Evidence Of Bharat Jagdeo And The PPP’s Racism Is Profound And Unassailable

Submitted by Rickford Burke

PPP General Secretary Donald Ramotar and President Bharrat Jagdeo, the PPP twin devils of racism and deception

Since the PPP government took office in Guyana in 1992, it has systemically promoted racism and ethnic division, and has established an ethnocracy which has an insidious noose around the neck of African Guyanese population with which it attempts to subjugate and render it servile.

They have opposed every African-Guyanese former PNC government official who has been nominated for senior international and/or local positions, but has without reservation supported and embraced East Indians who have been similarly nominated – a manifestation of an entrenched, congenital belief in ethnic and racial supremacy.

Here are a few examples: Jagdeo and the racist PPP opposed Carl Greenidge for Secretary General for the ACP as well as Caricom Trade Negotiator and Clarence Ellis as Director of the World Bank and IDB.

To the contrary, Jagdeo and the racist PPP have supported Sir Shridath Ramphal in every international or regional undertaking and appointment. They have also supported the appointment of Dr. Mohammed Shahabuddeen to the World Court and the War Crimes Tribunal.

Currently, they have ‘commissioned’ a nefarious, sleaze campaign to smear Brig. David Granger, who served as Commander of the Guyana Defense Force. Conversely, Jagdeo and the racist PPP have wholeheartedly embraced and supported Brig. Gen. Joe Singh, the former Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defense Force under the PNC government. President Jagdeo and the racist PPP government even appointed Joe Singh Chairman of the Elections Commission.

Guyana needs a government that believes in and promotes, as a national policy, racial equality, unity and harmony; the equal co-existence of all peoples and the equitable sharing of the benefits of the development and economic prosperity of Guyana.

President Jagdeo, PPP General Secretary Donald Ramotar and the PPP regime generally represent the evil poles of Guyana’s politics, of which the nation has had enough!

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  1. guyana needs a govt that promotes and believes in racial equality, unity and harmony. what utter rubbish. where was mr rourke when the corrupt pnc had guyana under siege during the governance of burnham with burnham and his cronies including ramphal eating off the fat of the land and the others enduring untold hardships at their expense. i think i am correct in my opinion that sir shridath was a burnham lieutenant having held the post of foreign minister in the unscrupulous pnc government. i am not supporting the ppp but fair is fair and people in glass houses should not throw stones. two wrongs do not make a right but the riggers of elections in guyana for years should not cry crocodile tears but take their licks like a man. at least the present system ensures that jagdeeo leaves at the end of his term; not so with the burnham dynasty and paramountcy of the party.so go and fly a kite and take the former ccl general secretary with you. guyana is seeing its best days now.

  2. Well, they’re both Indian so, what more would one expect! Somebody please tell Ruth about paragraphs!

  3. this a blog for expressing views as you see it anot a teaching class manwivnoname, nevertheless i take your point

  4. @ruth,
    sorry, forgot i asked u here n not in the other topic. ok sweets, no problem, n here’s a kiss for u!!! x

  5. Ruth Arnetta is a typical propagandist. The PPP is the most racist and corrupt Government the Caribbean has ever seen. Which nastion can see its best days under a regime that collaborated with narco drug trafficker now in the US prison who kidnapped, tortured and killed over 400 younf black men. Which nation can see its best days under a regime where its Ministers and associates are having their visas revoked for torture, killings and pedophilia. Which nation cand be seeing its best days under a regime that placed a confirmed pedophilia, caught on tape soliciting sex from an under aged kid, on a commission responsible for the rights of kids. Take that crap to the Indian blogs where those who support the PPP are running away from Guyana to Barbados and other small Caribbean islands in order to corrupt those places with their cultural ingrown prejudices

  6. to ruel daniels- i am black to the bone. you and the other pnc propagandists need to apologise to the people of guyana for the rape and plunder of a once glorious country during the paramountcy of the burnham regime over the years and the murder of walter rodney too, lest you forget. play the race card as much as you like and i acknowledge with some justification on both sides but you and your cronies should never be allowed to forget that dark period of infamy which the burnham regime inflicted on that great nation reducing it to the impoversihed state it is now with hope of ever recovering still distant on the horizon. shame on you. emigration from guyana did not start now but back then in your period of disgrace. i reiterate, there is more hope for guyanese of all races now.

  7. Whoever wrote the above article is a complete idiot, and most likely a PNC thug. From 1962 and especially during the 1970’s Burnham’s racist and killing machine ran rampant in Guyana. Murder and near starvation was the order of the day. Racism was a declared institutional element of Burnham. Do some research among the CIA files, including the declassified files of both the British and American Governments. If you lived there during those time like I did, then you would know. Those people from the PNC ought to be rounded up and executed for their murderous past. PERIOD!!!!!

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