Senator Franklyn Speaks – Uncaring John King

Minister of Sports & Culture, John King

In six short months, Minister John King has revealed a previously uncaring side that was not readily apparent during the last elections campaign, by displaying a callous lack of empathy for persons that have been retrenched from the public service.

According to the Sunday Sun of November 11, 2018, he stated that we were wasting a lot of time talking about layoffs. Well Mr. Minister layoffs hurt, especially if it is your only job and your only source of income and you have: children to support; bills to pay; and you are in danger of losing your home because you will soon have to default on your mortgage. Mind you, he held out a little hope for those affected, when he predicted a turnaround in two years. In the meantime, what are they expected to do – eat grass?

He forms part of the largest governing administration in the history of this country and I don’t see him volunteering to make the sacrifice for the common good. I well recall the current Prime Minister, when in opposition, suggesting that the Stuart cabinet should have no more than twelve members. Now she has twenty-six which, to my mind and her previously stated position, is more than this country needs.

Why can’t Minister King take a two-year layoff since he is so comfortable doing it to others, particularly the lowest paid public servants. To be fair to him, I don’t think he knows what he is talking about. He can’t be aware that his administration is retrenching permanent employees, and doing so contrary to the law which requires that their posts must first be abolished by parliament. To date no order has been laid in parliament, in accordance with section 13 of the Public Service Act.

Worst yet, I don’t know how the minister and any of his colleagues can sleep comfortably at night knowing that this category of worker is not entitled to unemployment benefits from National Insurance, and they are not given any form of severance payment. Instead, this caring administration is paying retrenched permanent and pensionable employees with their own money.

I don’t think that any voter in the last election expected this savagery.


  • But Caswell what about the old people who were ripped off by Senior politicians
    When are u going talk about them
    You are so good at picking on things that seem alligned to govt policies
    But turn a deaf ear to those illegalities that are alligned to your friends and associates in Parliament


  • Looks like the parent is a salvadorian company?


  • Sometime ago Courts was in serious trouble throughout the Caribbean. I remember suggesting to one of their senior guys he should prepare a business plan to take over one of the branches. I don’t know what happened to that.
    Whatever the case, they should pay their taxes or be clod immediately. Government must not allow itself to be blackmailed about jobs.


  • But Caswell have u got no shame coming back on BU to show off your hypocrisy
    What kind of lizard are you?

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  • Government must not allow itself to be blackmailed about jobs.
    Is Hal serious?
    Government’s very APPROACH to ‘jobs’ is via ‘friendly blackmail’
    …with some bribery thrown in for good measure…

    Sandals, The Hyatt plan, Baloney &Co ltd, The Canadian Solar Plant, the Banks Holdings giveaway…Courts…
    Every little Tom Dick and Harry comes looking for concessions and deals in exchange for providing ‘jobs’ … which is just an euphemism for having access to cheap Bajan brass bowl serfs…. while robbing all our valuable assets…

    Does Hal think that anyone in Bajan Governments in the last 30 years had, or have, ANY capability of generating jobs on their OWN initiative…?

    Courts is but the tip of the shiiteberg…
    A big-able new Minister seems to have discovered that the Lottery has MILLIONS in outstanding taxes too….
    but of late this debt seems to have paled into insignificance for some reason… while the savings of TRUSTING brass bowls who purchased government bonds are being raided…..

    If we are a failed state, pray tell us how a failed government can resist these blackmailers…..


  • Maripoka
    no shame coming back on BU to show off your hypocrisy
    After the DLP’s last ten years and your active participation as their BU resident idiot, Bushie had new respect for you when you found it possible to come here after the 30 – 0 drubbing and complain about thieving lawyers….

    But now to call Caswell a hypocrite because he refuses to even piss on you and your hypocritical campaign against the BLP version of your DLP speaker…

    You HAVE to be an idiot of global renown… and of biblical proportions…

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  • But bush tea who called your name .Caswell dont have to say nothing he has already said enough in his defence of George Payne
    If i were you i would stay out of the frying pan before you get yuh self caught in the fire like Caswell and Artax


  • If i were you i would stay out of the frying pan before you get yuh self caught in the fire
    If YOU were Bushie…??!!
    Shiite !!!

    If you were Bushie …then the world would be a MUCH different place…
    In fact, if you were even HUMAN … then BU would be save so much jobby…..

    If you were Bushie indeed…!!!!
    Why not light the fire ….
    It would be cat piss and peppa in your retarded donkey….

    ha ha ha
    Shiirttt ….!!


  • Bus tea dont say i didnt warn yuh and yuh talking about cat piss and pepper
    Ask yuh friend Caswell wuh dat feel like
    Bro uh aint see nuttin yet
    What nerve yuh got to be telling me bout Caswell not piss on me
    Well good cause Caswell cant even piss fuh heself he needs a moutpiece like yours the biggest brassbowl EVER to be his shield and body guard
    But uh warn uh dont trouble trouble if trouble didnt trouble yuh
    Yuh should know by now that Caswell lying with dogs is the reason he caught flees
    Bro watch yuh mout cause you might be the next brass bowl slimed all over social media
    Back up bro


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    You Mariposa are slime of the variety that oozes from festering gangrenous wounds.

    Today, because of 1 single cause, the Ermind Atwell cause, you are able to raise your head on Barbados Underground purely because there is credibility in their matter.

    Without this single horse matter, you would never have been able to surface on Barbados Underground

    So, you will flog this horse for what it is worth while you sidestep the $1.5 billion that your other DLP slime party stole during their tenure.

    The problem with this matter is this.

    You can talk forever cause Mugabe Mottley is covering for your DLP slimepals

    Cause she is just as contaminated as they are.

    And to even prosecute one of them Teets and Edmund got to air their respective dirty laundry AND HERS

    That is a really sad place to be when you cannot say a thing about a fellow cause you are guilty of the same thing

    So you going talk bout this for 5 years or til Jan 31st cause the leader in hades cannot cast out sin.

    Carry on smartly.

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  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Amen to @BT and Pieces…that Mari-Ac set of characters are the embodiment of HYPOCRISY.
    still don’t realize that the Bajan public told them in NO UNCERTAIN terms to CUT THE CRAP!

    Still playing stupid gotcha games rather the an dealing seriously with serious public policy forward thinking.

    Mr Blogmaster to your eternal lament: what a waste of monies on free education!


  • Piece
    U call me slim . Ghee whizz i am about to pass out because of those words
    Btw u can call but cannot prove.
    Yes i called out Caswell because i can prove by his own words that he made a rush to the finish line to defend George Payne
    Yes i called him out because he has been one of many on BU preaching and teaching thr Gospel of transparency and Integrity and would go in broad day light to expose the sins and character of individuals who were less than honest and forth right in their actions and behaviour
    Yes i called out Caswell because he now sits in a position as a member of parliament to act out of a moral attitude and conviction upon those words called transparency and Intgerity
    The proof of the pudding is in the eating
    Would u not agree?
    The next time u decide to put your two cents worth of attacks on mariposa remembers this
    Of what a slimy trail we leave when we practice to deceive


  • Any time Caswell raised his head on BU i will remind him of his hypocrisy
    Leaning on behalf of wrong instead of right


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