Barbados Governance and Next Steps

Behind every dark cloud is a silver lining.

Behind every dark cloud is a silver lining.

The respected Bloomberg posted the headline [13/12/2013]  Barbados Debt Higher Than Cyprus Prompts Firing of 3,000. The preamble to the article reads “Barbados will fire 3,000 public sector workers by March and freeze wages as the eastern Caribbean island’s debt burden soars and the International Monetary Fund says “urgent adjustments” are needed.”  BU recalls in 2010 the suggestion to government to consider freezing public sector wages was mooted. In fact Minister David Estwick was publicly rapped on the knuckles for making the suggestion. The late Prime Minister David Thompson addressed the matter of wage freeze in his first press conference in 2010 – see Prime Minister David Thompson’s First Press Conference in 2010.

Where we find ourselves, AGAIN will provoke the usual political cackle from participants in the diluted Westminster system of government  we practice. In fact, leading political scientists and pundits will rationalize the political cackle as NORMAL,  emanating from an adversarial system borrowed from a colonial past.  Despite years of investing i education we have given little thought to changing the system of governance which continues to be a polarising force in a 2×3 country given how irrelevant it has become.

The national discussion will now mirror the tenor of the 90s when another DLP administration took the decision to slash public sector wages by 8% and jettison 8,000 public sector employees. Lessons learned you think? ‘Go to the ant thou sluggard…’.

The BU household always focuses on the part of the issue which Barbadians feel uncomfortable. Perhaps it explains why traditional media and prominent people in society read and contribute to BU but with a hushed involvement. This is the hypocrisy which supports a mendicant culture which is no longer relevant in a today’s world. No more preferential treatment from the More Developed Countries (MDCs) and no more lack of competition from the Lesser Developed Countries (LDCs).

The sending home of 3,000 public sector workers is not the solution to the problems which confront Barbados, it is a manifestation of one of many symptoms which ail the nation.  If there is one issue where there is consensus, it is that our economy has some deep flaws which must be addressed. Even the head of government’s economic advisory council has publicly admitted this to be the case. It seems to BU this was a good place to have started the discussion regarding a strategic economic approach in 2008. Looking forward, where do we go from here full in recognition that there is no silver bullet?

The two party system in Barbados has clearly failed us in the last 20 years. ‘Go to the ant thou sluggard, consider its ways and be wise’. Greek mythology refers to the mighty phoenix being reborn from the ashes of its predecessor.  How will Barbados re-emerge from the economic and social morass it now finds itself?

As a country we have to admit that both parties have failed us in recent years. We need to spend some time evaluating the present system of governance; its strength and weaknesses. Arising from the exercise we need to chart a roadmap for governance over the next two to three years. We have the option to shuffle the chairs on the Titanic but it must be obvious to all at this stage the Titanic is sinking. The time has come to take our casualties to take our hits, and move to temporary haven. What the last 20 years has painfully exposed in the Sandiford period, and now Stuart, is that the destiny of our nation must be chartered out of a fuller ENGAGEMENT in the system by the PEOPLE. 

Barbados has done well in the post-Independence period, we have maintained a stable political system the envy of many. It is this level of maturity which has served us well in the last 40 years which Barbadians will turn to manage what promises to be the most challenging period since 1966. A good first step is for Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart to breathe confidence back into the economy by firing Minister Sinckler or perhaps the better option, to return to the people for a mandate. Surely the rapid deterioration in the economic fortune of Barbados post February 2013, including the flight of foreign exchange contrary to the Governor Delisle Worrell’s repeated assurances merit drastic intervention.


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  1. and guess what the battle field have already be put in place, just waiting for the opportune time and is if that time has approached with the imf proposal of the poor paying plenty while the rich stay back with their hands folded,

  2. Some people have no shame as such I shall pop my popcorn and observe. Bushie you are very dangerous and you are not fooling me.

  3. @are we there yet
    Thank you! Never really left, just been trying to make sense of where we are as a country since February.

    Still Observing

  4. enuff,
    He voted for the same brass bowls (his favourite words). The Dems piss poor but he dont want them to go.

    There is a picture in today’s Sun of Sandi when the 8% cut was imposed on public workers, it is so ironic that sitting next to Sandi is Chris Sinckler.

    David, say nothing to ac, let her tie herself up in knots. Can you imagine that her party has now invited the IMF into the corridors of Bay Street to advise him what to do and she has the nerve to post that nonsense above.

    Ac, it is not Mia or David here who has invited the IMF here to make poor people poorer and the rich richer. It is your INEPT INCOMPETENT bunch of jokers. You all aint shame that just after celebrating 47 years of independence, you all inviting the white IMF to tell you all what to do? This DLP has embraced Jada, Innotech and Preconco giving them all the contracts while the poor contractors whom this DLP promised 40% of all government work cannot get a contract.

    ac, you have become a nuisance on BU. Join your buddy CCC! Lord he so shame he is gone into hiding or blogging under another moniker!

  5. Enuff;
    Re. your 11.04 post.
    Yuh really don’t understand Bushtea.

    Bushtea has often said on BU that his main ambition is to operate a weed whacker for the BBE when he comes a calling. A weed whacker removes the weeds from the crop. It is likely that Brassbowls might be found to be the weeds in a BBE world.

    Bushtea wants the job of removing weeds. So go figure.

  6. @david
    our forex has never stopped decreasing throughout the “hold and wait” strategy. A blind man on a trotting horse could see that and it should have ALWAYS been a concern. The GoCB has a lot to answer for along wih the MoF and whoeever authorised the smoke and mirrors to gain a 2 seat majority ploy. Time longer than twine.

    Just obsqerving

  7. This government has been on a collision course since 2008. Even in one’s personal finances, one cannot go on spending more money than one earns monthly and hope it will be alright.

    Since 2008, on an average this government has been collecting between 2.3 to 2.6 billion dollars yearly. They have been overspending by over 250 million each year, surprisingly in 2009/10 by 557 million and in 2010/11by a whopping 647 million. You really want to tell me that this inept incompetent bunch would not have known that this would be unsustainable? That was the recipe of the disaster they have us in now!

    If the DLP has any conscience, they would resign but we would have to assume that pigs do fly for that to happen! Liars and deceivers! Wild boys.

    Someone who has blogged as a permanent secretary said that the problem is that the DLP MP’s would not listen or take their advice, this squares with what I was hearing for years. This attitude from novices who, had not for the dead king would never ever have made it near the outside of parliament!

    Great going, DLP!

  8. @david
    I concur. It has been for the last 24 months consistently and these guys knew it. Asset sales and loans “slowed” it a bit but we were always going to reach this point unless some action was taken EARLY.

    I’m not sure which is worse…being deceived or realising conclusively that those in control are inadequate for the job atnhand.

    • @Observing

      Correct, we did discuss the one off inflows from the EMERA and Republic deals. Commonsense should have dictated that this was not a sustainable position.

  9. Prodigal Son | December 15, 2013 at 1:36 PM |… Even in one’s personal finances, one cannot go on spending more money than one earns monthly and hope it will be alright.

    I see that you happen not to know any females that own a credit card..

  10. Equal Rights & Justice | December 14, 2013 at 10:43 AM |
    to know as ah government that ur revenues are in decline only to create post in the public service was the height of fiscal recklessness and to try to maintain it to win an election in 2013 by means of deception was pure madnesses ,then fa ah useless PM to sit on his ass and allow it to happen shows ah void of leadership ,i say how much more Barbados are u willing to take ? makes no sense talking bout the past ,it has come and it has gone ,deal wid now and the feature

  11. @Well Well, Miller, David, among others.
    First of all Well, I certainly will Not get a stroke..went to the doctor a few weeks ago blood pressure…126/60. thanks for your advice though. though. You see, my problem is with the hypocrisy of the BLP supporters. Henderson Bovell wrote a piece in which he made certain statements about foreign exchange leaving the island; 1.4 billion dollars. He said it with a degree of certainty that shows greater knowledge of the subject than one would expect from him and his limited knowledge. One should not forget his position (job) before the 2008 election. I have mentioned this seeming anomoly more than once, and asking for clarification. NONE of the BLP supporters ; not even David the blog master, has deigned to touch it. They have stubbornly refused to comment on it. WHY? There has to be more in the mortar than the pestle. I will look forward (with diminishing hope) to input from Miller, who MUST know about this issue. Crusoe will you comment? Or maybe someone else can inform and enlighten me.

    • @Alvin

      Why don’t you keep it simple and address the sending home of 3000 government workers and the plummeting of the forex reserves to 500 million. Forget about the petty partisan politics for the times being. It is not about scoring political points. Follow BU’s lead and forget the need to attack what are obviously political partisan positions. What will it achieve? Do you have the capacity to do it? Doubt it.

  12. david seem to have reached a very low tolerance level with those who take opposing sides,,,,,,another bone of contention is along the lines of where these political pitbulls keep harping about the cuts came too late,these lot laci of compassion and gutless wonders can only relate to dollars and cents but lack absolutely no compassion for people who they see as a number and easy to be dispose of………well the cuts came exactly at the right time so designed not to cause unbearable harm and damage to the household….

    • Yes ac, a very low tolerance for stupidity. Especially for those who are clueless about what is happening in Barbados and further commenters who believe attacking an anonymous moniker makes sense. If the cap fits you please wear it.

  13. @ac
    let’s say your child has a cough. You have the medicine but refuse to give it because it tastes bad and your child will dislike you. You hope that it gets better over time but it doesnt. You refuse to give pills because they are hard to swallow. You hope it gets better and give him orange juice everyday. He develops a severe respiratory problem, slips into a coma and suffers slight brain damage. Would you walk around saying “at least my child likes me and didn’t have to swallow those darn pills?

    Nice to be back by the way. Wink wink

  14. David | December 15, 2013 at 12:47 PM |
    Interesting to read head of ICAB has echoed similar comment to BU. The cuts have come too late and we have the issue of falling forex to ponder.
    David, there is one huge elephant in the room. A ‘gorillaphant as the market vendor would say.

    Foreign reserves require = foreign investment and earnings from foreign sources.

    Now, given their track record, including the recent proclamations even a few months ago when the PM was claiming that things were *normal*, and the budget that was delivered in August that proved to be a release of incompetence, mistakes and idiocy, NO FOREIGN INVESTOR would now have the confidence in this government, to put money in here.
    (And forget Butch Stewart and Sandals, it is not his money refurbishing the hotels , it is taxpayers).

    THAT Sir, is the Gorillaphant in the room.

    So, we have the issue that confidence is needed for foreign investment. We have the fact that there is no confidence in the current government.

    The ONLY conclusion we can thus come to, is that this government, cannot thus fulfill the requirement for confidence to have foreign investment at this time or the near future.

    Thus as men of honour and seeking the best for Barbados, the members should resign and seek a new mandate from the citizens.

    THAT Sir is the only valid conclusion.

    • @Crusoe

      Agreed and BU will be a stuck record on this matter. In the good years under Arthur tourism receipts PLUS foreign direct investment had to pay the bills. In the current climate we have contracting tourist receipts and negotiable FDI. The equation is simple to read.

  15. Not that simple observing this involves livelihoods and something more severe than a chest cold. the problem is one of balance and meeting the needs of both problems. one the debt and the other the concern of people. the question thencan be a moral and philosophical dilema for the govtNot an easy answer as you and others want to belive.with the question how does brining down the debt rub againstthe moral and social implications to society careful thought and consideration must be given to both situations.

    • @Observing

      As usual insightful. The folly of hiring workers and borrowing people’s NIS monies. And we get political rhetoric to justify. Well now the IMF is saying it and the fact we have not been able to float bonds of late while others countries in the region gave no problem says it all.

  16. @a
    cant we just admit that the government had a plan and it failed….three times. hence they are at the point of doing what they didnt want to and causing the same dislocation that they spent 2 years borrowing to avoid.

    And whats moral about announcing that you are sending home 3000 people for the new year, right before xmas?

    or philosophical about promoting societal values and good governance yet displaying unbelievable detachment and arrogance?

    We are in a mess. We need all hands on deck and a captain that can command the confidence of the crew and the steering of the ship. We wait for suvh a captain.

    just observing

  17. however there was a moral obligation to tell when such a decision was made.the immoral connection would not in telling until the last minute . these are people not just abunch of numbers . the govt the right time was NOW and not right in the midst of a golbal recessionand the govt was morally bound to help in everypossible way in preventing these people from having a life of misery starting 08 therefore avoiding placing blame forthe social and economic damage of these people squarely on the backs ofgovt.

  18. Observing “And whats moral about announcing that you are sending home 3000 people for the new year, right before xmas?”

    All Bajans especially civil servants should cut back on spending this Christmas except on food. Eat drink and be merry and leave the xboxes and big screen TV’s in the store.

  19. Alvin… i kept saying over the last year, the BLP had the same wait and see attitude that can be attributed to the DLP from as far back as 2005-6………..the wait, wait, is what caused the dog to die….then the DLP took over and started to wait, wait and see, see some more, now the dog has really died…..

  20. @ ac | December 15, 2013 at 5:36 PM |

    Anyone who can accommodate your bullshit, monotonous diatribe and downright lies has to be able to slay the giant called Morpheus. That is why your husband or wife has to be a vampire.

    We are really pissed off, if not surprised, at your fallaciously futile attempts to justify the DLP administration decision to announce the job cuts before Xmas.
    A decision forced upon them and which they had to publicly announce before the IMF officials arrived back in Washington.
    This was the Hobson’s choice ultimatum: ‘You cowboys either do what we say or else there will be no Credit Suisse Loan needed to meet foreign payments especially the large one due in January’.

    BTW ac, you are the one who accused bloggers of spreading false propaganda and lies about thousands of people laid off from the public sector. You even argued that you would die on the cross before you accept that the Lord God Fumble Stuart would agree to the public announcement of any layoffs before Xmas. Do you still hold fast to the view expressed in your contribution repeated below?
    “ac | December 10, 2013 at 10:26 AM |
    ..are we forgetting that these thousands of public workers are consumers a vital and necessary ingredient to the economy and that the exit of thousands would be devastating on the consumption of goods and services with an impact for more business closure.”

  21. Miller……… has no legs to stand on anymore and is too ashamed to concede, but after March look out for another new moniker, i just hope she does not use WELL WELL, lol

  22. wait can’t one have an opinion based on moral grounds or should every opinion be based on economics and the well being of individuals who seem to belive that the end all to live is greed and consumptions

  23. add to that Miller, last year September when Chris said the BLP was planning to send home 10000 people at Donville’s meeting, he also stated in the style and fashion of the stupid jackass he is that the IMF offered nothing new and he did not need to hear what they had to say because all they do is destroy economics for the past 50 years. little did we know he would try to top the IMF by following their lead.

  24. so now what the news has been brought forth and how i choose to deal with it is my business.u have the right to crticise and i have the right to speak my peace,,,,,,,,,carry on smartly…………..done wid dat.;

  25. ac, you should done for real because you don’t have a leg to stand on. you are part of the problem and not the solution so be gone.

  26. I cannot believe that the man who is Prime Minister of this country who is also the minister responsible for the Civil Service has not spoken one word about the happenings of Black Friday.

    Three thousand people are to go home and he does not see it fit to address the Nation to at least show a little empathy. What manner of man is Freundel Stuart?

  27. Q What manner of man is Freundel Stuart?
    A A NO MAN


    • @GP

      Freundel Stuart was elected by the people of St.Michael South and selected by his parliamentary colleagues to be PM.

  28. @david
    haw haw. What are you trying to say about the people of St. Michael South and the Parliamentary group? Lol.

    Just observing

  29. The PM and his propaganda machine got to think up a real good one now and before he shows up. He did not figured it out yet that is why the PM is out of site but he coming out soon with some real good reasons, just wait and see. It going sound good too, and he going make a lot of sense to Alvin and AC. He going blame Owen first, maybe for wanting privatization, Moody’s for downgrading unfairly and the world recession (which by the way is behind us now not DEM) for all his problems. Then he going let Barbados know how good we got it since DEM saved the dollar from devaluation. Finally he going tell Bajans that God will bless Barbados and we going be all set because he says so.

    I know the PM reads BU so I going make a few suggestions to help him out.

    1: We need an apology eloquently worded to start.
    2: We need the lay off plan. Let me help out here. Last to come, 1st to go. No sorting through looking for BLP supporters period.
    3: We need a commissioner (Like for Alexandra School) to oversee the layoffs to make sure last in 1st out. I suggest using Frederick Waterman for free. He got free money then and owe us some real work now
    4: We need to up the 10% pay cut at the top to 15%
    5: We need to reshuffle the ministers and consolidate to eleven. I can make a few suggestions but Kellerman, Sealy, Lashley and Blackett may get upset with me. (I never could figure out what the Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment
    and Community Development does and why)
    6: We need to park all the motor cars in BIM that belong to government and auction them off to get some revenue
    7: We need to look for a new Central Bank team starting with the governor, He is the one that told us we were doing ok when he knew better. He can stay home and play with those toy trucks and cars he loves so much.
    8: We can keep the MoF since he got more balls than I thought he had. I respect men with balls so I think we should keep the Mof and make him suffer through this the most
    9: Give the dates that he plans to sit down with real people with real solutions as well as a date for new elections
    10: PM you can end off with God blessing the people of Barbados and we will be all set because you say so.

    Anything less will be unacceptable and another disappointment.

  30. Stuart spoke on the Energy Bill like nothing had happened.Then I heard the little jack donkey from sen lucy get up and talk pure gibberish.Only a few minutes before these jokers fired 3000 people in one fell swoop and not a word of concern or empathy for the workers and their immediate fanilies.These people called the DLP don’t care one damn about bajans.They care about their leprous friends,certain well heeled and well connected DLP contractor friends who fund campaigns and the Fatted Calf Brigade.All other up yours!!


    Freundel Stuart lied is way to the top of the scumbag hill , PM of liars and scumbags , Bought votes and lied about it ,The people trusted a liar, and look where we are today. Racketeering , money laundering , wire fraud , No selling off not just land but the country , for hotel rooms to be packed people who land in planes to live better for less in Barbados than the Bajans,

  32. @David,So you want to ‘forget partisan political positions now? You agree Henderson Bovell is a LIAR? You agree that the propaganda was nothing but :partisan political position Now, becaause it suits you. I will never do that until you, Miller, Crusoe and the others give me answers about the 1.4 billion that someone knows about. YOU and all of you have to admit your roles in the sabotage of my country.As I said I will continue to be on you like nimbles on a setting hen. ANSWER MY QUESTIONS about the 1.4 billion. Who is responsible?

  33. PRIMUS into PARIS will say that instead of 3000, it could have been 10,000 so he saved 7000 jobs and his supporters like another cunny (ac) will applaud

  34. Air Boy I mean Sir Roy seems to be telling the people to be violent about the 3000 job cuts

    These jokers intended to cut 6000 jobs but the revelation by Caswell surprised them in their tracks and they tried to make Caswell look bad and called him a street character

    Who is the street character now Chris StinkLiar ?
    Tell us Mr. StinkLiar–yuh street character and ball pooch cat. Run down Broad Street and tell us –Strip naked pon the garrison and tell us –you Blasted Liar

  35. ” First of all Well, I certainly will Not get a stroke..went to the doctor a few weeks ago blood pressure…126/60.”

  36. Alvin Cummins | December 15, 2013 at 11:01 PM |

    @David,So you want to ‘forget partisan political positions now? …. I will never do that until you, Miller, Crusoe and the others give me answers about the 1.4 billion that someone knows about. YOU and all of you have to admit your roles in the sabotage of my country…
    Oh dear…..obviously the recession has affected the quality of the wacky baccy, That reasoning is not only left field but into the next galaxy.

    Our roles in the sabotage of the country??? Goodness man, get a grip!

    No, the country is in this state because we have a ‘wait-an-see PM, a wait-an-see MOF, a wait-an-see Central Bank Governor, in other words, a bunch of jokers.

    Much of this could have been alleviated by action since they got in 7 years ago, which is WHY they got in.

    Instead, they did…nothing….. but talk.

  37. Isn’t this remarkable MR. FUMBLE IS IN A WORLD AND A CLASS ALL TO HIMSELF FOR HE CAN NEVER BE COM PAIRED TO ANYONE ELSE BUT HIMSELF. What President like this Uruguayan President would live so humble like HIM they surely would get the respect and support form the nation but MR. FUMBLE AND HIS ELECTED DICTATORS CAN LIFE IN A SHEEP PEN FOR ALL I CARE and WIPE THEIR ASS WITH GRASS, CAUSE THEY SELL US OUT THEM AND THEIR SO CALL OPPOSITION. They will never IN ALL THEIR lives allow one salary in their HOMES, GIVE BACK some of the same people wanna want to send home payments form ALL OF YA ALL SALARIES. these people have mouths to feed too.

  38. Barbados is in bare facking trouble and the private sector has already pull the ‘capital flight’ plug. To the bottom we go and the PM still playingolitics with a dumbass in the Ministry of Finance.

  39. Understand that the PM said that he tried to keep people employed for as long as possible before announcing the job cuts. This is not what he & the MOF said at election time “THERE WILL BE NO JOB LOSSES”.
    To use this paltry excuse now is pathetic, a definite statement was made to all Barbadians in February and now in December 3,000 jobs gone.

    From what i am reading 3,000 is not going to be sufficient, i suspect that 5,000 is the correct number. On of the other issues which need to be dealt with is that of these “Consultants”, here are 2 examples:
    A business man who mismanaged his Company & had the Company listed in the newspapers by the NIS for nonpayment of contributions is now a consultant to the Govt Investment company $8,000.00/month.

    A former radio broadcaster is a Consultant to the Transport Board $8,000.00/month. In addition to this his company is one of the four company’s providing road repair service to BWA, in fact his company gets the lion’s share of the work – can you imagine that MTW doesn’t provide this service to BWA – and he is also Deputy chairman of one of the constituent councils. Talk about the “Fatted Calf” syndrome. Its rather ironical that in both cases their initials are “PG”.

    different Govt same old thing.

  40. @ Tudor
    ….So what if the PM said that there will be no job losses…. I am quite sure you have said somethings and made some promises that you haven’t kept and probably had regretted ? And that’s quite okay because you’re human and it is rooted in your nature to do such things. So what makes you think that the PM is any more different than you?

  41. @ Tudor
    We often make the fatal mistake by erecting our political leaders on a PEDESTAL like their can do no wrong.

  42. @ MF, if i cant believe my PM then then I have a problem with that. I don’t have Mr. Stuart on any pedestal, or for that matter any politician. They are a bunch of liars who we elect to serve us but we end up serving them. TO refer to this present PM as a silver tongue demagogue is quite laughable

    I am not willfully ignorant , but a realist.

  43. @Crusoe;
    I am a simpleton according to Miller, but I still know that 2008 to 2013 is 5 years so they did not ‘get in 7 years ago’.as you stated earlier.

    Words from Back in time Jack: “…the private sector has already pull the ‘capital flight’ plug.” (Is this the 1.4 billion Henderson Bovell is talking about? and Miller, David et al. want to lambaste me when I say that the “private sector” in Barbados does not exist. They are (dis) loyal sons….If they know the country in trouble; partly through their machinations, and they are going to make it worse by “pulling the capital flight plug” am I wrong when I talk about people who sabotage the country? In 1992 when there was a flight of capital in anticipation of a devaluation, they had to bring it back like dogs with their tails between between their legs.
    They will have to do the same again. Devaluation won’t happen.

  44. @ Alvin Cummins | December 16, 2013 at 11:15 PM |
    “They will have to do the same again. Devaluation won’t happen.”

    You Mr. Simpleton, the dc side of ac, made the same arrogantly dogmatic assertion only a few days ago (prior to the Black Friday news for thousands of public sector workers) regarding the pending layoffs.

    You are also ignorantly adamant that there will be NO privatization /Outsourcing programmes to be undertaken by this moribund DLP administration.
    In your blind stupidity you continue to decry the private sector which is where the engines of economic activity generate the tax revenues necessary for the existence of a large public sector.

    What else are you so cocksure about? The beatification of the Supreme Liar Fumble?

  45. @Alvin
    morning, I notice you didn’t answer my question about whether Chris is a liar.

    btw, would a responsible minister bring a major policy/fiscal adjustment budget and then do the necesary analysis AFTERWARDSS?

    would they see forex propped up ONLY by RBL shares and still proclaim that all is well and the MTFS is working as planned?

    would they claim “ignorance” at a 4 week 300M drop in reserves…..and say they dont know why?

    would they tout a MTGS as the way forward in August, only to resort to the “last resort” in December?

    the only thing worse than an incompetent man is when he tries to take me for a jackasss. Defend them all you want, but they are failing at the policy, forecasting, impleementation, communication and PR level. Their only saving grace is a passive docile sheeplike slavebound public who apparently do not know of or want better…..well, 52% of them that is.

    The MoF has spoken, the PM has commented… the gag order on the Sir Franks, Justins, other MPs and the criers of March -August 2013 take effect.

    when in doubt say nothing until everything blows over. (The DLP maxim)

    Just observing

  46. @ miller,
    What else are you so cocksure about? The beatification of the Supreme Liar Fumble?…………………………

    Wuh loss, miller, you have he dying with laughter this morning! That is a good one.

    It makes no sense trying to take on Mark Fenty, ac or AC. Their heads are too far up Fumble and Stinkliar asses to see the light. They had better pull up and take get a good breath and see the bright lights of Christmas……….at least they would be able to hear and see what destruction the hurricane Stinkliar wrought on Barbados on Black Friday!

  47. @David, in an earlier statement (explanation) you indicated that since Barbados’exports to Trinidad were less than its imports there would be difficulty in obtaining the necessary Trinidad dollars, so therefore the costs would have to be paid in U.S. Dollars.
    That is the biggest load of BULL TURD I have heard in a long while. this is where the private sector comes in. They are in charge of imports and exports, not government.If you don’t have enough Trinidad dollars to pay in Trinidad dollars, then you pay what you can buy in Trinidad dollars and put the balance on 60, 90, or 120 day credit, until you get the Trinidad dollars. Or, alternatively, you cut back on your IMPORTS. In other words you match import costs with exports receipts so that they balance. If your exports bring in one million dollars, then your imports match that one million dollars, In Trinidad dollars, not U.S. dollar equivalents. If they pay in U.S. dollars for their imports from us, we will pay the same amount in U.S. dollars, other than that they get paid in Trinidad dollars. There are enough money brokers around that will supply Trinidad dollars.The important thing is that you do not get rid of your U.S. dollars without reciprocity. The price differential between Trinidad dollars and Barbados dollars is 3.2 (TT) to 1 (Bdos).The Private Sector should be protecting us the same way government is expected to protecct us, but we have a nonfunctional Private Sector. Yes, they pay taxes, but only those they can’t avoidWhen it comes to pulling their weight, using their collective knowledge, and helping the counry they are absent without leave.
    I recommend that government monitor the trade differential and monitor the payment of foreign exchange by subsidiaries to the parent companies. That’s where the hemorrhage of foreign exchange is occurring.
    And David, you still have not commented on Henderson Bovells statement regarding the 1.4 billion, neither hads Miller, nor Observing and others.
    Still waiting and observing.

    • @Alvin

      Please reread the BU comment this time using your best comprehension skills. Barbados is a net importer of T&T goods which means Barbados will ALWAYS owe T&T. About the issue of exporters issuing credit to Bajan importers you are aware this is a privilege and not a right? In other words it is based on the importers credit worthiness.

  48. David | December 15, 2013 at 7:20 PM |

    Freundel Stuart was elected by the people of St.Michael South and selected by his parliamentary colleagues to be PM.


    • @GP

      Maybe so but his rise to high office must be seen in the wider context that the DLP won over the BLP in the last election.

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