Understanding Government’s Energy Plan

Sen. Darcy Boyce

Sen. Darcy Boyce

The BU household is not comprised of the sharpess  ‘blackled’ in the case therefore understanding government’s energy diversification strategy after six years in office has become somewhat of a mystery.  If it is a key policy measure to restructure the economy we are not ‘feeling’ it.

State entities are the largest consumers of fossil energy in Barbados,. Barbados Water Authority and Grantley Adams Airport come to mind. Why has the government not embarked on an aggressive implementation of solar, wind or combination alternative energy systems at these locations?

At the residential level we have a role to play to conserve and transition to alternative sources but it is always the most sensible approach to grab the quick wins. The apolitical among us understand that energy diversification to mitigate volatility associated with oil price is a sensible approach. All issues in Barbados are converted to being political and amidst the noise of the RE debate any semblance of a nation awakening to the benefit of this issue has been suppressed.

The launch recently of an initiative by a local company to import electric cars provoked a chuckle in the BU household. There is a government endorsed program to conserve energy and to rollout alternative energy initiatives BUT we are importing electric cars to feed from a grid which is fossil powered. BU welcomes the electric and hybrid vehicles BUT how does it merge with the goal of energy diversification?. We need to incent the individual who wants to buy an energy saving vehicle to retrofit the garage to be powered by non fossil power supply.

What has become of Barbados oil exploration odyssey miles off the West coast? The ever taciturn minister responsible has seldom given updates about the project. What is it about this government and its aversion to communicating with the electorate and taxpayers?  Is it a reasonable debate to have whether a renewable energy strategy can be complemented with drilling for the black stuff?

Have a look at the UK website Greener Home Improvements. BU does not have to critique the website to make a point. Bear in mind this is a government initiative supported in one of the most temperate of countries. There is talk and policy then there is execution.

How is the Barbados Light & Power supporting government policy? How is the regulator working to support national policy? How is the faltering economy affecting government’s RE rollout? What of the concerns expressed by the Barbados Renewable Energy Association? Should EMERA be persuaded to generate RE power for distribution given its existing infrastructure?

Why ask anyway.

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  1. David,

    You must stop your appearance some times of pandering to these DLP and BLP fools that are ostensibly taking turns at destroying many of the social political material and financial affairs of this country? If you continue with these appearances you might as well become like what the Nation or Advocate is sometimes – a virtual bipartisan political lackey.

    You must stop your appearance of expecting so much from these DLP and BLP fools, whenever there is discussion on here of the myriad political social material financial issues problems facing national or sub-national sectors of this country.

    The fact is that the DLP and BLP have long become and are total abject political failures in this country. You cannot expect from them much more than failure/failings essentially in anything their governments put their hands on therefore. They must at this stage be totally got the rid of from the political governmental landscape of this country. And this is what you ought to be on here helping realize in the national interests.

    You claim that all issues in Barbados are converted into the political( are these not from the start political?), but we are sure you do not just mean the political. In that vein therefore we interpret you to mean, to some extent, the partisan political, and not on the whole the partisan political.

    Furthermore, we in the PDC view this BU network as a political one primarily.

    So, you must expect ALL the issues (not all the ideas thoughts though) dealt with on this network to be political. What you must do better at though is removing much of the stupid DLP/BLP partisan political rubbish that has come onto this network and that was not around when this network some years ago existed in the shadows of the other major blog.

    Finally, just as these two idiotic parties have been the main ones pulling and tearing down many of the affairs of this country more and more with their wicked and inept political economic financial policies and programs, many of their supporters have been the main ones pulling and tearing down many of those better standards of discussions first found on here 2007/8 with their continued childish puerile partisan baloney claptrap.


  2. @ Back in Time Jack | December 12, 2013 at 7:33 AM |

    DB is not only a quisling but also a terribly dishonest person stretching back to his days at the BTII.
    He ought to be to be the first one to be eliminated in the necessary Cabinet restructuring. He is certainly surplus to requirements making it easier for the PM to set the example for the upcoming national sacrifice by having a leaner and more effective Cabinet following the example set by the Bermudan government.
    We shall soon see if the man refuses to have his own men make sacrifices while thousands of public sector workers are sent packing.

    • Sorry Jeff, will make a change. It should be blackled, attempted to write it as we pronounced it :-). The slang for pencil of course.

  3. Why aren’t we drilling for oil offshore? The Norwegians who know a thing or two about off shore hydrocarbons says its there. They posit if its on land most likely its out there. The Aussies think its there. What is the hold up?

    Can’t we sell some of the blocks to help with the deficit. Why not work with the tricky Trinidadians at the maritime border on offshore search.
    What’s become of the gas pipeline from Tobago that Estwick said would start in 2013? Hello its 2014. Observers of Caribbean geo politics knew that pipeline was only one more Trini smokescreen about dishing out some of their oil and gas to assist energy cost reduction in the Caribbean. It will never happen.

    Trinidad will never distribute any energy saving gas to their Caricom so called brothers and sister. Jamaica knows this from the bauxite days. Mind you you cant blame them its their mineral resources to do as they please including giving perennial lip service to sending gas to the Caribbean to lower energy costs. Trinidad charges its Caricom comrades more for oil and gas than it charges the USA>

    In the meanwhile Barbados must stay as far away as possible from Petrocaribe. The Venezuelans and Commissiong have long shown us how unpredictable they can be.

  4. Solar Power could be used to power the pumping stations of the Barbados Water Authority , instead of building a new headquarters .Millions of dollars could be saved and water rates reduced. Excess energy produced by the solar system could be sold to BL&P or used to power other areas of the plant.
    Irrigation water from fresh water springs can be delivered to farmers using solar powered pumps . This would cut the cost of irrigation water to farmers and save valuable foreign exchange.
    Energy cost at Schools and other Government Building should be retrofitted with SOLAR POWER SYSTEMS.
    Traditional air conditioning units should be replaced by solar air conditioning system which can reduce energy cost by up to 70% over conventional systems.
    Government vehicles powered by gas should be replaced with hybrid / electric vehicles . These vehicles can be powered by solar systems on Government Building.
    The biomass in the landfill should be converted to energy /electricity.
    Landfill emit methane gas this can be captured and converted to electricity.

  5. Steupssss
    So if we divest our national assets to foreigners …why the hell would they care about what OUR national strategic objectives should be…?
    We own a power company?
    We own a bank?
    How many hotels do we own?
    How many supermarkets?

    It matters NOT what is in Barbados’ interest…what matters is what is in the OWNER’S interest…….that is why they put up the big bucks in FOREX.

    We can’t eat our cake and have it too….
    Our goose is cooked….we just have to HOPE that the Canadians are willing to go along with our “energy plans” and that the Trickidadians are inclined to our hotel / supermarket / business plans….

    Supposedly this is the situation that Miller was promoting with his call for divestment….
    Miller…you is a Trickidadian right …????? 🙂

  6. We are wasting millions of dollars on fossil fuels because of backward policies. The Barbados Sanitation Service Authority should be generating millions of dollars in profit yearly . However , greed , lack of vision and corruption holding us back .The Minister and the Board should resign immediately.

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