The DLP: The People Who Failed Barbados. Promised a Pathway to Progress, But Subject Barbados and Barbadians to a Future of Economic Ruin

Henderson Bovell

Henderson Bovell

“And this is the man who has now become a god, and I’m a wretched creature who must bow down if Caesar so much as carelessly nods my way. In Spain, Caesar had a fever, and it made him shake. It’s true, this so-called “god”—he shook. His cowardly lips turned white, and the same eye whose gaze terrifies the world lost its gleam. I heard him groan—yes, I did—and the same tongue that ordered the Romans to obey him and transcribe his speeches in their books cried, “Give me some water, Titinius,” like a sick girl. It astounds me that such a weak man could beat the whole world and carry the trophy of victory alone.” – Julius Caesar

Bitter disappointment! A heart breaking let-down! Savage betrayal and the type the world would have thought, only Lady Macbeth capable of! This is not a ‘Science Fiction Movie’ I am describing but the DLP and what Barbadians and the world hate most about politics! You are at liberty to call it “a symbol of shocking betrayal” but many now believe it may in-fact, be: ‘the devil in disguise.’ Not satisfied that it has caused enough pain and human suffering as a result of its lies; deception and cold betrayal, “this intolerable; dishonest and insane DLP-Government” now administers ‘the kiss of economic ruin’ to thousands. The critical point to remember: “trust the DLP and there will be severe and devastating consequences.” It is a political party, which is similar in character to the ‘bajan three-card-men’ and If you thought it had changed since 1991 – then you would have made a very serious and costly error!

What gives the DLP the right to feel it justified to use ‘economic savagery and inhumane sanctions’ against the people who are not responsible for manufacturing this ‘perilous DLP fiscal crisis?’ And yet, if you ask ANY member of this weak-DLP-Government when will Barbados come-out of this crippling recession or escape the grasp of this perilous fiscal crisis – there is a 100% chance the answer you get, will be yet another horrible lie. And instead of being booed – out of Barbados, these people are being allowed to waste more time; loiter unnecessarily, and commit this country to a further 19-months of austerity, while subjecting an undisclosed number of thousands engaged with the Public Service, to a 100% pay cut, indefinitely!

Thomas Sowell said: “It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.” Kerry Symmond’s point for a recall of government (as part of a new politics for Barbados) is therefore well-reasoned!

This is a time for “serious people;” “serious politics” and “serious policies!” But even in this perilous crisis and even while people are hurting, the DLP is playing childish games and they feel it is a laughing matter and something to grin at. How else could you explain the Prime Minister describing his incompetent Cabinet (some of whom the electorate recently, rightly rejected at the Polls) but all of whom caused Barbados to be downgraded to ‘junk’ and the economy to shrink, while pushing the country towards economic ruin – as “eminent person,” even thought the word: “eminent” is associated with distinguished and outstanding achievement?

The discussion that needs to take place in every house; at every church; sport-club, in every barber and rum shop, at every gym and hair dressing salon and where ever else people gather – has long passed comment on anything this irrelevant and failed-DLP-Government or a David Estwick has to say! They were bluffing before and they are now making-up-stuff as they go or perhaps – as they receive communication and amended-instructions, from the dark-side!

Leading-up to the February 2013 general election, the DLP may have met with a man who is rumoured to be able to ‘raise the dead.’ And while it is now clear that their intention was not to disturb Thompson – they may only have wanted to facilitate communication from the ‘underworld.’ After-all, the cell phone, as with technology – has its limits!  The reality is: ‘the DLP is doing its best’ but that’s the problem! It cannot cope and its best is way below what is required to see Barbados through to brighter days. How could this oppressive-Government, possibly feel – that by ruining the lives of thousands by callously firing them – it is putting them on the “pathway to progress?”

For some time now, I have been sounding the alarm that the DLP is bad for Barbados and needs to be reeled-in, before it did any further damage! Unfortunately, in what can only be described as “criminal negligence” (especially having promise a ‘pathway to progress’) this failed-DLP-government has triggered a process, which will cause thousands to slide into economic ruin. There is no ladder of opportunity with this ‘dead-end’ Government! And yet, as part of the 2000 Millennium Development Goals (MDG’) member nations of the UN (including Barbados) agreed to implement policies geared towards halving the level of poverty in their respective country, by 2015. It is unfortunate that the DLP’s flawed; in-humane and oppressive policies, will (without doubt) achieve ‘the complete opposite.’ Mark one more victory, then – for the devil!

If you cannot trust this unproductive-DLP-Government to tell the truth about what you can see [layoffs] how then can you ever rely on it to be honest about what you do not know: the true state of the economy and, exactly how close is Barbados to devaluation and to becoming a failed society?  Barbadians therefore need to protect their ears and guards their minds, whenever the DLP speaks. This failed-DLP-Government has already signalled that it is not shy to tell horrible lies or to ruthlessly destroy families and even people who it promised a serving of the fatted calf.

The DLP may have been a duly elected Government but ONLY “up to the point” when it was discovered that it lied to the country; betrayed the trust placed in it by the electorate; weakened Barbados among its competitors; has been a poor steward of the country’s affairs; failed to take evasive action and instead, gave the country false hope. Barbados now finds itself trapped and saddled with a Government, it no longer wants and is not in its interest to keep! Given the fall-out from causing such human suffering and anguish, expect damage-control and self-preservation-gimmicks and perhaps even more DLP Ministers to try to distance themselves from having anything to do with “their own” carefully crafted; oppressive, anti-Barbadian-policies and savage layoff plan. You must, however, remind yourself that any Ministers now causing tremendous disquiet – were all in the Cabinet then but were extremely “silent” leading up to and even long after the February 2013 general election, when the entire DLP was “united” in telling the country, that the economy “stable!”

Nothing this failed-DLP-Government has to say can be of any interest or of any importance to suffering Barbadians and even the Media should boycott their Press Conferences – except and unless – being called to announce their collective resignation. With so many hurting, how can an irrelevant DLP be expected to set agenda? This is a perfect example of the gold going to the less deserving contestant!

Having created this horrible mess – instead of letting the electorate know the truth – “these same DLP Ministers” ‘un-patriotically’ opted to surrender Barbados sovereignty and report instead, to an entity in Washington, while failing to account to Barbadians -as the law requires – and as they promised and are now required to do, under the Constituency Council Act. The DLP would still have lost the moral authority to govern, “even” if it knew what to do or what it was doing. The DLP will hardly admit it but it is now clear for all to see that the state Barbados is in – has less to do with the global environment and more to with the bad decisions, poor judgment and the flawed; in-humane and oppressive policies, it has been introducing, since 2008!

As trademark distraction, there are now spreading the horrible rumour about themselves that they are “eminent persons” and yet, with the country looking for proof – they are throwing their hands in the air in desperation and are signalling frantically to the IMF for rescue! All this, within less than a year of telling the electorate that the country is “stable” and they had a “plan” and needed more time.  As part of its legacy, the DLP can therefore be credited for having caused the country to be downgraded to junk! And for also causing the economy to shrink! It is now firing an undisclosed number of thousands!  In fact, this DLP has so lost its way and has so weakened the power and image of Barbados that this country is now unattractive to investors and tourists.

Frankly, “the DLP is totally irrelevant to a modern Barbados.” For many, “the DLP is a nagging public nuisance” and “something to be avoided now and into the foreseeable future.” Whenever it speaks these days, it is being met with justified yawns of boredom. Trusting the DLP and believing what it says, is unpatriotic and can also be traumatic for anyone making such a serious error!

Barbados needs a new modern economy, a new politics, a capable; energetic leader who knows the way forward and who cares about the thing that are important to ordinary people and a Government the people can ‘ALSO’ trust. Our country needs a new beginning! It is why Mia Mottley and “Team Barbados Labour Party,” are a breath of fresh air. Barbadians ‘trust’ Mia Mottley! The country sees her as its best hope for a better and brighter tomorrow and therefore good news and something to “cheer” about!

In contrast, the alarm was sounded; warnings issued but few listened. Given the damage already done -Barbadians are wishing they had ran from the DLP. The are now beginning to realise the extent to which “the architects of the fatted calf doctrine” were prepared to go (and went) to win an election and are terrified to imagine – what the DLP is likely and prepared to do, to defend what they obviously feel, is now theirs to keep!

“It is always a frightening experience when something is burning and yet – to give light, especially in prolong darkness – something must keep-on burning! We who must ‘shine or protect the flame,’ are likely to become a target for a desperate enemy and must therefore condition ourselves to endure discomfort with patience and humility. Never losing sight of our mission and purpose, we must persevere and never let the forces of darkness; bad and evil scare or overwhelm us, else the symbol of hope will be unprotected!” – Henderson N Bovell

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    Where are all the names, of who you talking about?

  2. The writer seems to have ingested too much coffee. A lot of words to convey a simple message. All you really need to say is “Incompetence + Corruption = Devastation”.

    Get out & vote next time!

  3. Henderson Bovell have returned the money you stole from the BLP ?

    Why are you asking Barbadians to trust Mia Mottley when her former leader Owen Arthur says she is not to be trusted ?

  4. This failed-DLP-Government just does not know when or how! They keep introducing the wrong policies and have no sense of occasion! Mislead, betrayed and tricked by this same intolerable-DLP-Government, Barbadians are now expected to ignore their pain and anger and stupidly follow David Estwick down the rabbit hole, as ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ did, when she would have been better-off – had she stayed at home and listened to her sister telling her about the history of the world.

  5. WHO IS MAN?

    “Now, comrades, what is the nature of this life of ours? Let us face it: our lives are miserable, laborious, and short. We are born, we are given just so much food as will keep the breath in our bodies, and those of us who are capable of it are forced to work to the last atom of our strength; and the very instant that our usefulness has come to an end we are slaughtered with hideous cruelty. No animal in England knows the meaning of happiness or leisure after he is a year old. No animal in England is free. The life of an animal is misery and slavery: that is the plain truth.

    Why then do we continue in this miserable condition? Because nearly the whole of the produce of our labour is stolen from us by human beings. There, comrades, is the answer to all our problems. It is summed up in a single word–Man. Man is the only real enemy we have. Remove Man from the scene, and the root cause of hunger and overwork is abolished forever.” – George Orwell’s: ‘Animal Farm’


  6. Our country needs a new beginning! It is why Mia Mottley and “Team Barbados Labour Party,” are a breath of fresh air. Barbadians ‘trust’ Mia Mottley! The country sees her as its best hope for a better and brighter tomorrow and therefore good news and something to “cheer” about!
    —> —> —> (~~) —> —> (~~) —>(~_~)

    Be Jink!
    Yuh nearly had me. I was enjoying de lil bit uh stale news yuh did reciting until yuh started doing de Tommy Tucker thing.
    Yuh really mean tuh tell me dat things suh brown!

    But wait doh, when wunna plan tuh tell we how to fix de political problem dat we got or wunna clueless like de other fifteen in de once honourable house.
    If de Don and de rest uh DEM cud plan pappy shows on duh galuhree wuh wrong wid wunna?

    Stop de lotta long talk man, put some bread pun de table or leff de fucking place. Every day de same shite over and over. People gine get more tired uh wunna if wunna keep dis up.

  7. @Bovell,

    “Misled not mislead”

    You like you is a veritable piece uh rock doah..In fact i contemplating changing my name becaus uh you Bovell

    Alice “would not have been “better off” staying at home, listening to her sister”.

    Then Lewis Carol would not have had a book and you, former herald to the Dead King David Thompson, would not be here misapplying this infant’s Adventure” which commences with following a rabbit down a hole with the David Estwick fiasco.

    Have you ever read the book?

    Perhaps if you had gone a little further and connect the medical condition i.e. the Alice in Wonderland syndrome with the malady that we Bajans are currently exhibiting, en masse, I would have attributed some scribing skills to your venomous dribble.

    A little learning is a dangerous thing ;. Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring : There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,. And drinking largely sobers us again…

    Keep away from big boy pants Henderson….

  8. We should stop taking about devaluation as being a negative. We should use the terminology “correct valuation”. Once we have a correct valuation, and assuming that valuation is lower than the one that now exists our export product (tourism) will be in the world market at a competitive price. Imports will become more costly which will encourage local production. With more local production import tax will be replaced by income tax. All areas of the country will begin to function under its true value. There maybe some belt tightening but our practise of living off of borrowed monies will come to an end and we will become a independent nation. What has been and appears to continue to be missing from this government and past governments is the intellectual ability to understand the world economy. That is why the IMF is in town.

  9. @ Sith

    Your succinct explanation of the advantages of devaluation is excellent: I could not have put it better myself.

  10. @ SITH | February 5, 2014 at 11:35 AM |
    “What has been and appears to continue to be missing from this government and past governments is the intellectual ability to understand the world economy. That is why the IMF is in town.”

    I like your terminology “correct valuation”. We appear to be reading from the same book.
    The Bajan dollar has been woefully ‘overpriced’ in the market place and very few buyers are prepared to exchange (with foreign money) their demand for the goods and services it represents primarily out of sympathy and memories of halcyon Barbados.

    The country just cannot go on living high off the imported conspicuous consumption hog by borrowing other people’s money not knowing how and when it will be repaid.
    The point has been reached where the international bailiffs (IMF) have spotted great danger ahead and have moved to protect the interests of those money lenders and investors.

    We must see the IMF as a blessing in disguise to save Barbados from its policy and decision makers with a much needed “correct valuation” of the local currency, the preferred medicine to dampen the addiction of the populace to live above its means.

  11. Are we not terrified that on December 13th 2013, the IMF said that the deficit, up until the end of this financial years, March 31st 2014 – will be some 9.5% of GDP but when Minister Estwick [who knows all of Cabinet’s secrets] spoke recently, he said the deficit is $1.4 billion, some $600 million worse, than the IMF said it will be?

    Doesn’t that tell you that the Barbados economy is deteriorating rapidly, daily and despite the layoffs and other austerity measures, which are clearly not working?

    Wouldn’t that also confirm that the economy could not have been anywhere near “stable,” when the DLP alleged it was and that “DEVALUATION” might be a lot closer than we are being told?

    Put DLP Ministers on television every night [as before] so that the country and the world – can see ‘these people’ – who have brought Barbados to its knees and subjecting our country to a future of ‘economic ruin!’

  12. @millertheanunnaki

    Clearly the intellectual ability is not there, and if it is there it is being stifled. If the GOB has the knowledge , he certainly has not shown he has the independence to hold the responsibility of being the governor as evidenced by the phone calls made to find a banking home for the Clico man. We are talking about an organization and government that could not figure out why there was a reported $400 million loss in FX reserves who then went to borrow monies in the open market and got rejected. Who would lend money to someone who did not know why they had lost $400million.? And if you did not know where the $400 million drop came from, how do you know it was not $800 million. Time is going to tell all things. It is a certainty without confidence there can be no resolution. When you have a brain tumor, see a brain surgeon. The IMF is the brain surgeon. January visitor numbers will hopefully show a turn around.

    • @SITH

      The decison to finally cut public expenditure by sending home people is to reduce the printing of money and dampen demand of exports (to protect forex leakage).

      But where are the bold initiative to drive growth?

  13. @david

    I think you mean dampen the demand for imports. We have already dampened the demand for exports (tourism) by having the dollar on a significantly upward trend than many of our competitors. Brasil for example compared to 2 years ago has become 40% cheaper to visit than Barbados because the Barbados dollar has grown in value because of its fixed peg to the US$. The wage reduction for 3000 people is likely not enough to stem the tide.

  14. Current Revenue $2, 320.4 million
    Current Expenditure $3,440.2 million
    Current Account Deficit $1,119.8 million

    Current Account Deficit: 13.1% of GDP.

  15. Goods & Services 11.4% of Total Expenditure
    Wages & Salaries 25.4% of Total Expenditure
    Transfers & Subsidies 31.25% of Total Expenditure
    Total Debt Service 32.0% of Total Expenditure

    Q: Why choose to target workers before addressing and reducing Goods & Services, Transfers & Subsidies and Total Debt Service?

  16. @Equal Amongst First

    My answer to your question would be that is the way the people running the finances (read the IMF) have decided it is going to be. A billion dollar current account deficit and 32% debt service…wow….chew on that for awhile. How do you get out of that mess?

  17. Sinckler was chosen in 2010 because he would tow the party line and was prepared lie (along with the GOCB) to the people of Barbados all the way until the DLP got re-elected. Dr. Estwick would not it so David Thompson on his death bed made a deal with Stuart, he could be PM but Siinckler had to be used as MOF to get the DLP re-elected.

    • @SITH

      Thanks for the correction, import reduction meant.

      Dr. Don Marshall made a good point on the talk show today, the conversation from the MoF and Governor of tje Central Bank et al sounds very similar. What we need to observe is fertile thinking at play.

  18. David

    We have to stop these lay-offs and reappraise the situation putting all options on the table. The lay-offs have two dimensions:
    A. The hardship that will face those who are laid off.

    B. They will make things worse for the economy.

    • The layoffs were caused by patrimony, we need to deal with the root issues. We therefore have to include change to governance.

  19. I find it difficult to swallow that the people who promised so much during the elections in 2013 can so callously turn around a year later and lay-off 3,000 people without an attempt to save their jobs. Sinckler and the PM to a lesser extent seem careless about these lay-offs.

  20. Look we can have a PM who is disengaged but not at the same time we have an incompetent MoF. One or both must go.

    but bajans with their slave mentality do not do nothing.
    to the end of the great barbados demise.
    make signs with what you want and march on the heroes square until you get the prime minister to come out and address the complaints and film it.
    has to be thousands of day off work.
    as i say–Mr Randall worrell [the judge] a younger man with legal knowledge would be the man to take over by the horns and clean up this mess with the help and contributions of the people.
    but bajans do nothing.slave mentality.
    it can not go on.
    if the people in canada do not like a decision they go out in freezing cold and hold signs and protest till they get what they want or at least a confirmation that the government has heard them .and i will tell you
    they will not stop until they get the majority of people see as proper treatment.
    you have to fight then burn down the dam place.,whatever.god bline muh
    enough is enough,
    2 $ for a bottle of water and so and up from there.
    agriculture is the,wind power,
    no more of this crap talk that never happens.
    ya fell muh.
    without hard work and inconvenience on yourself they will stay behind them gates and SNICKER at you.
    dont mind the pun.
    or do nothing and just write about it.
    call on worrell it is necessary for him to step up now.
    i done talk.

  22. Come on Nation get it right and report the facts as they are and not as you would like them to be.

    Mr Hallam Gittens a NHC worker and family gets laid off together. 

    This story in the Nation Newspaper is misleading and dishonest journalism. 

    These are the facts of the case of Hallam Gittens he was employed at the NHC in 2008 whilst living alone at Eastbourne St Philip and Andria Brathwaithe was employed whilst living in Blades Hill. 

    They came together in 2012. And Andria moved to the home of Gittens. 

    They do not pay rent. 

    The son never lived with them.

    He resides at Blades Hill. 

    They have never lived together as one unit.

    By the way Gittens let me ask Mr Gittens have you paid back the $2,500.00  you swindle from that lady you promise to get a house for under false pretense.

    What about the the $500.00 dollars you tried to swindle from the lady wanting a low cost unit.

    Isn’t it true you got a call from a retired police officer for the return of money for the said old lady and Is not also true that you only paid $200.00 

    Also please let us known that it isn’t true they had to move you from loans for suspect crinimal behaviour to maintainence. Isn’t it also true you falseify a degree to get a job, is also not true that you were reprimanded for being drunk on the premises while in the employment as a member of staff of the NHC ?

    This is the furthest from the truth that Family loses jobs.

  23. The DLP’s New Year’s Gift To Hurting Barbadians: A “Power-Point,” A Political Circus, Unnecessary Distraction And Very Bad Comedy

    “Now, comrades, what is the nature of this life of ours? Let us face it: our lives are miserable, laborious, and short. We are born, we are given just so much food as will keep the breath in our bodies, and those of us who are capable of it are forced to work to the last atom of our strength; and the very instant that our usefulness has come to an end we are slaughtered with hideous cruelty. No animal in England knows the meaning of happiness or leisure after he is a year old. No animal in England is free. The life of an animal is misery and slavery: that is the plain truth.

    Why then do we continue in this miserable condition? Because nearly the whole of the produce of our labour is stolen from us by human beings. There, comrades, is the answer to all our problems. It is summed up in a single word–Man. Man is the only real enemy we have. Remove Man from the scene, and the root cause of hunger and overwork is abolished for ever.” – George Orwell’s: ‘Animal Farm’

    How can a Sitting Member of a Cabinet, have an alternative plan or alternative policies for the Barbados economy and make that announcement, while still being a Member of the same Cabinet that conceptualised and agreed-to the policies now in place (the very policies he also supported but has suddenly realise are flawed) and yet – more than 72 hours after making that announcement – he continues to be a Member of the same Cabinet, which he essentially told the world, is incompetent and less than a week after the same Prime Minister he now wants an audience with – said were “eminent person?” While this may be a confession of the DLP’s political vandalism of the Barbados economy, where is this slap-down; contradiction and DLP circus really going? Why keep ye not this raucous at George Street?

    This failed-DLP-Government just does not know when or how! They keep introducing the wrong policies and have no sense of occasion! Mislead, betrayed and tricked by this same intolerable-DLP-Government, Barbadians are now expected to ignore their pain and anger and stupidly follow David Estwick down the rabbit hole, as ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ did, when she would have been better-off – had she stayed at home and listened to her sister telling her about the history of the world.

    Having already presented a fiscal consolidation strategy to the country on December 13th 2013 and after firing an undisclosed number of thousands engaged with the Public Service of Barbados (despite giving each of them the solemn assurance that their jobs safe and that there will be no layoff) there is now careless talk about “A David Estwick alternative DLP fiscal consolidation strategy,” which Cabinet is purported to be entertaining this Thursday. This sounds more like ego than common sense. But that’s how the DLP is!

    Did the union not purport to also have and submitted “alternative proposals?” What was the outcome? Wasn’t Estwick paying attention? What would now make him more special, especially if he now make a “power-point” that he has to go through Donville Inniss to get an audience with the Prime Minister?Forget the Trade Union Act, and forget that the union is also alleged to be an equal partner in the also dismantled Social Partnership! Isn’t the ‘Union’ selected by the Governor General to represent “the interest of Labour in the Parliament of Barbados?” And, like Estwick, aren’t they complaining of not being taken seriously by “this intolerable; dishonest and insane DLP-Government?” This is pure comedy, because the minute any such item finds itself on the agenda of Cabinet for discussion, that seems like the constructive dismissal and a slap-down of Sinckler, who is already alleged to be an “eminent” Member of Cabinet. But more on that later!

    The DLP is never going to change its policies and Estwick now saying, that the Cabinet of which he is a member, (and hope to remain one) is pursuing the wrong policies (while being a “vote of no-confidence” that belittles the entire so-called “eminent persons Cabinet” and Government, in public) – does not exempt him from collectively supporting Government’s austerity programme. I do not recall him having abstained when Sinckler presented that deadly August 2013 austerity budget in Parliament (on behalf of this-failed-DLP-Government) even if it sought to reduce the alarming deficit but succeeded in increasing it by $145m.

    Why would the DLP Government and so-called “eminent” person Cabinet – entertain any alternative fiscal consolidation strategy, when by doing such – the so-called “eminent” persons Cabinet and Government would essentially be discussing ‘a vote of no-confidence’ in itself? And if agreement is then reached on this — so-called, ‘alternative strategy,’ would the Government immediately resign? You see what Barbados has be downgraded to — this political circus and at a time when the country needs “serious policies, “serious politics” and “serious people?”

    David Estwick has again missed the boat! His approach is flawed and I do not see how – even an under-employed Prime Minister (by choice) and an unproductive Cabinet – will take him seriously, except that the entire Government is not serious. But anytime you see a man fishing in a dry pond – he must know what he is doing! This country’s “current” Minister of Agriculture now reminds us of a critical “power-point” made by George Orwell in that classic political satire – Animal Farm. “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.”

    You would think that being a qualified medical practitioner and the Minister of Agriculture and at a time too when thousands are being fired; poverty is increasing, so too the cost of living – that David Estwick would be able to present a case on his own merit, without having to go through Donville Inniss to get an audience with the Prime Minister. If I were a Minister of Agriculture, especially now that so many are being fired, compounded by the high cost of living and with devaluation around the corner – food security; a starvation prevention protocol, and as a medical doctor – the nutritional well being of Barbadians – would be my priority and approach to Cabinet, especially given report that the QEH and Polyclinics do not have basic medicines.

    This is a broke and broken Government and even before this undisclosed thousands were being fired, people were already turning to the Church for food, despite the existence of taxpayer-funded, Constituency. Councils. The Welfare Department will be in no position to help when unemployment benefits run-out for those undisclosed thousands. What happens when people fear dying of starvation? He may be anxious to talk about Finance but what kind of steward has he been as regards his core responsibility as Minister of Agriculture? Given Barbados’ high food import bill, compounded by the fact that the DLP Government is literally broke – what plan has Minister Estwick put in-place to ensure adequate amounts of food and that Bajans do not starve during this foreseeable DLP-famine?

    That’s why as the Minister of Agriculture, David Estwick has again missed the boat! I do not know who is advising him, but he needs to distance himself from that person. The only good coming out of David Estwick’s recent outburst (that is, if his information is accurate) is that he may have (perhaps, unintentionally) confirmed a government conspiracy and cover-up of critical information from the public. Estwick is now saying publicly that the policies he help conceptualised and supported, as a Member of the Cabinet (collective responsibility) as well as, when those policies were presented to Parliament – are not going to achieve the desired goal of fixing a BDS.$1.4 billion current account deficit. Now, that is precisely what Mia Mottley said when the policies were announced. Estwick now stumbles on that point (long after) and only after it is clear the policies are not working! But the critical point, is: ‘the amount he quotes, as the projected deficit at the end of this financial year ending March 31st 2014. At December 13th, the IMF said it would be some 9.5% of GDP or some $800m. If Estwick’s figure of $1.4b is accurate (and as a member of the Cabinet he would have access to information that a mortal like me would not be privy to) then the country’s economic position is deteriorating all now and will worsen significantly, even after the undisclosed thousands are fired by the DLP. Again, that confirms that Mia Mottley is on the ball.

    There would only be one other highly unlikely explanation of the figure for the deficit quoted by Minister Estwick, and it would mean that the DLP would have given the IMF faulty information. Even the DLP knows that to do something so stupid, would be a dangerous game to play!

    The economic circumstances of Barbados is deteriorating and panic has began because the truth escape captivity! Given what this writer is now piecing together because of our capacity to do critical analysis, Estwick cannot be regarded as no hero or saviour of Barbados, unless he resigns from the DLP. Barbadians cannot be faulted for coming to the conclusion that if the DLP’s policies had worked, the country would not be hearing from him.

    While his “power-point” within Cabinet is understood, it is not breaking news, especially since the country is hearing the truth, weekly, from Mia Mottley and the People’s Assembly. David Estwick, if you want an invitation, then say so! As I understand it (and know it for a fact) – the BLP under Mia Mottley, is for B’s, D’s and those who are not members of any political party.

  24. henderson bovell

    A bunch of bull crap but I guess you had to write something. However get it through your thick skull Mia is not competent, so says OSA a former PM.

  25. “Now, as it turned out, the Rebellion was achieved much earlier and more easily than anyone had expected. In past years Mr. Jones, although a hard master, had been a capable farmer, but of late he had fallen on evil days. He had become much disheartened after losing money in a lawsuit, and had taken to drinking more than was good for him. For whole days at a time he would lounge in his Windsor chair in the kitchen, reading the newspapers, drinking, and occasionally feeding Moses on crusts of bread soaked in beer. His men were idle and dishonest, the fields were full of weeds, the buildings wanted roofing, the hedges were neglected, and the animals were underfed.

    June came and the hay was almost ready for cutting. On Midsummer’s Eve, which was a Saturday, Mr. Jones went into Willingdon and got so drunk at the Red Lion that he did not come back till midday on Sunday. The men had milked the cows in the early morning and then had gone out rabbiting, without bothering to feed the animals. When Mr. Jones got back he immediately went to sleep on the drawing-room sofa with the News of the World over his face, so that when evening came, the animals were still unfed. At last they could stand it no longer. One of the cows broke in the door of the store-shed with her horn and all the animals began to help themselves from the bins. It was just then that Mr. Jones woke up. The next moment he and his four men were in the store-shed with whips in their hands, lashing out in all directions. This was more than the hungry animals could bear. With one accord, though nothing of the kind had been planned beforehand, they flung themselves upon their tormentors. Jones and his men suddenly found themselves being butted and kicked from all sides. The situation was quite out of their control. They had never seen animals behave like this before, and this sudden uprising of creatures whom they were used to thrashing and maltreating just as they chose, frightened them almost out of their wits. After only a moment or two they gave up trying to defend themselves and took to their heels. A minute later all five of them were in full flight down the cart-track that led to the main road, with the animals pursuing them in triumph.

    Mrs. Jones looked out of the bedroom window, saw what was happening, hurriedly flung a few possessions into a carpet bag, and slipped out of the farm by another way. Moses sprang off his perch and flapped after her, croaking loudly. Meanwhile the animals had chased Jones and his men out on to the road and slammed the five-barred gate behind them. And so, almost before they knew what was happening, the Rebellion had been successfully carried through: Jones was expelled, and the Manor Farm was theirs.” – George Orwell’s: Animal Farm

  26. @ Warinka | February 6, 2014 at 10:15 AM |

    Now that is what is really and truly “a “bunch of bull crap” But we guess you, too, had to write something.
    OSA is spent force, electorally. And the sooner you DLP yardfowls get it in your heads the better. You will not be offered any more opportunity to make advertising fun at the man as a wanted paro.
    You now are on the wanted list of Liars & Crooks practising Paro politics & economics.

    What HB wrote might be in your opinion “bull crap” but bullshit intertwined in a ball of Truth. Why doesn’t the bi-polar boy focus on the ministry he has been thrown at him like a bone to a dog? The MoA is seen by both political parties as a dumping ground for trouble-makers, or to find a job for a senator or down-in-the-dumps MP.

    If Agriculture was seen as important or vital to the economic resuscitation of the country then a rather dynamic goal-oriented Cabinet member should have been put in charge. Why not Donville, since he seems to know everything and an expert on all aspects on effective public administration?

    If Estwick is such a guru and King Midas on all matters economic why didn’t he make his Power-point presentation to the IMF when they met in early December 2013 with “important” people in the government? Why wait until they left to make his colleague Sinkliar and his PM look like a duo of incompetent fools?

  27. Henderson’s Bovell rap sheet would give us a clear idea of where he is coming from. Anybody from the judiciary on BU you are asked to post Bovell’s charges, arrests, appearances before the courts etc. Bovell writes a roll of shoite he is obviously is afflicted with illusions that he is special. Who in Barbados who professes sanity would consider taking the word of a fraud and political pimp like Bovell. He alike OSA found their voices as soon as Estwick start acting up and playing the ass as is his wont from time to time.

    OSA unpick his teeth for the first since he viciously catspraddle Mia to throw his support behind Estwick. Of all people how could Arthur back Estwick a man who described him a short poppet, a idiot, a drunk etc. and these were some of the nicer things he said about See Thru.

    Politics they say makes for strange bedfellows never was there a truer saying.

  28. @Ruffin | February 6, 2014 at 11:03 AM
    “OSA unpick his teeth for the first since he viciously catspraddle Mia to throw his support behind Estwick.”

    Are you promoting Estwick as the next MoF in the coming weeks?

    Who is more important to Estwick at this point in time?
    An electoral deadhorse for a leader who would chose Mascoll a million times before “E(a)stwick” as his co-leader and economic sidekick?. Or his Cabinet colleagues and more importantly his boss the silent ventriloquist pulling his lapdog strings to send him continuously into bouts of shouting fits and temper tantrums?

  29. @CHAUCER | February 6, 2014 at 3:06 PM |

    Then OSA will be one drunken fool to be found in the gutter dribbling and the dog licking his mouth.
    What kind of self-respect would OSA have in any show of support for FS after what FS did to and said about him during the last elections just under a year ago?
    Did you not hear the moral and psychological undressing FS meted out to OSA during the speech somewhere in Brittons Hill coming on to the end of the campaign and recorded for the world to see and hear?
    Not even a sick dog ready to go would have taken those kinds of insults without at least barking back.

  30. millertheanunnaki

    You very vicious in your opposition to OSA, why did he fire you or horn you or had your sister?
    OSA knows talent and ability when he sees it, so he know that Estwick like Mascoll have lots of it.
    Also by signaling his approval of Estwick he is sending him the coded message ‘You and I can work together, come to me and forget Mia’

    Mia has every reason to be mortally afraid of OSA now.

  31. @ CHAUCER | February 6, 2014 at 3:46 PM |
    You mean he has a self-esteem problem and suffers from the short-man syndrome like Estwick?

    @ Warinka:

    OSA has no future in electoral politics. I have no personal beef for the man. I have always been a stout defender of the man from slanderous nasty attacks and untruths especially from ac and CCC.

    Don’t you realize if Estwick breaks from the DLP Cabinet to join OSA in any way it can only spell the death of your DLP administration?
    Under your OSA cum Estwick scenario OSA will be the PM with his two MoF’s (Mascoll included) fighting over the spoils for co-leadership and the DLP will be finished.

    What do you have to say about that? You still want OSA to go after Estwick as he did Mascoll (Estwick’s partner, political mentor and tutor in Economics 101)?

  32. If Estwick wants to join OSA then who am I judge him or attempt to stop him.
    A good friend of mine predicted in 2010 that OSA would again be PM ably assisted by Mascoll and Estwick.

  33. @Warinka | February 6, 2014 at 4:42 PM |

    Can’t happen, will not happen.
    What will certainly happen if Estwick leaves the Cabinet is that your DLP government will fall in less than 6 months unless Fumble declares a state emergency and imposes martial law with the intention to crack heads and shoot people à la Jones in a fascist move similar to what is planned for the PAC.

    Pity we will not be around for the fun, run and firepower.

    People who are smart can see what’s in store and will be taking evasive action.
    Men will do anything for power, and in the DLP case, an imaginary pension.

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

  34. The DLP will not last that long if a Cabinet member leaves and either goes independent or worst joins the Oppostion.

  35. It would be interesting to see who would be victorious if Estwick defects forcing FS to call fresh elections. My two cents are on the Dees to rout the Bees again. Who will support Mia Mottley as a leader after Owen’s devastating smear campaign against her. Mia will be battling not only Owen but at least three factions in the BLP .The one MP she can count on is Cynthia Forde. Kerrie Simmons the straw man for Owen going with Owen. Pain and Marshall co-joined. Hinckson battling Payne and Marshall. The permutations are numerous and absurd and all bad for the BLP. With turmoil in the Bees camp the pundits reckon FS and the Dees will be triumphant if only by default. Its most unlikely for any of the incumbent Dees to be beaten by the likes of Indar Weir and Lynette Eastmond. Give me a break.Go ahead miller make my day call for elections now.

  36. Waiting: Barbadians will not be waiting to go back to the same political turmoil exhibit by the present regime. People will prefer to be governed by Ninja Man before the Sleeping Mantis.

  37. @ Waiting | February 6, 2014 at 8:58 PM |
    “With turmoil in the Bees camp the pundits reckon FS and the Dees will be triumphant if only by default. Its most unlikely for any of the incumbent Dees to be beaten by the likes of Indar Weir and Lynette Eastmond. Give me a break.Go ahead miller make my day call for elections now.”

    You too sweet, “Waiting! A political analyst and forecaster aka fortuneteller par excellence.

    You want to upset the miller’s applecart of predictions or what?
    You guys must pay for your electoral sins before you are sent to eternal political damnation.
    You want to get off the hook so easily? You have been appointed to oversee the consequences of your “no layoffs, no privatization” lies and deceit, with devaluation thrown in for good measure to act as the final nail in your political coffin.

    We will not even comment seriously on your contention the ‘incumbent Dees cannot be beaten by the likes of Weir and Eastmond’ other than to pose the following questions:

    Would Estwick be running back on a Dems ticket?

    How about Abrahams against Lowedown in the dumps with 700 of his aid(e)s on the breadline and hopes of future employment down the drain?

    What about the 3,500 (and more in works) to be laid off? Would they vote for a party that ‘fired’ them or would they be promised their pay packets back if they return the DLP to power under an IMF programme?

    That’s all for now, “W”. We await your response in true style of a real political analyst sitting around the cesspit in George Street and twiddling thumbs as you shit yourself anticipating the next move of the bi-polar loose cannon.

  38. I have a sneaky feeling that Estwick might be in the forefront with other parliamentarians from both parties ready to embark on a third political party. Both political parties are plagued with self centred individuals. These people are waiting for just one card to fall and presto you will see these power hungry parliamentarians ready to form the government. Just wait and see.
    I say so on February 7 @ 10:45 a.m

  39. Dr. Estwick Disrespected But Deserves the Right to Be Heard

    A few days ago, Minister of Agriculture and the Parliamentary Representative for the Constituency of St. Philip West – The Hon. David Estwick, M.D., M.P., indicated to the country that he was concerned about the direction in which Barbados was going and the large-scale level of layoffs that were taking place from the Public Service.

    As a patriotic citizen of Barbados, he is entitled to that view. He is a Barbadians first and seems to recognize that fact.

    In an earlier article, I outlined the politics of him wanted to give a “power-point” to Cabinet. It would seem that so determined was he – not to keep the that fact that Barbados is on the wrong path, a secret – that he sought to get the support of Donville Inniss, the DLP’s General Secretary.

    I must admit that I was critical of his approach because I honestly felt that the Cabinet would have listened to him. They did not, thereby extending to him – the same level of disrespect as they now do – the rest of the Barbadians society.

    This is a Government that told persons engaged with the Public Service that there will be “no layoff” and that “their jobs are safe,” only to be now firing people, left right and centre. It would seem that Mr. Estwick feels that there is a better approach and he ought to have been given an ear.

    You cannot have a situation where a Minister of Cabinet (who a few days before) the Prime Minister described as “eminent” – being treated in such a manner but the same newspaper can report that when a ordinary citizens had a “personal” problem, he was able to pick-up the phone and call the Central bank Governor, the Minister of Finance and the same Prime Minister, expecting them to intervene on his behalf – “EVEN” “IF” they did not! Mr. Estwick’s request was not ‘a personal favour’ but one which (according to him) would avoid thousands from being fired and therefore “in the national interest.”

    If his intervention at this critical point will save thousands of Barbadians pain and assist in putting the country on a different (more progressive) path, why slap-him-down, publicly humiliate him, and brush-him-off as a “lightweight pedestrian”? Mr. Estwick may now have very few options but I stand with him on “principle” as I would anytime there is oppression by the majority of the minority. This is not an internal DLP matter since Mr. Estwick’s plan is to avoid thousands being laid-off.

    Many years ago, I had a problem with my eye. I was at the Opposition’s office then (DLP) and had no money. I called David Estwick and he told me come. He did not charge. I recall having spoken on his platform in the 1999 election right there at Wellhouse by that Mahogany Doctor’s office. I know loyalty and will never forget anyone who extends a random act of kindness to me. There are some things that are above politics. I have always considered Mr. Estwick to be a friend. I knew his brother and remember when Johnny Tudor and I use to go at his house.

    This country must not sit on its hands and see “people” being oppressed by the majority and remain silent. If they treat a fellow Cabinet Minister so, how will they treat you? Everyone deserves the right to be heard. Furthermore, people who purport to be defending Barbados’ democracy should know that! It is “Democracy 101.”

    The country deserves to hear Dr. Estwick’s power-point views and to then let people like Mia Mottley, Dr. Mascoll, Anthony Wood, Mr. Straughn and others -discuss it. We must become mature enough to entertain “alternative” views.

    I know how Dr. Estwick can be provided with the right ‘audience of people who are prepared to listen’ because there are interested in making Barbados stronger and better!

    Avoiding: unnecessary pain,; the disruption of families and preventing disquiet within the society – is their interest; core business and core competency.

    Dr. Estwick, if your plan could achieve the national objectives without thousands having to go home, you can count on my support. But first, the “country” needs to hear and see your “power-point” presentation.

    Everyone know what happens when the doctor’s advice is not adhered to. The Economy is sick but the DLP has now refused – EVEN the advice of their own doctor!

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