Guyana Government Suspends Parliament

Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) writes White House, US Secretary of State regarding the suspension of democracy in Guyana, calls on the US government to condemn undemocratic act & to impose sanctions against the government and members of the ruling PPP ethnocracy.

US-dept-of-state-sealIn light of the arbitrary suspension of the Guyana Parliament by President Donald Ramotar, in order to avoid passage of a no-confidence motion against his corrupt government, CGID today dispatched the following letter to US Secretary of State John Kerry and National security Advisor Dr. Susan Rice calling on the United States government to condemn this undemocratic act and to impose sanctions against the government;  including direct penalties against members of the ruling PPP ethnocracy.

November 12, 2014

Hon. John Forbes Kerry

Secretary of State of the United States of America

United States Department of State

2201 C Street NW

Washington, DC 20520

Dear Secretary Kerry:

“Suspension Of Democracy In Guyana By The Despotic Ramotar Regime”

We write to express grave concern regarding recent developments in Guyana, South America where, on November 10, 2014 President Donald Ramotar arbitrarily prorogued Parliament, thereby terminating debate, to avoid the passage of a no-confidence motion tabled by the Parliamentary majority. Under the Guyana Constitution, passage of a no-confidence motion terminates the government and triggers new general elections. President Ramotar’s dictatorial act has consequently abrogated democracy and plunged Guyana into a Constitutional crisis.

We therefore call on the United States government to condemn this undemocratic act and to impose sanctions against the government; including direct penalties against members of the ruling PPP ethnocracy.

The autocratic measure evidenced by the proroguing of Parliament is a desperate attempt by the corrupt, ruling Peoples Progressive Party government to undemocratically extend its rule as well as stifle the democratic expression and will of the Guyanese people, so as to rule by decree.

US Secretary of State John Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry

The United States government is aware of the Ramotar regime’s alleged involvement in nefarious criminal enterprises, widespread corruption, suppression of press freedom, protection of narcotics traffickers, extra-judicial murders, government-sanctioned racial discrimination and other phenomena that have incensed the Guyanese nation and international community.

Sanctions should be condign under the aforementioned circumstances and the PPP regime’s protracted assault on democracy, as evidenced by its obdurate refusal to hold constitutionally overdue Local Government Elections and other controversies. When the then serving US Ambassador to Guyana, Mr. Brent Hardt, cited the refusal to hold local elections as a violation of the Constitution, he was savagely and personally attacked by President Ramotar and his government.

Guyana’s Attorney General, Mr. Anil Nandlall, was recently caught on tape admonishing a reporter from Kaiteur Newspaper, one of the local dailies, to leave the employ of that entity as he was preparing to dispatch gun-men to attack its headquarters in retaliation for the newspapers’ relentless exposure of corruption and malfeasance involving the Attorney General and other high government officials. This is cause for consternation.

Moreover, court evidence established that the PPP government was previously involved in the assassination of journalist Ronald Waddell. Hence, revelations that Guyana’s chief law enforcement official is complicit in a contemplated act of Public Terror deserves global condemnation, particularly when the President and his government have refused to sanction Mr. Nandlall, and have instead expressed unqualified support for his sanctimonious lawlessness.

President Ramotar’s dictatorial prorogation of Parliament as a device to subvert the will of the people is the heaviest blow against democratic governance in Guyana. This parlous state of affairs has dire consequences for a society with prominent ethnic fault-lines.   An outbreak of internecine violence cannot be permitted in our hemisphere. The US and the international community must act now, before violence erupts and the PPP government begins to kill its political opponents, as it has done in the past.

There is documented evidence by the United Nations that the PPP government facilitated the extra-judicial murder of over four hundred (400) young African-Guyanese men. The United States government also has previously established that members of the PPP regime entered into an alliance with now US convicted narco-trafficker Shaheed Roger Khan, who was recently convicted and sentenced to fifteen years in jail by a US Federal Judge in the Eastern District of New York (See United States of America v. Shaheed Khan, case # :2009-cr-00150).

Guyana's President-Donald Ramotar

Guyana’s President-Donald Ramotar

During Khan’s trial the US Justice Department presented evidence substantiating the involvement of Guyanese government Minister Leslie Ramsammy  (reportedly a citizen of the United States) with a notorious death squad. Court testimony established that Mr. Ramsammy facilitated the procurement of eavesdropping and cell phone triangulation equipment from the US for the said death squads, which were under the control of Shaheed Roger Khan, to use to track prospective victims.

The Justice Department also established through court testimony that Mr. Ramsammy played a role in the assassination of journalist Ronald Waddell. Yet, in spite of his appalling criminal reputation, Mr. Ramsammy remains a minister of the Guyana government and continues to operate with impunity.

Drug barons who traffic narcotics to the United States currently enjoy significant involvement in the economic life of Guyana. Most are wanted by the United States but operate in plain view of President Ramotar and his government. These alleged fugitives from US justice remain unapprehended by ostensibly financing President Ramotar’s ruling PPP’s political operations and allegedly supplying illegal weapons to their political supporters.

Guyana already has the dubious reputation as a transshipment hub for drugs to the USA.   Political turmoil strengthens the hands of the narco-traders, arms dealers and human traffickers.

We believe that the situation in Guyana portends a clear and present danger to United States vital national security interests.  Consequently, we urge the immediate consideration of sanctions; including the freezing of the assets of the ruling clique, who in spite of their notorious criminal enterprises, enjoy the acquisition of assets and bank accounts in the United States.

Yours sincerely,

Rickford Burke


CC:     Hon. Dr. Susan Rice, National Security Advisor to the President of the United States
Hon. Charles Schumer, United States Senator From New York
Hon. Robert Menendez, United States senator from New Jersey and
Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Committee

42 thoughts on “Guyana Government Suspends Parliament

  1. BU finds it curious we are not being fed what is information about what is happening in Guyana with the same frequency and dept as say Trinidad and Jamaica. Of course if it was about immigration and booting Guyanese out of Barbados it would be a different story. The hypocrisy!

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  3. David
    I couldn’t agree with you more.There was a time when The Advocate would have had a stinging editorial as did the Trinidad and Jamaica press.The local press is neither watchdog nor protector of democratic principles or rights.One is about daily sale numbers with such salacious content that it is banned from the readership of most hotels in Barbados.The other is about sucking up to the DLP and lionising corrupt low lifers.
    There is something foul and pestilential in Guyana and the Dominican Republic.The Caricom should bring to bear tremendous pressures upon both countries for the extant state of affairs..

    • @Gabriel

      Imagine if Barbados had suspended parliament a la Guyana and St. Kitts the outcry from across the region, hypocrites!

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  5. Shit , We need to do that in Barbados , for we have bigger crooks than Guyana, and the Main crook Sir Richard L Cheletnham QC is in Guyana at the Pegasus hotel being paid for an Inquest ,

    An Inquest needs to be done on this known pimp title crook,

  6. @John Hanson
    WHY NOT the WHOLE BLP+ DLP and the farmyard followers.
    BAHBADUS is rotten SHITE floor to Ceiling.

  7. @ David[BU]

    For there to be cheese cutters there must be cheese!

    For there to be fish cakes there must be salt fish!

    For there to be reporting on any issue arising from the Nation, or Advocate, one would first have to have reporters

    Holding a micro-recorder up in someone’s face does not a reporter make

  8. Worse is yet on the plate of the PPP in Guyana.The Ombudsman just delivered on the firing of 3 top State servants back in 2006.The release by former Justice Moore,found that the 3 were unfairly dismissed and hauled before the Guyana courts for embezzlement of state funds.The former judge found it was all a set up because the Manager refused to use the state’s funds to invest in the building of the Berbice bridge,a supposed private sector project………and this is important…..Jagdeo is fingered as being behind it all.You see this lowlife coolie,given a little education in Russia of all places,but still can’t forget where he came from….the gutter.Call himself a President.He should be marched to the wall.

  9. David of BU. The happenings in Guyana and Trinidad have extremely great significance for all of us in the Caribbean especially Barbados. This is so because we have a large group of Indo-Guyanese and Indo-Trinidadians living in Barbados.
    The Indian led governments of both Guyana & Trinidad are hell bent on retaining powers by any means necessary. In Guyana the corrupt Indian PPP government has indicated its intentions to hold onto power by proroguing parliament so as to avoid the no-confidence motion that would have brought it down, In Trinidad the Indian led Trinidad government is seeking all types of electoral reforms so as allow itself the chance to retain the government,While all of this is happening the hapless CARICOM institution is remaining silent.
    It is incredible that the Attorney General of Guyana in a tape telephone recording with a reporter from Kaieteur News that he knew of a plot to murder personnel from that newspaper.In that same tape recording the Attorney General admitted that he stole tax payers monies for an operation for his wife.In that recording also he wanted information on a young female reporter so that his uncle could have sex with her.He is still the Attorney General of Guyana well,well,well. I wonder if the Attorney Generals of this region are going to have meetings with an individual like Anil Nandlall and consider him to be a representative of the region on legal matters.
    The Indians of Guyana and Trinidad have corrupted and destabilized those two countries. They next stop is Barbados.
    David of BU If it is possible and permissible It would be nice if the recording of the despicable Attorney General of Guyana Anil Nandlall be heard.
    David if it is also possible the immigration situation in Trinidad ought to be highlighted.Gary Griffith the Minister responsible for immigration has indicated that he needs every single illegal immigrant in Trinidad & Tobago OUT. In so doing he has immigration and other officers going house to house looking for illegal immigrants.There is also claims of racial discrimination against Africans and Black people with claims of physical abuse against Africans.
    If those things were happening in Barbados it would have been a different story.

  10. @ Negroman | November 13, 2014 at 5:16 PM |
    “The Indians of Guyana and Trinidad have corrupted and destabilized those two countries. They next stop is Barbados.”

    When are you going to stop promoting here on BU your racist insecurities and two-faced hypocrisy?
    Why don’t you aim your arrows of racist venom at your own PM who, in anybody’s eyes, represents the perfect negro-man? He along with his other black goons are always sucking up to the same despicable Indians begging for votes and contributions in return for political patronage and contracts.

    David of BU ought to publish the photo taken during the last elections showing the PM like a pig in goat clothing begging for votes and making promises at Kensington.
    Do you really feel blacks in Trinidad or Guyana would have been given permission to set up an apartheid community similar to the one that will soon exist at Clermont?

    Why don’t you turn your hate-filled mind towards your black brothers and sisters who make the same Indians rich and able to send their children to some of the best universities overseas.
    These people come from the poorest parts of India and Pakistan and within a lifetime can become filthy rich off the stupidity and materialistic vices of your own black brothers and sisters.

    Now deal with that, negroman!

  11. Mller

    ” These people come from the poorest parts of India and Pakistan and within a lifetime can become filthy rich off the stupidity and materialistic vices “OFF YOUR OWN BLACK BRTHERS AND SISTERS”

    Why do I get the weird feeling that you’re excluding yourself from senseless lot who allows European, East Indian and Chinese, to rob them blindly.

    Now, I am not trying to be an apologist for the four-hundred odd years of our enslavement, but even the most gifted mind in the Caribbean thus far, Sir Arthur Lewis, has pointed out in one of his Books that the European, East Indian and Chinese, have had four-hundred years ahead of Black man to perfect their craft. LISTEN! THE BLACK IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS.

  12. Georgie Porgie

    Would you believe Porgie that myself and this White Atheistic American, engaged in this heated discussion regarding the existence of God yesterday. And he constructed his argument with a focused effort on empirical evidence to support a case against God’s existence. Then, I advanced my argument from a metaphysical premise, with the First-Cause as a supporting basis to give efficacy to the reality of God’s existence. Then the both of us met at this threshold, where we were unable to convince each other with conclusive certainity, that God did or didn’t exist. And then, that white fellow complimented Dompey for sustaining an argument using the tool of abstract knowledge to cast doubt on his argument. Now listen Porgie, for who is capable of using the Hebrew Scriptures as an authority to support, or sustain a case for the existence of God, against an atheist who deals in sense data? surely, I would not want to give voice to such a claim Sir.

  13. why is there always this obsession with God,,i remember one night i was walking down this semi dark road and a lady headed in the opposite direction walked passed me and shouted ‘OH GOD! to which i replied NO problem.,

  14. Now Porgie, to give voice to your query above: haven’t you heard the perennial-dictum which states, ” To error is human but to forgive is divine?”

  15. AC, that woman was entitled to think as she saw fit that night. I think we ought to be tolerant and understanding of other belief systems, so long as those persons respect everyone else right to worship or not worship. I certainly wouldn’t want to force my religious convictions on you or anyone else for that matter because in so doing, it would obviously undermine the entire concept of Christianity. Which is grounded upon the principle of Free-will/ self-determination.

  16. AC

    When the Almighty God embarked upon the creation of the universe. He intented for man to rule over all of the creators below him, so God in His infinite wisdom did not want man to act as though he was a robot. So what did God do? Well, He imparted within man’s nature the critical thinking skill called Free-will, which Adam utilized to contravened His directives. You see, Adam had to process the thought in mind, whether to obey God, or to adhering to the deception of the Devil. And through what amounts to a lack of faith, he exercised poor judgment in his decision making process.

  17. AC

    Here is my finally point for the night girl: and I do not care whether or not Porgie regard my opinion as rubbish because I do believe that each and everyone of us obey some authority in this life: whether is God, or the Devil; the Ideas of the Ancient; or that of the Atheist; the Ideals of the Nation; the Values of our Parents, or the Wisdom of the Modern Era. We all must one day come to the realization that, no man is an island entirely of himself, every man is piece of the continent, a part of the main. Good night and Bushie, David and Porgie, and thanks again for the opportunity; I know heaven doors have swung wide open awaiting yall arrival.


    To “err” is human not to “error”

    To, used in forming the infinitive, will be followed by a verb NOT A NOUN

    “Myself” the reflexive pronoun CANNOT BE USED in this manner (myself and this atheistic white…) and, in general construct, me, the object form of I, will be appended to a sentence LAST ELSE it gives the impression of the writer having an inflated ego

  19. @ Bush Tea

    De ole man while on my way to the next destination has been working on a theory and thesis called “Man’s Predisposition to the Womb”

    Quite simply my thesis seeks to establish why, throughout our lifetime here, man, post leaving a Pudenda (dat is a nice word for cvnt) does fight and kill for Pudenda, and does either do a lot of, or get a lot of, cvnt do to he. as is evidenced by what Fumble, Sinckler and de udder lot of brassbowls doing to we hear in Bulbados

    Central to My thesis is my belief that men, on passing through that Pudenda space does get a piece of Pudenda hair in dem eye or imbibe de Pudenda juice which, like ganja, does intoxicate dem fom de rest of our lives.

    Now as is evidenced with Monica Lewinski, Sarkosky, that fellow at the U.S. Supreme Court and Mia theBitter, look how in the midst of threatening to phvck up a whole set uh people, one Pudenda, while threatening to do some serious Pudenda, WAS REPEATEDLY ASKING ABOUT PUDENDA FOR HE UNCLE!!!

    Now Bushie, if Nandlall is about 50, he Uncle MAY BE about me age 8* which mek me come to de conclusion dat, in addition to wanting to kill all the people at Kaiteure News Nandlall also want to kill he uncle by getting he Uncle dat young reporter

    And we wonder why the Americans British Canadians and Chinese and de rest of them consider all these West Indian cvntries banana republics…

  20. Guyana, unlike Russia, is not a superpower and whereas Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine and its quest to annex weaker EU states is the tip of the iceberg in Putin s attempt to repeat Adolph s European subjugation, the United States will not bat an eyelid nor seek to impose any sanctions against Guyana no time soon.

    Please do not expect the ballsless Caricom to open their mouth about this matter

    We are led by eunuchs and lacklustre parasites so having given nothing as leaders of our respective member states we should expect nothing but a hurried meeting outside Turkeyen and some extra per diems for the fellows

  21. More is going on than being publicized. While Russia is in the process of reinventing the USSR, it is also patrolling the Gulf of Mexico.

    What exactly is going on? Russia is acting on information / analysis obviously.

    Is the Western stock market about to go doody?

  22. Old One

    Let me put it in these simple terms: TO EVERY ARGUMENT AN EQUAL ARGUMENT IS OPPOSED,WHICH MAKES YOUR CHARACTERIZATION OF SOMEONE ELSE OPINION YOUR MERE OPINION AND NOT AN ESTABLISHED FACT . And what has vain words to do with one true intentions and motive? You were counseled prior to this regarding your literal interpretation of opinion Piece, but just to inform your understanding, the above statements were meant to convey an allagorical message. IT WASN’T AN EXPRESSION OF MY OPINION BUT AN EXPRESSED OPINION INTENDING TO GIVE EFFICACY TO A MESSAGE I WAS ENDEAVORING TO CONVEY. Man it is time to get ya’ll guys to start using interpretation and extrapolation in ya’ll efforts to give voice to others opinion. Listen Old One: man acts and thinks much more differently than he writes, so with that concept in mind, Man ought to ask himself these simple questions: what it is that he is seeking? Is it the deeper meaning to our human existence that he is after? Or is it his conscious or unconscious craving for acceptance and appreciation, that is at the core of his psychological egoism, you made mentioned to above?

  23. @ ac
    one night i was walking down this semi dark road and a lady headed in the opposite direction walked passed me and shouted ‘OH GOD!
    People tell Bushie than even walking past you in broad daylight on the public road causes victims to shout much worse things….

    shiite man ….. imagine what that poor woman must have suffered meeting the devil on that dark lonely road..?
    …Luckily she made the right call 🙂

  24. @ Pieceuhderock
    Boss, that theory sounds like it is on firm ground yuh….
    Wuh it may even explain Dompey….
    ….on his passing through the Pudenda space, instead of drinking a bit of the juice like most brass bowls, he tarried a while…, and absorbed the whole pudenda. The result, as we can all see, is now an overgrown Pudenda – with a cvntputer and free internet….

  25. Dompey. hi point being that our beliefs (real or unreal) goes through a process called”repitition “which can manifest themselves through theories and concept seemed as truth and reality beyond mankind understanding

  26. Dr Love | November 13, 2014 at 6:33 AM |

    @John Hanson
    WHY NOT the WHOLE BLP+ DLP and the farmyard followers.
    BAHBADUS is rotten SHITE floor to Ceiling.

    All names were talked about,
    Sir Cheltenham is where it all started then Sir COW.
    His work for Violet Beckles was to ASSENT the PLANTATION DEEDS to her name , He held on to the deeds and went into business with C.O.Williams,

    After that we have Sir Henry Forde , then Owen and MIA who then came up with the UDC and VAT at 15% to LAUNDER THE LAND AND REWRITE THE RECORDS WITH THE HELP SAMANTHA CUMMINS, MARK CUMMINS,

    So VAT – Shit tax , Site TAX, duty free for Rolls Royce for Ministers and the world knows what they did ,

    Prime Minister and his Ministers are all crooks liars and scumbags , blocking the NEW, RADIO , PAPERS , AND INTER NET NEWS,

    60 million GT dollars for his ass, more waste,

  27. David | November 14, 2014 at 8:25 PM |

    Congrats to the VoB news room for broadcasting a piece on what is unfolding in Guyana.


  28. I dont know why at times DAVID you seem to to kissing some thing other than lips, why you feel so god about new being told of others when we run, hide, dont write nor print the crimes of Barbados , To act like We to be the best Island in the CC or the World when Barbados full of these Ministers crooks , Expose not what you dont do for self and country,

    DEEDS dont smoke not drink, nor use drugs, nor defraud no one or any persons,
    You dont talk about the best people but and look to put the fulll truth of the crook to the front,
    Your Prime Minister and you Ministers and news blockers son will see the feel the Pain of God, Every great drug dealer and money laundering scum find his way in the end to where he or she belongs,
    We just dont like it when you DAVID seem to be giving in to the bull,

    • @Deeds

      To compare the state of Barbados to Guyana is bull. We have our issues but there is no need to stretch it.

  29. @ David
    To compare the state of Barbados to Guyana is bull. We have our issues but there is no need to stretch it.
    With the utmost respect to you, and deference to your outstanding contributions to this cvntry. …you may well be very right.
    Barbados can be shown to be MUCH WORSE.

    To whom much is given, much is expected.

    Do you know the shiite that Guyana went through since the 1970’s?
    Are you familiar with it’s history of political ignorance, racial conflict, flood damage, infrastructural neglect, brain drain, theft of resources, and just plain mis-management?

    …and can you name another country ANYWHERE (except for Singapore, which was blessed with Le) that has enjoyed the level of BLESSINGS that this place has…?
    ….Political giants like the Adams, Barrow, ….even Bree and Owen have been way above average for our world.
    …No racial conflicts – since the 90% black majority WELCOMES domination by the whites, Indians, Chinese and even Trickidadians who come here
    ….Hardly any records of natural disasters.
    ….shiite unions that only talk
    ….Small flat land with world class utilities, roads, etc
    … Actually ATTRACTING high value brains – while idiots like Dompey and pests like Sargeant and GP have LEFT the place… 🙂

    Wuh OBVIOUSLY you owe DEEDS a serious apology.

    We have managed to take a hand of all aces and kings and squash it, ….while Guyana has been working with mostly duces and jokers and we are both up the same shit street….

    Man apologize to Deeds do!

  30. @Bush Man
    You remind me of that little ditty that goes “shite talk back in town, shite talk back in town” etc. Leave it to you to bring Singapore into any discussion about the intersection of politics and economics in Barbados. Do you realise that Singapore is an outlier? There are many other countries that would like to replicate the success that that country has enjoyed but have been unable to, look at the conditions that existed that led Singapore to its dominance; look at its neighbours; look at the fact that the same Party has governed it since 1969; look at its paternalistic system of Gov’t; look at the virtual non existence of unions; there are so many issues to examine that I can’t subject the blog to an interminable discourse.

    In another post ‘David” wrote that the Air Traffic controllers in B’dos have gone on strike, try pulling that off in Singapore, if you could relocate to Singapore try writing the same shite that you constantly write about Civil Authorities in Bim, on Civil authorities in Singapore.

    I relocated from B’dos for the same reasons that people have moved for millennia and when I left someone stepped into my shoes at ……… so it was a win win situation all around but you should be glad that I left, now I can fight on your behalf at the next CIBC shareholders meeting (well Moneybrain has more clout than I), but I’ll try to get in a good word.

  31. LOL @ Sargeant (recently reinstated from Corporal)

    We are saying the same things Boss….
    Singapore is an outlier because it was blessed with Le…
    Barbados is a shambles DESPITE being blessed with Dipper, Grantley, Tom, Bree, OSA, Sandi…..

    The fact that many are uncomfortable with Singapore’s methodologies should not be surprising…Jackasses don’t often understand the ways of thoroughbreds..
    LOL…probably also explains why you see Bushie as a shit-talker 🙂

    Bushie also expounded on the benefits of your having migrated…. ha ha ha – so we are in agreement there too…

    LOL … perhaps some day when you attend a shareholders meeting Bushie will “recognize” you (from the chair)…and invite you to make a contribution …LOL ha ha ha

    @ David
    Agreed…..but how about Deed’s apology?
    If you had two sons, one a HC scholarship graduate who enjoyed much family investments in his career, and the other a dyslexic mechanic…. and they both ended up back living in your house with their families….which is the greater failure….?
    Deeds deserve that apology skippa…. 🙂

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