Symptom of a Decaying Society | Barbados Murders For 2017

This week Barbadians were given a horrific insight into how the crime underworld operates- David Ellis referred to it as a sub [counter] culture.

Have a listen to the program and form your conclusions.

Full records on 21 August 2018 at this LINK.

The following analysis by blogger on Caribbean Signal serves to foment to the discussion.

Read the full report at Caribbean Signal

127 thoughts on “Symptom of a Decaying Society | Barbados Murders For 2017

  1. June,
    You must be aware of the intellectual climate you are working in. Not very long ago a senior political science (is there such a thing?) a lecturer at UWI, writing in the Nation, screamed that capitalism was capitalism. That such buffoonery could hold a senior position in our only university was not only embarrassing, but insulting.
    On another occasion, a former governor of the central bank and one of his former colleagues, now a university professor, wrote an academic paper on the financial crisis and not a single footnote or reference was post 2008 – they were writing about eight years after the greatest global financial collapse in modern history. Not a word was said, not a comment made, in our media or on the more aggressive social media forums.
    And, on BU recently, there was a discussion on a so-called secondary retail mortgage market, and those of us suspicious of the claim, were referred to a 1995 paper, incorrectly referencing a secondary mortgage market (when in fact referring to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae).
    When it was politely pointed out that that is not what is called in modern macro-economics a secondary market, that modern retail mortgage secondary markets are off-balance sheets SPVs, the aggression and abuse came out – joined by the five or six resident verbal thugs – and not a single one sought to explain what they meant. It is the circulatory mediocrity and ignorance I talk about.
    Then there is the smear: one idiot claims to know me well; he (I assume it is a he), claimed I left school in 1963, before he was born, he said. Let us assume he was born in 1964, and entered infant school five years later, 1969, putting me in his reasoning at age 22 or 23; we could also assume he had his most important school years in the 1970s and 80s, yet he knew me well.
    This is slowly becoming the reputation of BU, the anonymous nonsense that masquerades as ‘real’ facts.
    @June these are largely pensioners in the ante-chamber of death; who have lived unfulfilled lives; people who on reflection realise their entire lives have been that of failures and are now bitter, envious and twisted.
    I may not agree with everything you say, but will defend to death your right to say it.

  2. Hal I Agree with what you have said Please continue to raise your voice here… We are all getting on in Years and we should share our Wisdom that we’ve gleaned through the Crucible of our Experiences otherwise it will be lost and those coming after us will make grave mistakes that could have been avoided.

    That is why the OPPOSITION is So Strong to Shut Down The Conversation and Erase History. They are The True Segregationist!

  3. Hal…you are arguably the most stupid black man alive to date, everyone has a right to say what they are saying on BU, they have a right to say anything the Blogmaster accepts.

    …including the “thugs” to whom you refer, who put you in your house negro place when you talk nonsense and try to spread lies and misinformation on BU…even you the resident BU idiot have a right to say what you say….so what’s your point.

    Can’t you think of a creative way to express what a greatful little house negro emigre out of London ya are….besides stating the obvious.

  4. Where is GP…he called this, now the indian crooks on the island with their fraud medical schools are calling each other frauds…lol…I did not make this

    “Offshore medical school accused of poaching students
    Added by Ryan Gilkes on August 26, 2017.
    Saved under Local News
    A battle appears to be under way between two offshore medical schools operating here, with both the Washington University of Barbados (WUB), which recently saw several students requesting transfers, and the American University of Barbados (AUB) accusing each other of engaging in underhand practices.

    A person claiming to be a AUB student has come forward suggesting that the Wildey, St Michael-based institution had set about to poach WUB students by any means necessary.

    This comes after reports earlier this month that WUB was heavily criticized by some of its students over what they deemed to be false promises and mistreatment by the university.

    In an email, the writer had claimed that the students, who are said to be mainly from India, were mistreated, harassed and were given false promises before they embarked on the journey here to study medicine.

    The list of grievances included inadequate classroom furniture and equipment, a lack of air-conditioning, improper ventilation, poor quality food, a lack of study materials and, unlike traditional universities, no proper campus, with WUB operating from the Hibiscus wing of the Casa Grande Hotel at Oldbury, St Philip.

    Additionally, they suggested that that the school had not completed its mandatory Barbados Accreditation Council registration.

    In the latest development, a signed document has surfaced with the subject, Slander of Washington University of Barbados by Directors of American University of Barbados.

    It purports to come from a second-year medical student at AUB, Zeel Rakeshkumar, who contended that UAB had employed a Barbadian intermediary to influence WUB students to switch schools.

    “I am aware, and I know that [this intermediary] then started going to Washington University of Barbados to influence the students there. He started offering lower fee packages to join AUB as compared to WUB so that students can convince their parents easily for the transfer to this University

    “AUB students were asked to get students from Washington University and the students who facilitate a transfer to AUB, they will be credited with US$1,000. I was even asked by a director for a small presentation specially arranged by American University of Barbados for Washing University’s students. I was even told to talk to WUB’s students and their parents to convince them to make the University transfer,” the person claimed in the four-page document seen by Barbados TODAY.

    The writer also claimed that AUB students were asked to spread false information about WUB, including “a fake video which from time to time has been posted on YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp”.

    That video, which is believed to have been filmed by a student with a mobile phone, placed WUB under the microscope.

    In it, the university’s Dean Dr Ram Prasad Upreti expressed disdain for the campus. In an emotional speech during which he received raucous applause, and in which he threatened to call Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, the unions, the media and even the police to intervene, Upreti all but dismissed WUB as a legitimate medical school.

    WUB, which accepted its first batch of students in April this year, has faced questions about its legitimacy, as 15 of the 80 foreign students have indicated a desire to leave.

    Meantime, Director Deoraj Delchand meantime told Barbados TODAY that though he is unaware of the document from Barot, it contained some serious allegations, which, if true, warranted an investigation by the relevant authorities.

    “Although these things have popped up I have not paid them much attention. If the facts are there, then I would like the relevant authorities to deal with this. Personally, I have a lot of suspicions that there is a lot going on but to actually say [what is outlined in the letter] is the case definitively at this point in time I’m not very sure of that, but if it is, I would like to see something done about it.

    All these universities coming here to Barbados is good for the country. I would like to see plenty more schools if I had my way. I think there is the scope. There is a huge demand for medical professionals the world over so all of us can survive. But what I would like to see is us being professional. Although it is competitive we can have more than one university . . . it must be done the right way.”

    In a response this afternoon, an AUB official who gave his name only as Ravi, strongly denied that the campus was involved in any form of student poaching, and that an investigation would be launched to determine if the letter writer was a student, or an imposter posing as a student.

    He also told Barbados TODAY that there were plans to hold a press conference next Wednesday at the Ministry of Health at which time the students, who were allegedly poached, will have a chance to tell their side of the story.”

  5. Are those the fraud medical schools Ronald jackass Jones, Michael clown Lashley and Carson yardfowl Cadogan been boasting everywhere about…. how great they are…lol

    Bushman.., where are you

  6. @7:14… Hal, I am truly amazed at some of your rants …why should you shed one bead of concern about what the anony-mice say about you … particularly when it relates to some epheramal, likely specious and rather dated recollection of your school ‘dazes’.

    You who has traversed the freaking world and interacted with newsmakers of repute and also those petty types who sought reknown now choose to focus on the insignificant rather than just share your knowledge and react to practical critiques…. what a mixed message you send.

    In feigned – it seems – jouno bravado you will protect Naime’s ability to spew diatribes devoid of balanced reasoning but yet decry and seek to detonate those who spew other diatribes of irrelevant BS…. oh what a tangled web you so hypocrtically extoll.

    Oh, incidentally I thought your remarks on secondary markets were excellent ….much more so than what was otherwise being presented. Your analysis went to the core of the issue … wide (global) scope of market makers to make such a program truly viable and of course the importance of a strong regulatory framework.

    Although quite separate, I yet find it impractical that a region with such insignificant shares and related trading markets would seek to entrap itself in the game of repackaged real estate mortgage securities…. it looked like a dangerous game when business crashed in ’08 and still does… well, for those left holding the bag of course!

  7. Angela I found this Article which I think you would find Interesting…

    A presentation by Stephen Pratt – Embracing Global Governance – Liberty and learning Series 8 of 9.

    These are Great Educational Lessons on the Constitution, the Proper Role of Government and American History.

  8. Pedantic,
    I am not concern about nonsense, I was simply pointing out to @June she should not let them put her off. A difference of opinion or belief does not mean she is the enemy.
    As to the issue of secondary markets, I was just sharing knowledge. Both the argument in BU and the academic paper on which it was based got it wrong. As to defending other’s ideas, but was paraphrasing an Enlightenment view from a Frenchman.
    What I would like to see on BU is the sharing of ideas, and not insults.

  9. You insult those who oppose your idea of whom should be labeled a thief in Barbados, or even if they are thieves,.. Hal

    Even going so far as calling for slander charges against commenters…..who has an opposing opinion to yours….on the topic.

    Talk about pot v. kettle..

    A mixed up, confused and quite unenviable state to be in and shows a total lack of enlightenment, despite claims of being educated and a journalist.

  10. Agreed Hal!

    Raise the Bar of the Discussion…Edify, Illuminate Not Pull the Discussion Down into Dark and Destructive Emotional Debate… Emotions are Good you cannot live without Emotions but Unbridled Emotion has No Direction and No Guidance. Reason and Thought, gives Direction to our Emotions. Thought Alone although might be rewarding, without Emotion is Sterile.

    As a Real Life Example, Generally Speaking Women are more Emotional and Men are More Intellectual. But we could not Experience Happiness but by the marrying of the Two. Emotion and Thought can produce Happy Thoughtful People!

    As Individuals don’t we all want to be Happy? As a man and a woman together don’t we want to be Happy, as a Family together don’t we want to be happy, as a Community don’t we want to be happy? As A Nation don’t we want to be happy?

    Isn’t the Purpose of Life to Strive to be Happy?

    The Scriptures says the Purpose of Life is to have Joy and to have it Abundantly!

  11. Angela Do Not Ever Let Anyone Pull you so Low that you Entertain Hate in your Bosom!

    By their Fruit they are Exposing Themselves!

  12. Angela Yardfowl…what happen, frustrations getting to ya, ya cant shut up Herbert, everything is going wrong, in the last few days ya have not once defended ya party, everything is unraveling right before ya yardfowl eyes,…..even you little sell out negros on the island are becoming famous on facebook, selling out ya own people to minorities…that makes you lower than scum.

    …by the way…where is Carson Yardfowl…why is he so quiet, we know when things are bad yardfowls cuss and cuss and cuss…lol

    Ya think ya cussing now, waut until I really get started.

  13. Here is a Thought from a Close Family Friend that Continues my Vein of Capitalism/Socialism…

    “With these fundamentals now on the table, we may now keenly understand what American Spectator’s author J.T. Young succinctly points out:

    “The left’s inherent challenge is justifying their claim to what others own.” Hence they launch divisive disinformation campaigns pitting one against another, calling whatever they can’t control ‘unfair and undemocratic.’

    (See: Understanding the Left’s Demands on What Others Own, T.J. Young, The American Spectator, March 2013).

    “And they do this by hypocritically indicting Free Enterprise (Capitalism) or laissez faire economics as criminal. They claim that such a system is entirely unfair, wherein Government interference is kept at a minimum and free trade is generally allowed to be unregulated between individuals. They accuse such unrestrained Liberty as being the means by which the wholesale “theft” from society takes place. This gives them reason to limit personal freedom and aggressively denigrate the Liberties of personal initiative and creativity.

    Under the rubric of “You didn’t build that!” they feverishly claim that Society creates wealth, not individuals. Persisting in their lie, they insist that entrepreneurs are just those that steal or pirate the wealth rightfully belonging to others. According to their entrenched purview, everything that individuals may create or produce only occurs because of the governing that has made the means of wealth possible. They erroneously claim that every activity yielding a prosperous outcome belongs rightfully to everybody else.

    And thus their redistribution of wealth becomes the final arbitrator of fairness. In their view, no matter the individual endeavour, means or investment applied no one has the right to ownership of anything that somebody else does not have. Thus according to this half-baked paradigm, Marxist-Utopists hate Free-Enterprise Capitalism because it violates their sense of entitlement (‘fairness’ to them), accusing Capitalists of the three infamies they find most unforgiving. Namely, (1) the inequality of personal outcome which is derived from the interaction between (2) Free-Market economics and (3) personal independence, all of which they claim invariably leads to the greed and self-contentedness of materialism.

    Thus they invalidate the most fundamental rights of man, the rights of ownership and personal property.” Correctly countering this selective perception, Russian born novelist Ayn Rand argued that, “Just as man can’t exist without his body, so no rights can exist without the right to translate one’s rights into reality — to think, to work and to keep the results — which means: the right of property…. Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority; the political function of rights [and the Bill of Rights particularly] is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities…and the smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights, cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” (See: The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand, 1943)

    Dr. Gregory C Young, B.A., M.Sc., Ph.D./D.Phil. (Oxon.).
    The Sovereignty of the One ~ On Earth as it is in Heaven.

  14. Add to that under reporting by victims and under recording by police, some victims dont recognize what happens to them as crimes and too many police officers in Barbados and the Caribbean dont recognize what happens to victims who make reports as criminal acts against the victims. …

    …..lack of information, lack of education.

    “On average, 47% of crimes went unreported to the police in the Caribbean. Meaning that for every ten crimes that happen, we only “know” of five. This has enormous policy implications. The highest reporting rates were found in New Providence, The Bahamas and the lowest in Kingston, Jamaica (39%) and Bridgetown, Barbados (43%). Reporting is close to the international average (49%), significantly higher than in Latin American capital cities (35%) for all five crimes examined here (car theft, burglary, robbery, theft of personal property, and assaults and threats).[2]

    Only 46% of crimes against businesses were reported to the police, with lower reporting in Belize (20%) and Barbados (24%).”

  15. There is this dude from UK now missing in Barbados, all types of info is swirling, we have to ask, are the police investigating and taking any of this seriously, following up, given the other party now being looked at with suspicion.

    That is what ya always have to ask with bajan cops, they never seem to be able to solve crimes that are well planned and premeditated. …they can only solve crimes when the culprits are standing there with the weapon dripping blood in their hands or if someone gives them a name and they can beat out a confession.

  16. This is what got the Crazy Criminal now trolling BU up in arms…those who know are about to talk, nothing can stop it,….Dottin knows who all the major distributors are in Barbados.

    Batbados has had a false economy for 40 years due to the drug dealing, gun running, money laundering minorities on the island, they never thought this day would come, better hold on tight crazy Naime…yall are in for a rough ride, ya git plenty to worry about.

    “THE DISTRIBUTION OF drugs is driving a parallel economy in Barbados.

    At the same time it is also
    These strong words of warning from the island’s former top cop Darwin Dottin.
    “It is an issue that requires an urgent and sustained response”.
    Dottin made the comments while speaking to the SUNDAY SUN on the upsurge in gun-related crime which has been plaguing the country for much of this year. (TS)”

  17. Angela Yardfowl….since ya now the spokesperson for criminal minorities, how, how, how will all the whining and complaining prevent the inevitable exposure now on warp speed which will soon arrive like a Japanese bullet train…lol

  18. Carson & Angela Yardfowl….spokespersons for the criminal minorities on the island know all about this….the politicians and ministers who protect criminals.

    “UPP charges that politicians protecting criminals
    Added by Neville Clarke on August 28, 2017.
    Saved under Crime, Local News, Politics
    United Progressive Party (UPP) leader Lynette Eastmond has charged that some politicians are protecting people involved in crime, making them untouchable.

    And she has called on Barbadians to reject that kind of behaviour and to take a stand against the criminal elements in society.

    “Apparently, it seems to be an open secret in Barbados now that there are some people who can commit crimes and never spend a day in jail. But someone with a five bag of weed could get thrown into jail,” she charged at a political meeting in St Barnabas, St Michael last night.

    “There are some of us who never cared about injustice in Barbados once it did not affect us and once it did not affect our family. We did not care that a telephone call could be made and a police officer could be told, ‘you see that man that you just pick up across the block, go and put him exactly on the block where you took him from’. That kind of thing happens in Barbados.”

    While not pointing fingers in any specific direction, the UPP leader, who served as Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs in former Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s Barbados Labour Party (BLP) administration, suggested that corruption was common even during the BLP reign”

    And this….

    “UPP: Get to the source of illegal guns
    Added by Neville Clarke on August 28, 2017.
    Saved under Crime, Local News
    The United Progressive Party (UPP) is advising the Freundel Stuart administration to get to the source of the illegal weapons that make their way onto the streets of Barbados if it wants to get a grip on gun crimes.

    The new party’s spokesman on Home Affairs Maria Phillips said at a meeting last night at St Barnabas Heights, St Michael, the authorities had adopted a piecemeal approach in dealing with gun violence, and had failed to focus on the source of the guns and the means by which they enter the country.

    “Why is no one addressing the source of where these guns are coming from? We do not produce ammunition here in Barbados. We have heard all kinds of solutions to this problem. We have heard of the necessity of the Barbados Defence Force to get involved. We have heard of the necessity of the communities to get involved. We have heard of the necessity of the police to come up with community policing. Where are the guns coming from? Who is bringing them in? These are the issues that we have to discuss,” she said.”

  19. I expect that many of the guns come from the United States, one of the world’s major manufacturers of guns, bullets etc.

    I say arrest the guns and deport them to the United States.

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