A DLP’s Work of Art – Barbados Becoming a Failed Society

Henderson Bovell

Henderson Bovell

Unless Barbadians ‘force change’ soon and put this county on a different path, by April 2014, Barbados is not going to be a pretty or pleasant place to be! Tourists are already staying-away and capital is running!

What sense will it make having “new fancy looking money” that nobody in the Caribbean wants to see because no country within the region is willing to accept it?

You really have to be “terrified” of a Government that will celebrate the birth of Jesus in December and a few days after – fire 3,000 people!  Think about that for a while: the same DLP, which created this mess all across Barbados, expect and intend to keep their jobs but will fire 3,000 workers now engaged in the Public Service of Barbados, as its first order of business in January 2014!

When added to the fact that hundreds might also be forced to give-up tertiary education because of an inability to pay DLP-imposed-fees, the unemployment rate is not going to be flattering, at the beginning of the first quarter of the next financial year (2014-2015).

The rate of poverty is now likely to skyrocket while the economy will continue to shrink due to significantly reduce economic activity, cause by diminishing investor confidence, as well as – reduced consumer confidence and capacity to be taxed or to spend.

The DLP might be bashful to admit it but ‘Capital Flight’ is a serious problem, and a source of tremendous embarrassment for this DLP Government! Money travelling like that does not happen when business people merely lose confidence in a Government but when they have great fear, as regards what is unfolding. This is serious evasive action from people who are known to take risk with their money!

The productive sectors (including reduced earning from Tourism, FDI and the Financial Services Sector) are other areas of great worry.  When debt servicing requirements; pension commitments and retiring benefits are added to this pressure-pot, it will not be a brew that will impress Rating Agencies.

I doubt very much whether  social and economic instability compounded by political weakness and a phased approach to governance – is something that serious people would ever find comical!  This Government likes to hide the truth but it is looking as if Barbadians can brace for another Mini-Budget in the very near future and on that occasion – an announcement on foreign exchange restrictions.

Few will disagree that this country is burdened with social and economic instability and while we have excellent; dedicated and patriotic men and women in the Force, it will not take the criminal element long to figure-out that flexi-allowance and over-time pay for the Police ‘MAY’ have stopped, neither will it serve the country’s interest, “IF” Police Officers are also on the DLP’s-list, to be axed!

By now, it should be occurring to the private sector, exactly how an extremely weak Government and its reckless mismanagement of the economy, can pose a serious threat to their personal and financial security. The entire DLP Cabinet could next Thursday – determine that the Police and BDF will provide 24-hour armed security at their house and of course – free of cost to Ministers – and for an indefinite period, also.

The question for the country is: can a fiscally reckless Government, can be relied upon to exercise State power, in a responsible manner, in circumstances where the country has just cause to feel that the said Government cannot be trusted; that it is allergic to  truth and that it has unmatched skills in deception. Already we have seen the Police caused to question the political Opposition! Are we now to become like Zimbabwe?

Barbados has become a country where people are already starving based on reports from churches across Barbados. The lines at the Salvation Army also paint a frightening picture. Based on early warning indicators – next year will be much worse. Can you reasonably place a duty of care on hungry people – who fear dying of starvation – to exercise sound judgment?

Rating Agencies will not like this “DLP work of art”  and more downgrades will come! Every passing day this DLP Government is allowed to continue on its current destruction path (including printing money) Barbados will get a step closer to devaluation. This country is now beyond crisis and Rating Agencies and the IMF know that.

Perhaps Barbadians do not fully appreciate the gravity of this reality because Government may not be giving them all of the facts. That would be a very dangerous game to play!

Barbadians must brace themselves because 2014 will be a bumpy ride and there will be nothing happy about the New Year!  But, all of this is your special gift, compliments of your DLP Government, which you cannot trust.

237 thoughts on “A DLP’s Work of Art – Barbados Becoming a Failed Society

  1. @Look,
    What is your problem? Did you finish high school? Did you go to University? Do you have degrees? Give thanks!. Do you have half the smarts of Rihanna? Do you have, or is there a possibility you will ever have half of her money? Do you take care of your family, like she takes care of hers? Do you love your country as she obviously loves hers? Do you give any donations to any charity? Have you contributed to Rihanna’s foundation for children? Have you ever; or is there a possibility that you will ever, contribute to Cancer care at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital? Rihanna did. She contributed funds to purchase equipment. Have you ever bought a syringe for the hospital?
    How much foreign exchange have you contributed to the country? How many foreigners have you encouraged to visit the country? What is the possibility of you having a show at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto and have two sold out shows? How many countries have you visited and promoted Barbados? Do you think it was just by chance the Oprah Winfrey chose to visit Barbados; with a camera crew, to see where Rihanna came from, and where she had reached; at that time, she is even more popular now.When you can answer these questions you can talk to me. I have said it loud and clear, I concentrate on positives not negatives. Rihanna’s positives far out pace any negatives attributed to her.
    Until then keep your small mindedness inside your head, let it eat you up, and never see the light of day.Barbados does not need people like you. It needs people to Big It Up.
    Be gone foul varlet, get thee hence!


    A New Year OF Pain , Lets us see, if any one learned any thing as yet , Who will repeat the same crimes, Different Year same Crooks Liars and Scumbag Minister , Lawyers , PM and AG with back pocket DPP. .
    Only person or Persons they went after 2013 was the NATIONS NEW EDITOR .

  3. @Henderson Bovell,
    Talking about Capital flight and poverty, didn’t I hear Mr. Tudor, promoting BMW 5 series cars on the radio last night? Didn’t the broadcaasters from VOB travel about, chauffeur driven in brand new BMW cars? Obviously these caars will be bought, By whom?Doom and Gloom?

    • @Alvin

      Have you been drinking?

      How many BMWs are sold in a year?

      When you answer this question you may understand how irrelevant your last comment.

  4. latest word out of the great USA 1.3million out of work and out of unemployment benefits………………HAPPY NEW YEAR……..

  5. Part of a comment in todays Nation.

    Minister of Finance Christopher Sinckler was correct: “This route is now unavoidable.”

    ****Indeed, he went on to say: “Should this situation be allowed to continue unchecked, it will undermine the macro fundamentals that support our firm and unshakeable policy of maintaining a fixed exchange peg with the US dollar.”****

    ANYONE wanna 100$ bet on a devaluation??

  6. wunna Blp yardfowls get up in here on bU the likes of Geirge Bratwwaite and de uuder guy ,,, spreading propaganda,,,wunna think people only read BU and gonna tek wunna word as gospel… people read and connect dots ,,,all this gobbly talk riddle with propaganda an selfishness,, Obama took 1,3million for more than four years and held their hands now only are they not going to have a job but unemployment has been chopped off,.this govt took a similar path and all wunna talk about how this govt uncaring well then if that is so pM stuart has good company with Obama further more OBAMA has more esteemed and knowledgeable economist and they don’t have the answer , HA! HA! fool wunna self that MIA and the BLP got the answer,,,,,,,,,,i don’t think so…….. HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR ,,,looking forward to more of the same propaganda…………..HA! HA!…

    • I see your programmed hard drive remains in place. No wonder Bushie is calling for government to contribute only 50% to the cost of post primary education.

    • AC why can’t you take page from Carson’s book and leave with your BS? nobody don’t give a rats ass about Obama. this is Barbados, where you lied ass DEMs trick the people. now lets see how and where wanna going to hide.

      the hammer is coming down. believe that.

    • @ac
      do you actually read entire articles and understand the actual situation and context before shooting off here on BU??

      Just observing

    • …and even if she COULD read simple words – did you say UNDERSTAND..?!
      …get a grip Observing man!

  7. listen fellows, BOTH the political parties tricked the people…but the DLP pulled off a slightly BIGGER trick in Februry last year…(LOL playing wunna wanna sell de people’s busses nuh)

    The only thing that would have been different if the BLP had won is that CCC would be here cussing Bushie – and Enuff would have gone quiet like Onions…. 🙂

    Speaking of which…where IS Old Onions?

  8. Colonel Buggy said:
    ” I was turn down by a corporation in Barbados, which at present is going through hell because of constant mismanagement over the years”

    I take it you are one of the very experienced past employee of London Transport who VOLUNTEERED to help the inept and incompetently run Barbados Transport Board and was ridiculed and made to feel that you did not belong to Barbados and therefore cannot contribute…..that’s why their ass is grass. It is also the nature of the beast of both DLP and BLP political idiots.

  9. and also the blp and the yardfowls pretends as if they inept and bad management with little or no attempt to diversify the economy is not part of the building blocks in the financial collapse of this tiny island…..wunna think people are fools,,,,

  10. LOOK…..i do believe you were missing my SARCASM when i spoke about Barbados having the best schools in the world, average bajans on the streets of Barbados would have known I was being sarcastic, you do not have to go to an ivy league school to know that……in saying that, you should also know that an ivy league education is an altogether different type of education, curriculum etc, regardless if you have title or not, you do not need an ivy league education to know this, but if you have an ivy league education, you have entered an entirely different realm…..don’t know how exposed you have been to any type of ivy league education or institutions……

  11. AC………try not comparing the US government or it’s situation to Barbados and the inept and incompetent DLP party, you are making them (the DLP) look even worse and laughed at even harder…..lol

    It’s not the first time that US citizens/residents are conscious of recessions/depressions and what they can and do entail….people in Barbados and the Caribbean are only now becoming aware of cyclical dips and turns (recessions) in their economies, they had been blissfully ignorant before because the same dirtbag politicians successfully hid the information…not any more.

  12. how come the blp took the country for 14 years on the same treadmilll and now all of a sudden knows how to fix it quick…….wunna plan well wunna think! but fughet to plan for a future that would have been caught up in the economic meltdown., go figure……

  13. and another thing well! well! economic problems are the same like they say they ain’t no big lie or small lie ..the effects are the same….

  14. AC…besides……the DLP has lied so much over the past 6 years (both big lies and small lies) that they have finally reached their Waterloo, in case you are confused, they are now at the point of no return…..LOL

    • ac should be weeping for the lady who collapsed yesterday upon hearing the news of her dismissal, for the persons who said they have bills to be paid at Courts…………………this is the end result of the Damn Lying Party.

      Wow, we await the response of the outspoken minister Donville Inniss tomorrow to Mr Clarke’s cuss out of him! Wow, it was sweet. Did anyone miss the slip from Mr Clarke’s tongue…………6000 layoffs!

  15. Dr Love | 01/01/2014 at 1:38 pm | Reply
    Part of a comment in todays Nation.

    Minister of Finance Christopher Sinckler was correct: “This route is now unavoidable.”

    ****Indeed, he went on to say: “Should this situation be allowed to continue unchecked, it will undermine the macro fundamentals that support our firm and unshakeable policy of maintaining a fixed exchange peg with the US dollar.”****

    ANYONE wanna 100$ bet on a devaluation??




  16. so the point,,,,,,,after so many years of an economy on steroids and false confidence we have rich the end of the road in 2013 with more of the same in 2014,,,,,,,,,,couldn’t have somebody point this country in the right direction some where along the way,,,,,,,

  17. @Well Well
    What person in their right mind would claim that Barbados have the best Schools in the world. ( don’t mek me laught) One would have be twisted in thinking to even entertain such a thought, because those of whom we claim to be the well- educated in Barbados, can’t even articulate with proficient grammaticality.

  18. @AC
    One would obviously have to be an Utopian – Ideologue, with an infinitesimal scope of the political – affairs, if he/ she believes that economic – prosperity runs into perpetuality.

  19. It’s a colossal flaw in our thinking, coupled with a false sense of security, to believed that Barbados would have never experience an economic predicament of this magnitude.

  20. Any excuse for the failures of the DLP from sycophants like ac

    In the 1991-94 period , the DLP did the same foolishness that they are doing now so this talk about economy on steroids is just stupid talk to justify DLP;s incompetence by people like ac.

    Cant people like ac just accept that the DLP just does not have the skills to manage the Barbados economy.

    They cant bat so any wicket, any ball, any bowler will be a problem for them. If you cant bat yuh cant bat, you dont blame the bowler, the pitch or the weather for your inability to bat —YUH CANT BAT !!!—–PERIOD !!—It aInt that the ball too fast and yuh cant see it, YUH CANT BAT !!!. it aint that the pitch bouncy–YUH CANT BAT !

    Garfield Sobers now Sir Garfield , made runs batting on an impaired wicket.Brian Lara –same thing. Lance Gibbs batting on a perfect wicket cant make a run.

    What we have in Barbados is a team of bowlers pretending to be batsmen . They can get the Opposition out but they cant bat so they cant make the runs but they blame everybody else for their lack of ability. A team of Lance Gibbs -without a Sobers in sight except for on the Opposition.

    What economy on steroids what ?? Stupid ac joker !!!
    The DLP is just plain –BAD

    Shite man ! Wuh do people though ?

  21. @ Well Well

    The sarcasm targeting Barbados schools is perfectly fitting. Saying that Barbados has the best schools in the world mocks them (Barbados schools) but insults genuine ivy league colleges and universities, all in the United States:

    1). Brown University – Providence, RI
    2). Columbia University – New York, NY
    3). Cornell University – Ithaca, NY
    4). Dartmouth College – Hanover, NH
    5). Harvard University – Cambridge, MA
    6). Princeton University – Princeton, NJ
    7). University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, PA
    8). Yale University – New Haven, CT

    The United States according to Caroline Howard of Forbes Magazine (09/10/2013) has the best colleges. Numerous colleges in the United States and United Kingdom are listed. The University of West Indies (Barbados) however is not one of those listed. Must mention also Mail Online Publication (04/2013) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2314669/Harvards-billionaires-Ivy-League-college-leads-world-richest-alumni.html. The Mail Online Publication list super rich individuals and colleges/universities of which they are linked. American man, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, for example is the richest man in the world, worth 662 billion and linked to Harvard University, an ivy league. The Publication does not mention American man, Mark Zuckerber, founder of Facebook. He, however, is worth 19 billion and linked to Harvard University, ivy league. The publication also does not mention American man, Larry Page, founder of google, worth 24.9 billion and linked to the University of Michigan, a university of prestige but not ivy league.

  22. @ Just Asking
    It did not escaped my noticed that you somehow have an affinity for West Indian cricket. And that’s a good thing! But here is a bet of advice buddy: it’s best to stick to what you know “(Cricket)” and leave the political prognostication alone.

  23. @Look on
    I love the list of ivy league schools above but you had forgotten to mention Berkeley and Stanford, both ivy league school. Now, are you aware of the fact that after Dr. Arthur Lewis graduated at the top of his class at the London School of Economic. He was granted a professorship at Stanford University, where he taught for several decades?

  24. @ are we they yet
    Brother, with the brain- power of an ant and the judgment of a frog. It’s no wonder you have arrived at such a conclusion regarding the person you believe me to be.

  25. @Are we they yet?
    Or must I insult your intelligence by informing you that your opinion only matters, if I value your opinion? And guess what? Your opinion is worth less than the crap that is expel from posterior cavity of the bovine quadruped in my opinion!

  26. @ Mark Fenty

    The birth place of Dr. Lewis is Saint Lucia NOT Barbados. Saint Lucia and Barbados are not two of the same. You, of course, know this. Right? Dr. Lewis was staff professor at Princeton University for two decades. It was Princeton Mr. Fenty not Stanford. He was recipient of the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize in economics. Dr. Lewis died in Barbados (1991) but buried in his country of origin, Saint Lucia but you know this. Right?

  27. @ Are we there yet?
    If you say you know who I am, than you must not be who you think your are brother. lol

  28. @Look on
    I am well aware of Dr. Arthur Lewis historical background; I’ve read several of his books during my college days.

  29. @ Look on
    Are you also aware of the fact that another Saint Lucian by the name of Derek Alton Walcott, also won the Nobel Prize in Literature? Doesn’t it really say some significant about the Barbados educational system? It sucks!

  30. Mark Fenty; Based on your responses, I am truly sorry I made the remark and would take it back if it were possible.

  31. Dr. Eric William: the late Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobaga, is another West Indian academic who haven’t been given the kind of credit he ought to have gotten in the West Indies. Yet, his book/ dissertation called Capitalism and Slavery, can still be found in some of the major libraries in the United States of America. His book has had that kind of impact…..!

  32. @ are we there yet?
    Listen, Bush Tea is intellectually insufficient but he gets it…. He knows not to test the limits of my reslove, for fear of obtaining a verbal molestation of the worse sort. Let’s keep it civil, that all I ask of you sir.

    • Mark Fenty;
      I offered an olive branch as I though your writings suggested that you need some professional help.

  33. The Georgie Porgy (poster) would like us to believe that Queen Elizabeth Hospital is one of the best in the world – NOT TRUE. Statement that Queen Elizabeth Hospital is one of the best in the world mocks it but insults the best hospitals in the world


    No, No Barbados Underground audience, we won’t go there – the stress and mess of Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Barbados). Must certainly mention FACT that David Thompson, before his demise did not seek treatment at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. He sought treatment at New York Presbyterian Hospital of which is affiliated with ivy league colleges: Columbia and Weil Cornell in New York.

  34. Look for the Nation newspaper to continue its role as the BLP public relations department in 2014.

    While the Nation BLP newspaper editorial talks about the need for decisive action to cut spending, the Nation newspaper will portray the public sector job cuts as “savagery” detailing all the women with children who are now “collapsing” and thrown out of work.

    We will not get balanced coverage from the Nation in 2014 but I can assure you that you will read the opposition’s perspective quite often.

  35. Fenty is on a role and has been all day, I must say that he has made some good points on some of the issues. Good point on the book written by the late DR Williams.

    • @ Ex pat
      Steupssss….Mark Fenty is a joker who was ejected from the US Army for persistently talking shiite… and he wasn’t even a real real soldier – a damn cook and laundryman. …hope David soon ban his donkey from BU 🙂

      …and after they put him out the army …they won’t even give him a green card…LOL Ha Ha

      Mark….Wuh you calling Bushie name for….? Bushie knows what Islandgal want …..but Bushie don’t mek dat kinda sport with fellas…

      You think you could touch a bushman …..ya joke!
      You could wuk a whacker?

  36. The Nation newspaper’s choice of columnists consistently reflects a particular partisan and political bias.

    Is it coincidence that nearly all the new columnists hired by the Nation newspaper seem to reflect the BLP talking points or is it Nation policy?

    I thought Frances Chandler was supposed to be INDEPENDENT but to hear this woman castigating people who voted for the DLP in the last election while praising those who did not is reflective of my assertion that the Nation newspaper hires columnists who must follow an anti- government line.

    Enter Caswell Franklyn, one of the newest additions to the Nation BLP newspaper. Mr. Franklyn indicated on the blog previously that the Nation newspaper told him that his column WAS NOT to be political.
    Yet, every week Mr. Franklyn launches into a predictable assault on the government.
    Could Mr. Franklyn please confirm if the Nation policy on his article as non political has changed or if he is just the BLP replacement for the usual BLP Sunday Sun spokesman Pat Hoyos.

    The Nation newspaper is not reflecting the best standards of journalism.

    • On November 3, 2013 I wrote a column entitled, “Opposition letting Govt off the hook” which was critical of the role that the Opposition is pretending to perform. I did not see any comments from any idiot calling himself NationBLPnewspaper criticising me. But when I call it like I see it about the incompetent Government, he tries to discredit me. It won’t work: leave me alone fool.


  37. NationBLPnewspaper: You should be highlighting why CBC or the Advocate showed no remorse with the said workers. Just remove your political loyalty and see TWO workers will have a dynamo effect on NINE children plus other dependencies. Yuh mean yuh getting more stupid in 2014. BTW. Read Reudon report in the Barbados Today. You forget you was pompasetting about unfair treatment to Reudon by the oldest newspaper.

  38. NationBLPnewspaper: Probably it is this reason why Ms. Chandler was overlooked as a Senator. At least she has morals and integrity unlike the two men of the cloth?????

  39. @ Nation: In the election before the last the people were fed up with the BLP Clan and voted in the opposition. We saw the economic storms on the horizon and did nothing to mitigate the fallout, it was business as usual, in the last election, it was evident that we were facing significant economic problems, I can recall the Commander of the Central Bank saying that all was well and the foreign reserves were sound, no worries he said and they all returned to sleep. Election time comes around and the order of the day is IPods, IPads and other trinkets. Forget jobs, growth and economic stability… Then you attack Franklyn, the only person who has sounded the alarm and perhaps the only bastion of representation left in the form of workers unions. I guess a Lion does not concern himself with the thoughts of a Sheep. Research your facts or move out and draw Fire.

  40. this site is suffering from people personally attacking others instead of attacking the issues with facts and logical conclusions. to play in the gutter does not impress anyone with sense, whether formally educated or not.

    could we have a new years resolution to sticks to the issues and not personalities.

  41. Rather than cast blame we should be asking ourselves: ‘what now?’ Business people saw this coming four years ago, the same business people that have had no civil service facilitation and so may broken ministerial promises of facilitation for six years. From concept to breaking ground construction projects in Bim take 5 to 7 years. Hundreds of town-planning files are still languishing in an office of the prime minister where there is no prime minister. The outcome was always obvious, the Barbados economy has been driven by construction (including for tourism) since the demise of sugar in the 80s.

    BUT; there has been no union outcry over layoffs as there was in 91/92. There is no momentum of objection gathering. The BCC is only now asking its members to refer their long-outstanding planning matters to them ‘for assistance’ even though the problem is six years old; and to what end? They are toothless until the private sector practices the radicalism that unions threaten.

    Everyone who understands economics knows this gov’t must go; but how is that achieved quickly? Surely they will not make the same suicidal mistakes as in 92 but what is the alternative for the rest of us while they gather as many nuts into their nest as they can in the limited time available? We have maybe 4 months until devaluation and there is no recovery from there, then you will see the capital and human flight on the scale of Guyana and Jamaica.

  42. Tedd;

    Please allow me to emphasize a portion of what you have written above.
    “Everyone who understands economics knows this gov’t must go; but how is that achieved quickly? Surely they will not make the same suicidal mistakes as in 92 but what is the alternative for the rest of us while they gather as many nuts into their nest as they can in the limited time available? We have maybe 4 months until devaluation and there is no recovery from there, then you will see the capital and human flight on the scale of Guyana and Jamaica.”

    That is precisely where we stand and where the majority of the country appears to be vacillating on. It looks like the Government really reflects what the majority of the population have degenerated into, a nation of pusillanimous wishful thinkers who believe that we can do nothing except throw our hands up in the air and everything will be all right.in the morning of the IMF.

  43. Frustrated Businessman

    Such a true comment… but I hazard that we knew of this decline for 7 years – remember Owen told the public to tighten wunna belts!…. People got short short memories. I am planting my back yard and holding on tight tight …I can only hope that my children get educated and out of this place, as I am stuck here holding on for dear life!

    While the dickering continues on parliament, people STARVE!

  44. The only DLP MP who businessmen would trust to achieve any promised objective is Donville Inniss but he does not have the support of his party for leader nor does he even speak to Stuart. That means that the whole team must change and change soon. There is money here to be spent and banks are literally going door-to-door to try to lend to reliable borrowers. There is no doubt in the business community that a different outcome in the last general election would have had an economic result like the throwing of a switch as far as private-sector spending and investment is concerned, mainly due to the economic opportunities created by others’ hardships. But that was when there was enough foreign exchange to gamble. I am sure we could stop further economic slide with a change of leadership but even now the rebuild path will be rough. Four months from now it will be impossible.

  45. Frustrated business man…………..govt must go………but in a free and democratic society people make that decision by way of ballot and in bubados in aboutanother four years …so sit tight…….


    When all , or most is out of work , then their ears will open to listen , When being paid god or bad they done care , So let the pain begin and the ears open to know why.

  47. There’s no ‘do nothing’ option AC. Either the gov’t changes or the people with money leave and the people without eat each other. One way or the other something will happen. ‘The best argument against democracy is a ten minute conversation with the average voter’ – Sir Winston Churchill.

    • Listening to the first callin show for the year one word described how the majority of people seem to view the Barbados scenario – chaos.

  48. @ ac | 02/01/2014 at 1:55 pm

    As long as the Fumbler is at the helm of the sinking DLP administration ship of state can you see “Bubados” carrying on for another four years without further credit rating downgrades, undergoing a series of devaluations to bring the local dollar in line with its real economic value of at most 12 US cents leading to further loss of confidence, economic decline and social dislocation?

    Don’t you think that Donville Inniss (in his materialistic megalomaniac dreams) has sharpened his lust for power to become the next DLP PM and is currently plotting to replace the current holder within the coming months?

    Meanwhile, the former prophet of doom and gloom, now Chef Miller, is watching the pot boil and only to eager to serve the “No Layoffs, No Privatization” stew that has been cooking since February 2013.

    How big a share do you want, gullible ac? A serving to fill the craw of a yard-fowl or just sufficient for you to see the light and join the miller in calling for Privatization to ease the burden on government?

    Don’t you think that if the DLP government had listened to sound reasoning in the form of commonsense and had outsourced, even from early last year the functions of the Drainage Unit most of the workers would still be engaged by private sector contractors (even former workers could have enterprisingly formed a company)?

    Can you imagine the environmentally disastrously dangerous state “Bubados” would now become? You only have to look at the current state of the roads and the garbage collection efforts to contemplate the enormity of the environmental tragedy about to unfold that only Island gal and Colonel Buggy would dare to imagine.

    Yes ac, go ahead and prove me right by cussing me and calling me all sorts of negative names under the Sun for foretelling you of the pending environmental disaster that will certainly have serious ramifications for public health in your beloved country and, like a torpedo, would really sink the battered ship called SS DLP Bubados.

  49. Chaos is an interesting and ALWAYS profitable word David. The Chinese word for crisis is made up of the characters for danger and opportunity. Lenin did not create the Russian Revolution; he was paid by the Germans to return home from exile to take advantage of it. There is always someone profiting from chaos.

    • The only profit seen must be from the bond holders who continue to benefit from usurious yields. Is there a grade lower than junk?

  50. The BLP mistake was/is assuming they would be top shelf REGARDLESS of their obvious stupidity that were/are INTENTIONAL: Contractor Al Barack, VECO and Violet Beckles. The DLP mistake was/is FALSE PROMISES – Freedom of Information & Integrity Legislation and were intentional.

    It’s a mess down there. It’s just a messy mess.

  51. David, there is an old Jewish saying: ‘when there is blood in the streets, buy property’. The opportunity our chaos is manifesting is in things like Sandals sweet deal, Bernie’s lease on a property no-one would risk to buy, Kyfin’s BWA/MTW/Transport Board vehicle/equipment rentals, upcoming property and hotel auctions, upcoming foreign-financed road works; and the list goes on. When people and governments have no cash they live day-to-day at the pleasure of loan-sharks. The Trini property feeding frenzy hasn’t even started yet, but soon. For the first time in 50 years Bajans will soon be stealing to eat like in the days of starving cane-cutters pinching yams, rather than stealing as a career choice as has been the case here for decades. Like Jamaica and Trinidad there will be opportunities for security guards, cameras, fences, gates, dogs, guns etc.

  52. Frustrated businessman and in the meantime start thinking of something of great value that u and the blp yardfowls can contribute in helping to rebuild YOUR COUNTRY ECONOMY. instead of wasteful useless engery projecting chaos and blood shed on YOUR tiny island

  53. Did someone say they wanted to verbally molest the Bushman…..i can’t wait to see Bush Tea verbally molested and by a man at that……lol…..Mark do you really realize what you are typing????lol

  54. @Frustrated businssman.
    “There is money here to be spent and banks are literally going door-to-door to try to lend to reliable borrowers. There is no doubt in the business community that a different outcome in the last general election would have had an economic result like the throwing of a switch as far as private-sector spending and investment is concerned, mainly due to the economic opportunities created by others’ hardships. But that was when there was enough foreign exchange to gamble. ”

    This is t;he point I have been making so many times.on BU. the persons:in the private sector, that should be leading the economic recovery, have DELIBERATELY WITH HELD THE INVESTMENT THEY ARE CAPABLE OF MAKING. bUT, BECAUSE THEY ARE BLP SUPPORTERS, THEY ARE PREPARED TO LET THE COUNTRY DIE, RATHER THAN RESCUE IT.
    When the Titanic sank it was not only the hundreds of poor people who were in steerage who died, but the richest of the rich also. If the government ministers and many others had read my book “The Royal Palms Are Dying”, they would have been able to foresee what is now happening.They would have seen that the pillars upon which this society and country was built were dying, and they could have taken corrective action. It is not too late. the way to do it is to hold on; do not let them “gamble” with the future of Barbados. If they have the interest of this country at heart, let them gamble now, when things are tough. If you have a million dollars it is no gamble to gamble one thousand, it is when you are down to your last thousand that it becomes a gamble. Barbados will not always be where it is now, and all those who since before 1991 were arguing that Barbados should do like Trinidad and Jamaica and Guyana and devalue, are still prepared to force it into that position. Barbados with no resources th bring in the necessary foreign eschange will be worse off. We have no gold (guyana produced over 400,000 ounces this past year) We have no Oil (like trinidad, this is where she profits from us ( but not as much as if our currency was devalued), We have no Bauxite, we have no land. How can we devalue? Devaluation will make imports more expensive and we will have to import less. Well, do it NOW without devaluation, for those who are “gambling” on a devaluation will have to forego their looked for profits.
    Cut down on the imports. Cut down on the expensive vehicles, cut down on the consumption of fuel.Produce more locally, push our exports, sell (GAMBLE on:more of our) products overseas, increase our number of brands of rum being exported ( THE JOB OF THE PRIVATE SECTOR) USE SOME OF THE FUNDS YOU ARE PREPARED TO :GAMBLE.
    Since we live in a democracy and the result is in the hands of the electorate, what are you prepared to do if the people decide again that they will vote for the DLP again? Come right out and say it. Will you say DIE HARD or DIE HARDER”
    @Well Well
    Happy New Year!
    It cold as …….

  55. @Alvin
    “Cut down on the expensive vehicles, cut down on the consumption of fuel.”
    – Then government HAS to lead by example

    “Cut down on the imports.”
    – National policy needed for this. Government once again.

    “Produce more locally, push our exports”
    – To be worthwhile it needs to be not cost prohibitive. The financial and legal environment should allow for greater production and a reasonably enough priced product for export, or at the least extremely high quality. Also, buying locally should be attractive for locals rather than a turn off. Production should be seen as a boon to national development rather tha a burden.

    “the private sector, that should be leading the economic recovery
    – They’ve also called for all the delays and hindrances to local private sector investment to be removed. This apparently hasn’t been done yet (except for Butch)

    Just Observing

  56. Frustrated Businessman (FB) is essentially correct in his general analysis above, however he fails to appreciate the depth to which we have slid into the jobby.
    It is not so much that the wrong people are in position of leadership as it is that the whole SYSTEM is shot.
    Bushie therefore posits that even if we are to get our wish for a quick and dramatic change (something that a large majority voted for in 2008) FB will shortly find himself subjected to someone like Wuk for Wuk, Mr. World Cup Cruise ship, or some silly one of Mia’s girls – presiding over equally brass bowlish behaviors.

    Unless we can come up with a scheme where INTELLIGENT, HONEST, BUSINESS-MINDED persons are SELECTED and placed into these positions, and properly monitored, ….we will suffer for the lack of vision of the brass bowls who are there….

    Playing musical chairs with brazen bowls is the equivalent of rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic…..and will have the same outcome.

  57. Hello, to all who would listen, The DLP is simply kicking the can down the road. There has been and intentional attitude at disengagement by this DLP administration. The members of parliament and cabinet members in the DLP are not able to resolve the problems facing the bajan population. Leadership would warrant, that Mr. Stuart, fire Mr. Sinckler, and that Mr Stuart reach across the aisle, and solicit help from Mr Arthur, and Mr. Mascoll. The difference between Stuart and David Thompson, is that Thompson was amiable and would go to Owen Arthur, if he had a question. Mr Stuart is in a situation, where any day now a no confidence vote can come. Before he allows a no confidence vote, he’ll call a general election. Barbados is operating on borrowed time, with limited foreign reserves, and multiple credit downgrades, finacial devaluation looms ever so near. Barbados now faces a FIAT MONETARY CRISIS. Returning to economic equilibrium is almost virtually impossible based on Barbados’ collision course with its bankers, namely the IMF. There is no economic congeniality in the offing, and serious decisions will require serious men and women to solve the problems, plaguing our Island home. A lot of restless nights are ahead for those who would aspire to the leadership of Barbados’ ship of state. I would not be in the least surprised, if the once steady democracy most bajans have grown to love, now becomes a series of care taker governments, only in transitional stages. It would be to the advantage of Barbados’ polticians to delve into Greece’s, Portugal’s and Ireland’s economic fiasco, by sending a delegation to those nations, to prepare for the economic triage, that the country of Barbados will definitely need. Myopic political leadership, must now be changed to vigilence, and determination. It is possible to recover from this economic abys, with minimal financial devaluation, but the political leadership of Barbados, must muster “Gideon’s Army” of willing fighters, ready to do battle for the good of Barbados’ masses.

  58. @ Alvin: the problem with conspiracy theorists like yourself is that they invariably do not have enough experience dealing with actual people, committees, boards, businesses to make accurate assessments. There has been no private sector conspiracy; business people are by nature adversarial and could not agree on anything. I wish they could, the COC and Employers’ Confederation could have shut down this island in February to make sure this DLP gang of idiots did not commit our country to this catastrophe. The withholding of investment for the past four years has been just plain common sense based on simple observation. The private sector could turn Bim around tomorrow but not when the cabinet is undermining our efforts daily. The cabinet must go for confidence to return.

    @ Bush Tea: in the entire parliament there are maybe 5 people qualified to lead this country and only two of them from the front. The people we need to contribute at the highest level will never lower themselves to standing on the political platform. We therefore have two choices: either elect a single person to replace the cabinet (who would then hire professional ministers as he/she sees fit) or we need to expand the cabinet to include non-ministerial representatives from the unions, tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, bar and health organisations appointed by those organisations on an annual basis. Even if the elected ignore the advice of the appointed at least they would be able to report back the folly of the cabinet to their associations. But yes, the feudal Westminster system cannot serve us any longer. In the last UK election the people voted for 320 reps to find a cabinet of 20. We voted for 30 reps to find a cabinet of 17. Impossible odds.

  59. Frustrated Businessman
    You obviously understand the serious issues that we currently face, however the risk inherent in you proposal of appointing a Czar or a select ruling body based on ability is that the forces of brass bowlery out there have ways and means of entrapping even the best of us, …and in short order, your Czar would be owned by some rich, powerful, or insane criminal interest…..
    Thus Bushie’s solution which the bushman will now repeat for the Nth time….

    1- we create a FORMAL political body (let’s call it BUP)

    2- BUP enlists representatives from the top 50 social, business, religious, sports and other organizations in Barbados (BARP, BMA, Co-operatives, Churches, Hoteliers, etc) and these constitute its formal membership. This body compiles a basic strategic plan for Barbados.

    3- BUP then elects a NATIONAL SUPERVISORY COMMITTEE of 12 persons – Unpaid, except for reimbursement of all expenses. The NSC refines the strategic plan into specific objectives and goals to be achieved.

    4- The NSC advertises for 30 political candidates, including specific ads for Prime Minister, MOF, MOT, etc. They interview applicants and select the most suitable 30 who understand the expectations.

    5- These 30 candidates ALL are required to sign undated letters of resignation to be held by the NSC and are then adopted as candidates of the BUP

    6- all constituent members then lobby for the BUP candidates in the next elections (which are called because the 200,000 membership represented by BUP all walk up Bay Street and demand it…)

    7- as long as BUP wins the majority of seats, the specific persons selected by the NSC are appointed.

    8- The NSC exercises absolute supervisory control and has confidential access to ALL information on contracts, deals spending etc and ensures that it remains in line with the strategic targets set.

    9- upon any breeches of ethics OR failure to perform as agreed, letters of resignation are duly dated and accepted (perhaps upon 75% vote by the BUP membership) and new advertisements are placed to fill the vacancy.

    10- THAT’s IT ….a do-able, effective political system that addresses the current transparency issues AND puts the best talents in leadership AND monitors for ongoing performance.

    No consultation charges from the bushman…all in a day’s wuk of whacking 🙂

  60. Bushie; Your BUP gets more attractive day by day. But the question still remains how do we get from here to there. The current situation could be a catalyst to getting there but normally such catalysts carry a sting of extreme violence in their tails. Barbados, is imo, too small and too open to capital and other flight to weather and sustain such stings and come out as anything other than a failed state. But I am probably wrong. I’d be very grateful if you could convince me that, given the practicality of and the necessity for the BUP end game, that you have worked out how we actually get to implementing the BUP system that depends on people first embracing the objective and then, in their numbers, doing all that is necessary to make it come to fruition.

    As I’ve said before, an intervention by the BBE or other similar entity would sort things out for the whole world, however, since Barbados is imho, too small to merit individual attention by such entities, how would even that intervention result in anything other than very long term (eons) of building back up into a material 3-dimensional society (as contrasted with an ethereal one) that is anything like what we might be dreaming of?

  61. Hi Alvin…………..hope you are handling the cold like a trooper and you survived last nights frozen blitz with everything intact..damn, some parts of Canada was -37 last night making the surface colder than the surface of Mars…….NY, MN etc are frozen solid………see yall in the spring.enjoy the balance of your year and may you have happiness, good health and prosperity……..that also goes for everyone else on BU, maybe with the exception of Iabingy AKA Incorrecto the Idiot and Boring Jack Bormann.

  62. @ AWTY
    The most attractive aspect of the BUP approach is it’s peaceful “doability”.

    Bushie would know better than to come up with a complicated approach that required effort, hard work or blood and tears for Bajans…. 🙂

    Caswell can launch BUP in a week. (Why Caswell? 30 years of Credit Union transparency experience, malicious as shiite, knows every rule in every book, the balls for the job,….and ain’t afraid of a boy…)

    -The 50 representatives of major national organizations can be assembled in one week and hold the first meeting on January 18.
    Could be 50, 30 or 100. Only need excellent chairmanship (NOT CASWELL – LOL)

    the VOLUNTEER NSC can be elected one week later – after extensive discussions, lobbying, debate.
    the strategic plan is so obvious that it can be in place in 1 week.
    calling the elections (within 4 years) is the most difficult challenge, however it CANNOT be difficult for BUP to motivate over 100,000 persons in Bay Street once a CLEAR vision and strategy has been defined by BUP and a plan be put to Bajans…
    100,000 persons standing peacefully from Garrison to Bridgetown for a couple days can send a clear message of national feeling…

    Even brass bowls could manage this coup….

  63. In a previous article, I made the comment that: “it did not bother the DLP and it sure did not seem to have interest trade unions, the social partnership nor civil society – that it is an offence under section 6 of the Election Offences and Controversies Act to offer or accept employment in exchange for a vote.”

    It is now shocking that what appear to be general elections employment letters, with a “trademark DLP-shelf-life:” 31st December, expiry date -are beginning to surface. The country must now assume that at that date, there would be no more bush; drainage issues or dengue to be concerned about, in Barbados.

    The response from NUPW General Secretary Dennis Clarke was quick and clinical: “If you’re looking for public employees who don’t work, you only have to look at those you brought….he is not fully aware of the content of the unions proposals and when he is talking, I would like him to be aware, because its people like him who have contributed to the mess in the public service….they’re things that I would not reveal, but they feel that they can buy land in secret and work it in secret – that can’t happen in this country!”

    Mistrust; loss of confidence; frustration; anger and betrayal aside, the DLP has skillfully succeeded in subjecting the NUPW to public humiliation, with tremendous assistance from that union. This could only mean two factions operating and no ‘unity’ within the DLP Cabinet. But, given the intimate relationship between the DLP and the NUPW, one is left to wonder if the NUPW was really caught by surprise or if it knew about the commitments the DLP gave to the IMF, in that black Friday ‘Statement of Intent’ even before the announcement was made in Parliament.

    With Barbados essentially being run from Washington by the IMF, the country watched in disbelief as DLP deceptively gave a gullible trade union and trusting lover, false-hope that nothing was cast-in-stone; that there was ‘still room for discussion,’ or that what was announced in Parliament could have been changed.

    Yet, the speed at which the DLP then brushed-aside proposals put by the same Union for discussion, signalled that all was not well and left the country wondering why was the DLP so “eager” to out-fox the union in public.

    The NUPW; workers and the electorate are in a key position to confirm that “use and discard,’ seem to the DLP”s trademark.

    The union now alleges that its back is against the wall but nobody really believes that and an alert Barbados does not agree that such an account – is the true position in which the union finds itself! Seems more like: caught with its two feet on the ground; pants to its ankles but its back horizontal to the roof and no Vaseline on the scene!

  64. While agreeing with what the Bushman said…the only problem is someone might offer the coup members some macaroni pie, bake pork, bake chicken, rice and peas and sorrel drink, ergo….COUP DONE……….let’s see how long the taxpayers hold out for before they take a stand.

    • They would have to offer pie to more than half of the 200,000 coup members.
      If they did this and succeeded, then there is no problem since the PEOPLE would be getting what they want.

      The problem we have now is that by bribing just 3 people with the macaroni pie, the 200,000 get stuck with the associated shit.

  65. Barbados I’d say is a sinkhole and worsening; this situation (Barbados) is certainly worse than the Detroit, MI (US) bankrupcy. Detroit it seems will survive, Barbados probably not.

  66. We are all frustrated with the state of current affairs in our island home, but is it possible, that some of us, me included could offer more?. Why can we be the voices for change, from which that ground swell forces political and economic change for our island home. All of you contributing here are very bright and very dedicated, down to earth people, I beg each of you, to stand up and let your voices be heard. Barbados was broken on our watch, we can together, united, fix our country’s problems. If i’ve offended anyone, please forgive me, for I am not looking at political parties, just at the commonality between us, our Barbadianess. As we all know, the country of Barbados is in a dire economic condition, but I believe with the resolve of all of you learned people, that Barbados’ economic health will be good going forward.

  67. are-we-there-yet? | 31/12/2013 at 10:50 am | Reply

    I just read Reudon Eversley’s post.

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