‘Lady’ Mary-Anne Williams is it really you?

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Hooliganism, Bullying, Intimidation, Moral Decay

All of the above, in my opinion aptly describe an experience I had recently. I remember in my youth and even to this day hearing persons muse about the fact that Barbadians are a docile people. One of the favourite things we like to say in times of despair is “if Bajans were like Jamaicans, the things that happen here, would not happen”. I assume that by quoting this statement, we are implying that we are a more tolerant society. Ask persons who have been victims of intolerance, if this is so and I guarantee they would not agree.

The moral decay that is endemic in our society, is not a new phenomenon. There have been incidents of violence, hooliganism, bullying, and intimidation for decades. What we are brilliant at, is sweeping it under the carpet or applying a band-aid on an open sore and hoping it would heal.

One of my favourite quotes is “All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing”. I live by this principle and one other, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. These are lessons learnt as a young impressionable child and they have stuck with me for 35years.

I own and operate a Boutique in Speightstown, St. Peter. On the morning of December 16th, 2013, while assisting a client, a ‘Lady’ entered the store and asked, “Is this Josephine’s Boutique?” I replied in the affirmative and she informed me that she had a delivery for me. I finalized the transaction with my client, all the while oblivious the other activity going on in the store.

I finally had a chance to speak to the ’Lady’, who was waiting on me in the store, this time accompanied by another ‘gentleman’, so I approached them to find out about said delivery. I was greeted by a HUGE box of garbage, with Josephine’s Boutique written on the outside. I immediately recognized the box, since I had put it in the garbage disposal area at the mall where I work the previous week and it had been collected on Thursday of same week. After my initial shock, I asked both of them, why did they bring a box of garbage and put it in my store. The ‘Lady’ responded in a sneering tone, “it was on my property so I brought it back”. They wanted no explanation or had any more time to converse with me. Their mission was completed and they huffed and puffed, got in their vehicles and drove off.

Again, their behaviour can only be described in the terms I listed at the beginning of this letter. Common sense, rational thought, decency, professionalism, respect, morals, principles all went south for the winter in this situation. Garbage is collected from one location, it obviously falls of the truck at another location and instead of reacting rationally, this ‘Lady’ and two ‘thugs’, drive to my store in Speightstown and dump the HUGE box of filthy garbage, in my store because the box says ‘Josephine’s Boutique’ on the outside. Bear in mind, everyone else in the mall has thrown garbage in the box since it was the biggest one in the disposal area.

This is an open sore, and no amount of band-aids will heal it. Who does such things, unless they feel that they can get away with it because we Bajans are ‘docile’ and we like to sweep things under the carpet? No more!!!! It takes a tiny pebble to start a big ripple in the ocean. I am that pebble.

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  1. The local constabulary just sent a man of the cloth to Dodds after he was found to have some ammunition in his possession; they have charged the brother of the former PM for being in close proximity to some cartridges (in his pocket). After reading the chatter on this post from Bajans who profess to own Glocks methinks they are fighting a losing battle, there seems to be enough Glocks in private hands to outfit a Regiment.

    What next? Who will admit to owning one of Mikhail Kalashnikov’s inventions and how it will be used to redress all wrongs past or present. What will be the standard for being Glocked? People could be anything they want to be on the Blogs seems we have a lot of Flashman(s).

    Happy New Year!

    • @Sargeant

      The realty here is if man made laws drafted to support what should be morally right (and this is a moving target) appear not to be working social incohesion will result. Can you imagine if ordinary citizens decide to ‘remedy’ similar situations a la the ‘lady’?

    • @ Dr L
      ……Chuckle…..never made a stick of furniture in my life
      Now I wonder why the comment…..is it part of our Bajan psyche….does it have racial overtones…….does it have class significance…..is it religious…are you on drugs…..the mind boggles

  2. Island Girl@1:04 pm

    Yes, provided that you can reasonably surmise that the shit came from her dogs. I am no expert in scatology, however…(lol)

  3. Well thank you Jeff
    Bushie keeps seeing these Plastic bags marked “Supercenter” on his property next to the road. True the garbage trucks eventually moves then, but now – based on your advice- Bushie knows what can be done with these bags of “lord knows what”.

    Two white assistants to accompany Bushie tomorrow…

  4. BT,

    I ask you. Would it be reasonable to surmise that because it is a SuperCentre plastic bag, it was placed there by that supermarket chain or one of them? I wish you luck in your attempt tomorrow. Unfortunately, I will not be available to watch the proceedings and their denouement. But I feel certain we on BU will hear all about it… even in the 12:30 pm newscast (smile)

    • @Jeff

      Based on your posit the lady had sufficient grounds to dump the box in Lisa’s store because the name of her boutique was on the box?

    • good response,,,,,,except we were told that it was garbage and no one really knows the contents.knowing the contents might be the key as to why it was returned to lisa ……

  5. Bushie knows what to do with these bags
    I can only suggest if you are thinking of using them as condoms you might want to double them up.

  6. @David,

    It is not simply a matter of sufficient legal “grounds”. In a hearing, much will depend on the evidence adduced. First, was the box indeed dumped on her property? Second, did she have reasonable cause to believe that it was dumped there either by the boutique owner or someone for whom she was responsible? On this aspect, your guess is as good as mine. This in one side only of the matter, however.

    As I have maintained from Day One, a little civility would have engendered a phone call from MAW to ascertain what exactly happened rather than the contentious and unmannerly approach used. That’s why I was so distressed at the “Glock reactions” here, which are equally extreme.

    And that’s precisely why the law does not recommend self-help as a remedy, although it exists. It is liable to lead in most cases to a breach of the peace.

    • Our earlier recommendation would have left no doubt about what the law is or should be. Then all this talk about uncertainty would have been highly unnecessary thereby providing no work for the legal echo-chamber to discuss nuance.

  7. Whuloss BT man you hitting lawson low doah

    Next ting you know one AC might chime in to say dat all uh we including, Lawson, would need small paper bags dem!

    Den of course AC gine link it back to Owen Seethru and how Fumble did had foresight uh dis and dere fore was gine lower de taxes pun plastic bag imports or some ingrunce like dat

  8. @David
    Man made laws do not work for many people, I know some folks who have a hard time getting their produce to market without contending with other people who feel entitled to reap what they haven’t sown. They don’t seem to get a lot of sympathy from the local gendarmes.

    Yuh think I should encourage these hardworking farmers to put a cap in somebody’s ass? Nothing works like an armed human scarecrow.
    How about this for a headline from the local tabloid “ Citizenry up in arms over lady W’s attempt at recycling”

  9. @ Jeff Cumberbatch

    I do not want to enter the New Year debating old issues, but, in the law as we know it in England and Wales, there are a number of prima facie offences committed by the dumping offender, from environmental to public order. I bow to your greater knowledge of Barbadian law.
    But, as I have pointed out, a complaint has been lodged with the police who rightly interviewed the victim. We now want to know if the alleged offender has also been interviewed.
    If so, a full police report should be sent to the Guyana-born director of public prosecutions who will then decide if it is in the public interest to take legal proceedings. Judging from the reaction in this forum, there clearly is since it borders on public order.Mr Cumberbatch has been putting a not convincing case that this is a civil offence, which it ALSO is. Nothing prevents the boutique owner from taking civil action = but there is also a prima facie criminal offence which it is the responsibility of the state to pursue.
    Where is the attorney general? Where is the Opposition legal affairs spokesman? Where are our politicians when we need them most.Where is the local MP?
    That the incident has connotations of race and class is obvious. This is what a former slave society is comprised of. It also has elements of power relations. This after 47 years of constitutional independence.
    Who remembers the Trevor McDonald programme.

  10. @ Jeff Cumberbatch

    Sincing dat you call my name dere Jeff, Breach of de peace LOL, i tink dat it is only fair (or fear) for me to take you up on your qualification of Lisa’ actions as “the contentious and unmannerly approach used”

    I have found you to be a very reasonable fellow with your posits and perspective but, in this matter with the Lady Hog, it would appear as if you have a personal interest in Lisa dropping this matter or David[BU] ceasing and desisting in what is now an article with 476 comments!!

    Since you are not white and bear no resemblance to the Lady Hog or Sir Cow, nor is your last name Hess or Williams, I am inclined to think that one of the two thugs in the picture/stills might be related to you.

    Did i “adduced that correctly?

    Why man, this is most unlike you to take this position of Lady Hog’s Knight in Shining Armour, you normally speak out on issues straight as a compass pointing to the north pole.

    Wait a bit, wait a bit…. jobs drying up and clients pun de decrease, compliments of Fumble, so you heah looking for new clients, well done old chap, astutely thought out, “Lady Hoagie, wunna ent pay me (yet) but i is wunna champion pun de BU airwave”

    A stroke of genius to be sure, use your real name, unlike me and the others of us lurkers in the grass, and they will come.


    Of course you have been equally swift to make the disclaimer that it is left to the interpretation of the courts and that she may, even after Sir COW pay you handsomely, she may still lost de case and while she wont get lock up, she might still loss.

    Well done and i thought that lawyers was not allowed to advertise dem trade? What is this other than advertisement Jeff, i doan see you commenting pun “lessons to Guide Another Dichotomous Cabinet…” or udder political subjects dem…

    Ride on, ride on Sir Jeff …..

  11. What Sir Cow and Lady Moo could have done after exhausting all avenues for redress in the system and satisfying themselves the system was broke was to have picked on someone their own size.

    Load all the garbage on a Blue and Yellow truck, including the offending box and deposit the lot at Government HQ around going home time so all the cars are stuck in the parking area!!

    …. and drive the truck themselves …. Sir Cow cannot have forgotten how to drive a truck and Sir COW has plenty trucks and loaders.

    There was a time when Bajan’s with the were withal to address a situation of national importance did so without being asked.

    I was googling Greenland Landfill and found it has now reached Wikipedia … it was just a few Bajans with the time, money and sense who stood up and did something about the Government’s folly.


  12. BT No problem… I was trying to be helpful….in case the police catch you waving your glock instead of your willy at the cars in the round-a-bout you may be on your way to Dodds, I was just urging you to think outside the BOX when your dance card gets full.

  13. Oh Lossie

    Hal Austin making dese points again.

    Mr Austin you know what does happen wid peoples dem who meking sense in Bulbados and flying heah pun a British passport?

    Wunna does get feel up at de airport, luggage confiscated and put back pun annuder plane to Englant.

    You is casting tangential aspersions against we Guyanese brederen Charles Leacock.

    You is adducing (to use Jeff Cumberbatch word) dat de curly hair (Jheri Curl) Director of Public Prosecutions would be ingrunt enuff to bring a case aginst Sir COW wumman in a court of law, de same man who dismiss the case gainst Jada infanticide matter.

    Widout pausing you den goes on to add Adriel Brafwaite name to the list of nincompoops to find out whu de slit eyed Attorney General doing up in Wildey. Dat man does only drink tea from he dainty teacup Austin!

    And den, not satisfied wid going from wus to wusser, you interduce a next bigger cvunt dan Adriel, Mr Smiley Teets Dale Marshall, he of the skiining my teef pun TV during the interview when Arch Cot residents being crushed unter tons of rubble, “becausing, nehvah in all my years as a de village idjit from my community did i evah believe I wud be pun TV”

    Den, in de final cup de grace, no that is not coup de grace sir, it is cup de ESAF or Cockspur Seethru, you insults we heah pun BU to ask whu is the local MP, Owen Seymour Arfur doing fuh Lisa?

    Man Owen so fcuking inebriated at this time that if Lisa did call he down deah he wudda fall ovah de same ingrunt box dat we blogging bout 500 times!!

    Man I gots to talk to David[BU] man, dis ting is getting real ingrunt and it is being led by formerly intelligent men and womens, AC excluded from both groupings both men and women.

    Oh lawsie man i heah breking down

    Lisa please come back and tell we whu happening so dat we can have some sanity return to this discussion.

    And Lisa please try not to be “contentious and unmannerly” when you bring your update and recognise what Jeff say. Wunna black people need to unnerstan who is wunna boss and stop behaving uppity….

  14. @Pachamama,

    In response:
    (i) My reference to “contentious and unmannerly” was not at all a description of Lisa’s actions. Please re-read.

    (ii) I have no interest personal, professional or at all, in this matter beyond the discussion of a social and maybe legal dispute that concerns two subjects of the realm. I have found the discussion at times entertaining, enlightening and disturbing too besides.

    (iii) I am related to no one in this matter, not Lisa, not the protagonist nor the two goons.

    (iv) I have no need to solicit clients nor am I advertising for any.

    (v) I choose not to comment on political issues except in my column. With all respect, political comment on BU is far too frequently taken to be partisan one way or another or sometimes both, tends to lead nowhere and often develops into scurrility. However. I do maintain acquaintances and, in one case, a close friendship with some members of both sides of the House.

    Lastly, Pachamama, thanks for the knighthood (Sir Jeff), but I would much prefer a CHB! (LOL)

    • @ Jeff

      It is not our contention that you are personally interested or do we see you as a personal target. The reverse is true. We were having a robust dialectic on an issue on the day. We were and are targeting the legal profession more broadly. You are trained to deal with the letter of the law. And we respect that. We are trained as social scientists. We humbly submit that there are issues here that go beyond the mere interpretation of law.

      On the opinion tendered we have stated clearly that we are not liked minded and suggested what we would have done were we the target of the infringement of rights. And this does not mean we have any animus toward you, personally. Again the reverse is true. We get legal opinions all the time and our job is to choose what we accept or reject. For us no law, alone, can be the end all. The law is imperfect. Unfortunately, in this case we refused to be guided by you. And would of done what we determined without a reference to your judgment, before or after, and bear any and all consequences with determination.

      To us, when we combine your advice on the Trayvon Martin issue alone with this one it seems to us that your general trajectory, and maybe that of the law, as you see it, leaves a possible client checkmated or overly dependent on the law for the protection of life and property. We can never be subject to that determination no matter how well intentioned or which court may agree with you, after the fact. For there are issues here that go beyond the competence of any court or legal opinion anywhere. We are not here to serve any court or law on the assumption that basic rights are to be not equally recognized with equality. The reverse is and should be true. We assert the right to protect self and property using all means necessary.

      Jeff, I have only now seen your additional comment. But will publish response any way

  15. Mr Austin,

    You have been going on about the commission of a CRIMINAL offense. May you tell us what exactly it is?

    • Simple answer, Jeff. Assault. Easy to prove by the presence of the goons. And please do not waste your time and effort trying to dispute this with me, because you know perfectly well that I am right.

    • @ Amused
      You are mostly right. The presence of the goons amount to intimidation and threatening behaviour, both criminal offences.
      But Barbados being Barbados we will talk round this and debate it until the cows (no pun) come home.
      It is all rhetoric for inaction. This is how Barbados operates. Maybe money can’t buy justice, but you can kill your son, import millions of dollars worth of illegal drugs, beat up young lads for being in the wrong districts at the wrong time, and get away Scot free.
      If money can’t buy justice in Barbados, it can go a long way towards it.

  16. My sincere apologies, Pachamama. The response should have been to the amazingly titled PieceuhdeRockyearight [PUDRYR]

  17. @ Cumberbatch
    The illegal dumping of rubbish on the private property of the boutique’s owner – under the implicit threat of two silent thugs.
    I have just pointed out that it sis both a public order and environmental offence in better organised jurisdictions. If it is not in Barbados, and I am not an expert on that, then it should be. In any case, it is a case for the courts to decide, not the prosecution authorities. What we call a test case in the UK and what in the US they call class action.
    I also gave the hypothetical case of mass dumping of rubbish in Cave Shepherd.example The idea that offenders would not be prosecuted would be ridiculous.

  18. Mr Austin,

    One does not simply take a statement of facts into a court and say that the accused must be guilty of something or other. The law demands that the accused should be charged with a particularized offense which will enable him or her to respond adequately to the charge having sought legal advice. And it is the prosecution whose obligation this is. The courts do not allow themselves, either here or in the UK, to be used as a forum to resolve hypothetical legal issues; the test case that you speak of would be a civil legal dispute between two parties where, whether through collusion or otherwise, the facts would have amounted to an alleged civil wrong. The concept of a “test case” in the true sense of that word criminal law sounds repugnant to justice. Further, I am afraid that the “class action” suit to which you refers is an entirely different matter and has no relevance here.

    Of course, you are right, the mass dumping of rubbish at Cave Shepherd would be a criminal offense; it’s called Public Nuisance!

  19. @ Jeff Cumberbatch

    I see you use the qualifier “Mass” before dumping and then use the example of doing so at Being Cave Shepherd, is a criminal offence called public nuisance.

    Could i not replace the venue you give with ” dumping at Josephine’s Boutique” instead?

    What makes the example you give a criminal offence when conducted at Cave Shepherd and not that at Josephine’s?

    Is it (i) zoning (ii) the amount of square footage for the more prestigious store front on Broad Street (iii) CEO John WIlliams (iv) the way that the garbage is delivered to the premises i.e. by hand, by rich people, by while people ? or (v) Sir COW’s deep pockets?

    What is the difference?

  20. That should read,

    I see you use the qualifier “Mass” before the word dumping and then state in your example that “doing so at Cave Shepherd, is a criminal offence, falling under the category of public nuisance”

    Ole man typing pun dis cumputer tingy sir, should be pun a Gestetner typewriter wid whiteout

  21. All I got to say is Sir Cow is not doing his duty properly for the woman to be running bout de place.
    Remember Sir Cow :Well F**ked Well fed and no shoe.

  22. PUDRYR

    The difference between the Cave Shepherd situation and this one is that the dumping at CS is likely to infringe the comfort and convenience of a substantial number of citizens, given the nature of the location. Not so in the boutique which is more analogous to a private property. Prosecution for public nuisance is in the discretion of the DPP, however.

  23. jeff c I have ran a few businesses over the years and the first thing I would have done was go after the people who were paid to dispose of it and find out what the F@@@ck happened, Even if there was a recourse for her, she would have to show due diligence in the tracking of the waste if nothing else just to prove she didn’t dump it herself. As I said the other day responsibility for your waste doesn’t end when you take it to the curb, For example you put a fridge out and some child climbs in and the door shuts and he suffocates who will be charged and sued. My issue would be with the mall owners first and foremost

    now I will give you the typical bu person reading this

    blah,blah blah blah blah blah F@@@ck blah blah blah blah blah blah Her blah blah blah blah blah blah she blah dump it herself blah blah blah

  24. Shopkeeper update……I stated very early in this discussion that I IMMEDIATELY contacted the owners of the Mall to find out why this box of garbage did not end up in the landfill instead of back in my shop. Some persons choose to conveniently ignore that. I am not at all satisfied with their response, which is the gentlemen responsible for the removal of the garbage are claiming ignorance and apparently have no clue how the box ended up where it did.
    Now picture this, I called the police as advised by a patrolling constable. I expected the same police to do what they are supposed to do i.e record my report, therefore ascertaining the names and contact numbers of the owners of said mall and making the necessary enquiries. Obtaining the name and contact number of the company which removed the garbage, from the owner of the mall, since I do not have this info and recoding their statement as it relates to this incident. Obtaining a video of the incident from me, therefore their team would be able to see all the evidence of the persons depositing the garbage in my store. I could have even provided them the video of the day the garbage was removed, if they had requested it. In doing so they would see clearly that I had no conversation what so ever with these gentlemen, therefore there was no collusion. They would have then, according to procedure, interviewed the good lady and her cohorts after she had provided their names. They would have then updated me as to whether an offense had been committed and if charges would be laid. I would also expect them to carry out thorough investigations to ensure that there was absolutely, no rhyme or reason for me to dump garbage on anyone’s property.
    None of this was done. Hence the reason we are here on BU discussing it. I simply could not sweep this under the carpet and I felt that I had to expose this incident.
    Someone even said that I know of BU’s apparent ‘racists’ commenters, so there is no question why I chose this forum. I say to you that reading comprehension is vital…go back and read my comments and you will note where I said that a friend recommended this forum…heck, I’ve been accused of lying here as well, so color me surprised if u still have your ill-informed opinion even after you have read the particular comment.
    Happy New Year to one and all 🙂

  25. Bush Tea | 01/01/2014 at 2:57 pm | Reply

    Well thank you Jeff
    Bushie keeps seeing these Plastic bags marked “Supercenter” on his property next to the road. True the garbage trucks eventually moves then, but now – based on your advice- Bushie knows what can be done with these bags of “lord knows what”.

    Two white assistants to accompany Bushie tomorrow…

    I suspect this is all talk and BT intends to do absolutely nothing.

    Take heart BT from the Greenland experience as it showed that a small diverse group of Bajans and foreigners of all colours with good leadership could work together to make a difference.

    I know because I was/am a part of the group.

    BT, you do not need “white assistants” to aid you in anything you set your mind to do …. if it makes any sense.

    Why don’t you go the whole hog and seek to have plastic bags completely banned? …. and those no name styrafoam food containers from food vendors who unlike Chefette, KFC and Chicken Barn make it impossible to track them down.

    I am suggesting you actually do something for a change and stop with the incessant dead end talk.

    Pure hot air!!

    • You plan to let everyone know how simple minded you are John?

      Don’t you see that Jeff and everyone else but you and ac get the point that Bushie was making… Jeff explained the difference as he sees it between what happened to Lisa and what Bushie suggested..

      …and you have NO idea what Bushie does…
      ….Wuh you could wuk a whacker?

  26. David | 01/01/2014 at 12:40 pm |

    @Colonel Buggy
    Did you not read Lisa’s explanation that the Mall Owner is responsible for garbage disposal? Are you saying she is lying.
    Certainly not ,David,I was replying to Hants (1-1-2014 .9.49 pm) enquiry to you concerning the legality of returning garbage to a business, if its name is on the box of garbage.

  27. All of this talk we are hearing of getting out the Glock and shooting people. Perhaps we should have passed today by the Coral Ridge Cemetery,and we would have heard all day, and many other days , for that matter, continual gunfire coming from the Clay Pigeon Club . These are the people, Sargeant, who really have the firepower,and marksmanship to equip a Regiment. In fact, I have always described these exclusive gun clubs collectively as a Private Army in constant training, for the day when our Glock tooting brothers, who can’t hit a horse’s ass with a shovel, furthermore shoot someone other than in the back, decide to revised 26 July 1937.

  28. Piss and shit in every alley in Bridgetown, and I cannot hear a fellow complaining,even when he step in the bastard .

  29. I guess the Erroll Barrow Gun Club follows the same categorization.

    Some real “heavy rollers” were members in their day of that club of “Swamp Bird Shooters”!!

  30. First of all Lisa I can’t tell you the number of time I’ve woken up to see a dead cat or dead dog in my gap, or cigarette butts or sweetie papers near to my driveway.

    With the dead animals I did a hole and bury the poor things. It takes just a few minutes. With the small trash, I pick them up and add them to my garbage bags which I place in the my bin.

    But I am a good neighbour.

    @Lisa 28/12/2013 at 6:11 am ” Someone of that stature? ”

    Simple Simon responds: What stature what?

    @Lisa There is something wrong with us.

    There is nothing wrong with us. I am certainly no part of a bad behaved us. Most of us are fine. A few of them (the bad behaved crew) have embarrassingly poor manners.

    @LisaWe are too hostile and are too quick to do the wrong thing.

    The Simple Siimon responds: Most of us are not hostile. Most of us are not angry. Most of us are fine people

    @Lisa My reason for exposing this, is to show everyone how those we place on pedestals.

    The Simple Simon places nobody on a pedalstal.

    If a person behave badly it tell you something very important about them.

    All that said is seems to me that there is a need for a better collection and disposal of commercial garbage in Speightstown.

  31. @ Simple Simon

    Simply unbelievable!!! your comment about all that has transpired is that there is a need for better garbage collection systems in Speightstown.

    You mekking sport!! I would have thought that you were being sarcastic were it not for the fact that you spoke about what you do/did in circumstances when people dump things around your premises and i got the impression that you might be suggesting that Lisa does the same, all peaceable and polite-like.

    Where you live again? I know some people who would love you, they would take pleasure to leave them house wid de trunk of them car fill up wid garbage and come by you, seriously!!

    Every now and again you have to stand up for something, be it giving up your seat in a bus cause white folk tell you so, or throwing tea into the harbour.

    For all we know Lisa’s action might be the tilting point in how Bajans dump their garbage indiscriminately and Charles Leacock might put some Elasta Curlr in he hair dem and carry his $cvnt (that is guyanese for the Bajan cuss word for female rabbit) down to court and start criminal proceedings againg Lady Hoggie, but then again, if pigs had wings beggars would fly…

    • @ Pieceuhderock
      Remember, this is SIMPLE simon we are talking about…..
      – Principle?
      – Self Respect?
      – backbone?
      …come on Piece….REALLY!

  32. @ Jeff Cumberbatch

    Is there a real difference between Cave Shepherd and the small boutique in terms of the illegal dumping of rubbish in the store?
    Come on, you cannot be serious. You are playing games. This is not a legal or logical argument.
    I am out of here. The discussion is now silly.

  33. I am still wondering how commercial garbage collected in Speightstown ended up at (I presume) Broomfield in St Lucy. That is not en route to the landfill, so it could be assumed that the company responsible for collecting and disposing of garbage from the mall in Speightstown, is actually dumping it somewhere other than the landfill. I sympathise with Lisa, and this incident is beneath someone like Mary Ann Williams, or anyone for that matter, but some serious questions should be asked of this contractor.

    • Peltdownman…I totally agree but don’t you think that if Lady COW wanted to get to the bottom of this she would have called Lisa to discuss the problem on hand, then they would have formed a team to go after the culprits? Lady COW should never ASSUME that it was Lisa who dumped garbage on her property.

  34. Peltdownman | 02/01/2014 at 10:12 am | Reply

    I am still wondering how commercial garbage collected in Speightstown ended up at (I presume) Broomfield in St Lucy. That is not en route to the landfill, so it could be assumed that the company responsible for collecting and disposing of garbage from the mall in Speightstown, is actually dumping it somewhere other than the landfill. I sympathise with Lisa, and this incident is beneath someone like Mary Ann Williams, or anyone for that matter, but some serious questions should be asked of this contractor

    We are getting close!!

    • Getting close hell.

      Why does concern about where the garbage was dumped prempt the issue of this lady placing a box of garbage in Lisa’s store accompanied by two goons?

    • David[BU]

      I used to laught at dem movies where de star boy put on he shoes backwards and walk through de sand to a place, tek dem off, left de tip uh he soe exposed and he hat pun a rock and tippy toe pun de rocks outta dere.

      He den put up he gattling and kill all de ingrunt peoples who did gone to inspect he footprint and he shoes

      Peltdown and John din watch de hole movie but dem is trying a ting heah “do not blame de amn who Killed Trayvon in cold blood, it is the gun manufacturers that we have to blame,” in this case the man contracted to carry way de stuff.

      Lisa you must forgive AC, respectfully she has at least realised that she is on a journey, hopefully towards wisdom, but unfortunatley she only has one oar in the water and try as we may to beat her out of this boat of reasoning with the other one, she is a sucker for punishment.

      I blame you doah David[BU] you brek de promise and now we must suffer through this for 365 more days and possibly beyond.

      I expect that she will come back and tell me something about the time that she has conscribed for me to live, seek to hurry my departure or something equally inane.

      I was going to the DPP Leacock to find out if i cud bring charges against her for threatening to throw me down of of some horse and then kick me around my body late last year, but i must admit that i am not sure if that constitutes a threat of bodily harm or a public nuisance LOL.

      I have a question for the legal beagles among the BU constellation “Would David [BU} putting AC out of the blog, as in “David putting out his cyberspace “garbage” , in a public place – this blog”, make him some sort of a criminal??”

  35. Because David if a house falls down, you don’t first check the attic for a problem. you check the foundation. I think both women operate businesses in speightstown , this could be as simple as someone dumped the garbage from one business in the dumpster at the other to save travel and cost Since Lisa didn’t talk to the woman it may not have been dumped at her home.

  36. David

    Truckers haul garbage all over Barbados to be dumped!!

    I suspect the destination was a quarry in St. Lucy.

    Google Earth may help you!!

    Now, ask yourself, who operates those quarries in St. Lucy?

    Go to St. Philip and take a look at the filled in quarries there.

    Then take a look at their proximity to Hampton pumping station which after the Belle supplies the most water to Bajan consumers.

    Five hundred plus comments many racist in origin completely miss the fundamental issues at play here.

    • Five hundred plus comments many racist in origin completely miss the fundamental issues at play here.
      Not to worry ! as soon as the next red herring comes along, we will be jumping off this ship. Its just a game of words, so prevalent in Barbados these days.

  37. There was a lecturer at CH who did not like long winded contributions in tutorial class.He listened for a while and if you failed to summarize he would say GET TO THE POINT!And if you didn’t take the hint he would say “GET TO THE EFFING POINT”.
    We can cut to the chase.The Williams woman and her 2 goons have no right doing what they did,in spite of any provocation,perceived or realized.They have in bajan terms ‘No effing class’.

  38. These comments truly surprise me . Why does everything have to be reduced to color. Arrogance and bad manners comes in all colors. Years ago while working in a very expensive store a very wealthy and well known black lady came in and asked me to hold an item for her. Knowing her reputation for not paying her bills I said I would until the next day as promised to me. You know she never turned up at the appointed time and another client wanted it so I sold it. Well a call for my head was put out with threats to the establishment with legal action. Thank God my employer sided with me and when I see her now she till doesn’t Speak to me and refuses to shop in the shop. I still go out of my way to smile at her and to tell you the truth she is most embarrassed when she bumps into me
    I am sure if it were the black mrs Williams that did this the comments would have been slanted it a totally different and derogatory manner. I think comments from the various anarchists speak more to the state of our society and the hatred and intolerance in many. There is nasty negative attitude that seems to have seeped into the psyche of many barbadians in recent years.too much misplace ego and pride.

    • bitch get off the blog talking sh,,it…….u condem people for being racist and bigoted on the blog but your story is laced with bigoted and racist rantings , u should be ashamed of yourself for even talking or mentioning it …

  39. Ya know, just looking at that video, I am glad that,for the sake of the lady and her goons that we no longer have men around like Brute Alleyne or Niggah Masiah.

  40. Very interesting thread. Since they are so much comments could not read through all. I did some digging. Found out the owners of the Mall are responsible for the collection of the garbage, which is not done by any garbage company but just some guy with a truck so really no clear expectation that the job will be done properly anyways. There is no proper security at the Mall so it was good Lisa had her cameras in place otherwise this might have gone to naught. Incidentally the owners are white too – has nothing to do with racism.

    How a little thing like garbage on your property could motivate you to come along with the gestapo to dump it back at someone else. Clearly she has the brains, time and money to pull a foolish stunt like that. Could not that same energy be put into just disposing of the garbage unless she believe that Lisa put the box there on purpose.

    How people get so foolish and vicious though, imagine if you had really done her something she would have you bumped off and buried in one of COW’s quarries of in a floor he was pouring.

    • she would have you bumped off and buried in one of COW’s quarries of in a floor he was pouring.
      And who would have actually done the burying in the quarry or the entombment in the concrete.

  41. had she been bizzy’s black bajan wife the police would be called pudding and souse would be the headlines….Barbados has made her a lady yet we never seen her do anything for our country no charities no causes no community building nothing yet we hear stories of employees being belittled and fired for sitting on her chairs or using her opener with in their plantation house…. this is what we Bajans stand for…sad but true

  42. Barbados didn’t make her a “lady.” By marrying COW she automatically ‘became’ Lady Williams. But ya can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. No ‘lady’ here folks, move along, nothing worth seeing here. Lisa, keep fighting the good fight!

  43. Lisa honey take heart girl you have just joined the most unexclusive club in Bimshire.
    Its members are those insulted by Mrs Cow They cover all strata of society high and low, rich and poor, black and white. Most are inoffensive people like yourself just minding their business
    De wuman don’t have peace with no one
    You have to show a bit of Christian compassion to a woman so miserable that she acts in this common ill-bred way .
    Things sure lookin bad in Bim when knights of the realm hasta send they wimmim to deliver the garbage!

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