Barbados – Government Layoffs

Submitted by M.R.Thompson
Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance (l) Fruendel Stuart, Prime Minister and Head of the Civil Service (r)

Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance (l) Fruendel Stuart, Prime Minister and Head of the Civil Service (r)

With great fanfare/reluctance the Government announced, that in order to get it’s public employee spending inline with it’s revenues, it found it necessary to reduce the civil service employees by some 3000 by March 31st, 2014. This was to be phased in, 2000 by Jan. 15th, 2014 and an additional 1000 by March 31st, 2014. In addition, numerous other cost savings were also announced, how many if any have been implemented. The government (past & present) finds itself in an untenable fiscal position, most of it, if not all of it, it’s own making. External forces (IMF) are now dictating what, when, where and how the government needs to react to hopefully correct this serious economic/fiscal situation to get the country back to stability if the IMF is called on for HELP.

The IMF Article report of Feb. 14, 2014 implied that they (IMF) were taking what Barbados Government was saying with a “grain of salt”, as they have been statistically and verbally lied to previously. It was also stated by the IMF that they had been advised by Barbados Government officials that 1800 civil servants had already been laid off as of Feb. 14, 2014.

Those of us who follow press releases, local news outlets etc. are having trouble getting to who/where these 1800 civil servants are as of Feb. 14, 2014. There was much press about 350 at NHC and 80 or so at the works department, however not much press about layoffs since. Even the unions are being suspiciously quiet. My suspicions is that the government has to date, Feb. 23, 2014 laid off no more than 500 government employees.

The government has refused to release a list of those positions begin made redundant or provide lists to the appropriate unions, WHY. My guess it’s a ploy to try and hoodwink the IMF. The unions are begin quiet on the threat that if they make too much noise then there will be more layoffs. The government would like to think that the IMF has had the wool pulled over their eyes. My guess is that the IMF is just tallying, observing and when Barbados appears on their doorstep for financial help, ie: a loan, then the shoe will drop and the consequences will become apparent to the poor Bajan political beggars.

Barbados after only 47 years of Independence is heading into a full WELFARE State status. Surprising they made it to 47 years with all the incompetent management, leadership and lack of transparency. Well the Wolf is at the door and he’s not even huffing hard and the house is falling down.

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  1. Recently Prof Downes came out against the devaluation of the Barbados dollar, which is most appropriate monetary policy device in the current circumstances, but yet again there was no economic case as to why not.
    May I again says government should decouple from the Greenback, peg to a basket of currencies and commodities, and in the meantime introduce a policy of diversifying from tourism.
    Our social policy programme must be focused on youth employment.

    • It is interesting to note Central Bank sponsored Dr. Fred announced in his lecture last week that there are four more years of recession yet a senior funds manager (Gadsby) assured David Ellis in an interview last week that the global recession is over.

  2. Your conclusions are a bit off.

    Government has been laying off workers since June 2013. In all 6,000 public workers will be placed on the breadline.

    NUPW is keeping quiet because the executive and council are populated by DLP members and sympathisers. In addition the General Secretary has not been paying the income tax payable on the car that he drives for the last four years. If he keeps noise, the Government might get vex and force him to pay the $96,000 plus interest and penalties that are outstanding.

    There’s more in the mortar than the pestle.

    • @Bush Tea

      It looks like Caswell is making a move.

      Fight is on

      Fight is on

      General secretary of Unity Workers Union Caswell Franklyn

      BY SANKA PRICE | SUN, FEBRUARY 23, 2014 – 12:08 AM

      ​TWENTY-ONE RETRENCHED National Housing Corporation (NHC) workers are claiming unfair dismissal and are taking Government before the Employee Rights Tribunal for compensation.

      Their trade union the small Unity Workers Union whose general secretary is Caswell Franklyn, initiated proceedings against Government last week.

      Franklyn explained that each of the dismissed workers was employed for more than ten years.

      As a result of the Caribbean Court of Justice’s ruling in the Winton Campbell versus the Attorney General of Barbados case some years ago, they are pensionable under the Pensions Act but would only be able to receive compensation when they reach 60 years,” he said.

      However, as the NHC is a statutory corporation, the displaced workers can bring a complaint for unfair dismissal against the board under Section 42 of the new Employment Rights Act.

      “I have started proceedings to take the matter before the Employment Rights Tribunal,” he said. “Initially you have to write a letter to the employer seeking compensation.

      “If that fails, you go to the Chief Labour Officer under Section 42 under the Employment Rights Act and his office would try to get the two parties to agree, and if there is no agreement the matter would go to the tribunal to make a ruling.”


    the General Secretary has not been paying the income tax payable on the car that he drives for the last four years@ Well , how many other $96,000s of Dollars have not been paid ? seems like another case of buying Votes and time to keep that monkey in his place. Sell out and buy outs, Slaves and Slavery is in full bloom in Barbados.
    Not to worry all of the workers after what ever loan they get , will find work right before the next election, The cost of a VOTE just went up , Save you money BLP and DLP. Do we hear 900$ a vote going once going twice ? 1000$ a vote loloololol suckers will keep sucking , and crooks liars and scumbags will fool the suckers again, How soon they forget,

  4. @David
    Yes I noted the same thing.I am of the view that Fred is performing the role of palliative for the crap-government we have and a stupid GOCB that we have on taxpayers payroll.That tells me that Barbados is in for 4 more years of negative growth.Fortunately OSA stoutly resisted Comissiong and his petro caribe spin on development economics.Crapau smoke the pipe of all Caribbean governments except Barbados and Trinidad.Venezuela is being ukrained all like now.and uncle sam is smiling.

    • Laughing stock you say?

      What has gone wrong? Barbados is the country we were told Jamaica should emulate: Boasting a highly educated population, with strong social capital and an enviable human development record, the Barbados Model was touted as the exemplary one on offer. It’s the one the Claude Clarkes, Damien Kings, John Jacksons and Colin Steeles adore. Barbados has a per-capita income of US$16,150 and, according to the authoritative Human Development Report, the best human-development indicators in the region.


  5. @Caswell Franklin

    Your comments about three Union executive/board shows exactly what’s wrong in Barbados, nepotism is rampant.

    • Wily Coyote

      The problem with union representation is not so much nepotism as it is betrayal of the trust that union members placed in their representatives. I have read and I am hoping that reports of Sir Leroy Trotman accepting a diplomatic posting is not true. If it is true, I am not saying that he would have sold out the workers with his half-hearted representation of late but it sure looks so. Whatever is the case union leaders must avoid the perception that they are selling or would have sold out the workers. It can only bring the movement into disrepute.


  6. David | February 23, 2014 at 4:21 PM |
    It is interesting to note Central Bank sponsored Dr. Fred announced in his lecture last week that there are four more years of recession yet a senior funds manager (Gadsby) assured David Ellis in an interview last week that the global recession is over.
    Seems David does not read or listen well. The above is absolute RUBBISH. The Global Recession ended in 2009. We since then had Recession in Europe which is now over. BARBADOS has been in RECESSION since July 2012. Get your facts right DAVID!!!!

  7. @ Hal Austin

    “Recently Prof Downes came out against the devaluation of the Barbados dollar, which is most appropriate monetary policy device in the current circumstances, but yet again there was no economic case as to why not.”

    One of the problems with fixed rates of exchange is to provide sufficient reserves of foreign exchange so that the Central Bank can stabilize the rate in the event of fluctuating demand or supply. However, if there is always an excess demand for dollars, it may prove difficult for the CBB to stabilize the rate, because it will always have to sell dollars, which may invariably exhaust the foreign reserves.

    Before contemplating the devaluation of the Barbados dollar, there are some important factors that must be taken into consideration.

    • An increase in demand of exports primarily because devaluation will make exports more competitive, as goods and services will seem cheaper to foreign buyers.
    • Conversely, imports may become more expensive, thereby reducing demand. Aggregate demand [AD] has an inverse relation with the price level, hence as goods become more expensive, demand falls.
    • AD is the total goods and services demanded in an economy at different price levels during a given period of time {ceteris paribus}, represented by the GDP of that economy. It is formed by four factors: consumer spending [C], investments, [I], government expenditure [G] and net exports [imports less exports (X – M)]. Higher exports and lower imports will increase AD, which in turn may lead to an increase in real GDP and inflation.
    • The resulting increase in inflation may cause… push inflation due to expensive imports; demand pull inflation due to increasing AD; cheaper exports will not encourage manufacturers to cut cost and become more efficient, hence, prices may increase overtime.

    Barbados’ services sector and tourism industries are not in a position to “support the economy” as oil, bauxite and farming is to Trinidad, Jamaica and Guyana, respectively. Hence, devaluation may be somewhat problematic for the island.

  8. Kudos to Chris Sinckler for outing lying Cow Williams, same cow on BBC boasting he is the richest man in Barbados, can we imagine if he got 100 million in contracts from the DLP over a 6 year period, just how many billions of dollars in contracts, as well as land he holds no original deeds for, has he gotten from both political parties over the last 30 years, does Cow’s greed have no end??? let someone else make some money, there are a whole lot of construction companies on the island that get nothing and have to scramble every day of every year and have been doing so for many years.

    Attn Cow:
    the only thing more paper (money) will do for you in hell is make the flames burn brighter, better and hotter, that also goes for greedy Bizzy and Jada, let other construction people build their businesses on the island and make some money too, stop hogging all the work and land on a 21 mile long, 14 miles wide island, the three of you are not the saviors of the Bajan people, you are just GREEDY……..JEEEEEEZZZ.

    Plantation………..that crowd is out of freaking control, and cow like bizzy has the goddamn balls to cry on tv. Even the damn politicians are tired of those two….and let’s hope they are on the verge of getting fedup of jada, they act like no one else on the island does any business.

  9. Well Well even if COW goes out of business he will not come to you begging. It is the people they employ & treat with dignity. Tell of one black Barbadian that have a business & doing well, without the help of a white man? COW can buy you, give you away & buy you again, so stop trying to marginalise some one who is Barbadian & has helped other Barbadian. Berkham is not Bajan but he is employing people, so please let us be real.

  10. Just want to know……….Cow has been a WELFARE RECIPIENT in Barbados for decades, thanks for letting the public know, and that shit you are talking there, many employees have complained about COW and his nasty, racist attitude………blacks have themselves to blame for not supporting each other enough to become wealthy and get rid of parasites like Cow, et al….Bjerkham, another parasite……Cow could never buy me because what he has did not come honestly, speak for thyself………AGAIN, thanks for opening the eyes of bajans to what is really happening in their country……why don’t you help COW go tot England and try the same shit he does in Barbados, and see if the outcome will be the same.???

  11. By the way, Just Will Know, you can advise your buddy Cow that if he croaks tomorrow or closes his companies, Bajans will still survive, there will be others to employ them or they will finally open their eyes and realize that they are in control of their own destiny, do not have to depend on the likes of Cow to survive and get rid of the parasites ala cow et al.

  12. Scrapping VAT
    How about that
    Bring a sales tax
    Tax to the max
    Merchants collect still wont pay
    Laws are for those without a say
    The poor, the downtrodden , the status-less
    The hungry, the parro, such a mess
    Lock them up at Dodds Prison
    not built for businessmen nor politicians
    Laws for the meades; laws for the persians
    Punishment for the rest -real discrimination
    class distinction and segregation
    I dont like how the police dealt with the Reifer man
    Just because he got big family connection ?
    So scrap the VAT, Scrap income tax too
    Scrap Taxation and scrap payments due
    PDC would surely love -you
    Because the law only applies to some
    SO Scrap Scrap and then Scrape 1

    Pon Top
    Drinking wine and eating strawberries
    Yuh Jealous
    Yuh should be

  13. I agreed with M of F , COW William is relatively unfair, at asphalt & quarries you pay the highest price for building materials
    Check the cost of sand & stone, but black people in Barbados like it so.

  14. Watchman….that’s not the only issue, Cow and Bizzy have their two little pimps the Maloney brothers overcharging Bajans for everything at Preconco and the other company……..fcking thieves and leeches all….Bajans need to take a stand, if not for themselves but for their future generations…..then that asshole.Just want to Know above thinks because cow can buy and sell his useless ass along with some of the leaders on the island over the years that it applies to everyone. Well Know He Knows.

  15. just want to know | February 24, 2014 at 12:11 PM |

    COW can buy you, give you away & buy you again,.
    Just like his predecessors did. As the man indicated, we have not moved anywhere as a people.

  16. @ well well
    To give an example of how Cow & Bizzy
    Get rich from government contracts and the so call Black people , a ton of sand from the sand hole cost about $25 ,
    At Cow it is $53 + VAT , if Cow delivered
    The freight is $75+VAT, the cost of 1/2 stone at Cow is $67 +VAT per meter
    At others Quarries 1/2 stone cost $47.
    but black people like Cow.
    If you go to Bizzy for a sheet of metal you have to pay $20 + VAT for every cutting you may need, but black people like Bizzy
    Ask S,,,,,,,,

  17. How did this topic peter out into a cuss out of Cow and Bizzy? For your information it seem the MOT is in bed with another “kingpin” who is at war right now with the same COW and BIZZY. It appears these two groups are, like the drug lords, fighting for turf.

  18. Caswell

    We talk a lot on here and doubtless we upset some. Yet ‘sticks and stones’ and all that. You are trying to do something against all the odds. That shows guts and determination. And mind – you didn’t ask David’s or Bush Tea’s permission either! It’s the nearest we’ve got to marching. So I’ll say it again – well done you Caswell.

    • @Ross

      Here is where you continue to demonstrate ignorance, you have absolutely no idea the vocation of a David (BU) or Bush Tea. Now go tell the Nation.

  19. @ Ross
    One thing about Caswell, he don’t need ANYBODY’s permission to follow his conscience….
    The man is one of a kind…..and CLEARLY has a role to play in any successful future that we may have….

    The best thing about him is the number of mistakes he has made ….AND LEARNT FROM….so far.

    ….like thinking that he could impact positive change from WITHIN an existing political party… LOL HA ….what a joke…
    Even if he had joined his buddy DT, in the DLP…the two of them would have fallen out in NO time…. Caswell,just so…

    He also thought that he could single handedly DICTATE the credit Union movement too… ……FAIL

    …and he has managed to frustrate and piss-off some GOOD people along the way….

    But ya know what….? Those GOOD people that allow him to frustrate them just did not have the balls to be TRUE community leaders…. Leadership required honesty, character, intelligence …BUT also it requires guts and balls….

    Caswell done know that this case is a waste of time, it will just get some legal people some fees, HOWEVER….it may well be the catalyst for …..BUP 🙂

    • Bushie

      You got this one wrong: it is not a waste of time and you don’t need a lawyer to pursue a matter all the way to the Employment Rights Tribunal.

      Recently, I started proceedings against the Transport Board for two drivers that were dismissed. The matter got as far as conciliation at the Labour Department, that is the stage before the tribunal, and you know what, the management conceded and offered a package. Many at the Transport Board and at BWU were saying that I was fighting a losing battle. But the workers had a committed fighter representing them. They laughed all the way to the Bank.


  20. @Caswell
    I have read and I am hoping that reports of Sir Leroy Trotman accepting a diplomatic posting is not true.
    Didn’t the indomitable Sir Frank aka “The Heavy Roller” accept a diplomatic posting to the UN under EWB?

    Groundhog day redux

  21. Yagga Rowe

    Nice one…I hope you’re keeping them all for the anthology of Bajan poetry. I’m keeping all my letters to the Nation and sending them to David for burning because I want even him to be happy.

  22. The Nation newspaper continues on its Fox news strategy – Report the news but use your biased commentators to push a one sided opinion AND FRAME THE DEBATE.
    Harry Russell, Tennyson Joseph, Peter Wickham – speaking at BLP meetings and all calling for the demise of the government, Clyde Mascoll – BLP spokesman, Albert Brandford and former BLP MP Ezra Alleyne .

    Caswell Franklyn, a former personal assistant to BLP MP is now their new starboy because of his strident attacks on the current government.

    The Nation newspaper then proceeds on Sunday, Feb 23, 2014 to give a “fair and balanced analysis” of cabinet government and collective responsibility in a column by Glyne Murray- former BLP minister.

    The Nation newspaper has INTENTIONALLY flooded its newspaper with writers supportive of the BLP. The proof is there for all to see.

  23. In an article in the Nation newspaper on Sun, Feb 23, 2014 quoting an interview with Barbadian Omar Gadsby, an executive at Credit Suisse in Switzerland , the Nation newspaper carried the bold headline :
    “Cuts too late”.
    Mr. Gadby said this the following day on the Nation newspaper’s Facebook page:
    “Deep engagement with the private sector was my message. The reporter got the title WRONG. This was her opinion. My intentions were entirely positive.”

  24. On page 9 of the Nation newspaper on Mon, Feb 24, 2014 , there is a small retraction captioned “Getting Sir Lloyd Right” and I quote:
    “He was clarifying his position after being quoted inaccurately in a daily Nation article last Monday”.

    The clarification was printed on page 9 while the initial story which sought to give the impression that Sir Lloyd was saying that PM Stuart should take finance from Mr. Sinckler was carried boldly on page 3.

    The standard of journalism at the Nation newspaper continues to sink to the lowest depths with profit and sensational headlines being more important than being accurate and truthful.

    • @NatiomBLPnewspaper

      Both political parties (and business sector) seek to manipulate the news. It was the same when the BLP ruled for 14 years. Calls by OSA to Fontabelle are now entwined in folklore.

  25. Well Well tell me who is milking the economy more than those in an over-bloated cabinet who are holding innocuous positions to satisfy their own interests. Tell me, Well Well what contribution has Mr Sinckler ever made to employment in Barbados; rather than putting food on families tables as Sir Cow does, he has been taking away. I hold no brief for Sir Cow but I am fed up hearing reports of Mr Sinckler at some branch circus every Sunday evening frothing at the bit.

  26. Sinckler is a liability for Stuart. Stuart does not act so Sinckler is safe, for now. The writing is on the wall…………either Estwick or Inniss will soon challenge Stuart given that he is a very weak Prime Minister both in terms of style and substance and his parliamentary majority.

  27. @NatiomBLPnewspaper

    “The standard of journalism at the Nation newspaper continues to sink to the lowest depths with profit and sensational headlines being more important than being accurate and truthful.”

    I totally agree with the above statement.
    However, what is your opinion of the standard of journalism at CBC and the Advocate?
    Why is it news coming from those media houses seem to be censored?
    What do you think of CBC’s so called political analyst, Maureen Holder, whose analysis is blatantly biased towards the DLP?
    It has been often stated that the elections are over and the opposition BLP is still canvassing; how come Maureen Holder is being paid by the tax-payers of Barbados, through CBC’s call-in-programs, to continually canvass for the DLP?
    Why is the DLP using CBC as a medium to spew their propaganda, facilitated by Maureen Holder and John Lovell, at the expense of tax payers?
    Why is it that only those callers to CBC are usually supporters of the DLP?
    Why are those callers who may have a view other than that of the DLP, given rough treatment by both moderators? Why is it that Ms. Holder could never understand what points these persons are trying to make?
    Are the Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s editions of “Talk ya Talk” and “The People’s Business” paid for and sponsored by the DLP, or we the tax-payers?
    Why is it if I want to advertise a lecture at UWI, Grand Sale – CBB, etc, I would be directed to CBC’s sales and advertising; but Astor Watts is allowed to use “Talk ya Talk” call-in-program to advertise the DLP’s Friday lectures…. free of cost?

    Surely, you must then agree that CBC could now be called “DLP TV8.

  28. David
    Then he will have to call elections. A man elected by his parliamentary group cannot be recalled by the same parliamentary group?

  29. However while he will win the battle he also loses the war being relegated to history like Sandi a Prime Minister who was incapable.

    • At the mention of Sandiford he could not have resurfaced in the new at the worse possible time. Talk about a bad dream!

    • David

      You said: At the mention of Sandiford he could not have resurfaced in the new at the worse possible time. Talk about a bad dream!

      Saw what you like about David Thompson, you must admit that he knew his people. Shortly after his 2008 victory, he and I were discussing his strategy in forming his administration. Some of the things he said were quite revealing. He said that he has to find a job for Sandi outside of Barbados or he would remain here and make a nuisance of himself because he was still angry about the way some of his people betrayed him to bring down his Government and he would be looking for revenge. I was therefore not surprised when Thompson created an embassy in China and relegated Sandi there. He was never meant to do anything, just to be out of the way.

      So you see Thompson was right, Sandi is back and in fine form.

      By the way, when I said to him that I did not understand the appointment of Freundel as AG, Thompson leaned back and with his characteristic smile said, “Caswell, he can’t cuss me now”.


  30. @ nation BLP newspaper
    Dont you see that Barbados Today is quickly catching up ? Big headlines “Estwick gives Prime Minister three working days ultimatum to respond to his proposals” . I was shocked when I heard Estwick himself in a live comment on VOB say that the PM and Cabinet only had three working days to study the proposals and they would need a much longer period to study them. Only a very poor C stream student could have interpreted what Estwick said as what was published in Barbados Today by Emmanuel Joseph . To this day the editor of that paper the former editor of the Nation has refused to make the correction. What has become of integrity in journalism?

  31. @ David
    “Manipulating the news” on the part of political parties is a totally different thing from the NEWSPAPERS being downright untruthful and dishonest . Dont they have a duty any more to be just the opposite?

  32. Who did make that commission on the Credit Suisse loan? I understand the need to route the transaction through the Cayman Islands.

  33. @David
    Both political parties (and business sector) seek to manipulate the news. It was the same when the BLP ruled for 14 years. Calls by OSA to Fontabelle are now entwined in folklore
    It is one thing when politicians try to drive the news cycle, it is another when the Nation or any newspaper becomes a cheerleader for political parties.

  34. The standard of journalism at the Nation newspaper continues to sink to the lowest depths with profit and sensational headlines being more important than being accurate and truthful.

    REALLY !
    A long time now this happening at the Nation
    Reporters there thrive on sensation
    Janice Griffith – sex movies @ St George secondary
    As a newspaper the Nation is ordinary
    Nothing more than a trashy tabloid
    with morals and principles totally devoid
    Any tweaking and twerking to mek money
    Any twist to any story – specializing in twistory
    The Nation ? bad badder badder bad
    Not in a good way -sad !
    Journalistic standards gone through the eddoes
    Is the Governor of the CB mad -who knows ?
    Honesty at the Nation newspaper ?
    Better Bring Back de Investigator –

    huh !!

    – at least Yaaaagga would feast on eye candy

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagga—Pon Top
    Sipping Champagne
    eyeing and eating Candy — and She likes it too
    Yuh vex ?
    Yuh should be
    None. 4. U-
    Ha !

  35. Yagga Rowe,

    The reported position (Sunday Sun of 23, February, 2013) of the Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados in relationship to the dumping the VAT would have been acceptable to the PDC were he to have reportedly based such on the fact that TAXATION is evil, wicked, immoral, thieving, criminal, anti-people, anti-development, anti-productive, anti-industry, parasitic, anachronistic, fascistic, totalitarianistic, extremely divisive, etc.

    Therefore, his reportedly, in the same Sunday Sun, describing VAT as “very complicated, problematic, regressive” and “horribly complicated”, it being in a “mess”, and its anti-tourism effects, is totally insufficient to give him any credit for his position relative to scrapping the VAT.

    As long as Dr Williams retains support for evil wicked TAXATION – as deduced from his reported comment in support of a sales tax to replace the VAT – there will be no reason for us to give him any credit for any suggestion to scrap VAT when it is clear that the same evil thievery and fascism related to TAXATION gave birth to the same evil wicked VAT that we predicted long time ago ( when there was SMFD) will help bring much of industry, commerce and development in this country to their knees.


  36. PDC

    10 OUT OF 10 for your post -(comment)
    Not Dr. Williams though
    She left
    Dr. Worrell is dah man !
    She is more pleasant -to the eyes-ears -nose
    Eye Candy !
    Ah tell yuh !

  37. I can’t help but to feel a sense of sadness for the young people in Barbados today. I remembered quite vividly leaving secondary school in the early 1980’s and attending the Skills Training Program sponsored by the government in those days. And after competing the skill of Electrical- installation, I gained employment shortly there after in the many hotels that were being constructed throughout the island.

    • Manipulating the news and the media house throwing their support behind a political party is dishonesty. on both sides.

      On 25 February 2014 18:38, Barbados Underground wrote:


  38. Caswell Franklyn | February 25, 2014 at 8:59 AM |
    By the way, when I said to him that I did not understand the appointment of Freundel as AG, Thompson leaned back and with his characteristic smile said, “Caswell, he can’t cuss me now”.

  39. Amazing how supporters justify the actions of their political parties
    Truly Amazing
    I think so
    Unable to think for themselves
    I think so
    Stupified and backward
    I think so
    ‘edicated ‘ ??
    Sucking up to a party
    I think so
    Devoid of a knowledge of their past
    I think so
    Ignorant of where they are going in the future
    I think so
    No vision;
    I think so
    no passion
    I think so
    no direction
    I think so
    Sorry asses !!

  40. The moderator on VOB now
    –a female —
    –Her comments indicate the reason why Bajans
    are in deep do do
    –Thinks that she knows
    –Thinks that her demands make sense
    –Thinks that her views are making sense
    When she looks at students at UWI
    She determines that they can pay
    based on hairstyles/cars they drive
    Is this comment asinine
    Is this statement clownish ?
    She might be clowning around yeah !

    Disappointed in these comments

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaagga –again !
    cricket lovely cricket
    at Kensington where I saw it
    Kirk Edwards facing Joel Garner

  41. Back to the topic of Layoffs.
    A section of workers,for all intents and purposes , were the earliest casualties in this round of Government and Private sector layoffs, and today, neither their union nor their employer are able to give them any hope that they will be reemployed or severed. They are just in limbo, and without pay.
    These are the employees of Andrews Sugar Factory,who were told that Andrews will be taken out of service and refitted as a new super factory, whatever that is. The 2004 sugar harvest is due any time now, yet these ‘suspended’ workers of Andrew Factory are not any wiser as to their future, and are reporting once every week a signing a book.
    Recently we heard that the Andrews project may have to be scrapped due to a lack of funding. Looks like the intention in the first place ,was to closed down Andrews factory, in an underhand way.
    So meanwhile while these factory workers are on the breadline, their union boss we heard is going home with a half million dollar handshake, a pension of $25000 per month, and a diplomatic job in Washington,and the head of the Sugar Industry,which employs them will soon be off to China to take up a diplomatic post.
    We now have a new national motto. ” I am alright Jack,screw you!”

  42. Word on the street is now that Jackie the Union man , from the Transport Board, has been laid to rest, the chopping block will be put into action within the next few days.

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