Senator Franklyn Speaks – Uncaring John King

Minister of Sports & Culture, John King

In six short months, Minister John King has revealed a previously uncaring side that was not readily apparent during the last elections campaign, by displaying a callous lack of empathy for persons that have been retrenched from the public service.

According to the Sunday Sun of November 11, 2018, he stated that we were wasting a lot of time talking about layoffs. Well Mr. Minister layoffs hurt, especially if it is your only job and your only source of income and you have: children to support; bills to pay; and you are in danger of losing your home because you will soon have to default on your mortgage. Mind you, he held out a little hope for those affected, when he predicted a turnaround in two years. In the meantime, what are they expected to do – eat grass?

He forms part of the largest governing administration in the history of this country and I don’t see him volunteering to make the sacrifice for the common good. I well recall the current Prime Minister, when in opposition, suggesting that the Stuart cabinet should have no more than twelve members. Now she has twenty-six which, to my mind and her previously stated position, is more than this country needs.

Why can’t Minister King take a two-year layoff since he is so comfortable doing it to others, particularly the lowest paid public servants. To be fair to him, I don’t think he knows what he is talking about. He can’t be aware that his administration is retrenching permanent employees, and doing so contrary to the law which requires that their posts must first be abolished by parliament. To date no order has been laid in parliament, in accordance with section 13 of the Public Service Act.

Worst yet, I don’t know how the minister and any of his colleagues can sleep comfortably at night knowing that this category of worker is not entitled to unemployment benefits from National Insurance, and they are not given any form of severance payment. Instead, this caring administration is paying retrenched permanent and pensionable employees with their own money.

I don’t think that any voter in the last election expected this savagery.

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  1. Okay, I heard somewhere in the background someone shouting 35… I hear a 36??!! 36 going once, twice……

    This auction thing is too easy.

  2. Do hear 38, 39, 40????

    …cudear, ya really sad, pathetic even.

    What ya should really be looking out for is what comes next…that is the real conundrum…trying to maintain a delusional facade could only last so long and NO LONGER..

    …. reality tends to bite, when ya pretend it does not exist..

    …..and Karma is a gal after my own heart.

  3. Ah going and take a nap ya took some NyQuil last night and am still drowsy..

    Don’t forget to keep counting..

  4. Am I the only one here who does not know that Dale Marshall and George Payne are crooks? I heard rumours, I saw the presentations and documents here but I still cannot condemn them based on just this. I need more! Why don’t those who have been wronged JOINTLY present their case to the public?

    P..S. I have heard many damaging rumours about myself that if I weren’t there for ALL of my life I would have believed them. I do not have multiple personalities and so I know that these rumours are untrue. What I don’t want for myself I try not to inflict on any body else.

    If Bajans are so scared of standing up to the powers that be perhaps they deserve what they get.

    There is seldom gain without pain.

    Stand up or shut up!

  5. “Am I the only one here who does not know that Dale Marshall and George Payne are crooks? I heard rumours, I saw the presentations and documents here but I still cannot condemn them based on just this. I need more! Why don’t those who have been wronged JOINTLY present their case to the public?”


    Some people seem to believe that coming to BU to persistently and consistently spew the same drivel, diatribe and unsubstantiated accusations on a daily basis, is the ideal method to use when dealing with corruption.

    I am not of that view.

    We heard, for example, about the former inept DLP administration’s alleged involvement in the CAHILL deal, which they vehemently denied. The former PM even denied signing off on the deal.

    Lo and behold, Barbados Underground was able to “publish” DOCUMENTS not only proving the DEMS involvement, but SUBSTANTIATED Stuart signed the contract (which he subsequently admitted signing) and that the individuals at the helm of introducing the WTE facility in Barbados were, more or less, unscrupulous.

    This is how one exposes corruption.

    No matter how much “yard-fowl pimp” they call me, I’m also not prepared to condemn anyone on the basis on hearing only one party’s version of the events or without an independent assessment of their version.

    Perhaps you may want to explain to me how can anyone of reasonable thought interpret this as I DEFENDING Payne and Marshall.

    That’s why we have the Courts so the parties involved can present their documents to be tested and a Magistrate or Judge make a ruling.

  6. Now that I am so very rested…ah can actually see where fools who like to pretend…think they can fool others.

    It is WELL KNOWN that 99.9% of the lawyers at the Bar Association ARE CROOKS…people in EUROPE and North America know this…yall can pretend as much as ya want, but nothing can change that…according to Bushman…there were two honest practicing lawyers, one passed away and the other, don’t know if he still practices, the other honest ones, do not practice because they do not want the blight and curse of corruption following them…anyone pretending they don’t know are hypocrites and liars…ya know well enough…ya talked about it for years.

    It was less known that some Judges on the Supreme Court bench take bribes…were it not for Justice Cornelius…Mr. Griffiths would never had gotten back the money or property that thiefer of the house Michael Carrington stole from him…let’s say if he had gone in front Worrell, he would be screwed, or the other Judge who tried to rip off his own school friend..

    Ya have a Chief Justice…10 years later STILL talking about a backlog of cases that the constitution was changed to bring him in from NYC to get rid of SAID backlog….since 2009.

    CCJ is tired of the lousy work done by Bajan judges and lowlife lawyers who try to spread their cancer of corruption in the CCJ with nuisance cases.

    So..the reality is…there is too much corruption in the judiciary to have a FUNCTIONING COURT SYSTEM..

    .your Supreme Court is dysfunctional…ya cannot get justice in a supreme or any court that does not function because of CORRUPTION…bribery, selling out cases…I could go on all day.

    Ah mean…it is only REALLY, REALLY DUMB people who can’t understand that, there is no justice for vulnerable people in that Supreme Court…good christ, even Barrow warned the people about that one over 40 years ago…you cannot get justice with corrupt lawyers, government ministers AND JUDGES…what is so hard about that to understand..

    now intelligent people KNOWING all I said to be true would tell themselves that taxpayers FUND the Supreme Court, the whole judiciary AND DEMAND a FUNCTIONING COURT SYSTEM FROM MIA….but is anyone of the clowns who traverse BU with rubbish on a daily basis doing that..oh no, not them, they STILL in their ignorant stupidity would like to convince grown ass intelligent people, that ya can get justice in a corrupt, dysfunctional Supreme Court…ah wish yall luck, just don’t try taking any cases in there…don’t listen to these fools…expose every corrupt lawyer, minister, judge…until ya get a functioning Supreme Court.

  7. Again…for RETARDS..

    .your Supreme Court is dysfunctional…ya cannot get justice in a supreme or any court that does not function because of CORRUPTION…bribery, selling out cases, malicious, deliberate BACKLOGGING of cases by the dirtiest of lawyers ..…I could go on all day.

    But ah won’t..I have had too much of a good day so far, why spoil

  8. BTW… I do not appreciate having to spell out everything for grown ass people who love to boast how educated they are and how they have the best education in the Caribbean, while looking down on other islanders but yet are unable to analyze simple scenarios…which would be to their own and their children, grandchildren and future generation’s benefit…..found myself doing it for years on BU..spelling out this and that,,,am near the end with that..there reaches a time when things MUST be taken to the next level…ya would think after 11 years on a blog most people would see that, 6 years is my limit.

    Yall for some reason are incapable of seeing what is right in front of you…

  9. WARU,

    I know more than two lawyers who are not crooks. The system may be corrupt but I need more than rumours to convict particular individuals.

    I am not convinced that there is no justice to be had in Barbados if we did something other than complain to our immediate family and friends, drink rum and wuk up to forget our problems. Are these people more powerful than the slave masters? The problem is that we are not prepared to do what it takes to get justice. We live in fairy tale land and expect that we will never have to fight again. The real world is a jungle. There is ALWAYS another battle. Daily we must fight for our lives. If we lapse we dead. I am much happier since I came to see life from this perspective.

  10. Donna…who asked you to convict anyone…I certainly did not, the people who are negatively impacted are doing a great job exposing it all on their own, I am yet to hear them tell anyone to convict any of them….all they are saying is that the world needs to has been a nasty secret in Barbados for decades…the corruption and thefts from the vulnerable.

    “The problem is that we are not prepared to do what it takes to get justice. We live in fairy tale land and expect that we will never have to fight again. The real world is a jungle. There is ALWAYS another battle. Daily we must fight for our lives. If we lapse we dead. I am much happier since I came to see life from this perspective.”

    All these bloggers who have been on here for years should have already figured out what you already did, …it is a battle to get a FUNCTIONING Supreme Court…corrupt government ministers, lawyers, Judges WILL NOT want to give up their most lucrative income of dispensing INJUSTICE at the Supreme Court, thieving from the elderly ALL their estates, stealing their compensations, even children’s….they have not realized that they have TO FIGHT and put pressure on Mia to get rid of her corrupt ministers, fellow lawyers and friends from corrupting the court system.

  11. My post counter…ah gotta tell ya, ya really stepped in it this time and ya did it without any help from me whatsoever…lol,

    Mariposa must be laughing her ass off…as she should.

    Ah hope ya ain’t still blaming me for YOUR stupidity…lol

    Artax..the Facebook Star..

  12. For the sake of CLARITY..

    they have not realized that they have TO FIGHT and put pressure on Mia to get rid of her corrupt ministers, fellow lawyers, FAMILY MEMBERS and friends from corrupting the court system..

    At the end of they day I do not give two pucks how powerful the shitehound leaders in Barbados believe they are…small island power is no power at all..the PEOPLE GIVETH…and the PEOPLE CAN TAKE AWAY THEIR PRETENTIOUS POWER.

  13. Wait one Theo Gazzerts ask me to have merci on Caswell
    Then even have the nerve to talk to be about manners
    I guess as long as his personnel property is not being hoodwinked and under attacked by powerful and influential people it is alright to give a passing grade to crooks and scawliwags

  14. Glad to hear Artax getting a beat down on social media
    Now he can join the likes of Caswell who tried to defend George Payne
    and was catspraddle all over social media
    A piece of advice for you mate Artax if trouble dont trouble u dont trouble it

  15. Hi Artax how does it feel to be called a horses all over social media
    Yuh some dumb you actually stepbinto the firing line to cover for Caswell and George Payne
    I thought i was the dumb one on BU
    I bet yu gonna ran and hide and never make mention of the Stewarts name again
    In the meanwhile you have managed to re energize the George Payne saga all over social media
    Horray you have won the Top yard Dog award
    Be good

  16. Wax palax
    The yardog Artax has found himself all tangled up in an issue which he had no business all because he tried to defend George Payne
    Now like Caswell he has joined the club of bucket crabs to be scalled and roasted


    All these bloggers who have been on here for years should have already figured out what you already did, …it is a battle to get a FUNCTIONING Supreme Court…corrupt government ministers, lawyers, Judges WILL NOT want to give up their most lucrative income of dispensing INJUSTICE at the Supreme Court, thieving…STEALING from the elderly ALL their estates, stealing from THE INJURED their compensations, even children’s….they have not realized that they have TO FIGHT and put pressure on Mia to get rid of her corrupt ministers, fellow lawyers, HER FAMILY MEMBERS and friends from corrupting the court system.

    So instead of some bloggers slithering out to ATTACK others for posting the TRUTH…they need to take that same wasted time and put it to good use to PRESSURE the Mia government to END the CORRUPTION in the court system so that REAL JUSTICE can be served to the vulnerable….because the next court case to be destroyed by the corrupt criminals in the parliament AND the judiciary…may be that of the same treacherous Judases or their family members.

    Ah don’t care how much bribes and ends of money yall lowlife judases and traitors took from politicians to change the narrative on BU…from I get a whiff of what ya up to…ya ass is mine….so try flying straight and facing REALITY for a change.

  18. Bad enough we are fighting a stinking corrupt government, corrupt bar association, corrupt judges, too many corrupt lawyers, a whole corrupt judiciary but it is a shame and disgrace to also be fighting ignorant, backward bloggers.

  19. Now listen up. The news media run allll the way to New York to cover the Donville Inniss scandal
    However sitting right here in their own back yard the media refuse to listen to the cries of those people who have been fleeced of millions of dollars in their personnel property by lowfile and scumbags dressed in two piece suits known as politician
    Some of these politicians even have the nerve to accept positions on boards that would monitor the ethical underpinnings of govt
    Look at dat even the news media knows how to play their game of smoke and mirors
    By the time all these political gamemanship is over the whole country would have gone up in smoke

  20. Good morning Caswell how can u sleep well knowning that u have to sit side by side with politicians whose character is clouded with suspicious illegalities
    How can u? You have built your reputation building a bridge that cannot be compromised to appease wrong doing against the people
    Yet on the issue of unfair practices and wrong doing by influential politicians against the people you remain quiet
    Stand out from amongst those low lifes and scumbags and be counted as a man of ethical standard
    What do u have to lose

  21. This govt ran on a platform of transparency and to end corruption with an intent of having in mind of bringing to bear and holding those accused of corrupt deeds accountable
    Yet this govt gives no thought our concern to those people who have openly persist and gave feasible and reasonable accounting of unfair and corrupt wrong doing done to them by elected ministers of the Crown sitting in high office
    Govt knows of these ministers and the scandal surrounding them but have closed eyes and ears to the suffering cries of the victims
    What a god dam shame

  22. @Mariposa,

    Are you suggesting that this government is not transparent? That a government that could force through the so-called Regulation Sandbox to regulate a single company (at present) in which BLP Senator Rawdon Adams, son of…., is a leading executive? That the rumour that mMoney have been hired to managed the collection of VAT may be true? That the failure to make transparent, if true, the fee mMoney will receive? Which bank account the money will go in to; when will it be transferred to government (weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually) and if the account is an interest-paying one who gets the interest – all that is a minor detail?
    It is all going to end in tears. Barbados is a failed state.

  23. Yuh got that right Hal all which has being formulated on a smoke and mirror platform and sold to the people as ” in the country best interst”
    We are all doomed Hal
    Reason why i continue to hold govt feet to the fire in other ways
    A govt who would ignore victimisation of citizens by one of govt cabinet minister is a govt which cannot be trusted
    We are all doomed to a life of fear and being forgotten by this govt

  24. Hal and dont forget the News and print media they are all part of this govt game plan to manipulate and fool the people

  25. @David the blogmaster “In the meantime, what are they expected to do – eat grass?”

    The old people were wise. They taught those of us who chose to listen that


  26. @Mariposa,

    In the country’s best interest is translated in to Bajan as ‘loyalty’. So, if prime minister Mottley says promoting mMoney is in the country’s best interest, then how dare us oppose it? We are being disloyal.

  27. @ Donna
    I know more than two lawyers who are not crooks.
    We often see eye to eye, but this statement is unlikely to be true….

    As Bushie has previously stipulated, there are a maximum of two honest lawyers in Barbados …and they operate outside of the system as a DIRECT consequence of being HONEST.

    The statistical probability of your knowing BOTH of these lawyers has been calculated by Bushie to be less than 18.75% …
    …UNLESS of course you know some OVERSEAS lawyers who operate in jurisdictions where ETHICS mean something.

    Perhaps you can ask Artax to calculate the probability of ‘Hats and Teets’ being the honest two in Bim….. and what that would say about higher-ups in the political scheme of things…

    Do you need evidence that dogs bite?
    Do you need hard evidence that Trump will tweet shiite today….?
    Do you need evidence that Maripoka has her eyes on Caswell…?

  28. @Mariposa November 17, 2018 7:46 AM “print media they are all part of this govt game plan to manipulate and fool the people.”

    The people are not being fooled?

    Although the political class and their pimps may choose to believe so.

    Didn’t the DLP and its pimps think that they were fooling the people too?

    Until May 24, 30- aught them otherwise?

    The people are counting the BLP’s missteps. The people are counting the missteps and misspoken words on individual BLP Parliamentarians too.

    And the people are waiting to fix their assess in 2023.

    Thee is no way the BLP will ever get 30-0 again.

    But the DLP need not sit in a corner and feel sweet ether.

    We have not yet forgotten how you had lost all respect for us, for we the people.

  29. Mia and Rawdone and Simmons and Haynes and ALL THE THIEVES in and out of parliament elaborate plans are to RIP OFF THE BLACK POPULATION as usual…and park the stolen money in their already existing offshore accounts.

    ……not one of them have the best interest of the vulnerable majority population at heart, their one goal is to inflate their offshore accounts by millions, while the black population sacrifices and struggles and suffers…the usual routine, just like the corrupt ministers and their bribers of DLP did…..all the while pretending they are doing the people they steal from a huge favor.

    … any of you see Mia and her corrupt clowns pursuing any of the DLP crooks to RECOVER the people’s money…why would she, when the plan is to commit the same CRIMES against the people with mMoney and all the other shit scams the thieves dream up.., and don’t forget…

    ….do not hold ya breathe waiting for any of these corrupt demons to recover the people’s money…not when the plan is to do some tiefing of public funds of their own.

  30. 2023 is the least of my interest
    My interest most is that govt misleading adventure of transparency and integrity has come to nought
    Exhibit A the Stewarts who for weeks into months into years even while turning up the volume of their concerns (and rightfully so) of victimisation by ministers of the crown has gone unnoticed
    Isnt the proof of the pudding in the eating or does govt intends to keep serving jobby to the people in the disguse as puddin
    As for Caswell i am soo disapointed in him in his inabilty to hold his friend George Payne feet to the fire in similar manner as to when he come forward and slimed Carroll Roberts
    Caswell has no excuse for saying that George Payne problems via illegal accusations is none of his concern
    After all he duly sworn on the Holy Bible on the day of his confirmation as a Senator to uphold the laws of the country which by all means keeping eyes and ears wide open and speak out against wrong doing to Country and people

  31. @Mariposa,

    You are right. A government that claims to be ethical, if two senior ministers are accused of having committed an offence, the very LEAST the prime minister should do is carry out an inquiry – either by a judge, or a senior lawyer. To pretend that allegations have not been made is silly.

  32. Hal:

    Should a government waste its time and OUR MONEY chasing wills-o’-the-wisp/ignis fatuus/foolish fires?

    Wouldn’t that be a silly thing to do?

  33. Hal i know i am right i might be the lone voice here on BU in opposition to govt actions who know feels contented to be quiet by attempting to diffuse the Stewarts issue by way of silence
    However whatever direction this issue takes i would be satisfied my conscience is clear in its validity to speak out

  34. Simple Simon
    Did not the govt give away millions of dollars in tax waivers
    So why can’t govt use the same measuring stick of seeking compensation to victims of wrong doing by ministers
    I mean the evidence is out there for all to see
    What wasted money SS you speak of Billy Goat

  35. Bushie,

    I assure you that I know more than two lawyers who are not crooks. They will not rise to prominence but just do a good job for their clients navigating the system. I guess that sort of makes your point for you that they will not rise to prominence. We could speculate on why and come to the conclusion that a corrupt system rewards only those who are corrupt.

    But my point is that unless we grow a backbone and a brain, join together and fight this system the lotta long talk could as well cease. Bigger and badder have fallen. Why are we so afraid?

    P.S. I have never been even threatened by a dog. I hear they sniff out fear and bite accordingly.

  36. Having said that I will state again that the onus is on Mia to address the issue one way or another. I am very troubled that she has not.

  37. Yes True all must get together and fight the system
    Exhibt A Jackie Stewart
    Many would talk but few would join
    Example Simple Simon and others who rather let the likes of George Payne remain in the system untouchable

  38. A Thought…
    Withe the exception of a few folks here, BU residents believe that the Stewarts and other matters should be further pursued.
    Most of us can sit in our armchairs and make suggestions. Mia is in a position where the final decision of what must/will be done is determined by her. Unlike an armchair warrior, Mia has to weigh the consequences of her decision/indecision.

    To me and you, it may be a binary matter, right or wrong. To Mia, it may be more complicated…. She has to consider how the rest of the eager 28 will react. ‘Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.”

    This is not an apology or excuse for Mia, just an attempt to make things real….

  39. @Mariposa November 17, 2018 12:02 PM “Simple Simon and others who rather let the likes of George Payne remain in the system untouchable.”

    I’ve known George from the time he was a lil boy in short pants. I’ve never asked anything of him. I will never ask anything of him. I don’t care if he comes or goes. He was nothing to me when he was a lil boy in short pants. He is nothing to me now that he is a lil man in a suit.

    I DON’T care.

    I am NOT you.

    I am not a BLP yardfowl.

    I am NOT a DLP yardfowl.

    I followed my parents advice, “get up and work fah yaself”

    It worked for me.

  40. Not in any government job neither.

    I’ve NEVER asked for nor accepted any favour from any politician anywhere.

    Just send my pension cheques to me in full and on time.

    And HAUL.

  41. @Mariposa
    It seems as if you started with a clean slate after May 24,2018 and amnesia for the period before.

    You were in full support of Fraudel and company. In your eyes, they could do nothing wrong.
    Perhaps if you had demonstrated that there was a point beyond which the most ardent supporter would lose faith then we would see more of the actions that you desire from the current administration.

    You threw your full support behind Fraudel and his bunch of thieves and your never waivering may have convinced Mia that she can count on the Enuffs of Barbados all of the way…

    I applaud your zeal, but your hypocrisy has me vomiting.
    🙁 #TheLoveHasDied 🙁

  42. It is sad that a man like Caswell cannot now provide a statement without it being twisted and shape so that if falls on one side of the political divide.

    I can only imagine the “ac type” sitting and examining each word of other contributors when trying to put them in one of the two buckets.

    Indeed, I remember when one of the “Enuff types” attempted to make a blogger denounce his ambidexterity and to push him into a right-hand or left-hand camp. The anonymice descended on the “Enuff type” with a voracious appetite.

    Pssssst… some of those anonymice are still here…

  43. Caswell statements stands as being said by Caswell. Unless Caswell was coerced into making those statements or comments Caswell words stands as close as a defence of George Paynes allegations
    Rather than take a look at the other side of the issue Caswell boldly took to BU to place his two cents worth of what he might belived would have taken some heat off George Payne and put closure to the Stewarts accusations
    Even up to present time knowning what Caswell have seen and heard on the Stewart issue he remains in a state of stoned silence oblviuos to the fact that as a member of govt he should lean towards the protection of the people rights without seeking fame or fortune

  44. TheOGazerts,

    She has been fighting for this position since childhood. I have no sympathy for her and her difficult decisions. She still answers to us. Or at least she SHOULD. That is if her vision of Barbados AS PRESENTED is something more than a facade. But I fear her window of opportunity is fast closing. She will take this ship down and most of us with it.

  45. Theo .
    The only person that i can remember of being openly accused of theft was Carrington by the blp brigade even after he had address and made good the court order
    Be that as it may. it is more hypocrtical of YOU in your discourse to by pass facts and evidence which ties George Payne to illegal allegations while in office( in your subliminal defense of him)
    If you want to call a spade a spade in regards to hypocrisy be also mindful of the fact that one of those spade might be attached to u

  46. What’s Right is Right and what’s wrong is wrong . Mia interest should not be of more importance than in the pursuit of justice
    It is not an obligation for her to do so but a duty by which she has sworn to perform by way of the Constitution

  47. Mariposa…

    We need to realize the realities of life.
    “The difference between involvement and commitment is like ham and eggs. The chicken is involved; the pig is committed.”

    As the chicken, you can take the high road in you post May 24 comments.

  48. I am not a Mia’s fan. I do not make apologies for Mia.

    This ‘four legs good, two legs bad’ has always been your chant.

    Only those who are not directly involved can see issues in just black and white. Others cannot afford the luxury of oversimplification. They must also look at the gray.

  49. Theo..Are there supposed to be realities in politics that separate the citizen from the politician
    So then what does it good for every five years to cast a vote
    Am i now to belive that the vote casted in reality was for naught
    Or are citizens not entitled to chip away at those barriers of entiltment taken as a divine right of passage to all politican
    Certainly and with certain bad people thrive and flourish when good people do Nothing
    Pick or choose between the two which you prefer to be
    Another reason which i have held Caswell feet to the fire as a man who have held and preached a belief that Wrong is Wrong

  50. Well…at least Mia and her gang are getting the message LOUD AND CLEAR..that despite all those offshore accounts she and ALL of them have in their possessions…they are shit outta luck thinking they will be getting away with even a 1/4 of the INJUSTICE to THE PEOPLE WHO ELECTED THEM, the majority population…that their other half THE DLP crooks managed to get away with, just because Mia does not believe that the people who elected her DESERVES JUSTICE…or their money back.

    Ah hope she knows it will NOT end well, since she has made it abundantly clear within the last 6 months, that she and her fellow clowns CANNOT BE TRUSTED…by the people who elected her and they will remember that come 2023…

    The nerve of her thinking she can massage people with shit…. that they have to sacrifice and suffer while her DLP partners and their bribers get to keep whatever they stole from the people, without accountability or consequences.,,because it is her friends and buddies and minority masters did the stealing..

    …am sure that slick trick still looks really good to her but it is only showing how dizzy she still is in believing that the people wanted her and her gang so badly when in reality they wanted to see the back of the corrupt DLP..

    But time is longer than twine.

    tick tock..

  51. 2023! Is several lifetimes away in the political arena. It’s Mia’s misfortune to have taken over the leadership mantle from her predecessors.

    I believe that she will be toppled from within her party inside the next six months.

    Your assumption that her party will govern until 2023 is flawed. Why do you assume that the majority population will sit idly by for the next four years solely to exercise their right to place an X sign on some discredited ballot paper. Are you mad!

    There is a high probability that the majority population will reject outright the current policies of this government who are discriminating and inflicting severe pain against their own people whilst cossetting up to and protecting the interests of minorities ( and i’m not referring to specific races – John).

    GP has been mocking Mia for sometime and has come up with an extremely clever phrase “Inferior superiors” to describe this mock government and their business associates. His message resonates and is a clear sign to the political elite that the veneer of deference accorded to them by the public is on the way out.

    Check out the final speech of the dictator from Romania Nicolae Ceausescu and the street demonstrations currently taking place in France organised by a woman of colour. 2023! LOL!

  52. @ Talking Loud,

    You are on to something. The weak link in the Mia chain will be the bright young men and women who she over-manages. They are educated, professional and proud and will not tolerate Mia treating them like unruly teenagers. They will walk out of her Cabinet unless she delegates more authority.

  53. Also i would like your spin on Guyson Mayers article on the silence of the media
    Also Albert Branford statement on govt Rush to implement harsh austerity measures on the people
    Btw you can also post an article of your liking using a spin top as the logo

  54. @Mariposa
    All this time I thought you were the proverbial blind squirrel finding a nut every now and then…

    But your last post and your “Btw you can also post an article of your liking using a spin top as the logo” tells me this is a focused and well planned attack on the blogmaster

  55. Theo. U are wrong nothing about atttacking David
    But a positioning of the mind which preference a taste worthy of enlightenment

  56. @ Hal,

    Mia is governing Barbados like some old-fashioned eastern european dictator. Why should the masses be sacrificed to pay for the greed of past corrupt government administrations?

    Who is advising MIa?

  57. “I believe that she will be toppled from within her party inside the next six months.”

    Talking Loud…the Barbados populi has pleasantly surprised me before, I liked the feeling, got to use a word on May 25th that I tend to avoid….but see nothing wrong with duplicating that feeling and using that same word again to describe Bajans, whether it is in 6 months time, or 4 years and 6 months…

    Some people tend to think that the same criminals in her group she is protecting will be her undoing, been hearing that for all the months since she was elected.

    I like surprises and the electorate now knows what electoral blood tastes like …and the amount of power they have had at the polls to wield in the last 53 years, power that the same demon ministers and politicians never wanted them to know they had…time is longer than twine my friend.

  58. If the masses don’t pay who will?
    The masses SHOULD pay….cause
    We sat down and watched as the DLP did shiite for a decade…

    BUT FIRST the DLP duppies should be made to pay with MANY stripes…

    They should be prosecuted for breaking the laws WHEREVER possible…
    – breeches of the income tax act
    …of the Tendering rules for Government contracts
    …of exceeding campaign fund limits
    — for facilitating the CLICO robbery
    ..for trying the CAHILL mega robbery
    …for failure to provide financial accounts as REQUIRED by Law for NIS, …and almost EVERY Government agency
    —-for accepting bribes from local businessmen who cry on TV
    … for accepting bribes from foreign businesspersons who lose their houses shortly afterwards
    Perhaps, even for breeches of basic common sense. (but then we would need to hang Kellman)

    THEN …. the people’s donkeys SHOULD be taxed till we require vaseline for comfort. Too damn hard-ears.

    Unfortunately, the CURRENT Government cannot afford to set such precedents.
    (But you DONE know that Caswell would have…. IF he had Bupped!!!)

    • Every election cycle we hear the same thing CORRUPTION!

      Same bellow from the politicians across the region. The majority of the electorate is in to the empty promises read rhetoric.

      It is a racket they have perfected to win elections. We have to work to crack this thing wide open. It has to be done with surgical precision, unfortunately we are not there yet.

  59. David

    You asked:

    “If the masses don’t pay who will?”

    The people who bloody owe. Take for example Courts that collected $35 million in VAT and has not paid in one cent of it after they were caught.

    • @Caswell

      We must collect all agree but how much of the debt outstanding is realizable?

      You know if the government squeeze some of these entities owing money they will shut up shop or send home workers.

      Always a catch 22 situation. Why do you think the car dealerships have been untouchable to use one example?

  60. If Courts owes Bds$35m in unpaid VAT, why is it still trading? What is the total value of its assets in Barbados? And, it is fair to assume, that if a corporation does not hand over VAT, then it is most likely not paying national insurance or income tax. What about employees’ pension contributions? If so, why has it taken the government six months to work out that Courts should be closed?

  61. There is no Catch-22. If corporations do not pay their taxes then close them down. Other business people will step in to the breach. That is the Schumpeterian innovation that Commissiong and others talk about.

  62. Courts filed an objection years after the deadline had passed but even so the file is now conveniently missing.

    Mind you, this has nothing to do with corruption of elected officials. Initially this was purely a matter about crooked senior public officers, who have since been promoted. But now since the elected officials have been brought into the loop, we should be seeing some action or did Courts get to them as well.

    • @Caswell

      You need to encourage an officer in the know to send BU some information listing names and dates etc.

  63. But Caswell what about the old people who were ripped off by Senior politicians
    When are u going talk about them
    You are so good at picking on things that seem alligned to govt policies
    But turn a deaf ear to those illegalities that are alligned to your friends and associates in Parliament

  64. Sometime ago Courts was in serious trouble throughout the Caribbean. I remember suggesting to one of their senior guys he should prepare a business plan to take over one of the branches. I don’t know what happened to that.
    Whatever the case, they should pay their taxes or be clod immediately. Government must not allow itself to be blackmailed about jobs.

  65. Government must not allow itself to be blackmailed about jobs.
    Is Hal serious?
    Government’s very APPROACH to ‘jobs’ is via ‘friendly blackmail’
    …with some bribery thrown in for good measure…

    Sandals, The Hyatt plan, Baloney &Co ltd, The Canadian Solar Plant, the Banks Holdings giveaway…Courts…
    Every little Tom Dick and Harry comes looking for concessions and deals in exchange for providing ‘jobs’ … which is just an euphemism for having access to cheap Bajan brass bowl serfs…. while robbing all our valuable assets…

    Does Hal think that anyone in Bajan Governments in the last 30 years had, or have, ANY capability of generating jobs on their OWN initiative…?

    Courts is but the tip of the shiiteberg…
    A big-able new Minister seems to have discovered that the Lottery has MILLIONS in outstanding taxes too….
    but of late this debt seems to have paled into insignificance for some reason… while the savings of TRUSTING brass bowls who purchased government bonds are being raided…..

    If we are a failed state, pray tell us how a failed government can resist these blackmailers…..

  66. Maripoka
    no shame coming back on BU to show off your hypocrisy
    After the DLP’s last ten years and your active participation as their BU resident idiot, Bushie had new respect for you when you found it possible to come here after the 30 – 0 drubbing and complain about thieving lawyers….

    But now to call Caswell a hypocrite because he refuses to even piss on you and your hypocritical campaign against the BLP version of your DLP speaker…

    You HAVE to be an idiot of global renown… and of biblical proportions…

  67. But bush tea who called your name .Caswell dont have to say nothing he has already said enough in his defence of George Payne
    If i were you i would stay out of the frying pan before you get yuh self caught in the fire like Caswell and Artax

  68. If i were you i would stay out of the frying pan before you get yuh self caught in the fire
    If YOU were Bushie…??!!
    Shiite !!!

    If you were Bushie …then the world would be a MUCH different place…
    In fact, if you were even HUMAN … then BU would be save so much jobby…..

    If you were Bushie indeed…!!!!
    Why not light the fire ….
    It would be cat piss and peppa in your retarded donkey….

    ha ha ha
    Shiirttt ….!!

  69. Bus tea dont say i didnt warn yuh and yuh talking about cat piss and pepper
    Ask yuh friend Caswell wuh dat feel like
    Bro uh aint see nuttin yet
    What nerve yuh got to be telling me bout Caswell not piss on me
    Well good cause Caswell cant even piss fuh heself he needs a moutpiece like yours the biggest brassbowl EVER to be his shield and body guard
    But uh warn uh dont trouble trouble if trouble didnt trouble yuh
    Yuh should know by now that Caswell lying with dogs is the reason he caught flees
    Bro watch yuh mout cause you might be the next brass bowl slimed all over social media
    Back up bro

  70. You Mariposa are slime of the variety that oozes from festering gangrenous wounds.

    Today, because of 1 single cause, the Ermind Atwell cause, you are able to raise your head on Barbados Underground purely because there is credibility in their matter.

    Without this single horse matter, you would never have been able to surface on Barbados Underground

    So, you will flog this horse for what it is worth while you sidestep the $1.5 billion that your other DLP slime party stole during their tenure.

    The problem with this matter is this.

    You can talk forever cause Mugabe Mottley is covering for your DLP slimepals

    Cause she is just as contaminated as they are.

    And to even prosecute one of them Teets and Edmund got to air their respective dirty laundry AND HERS

    That is a really sad place to be when you cannot say a thing about a fellow cause you are guilty of the same thing

    So you going talk bout this for 5 years or til Jan 31st cause the leader in hades cannot cast out sin.

    Carry on smartly.

  71. Amen to @BT and Pieces…that Mari-Ac set of characters are the embodiment of HYPOCRISY.
    still don’t realize that the Bajan public told them in NO UNCERTAIN terms to CUT THE CRAP!

    Still playing stupid gotcha games rather the an dealing seriously with serious public policy forward thinking.

    Mr Blogmaster to your eternal lament: what a waste of monies on free education!

  72. Piece
    U call me slim . Ghee whizz i am about to pass out because of those words
    Btw u can call but cannot prove.
    Yes i called out Caswell because i can prove by his own words that he made a rush to the finish line to defend George Payne
    Yes i called him out because he has been one of many on BU preaching and teaching thr Gospel of transparency and Integrity and would go in broad day light to expose the sins and character of individuals who were less than honest and forth right in their actions and behaviour
    Yes i called out Caswell because he now sits in a position as a member of parliament to act out of a moral attitude and conviction upon those words called transparency and Intgerity
    The proof of the pudding is in the eating
    Would u not agree?
    The next time u decide to put your two cents worth of attacks on mariposa remembers this
    Of what a slimy trail we leave when we practice to deceive

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