Ministry of Education Moves to Deal with Bullying (NOT)

Submitted by Bush Tea
"...latest fad that has been pissing the bushman off is the lotta talk about bullying in schools..."

“…latest fad that has been pissing the bushman off is the lotta talk about bullying in schools…”

One thing about our approach to our various challenges is our consistency. Teenage sex has been an open secret in ALL our schools now for years, but a newspaper decides to publish living proof and all hell breaks out..resulting in big shots at the newspaper being charged for speaking and publishing the ACTUAL TRUTH.

Drivers have been openly driving through red light, speeding, parking ‘where-ever’ and when ever they please ….all with gay abandon….and completely ignored by the police (Ok if Bushie was a policeman and had the experience of seeing how our shiite courts handle these matters, Bushie would ignore them too….but that is another matter). The inevitable happens, a number of serious accidents, and suddenly big shots are running around talking about what they are planning to do….

It must be some shiite in our food or water…

The latest fad that has been pissing the bushman off is the lotta talk about bullying in schools. After ignoring and hiding the reality for years, the inevitable has finally happened…children seriously hurt, and suddenly lots of jackasses are running around doing and saying a lotta shiite…. Like singing “anti-bullying songs”; hanging up “anti-bullying posters”; like having retarded-looking guidance experts and psychologists exploring various theoretical concepts that explain the “reasons for bullying” and providing research statistics used in their dissertation for their free Masters degree on the hill…

We all know that after the mandatory shit talk, all will return to normal, and all these functionaries will return to hiding – until forced out by some future catastrophe…

In the case of bullying, Bushie will make it easy for the brass bowls who are responsible to address this particular problem….but ONLY to please Robert Ross – who recently classified the bushman as a “BU bully”….

The nature of humans beings is such that bullying is a given. Bullying is the imposition of one person’s  will on another person, usually vi et armis. (…LOL…or in the Bushie / Ross case, vi et intellegentia). But some things are natural, and in such cases it is folly to seek to CHANGE the nature of things…bushmen will always bully “Ross men” and other soft men. The solution therefore is simple…… Let SOCIETY create, and position, the bullies….and SELECT these bullies to properly and effectively represent the VALUES of the society.


In the school system, the Principal should be the principal bully….the Alpha dog. …all the little “sardine tot retrievers” should be properly afraid if his bite….. and his staff should have appropriate authority to bite on his behalf too… Remember the wise old days of Tank, Major Noot and Joe Physics?  why fight nature…?

In the Society, the damn Police should be the bullies….cause if THEY aren’t, then the bad-boys will be…     Better to have a bully who is accountable to the law – than to have some outlaw as the bully …and a bunch of effeminate sissies talking bout ‘they are the law’…. In the home, the father should be the bully…..and the mother the deputy bully….otherwise the children will one day cut their asses…..cause someone will emerge to fill the vacuum….
Wunna get the picture yet…?

On BU, David(BU) should be the bully, but he is real long-suffering, and patient, ….so Bushie is willing to fill the breech…. LOL Ha Ha.

Back to the school problem……someone needs to advise the authorities to end the poster nonsense…before a real bully beat someone with one of them…Find some damn REAL REAL headmasters with balls, and with a genuine concern for education …like Jeff and Matthew…and send home the lotta jokers occupying the old Queens College complex opposite Queens park…. …and matter fixed.
What meeting what?!?

What could we expect from a meeting of effeminate softies other than to hire another security  force to be posted to the schools to protect the old hens and henpecked soft-men (who infest the damn places claiming to be teachers), from the sexing, fighting, drug selling students…

156 thoughts on “Ministry of Education Moves to Deal with Bullying (NOT)

  1. John | March 2, 2014 at 6:11 PM

    Kind of like what happens today now that we have done away with them.


    is that so,,,,,,,,,,,well it just maybe the result of discipline taken back then and endorse as a cure all for bad behave giving a generation of parents no other alternative /solutions other than applying past disciplinary methods as preferred action …..which is now condemned and recognize as abuse moreover leaving a society torn apart at it’s core between what’s right and wrong… and …… triggering such abnormalities in today’s society as child abuse…..domestic violence….and rebellion…….

  2. But David…perhaps the point is that the original “RULE” is ill-conceived and impractical.
    Such rules ALWAYS lead to chaos….(another reason we NEED wise leaders)
    ….just like any type of “rule” that said that there is to be NO BULLYING in schools have been…(and continues to be)….unsuccessful.

    There are some things that must be managed wisely…..they cannot be banned… (ac is a case in point apparently… 🙂 ) what wunna like. The only question is WHO is the bully…..not IF there will be bullying….. and Cesar’s methodologies are ALWAYS built around the establishment of an ALPHA DOG…. THE top bully…after which there is peace and safety for all….

    … banning cellphones in school is like banning technology.. POINTLESS.
    …..although judging from our persistence with chalkboards and the old teaching formats from the 1960s…..we like we banned technology too…

  3. BT Do you understand the meaning of the word “bully'” do u not understand it has no place or relevance it today’s society,,,,,,,,,do u not understand that your downplay and choice of highlighting its an being relevant in today’s society is idiotic and a flagrant form of mental torture and an abuse perpetrated on those who have worked hard and diligently to have bullying outlawed ,,,,,,,see dat is why i say u should be torched,,,,,,

  4. @ David
    “What should the MoE have done when it realized the directive was not enforceable?”
    Perhaps we could discuss what a WISE and intelligent response should have been….. (Associating such a response with the MOE sounds “oxymoronish” 🙂 )

    A simple common sense review would have shown how SILLY and impractical a rule it was and it would have been immediately REVAMPED. Indeed, after proper study, a more practical approach would have been as follows…

    1- All students to be issued with a cellphone with access to at least messaging, Whatsapp, and email services.

    Formal communications re homework, extra curricular activities, difficulties en route to or from school, etc. to be arranged via cell phone between the student’s teacher, year head and the school office.
    Parents to included on the contact list by teachers along with the students for ease of discipline, emergencies etc…

    4- after-school updates (homework changes etc) may be raised by students by text etc and may be responded to by teachers en block

    5 – incidents at school may be documented by cell camera as a means of documenting evidence and possible deterring bullying and other criminal activities

    6 – in emergency, contacting parents and guardians is made 100% easier…..etc.

    In short Manage and USE the technology.

    Shiite man David! we should SUBSIDIZE cell phones for those students who could not afford the cost….

  5. ac

    Just stating the obvious.

    I know plenty parents who were at school in my day …. antiquarians …. who have raised absolutely “normal” “well adjusted” children who themselves are now in the process of repeating the process but face far more daunting problems than the antiquarians faced.

    The antiquarians were not destroyed by the old time system and did not in turn destroy their children.

    You may know some of them too!!

    Thinks of books which don’t fill a bookshelf …… bookends keep control.

    People need bookends.

    Imagine if our politicians knew that there was a high probability that they would be caught and imprisoned if they stole.

    Agree we don’t need the death penalty as a deterrent …. but sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be a good idea to try it!!

    Some countries do go in for the death penalty for an official caught stealing…. like China and North Korea.

  6. @ ac
    Yuh idiot
    So won’t you need some kinda bully to torch Bushie?
    ..yuh think the bushman will catch fire his own ass because you say so….?

    Perhaps you should stay away from intellectual type exchanges and focus on discussing what Mia says or what Fruendy does not do…..

  7. David I know you are very tolerant of IDIOTS BUT you should consider banning Mark Fenty. Remember when Well Well had taken over the blog? Commenting and answering herself? She has calmed down and is actually making some sense now. It is time to give Fenty some lessons on how to use this blog and stop trying to impress people how stupid he is. We had a good break from Alvin C due to his ill health (sorry Alvin BUT it was a pleasure not seeing and reading your bilge). I hope you are feeling better now and hopefully recover some of your senses.

    Good night Bushie dahling dou dou. You are such a two faced hypocrite. You can’t understand that wunna menz balls mek outta cotton candy and we wimmen got strong vaginas. We are stronger than wunna and when we get the guverment yuh better walk de straight line or else!

    But waaait wha happen to our boy Ole Onions? Onions yuh good? I miss yuh stinky smell. Fart by here and let us know yuh alive.

    Waait wha happen to Carson CaDOGan? He ded? Carson please send us a sign that yuh in Heaven or Hell.

    And my frenemy Pearlie. Pearlie yuh still sitting looking outta yuh window minding evabody business? Or yuh still trying to skin yuh botsy at people. Skin um here to let us know dat yuh ent ded yet.

    I will await the signs from wunna.

  8. @ John
    ….. so ….. I take it you have actually never seen a poodle and a Rottweiler together!!
    Actually, Bushie never saw you either….but that has not stopped the bushman from drawing plenty conclusions…. It is a bushman hobby.

  9. @ Islandgal
    Gal you like a breath of fresh air …. Where ever um is that you went ….PLEASE send ac nuh!!! ..cause they like they ain’t had no internet there….
    Shiite girl, were it not for that 2X4 bad habit that you have and that big head IslandGuy fella… Bushie would be in good grazing….

  10. BT you are just as ignorant as your response …oh maybe on a much higher level,,,,,,you ignorance has depleted your sense of reasoning to a level of irrationality that borders between dumb and confused ,,,,hence your retort btw bullying is not a ‘fad” ,, check Webster or let david whisper the meaning of ‘fad in your ear,,

  11. @ Islandgal
    … see what Bushie mean ??
    …you could believe that David ain’t ban she yet?!?

  12. bt again ur sense of logic flies right out the window with the questions poised to isgal,,,,,about her disappearance,,,reading from her comments she could not have been away from bu or the internet,,, she seems to be fully informed on the happenings ,,as for your ass being torched it would not take a bully ,,just some ole fashion common sense,,,,,the kind you promote,,,,bushman style,,,,,,,,,,,maybe in your case it would just be the normal thing to do,

  13. Besides bullying, a cell phone could also be used at school to capture any instances of sexual activity in the school population for the newspapers to circulate and the courts to pontificate over whether it was child porn or not.

    Come to think of it one was !!

    Wonder what will happen this month?

    The print media may soon be short an executive or three!!

    Those damnable cell phones!!

  14. islandgal246 | March 2, 2014 at 7:53 PM

    Good night Bushie dahling dou dou. You are such a two faced hypocrite. You can’t understand that wunna menz balls mek outta cotton candy and we wimmen got strong vaginas. We are stronger than wunna and when we get the guverment yuh better walk de straight line or else!

    and to you bushie there is no FOOL like and ole FOOL…….FOOL! |

  15. BT

    and Cesar’s methodologies are ALWAYS built around the establishment of an ALPHA DOG…. THE top bully…after which there is peace and safety for all….

    I take it you haven’t seen much of Cesar either!!

    I know I know …….. You can still draw conclusions!!

  16. BAFBFP wha you doing pun BU wen Carnival gine on all like now so.

    Check Youtube

    Trinidad Carnival 2014 – Fantasy Band Launch

  17. @. David
    …not much adaption needed… It could be a fantastic tool… Just need an open mind and nuff creativity.
    The children naturally gravitate to the technology, are comfortable with it and are condemned to a future driven by it….

    But of course the teachers scared as shiite …. Ha Ha. You KNOW of course that is the reason for initially banning cell phones….

    It will be mis-used to take inappropriate pictures….
    It will distract student from school work
    It will cause problems when people steal them
    Who will be responsible if it is stolen
    Children may record what teachers say in class (??)

    …look …the best thing to do is to BAN them (that way teachers and administrators won’t have to do anything or to think too hard…)

    @ John
    I take it you haven’t seen much of Cesar either!!
    Bad dog…
    Call Cesar…
    Dog analyzed…
    Good dog….
    How often do you need to see that?
    Small things amuse small minds

  18. @BAFBFP
    j see wunna talking bare shite ‘cross hey ,,, ha ha ha ha
    Hey BAFBFP put us in a serious mood, let’s hear you criticise Putin for taking over Crimea.

  19. @JOHN
    you are mistakenly wrong you have used a set of antiquated principles to bolster an act of barbarism..needless to say that the possibility of some making it out unscathed is real but just as real are those who lives have been affected negatively,,this a reality we have seen demonstrated by those who have lived under tyrannical regimes ,some remain wounded externally as well as internally unable to rebuild or recharge their lives ,,well others appear to have built up a tolerance for acceptance ..

  20. BT

    @ John
    I take it you haven’t seen much of Cesar either!!
    Small things amuse small minds

    A simple yes or no would suffice!!!

    Being simple myself I will take your answers as

    NO you have never seen a poodle and a Rottweiler together


    NO you haven’t watched Cesar!!

    Am I correct?

    Again, a simple yes or no will suffice!!

  21. @ Island gal

    ” David I know you are tolerant of of IDIOTS BUT you should consider banning Mark Fenty”

    Islandgal, I know for a fact that David is capable of making a decision without your scholarly advice. And your arrogance comes across as though you’re insulting the man’s intelligence because you have made it seem as though he is incapable of making a productive decision.

    But in any event, I am quite happy to see that you were able to articulated beyond a paragraph and I can’t help but to commended you for your tireless effort. But I shall still offer you some friendly advice though: you know girl, there is a lot of work yet to be done because you haven’t as yet written anything thing that is worth reading. And finally, I think it is fitting to tell you that your contribution to the BU blog is worth some kind of examination for its lack of substance.

  22. @ Island gal

    Let me inform your thinking once more because I believe that every VOICE ought to be respected. And if we can learn from a small child as well as the well educated, we can certainly learn some thing of value from an IDIOT.

  23. “we can certainly learn some thing of value from an IDIOT”

    now you say that it is all starting to make sense now why Ronald Jones is the MoE.

  24. Bush Tea | March 2, 2014 at 11:13 PM |

    @ John
    Nothing personal …but
    Out of respect for David, Bushie will ignore you….

    Don’t run and hide behind David.

    How David even get in dis?

    It is you raised the dog angle!!

    You don’t even have the self respect or guts to make a simple admission of error!!

    That is all it takes.

    ….. and Mark, don’t mind what people telling you.

    Anytime anybody tell you anything just remember BT’s antics today as an example of what not to be.

    How he backed himself into the corner he ended up in I will never know.

    I asked you what you meant by stem because I figured you may have meant stigma.

    I think I understood what you were trying to say and tried to answer from my experience of life.

  25. @ John
    John, did I used word STEM instead of STIGMA? Well, it was an honest mistake because I hadn’t even realized it. But it is part of a progressive cognitive decline which I can only attributed to the aging process. It is kinda like I am aware of what I want to convey psychologically but empirically, I have propensity to transcribe it differently. However, done sweat the small stuff because these are quite common phrases and one would use such phrases as: stigma attached to black people, or stem from the fact… etc. You must believe me when I tell you that I have an impeccable vocabulary and it isn’t my desire to boast because it is the God given truth.

  26. I’ve realized that when one becomes the focus of the antagonist displeasure, he or she would utilize every tool at his or her disposal: to vitiate, castigate, denigrate, and besmear your good image. Moreover, the antagonist has the audacity, the temerity and unmitigated gall to advanced a prescribed definition of who he or she believes you to be.

    • @islandgal

      The BU family has had to confront allcomers before have we not? Time longer than twine.

  27. @ David

    This is where I say goodbye to BU David. And even though we may not have agreed on certain issues for the several months that I’ve been on the BU blog: I’ve founded you to be a very open – minded, tolerant and intelligent administrator of the BU blog. Good luck brother and continue to fight for what you believe in. God bless!

  28. @ Fenty Hi Bro ..sorry to see u throw in the towell…. just remeber .the power to win is to endure……anyhow ac will miss your verbosity and have taken all ur comments in the spirit they were intended and delivered. with only a few DLP stalwarts remaining on the BU blogspere ac will continue to champion a cause which goes to the heart of what is ” Right” Proper and Decent…good luck stalwart u put up a vailaint fight.

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