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  • Congrats again to Damien, you equipped yourself very well.


  • @David this venture by Damien has great potential.

    I visualize a 2 storey building with Solar panels on the roof.


  • It is REALLY interesting how someone can come from overseas and put together such an engaging and informative documentary while CBC continues to show so much shiite night after night…

    Instead of laying off the NCC workers and giving the work to white people, we should have sent home the jokers from CBC and G.I.S and contracted THAT work out to people who are competent to produce such results…


  • Agree Bush Tea, all the more amazing whEn you realize no prop/stage production required. And the selection the target, different yet related.


  • John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES.

    Nice Work


  • InterestIng to hear James Husbands suggest that Barbados is the fourth solar water heating penetrated country after Cyprus, Greece and Israel.


  • Makes the university look soft.Research producing sustainable solutions to indigenous problems.Keep up the good work.


  • I did not know Barbados was so at risk to climate change till I meet the eartrise crew. We are 1 of 52 states that WILL suffer greatly in the near future and you only need to visit miami beach to see why. Pretty soon the tourist will only have sun and sea, no sand. LOL the guys did a real good production though. I hope more people get involved.


  • The Earthwise Al Jazeera is running on Galaxy 19 satellite at 97W which is an open satellite and on Smart Tv’s which have the Al Jazeera as part of its hub.

    CBC has spent too much time and effort in bringing soaps and the traditional media moguls such as CNN and BBC but not such channels as Russia Today, Nigerian NTA, RTS1 Senegal, CCN China, France1, Africable or even Presstv where documentaries are a dime a dozen. All the aforementioned are FTA on Galaxy 19!


  • Man Kammie
    Call a spade a spade nuh….
    The damn people at CBC to fat and lazy ….especially fat.

    …and PLEASE don’t get Bushie started on UWI again…..

    …what the hell have these entities been doing with the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars in taxpayers monies over the years…?

    Ya mean NOBODY don’t have the balls to lay off Sir Cave Hilary and whoever the hell um is running Fat BC…?

    An unemployed Sir Cave would likely resume his PRE UWI activities, when he was actually in the process of EDUCATING Bajans about their predicament vis a vis the white community……that is of course before he was “adopted” by SAGICOR and COW….

    steupsss ….every shiite upside down…..

    High quality from small people like Damian and Husbands …and a lotta shiite from the expensive jokers that burning all our money…

    ….and while Rome burns, Caswell doing more UNITY shiite instead of BUPPING…

    Man… Merry Christmas do!!
    Bushie going an whack some grass before the sun get too hot….


  • A well produced, and enlightening video (tourism board take heed). This is where investors should put their money. These are the kind of forwarding thinking people that we need to help run the island. A second independent news source besides CBC is also needed. The island has so much promise, put in the right hands……




  • It is a pity we don’t get the opportunity to hear a coherent communication strategy from the Barbados Coastal Division. What are they doing?


  • Thanks for giving me the best Christmas present…renewed HOPE and CONFIDENCE in our young people! Happy Christmas BU and may 2015 be good for all.


  • @Bush Tea

    “Al Jazeera” is a HUGE entity, could probably buy the whole country of Barbados with it’s small change, not fair to compare Barbados CBC with Al Jazeera.

    Your point is well taken though, Barbados has the ability to do productions in house, maybe not to the skill level of Al Jazeera but never the less to an acceptable quality. However the Will and Enthusiasm is in short supply in Barbados’ it’s the GIMME ATTITUDE and Political Corruption holding back development in theses as well as most other areas.


  • @ Wily
    …are you saying that the whole Al Jeezera came down here and did that documentary above ….”

    …cause Bushie is only comparing that with what CBC does (lotta talentless people singing a lotta shiite night after night)

    No way Bushie is comparing CBC with Al J …. shiite man, Bushie no longer even compares CNN with Al J far less Fat BC…

    A sensible scrip, two basic cameras, a competent reporter, and some creative editing is beyond CBC? LOL their idea of an “outside broadcast” is road tennis or a fete (with free food) in their car park… 🙂


  • @Bush Tea

    I agree with you CBC Barbados is a Joke, I do think Barbados has the talent, just not the WILL which is always being suppressed by the “?????”.


  • I have tried on my sojourns to the African continent to get news exchanges with Barbados. However, the media houses in Barbados bluntly asked me who gine prepare the once weekly news exchanges. Too many still think Africa has not an iota of idea to offer the people of Barbados. Rosemary Alleyne and I have being trying to get CBC to add the many above mentioned free channels on Galaxy 19 satellite to its programming as a means of empowering the minds. We feed our bodies shite food and our minds soap.


  • Galaxy 19 is easily found with the aid of an old DIrect Tv Offset dish using an universal lnb. I use a $50 FTA receiver I bought on Amazon to tune Galaxy 19 as well as Satmex 8 which provides free access to the Reuters live unedited video/audio feed. Informations not only puts you in the know but it puts you at an advantage.


  • I have also said that its time enough that the BTA and the the GOB rent a satellite channel as a means of marketing Barbados as well its products. Even Guyana has a satellite channel on C Band. Approximate cost of a channel is around $1.5M to $3M depending on needs which can be found from the $90M spent yearly in tourism marketing by GOB.


  • @ Wily C
    You are right.

    The problem that we have has been EXACTLY articulated by GP, (however he does get so vex that we may not have grasped his message… 🙂 )

    Barbados made the mistake of, having been blessed with a string of superlative leaders from the 50’s to the 80’s that we presumed that EVERYONE could be a leader and started dishing out leadership positions based on politics, nepotism, sexual favors, niceness …..even by lot.
    Naturally we ended up with an ever increasing number of low class jackasses in positions all over the place.

    Now consider the natural attitude of such a nincompoop in a leadership position:

    ..They resent and feel threatened by TRUE TALENT.
    ..They HAVE to be dishonest – else everyone will know that they are brass bowls
    ..They do all possible to humiliate and retard those looking to raise standards
    ..They are always on the look-out to tag onto the coats of the wealthy
    ..They hang on to power for dear life to cover their dirty tracks
    ..They promote and encourage those who make them look smart (even bigger brass bowls than they are…)
    ..They do their utmost to stay away from public exposure (for obvious reasons)

    Observing GP’s interactions here on BU, it should become clear why we are in duck’s guts…

    Obviously he would have been hated and undermined ANYWHERE in Barbados. The man is bright, uncompromising, confrontational, No-Nonsense, and performance orientated (LOL ..when GP says a power point coming — IT COMING)

    On the other hand, we have a fellow like Justin Robinson (to pick on someone who blogs on BU and who can feel free to challenge Bushie..) who is on EVERY SHIITE Board in Barbados THAT DOES NOT PERFORM.

    .. Department of Management at Cave Hill – waste of damn time, foreigners run thing in Barbados
    .. Central Bank – biggest laughing stock in recent memory
    .. N.I.S. – Gone to the dogs. Can’t even get basic ACCOUNTS STATEMENT…
    .. Credit Union Banking Plans – dead in the water

    Wuh shiite man, it would NOT surprise Bushie if Robinson is the one who advised Sinckler to impose the shiite tax on Bajan home owners in order to pay Bizzy to take waste …that Bynoe is willing to PAY for….

    @ Justin…..Bushie lie?

    ….You think that GP would have tolerated such NON performance? ….He would have cussed some people from Sleepy Stuart down, skinned his pooch at a high court judge and gone long bout his business long ago…

    @ GP ….Bushie lie?

    Wunna could talk what wunna like; put he in court; fire his ass from the wuk; bad talk him; tek way his car…… CASWELL will not go away.
    Wunna could bribe him, he will still talk wunna out.
    Wunna could threaten him – he ain’t frighten to dead
    Wunna could beg him – he pigheaded as shiite (Bushie know bout THAT)

    Shiite den….. Caswell is the man we need….
    We just need to get him to BUP…..


  • Wily Coyote December 24, 2014 at 1:54 PM #

    @Bush Tea

    “Al Jazeera” is a HUGE entity, could probably buy the whole country of Barbados with it’s small change, not fair to compare Barbados CBC with Al Jazeera.
    And especially now that we are no longer Punching above our weight.


  • Glad people liked the Al Jazeera video. Just for the record, the Barbados Sea Turtle Project is a research project of UWI’s Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences.

    Check us out on our Facebook page


  • David December 24, 2014 at 8:12 AM #

    InterestIng to hear James Husbands suggest that Barbados is the fourth solar water heating penetrated country after Cyprus, Greece and Israel.
    But is that really so?



  • @ Colonel Buggy

    I’m not sure, but from what I understand there is a difference between total capacity installed and penetration per 1000 inhabitants.
    Check: http://www.iea-shc.org/solar-heat-worldwide


  • Frustrated Businessman

    It is also interesting that the annual taxpayer subvention to the completely useless CBC is just about equal to the funds required to subsidise the local sugar cane price to the production cost of BD$120 per tonne and volume of 40,000 tonnes of sugar while retaining 1200 jobs and enhancing food security. I can’t even quip that Days of Our Lives is more important since even that is now gone.


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