracks of Parris and Duprey through his competence to shred ‘damagingly’ incriminating documents.
    He is the one who was able to hoodwink the naïve and gullible Board into believing CLICO was enjoying a clean bill of financial health.

    We shall see if he, Terrence T, has the last drop of decent blood of professionalism by ‘voluntarily’ resigning as chairman of the Enterprise Growth Fund Ltd.
    We shall see if ICAB underwrites his continuing membership and issues Mr. Thornhill with a practising certificate despite what is now known of his professional actions which are totally in breach of that regulatory body’s code of ethics.

  4. Politicians usually appoint persons, who they can trust, to boards. You can tell the measure of a man by the company he keeps and who he appoints to boards. In this case it is either that the person making the appointment is honest and believes that the person who he appoints is similarly honest; or the “appointor”is honest and he refuses to be guided by rumour while making appointments preferring instead to give a person a chance until there is evidence to to the contrary; or that the person making the appointment is dishonest and birds of a feather flock together.

    • The Auditor General is in the press today begging as usual for government agencies to lagging of audited financial statements after receiving millions.

  5. @ Miller
    Since when did ICAB have a code of ethics?
    surely you jest…..

    Those french connectors (UK) have been hoodwinking Bajans now for decades by working in cahoots with crooks and schemers to falsify, misrepresent and otherwise bend financial reports to the point where the whole exercise is now largely meaningless.

    …mean wunna aint figure out yet that until an organization is COMPLETELY BROKE and bankrupt, we NEVER EVER see auditors reporting concerns….
    …mean wunna aint see the scheme where, when shit happens, financial reports are DELAYED for YEARS on end – to hide this…… Look at MOST government accounts….

    Brass bowls are so gullible …

  6. But Bushie

    Your comment at 2:43 was what we were saying a few days ago when you did not fully agree, to put it mildly.

    The whole thing is a trick. And the current JMs are no heroes, they just sucking more corporte largesse. This time on the backs of poor policyholders

  7. There should be a film made on Mr. Thornhill: Painting by Numbers – How to use Legitimate Accounting Skills to hoof-wink a Nation.

    Do not be fooled. Thornhill is what you might call a student of Accounting and Corporate Governance. He has however chosen to use this superior knowledge in order to mask the actions of a couple Corporate Mauraders – in the form of Leroy Parris and Lawrence Duprey.

    He realised that in order to become a millionaire he could work and get a monthly salary and maybe get there in 30 years or he could get into bed with that deadly duo and he would be a millionaire overnight and more importantly as the only one who knows where all the bones are buried – he could write himself a blank cheque as often as he liked. Brilliant!!!

    But he should go straight to jail. Without passing go. Just straight to jail.

    It is one thing to be a t’ief. But it is a whole nuther matter to t’ief for yourself, your boss, your boss’s lawyer and your boss’s boss. And God knows who else. It is also a serious sin to t’ief from little old ladies and old men, from children’s inheritence etc. There is I hope a special place in hell for people like that.

    No soul. No moral compass.

    My constant prayer is that he or LP and others bought some property in the good ole USA or maybe sent an invoice or something to somewhere in the USA or didn’t pay some kind of tax in the USA. Something. Anything that could see them extradited to face the music in a jurisdiction that won’t care whose friends they are or what their connections are.

  8. @ Pacha
    Bushie disagreed with your position that there was no point pursuing the matter because these people are all greedy and lacking in morals.

    IT MUST BE PURSUED……by all means possible.

  9. David

    I don’t know who appoints the board of EGFL. I don’t even know if a minister is involved. I was just speaking generally.

  10. When owen was Prime Minister and Minister of Finance he appointed David Shorey as Chairman of EGFL, I know this because I dealt professionally with David Shorey many times in this capacity.

  11. Caswell Franklyn March 15, 2015 at 3:25 PM #


    I don’t know who appoints the board of EGFL. I don’t even know if a minister is involved. I was just speaking generally.
    We will say ahead of time based on the past, That where ever there is money or a Bank , there is be a Minister , lawyer, Sir, and a few puppets,time will tell,

    In Barbados reporters are only allowed to print what comes out of courts, and the lawyers dont take each other to court, so by the time we get the news as in CLICO report the bank has been rape

  12. Your representation of our arguments is as imprecise now as it was a few days ago.

    Indeed, we never suggested that offenders were not to face the full force of law, as it is?

    Instead, we were arguing that the circus around the JM’s report and the blood lust by some for Parris’s head would soon dissipate and the systemic problems will remain, rearing their head in the not too distant future.

    You wanted to see this report as a determination, a determination we failed to see, we saw it as part of the problem, because the forces which created CLICO are still very much alive and well.

    To us there is no different between the authors of the JM’s report and the rotten system.

  13. David
    So Thornhill is chairman of EGFL?Did not BU some year or so ago publish the names of some people who benefitted from the EGFL.Was not one of those names Santia Bradshaw?Was it this fund and was the amount listed as over $500,000.00?
    Just wondering if this is the same matter.I may be wrong but something rings a bell!


    Banks to ever do business again in Barbados must send down an up North Lawyer who know the rules and laws dealing with land sales, Clear Title and checking credit and risk, Local lawyers in bed with each other , In other caribbean bank the local workers gave out loans and a must lower rates to ripe of the out side banks, They also pulled out,

    We are also dealing with different banks and we see and know why,
    how long will it take before Bajan Public learn the simple rules that can be learned in 30 mins or less

    No clear title , no banks, no banks no business, NHC not UDC can not function with out fraud and crook ass lawyers.
    did UDC ever find the 140 missing Houses?

  15. You know, one sees certain folks who rush to the top, seem to have a ‘magic wand’ pick for certain positions, one wonders how they got there.

    I have seen multiple times such happen. Especially persons where one knows of their capability or lack thereof.

    The real story is that one never knows how people get where they are, or what they have to do to get there.

    THAT is the real lesson, never envy someone else, or wonder why you don’t have a ‘magic wand pick’ like some, because their way to get where they are could never have been your way in the first place.

    And really, if you think Clico or its principals stand alone in its own category of ‘morals’ or ethics, you are truly joking.

    And in the corporate world, checks and balances in the form of company policies are what hold some persons back from running away with the spoon.

    There are some cowboys and self serving folk out there, who I would not trust with the treasure chest key, I have seen a few.

  16. Santia,like a lamb to the slaughter,demanded in the name of the “Honourable”Barbados Labour Party that the Dishonourable Speaker Michael Carrington be disgraced and step down from the Chair until the matter of settling a quarter million dollar debt be reconciled to the satisfaction of the Honourable House and the client Griffith.We wondered why Mia herself,a seasoned warrior,not carry the fight with guns blazing a la Tom Adams when he took on George Moe and the Sidney Burnett Alleyne cheques which led to the downfall of the once invincible Errol Walton Barrow.
    The question is how did Santia a member of the opposition get all this support from EGFL.Did Thornhill continue the Clico method of selling services with an intended outcome?Was that outcome something called ‘Silence’.Time will tell.

  17. The EGFL might be “under” the Ministry of Finance diagrammatically but it falls under no agency from an operational point of view

    It is in fact a law unto itself ask Art.

    The problem is these strategic serfdoms that successive ministers have set up during their serfdoms to legitimise their teifings during and after they demit office.

    These quasi governmental organisations are so iron clad that not even the Mighty Christopher Sinckliar can touch any of them, ask Timothy Simmons at the EGFL.

    In the classic words rather a plagiarism of Lammy Craig ” I am so impervious (rich) to the powers that be not even Chris Sinckliar (GOD) and touch (brek) me”

  18. EGFL Profiles:

    Terrence Thornhill has held the position of chairman of
    Enterprise Growth Fund Ltd. for the past four years. With vast
    experience as an accountant and a senior insurance
    executive, he brings several years experience in the financial
    services industry to his role as chairman.
    Terrence Thornhill is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered
    Certified Accountants and a Fellow of the Institute of
    Chartered Accountants of Barbados. He is a board member of
    Clico Holdings, Rayside Construction, St. Lucia Distillers and a
    former board member of AT&T and Cingular operations in
    Barbados and St. Lucia. Mr. Thornhill is the President of Clico
    Holdings, Barbados Ltd

  19. Thornhill…. another gifted comedian, what else should one believe when according to the JM report his reason for signing the cheque was that the invoice was sent by a lawyer so he knew it had to be genuine or words to that effect. Ms. Haynes reasons for signing are hitherto unknown as she refused to cooperate with the inquiry. There are many bread & fish lawyers who could have had their retirements financed if they only knew that they could present an invoice to CLICO and it would be honoured

    May I direct Thornhill to the Nuremberg defense “I was following orders”, it didn’t work for some but yuh never know.

  20. @ racehorse
    what your 8.15 pm post about T Thornhill mean to say, David Thompson was the PM of Barbados look what he did ,you jackass

  21. @ watchman March 15, 2015 at 8:35 PM

    You, watchie, are the typical Bajan; accepting things at face value. A real sambo for a watchman.
    Can’t you read further into ‘racehrse’s comment and see he is really taking the mickey out of that thorny ass called Thornhill?

    How can a man of such professional certification be so easily psychologically screwed by Greenverbs unless he genuinely believes his own prostituting ass was grass for easy eating?

  22. @Watchman

    “@ racehorse
    what your 8.15 pm post about T Thornhill mean to say, David Thompson was the PM of Barbados look what he did ,you jackass”


    “Can’t you read further into racehrse’s comment and see he is really taking the mickey out of that thorny ass called Thornhill?”

    Thanks Miller for clearing it up for the few who can’t understand what they read! He didn’t even even get the reference in the bio to Rayside construction whose 2 million dollar lot in Westmoreland ended up being claimed by Parris.

    And @Watchman I rather be called a jackass, then a dumb ass. You Dumb Ass!

  23. It is an ignorant position for some – including BU – to call for the resignation of Mara Thompson, Michael Carrington and other members of the political class yet allow Thornhill to operate below the radar


    This whole DLP band of square pegs and political misfits want CANNING if U ask me. A shameful indeed. The country was doomed from 2008 when they stepped in..

  24. @ Lemuel

    You said earlier “Without that post by Racehorce at 8:15 pm I would not know anything about Thornhill.”

    It is called googling Lemuel, googling.

    All you have to do is go to a google page and type in “Terrence Thornhill Barbados” and Whaplax.

    The internet does do magical things like these dat does have de ole man stupefy. When I doan know a ting, which is most uh de time, i does do a copy and a paste and den I does come here and pretend to know a ting or two.

    Lemuel, I like I should not have used Sister Headley name heah doah.

    I notice dat recently she ent running me down after service to give me no “brotherly/sisterly hugs”

    You like you gone and tell she something Lemuel….

    Why you does do these things Lemuel?? SSS, Island Girl and now Sister Headley?

  25. It the BU family had to chose between David Shorey and Terrence Thornhill whom would you choose and why?


    It has been drawn to BU’s attention that several companies which Senator Santia Bradshaw has significant interest have benefited in the hundreds of thousands from the Enterprise Growth Fund (EGFL). EGFL is a government agency which manages several funds to ‘assist with financing through tooling and retooling and expansion of businesses in the productive sectors’.

    Based on the documents attached Pyramid Entertainment Management Inc received what is described as a cumulative grant in 2011 of $450,000.00, Got Rythmn Inc received $146,000 in 2010 and Entertainment Network $51, 857.00.

    In summary three Santia Bradshaw companies received $647,857 from the EGFL over a relatively short time period.

    This is a government agency which is funded by the taxpayers of Barbados therefore BU deems our forage into the financial transactions mentioned as a matter of public interest. We want to know the basis for advancing greater than six hundred thousand dollars to the goodly Senator. The taxpayers want to know!

  27. @ Simple
    Shorey and Thornhill….
    …the devil and the deep blue sea….?
    …the BLP and the DLP…?
    …Froon and Mia..?
    …AC and Dompey
    …muscle Mary and wuk fuh wuk

    shiite den…
    The story of our lives….

  28. This morning a news item ran in the US related to a man, Robert Durst, a wealthy heir who had been arrested on suspicion of murder.

    Arrested because he ‘admitted’ to the acts during an interview for a TV documentary related to none other than the same murders. He had been under suspicion for years and had actually been acquitted on one of the murders previousy.

    TV drama, better ratings, Hollywood and the wealthy.

    Ok! So here’s the rub!

    A man created an invoice and got money paid on that invoice. The invoice was confirmed as fake and having bogus charges. It also broke established taxation requirements. This is a physical document as the basis for actual acts of money laundering and tax evasion.

    So in the first instance a wry comment that can EASILY be dismissed in court by a competent attorney causes a man to be arrested AGAIN.

    In the second instance hard, irrefutable evidence is right there and no law officer has the slightest interest in arresting any one.

    I guess our law officers don’t read papers or listen to radio or read reports anyhow.

    Guess we are two-bit banana republic after all.

    All the work of those teachers who worked diligently at St. Giles and Wesley Hall etc. to get boys and girls on the straight and narrow means diddly-squat!

    • @Dee

      Further, Thornhill the #2 is quoted in the Forensic Report as explaining away the fake invoice as the need to ensure confidentiality. Why not quote a personnel file #?

      You can’t make this stuff up!

  29. @ Dee Ingrunt Word
    Guess we are two-bit banana republic after all.
    …looks like you are beginning to get it old chap….. 🙂

  30. The love of money is the ROOT of all evil. Whatever a man sows that shall he also reap. I hope these men realise that pay back time comes sooner or later. How can these men sleep knowing that they have robbed ordinary folks including myself out of their money. They have strengthen the hands of the evil doer. The politicians talked about INTEGRITY LEGISLATION……this seems to have just been an idea that they had….So sad.

  31. http://www.barbadostoday.bb/2015/03/17/parris-baby/

    Why don’t we just get a paternity test. Nothing worse than a man who disowns his children. I have always heard they were related. Some people believe she is his neice but nearly everyone I know from St. John acknowledges that they are family.

    Sorry. Only thing worse than someone who disowns his children is someone who is a crook.

  32. A young lady, the spitting image of the late and disgraced Jimmy Saville, turned up at his home before he died, to speak to the man whom her mother told her was her father. He slammed the door on her. Today I’ll bet that she is over the moon about being rudely shut out of his life.
    Perhaps too,one day this lady is going to feel the same way, about being shut out of Crooked Parris’s life.

  33. Anne March 17, 2015 at 8:11 AM #
    Did I hear the Prime Minister advising affected CLICO policy holders to hold Strainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    In Mr Stuart’s time that means a long long long long long time.
    Hold strain…….Alexandra Teachers
    Hold strain…….Sugar cane farmers
    Hold strain……..Barrack
    Hold strain……..NCC laid off workers
    Hold strain……..QEH
    Hold Strain……..Tax refunds
    Hold strain…….. 2-1/2 % on VAT
    Hold strain———NIS pensioners

  34. Paternity test ?. The only paternity test you can carry out relating to the off spring of people like teefing Leroy Parris, is to drop a few 100 dollar bills on the ground in front of the claimant, and if she rushes to the ground kicking and knocking over pensioners and all others in an effort to grab all of the bills and pocket them, then she is the daughter of Leroy Parris.

  35. I know of instances where individuals who have otherwise been prohibited from buying land earmarked for certain members of society but have been able to buy the property in the names of other family members. Could we get some lawyers to spill the beans? Never mind some of the individuals are members of your fraternity. Could this be a variation of that twist in the CLICO deal? Land bought in the name of “daughter”; “mother in law” and “father in law”, this is Barbados and anything goes.

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