Blacks, Religion and Stockholm Syndrome

Submitted by Bentley

This [Stockholm Syndrome] explains the very strong connection that people of (recent, since all humans are) African descent have with religion.  Religion (Christianity, Islam) has been consistently and unrelentingly forced on Blacks from the time of slavery to the point where the vast majority of black people are now adherents to one or the other.  This is almost always to their own detriment.  As a group blacks are the poorest, most downtrodden people on earth and it all started with


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  • Bentley The Jesus Freaks are warming up! The brainwashed cannot and will not see where you are coming from.


  • @ Islandgal
    Who you calling a freak?
    Why don’t you go and practice what you posted yesterday ….and stop encouraging Bentley in foolishness nuh?
    This topic is NOT in one of your areas of strength.

    Spirituality is one of the fundamental pillars of life. It is even more fundamentally so – than the physical pillars that our natural senses restrict us to…..

    Those who find themselves devoid of spirituality are the ones to be pitied…. Well …almost as much as the hoards of misguided brass bowls who mindlessly follow the lotta shiite religions bout the place…

    The WHOLE point of our existence is spiritual, the physical things that you think are so important are merely the facilitating environment for the REAL deal….
    …this is why Blacks are a bit more prone to be spiritual…even if misguided…..and why we tend to be comparatively less prone to the accummulation of vast wealth like some others are…who go after the shadow and lose the bone…

    It REALLY does not profit a man to gain the whole world, and in the process to lose the REAL point of the exercise….
    ….but then again,…a brass bowl is a fellow who loses BOTH…… LoL


  • as a matter of fact before Christianity and western culture was indoctrinated into the psyche of blacks,, blacks had their own form of religion( better) yet spirituality. before leaving africa, blacks belief in a god were not subjected to one god but a affirmation and a personnel conviction connected to the worshiping of many or more gods,and having rituals that were aligned and connected to things natural or spiritual ,today what blacks have been subjected to is the idolization of a man who not unlike human had all the traits ,faults and weakness attributed to human beings,


  • Shiite …..!!!
    AC now…!! Woman hush do!!!
    You probably think that Jesus was a BLP….
    Bethlehem Labour Party.

    But as usual, you are wrong….
    He is the first begotten son of BBE
    The very first one of BBE’s boys..

    His life, death and subsequent activities are the most significant events to EVER have occurred since time began….. That is – if you could understand the overall picture….LOL …but of course you clearly can’t…


  • @ Bush tea ….who taught u that sh,t.e bro…


  • “Religion was forced upon Black people from the time of slavery”

    Well, I must differ with your historical narrative because it doesn’t reflect what the history books are telling us. Now, if you would have said that Christianity was forced upon the enslaved people of Africa in the West, I would have probably supported your historical narrative. Because the fact of the matter is, Christianity was forced upon the people of Africa long before the evil institution of European slavery begun in the West part of the hemisphere. Christianity actually, founded its way upon the African continent around the 1st century.


  • I would agree with you on the influenced of Islam in Africa and the nature of its genesis. Now, one would have had to studied African History extensively, to be informed of the way in which Islam founded its way into Africa, as a direct resulted of the Arab slave trade. Which begun long before the European economic slavery by the way. In any instant, Islamic influenced throughout the North part of Africa, and as far as the Sudan and Chad is more than obvious. But it seem as though we have given little or no consideration to the fact as to why Nigeria has such a profound Islamic influenced, when compared to its neighbors. Well, the history books informs us in no uncertain terms that the Arabs penetrated Nigeria, and imposed their traditions, customs and religion upon the natives, long before the European.


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  • “Before you speak to me about your religion, first show it to me in how you treat other people. Before you tell me how much you love your God, show me how much you love all his children; Before you preach to me of your passion and faith, teach me about it through your compassion for your neighbours. In the end I am not as interested in what you have to tell or sell as in how you choose to live and give.” Cory Booker Newark New Jersey



    The name Islam is Universal in meaning. Islam is not named after a Tribe of People or an individual, as Judaism is named after the tribe of Judah, Christianity after Christ and Buddhism after Buddha. Islam is not a name chosen by human beings; it was divinely communicated from Allah. Islam is a global way of life based on your nature by the Creative forces of the Universe, not of the East or the West. Islam is a complete way of Life, implying a total submission to Allah. One who surrenders his or her will to Allah voluntarily is called a Muslim. It was not Muhammad (PBUH); but Adam (PBUH) who First brought Islam to humanity. Then, each Prophet and Messenger (PBUH); came to exhort the people to a clear understanding of Allah’s commandments. They offered teachings relevant to that time, until Allah chose the final Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); to come with the Last Testament referred to as the Qur’an


  • Plantation Deeds

    You better cease and desist from blaspheming the religion of Islam, before their labeled you an Infidel, and do great bodily harm to your person. These Islamic Extremists do not take very kindly to your kind distorting the name of Islam even if you’re joking.


  • Plantation Deeds

    A little before 9/11, I worked with three Muslim guys who hardly knew each other personally. One was from Azerbaijan, Pakistan and the other from the Sudan, and it was at that point I saw how these three strangers were united in purpose around Ramadan and many other aspects of Islam. So in hindsight, I saw the potential danger of this Religion because of the common purpose its members had had at the time.


  • This thing ‘religion’ is but a divisive tool really. My God is better than your God. Or…My way is THE ONLY WAY and those who feel and practice ‘religion’ differently are doomed…..I guess the people untouched by this system we live under, such as those in the Amazon that are unknown to us, are doomed because they do not know of the WORD.

    Spirituality is about realizing our connection to the universe. That we are all connected. It’s inclusive off all life forms. That our actions towards one another are reflected in the Universe. This world we live in now is a horrible place…constant wars and hatred abound. The universe is responding now more than ever: the many earthquakes, volcanoes – ring of fire, floods, drought (US Midwest) – upcoming famines, fires, sinkholes, tornadoes (many where none have previously been), meteors abound now. Mainstream media is not publicizing this fact. None of this is new, if we look back in history – the history that many people say isn’t important or pertinent to this day and time -many civilizations have disappeared when crap systems, such as what we live in now, Psychopaths are running the show: US, Isreal, UK for the most part. Look back in time…same old same old.

    I really can’t understand how anyone can still believe in ‘religion’ after the revelations of the pedophiles that abound and that the powers that be within the religious system condoned the behavior. They kept it to themselves and lightly reprimanded the abuser and then tossed them right back in the to Churches, or places of worship, to prey once again. The Vatican: money laundering, pedophiles, murders, sex trafficking…research it.

    We are all connected whether we choose to see that truth or not. We don’t need any intermediaries to connect to the Creator. We are connected. We really need to love one another and live that love. This material world we live in is to our detriment. Things don’t matter: fancy house, cars, clothes, jewelry, what careers path or job title one holds, political parties (money always controls the government – stop fussing over political parties they serve the same master)….. blah..blah…blah…Distractions and empty trinkets.

    We are to live in harmony with all living things. Living things as in not just humans. Plants, animals, insects, humans…we are all connected and are part of a universal system. If any part of the system malfunctions (is out of sync) well…..we will feel the results.


  • Caribcanadian

    Spirituality is a hypothetical construct. Another word which used to grasp what man do not fully understand through the medium of empirical evidence. In essence, Spirituality is metapysical concept which hasn’t any real basis in object reality.


  • As a group blacks are the poorest, most downtrodden people on earth and it all started with

    Blacks are not the poorest, most downtrodden people on earth because of their religious belief or affiliation. Instead, one should remember that Africans once had a flourishing civilization, especially in Northern Africa, while Europeans, who were still barbarians, lived and occupied 8 of the 10 deepest caves in the world.
    Today, those same barbarians, from across the Mediterranean, have become rulers of the world while the blacks, according to David, have become poor and downtrodden; which only goes to show that everything is cyclical.

    Infact, as winter gives way to spring, and spring gives way to summer; Europe (winter), as we speak, is giving way to Asia (spring); and Asia (spring), after its season, will give way to Africa (summer) etc.


  • BT

    There are some pearls in what you’ve written (eg BLP)…when did you resurrect?


  • @Dompey

    Okay…it’s metaphysical…

    I contend that it does have a basis in object reality.



    Now these Jesus Freaks vex because someone violated their God image


  • Caribcanadian

    You don’t have to convince me…. I already know where stand as far as Religion is concern . It is those folks who view their world through the lens of empirical reality that you have to convince.


  • Easy Squeeze (Make No Riot)

    Judaism, Christianity, Islam all worship same God in different ways
    -Judaism follows ancient rituals and diet
    -Christianity believes is spiritualism manifested in man
    -Islam believe in mass praying together


  • AND NOW……

    Exclusive Moslem community at our gates…..HELP


  • @ caribcanadian | September 21, 2014 at 8:25 AM |
    “This thing ‘religion’ is but a divisive tool really. My God is better than your God. Or…My way is THE ONLY WAY and those who feel and practice ‘religion’ differently are doomed…..I guess the people untouched by this system we live under, such as those in the Amazon that are unknown to us, are doomed because they do not know of the WORD..”

    Very interesting perspective, indeed!
    Tell us more about the ‘God’ they all have to submit to and which dictates their every act of existence.
    One wonders what our good friend Bush Tea (B T) has to say about your putting his BBE in the waste paper basket of oblivion. We should forget about Zoe and his side kick GP for the time being.

    It’s a pity the black race is so blinded by the Light they can’t even see the colour of their own skin. This blindness has made them easy prey for others to fool and control through the sale of religion around a god or gods that certainly does not reflect their own black image. But as you pointed out in a subsequent post the season of winter is one of darkness and that is probably where on the wheel humanity the black race seems to find itself.


  • @ Caribbean Lover | September 21, 2014 at 8:51 AM |
    “In fact, as winter gives way to spring, and spring gives way to summer; Europe (winter), as we speak, is giving way to Asia (spring); and Asia (spring), after its season, will give way to Africa (summer) etc.”

    Now this is what can be described as very deep intellectual thought.
    So tell us more of this cyclical phenomenon not so much from superficial climatological references but more so from a metaphysical perspective and the resulting implications for the black race.

    Why do you think Africa’s summer will follow Asia’s spring? What guarantee is there that the black race will still be the dominant race in Africa just like the white race might not be the dominant race in Europe?
    Don’t you think that the same way species of flora and fauna die off and disappear a similar fate awaits the black race?


  • “Religion (Christianity, Islam) has been consistently and unrelentingly forced on Blacks from the time of slavery to the point where the vast majority of black people are now adherents to one or the other.”

    I don’t think it is possible to force Christianity on anyone.

    You either believe or you don’t.

    How many people can you think of who would sell what they have, give the proceeds to the poor and follow Christ. that is a personal choice.

    What you will find, as a matter of fact, is that it is only after slavery did the ex-slaves become members of the Anglican Church through Baptism in large numbers.

    That is perhaps the statement the author needs to make rather than take a shotgun approach and entirely miss the point.

    There are numerous examples of earlier baptisms and marriages but I would suggest these occurred through choice and that the numbers pale to insignificance when compared with what happened after emancipation.

    It is all a matter of record.

    Now the indices and actual baptismal records are available online on there is no excuse for making such a fundamental misstatement.

    You will find that the first Bishop of Barbados, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, was credited with building the schools which instructed the ex-slaves not only about Christianity but also how to read and write.

    The record is there for anyone to examine.

    However, becoming a member of the Anglican Church and becoming a Christian are not necessarily the same thing.

    Becoming a member of the Anglican Church allowed the ex-slaves to fit into society.

    It did not necessarily mean that they became Christians, or for that matter that the people instructing them were in themselves Christian.


  • We make a big deal about religion and often take sides Christianity versus Islam. What are those who have thought this way suggesting now that ISIS has been able to co-opt the support of Westerners. We allow religion to make us lose objectivity.


  • Is being a Westerner indicative of religion?

    I doubt!!

    You will probably find more atheists in the West than anywhere else!!


  • Easy Squeeze (Make No Riot)

    Poor Countries Culture and People are the most religious


  • Unfreakin believable.


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    “A local pastor is claiming that there is a satanic influence in the deviant behaviour being played out by some of the island’s youth.”


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