DLP as Clear as Mud

Submitted by Beresford
Click to review Draft Estimates 2104-2015

Click to review Draft Estimates 2104-2015

This Friday will be a watershed for Barbados.

The vote on the Estimates will determine whether hypocrisy will continue to subvert conscience and the DLP Government renews its hijacking of the economy and lives of Barbadians, or there will be a summoning of integrity, national and social responsibility in support of the proof of what the BLP has said about the economy – that the DLP is unfit to rectify the massacre of the country’s fundamentals – supported by no less than senior Cabinet Minister David Estwick.

It is clear from the Estimates that, regardless of the last ditch statement from the usually rambunctious Ronald Jones which merely served to reinforce the efficacy of Estwick’s stance, that the DLP has steadfastly ignored Estwick’s prosecution of its economic policies as complete failures.

The only dignified path left for Estwick, who up to the time of writing, has not spoken in the Estimates, is to have the courage of his convictions and stand for his principles in the full knowledge that truth is his amour and, when called to do his duty, he rightly put country before party or self.

It is also evident from the vicious personal attacks and nasty slurs on one hand, and the excursions into everything from self-taught historic diatribes and creepy sermonising, in a surreal performance that reinforces a dogged detachment from the realities of Barbados and is mind-boggling in its tenacity, the DLP Government is exultant to be adrift and has absolutely no intention of changing course.

Sinckler often contradicts himself; he has also managed the art of eating his own words. The DLP, he being one of the quad poster images of prominent incompetence, persists, in Sinckler’s words, in drinking their own muddy coffee.

Instead of the Sinckler bringing to the country a set of Estimates grown out of a strategy to turn the raging tide of mushrooming debt – 60 cents out of every dollar – that is suffocating Barbados; instead of deliberate constructs to demonstrate an understanding that the productive sectors must be stimulated; instead of retooling of programmes indicated by money allocations to incentivise momentum for future growth, Sinckler delivered the usual slash and burn, mish-mash shrouded in incoherent meanderings for two hours with no connection to what is needed in the dire circumstances now.

Trotting out this and that project that will not impact for any time to come does not change the harsh daily grind of Barbadians. People being sent home, taxi-men fighting over a trip, a hospital in shambles, empty towns, banks without customers – no amount of spin can change the unraveling of Barbados.

Again, in his own, words, the facts do not lie. The stats do not lie – not that he would be any wiser given his history at the UWI, reputation for scrupulous misstatements and non-performance as Minister of Finance.

The facts of the economy are known – no need to repeat. So where is the money coming from .. to do anything? Build the new police stations of Adriel’s Brathwaite’s imagination? Where is the logic in persisting with a programme in Brazil which in the course of a whole year only delivered 134 people to Barbados? What kind of self-indulgent Minister of Tourism would allocate the same $2 million to the UK market, our biggest, as to Brazil? The appalling lack of appreciation of the realities of Barbados by the DLP knows no bounds.

Sinckler’s attempt to be contrite could not withstand the flood of his natural venom. Faced with a clinical and comprehensive rebuttal by BLP leader Mia Mottley, displaying all the knowledge and experience of 20 years odd in Parliament and Government and exposing Sinckler’s shortcomings, the 2014 Estimates degenerated as expected into a full-scale personal attack and rehashing of history.

Isn’t it amazing how those who like to accuse are themselves guilty as they protest innocence?

His disposition and ego, and that of those who invariably follow him like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, would have been even more wounded by the series of speeches from the BLP, which cut to the heart of Government’s destructiveness and irrelevance.

The dissection of tourism by Santia Bradshaw and tour de force by Ronald Toppin; the calling out of the DLP on its victimisation in its hacking of public servants by Dwight Sutherland; Dale Marshall’s barb on how a serious Government could ignore the Scotland District, one-sixth of the land mass of Barbados; Bostic’s steadied reasoning; Edmund Hinkson’s conviction of the DLP in forsaking education as the base when other countries are ramping up; Owen Arthur’s class-by-itself lesson on what is required and that the Estimates will not help – all of these and the rest obliterated the facade of normalcy in the face of economic terrorism that Sinckler, the likes of Michael Lashley, who did not seem to remember the consultants like Jepter Ince and even the now Minister, Dennis Lowe, at Transport Board, and Sealy would wish to conjure.

Poor Freundel is totally out of it. In the face of a mountain of irrefutable evidence in every form of media that he was the cheerleader that not a fellow would be cut loose from the public service, Freundel in his confused and comatose state still maintains he never said so.

Lowe, whose newfound religious fervor reminds one of the saying close to God and far from heaven, matched Sinckler’s vitriol. His new-found Christianity did not extend to charitable discourse but extended to indignant protestations like Peter in the final hours of Christ’s life on earth. He should do himself and his party a favour and turn his self-promoted diagnostic powers  to the particular form of political schizophrenia that is a permanent affliction of the DLP.

A year after elections, the Estimates debate turned into a blood sport by Sinckler and co. proved that the DLP in still in a bog weighted down by historic baggage; obsessed with the past, not an eye on the present and blind to the future.  When not trying to invoke times of Barrow nostalgia – long past and irrelevant – in an attempt at legitimacy by association, from leader down or, as most of them would say, up, indulge in a mindless blame game, conveniently ignoring their own recidivism in six years.

The public does not care, DLP. The demagoguery and inflammatory rants do not appeal or recommend either that you are serious or worthy.

What Barbadians care about are their livelihoods and lives. They worry about the chronic liabilities of Freundel, Sinckler and Sealy, in particular, in the womb of the reincarnation of Rudolf Havenstein in Barbados at the Central Bank.

Cursing Mia Mottley and the rest of team BLP does not cure the bronchitis of Barbados. Sinckler’s indulgence in poisonous irrelevance does not change the fact that he is not fit to run a bread shop and will not change his place in history as the man who charted the course of catastrophe for Barbados.

The DLP should be inspired by the cleaned up Constitution River to remove the mud from their surroundings, come out of the discoloured party water clouding their vision, leave out the razzmatazz they cannot help indulging in and clean up their literal act.

Today will signal whether there will be sober reflection, introspection driven by something other than remaining in power, and someone, somewhere in the DLP will stand for Barbados rather than keep on railing against their leader and the Government’s performance in cloak and dagger fashion in the dark while grandstanding on the floor of the House that all is well. When they all know it is not.


lionel_craigThe Barbados Labour Party is saddened at the passing of Hon. Lionel Seymour Craig CHB., J.P, who was a loyal longstanding member of the BLP.  He served as a Member of Parliament 1966-1986 representing St. James and was a member of Cabinet from 1976-1986.

His funeral will take place on Saturday March 22, 2014, 10.00 a.m at the St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, Jemmotts Lane, St. Michael.  Relatives and friends may pay their last respects at the Barbados Labour Party Headquarters on Friday March 21, 2014 from 4.00 p.m – 6.00 p.m.

The Leader of the Opposition Hon. Mia Amor Mottley conveys deepest sympathies on behalf of the Parliamentary Group, the National Council, members, supporters and friends of the BLP to his wife Tracy, daughter , son and other members of the family.

May He Rest in Peace


v The Christ Church West Central branch invites you to a meeting this Sunday March 23, 2014, 4.30 p.m at Foundation School, Christ Church.  Speakers will be the Rt. Hon Owen S Arthur; Indar Weir; and Wilfred Abrahams.  The meeting will be chaired by Akil Daley.



p align=”justify”>v The 76th Anniversary Service of the BLP will be held on Sunday March 30, 2014, 9.00 a.m at Power In The Blood Assembly, Kew Road, Tudor Bridge, St. Michael.

68 thoughts on “DLP as Clear as Mud

  1. Dr. Estwick in the house begging to move that his Ministry head in the Estimates “stand part”. All bark lmao.

  2. Whosoever wrote that above post on the behalf of the BLP proves to the PDC how very intellectually and politically bankrupt, discredited and moribund this political disorganization has become.

    The post is very rambling, incoherent and inelegant.

    It is empty and void of any intellectual substance.

    It lacks a central organizing theme, and believe it, it is mainly mindlessness.

    Paragraph four and five are some evidence of this clear mindlessness.

    It lacks use of the paragraph as a tool for developing the post point by point.

    What a whole heap of garbage despoiling this BU space.
    Down with the Damned DLP and the Blasted BLP.


  3. We are all forgetting that for Dems, party is paramount. I for one never expected Estwick to vote against his party, the DLP is paramount and these wild boys and gal were in the wilderness for too long to give up power. You dont see how frightened they were to lose it in 2013, they made sure they did not by engaging in massive vote buying!

  4. David
    dr. estwick has willingly thrown away his political career. he has reinforced the popular belief that he is a hot head, a loud mouth, a trouble maker and worst of all an attention seeker of all bark and no bite.
    Sad really cause he clearly has the talent to make a contribution.

    • The accusation by the BLP that the St. John Polyclinic is over budget 7 million. We need to hear more.

  5. You BLP people have me confuse. First you said that Dr.Estwick was bright and a genius to come up with those plans.Now you are saying he is a joker because he did not let you back in power sooner than is expected.
    You are forgetting one thing Dr Estwick and Owen Arthur are good friends and he will do nothing to let Mia Mottley be Prime Minister at this stage.
    Your party is in a mess. Half believe Owen Arthur that Mia worked hard to get the DLP back in office ad the other half are not sure about Mia.
    Forget about Estwick he may walk in about two years when his other friends get their pensions.

  6. Thats the reality.
    There is need for persons who can change things around to forget about party and form a reputable third party.

  7. By the way
    What has Dr.Estwick done in any Ministry so far to make him such a bright prospect?.
    If he is such an outstanding economic thinker why is the Ministry of Agriculture not assisting in the cutting the food import bill.
    Why did he not oppose the cutting up of the Agricultural land above Boarded Hall as Minister of Agriculture?.
    Most of these politicians are intellectual frauds.

  8. Prodigal Son

    When there say that Barbadians have short memories, we must not dismiss the validity of that statement. Because it is both erroneous and fallacious to think that the BLP is without spots and blemishes; when history offers us an unique insight into a party that had been corrupted for many decades.

    I vividly remembered when the former Tourism Minister Aaron Truss, paid cold cash for votes from his office located on Roebuck Street at the time. Yes, communities from: Eagle Hall’ Bank Hall, Bush Hall, Dean Village, Station Hall, and Waterford etc, would meet at his office every Friday just before the general election to collected they cold cash. And if one needed a letter to take to an employer which I did at the time, Minister Truss’ office was happy to served you. How you think I got my first job at Home Center Limited, and a car parts store on Roebuck Street called Speed Way? Now in retrospect/ hindsight, I now realized how the BLP took advantaged of the illiterate people within these above mentioned communities at the time. Yes, I was one of the recipients of the cold cash, poor, ignorant and ill – informed I must say.

  9. This is a lovely quote from the pastor T D Jakes that i would like to share and i think that both the DLP AND THE BLP HAVE disappointed US the people of BARBADOS.A coaliation government is whats needed. And now is the time for the PEOPLE of BARBADOS to wake the hell up cause we in some deep shit that we can’t even wip our own asses. the shit final hit the fan and land right in our FACES and BLINDING US T O THE TRUTH,MR DeLisle Worrell speech was repetitive and confusing with no solutions to our recovery or essence in his speech. His speech sounds like fumble, does he writes for the PM of BIM. Heres the quote and the last part is significant to all of our barbadian folks, WE DO NEED TO LET THEM GO AND MAY THE REST OF IT JUST BLESS YOUR HEARTS. LET JUST STOP LETTING THESE LIARS GET AWAY WITH THE MESS AND ALL WE DOING IS CLEANING UP AFTER DEM. DeLisle Worrell SHAME ON YOU FOR YOU GOT THE BUD TOO. LIAR….. QUOTE……There are people who can walk away from you.
    And hear me when I tell you this! When people can walk
    Away from you: let them walk.
    I don’t want you to try to talk another person into staying with you,
    Loving you, calling you, caring about you, coming to see you,
    Staying attached to you.
    I mean hang up the phone.
    When people can walk away from you let them walk.
    Your destiny is never tied to anybody that left.
    The Bible said that, they came out from us that it might
    Be made manifest that they were not for us.
    For had they been of us, no doubt they
    Would have continued with us. [1 John 2:19]
    People leave you because they are not joined to you.
    And if they are not joined to you, you can’t make them stay.
    Let them go.
    And it doesn’t mean that they are a bad person it just means
    That their part in the story is over. And you’ve got
    To know when people’s part in your story is over so that you
    Don’t keep trying to raise the dead.
    You’ve got to know when it’s dead.
    You’ve got to know when it’s over. Let me tell you something.
    I’ve got the gift of good-bye. It’s the tenth spiritual gift,
    I believe in good-bye. It’s not that I’m hateful,
    it’s that I’m faithful, and I know whatever God
    Means for me to have He’ll give it to me.
    And if it takes too much sweat I don’t need it.
    Stop begging people to stay.

  10. It must not be forgotten: when PM Barrow regained power in 1986, he made it one of his top priorities to rid the government of those top of the line Mercedes, the elitist BLP ministers drove at the expensed of poor people in Barbados. So that is why opponents of the BLP agenda, must and ought to do a better job of exposing this party for what it is.

  11. “Dems now ….NEVERrrrrr again” —-DEM destroy their path of trust and will be confined to a long political wilderness trek. When the bell rings-because of their deceit and shitey lies—-DEM 7day journey will now take DEM 40 years to get back in government. Call de Po-Po Hoe!!!!

  12. Pinkrose

    God have a special holding place for pastors such as TD Jakes and the likes, who uses the word of God to promoted their self – interest. I know him very well, I used to watched the hypocrite every Sunday morning.

  13. Pinkrose

    I love the suggestion you have putted forth to address the political indifference in Barbados.

    A coalition government comprising the very people you have accused of undermining the collective- conscience of the Barbadian electorate.

    But I must nevertheless, commend you for advancing what appears to be an impartial assessment of both parties.

    Unlike the tunnel- vision which narrows thinking of those persons who are the proponents of the BLP party politics.

  14. It is excruciatingly laughable how from time time David and his troop of advisors, invented these new and ingenious ways of casting blame on the DLP establishment.

    But the funny thing about it though: their can’t’ seem to decide on which source to cast blame that would hold its own weight. Bush Tea, not to long ago called for an overhauled in the entire West Minister System. Which meant that the system was at fault and not the players of the system in of themselves because had the Checks and Balances been any good, we wouldn’t be having this kind of a conversation now.

  15. Can’t believe that I would live to see the day when a minister of finance referred to COW and BIZZY as political germs being hosted by the leader of the opposition.

  16. The two germs would be one for certain in Hartley Henry the other would be selected from Peter Wickham, Jevan Jutagir or Avenish Persaud.all of the above can he classified as germs.

  17. @ I say unto you | March 22, 2014 at 8:55 AM |

    But weren’t the same germs(Henry, Wickham and recently the Four Seasons Persaud) in bed with the same Sinckler?
    That means he too and his political lovers are all infected.
    Those who sleep with dogs must carry fleas.

    Just pointing out the hypocrisy in your comment!

  18. Henry, Wickham and Persaud only upset them didn’t get a piece of te nasty rotten CAHILL ENERGY perverted deal.

  19. As a Barbadian, I am very disappointed, disillusioned and seriously lacking faith in the leadership of our country right now. We have a party elected who on a political platform in 2013 made pronouncements on what they would and would not do. And now at seemingly every turn are backtracking on every one of those statements. This is in the face of videos on Youtube showing members of the said party making the said statements and giving commitments to the same.

    I am certain that I am not alone in thinking and feeling this way but I think the time has come now for Barbadians to be very vocal about how these people are leading the country.

    Dr. David Estwick has really disappointed me too. I could live with the voting along the party line but to not have risen on the floor of Parliament and give the same vocal discourse he made in the previous weeks tells me that he is a man that can never again be taken seriously!

    We are at a very serious juncture in the history of Barbados and I am not confident that the current leaders have the vision, depth of understanding and wherewith-all to make the decisions to put the country back on a sustainable path to economic and social stability.

    They really have to be removed before it gets too late.

  20. Baje Iceman | March 22, 2014 at 10:10 AM |

    Yes, he should bring down the Government, cause chaos, more dislocation and everything else that may follow in this environment…

  21. Baje Iceman

    Why are you so disappointed and disillusioned? When all you ought to do is to face reality head on?
    Question: are you saying that a politician isn’t entitled to change his/ her mind upon the discovery of sound evidence? You’re a fool to put your full confidence in any system of government, given the faults and failings as well as our fragile and fallible nature as human beings.

  22. Name Iceman

    What you should be doing right now is advocating for better Checks and Balances which would ensure that such a thing does not happen in the future. But you have decided to take the easy way out and wallow in self pity.

  23. Is anyone surprised at Dr Estwick? For these Dems, they believe in party. The DLP is paramount. They believe in party paramountcy. Did anyone follows DLP politics even think that Estwick would bring down the DLP?

    He is now relegated to the political garbage dump. The nonsense spewed from Pornville Innis is not worthy of comment. I wonder if these wild boys ever in their lives could tell the truth? Does Pornvile remember the time when Clyde Mascoll was leader of the DLP? Can he tell us of any important vote that the dead king was there to support Mascoll? Oh what short memories these wild boys have!

    I am glad the estimates were passed. Let Estwick tow the party line. He will go down in history as the man who could have saved Barbados but refused to take a stand when it really mattered. As Bumba sang………Estwick won’t stand up. When our dollar is devalued, they cannot blame Mia……

  24. Baje Iceman

    But with the Governor General of Barbados still beholding to the Queen of England, it is pretty inconceivable how there can be any meaningful change to the existing system. But what do I no about parlimentary democracy? I’ve been away from that centralized system of government for donkey years?

    • @Caswell

      Some time ago you brought to public attention inaccuracies in the election filings of the MP for NW and others. Where do we go from here? How do we coral this bullshit?

      On Saturday, 22 March 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  25. Life, fellow Barbadians, is like a chess game of life. In making a decision, each possible outcome and subsequent decision to be made, in light of those possible outcomes, are considered. If the end result is disadvantageous or unclear, it is desirable to reassess the current options. Decision making is easy for those with short-term horizons. It is a totally different matter for those with long-term horizons. For those who aim to bring down the Government and humble the PM, Minister Estwick had an easy decision to make. For those with Barbados’ long-term wellbeing at heart, as Minister Estwick likely is, making the correct decision requires far more complex consideration.

  26. Baje Iceman

    I used the word Centralized because in the parliamentary model: the power emanates from a central government. Whereas in the American Republican model: the power emanates from the federal, state and municipal governments. And the School Broad within each individual town within the state, has latitude as well as the unilateralism to set school policy.

  27. @ Vacant | March 22, 2014 at 7:55 AM |

    If it was really Cow and Bizzy that the nasty liar was referring to……..well, they would now realise with whom they were dealing.

    Chris Stinkliar?……..he it the worst politician ever to enter the 375 old Parliament………….and his bold faced lies, his vicious, vile, personal attacks on people especially on Mia is unprecedented…..and surprisingly, this behaviour does not traumatise the worst speaker ever but the Opposition’s decision not to attend a $100,000 cocktail party does!

    Well, I never!

    • @Prodigal Son

      It is known that Mia and Chris are good friends.

      On Saturday, 22 March 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  28. David

    What we have failed to acknowledged is the fact that countries from time to time experience periods of economic- downturn (barbados is no exception) so no amount of human ingenuity can change what God has
    predestinated for Barbados. It is our turn so we might as well wait it out or choose the path others have chosen: to complained, criticized comdemned and parroted to no avail.

  29. Wait Caswell, I see your name being called as a the person being considered to replace Dennis Clarke. Tell me it aint so Caswell! You will disappoint us your supporters here on BU especially Bush Tea! Or is it that they now realise your talent and want you back…………is this so?

    • @Prodigal

      If true the government must be quaking…lol.

      On Saturday, 22 March 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  30. Well, David, Mia has to be a sucker for cold and unusual punishment.

    No one can treat me as he does her and could still be my friend! She has to be a tough woman for what she goes through.

    • Who thinks MAM attracts unrelenting criticism because she is a woman?

      On Saturday, 22 March 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  31. @David
    Who thinks MAM attracts unrelenting criticism because she is a woman?
    Politics is a tough business “if yuh can’t stand de heat get outta de kitchen” or House or whatever.

    Some women up here are levelling the same accusation at some of the male politicos, journalists et al. One year ago there were six female premiers leading provinces with 85% of the population, now it is down to three and depending on what happens in Quebec (Election in April) and Ontario (minority Gov’t) it may be down to one. The latest to go was the Premier of Alberta by all accounts a smart women who only held the job for 2 1/2 years and who won an election she was supposed to lose and recently received 77% support at the last Party convention.

    The Gov’t she lead has held power for 40 years but she had a minor spending scandal (attended the funeral of Nelson Mandela which cost the taxpayers $45,000 and could have flown by Gov’t jet but used commercial flight to return accompanied by her daughter). This brought out the critics in droves, but the main issue with women opinion writers is the adjectives applied to male leaders e.g. “tough, decisive” but women are described as “bossy” and no man likes a “bossy” woman…… just ask BT the BU fossil.

  32. The DLP”s history is replete with the carcasses of females. The male leaders have shown no respect for its women over the years so why would Mia expect anything other than their usual. I am convinced that the Stinkliar cannot have any respect for his wife, daughter, mother, aunts or female cousins. We only have to reflect on the nasty way he spoke of June Fowler.

    When I speak of DLP females………….remember Gertz Eastmond, Marilyn Rice Bowen, Antoinette Thompson, Undine Whittaker (recently they gave her a little job), the same Mazie Barker Welch they belatedly honoured recently to save face, Byer Suckoo’s PA, the Watts lady from St Peter and on and on it goes!

    Do not expect any good treatment from dem, Mia!

  33. Instead of being disappointed with Owen Arthur an opposition MP for not turning up to vote against the estimates you are disappointed in David Estwick who is a DLP cabinet Minister. What kind of logic are you operating on Prodigal

  34. A prominent Barbadian who now reside here in America, related to myself and others, that he was forced end a two years relationship with his woman because PM Tom Adams wanted a piece of the action. So my friend the candle still burn at both ends in Barbados.

  35. David | March 22, 2014 at 12:52 PM

    Who thinks MAM attracts unrelenting criticism because she is a woman?
    the criticism of mottley i will say that there is a high level of probable cause to believe that her gender would make her a target for “unwarranted” attacks,,,,,,,,however her judgement calls have been poor ,,like the clico debacle when she got ahead of her self without having and knowing all the facts but pretending that the problem could be solve if govt would repay the poliycholders with taxpayers money,,,,,,,,,now only a political anarchist ( which she has proven to be as time goes on) ..would make such an outrageous suggestion ” if such can be so called’ knowing fully well that the taxpayers did not go into any form of such an agreement with CLICO ……… furthermore who in their right mind whether it be taxpayer or individual would want to pay other people’s bills especially when it involves a big conglomerate like CLICO,,

  36. DR. Estwick,,,,,,in his haste to seek resolve bent under pressure a pressure that was beyond his control …. but finally came to the realization that he might have been used and hoodwinked by a special interest group whose interest is self….his remarks spoke volumes as he said ,, it is about the people,,,,,, well done estwick,,,,

    • Estwick has become the laughing stock of all an sundry. Those who will give him an obligatory smile to respect his official status they will snigger as soon as he turns his back. This will be his legacy – YESWICK!

  37. That is true David but the bigger story is that it didn’t suit OSA and his plans to vote against the Estimates. This is a sure sign and MAM would be well advised not to ignore.

  38. @Clone | March 22, 2014 at 3:09 PM

    I am not disappointed in Estwick. If you go back to the thread on Estwick a few weeks ago, you will see that I said that he will tow the party line and that the DLP is paramount for these Dems.

    Yes I am disappointed that OSA did not show up for the vote. I do not know what’s in his head since February 2013. However, I am of the view that past PM’s will always find it difficult after losing power and being head honcho for so long will always find it hard to submit to another leader and I think that is where he has his challenges. Are we not saying these days that men do not like to let go?

    He did not vote, so what? In the end, it did not matter! For the good of the country, the estimates had to be passed!

  39. “Let Estwick tow the party line. He will go down in history as the man who could have saved Barbados but refused to take a stand when it really mattered.”

    Prodigal Estwick will go down in history as the biggest eunuch in Barbadian history. He was a man before he got into politics and a deballed human being when he leaves. His was the castration of the century.

  40. @David
    Who thinks MAM attracts unrelenting criticism because she is a woman?
    Nothing new
    See Julia Gillard then Aussie PM confronting Tony Abbot the now PM

  41. @ Vacant | March 22, 2014 at 6:14 PM

    Which Opposition party in its right frame of mind would want to take over from the current administration given the comatose state of the country’s fiscal position and dire prognoses for the economy as perceived by the IMF and credit rating agencies?

    The Opposition should see themselves as knights in shining armour after the full slate of layoffs, the implementation of the upcoming programme of privatization and the much needed currency peg adjustment to bring your fellow countrymen back from a dream state into the real world of producing for your daily bread.

    No one owes modern “well-educated” Barbadians a living (not even the British for reparations) and the quicker you guys get to appreciate that, as the Jamaicans have, the better it would be for your survival.

    The state of your former productive agricultural fields once likened by the National Geographic to the English countryside is ample testimony to the productive degeneration (pardon the oxymoron) which is so much on the skids that its importance was not even able to attract the slightest discussion in the recently concluded Estimates debates.

    The current administration must pay for its sins of lies, deceit and mismanagement of the public finances before it is democratically removed from office by the wishes of the people which it has so violently wronged.
    The Young Democrats will soon have to change their name to the “Aging Democrats” as they wait in vain to take over from the present crop of idiots. Maybe Prince Charlie instead of Prince Edward can tell them a bit or two about being the King in waiting.

  42. “It must not be forgotten: when PM Barrow regained power in 1986, he made it one of his top priorities to rid the government of those top of the line Mercedes,”

    I wouldn’t venture to call your erroneous statement a lie because I really believe you are just mistaken.

  43. “dompey | March 22, 2014 at 6:21 AM |
    It is excruciatingly laughable how from time time David and his troop of advisors, invented these new and ingenious ways of casting blame on the DLP establishment”.
    It is stupidly laughable how DLPites refuse to accept the fact that it is one of their own Ministers of Government who publicly blamed his administration for the economic mess created in the country.

  44. Oh come on now balance, I know that you’re now not cerebral – insufficient because I quite certain you were around when Dr Don Blackman did the same thing to the BLP in the middle 80’s?

  45. balance | March 22, 2014 at 7:56 PM |

    It is stupidly laughable how DLPites refuse to accept the fact that it is one of their own Ministers of Government who publicly blamed his administration for the economic mess created in the country.

    ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… balance the truth is that we dlpites do “accept::: also the the truth of the matter we know WHY,,,,,

  46. Balance, have I triggered that elusive memory as of yet? Lol
    I have a lot of dirty on the BLP, so it would be within your best interest to thread easily my friend.

  47. David | March 22, 2014 at 6:05 PM

    Estwick has become the laughing stock of all an sundry. Those who will give him an obligatory smile to respect his official status they will snigger as soon as he turns his back. This will be his legacy – YESWICK!

    ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… his legacy cannot and will not be written or dictated by those waiting to see him fall,,.

  48. Re. the question about the reasons why Estwick and Arthur voted as they did at the end of the estimates debate, Estwick sticking with his Government and OSA with his feet, seems fairly clear.

    Estwick was trying to ensure that his colleagues qualified for their pensions and OSA was making sure that the occasion would not propel the BLP to taking over the Government at this time.

    Both actions were somewhat unpatriotic since the DLP’s actions clearly merit their being kicked out of office and that it is also clear that they cannot lead us successfully out of this economic morass. Estwick knows this and chose to hold his nose and vote for party and friends. OSA also knows that if there is a very slender chance for this Island to come out of the morass the DLP has led us into it is by a turnaround under the BLP, but he chose to also put party first since if they came to power now or soon they would only last for one term or less because of the harshness of the medicine they would have to ensure is taken by the country.

    Woe is us.

  49. WOW… WOW… WOW….is all I have to say. When you think the DEMS have sunk to an all time low they find some way to burrow their way further down the credibility abyss. I personally did not expect Estwick to do anything major politically right now.. i expected him at most to abstain from voting and the gov’t would still have the majority. For him to actually vote yes in light of him detailing an “alternative economic plan” it is just baffling. No one will ever take Estwick seriously again. the DEMS carrying this country for a ride down a black hole and the populace just further disillusioned with this circus we calling gov’t. The country suffering and the DEMS playing games. Well keep it up. If you think about it, Estwick is a just a personification of the DEMs as a whole; he does say one thing but does something completely different.
    I expect the DEMS to make a mountain of Owen not voting but the reality is that unless two gov’t MPs don’t vote at all or one votes no…. two very unlikely scenarios… then the BLP cannot deny the motion. Owen realises this and knows his vote would not change anything. The onus is on gov’t to make sure all their MPs vote or be caught out by the BLP. This is added to the downright sham this Gov’t is. I mean you have an Estimates that basically states that the MOF has failed horribly to right the economy based on last year’s budget targets , for the same MOF, who now has a proven track record of failure, to lay down more “austerity” for Parliament to pass. I, like Owen, would not want to be part of that farce.

  50. The truth of the matter is the people of Barbados chose the better of two evil as the saying goes. The BLP message failed to take root with the majority of Barbadians simply put. So the BLP have but itself to blame for articulating a message so poorly conceived. You can’t turn around and then accused the electorate of being ignorant and ill- informed, when you yourself have inconspicuous and inarticulately advanced your ill- conceived agenda.

  51. Now dompey, you know better but like a true Dem, you ignore the truth. The Dems only won because they had money coming through their ears and they bought votes…………plain and simple witnessed by the worst PM and the worst AG this country has ever had the misfortune to have. It had nothing to do with message. Had that been the case, there is no way that the DLP could be re-elected….they had NO message!

    If you call cussing MAM and OSA a message!


    DLP and BLP are dogs and rats , if you chop them up small and fine ,, you can fry them in rice , make them taste good , But you still eating dog and rat. Under a different name on the menu ,

  53. David

    I was not following this thread and only decided to do a little light reading when I saw your question to me at 11:32 a.m. You asked:

    Some time ago you brought to public attention inaccuracies in the election filings of the MP for NW and others. Where do we go from here? How do we coral this bullshit?

    Sadly, we can’t do anything with that information. The statute of limitation is one year. That is why they took the laid off workers from the Drainage Division to Sherbourne and gave them false hopes of being re- employed. So that none of them would come forward with evidence of vote buying before the anniversary of the elections.


    Similarly, I did not see your comment before but the answer to your question is:

    I have been approached by senior members of NUPW with the prospect of returning to that union. You know what they say about never saying never but as it stands now I would not sell my soul to become General Secretary of NUPW or anything else for that matter. That union needs serious reforms: firstly, I will not be led by one of those who only passed water at school. Also, there is too much stealing and general corruption for me. I would not be able to work comfortably among them.

    Rest assured you will not see me anywhere near NUPW in its present form. I pride myself in not being a thief.

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