Are Public Workers Being Sold Out?

Can our trade unions be trusted? We hearing that both NUPW and BWU bosses are leaving their unions at a crucial juncture. What can we make of it?

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  1. Dr Belle is a political prostitute who once worked as an ‘escort’ but has finally decided to hit the ‘streets’. He want back his $12K a month consulting fee plus all the other perks he used to get from OSA.

  2. I am not here to defend George Belle for any statements that he made, he is quite capable of defending himself. My concern is that the Government and its supporters seem to be very intolerant of people who do not share their views. Firstly, it was Ronald Jones who spoke too quickly, and let the cat out of the bag by revealing that they intended to crack heads and shoot people.

    Now they want to silence legitimate comment by suggesting that Belle’s words about removing the Government might constitute an offence under the Public Order Act. What rubbish!

    If they are so anxious about bringing a prosecution under the Public Order Act, I can suggest a starting point. Last week, at an event organized by the Government, there was bottle and stone throwing to the extent that the Prime Minister and Minister Sealy had to dive for cover. They can start there or is it that they don’t want it to appear that they are prosecuting their supporters?

    I understand from persons at the scene that the PM is very fleet of foot. When the dust settled they could not find him and had to call him on his cell, only to be told, don’t worry, I’m in the pavilion. On the other hand, I understand that despite his newly found girth, Minister Sealy ran through someone’s yard leaving boys half his age way behind. Well done Richard “Obadele” Sealy.

    • Another place to start Caswell is for the PM and the AG to deliver on what they thought they saw on election night. The PM seemed adamant about what he saw if we are to judge from his victory speec at George Street.


    BU is better than CBC,,Here is the heart beat of Barbados. if its not on BU , then its not NEWS

  4. @ Bajanfuhlife | January 28, 2014 at 7:02 AM |
    “Put some policy solutions on the table Dr. Belle. ”

    Why are you worrying about Dr. GB? Why not concern yourselves about Doctors Estwick and Lowe, the Speaking MC or even the Master Fumbler who could at any time in a fit of sweet slumber slip into a sugary coma and call it quits? Can’t you see that both obese Sick liar and Sealy girl are both potential long-term clients of Dr. Ishmael?

    According to you and your identical twin idiot Fractured, Belle, OSA and his band of crooks who like to suck on the sore nipples of taxpayers would be dead and gone before the DLP looses power again; even from old age. You guys are prepared to crack heads and shoot people to ensure you remain tethered like a skinny calf at the poorly and financially drain taxpayers’ udders of pending devaluation.

    The miller was not wrong about the 6,000 earmarked by the IMF for elimination from the public sector workforce (although 3,000 have been give a temporary stay of execution); neither will he be wrong about the pending inevitable Devaluation when the credit Suisse loan proceeds run out in a few months.

    What will you do then other than accept “sith’s” proposal and bite the bullet?
    Madame Lagarde has already given instructions to put that little jump-up garden gnome in his place right in the corner of the new Church Village park.

    But why would you, with so many “eminent” persons in the wooden Cabinet and estimably special advisors like Leroy Greenverbs be interested in any communistic outdated crap from Dr. G B?
    We are confident that Mr. Physical Deficit Ince is worth the weight of 1,000 bars of Dr. GBs in intellectual gold. Just rely on him for your Midas solutions.

  5. Jesus Harold Christ on a little bike with those little wheels, you cocksuckers at UWI really HATE each other, don’t you?

    Perhaps it’s better not to be such a sad cocksucker at a university now ranked at 194 on a list of the world’s best 201 universities.

    Perhaps its not. Doubtless we’ll see.

  6. No Jack. You don’t get it. The UWI people do NOT hate each other.

    Maybe 194 out of 20,000+ universities isn’t such a bad place to be.

  7. @ Jack Bowman

    Can you plse tell me which index is the UWI rated 194 our of the top 201 universities, and which campus it is – Mona, St Augustine or Cave Hill?

  8. Hal Austin,

    We had owed you for a little while a response to your above questions.

    A couple days ago we had drafted a serious response to the questions you raised, but lost it on the same day some where in this particular technological confusion.

    Anyhow, we will simply say this that the PDC does not recognize the existence of the middle class. We have previously said so on here, some time ago.

    Thus, any use by us in the PDC of the term middle class, or middle classes, is to facilitate an understanding among some people as to a greater larger point argument that we are making, whereby for us to use such a term does not take away from the overall point argument we are making in the relevant discussions.

    Over time we have been fortunate to have become a little more educated and enlightened about many of these concepts that are found in the social studies lexicon in Barbados, to know that some of them are absolutely false and illogical and do not have any basis in human conduct and in social reality anywhere they are used, and to therefore come to the inescapable conclusion that we have to discard them, their uses and their so called meanings; only using these said concepts to show or prove to the relevant persons – as in cases like now – their falsity, invalidity, and illogicality, and their massive contribution to the severe damaging – much of it irreparable – of the Barbadian social make up, ideologically, philosophically, psychologically, politically, etc. Some examples of such are price, inflation, deflation, demand and supply, the theory of value, profit, GDP, money being a medium of exchange, card money, representative government, laws of the land, land is property, elites, etc

    Some others we have continued to use, but only for factitious purposes, without undermining the general or specific point or argument being made in the relevant discussions. For example, to facilitate a particular kind of discussion where it would otherwise be a tad difficult for – for the time being – and given the very accustomed use of it by the other parties – to pursue such a particular type of discussion without using such a concept, whilst at the same – for ourselves – we would have completely discarded their meaning already. Some examples of such are sales, purchases, political economy, etc.

    Nevertheless, to get back to the point about the middle class, it does not exist, socially, politically, philosophically, logically. Moreover, it is against natural laws to have such a middle class. Only two classes can exist in a society at any one time.

    For a social class to exist it must be founded on historical or existing and clear social political cultural differences and distinctions – bordering on substantial uniqueness thereby – the feelings of one class that it is in many aspects of social cultural militarily technological superior and better than the other – leading to constant antagonism or conflict or ongoing struggling between them, with one – the ruling class – intending to and eventually dominating overpowering the other class – the subservient class – with it far more serving the ruling class than the latter serving it, greatly by means of clear political exploitation enslavement.

    Each class must be relatively coherent in its broad social political material financial beliefs, cohesive in its broad actions, and well structured so that it is very capable of reproducing itself in the long term, without much absorption into the other class or of much eloping into the other class.

    Contrary to some otherwise false impressions by many people in Barbados, class is best founded, and may only be so, on race, and within clearly defined territorial boundaries, as opposed to simple religious hierarchies based on control by some of the others, or social divisions based on property or remunerations – which are naturally in the extant social intermixes often allocated by some as statuses.

    So, as it stands therefore from such a definition of (social) class, Barbados is fast becoming a classless society (though not the one Marx had predicted would come about however in communist society). Barbados is an oligarchy within a politically pluralist group environment.


  9. @ PDC

    Now I am even more confused. You do not recognise ‘class’ but use the term as a discursive shorthand; so, tjhose of us who read you and take you seriously must ask when you refer to class hos is it being used.
    You also talk about class being based on ‘race’. Are you susre this is not another shorthand?
    Race and class are those different concepts. I suggest you go away and discuss the terms further and come back to us in the forum.
    Race, class, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual preference, fraternity, etc are all social categories, some with more relevance than others.
    However, top marks for trying.

  10. I know that the unions have been deceiving workers for years but somehow I found it difficult to understand what was really happening in the present sell out of the workers. That was until some close to the negotiations called me to say that one of the unions caved into Government so that this unionist would not be sued for certain remarks he made about a government official.

  11. Hal Austin,

    Where in our last post do you see that we do not recognize class, as you so blinkeredly put forward in your last post under this thread??

    By not properly reading our very significant last post, it therefore means that your last post has been made by you absolutely meaningless, Hal.

    Also, your falsely stating, or better written, your falsely attempting to distort for some others who may be following this discussion the exactitude of what we said that “class is best founded, and may only be so, on race, as opposed to simple religious hierarchies based on control by some of the others, or simple social divisions based on property and remuneration”, by your saying “you also talk (who talks on this blog anyhow?) about class being based on ‘race'”, clearly smacks of a measure of intellectual dishonesty on your part, as a sure way of making your response look deservedly shabbily.

    Finally, we are not going to be getting into any back and forth with you on these subjects to the point where great focus is not put on our very significant last post – which, et al, clearly theorizes that Barbados is fast becoming a classless society, GIVEN OUR DEFINITION OF CLASS in our last post before this one under this thread. Surely we are not going to be doing such.

    So, Have A Good Day!!


  12. As man Caswell
    Why don’t you tell us, from a national survival perspective, what the true and upright approach of the unions should be / should have been to this present crisis in Barbados.
    Bushie is not asking for your classic 1970’s rant about what the “Law” says or what some public service regulation says…..

    Tell us what MAKES SENSE and is doable …and will save our buts….

    • @Bushie

      What you need to ask Caswell is whether he thinks Toni Moore has the gonads to chart a new path for the BWU.

  13. Bushie

    The first thing that should be done is to remove the bunch of conmen that now constitute the Government. They lied their way into office breaking every rule in the book in the process. The should be prosecuted not paid for what they are doing. The next problem is that we have a situation if the current lot is removed there are no suitable replacements. It is as they say, before none any.

    The government is full of people who have ventured into deep water that can’t swim. Bushie your constant recommendation about a co-operative is the only sensible option, with the proviso that none of the charlatans in the Parliament would be allowed to take part. Italy did it with a government of technocrats.

    Gallus bait David to answer your question about Toni Moore: she was Sir Leroy’s handpicked candidate for the Job. She was not picked for her brain or beauty. The young women is talentless in industrial relations and devoid of any human skills. I don’t understand the motives of old men who are way pass their prime when they form an attraction to young females for whatever reason. I don’t know if Sir Leroy did not have a daughter to follow him into his field and he saw Toni as that replacement.

    From what I know of her personally, and that is not much, if she becomes the general secretary that would be the death knell of the BWU.

  14. @ Caswell
    Your assessment of the situation is right… expected…
    This lot should all be kicked out of office for incompetence…. …..HOWEVER we all know that their likely replacements are different in names only….. So when we kick them out too in nine months – what then?

    But you playing you smart and NOT answering Bushie’s real question….
    The co-op approach is perfect because in kills many birds with one stone –
    it puts the onus and the power in the PEOPLES’ hands;
    it also maintains the profit incentives to produce…..and to generate surplus;
    it guarantees openness and transparency; and
    it makes everyone their brother’s keeper.

    The question was, what is the OBJECTIVE that the unions should be aiming for in a situation such as ours right now….?
    …and Bushie means in the short term…like next week….

    …and about Toni…
    Even if you are right about her being a favorite….. Give her the chance to fail. It won’t take long…..BUT remember….Some very unlikely persons have turned out to be highly talented and effective leaders….

  15. You stupid ass Caswell ! if you say you dont know the woman how then can you go on to say so much about her ? You are nothing but a nasty rumour monger . That is why you will never keep a job in this country.

  16. Don’t be disturbed, Disturbed.
    If you think about it carefully you will realize that Barbados NEEDS a few Caswell’s….
    Someone bold enough to call a spade a spade…..and Igrunt enough to even call a ‘fork’ a spade too – from time to time…

    Why is this vital…?
    …because we tolerate a lotta shiite bout here all the time….and the best way to ensure that such shiite is properly flushed – is for it to be highlighted…..otherwise it will pile up….

    Clearly…sometimes what is highlighted may smell funny and look funny – but may be quite legit…. But that is a MUCH better flaw than allowing real shiite to accumulate…..
    Also….note that Caswell tends to direct his assaults towards those who NEED to be able to deal with such accusations. If this lady is unable to deal with such scrutiny as raised here, then Sir Roy has clearly erred….
    Trust Bushie…
    ANY person who seriously intends to accept a senior leadership position and who is offended by such attention – EVEN IF DELIBERATELY MALICIOUS- Has chosen the wrong vocation…..

    • In the US and UK for example when an individual is appointed to high office he or she is placed under scrutiny. In Barbados the same person gets an interview with Carol Roberts which paints a glowing picture and that is it.

  17. David

    I am getting really tired with the mentality of some persons who want to influence my opinions. Today, I received a call from someone who wanted to know how I could oppose Toni Moore since she went to school at Combermere and she comes from good BLP stock.

    That is so asinine I refused to engage the person. My opinion of the woman is not coloured by anything other than my interaction in the classroom for an entire week at a seminar. After a day three of the five day seminar even the regional participants were begging that the training come to an end in order to get away from her.

    • What is going on is part of the nastiness that characterizes the Barbadian society. The young lady is certainly not the General Secretary designate. Right now all she happens to be is the handpicked candidate of a doting old fool who feels that the job is his to bequeath. But so far all we are seeing are attempts to make her palatable and they have enlisted the Nation in order to give her an advantage over others who might be seeking the top spot.


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