Sir Hilary Beckles Names New Sports Facility After Jamaican Usain Bolt

Submitted by Anthony Davis

PRINCIPAL of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, has defended a decision to name the new sports complex at the university after Jamaican Olympic and world sprint champion Husain BoltUnease In Barbados Over Decision To Name Cave Hill Sports Complex After Usain Bolt

We are true lovers of things/people foreign. Pray tell me, Sir Hilary, where in Barbados was Usain born?

Why isn’t it being named, as suggested, after Jim Wedderburn, Obadale Thompson, Akela Jones, or any other of our outstanding athletes?

Do we always have to degrade our athletes/artists in such a way?

Is it possible that you don’t want to name it after Akela because you are sexist?

The part about Sir Frank Worrell doesn’t hold water, because Sir Frank had adopted Jamaica as his home, and he was working there.

In any case, I do not only voice my strong opposition to naming the complex after Bolt, I will NOT attend any events at all at that venue!

My money has more sense.

You can give a million reasons for naming it after Bolt, but they all smack of you being nothing but a traitor to those Barbadians who gave/are giving their all for our country!

Charity begins at home, Sir Hilary!


  • @ Piece
    man don’t flatter the Bushman please….and more importantly, don’t temp Bushie…. ac does talk a lotta shiite, but letmuhtellya, her garden would take a good mowing and whacking….. 🙂

    But Islandgal too jealous though….

    @ David
    How do you know the decision by Sir Hilary will no(t?) prove to be a seminal moment?
    Have you ever spoken to ANYONE who works with Sir Cave?
    Seminal shiite….

    Decisions taken by Sir Cave usually lead to him having increased access to resources to build a legacy appropriate to his ego….and any ‘consultations’ he claim to have had are pure figments of his imagination….

    Only equally bull headed individuals like Owen, and a few others (and Sinckler because he was broke) are able to resist his ‘charms’…certainly not those beholden to him for a job ….

    steupsss…..and he was SO DAMN PROMISING as an activist …..before the Mutual adoption….

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  • Maybe we should “The Barbados Hall of Fame”. It could be like a museum where each member would have a “space” that includes a tv / monitor showing his/her achievements.

    Sooner or later tiny little Barbados will not have enough roundabouts or buildings to name after “eminent persons”.


  • pride! does not mean being govern or be governed by “single minded”and a set of archaic rules and ideas but includes practicality and an irresistance to exclude
    Pride means having to regard and include differences of opinions and not being caught up in eurphoric frenzy and a belief of knowing”it”all


  • @ Bush Tea

    You cannot have progress when UWI’s ‘education’ is about regurgitation.

    Education is about making money and it is BIG business primarily not for the students benefit.

    How can you expect progress when the same books (model) is fed to many thousands, what do you expect to be achieved.

    I taught at UWI for a semester and found the institution a waste of my time.

    When I tried to change my course I was delivering to be based more on practicality than theory I found myself butting heads with professors/tutors.

    I have hired UWI graduates in the past but have found more productivity and creativity from those who never studied on the hill and that I invested funds in private training.

    UWI is about getting bums on seats better the more money coming into the door.

    A good analogy would be if your were given a guaranteed contract of $5000 for every person each year you could sign up to take ‘higher education’ courses only limited by how many you can handle.

    Seeing that there is more money to be made from 100 x $5000 ($500,000) you go on this mad spree where you ‘enroll’ 5000 x $5000 ($25,000,000) ANNUALY.

    That is what UWI is papermill is churning out ‘theory’ degrees each year.

    IF your ministers are graduates and most companies operating locally are owned by foreigner what does it say about UWI ‘higher education’.

    I call it ‘higher regurgitation of theoretical knowledge’.

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  • @Anthony

    Really? What kinda arguhmunt that? stupse


  • I think the Usain Bolt Sports Complex sounds tacky and conjures up an image of bare bones village sports ground. Paradise Park really has a more polished ring to it. What would be nice is if UWI could organize the Usain Bolt-Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce Inter University Sprint Relay Championships at Paradise Park. This would bring sprint relay teams from universities in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Japan, China and the Caribbean. Just imagine a sprint relay world cup (4X 100, medley, 4 X 400 men, women and mixed gender) held annually in Barbados with a concert featuring Rihanna, Shontelle, Sean Paul, Beenie Man and all those music acts that university students like etc. Get Sir Austin Sealy to help wring some seed money from the IOC, get the Tourist board to help with the promotion and if the university can’t do the rest then it really should shut shop up!

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  • @ enuff

    Having created the Rift in his garage and having dropped out of college to turn Oculus VR into a billion dollar company at 22, Luckey also voiced his admiration for other self-made entrepreneurs.

    Read more:


  • John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES.

    Like all other things, where is the Deed for CAVE HILL PLANTATION? FOR those looking why we are not posting as much , We are setting up other outlet for news and to get the word out of the Massive Land fraud, In Barbados , If we had a true and real history of Barbados we are sure we would not have to look out side of Barbados for a Name, we Have Beatrice Henry or Violet Beckles if not removed from the History supported By crooks,

    Another source for Free Smart of Information is now on face book ,


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  • @ Ping Pong

    Very good idea.


  • @ Enuff

    Let me also add that during the semester I taught 3 classes weekly at UWI to undergraduates, at the end of the semester I gave the UWI check to the department as they were looking to start a club on the campus.

    I had no axe to grind and saw both my time and knowledge to benefit the students freely given.

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  • Easy Squeeze (make no riot)

    National cultural identity plays important part of peoples lives but is meaningless to international mindset unaware of the culture. One individual droplet manifests itself as its own unique universe within the infinite, we can chose to isolate ourselves and become disconnected from the infinite or we can become part of the ocean connected to every droplet

    we are infinity


  • Bushie

    You have toiled all day and have caught nothing. Why not cast your net on the other side. LOL


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Pachamama

    It would appear that while your persuasions of the BBE are well enunciated that you have been reading Luke 5: 5 and, with a minor variation (day for night) you seemed well versed in the Word

    @ Ping Pong

    There is a citizen thinking on their feet, We are all here frustrated by the present but what we have to do in 2015 is, AFTER REFLECTING ON OUR PAST change the future.

    Of course if those visionless dwarves can actuate your suggestion, in any meaningfull variant, without prostituting the excellent idea, remains to be seen


    There is a new rule for 2015 that I would suggest to ALL, both the BLPites and the DLPites and you being the leading DLPite should lead the charge.

    One practical idea a month!!!

    Membership on BU may choose to demand that we mouth giants who claim that we love our cvntry and come here and espouse that love in vitriole and diatribes, are hereafter tasked that, once a month, we are to suggest something on some topic that, as our idea, is being submitted to help the Barbados that we claim to love.

    LEts stop talking and start doing….


  • Of very serious import is the rating downgrade of Sagicor by S & P.When the MoF,the PM,the GoCBB can pour cold water on the repeated downgrades by Moody’s and S&P in particular and try to placate an informed person that the downgrades don’t mean anything,that S&P and Moody’s don’t run Barbados, that ‘powful foolish’ attitude is now not only affecting the capacity of the Government to borrow but is affecting ALL FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS IN BARBADOS.Sagicor has been identified and could possibly suffer serious fallout.Would they sue the Government of Barbados for betraying the public confidence in that entity?Does it take an Einstein to see what is going down in Barbados as long as Freundel Stuart remains on the sidelines and fiddles while Rome burns.Is this why the public is no longer hearing fom DeeLyle Worrell?From Christopher Sinckler?From whoever is leading the BLP jokers on the opposition benches.
    You BLP jokers have a silver platter,nay a baseball bat to bludgeon the Ministry of Finance and the Prime Minister’s office for misleading the country and for destroying investor confidence at every turn in Barbados.We are at a critical juncture in the governance of this country and everybody gone quiet.Something happening.There are too many earthquakes almost everyday near Barbados.One last Friday,one on Thursday,one yesterday.Something wrong ’bout hay…..


  • Can anybody tell the names of just TWO (2) places in either Jamaica or Trinidad for that matter named after a BAJAN? ……yet we have internationally acccomplished persons too… like Rihanna, Obadele and Sir Garfield .

    Now ask yourselves how come…..Is Rihanna not currently riding #1 way above Beyonce’, Lady Ga Ga,Sean Paul, Bres, Bu Ju even late Great Bob…and for the last 4 years?

    So how comes we girl…..far less from recognition… here in her own OWN country gets so much negative publicity? BU even attempt to crucify she TWICE…..

    I hear Jackie Opel’s beat started the Sca in Jamaica…I also hear that more people of that generation know of him in JA than here….surprised? Go into the Westbury Cemetary now and see the run down state of his grave site (if you could find it)…..There had an event a couple of years back at the Plantation in memory of our indigenous beat “SPOUGE”….. seatting for500 + ..less than 50 attended……

    Is there any surprise now that this Bajan luminary in all high position and esteem would see it fit to find an accomplished Jamaican athlete’s name as more fitting than a young and equally accomplished Bajan athlete (3rd Olympics) like Oba or Weatherburn?

    Bajans don’t like their OWN ! I rest my case.


  • Name a bajan that win gold at the Olympics and ya cookin’ wid gas.No also rans.At least nobody talking about naming it after Steve Stoute or Sirostin or even Barney.


  • Easy Squeeze (make no riot)

    Greatness is not a nationality it is an individual trait that rises above the masses
    All greatness is an inspiration to all
    Is Bolt Jamaican or an African descendant living in Jamaica

    Vibrations in the Mind of God
    The vibration of the planet is getting faster and the temperature is getting hotter
    Vibrate On


  • Give Jack his jacket please……Mr. Thompson come in the Court and demand your dues.


  • OMG you guys have been at this with vigor.

    This is so convoluted that as I am reading Bushie now after being away for the day he is actually starting to make some valid sense. OMG


  • BTW the point about the Springer of this world was an excellent point by Mr PingPong.

    Unfortunately life in bygone days and certainly in today’s crazy, giddy excitement with glitz and tinsel relegates the hardworking, yeoman , behind-the-scenes services of the Springer types to places seen only by scholars or to places o the beaten track.

    Some are recognized certainly but often you need to look carefully to find others.


  • @ Gabriel
    Name a bajan that win gold at the Olympics

    If only it was so simple.
    Remember the parable of the talents? …a lot depends on what you START OFF with….
    One fellow may have ended up with ten gold medals, and another with only a forth place finish, but the former may have had the full backing of the might and money of the wealthiest country EVER to have existed since the beginning of history…..while Mr. “forth” may have “trained at Brown’s Beach” after work on evenings….

    Who is the more impressive?

    What did Barbados do for athletes like Oba and now for Akela?
    When did we last have an athletics meet in Barbados?
    What training facilities do we have?
    What medical support is provided?
    What administrative support is there for athletes?
    – ever wondered how a talent like Barry Forde got himself into trouble?
    – no damn support. minimal funding . Parents had to scrunt to keep him in training.

    Do you know how it goes in other countries?
    Ever heard of high level athlete development programs?
    Ever heard of Olympic training centers – with Rolls Royce treatment and support?
    Ever heard of athletes NOT having to worry about daily finances when operating at national team level?

    …so when a Bajan turns up in a worlds /commonwealth /Olympic finals (top eight in the event) against competitors who have started with top-of-the-line support and resources…….

    YOU tell Bushie who “also ran…”

    If talent like Oba, Barry, Akela etc were born in another country (where sport mean more than just administrators living like kings and working to get themselves knighted,) those fellows would be GLOBAL LEGENDS of the highest order….

    It is not so simple as just winning gold….

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  • @ DeeWord
    …..after being away for the day he is actually starting to make some valid sense. OMG
    ….or perhaps you are slowly beginning to sober up after a very merry christmas….


  • You tell her Bushie…..Trinidad connections cloaked n buttin into Bajan’s bizziness…..You think Sir Hillary don’t know all this?…The Jmca influence is very very heavy in Board Meetings pon D Hill ( the just open EWB Centre- go see who get the big jobs in leadership in dey) ….and poor Hillary musse bowing to the pressure. Question is why all these ‘neighbors’ like to fly in we meat? Wait Bubbades so sweet? We Massy ole slaves or sumthin….


  • Just a minute though Onions…
    …what is this shiite of you and Bushie being allies?

    wuh that ain’t feel right!
    Bushie don’t trust you yuh know skippa….
    Some big foot trick up your sleeve…..

    what the sea cat woman gone and tell you now….?


  • But I am very surprised that the sports complex is not named after Stephen Lashley or Ronald Jones, or some United States born athlete of Bajan lineage, who have never set foot in Barbados ……. to hell with accomplished athletes.


  • @DeeWord

    Lloyd comments although interesting are not new. He has summarized positions discussed publicly. Concerning BCA officials and their involvement with the media and media players, it is all about politics.


  • I see this guy in the paper today happy to go take up a new post in Jamaica and people cant connect the dots .This has nothing to do with athleticism Because if it did it would be called the Fergeson Jenkins sports complex


  • @ Lawson
    The man is amazingly and impressively arrogant.

    Perhaps more are now able to see why the new complex is designed to appease and impress Jamaicans….and to grease the way for Sir Cave as he expands his empire to the region.

    LOL …says he is “looking for a scotch” at Cave Hill….
    …and taking over the Sports Building….

    Well…this only means that the WHOLE UWI is now French Connected (UK) as opposed to mostly Cave Hill.

    We brass bowls have this way of promoting non-performance and incompetence, but in Sir Cave’s case, this is even worse – because he IS supremely competent, just focused exclusively on HIS OWN ego and it’s satisfaction rather than on the country’s REAL education.

    …this is even more dangerous than incompetence…..


  • @Bushie

    Is Sir Hilary accountable to a higher authority in the structure? Would be great if our friend Jeff Cumberbatch is able to clarify the command structure.

    On Sunday, 4 January 2015, Barbados Underground wrote:



  • @ David
    Boss …..steupssss…
    Why don’t you leave Jeff outta dis nuh?

    Command structure?
    My man, If Sir Cave EVER get through with that reparations shiite plan he working on, Bushie strongly feels that he is going to rule the whole damn world hear….? 🙂

    Wunna think Sir Cave easy nuh….?


  • To all my Barbadian friends, the UWI Mona Campus Named a Sports Facility after a Barbadian by the Name of Frank Worrel in the 1970’s. The last TIME i checked Mona is in JAMAICA. Maybe Jamaica should get out of the UWI Configuration and the WI Federation aswell not to Mention Carifta, which most Jamaicans dislike.


  • Jtl Lincoln January 4, 2015 at 12:41 PM #

    Just to set the record straight ,Jtl, The West Indies Federation was scrapped in 1962. CARIFTA has been supercedded by CARICOM since 1973 . But your message is loud and clear.


  • Mr Lincoln…
    Maybe Jamaica should get out of the UWI Configuration and the WI Federation as well not to Mention Carifta,
    Boss man, which of these things is Jamaica seriously IN? perhaps the Federation…?

    Why not ‘get out’ of the CCJ while you are at it?

    Was Frank Worrell not an employee of the Mona Campus?
    Wuh Shiite man, if Mr. BOLT had even just visited Cave Hill …we would be happy to dump Sir Cave, make him Dean, and name the whole Campus after him…


  • David

    The Chancellor, is his boss, George Allleyne. Of course, you also have the Govenors, the same Caricom leaders who empowered Beckles with the Reparations thing. See how Beckles has them checkmated.

    This time Bushie does not know how right he is.


  • Of course the Chancellor is almost ceremonial


  • @Pacha

    Thanks for your response, wanted the opportunity to introduce the strategy by the this government to always attack Sir Hilary and budget decisions if part of the command structure. Politics!


  • @Caswell

    Looks like you and Roslyn are it. Surprised she has not received the blessings of the NUPW EXECUTIVE and President.


  • Carifta or Caricom it’s the same crap Jamaica will be better of without them. Jamaican dollars built that sports facility or (stadium) That means Bolt dollars aswell. Problem is Small-mindedness Allover da Place.


  • LOL @ Pacha
    This time Bushie does not know how right he is.
    You may be surprised at Bushie’s known knowns…. 🙂


  • Let’s not turn this into a “ain’t me tis you” Barbados Vs Jamaica affair.


  • Read this on another blog.

    “Frank Worrell lived and as you guys were saying recently even played for Jamaica at one point plus he played for the West Indies. Usain runs for Jamaica, has he even ever been to Barbados.
    chupse, only Bajans wud do something this dotish trying to be inclusive”


  • In the downtown of Ottawa we have a statue of simon bolivar why ..who the f&ck knows, I think we got it for free… but if we don’t prize our own people and be proud of their contributions by representing or furthering our countries we end up with total mish mash of culture with no direction . Let Jamaica praise bolt and marley and quit trying to somehow have there luster rub off on you. You have many great athletes to name it after but what is more shocking of all is he didn’t name it after himself.


  • But there was no outcry when Dodds Prisons was partially name after BOLT,……Build- Own -Lease Transfer. Perhaps ,Sir is claiming ownership,and will lease the complex to the UWI



    Bolt competed in Barbados as a JUNIOR.
    The uwi Cave Hill is a Regional Institution
    Sir Hilary is a wise man


  • Open minded, worldly, mature and embracing vs small minded, parochial selfish and insular. The former is part of being Bajan. Many of the naysayers are the same bloggers that constantly talk about the “medicrity” that is Barbados. If we really need a stadium named after a Bajan to feel worthy we are even deeper than the duck’s guts.


  • Pacha et aux
    What is your take on the latest developments in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
    The Palestinians have again been outmanouvred by Bibi and Kerry and have used a trump card to speed up the ‘peace’process by joining the ICC.Well,who tell them do that.Bibi has become the vindictive jewish eye for an eye hitlerite and Kerry his guardian but equally to blame for the treachery that is the US policy in that conflict


  • @ Enuff
    If we really need a stadium named after a Bajan to feel worthy we are even deeper than the duck’s guts.
    steupsss – there MUST be something that you actually understand Enuff… no one can be so consistently off track…

    The whole damn discussion has been about (not) developing Bajans who are worthy of having a stadium named after them…not about dissing Bolt, Jamaica or even Freundy….
    Sir Cave, the man paid (and failing) to facilitate the development of “top-of-the-line” Bajans, naturally took the brunt of the licks ..easing Sinckler and his Boss for a change… 🙂

    ….and was it not the open-minded, worldly, mature and embracing escapades of your man Owen that largely landed us in duck’s guts in the first place?
    …like flooding the place with immigrants living is cramped conditions so we could exploit their cheap labour….
    …Like embracing CARICOM, changing our laws and spending our money, while everyone else just laughed…
    …like embracing a chicken feed man as supervisor of insurance and then watching CLICO implode….


    Not one shiite wrong with being insular and selfish …..
    Why should BAJANS not put BAJANS first…?
    it is enuff time now that you drop this nonsense….


  • @ David

    Maybe it is a good idea to start the BU Annual Awards Prersentation. You never know, it may even get so big you might have to have it on TV.

    Not only the people who are thought to have done good things but the opposite as well. For instance we could give an award to FJS for avoiding all the bad things which did not happen to Bajans.

    For that is basically his claim to power. That he avoided all the other bad things Bajans were not to endure. Could you imagine that this class of people will rest entirely on a raison d’etre of the fiction of avoiding the unknown, unknowable.

    But you have to give it to them, an award, for being as creative as a rat!


  • And on the Beckles issue. The Caricom leaders are so lost that their only hope for our futures lies on this Reparations issue. There are no other long term plans.

    These leaders are hoping to solve their debt, development issues by exacting money from the powers. They are grasping at straw.

    This is a highly risky endeavour. Certainly now worthy of a single-minded approach to the future. Politicians and others are going to be bought out. Bribes are going to be paid.

    Why would the Queen and David Cameron, as direct beneficiaries of slavery, pay reparations when a token could be given in exchange for ‘patronage’?


  • @Pacha

    The politicians seeing reparations as an economic lifeline and whether the claim is a redress issue are distinct and separate no?


  • When I first read it,I said that IDIOT only trying to get into the good books of Jamaicans since his insult to Chris Gayle.
    Now only yesterday I read that his NEW JOB WILL BE BASED IN JAMAICA. Now he is saying that he will try to convince the St.Augustine Campus to do the same…he mussee tink trinis not patriotic.


  • @ David

    Of course!

    We have always supported reparations. These issues should have been dealt with many years ago, at least since ‘independence’.

    What we have problems with is the transactional use of this issue after these leaders have shepherded us into a developmental cul de sac. Now, this is the ONLY long term plan these people could come up with.

    Knowing these fuckers, a back room deal will be made. Beckles and the UWI are looking for money to support what they think is important to us, their mis-education. And political elites will get debts forgiven only to start borrowing again.

    Caribbean people should not trust these legal criminals, actual or in waiting!

    We should also seek reparations from the Caribbean elites as well. Furthermore, we distrust them and will not leave them alone to handle our ancestors.


  • In addition, if money or money’s worth is to be had it should be for the direct benefit of the descendant of African slaves.

    Why are we to have people like Beckles and other Caribbean elites receive the pay cheques of our ancestors?

    This to our minds represents a misappropriation.


  • @ Lawson

    EXACTLY !!….the dots are BIG ENOUGH for everybody to see.,and you are even told where to put them.


  • Instead of looking for useless paper, we should make a claim on the land of these islands. All the land!


  • The IDIOT only looking out for he self and family,hope he knows that others in JAMAICA are looking out for the same thing.


  • @ harry turnover
    One thing the man ISN’T … an idiot.

    Scheming, single-minded, selfish, egotistical, articulate, underhanded, manipulative, deceitful…..

    ….lots of convenient adjectives……..BUT NOT IDIOT.

    His ability to exploit us laid back Bajan brass bowl jokers over the past 30 years is a mark of genius …and the disastrous results for Barbados are now material of legendary proportions.

    No idiot sir…..

    ac is an idiot – All of them.

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  • BT you could say he is a wolf in peeps clothing.


  • @ Lawson
    ….if you wanted to be charitable …. yes!


  • Easy Squeeze (make no riot)

    I expected UK EU and US bloggers to be anti-reparations with weak excuses as justifications for enslaving Africans, which goes beyond a single transaction of illegal sale but breeding and subordination of slaves for several generations and implementation of global system of racism we endure.

    Bajan bloggers are the idiots for helping them by providing excuses..


  • You would have a better chance of reparations if you had named the stadium after Cameron or prince william


  • @ Easy
    I expected UK EU and US bloggers to be anti-reparations…..
    Boss, you used to make a lot more sense as KIki……

    Now why the hell would you expect white people to be anti-reparations? Come on Easy …..THINK!!!

    …you are a bully.
    you hold a fella at gunpoint and tie him up for 500 years, …cutting his ass, raping his mother, killing his children as you feel inclined….
    …500 years down the road, he get away by the skin of his teeth, and some idiot start this business about racial equality, justice and other shiite….

    Suddenly, this fella that you had like an animal for all those centuries turn up at your door asking you for some money to compensate those 500 years of unspeakable torment…..

    You would be anti -that ……?

    1 – it reinforces your viewpoint that the fella is inferior and cannot make it without your guidance and pity

    2 – it is a chance to give him a few dollars and be rid of the yoke of those 500 years of bullying. He could NEVER raise the issue again after he has been paid off… (Lord knows what he will tell his children…)

    3 – So he gets a court to say that “slavery was wrong”.
    Shiite man!!! so is stealing, and lying and murder and speeding… WE ALL KNOW THAT ALREADY.

    Do you want to know who will be anti-reparations?

    PROUD BLACK PEOPLE who KNOW of their true heritage.
    QUEENS don’t go to shiite courts seeking justice – they build righteous ARMIES and IMPOSE justice
    PRINCES don’t beg for mercy and seek blood money on their ancestors suffering…they grow up to be kings on the strength of their ROYAL characters.

    ….only shiite people run begging to bullies for mercy and compensation….


  • Easy Squeeze (make no riot)

    Slaves descendants in Virginia Jamaica Barbados Dominica Trinidad South America are getting all Tribal against each other.

    They are good at sports, check the Siddis in India

    Every Voice shall sing, A Time will come
    every Fig shall find its own Vine
    That’s the only solution to end this crime
    Bide up Rastaman for the time is at hand
    Bide up African the time is at hand


  • Reparations is the cheap way out which serves no purposeful long term solution.The only real solution is for the ex – colonial and the western imperialist powers to relinquish total control of territories back to the indigenous people as they found them.Both in the Americas and Africa.That would cause a very serious and grievous shakeup in the western world as its wealth is built on the very exploitation of these people and their lands.

    Reparations will not cause that shakeup if the ex colonial and imperialist dole out trinkets.Thats how we were enslaved in the first place.People bringing trinkets to create division and strife.

    Unfortunately the real game changer will cause war,as the first world will not release their minions that easily.That was the real purpose of the cold war.Not as a standoff but to frighten and hold the third world in economic stagnation and suspension in the hope that they wont turn on us.

    Reparations is the continuance of “please dont turn on us massa”!!


  • Easy squeeze (make no riot)

    Human Costs incurred was for Economic Power
    Commodities like Cotton Tobacco Sugar and building nations roads and railways etc was all achieved under black mans burden for white mans gains

    Financial Recompense is fully in order your honour legally morally and spiritually
    it is a spiritual battle we are fighting

    illegal slavery
    share cropping
    indentured slavery
    police harassment

    it always has been a great depression recession time of high unemployment

    it ruff
    it tuff
    It ruffer ruff

    I’ve got a story to tell you
    it is blow
    but is true true true
    my brother me know you a go screw
    but there is nothing else for me to do

    I was born in a hut
    down by the gully bank

    my mother was a tougher rank
    I don’t know my father

    we have to look a little hustling
    but it never enough


  • Sabina Park and Bushy Park can be considered regional institutions because cricket in the West indies is a regional institution and regional cricket is played at Sabina Park.Likewise,Motors Sport is also gaining the reputation as a regional sports. Motor Sports enthusiasts from many countries in the Caribbean including Jamaica participate in events at Bushy Park.
    I have observed in the last two Olympics when Usain Bolt won his medals,Usain Bolt never ever mentioned Barbados or other Caribbean Countries in his victory speeches.Everything he said was about Jamaica.
    I do not think Usain Bolt like many other Jamaicans are interested in Caribbean integration.
    Barbadians the time has long passed for us to be really nationalistic.
    Remember Jamaica wanted to go war with us over Shanique Myers issue.


  • Easy Squeeze (make no riot)

    Easy Take It Easy

    Babylon Too Rough

    I Stand Accused

    Them a walk, them a shoot, them a loot
    Babylon them a brute
    Them a walk, them a loot, them a shoot
    But we know evil by the root

    Easy, Natty, easy
    Nah take it so rough
    Easy, Natty, easy
    Babylon too tough


  • Easy Squeeze (make no riot)

    The Wicked shall not enter
    the Kingdom of Zion
    You got to be strong like a Lion


  • Heard Barry Wilkinson on sportsmax saying this is a non- story and Bajans are not upset. Pray tell where do we find these clowns. Did Wilkinson bother to read BU, the newspapers or speak to folk on the street. Some folks are for many are against and rightly so.

    Someone posted that this is a personal decision by Beckles to appease Jamaicans given his bad record with them when he called Gayle a don and prima donna. The Myrie case and immigration accusations may also be at play here. Beckles is no fool he is laying ground for his relocation to Jamaica to be Vice Chancellor. No doubt he knew his posting there was coming long before the public knew. He is concerned about a hostile reception when he gets to Mona. Jamaicans remain angry in the extreme at Bajans over Myrie.

    Usain Bolt has no connection to Barbados whatsoever he is admired by many around the world including Bajans for his athletic prowess. Placing his name on a a stadium in the heart of Barbados is a nonsense. Its like someone expressing love for a person who not only does not know them but couldn’t care less if they exist. Its demeaning really. Comes across as we being inferior and leaves a bad taste in the mouth . The regionalism of the university argument is a tacky red herring.

    The place will always be Paradise Park a name that is catchy and captures the beauty of the location. What Usain Bolt stadium what. Let the man’s name resonate where it belongs among his people in the land of wood and water. The finance for its construction was generated in Barbados not Jamaica not Trinidad. The stadium could be named the BJT Complex for Ryan Braithwaite , Akela Jones and Obadele Thompson.


  • I wonder what jamaican woman put him up ta this. Two years from now it comes out bolt had been using steroids. How did we get so mixed up with Jamaica. To many jamaicans, n Guyanese in Bim. To much reggae sh’ite on the radio. A country that is more interested in winning medals rather than strengthening its currency. A country that never wanted Caribbean unity, please why do we waste our time.


  • I agree with you Derek Too much dead weight waste of time Jamaicans,Guyanese & Trinidadians.These people live in the three biggest land masses in the Caribbean outside of Cuba,yet they destroyed their countries and are now fleeing to tiny Barbados to live.
    I listened to Barry Wilkinson on Line & Length.His comments were nonsensical to say the least.
    Usain Bolt like many other Jamaicans have no regard for Barbados.
    Before I forget,maybe Hilary Beckles is trying to appease Jamaicans regarding the unfortunate incident between his son and the Jamaican student.

    Liked by 1 person

  • This is all about marketing. Bolt is a universal brand and, as Sir Hilary has said, through his doctorate he is a part of the UWI community. This is nothing at all to do with regionalism.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Negroman

    Appeasement through this naming exercise even if that was Sir Hilary s objective (and he would be a stupid man if it was) would not have that desired effect because the complex s name is a “non-incident” in Jamaica

    This blog with 173 entries it does not have the readership in the quadrant that he Sir Hilary would need to appease and neither the media nor BU will affect those who will seek vengeance if the opportunity affords itself

    The specific son would be well advised not to take up residence with Dad and certainly not to be as party going in Jamtown


  • Derek and Negroman
    You both have touched upon a peculiar cultural backwardness that is so pervasive in these Caribbean countries you have identified.I grew up in a relatively civilized Barbados and my profession took me to all these Caribbean countries with the exception of Guyana although I have visited many times.
    I am amazed at how we have permitted the US ghetto culture,warmly embraced by the Jamaican garrison culture and filth and grime added and exported to Barbados.So we see CBC proudly portraying the slime and scum of the Jamaican ghetto on our TV,guys dressed like they straight out of Rikers prison in NY,with the huge black shades,the leather jacs,the twang and the women gyrating like pollards windmill and that is the garbage CBC is showing on our TV.If Errol Barrow was alive,he would just make a phone call to the chair of CBC and that crap would never be seen again and the likes of Al Gilkes and that ilk that always bringing these nasty people to perform in Barbados would have to find some other means of conning the youth of Barbados.

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  • Well said Gabriel
    Dipper would have put a stop to that shiite long ago…

    Do you hear the shiite those semi-literate DJ’s play on the Radio stations bout here? Believe it or not …much of it CANNOT see the official light of day even in Jamaica…but um is a free-fuh-all bout here…


  • @Gabriel, very good indeed.

    Without a Vision, the People perish.


  • Negroman. A true Bajan fighter respect my brother. The socialist are responsible for all of this mayhem in Bim right now.


  • @ Mr Gabriel if the late PM was PM today there isn’t anything in Barbados that would have A jamaican’s name next to or above it. Jamaican rasta- culture the most destructive force of Caribbean youth development wouldn’t be here. 2015 . 1,120 jamaicans murder by jamaicans.. In forty nine years we haven’t killed 300 people. Your socialistic Rambling is nonsense. By getting involved with Guyana and Jamaica we’ve hurt ourselves. The to. most anti social,and uncivilized. countries in caricom. Beckles is an intellectual appeaser


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