Fake Poll Exposes Another Level of Jagdeo/PPP Corruption

Submitted by Guyana Trades Union Congress (Press Release)
President Donald Ramotar(l) and former President Bharrat Jagdeo(r)

President Donald Ramotar(l) and former President Bharrat Jagdeo(r)

Recent reports in the Kaieteur News “Ramotar demotes Chronicle Editor after ‘Jagdeo’ story,” (22/3/2014), Guyana Times, “Jagdeo most formidable candidate –combined Opposition poll,” (20/3/2014) and Guyana Chronicle “Jagdeo favoured as PPP/C presidential candidate” (21/3/2014) confirms the disservice being done to this society by those misusing the fourth estate (media) in the façade for power grab. The GTUC is concerned about the level of misrepresentation and the implications it has for distorting public perception of understanding.

This society is being bombarded with fake polls, including the infamous NACTA poll, as a new weapon of the PPP that was good for President Ramator until the same weapon was turned against him. GTUC notes the president’s haste to act on this matter and calls on him to address the management of the State-owned media not only for self-serving reason but for the national good. The haste to address acts to preserve self-interest is contrary to action for the national good which the president can be very slothful about. This rapid reaction sends a signal that weren’t there negative reference to/implication for him, or his position personally threatened, this abuse of the state media would have been ignored.

GTUC is further concerned this Opinion Poll seems to have been conjured in some dark dungeon of Mr. Jagdeo and his cohorts corrupt minds and first published in the Guyana Times as a means of establishing face validity. The combined political opposition reportedly denied knowledge of commissioning this poll, which is contrary to the attribution given by the Times and Chronicle. The nation must now ask what ‘opposition’ solicited this poll and on whose interest it was commissioned, along with the methodology used. That this Poll’s coverage first appeared in the Guyana Times and storyline/plot later regurgitated in the Guyana Chronicle speaks to the misuse and abuse of the state media apparatus to positively rebrand Mr. Jagdeo’s despotic presidency, and foist on this nation its worst leader in history as more favourable in the public than other potential leaders.

The President who seems offended by the potential impact of this questionable poll is reminded that it is lack of professionalism that leads to such level of incredulous reporting. And whilst this may be a reflection of Mr. Jagdeo’s internal posturing in the PPP, the nation is made the victim of these circumstances of power grabbing. It is no secret the owner of Guyana Times and the New GPC has a close relationship with Mr. Jagdeo, has been the favourable recipient of State advertisements and holds monopoly on pharmaceuticals procurement for State run healthcare institutions. The nation ought to be concerned this relationship is also being used to undermine the society through media production and distribution of false reports, using the workers/citizens’ tax dollars.

This issue is symptomatic of a larger problem. The Opposition is therefore called on to take note and establish a bi-partisan parliamentary select committee to review the complete operation and management of State media boards (policy, content, structure, etc.) to arrive at decisions that would realise respect for and positively impact the masses and nation’s development. It is in theirs and the national interest to do so. The use of State institutions and taxpayers’ money for propaganda to create and sustain manufactured divisions through the plethora of lies that past as news is a disservice to the people.

The questionable poll is no different than the several fake polls published in the media to mislead a society socialised to believe what is seen in black and white and in the newspapers. This consequence is used to prey on and hold the masses hostage. GTUC is also concerned about the treatment of workers. Innocent workers must not be used as pawns in the PPP power struggle. A government that continues to operate inimical to the interest of the masses by using one of society’s major estate (media), a pillar of democracy, to serve its own interest and keep the people in darkness in pursuance of a herd-like mentality to continue the nefarious management of the affairs of state, must be held to account. The state media belong to the people and together we must work to ensure it serves our collective interest.

27 thoughts on “Fake Poll Exposes Another Level of Jagdeo/PPP Corruption

  1. It is a “thing strange” to note that when a blog appears in our BU cyberspace regarding the affairs of state of our CARICOM brethren and sistren that as is symptomatic of the xenophobia that abounds in this cuntry Bulbados, one rarely sees us Bajans comment on anything that affects the “Trikidadians, Guyanese, Lucians etc” cause all uh dem is low islanders etc.

    This shenanigan is no different to that which recently plagued the CADRES or the Boxhill polls of heretofore.

    It is as if, all across the region and the world we are seeing how absolute power corrupts absolutely and the Putins of this world, once they have supped at the table of government, these petty men and women do not wish to relinquish the reins of power.

    We continuously fool ourselves that social upheaval like that in Syria is something that “dem does do” and that Bajans will never do that but while it may not be that your next door neighbour is arming himself with an AK47 today what he is doing, even in the highest level of our society is paying the fellows who sailing Fully Covered and the other catamarangs to bring in a few bales of herb and a few grammes of cocaine so that the lifestyles of the rich and famous continue untouched.

    You would be amazed as to the new cadre of educated drug dealers that the ingrunt RBPF and our DPP and slit eyes AG Adriel Brafwit ent have a clue bout.

    • @PODRYR

      What is also interesting is the unwillingness of ths HoGs to address these issues, St. Kitts comes to mind. We have PM Douglas boating how other countries want to follow his model but he presides over a.government which has been blocking a no confidence motion for months. He seems to have a big fan in David Ellis.

  2. When was the last occasion we had a column by the apologist for East Indians in Trinidad and in Guyana,Rickie Singh on the state of governance in these two God forsaken countries.Both countries are richly endowed by nature but by some quirk of history a set of East Indians arrive on these shores from India sometime after the abolition of slavery on plantations in the English speaking Caribbean,and the rot of sleaze and corruption and bobol and the chopping up and the dirty hygiene have come together to destroy the E.S.Caribbean.Clico Trinidad was so taught by the Hindus that it took to the higher level of corruption and has successfully downgraded the economies of these Eastern Caribbean states.
    A former politician is portrayed in the Guyana press as giving away the lands and state contracts to his coterie of friends and the mechanisms which serve as a check and balance on the consolidated fund do not exist,and where they might exist they are not enforced,hence the Caribbean Task Force on Corruption is about to place Guyana on a list that will affect their trade with the rest of the world,and Ramotar told the Heads in St Vincent that they too will be affected unless they get involved and tell the APC and APNU to pass the bill and stop asking for more private sector checks and balances as no one in their right mind will accept the pledges of Ramotar to change the thuggery that passes for governance in Guyana.Let Singh write about these state of affairs in Guyana.Also write about NICIL,GINA, and the pharmaceutical lord of the manor whatchacallim and why the Canadian,US and UK representatives in Guyana are so very concerned about the level of corruption.

  3. It’s all coming full circle, no great surprise, the black muslim moors ruled England many centuries ago, but these times will see ultra wealthy middle easterners paying many billions of pounds to re-introduce sharia laws in England.

  4. @Well Well
    It’s all coming full circle, no great surprise, the black muslim moors ruled England many centuries ago
    Please cite any authority you have on this matter and I don’t mean a blog written by someone in their mother’s basement.

  5. Sargeant……please do your own research, the information is there and has been for centuries, i refuse to do homework for people…I have seen it in history books in NY Public Libraries, Toronto Public Libraries….it’s time for people to do research.

  6. @Well Well
    Sargeant……please do your own research, the information is there and has been for centuries, i refuse to do homework for people…
    Or in other words, “why yuh asking me these questions, I just running my mout on de blog as always, I know eff all about this but it is a slow Sunday and I gotta chime in, yuh know how it goes……”.

    I hear yuh loud and clear sistah.

  7. whatever pleases you Sargeant…………… I don’t ask anyone on the blog to research anything for me BECAUSE i am not too lazy to do it myself…..In North America, i live in public libraries, SO, there is no reason for me to entertain your laziness AND, I make sure that i remain totally informed about most things that would affect me as a human being, therefore there is no reason for me to ask others.

    • @Well Well

      Surely Sargeant is not being unreasonably with his request. You have been asked challenged about a comment made by you, the most sensibly and non confrontational response is to cite a credible source. Afterall we all work to shine a light on our individual reputations.

  8. David……I don’t know if you have been following all the comments but about 2 weeks ago I think it was Anonymous put up ample proof that the black muslim moors ruled Europe many centuries ago, I saw it with my own two eyes and I am sure other’s did as well, I did not question it because i knew it to ture, one commenter thanked another one for sending him information on that same subject,

    if Sargeant needs proof, he will have to do his own research, there are millions of people in the world who knows their history, sorry, if Sargeant is not one, but there is nothing i can do to help him//her…I read that history many years ago, he can take a flight if he is not in North America or order information on line.

    David…..I am sure you can go into your archives and bring up that info for Sargeant.

  9. Should read:

    I did not question it because i know Anonymous’ post to be true.

    By the way, it was John thanking another commenter for posting the link about the black muslim moors ruling Europe centuries ago.

  10. @Well Well

    I know I am lazy obviously you are not since you are able to trudge through Public libraries in two cities and unearth information. There is documented evidence that the Moors or some variation were in Spain, all I asked of you was to produce a scintilla of evidence that “the black muslim moors ruled England centuries ago”.

    Whatever happened to I don’t know or I don’t have it?

  11. Sargeant……………..oh, but i do, since you can find documented evidence about the Moors in Spain, you can darn well find it about them in England also, why would you need my help?

    It appears you were trying to score unnecessary points of no value, but it don’t work like that, i am very serious about the subject and have no time to play games with people like you who are only looking to oneup,, just proving how dishonest you really are, as i said, it’s a very serious subject for me, so go waste someone else’s time, please.

  12. @Well Well
    In addition to being lazy, I am now being accused of being dishonest and trying to “one up you”. I can resort to name calling too but why bother? Memo to you: Don’t try to take everything that you read about some subject on the blog and extrapolate it to other things.

    BTW this isn’t a waste of time, if you could produce the evidence it would bolster your reputation and perhaps educate other people who may consider you a credible source but we already know the answer don’t we?

  13. @Exclaimer
    The Telegraph has expanded on the matter and notes that a spokesman for the Justice Ministry confirmed that Sharia ‘law’ has no jurisdiction in England and Wales and the Government has no intention of changing its position.
    Suffice it to say that the matter has made some important law makers stand up and see the nonsense that muslims are using to ‘islamize’ Great Britain.
    There is a parallel investigation now in place in selected schools in Birmingham UK where attempts have been successful in removing English Headteachers who are critical of some of the practices of muslim teachers and muslim governors and sympathisers of school boards who seek to criticize traditional Christmas activities but who use state funds to promote islam by trips to mecca and friday prayers etc.Its enough to make one puke.Bajans had better wake up to the fact that islam and muslims hate repeat hate christianity and actually invites the lunatic fringe in islam to kill christians.Bajans had better wake up to their creeping influence in this country.Muslims and Hindus have no place in a christian society.The religious beliefs which preach and condone respect and tolerance are to be encouraged.Those which do not and especially those voilent and cruel religions like islam have no place in the western world

  14. It was approximately a century ago that Suffragettes fought for the rights of women in England and I thought that Britain was going to turn back the clock.

    The call for Sharia law to be adopted in Ontario was shot down by the Provincial Gov’t in Ontario but some public schools have been allowing Imams to conduct Friday prayers in the Schools’ cafeteria which contravenes the secular nature of “public” schools. The girls of course sit in the back while the boys are up front not the equality that should be the aim of educators.

    People flee from repressive regimes which denied them their rights and yet have no compunction in in trying to establish some of the same scenarios to repress women in their new countries.

  15. Sargeant……..you asked for it, please be educated to the fact that i do not come on here to bolster reputation or look for who is telling lies or pretend i know more, it’s a matter of sharing, now tell me, exactly what do you have to share Sargeant, nothing you have said has shed any light on anything so far, what has it taught anyone, as i said, it should me your dishonesty.

  16. @Well Well
    Sargeant……..you asked for it, please be educated to the fact that i do not come on here to bolster reputation or look for who is telling lies or pretend i know more, it’s a matter of sharing,
    What are you here for then? Is it simply a time wasting exercise? What are you sharing? Fabrications? Or made up “facts” as you go along? Were you not trying to impress people with your knowledge on every subject under the sun? You have been “name dropping” on these pages for some time with your stories of personal association with the “movers and shakers” in Barbados. You’ve been writing as if you know where every body is buried and who carried out the deed, you write chapter and verse about the honesty or professional acumen of every doctor or lawyer in Barbados so what are you sharing?

    Getting back to the original issue you stated something as fact, and when called upon to provide source instead of (a) ignoring me or (b) replying that you didn’t have it, you try to evade answering by providing some boiler plate response about doing research. When called out for it you accuse me of being lazy and dishonest. At least no one could accuse you of being lazy you spend much time writing trash on the blog, as for honesty I have my own opinion.

  17. You are still to contribute something other than your obsession with me that has obviously built up over quite a period of time….mental breakdown now…lol

    You are still stuck with the problem you either have to go into David’s archives to access the information, cause i surely will not be sending you the information I have, much prefer see you obsessed, upset and plain old ignorant….Poor Sargeant, all of that and you are still not wiser and still have nothing better to contribute, the worldwide web is there for everyone to access and do research…good luck.

  18. There have been 800,000 year old African footprints found in Western England…..the proof is out there, just look for it.

  19. Well Well the internet troll has such an over inflated sense of importance that she imagines that someone would be obsessed with her. How many times have you tried to use that pitiful pathetic piss poor excuse when you’ve been proved wrong time and again? So what was it again you “researched” your findings or did you obtain it from an “anonymous” individual who posted information that “black muslim moors ruled England centuries ago”?

    Are you trying to imply that the “800,000 year old African footprints found in Western England…..” are part of the “‘Black Muslim moors”?

    Does Barnum & Bailey know that one of their clowns is missing and posting under the name Well Well?

  20. Sargeant…….i just posted information on another thread that could very well affect you in Barbados, go check it out and see if you can broaden your horizon and make a useful contribution that would expand on mine.

  21. Recent reports in the Kaieteur News “Ramotar demotes Chronicle Editor after ‘Jagdeo’ story,”

    Politicians abuse their power for their own ends. Sometime ago in Barbados, an immigration order was introduced which led to the expulsion of a Jamaican female journalist know for hobnobbing in big circles.

  22. “So what was it again you “researched” your findings or did you obtain it from an “anonymous” individual who posted information that “black muslim moors ruled England centuries ago”?
    Are you trying to imply that the “800,000 year old African footprints found in Western England…..” are part of the “‘Black Muslim moors”?”

    My intervention here is not to defend or disprove the insinuation/implication about the connection of “Black Muslim Moors” to England but to share some information published in 1999 in the Sunday Times- (regarded by many as one of the more prestigious and reputable Newspapers in England)- with those who have some fascination with these kinds of stories..

    ” The connection has been rumoured but never proved. The Royal family has hidden credentials that makes its members appropriate leaders of Britain’s multicultural society. It has black and mixed-race royal ancestors who have never been publicly acknowledged.
    AN American genealogist has established that Queen Charlotte, the wife of George 111, was directly descended from the illegitimate son of an African mistress in the Portuguese royal house.
    Charlotte, then a 17 year old German Princess, arrived in England in September, 1761 and won public affection for her loyalty and devotion to the king even during his descent into madness. She bore him 15 children during a long and mainly happy marriage , but did not have the face of a classic European beauty.
    Mario Valdes , a professional genealogist from Boston, Massachusetts, said: “People in the court noted her wide nose. Her personal physician, Baron Stockmar, said in his autobiography that she had a ‘ true mulatto (mixed race) face’.
    Valdes has traced Charlotte’s ancestry to the fifth king of Portugal, Afonso111, who had an illegitimate son with his MOORISH mistress, Magdalena Gil, in 1249. A small gene pool perpetuated by royal inbreeding perpetuated the physical African characteristics through the generations, he says.
    Magdalena Gil was the daughter of Madrem, the MOORISH king of the Algarve capital, and met Afonso after he had conquered the city. Their son Martin Afonso de Sousa Chicorro later married into the Portuguese aristocracy and I have traced his descendants to the British Royal Family.”
    In the 1950s the author Ian Moncreiffe published Blood Royal, which claimed a link beteen the Quenn and Zaid , the MOORISH wife of Alfonso V1 of Castille.

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