The Dream by Random Bajan

Submitted by Crusoe

The sun rose through my window, the dawning of a bright and cheerful day, sparrows tweeting, blackbirds singing, doves cooing. After I stretched, I succumbed to the world of technology, grabbed the iPo remote and switched on. The early news roused me more than expected, indeed, startled me into a state of unheralded alertness. ‘The Prime Minister stated that he has enjoyed each and every moment of the last eight years, but believes that the time has come to rest, unlike Napoleon Bonaparte who ‘“had tasted command, and could not give it up”, he can.’

Stunned I listened intently as the reader further expanded ‘ the PM has indicated as April 30 as his last day of office, which shall herald in a bye-election.’ [In other news, the Finance Minister has stated that he is no longer comfortable with leading the charge against the widening economic issues, he has also tendered his resignation from the Cabinet and from Parliament’.

I sat bolt upright, a general election then? But I was drawn back to the news reader, ‘on further news the Chamber of Commerce has announced that businessmen, as a collective have proffered two hundred acres of land to be donated to lower income housing, which he has insisted shall be implemented by international housing charities. Interestingly, more philanthropy accompanied this disclosure, with the major commercial banks, as a group, promising a total of USD250Million as seed money towards the implementation of this goal, together with another USD150Million towards new equipment and refurbishment of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, as a thank you for the patronage and loyalty of Barbadians over the past hundred years’.

My thoughts clouded with shock and awe, at the sudden explosion of kindness and goodness. What could have driven this, this sudden outflow of goodness?

Brought back to alertness by the newsreader, announcing a new initiative of the Attorney General, that no Barbadian, man nor woman, shall; henceforth be jailed for anything but crimes of violence, and the implementation of a program of repayment of time and money by those found to have committed crimes, instead of incarceration, together with an electronic bracelet system, surprised me further.

So much to take in, so early, as the sun glistened off of my bedroom window, peeping over the lovely shoulder of my dear wife. I felt to wake her, to tell her the world is getting better, but she slept so soundly, and the light falling and lighting her lashes filled we with contentment, and I desisted.

‘In further news, education reforms were yesterday announced, with the curriculum in schools to be changed, the new focus to be excellence rather than volume. In addition, ”in class training for various professions and skills, shall take preference over academia that is not relevant and merely to pass the time of day” said the Minister”. In other news, the Leader of the Opposition presented to the press, detailed draft documents for new Integrity and Transparency Legislation, to be implemented as soon after the expected general election, should they win. She also indicated that her team had five new young members, including a well known attorney who has ”staked his claim on the way things should be done”. She has promised that tomorrow will usher in a new dawn of leadership and governance and a full review of the civil service and elimination of inefficiency’.

The news reader herself sound shocked, reading in a breathless and hasty voice. What winds of change have taken root, what has flown in on the breezes, that has caused such to happen? As the news ended, I had no choice but to rise and seek my mug of that beautiful dusky liquid and today I celebrated with Jamaican Blue Mountain, so excited was I. I flung open the doors, breathed in the morning air, a full breath, smelling that unbeatable Caribbean air. Oh, what a life.

As I flung open the doors, the sheet caught my arm, and my eyes fluttered open, ah but no. But no, it was but a dream.

33 thoughts on “The Dream by Random Bajan

  1. @Norst the Invader January 31, 2015 at 1:33 PM #

    Sorry, wish at the end I could say that when I flung open the doors, I was engulfed by fresh country air, and that everything else was true and that humanity, true goodness had indeed returned.

    But alas, it was indeed only a dream and as yet, we are still stuck with the same old, same old.

    But…. the Almighty works in mysterious ways…. and we can dream.


  2. ac February 1, 2015 at 12:50 AM # crusoe is there a sequel to this dream.

    Hopefully, but only the Almighty knows at this time, but most bajans are waiting and dreaming…


  3. Simple Simon February 1, 2015 at 2:09 AM # What have you been smoking Crusoe?

    The stuff you sold me last Wednesday…. wheeewwwhhh!


  4. @ Crusoe

    Well dun ole young Dickens or should I say Turk…..welcome to the the land of literary license. Never mind these naysayers. The first step to reaching the top always starts at the bottom rund ( unless you are a well digger) like the lissom. Annuda great complexion in the midst…It reminds me of some of the other articles like Count Dread and Tis night Before Christmas…you have all the necessaries of a great drama,- suspense, body anti-climax-climax. Doan listen to the detractors and the sequesters…some can’t even compose farless write, enigmatic and a sago dictum, not over done…. Accost, I say accost, Sir Walter, a new beginning and not just impulse I hope….Dare I say I smell annuda Cawmere sagacious?

  5. @ Crusoe…. I am firm in belief that the heavenly father has been in some way offended by the actions of Barbadians. We will not escape that easily. Wishes, hopes, dreams or even multiple sessions at the Ouija board is all that’s left in which to find comfort. Almighty God has punished this fair land with the imposition of a JOKER, hence the imploration to ” Punish With Laughter ” any and all objection to this Circus Clown Gathering .

  6. Recently heard Kerry the perennial traitor talking bout business ethics. Was wondering why the reporter didn’t bother to ask him about Mr Boolani and the $5000.00. Mia Mottley chopped him off at the knees…any chance she could stuff he mouth with toilet paper? Along those lines DAT MAN CAN’T TALK!

  7. @ Old Onion Bags ”.Dare I say I smell annuda Cawmere sagacious”

    Regrettably no. You also asked me previously is I was a product of the good Major.

    Again, I was not thus blessed.

    Thank you for your kind words. When I wrote the short piece, it was indeed a bit of impulse. But yes, I have such an interest even though a busy life prevents me from so immersing. I felt a need to voice in an alternate form, a few of the wrongs that I see, wishing that those who could, would.

    And albeit it was written with no other intent than that, I am actually quite surprised, per those detractors, as to how the replies have enlightened as to point of view and underlying psyches of the individuals.

    What strikes me most is that the responses could reveal so much, even if they say very little.

    I will have to mull on that a little bit, it is a bit of learning.

    Thank you again.

    • @Crusoe

      Why are you surprised? Envy with a good mix of yardfowlism will create a scab over the eye of commonsense every time.

      On Sunday, 1 February 2015, Barbados Underground wrote:


  8. David February 1, 2015 at 8:59 AM #

    @ Crusoe

    Why are you surprised? Envy with a good mix of yardfowlism will create a scab over the eye of commonsense every time.

    David another predictable assumption on your part. how does common sense fits into this scenario after all the story is just a DREAM told by another yardfowl

  9. @ Crusoe…. A simple stroll down the road is enough to evoke the ire of some with whom you share space. My man let time be your only constraint to expression of thought via this medium. Look at it this way. Without acknowledgement detractors do not exist, for their thoughts will never define who you are. We don’t find time…we make it. Man try and make some and write another piece.

  10. ‘The Prime Minister stated that he has enjoyed each and every moment of the last eight years, but believes that the time has come to rest, unlike Napoleon Bonaparte who ‘“had tasted command, and could not give it up”, he can.’

    There lies the crux of the problem… too sweet boy…Don’t we realise that here is a man coming from all humble backgrounds and now is SOLO the most poweful man in the land…(give or take the ‘unknown power’ of the people as ONE)?

    Do we understand the enormity of a decision to ‘disconnect’ from this once in a life time feel even if in the interest of all?…a dream indeed Crusoe.

    Do we remember the look on Sandi’s face as he decended to the bottom of the Parliament steps that dreaded day of the No Confidence vote…when Blackie and the resta D soldiers did what was best for the country?….A most dejected and unconsolable look that haunts D man even to this day..

    Three mo years and and if I recall right…. told “Holding to the last sinew, the last tether”…

  11. @ Old Onion Bags ”.Dare I say I smell annuda Cawmere sagacious”

    Regrettably no. You also asked me previously is I was a product of the good Major.


    ….. something good coming from Nazereth?..LOL

    …..So you are ona those rankled boys (like David) whose duz be vex wid their mummies to tis day and @ Christmas?..hmmm I see….Daniel nuh. LOL

  12. @ David

    A. Does history not always repeat itself?……I wish it would in this case….and SOON too!

    B. Ambition when parsimoniously tempered oft leads to such disaccords….note I see Kolieg bois in dey too…not true?


    A HIGH COURT ACTION has been started by Clico International Life (Clico) through its judicial manager Deloitte Consulting Limited, to recover $3.333 million from Leroy Parris, Branlee Consulting Services and the estate of late Prime Minister David Thompson.

    ………… should have been more apprpiately titled : CROOK-ERY LINE UP !

    Man U real serious bout tis ting……wait David Thompson ?..even D dead can’t sleep now boy? LOL

    …..nxt ting we gine see Bushie n D sea-cat wuman…Wha loss !

  14. Time to aptly start a :PROMISED NEW INFRUSTRUCTURE

    1.A Buyer for Four Seasons: est. investment $600.Mil

    2..Sugar Sweet Cruise Terminal: est. costing $ 400 Million

    3.Bridgetown Port Marina

    4.New Sugar Factory

    Re-building Empire Theatre

    6……..and so on

  15. Wait so wanna din think Ole 10c Alibaba was worthy of such enviable esteem…Head Con Man? Affa all if some people tink we dun wid ee….dey right footed WRONG !….Justice will be had one way or another… in tis life or annuda..sleep on dat some..

  16. old onion bags February 1, 2015 at 10:25 AM #

    Time to aptly start a :PROMISED NEW INFRASTRUCTURE
    And we thought that the man who ran for St George and promised the people there a Sea as soon as he gets in, was a first class clown.
    But not very long ago, candidates in a General Election campaign, were promising people a Roundabout.

    What a pity that we cannot promised some of these jokers, a last Cigarette and a 6-foot wall.

  17. Wonder if we will hear Dennis Kellman on Brass Tacks defending this accusation against his former stable mate, the late Prime Minister.

  18. @David,

    I listen to lot of music from that era because the musicians played real instruments. Synthesizers and sampling is not my thing.

  19. I wonder if Mara is still keen on keeping her seat for her eldest daughter. She may have to look now at saving that seat for her Great ,Great, Great Great grand child, since the iniquity of the father is said to visit upon the children,and upon the children’s children unto the third and fourth generation. Now we could understand why after the death of Tom Adams that Genevieve, after receiving her hastily approved parliamentary windfall, took it and her sons and said goodbye to Barbados .

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