Emerging Crime Trend: Freedom of Movement Under the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas Needs to be Revised

Acting Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith suggests there is a cultural factor behind recent domestic mu

Acting Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith suggests there is a cultural factor behind recent domestic murders.

The revelation by the Acting Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith that there appears to be a “cultural factor” which threads recent domestic abuse cases is interesting if not surprising. We have to give credit to the police force that they have a sound basis for reaching the conclusion that the cause behind some recent domestic disputes is linked to non nationals. Of course many Bajans will be compelled to intervene in the interest of demonstrating ‘balance’ by suggesting the obvious,  that is, Bajans are equally committing crime and therefore why blame non nationals. Of course non nationals cannot be blamed for all the crime BUT it does not mean we should play ostrich if there is a trend which has emerged which will add to our crime woes and wider societal challenges. Comprehension is a wonderful thing.

A few years ago when BU led the national discussion about possible sociological repercussions as a consequence of the unbridled immigration policy practiced by the former BLP government under the guise of freedom of movement, we were ridiculed by many. Why is it the ideologues like Peter Wickham, Rickey Sigh, BLP opportunists and others have refused to this day to appreciate that our fragile economies which are mainly service based, owning limited resources to protect borders, an possessing undermanned police forces means that any system which allows the unskilled and ignorant to move about freely across the Caribbean must be carefully ‘managed’? Instead they label such concerns by shouting xenophobia. Have we become do intellectually impotent not to understand that issues will emerge from having unchallenged freedom of movement?

BU will not rehash old arguments except to say, for every thoughtless action there will be an exponential reaction. Despite the landmark Shanique Myrie decision by the CCJ, BU has taken note of how other Caricom countries continue to retain the right of entry to their shores. It is a right which any sovereign should NOT relinquish. Recent developments have exposed the ideals of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas.

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  1. @ everybody
    Again people, it is all this xenophobia and fear and obviously biased and “unreasoned” reasoning that I have a serious problem with.

    1. Poor people qualifie as rif raft and undesirables. Yet poor people are not the ones that sell and operate the drug fuled networks. Who pushes the coke on this island? Who can afford to buy it? Who owns the fast boats? Who owns the assault rifles and can afford to pay the bribes for parties to look the other way?
    Get real please and raise the level of this discussion.

    2. You don’t think elements of various gangs are not present on this island already? Who killed (Tone?) and laid him out all nicely on the Internet for all to get the particular message? How come the police “cant” find out who is responsible for what yet everybody else knows where to go to get what whenever? You really thing our poor immigrant is at the root of all that?

    3. The U..N. Has identified Barbados as being involved in human trafficking for purposes of prostution. I met a lawyer Saturday last who informed me of a situation brought to her attention where “imported” women were being forced to turn tricks for as little as Ten Dollars ($10) BARBADOS! You think the “poor” rif raf are behind all this?

    4. If we really wanted to keep “undesirables” from traveling unhindered throughout the region, then it would be a simple matter to agree at any meeting of the Heads that any non-national is subject to immediate background check and may be thus denied entry into any destination port subject to ” agreed and acceptable” result. Simple as that. End of story.

    We do so love to sweep everything under the carpet because after all Barbados is such a paradise and tops the list at number whatever! Don’t you ever plan to wake up and smell the coffee?
    But of course, let’s just ignore the points I made above with the relative and relevant comparison of contribution by the imported poor and purchased rich as it just is not convenient for your “sovereign” position.

    And especially to you David. Pppppplease enlighten me where in making this particular treaty does this country cede the RIGHT to protect its borders as it LEGALLY sees fit? I have argued this before. Why the need to repeat myself?

  2. “Somehow you have managed to be even stupider than balance”
    I suppose you believe that as a citizen of a quasi outpost of the usa gives you some false chip on your shoulder and the right to call someone stupid; but the whole world recognizes how you yankees like to throw around your weight.

  3. bushie /islandgal- if you think I off balance or off rockers, read comments attributed to the Prime Minister in today’s nation- ‘he is reported to have said that he does not know where the comment about not laying off public workers came from; that it was an option’. Now the DLP headed by Mr Stuart campaigned in the last elections under the premise that there would be no layoffs in the public sector by the current administration whereas the BLP had planned to send home 10,000 public workers- so If am off balance i in good company.

  4. The post writer finds supports for BU’s position on immigration of some years ago in the limited remarks of the Ag Comr in an address which covered a wide range of issues. He says the Comr’s remarks are “not surprising” as if a dire prophecy had fulfilled itself.

    Since, as has been said, the Comr’s remarks were not evidenced in any meaningful way, candidly I find it difficult to take this post seriously as other than a nice way of getting people to demonstrate their prejudices and superstitions about foreigners.

    Domestic violence has become a ‘hot’ topic. Indeed, even the Anglican Church has discovered it – years too late – but what can you expect? As with all ‘hot’ topics it is an area which, in the context of all domestic disputes, is riddled with the ‘unreal’ as one partner or other plays out their grievances and projections at the expense of the other – which is why, in many cases, they do not ‘follow through’ with their initial complaints as the Comr noted. It is a topic which, as I tried to suggest above, is critical to the human condition. To suggest that foreigners are MORE prone to it is unproved, unreal, irresponsible and, frankly, silly and serves only to deflect attention from serious issues of relationship including love. Gas chambers for foreigners labeled ‘riff raff’ – that is to say exclusion – is not an answer.

    Scapegoating is also central to the human condition and I am sorry that the Comr has seen fit to turn criminologist and, indeed, politico in this sensationalist and clumsy way however tangential his remarks may have been. Perhaps he should rather give serious thought to this comment of an officer, reported in yesterday’s Nation, of the difficulty of catching culprits of teenage vandalism:

    “it is very difficult…to catch the culprits since they were engaging in the activity late at night…..we will try to do our best.”

    Are the boys in blue really afraid of the dark?

    • Is it not amazing that sensible Barbadians who are suggesting we examine the criteria which sees Barbados becoming the warehouse of the unskilled and criminal in Barbados are being condemned? And all around us other islands are defending their borders with gusto, the latest being T&T by slamming the door on 13 Jamaicans?

      The Acting COP makes an important observation and instead of clamoring for more info we elect to go down the emotional path?

  5. The Acting COP’s comments might be sensationalist or emotive but I doubt that there are” important”. Important comments are backed by technical research and logic, not casual observation. He might as well have said that if local women want to keep their lives, they should not get involved with foreign men..at least men from the region. Frankly, I am disappointed in the comment which I thought was unnecessarily inflammatory.

    • The Acting COP needs to say more, surely given his profession it was evidenced analysis based?

      BU is sure there is a lot of information which for understandable reasons does not reach the public domain but drives the mindset of the police et al.

      The issue of fraud is another topic the COP should comment.

      On 5 December 2013 10:24, Barbados Underground

  6. For someone like our assistant COP to come up with the statement about non nationals being the domestic abusers shows how ill informed prejudicial he is. It also shows how ill equipped he is for the job. The decision making abilities of our leadership must be questioned and scrutinized. If the assistant COP is the best of the lot then we are real shoite.

  7. “The issue of fraud is another topic the COP should comment. ”

    David let me guess what he will say about the above. The issue of fraud in Barbados appears to be a “cultural factor” involving non nationals.

  8. @ Santana Dhatman
    Sorry Mr. non-national YOU WRONG……………….Bajan are all open heart to you so….Check you facts…Market Vendor’s sound byte for a RED CROSS contributions ad on VOB ..goes like this..” Bajans really got BIG HEARTS doah”……How true. Barbados has had an open door policy to many and all from the Caribbean for a long time to sojourn, work and sometimes send for their families. As long as you were not looking for trouble like St. Lucian Buelan James a.k.a Dr. Rat or Mark Young .a.k.a. The Professor, there was no problem hanging around in the gracious land of cou cou n flying fish.. Myrie too,( whose purpose of visit here was somewhat questionable) would also have passed thru the immigration net with a breeze if not for her pickup hick-cup. For long time now dancers of the find, were welcomed to ply their wares and head back home pockets gingling wid Bajan largess.

    But for how much longer can we sustain this open door policy, when housing space, job opportunities and social amenities are under pressure for Bajans,, far less extending to our neighbors? Surely now our leaders must take this into consideration if not for us, but our children and our children’s children. This CSME free travel could work, if like everybody’s automatic choice of stay was NOT 166 sq. miles small ham-bone shaped gem of an isle Barbados, that you so…..so willingly envy

  9. Is Jeff Cumberbatch serious?
    In order for the COP to make an observation, he is now required to share the research data for our university people to determine if he is entitled to make that statement?
    …this from a university lecturer who never has a definitive position on ANYTHING..?
    …whose every statement is qualified….?

    Why the hell is the social science department not able to provide such analysis to either confirm or disprove the commissioners hypothesis?
    What the hell purpose do wunna serve?

    The COP statement is IDENTICAL in nature to similar statements that noted that a disproportionally large amount of crime is attributable to “young males between 15 and 27” ….. Or to “those who leave school before age 16” ……or to “products of single parent homes” ….GET A LIFE.

    Wunna just talking a lotta shiite because of wunna personal interests…but COMMONSENSE dictates that NO intelligent man opens his front door to all and sundry, least he expose his family to the whims and fancies of the wicked minded despots lurking out there on the lookout for idiots to victimize….

    No doubt all those here who are arguing that Barbados should do this are willing to have such an open door policy at their own home…. Brass bowls!!

  10. @ Islandgal
    You could really STFU too…
    You can’t even get along with your neighbors down there in St Lucy and talking shiite bout Bajan immigration…?
    Think we forget YOUR story about how all the women down by you hate you and don’t speak to you ….
    …they probably can see that you are a 2 X4 wielding vagabond and rogue.

    Why the hell don’t you open YOUR doors to all and sundry to come in and share your sweets…?
    LOL…one of those St Lucy girls would carry way the island man you got down there in a jiffy….
    Plus Bushie got bout 6 Invalids lined up to bus down for you to look fatty as soon as you open up …. Let us know when you ready…

    @ Cyprian
    Who (besides you) ever said that riff raff was synonymous with poor?

    …or do you not think that such people exists….?

  11. Bushie you need to apologize to the disabled community for that remark you made about invalids should be turned back from visiting Barbados. Be a MAN and apologize! Stop flapping yuh gums and APOLOGIZE!

  12. @ Bush Tea | December 4, 2013 at 9:59 PM |
    “All that sensible posters are calling for, are clear guidelines and strict enforcement. Persons without means of support; people who lie about their travels; criminals; invalids etc SHOULD be turned back.”

    Your red herring crap is not going to get you off the hook this time. Again, you have been exposed for your two-mouth hypocrisy.
    Your constant attacks and objections to Trinidadians owning businesses in Barbados say a lot about how you feel about your regional “brothers and sisters”, Bushie.
    Aren’t Barbados’s current immigration regulations/guidelines based on the same principles/ criteria you are alluding to and quoted above?
    All we are asking of you Bush man, is to stop your futile attacks against other Caribbean nationals and DEMAND that the immigration officials backed by their political bosses enforce the regulations that are already on the books and stop taking bribes and access to free “fronts” from the local pimps thereby facilitating the flourishing of whore houses and strip joints in Barbados.

    That is what you should be focusing on. The problem, Bushie, is not with (to quote you) “Persons without means of support; people who lie about their travels; criminals; invalids etc..’ but with the corrupt Bajan officials, both bureaucratic and political, that are responsible for applying the same rules you want to see enforce.

  13. David

    You are now saying we must accept something MERELY BECAUSE someone says so. Tell that to Mia and Fumble.

    Far from being emotional about this, those who question the post ARE asking for more information. It is the irresponsibility of the throw-away remark which is being questioned and the assumptions upon which it was predicated.

    Yes, every State must take steps to protect its borders. Yet the concept, like national security as in Garcia, is elusive and can mean almost anything since immigration matters are broadly discretionary and secret. There is no automatic leave to land and ‘leave’ is reposed in the decision of an immigration officer. The Myrie case has revealed the weakness in that. In other words, in terms of the application of the Treaty ordinary principles are a very dangerous weapon of subversion.

    IF there is abuse then let Caricom States revisit the Treaty. If not that, then ultimately we have to decide which is to take priority – municipal or international law. In principle, it is the latter. The post advocates the former. Is that really the way we want to go in the modern world? And where shall we stop if we do?

  14. @ islandgal246 | December 5, 2013 at 8:20 AM |
    “Bushie you need to apologize to the disabled community for that remark you made about invalids should be turned back from visiting Barbados.”

    That is the mindset of the man who pretends to be a follower of BBE passing for God. We would not be surprised if he calls for treatment of the disabled similar to what Hitler did to those whom he deemed ‘perfectly unsuitable to be part of the Aryan stock’.

    However, he has nothing to fear from these “invalids’ (to use his label) since the international disabled community with loads of money to spend would hardly visit Barbados with its most disastrously unfriendly environment for people with physical disabilities. If he wants to dispute that then he can deal with the President of the Senate.

    A country that likes to boast of its great tourism product and social development making it the No.1 in the developing World. Let a wheel-chair user attempt to “move’ around Bim especially the pavements on the West or South coasts and see if they do not end up in a box.

  15. “Think we forget YOUR story about how all the women down by you hate you and don’t speak to you ….”

    Yes they hate me for cleaning up around my property, they hate me because I catch one of dem in my shade house thiefing plants (after I had given them some) and call the police, they hate me because I am friendly with the other folks who are not thieves. They hate me because I prefer to cut the grass myself, they hate me because I used to live in CH CH they hate me because me and my daughter are some shades darker than them and prettier than them.

    Bushie I don’t need haters in my life and I get along fine without them.
    Now if you were a REAL MAN you wouldn’t be pulling at straws instead of apologizing to the disabled community. In fact the Barbados government immigration laws are discriminatory to the disabled. YOU are one BACKWARD BRASS BOWL !

  16. @Bush Tea@ 8:06 am

    “Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge” Charles Darwin

    “I like how you punctuate ignorance with stupidity…” Dilbert by Scott Adams.

  17. Have you ever considered that they hate you because there might actually be nothing about you to like? To put it gently, from reading your posts on here you come across as an insufferable, brawling, arrogant, opinionated know it all. Utterly unpleasant. Your neighbours have my sympathies.

  18. Just Wow please crawl back into the crappaud hole yuh just came out of! You are just another cowardly hypocrite lurking on this blog with nothing substantial to contribute. I got a can of Baygone fuh yuh craw! ZZZZZZZZ

  19. Hey bushie how about the USA stop letting in carribbean nationals because of their criminal activity reason being USA protecting their borders or the USA doesn,t deserve such a privilege. not surprsig at your venom and anti activism. time and time again your views have been bigoted and reeks of a singularty and dictatorial rhertoric.U are the CLASSIC BRASSBOWL with gold rim trimmings

  20. @Bush Tea
    If you had READ David’s response to me where HE introduced the Rif and Raf then you would maybe get off your high horse and UNDERSTAND the basic points I am advocating.

    Who are these rif rag you so love to talk about? People who can AFFORD to buy a ticket into and show some capability to support themselves for SIX months AND have a valid place of abodeAND are usually in possession of at the very least SOME skill that prompted a job offer for some job that Bajans are reluctant to do?
    Maybe I am not too bright but please show me alllll these street people who WE have so casually allowed to enter and overrun the country?
    Please show me all the places they can so easily hide from a “competent and professional” police and immigration force DOING their jobs?

    Why has the proceeds of crime bill taken so long to be even discussed far less proclaimed. And who will it be enforced against? The wealthy true criminals and rif raf? Let’s take a bet!
    And rif raf always stays rif raf?

    How many have washed up on our shores without a cent in their pockets and then built and now own significant businesses that contribute to this country?

    When we were overrun by the Trinidadians then the Syrians and the Indians and the Guyanese what really has happened? Have we experienced this massive sudden uncontrollable population explosion? You know what happened? Change happened AND continues to happen. How easy can you distinguish now the “poor whites” and red-legs that we used to see in earlier years?

    Who makes this determination of rif raf? I wonder if Rihana’s mother would have been able to pass your “quality control” bar? How many more potential superstars and standouts have we turned away or lost because their parents were NOT up to scratch?
    Do you know that the most infamous of all prostitutes in Barbados, Bajan Patsy, has produced one of the most OUTSTANDING athletes that Springer has ever seen?

    I need to say this because it really makes me so angry when I encounter visionless “visionaries” who really only can see no further than the tip of the noses on their own face.

    The REAL rif and raf you need to keep out you CAN’T and DONT and (deliberately) WOnt, especially NOT with the current structured legislation, rules and agreements that purport to do such and keep us safe.

    Tell me I am wrong. Show me I am faulty in my analysis and observations. Show me that I am the idiot?



  21. LOL @ Islandgal
    …looks like “Just Wow” got you figured out… LOL Ha Ha
    …so tell Bushie…..those neighbors come to Sunday lunch at your place regularly?
    …the ones that hate your ass…. How welcome are they in your kitchen? …they have the keys to your bedroom?

    Bushie doubts that they do….

    So KINDLY explain why you are so vehement that BARBADOS should be doing what YOU will not do in St Lucy…

    @ ac
    Do HUSH!

    @ Jeff
    That is the kind of response one has come to expect from you and most of your ilk…. But you are right…
    Show ANYWHERE where Bushie has claimed to be anything but an ignorant bushman whose goal in life is but to acquire a pick wukking a weed whacker in BBE land….

    Bushie is no big-up law expert or lecturer…..just an opinionated simpleton. It should be so easy for you to cow such a joker as him into submission with knowledge and logic….

    Not Bushie’s fault if a few brass bowls like Miller and ac assume that the bushman is some kind of guru…. 🙂
    LOL… Or that he went to Cawmere…… Ha Ha LOL

  22. Seems like BUSH TEA BROUGHT his phucking weed wacker to BU and expect everybody to duck orv run fuh cover when he makes an appearance

  23. Bushie you have forgotten one important point……..when you are invited to my home and don’t behave yourself then I will throw you out. I can’t throw you out when you have not been invited. How can anyone know for sure who is bad behaved unless they are seen behaving in that manner? So now I understand why people like you don’t ever invite people to your home. I will continue to do so however. Some I may not re invited some but those are few.

    Bushie you know the strange thing is that when those said haters in my neighbourhood started a garden I gave them some plants. I trimmed a tree that was overhanging so that they could get more sunlight. The men will speak to me and I will say hello but dem wimmen dem face always sour. Perhaps it is a part of we culture!

  24. Islandgal
    You are describing the REALITY of life in our world.
    There are ALL Types of people out there, and anyone who is not discriminating in who they let into their private space must understand that some day they will let the devil himself in…

    If you want to wait until folks get into your bedroom before determining if to eject them or not …that is your call.
    But Bushie believe in pro-active discrimination…. 🙂

    Just as the bushman DO NOT put every shiite into his mouth to eat; does NOT associate with certain types of company; Bushie is very conscious of who has open access to his private quarters….

    LOL…. Bushie is aware of some folk who allow all and sundry access to their private quarters too…and then make decisions about who can return and who cannot….. Most such persons have a predictable end..

  25. So how do you go about selecting who would you like in your space? By their appearance? By their race? By their religion? By their nationality? By the way they communicate/speak? By the job they hold? By the way they treat other human beings?

  26. @ Islandgal
    …By ALL OF THE ABOVE plus a few more…. 🙂

    Have you no faith in your BBE to protect you from evil?
    Of course. …That is why BBE gave Bushie COMMON SENSE.

    • @islandgal

      This is not intended to defend the Bushman from the warm licks you pelting but an invalid in Bajan parlance does not mean disabled, usually it means an idiot…lol.

    • @Cyprian

      If you understand that policies and laws are synonymous with an organism then you will be able to appreciate how the definition of riff raff can be determined over time.


    ARTICLE FROM July 4, 2012 via untogo
    Navi Pillay urges Barbados to address domestic violence and discrimination

    [Human Rights
    The United Nations human rights chief on Friday urged Barbados to adopt more effective legislation measures to combat discrimination and domestic and sexual violence in the country, adding that an attitudinal change is needed in society as a whole to tackle these issues.]

    “Domestic violence against women and children, and sexual harassment, occur all over the world. However, reports suggest that they are particularly serious problems here in Barbados and in other Caribbean countries, and rape is shockingly commonplace,” said the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, in a statement at the end of her visit to the country.

    During her three-day visit, Ms. Pillay held meetings with #Prime #Minister #Freundel #Stuart, members of the cabinet, and other senior officials, as well as with the leader of the opposition and senior judicial figures. She also met members of civil society organizations, who told her of the challenges faced by the country in implementing its international human rights obligations and reflecting them into laws and practices.

    From her meetings with officials, Ms. Pillay said she identified several challenges that Barbados still faces in relation to #human #rights, including issues related to discrimination, stigmatization and marginalization, as well as a lack of adequate sanctions for sexual harassment and the psychological and physical impact which #domestic #violence has on children.

    The human rights chief emphasized that it is the #responsibility of the #Government to #show #leadership on issues relating to all forms of #discrimination, including those based on race, gender, sexual orientation or identity.

    “The authorities need to #adopt #more #effective #legislative #measures to #combat these very #destructive #forms of #behaviour and #crimes, and to undertake #public #awareness #programs to tackle the underlying #discriminatory #attitudes that #permit them to #continue,” Ms. Pillay said.

    She welcomed progress in some areas, such as the Government’s commitment to abolish the current mandatory death sentencing, and urged the country to move towards a moratorium and eventual abolition of this policy. “The fact that there has not been an execution in almost thirty years is clear evidence of the readiness of society to move in this direction,” she said.

    Ms. Pillay, who is the first UN human rights chief to visit an English-speaking Caribbean country, reiterated the UN’s #readiness to #assist Barbados in implementing policies to further promote and protect human rights.

    “I urge everyone in Barbados – the government, parliament, the ombudsman, the academic community, the NGOs, the media, and the general public – to work hard continuously and unremittingly in order to establish a stronger culture of human rights and respect for the dignity of every human being,” she added.

  28. So so sad how MEDIA can entice people to lose focus on the heart of the matters and the usual “DIVIDE AND CONQUER” ploys come into play: national vs non-national. Knowing people’s memories are short, it’s easy to pull such tricks. However, it has been clearly stated in the reporting of government what “causes” concern them. And regardless of who has committed a domestic violence crime in Barbados from another country, Barbadian society has been noted as having some social issues to deal with. If the police want to start PROFILING in more efforts to DISCRIMINATE and MARGINALIZE people, let’s take a look at the flip side and ASK QUESTIONS relating to how many NON NATIONALS therefore experience violence by Nationals? Or does that matter? What at all matters in regards to years of research done and no action taken. Just more of the same “dumb founded-ness” and blame games. People should demand more INTELLIGENT LEADERSHIP on matters that are life threatening, knowing LIVES are valued and anything hindering the RIGHT TO LIVE should be taken seriously… not because of talking points but because of HUMAN RIGHTS, which are inarguable.

    The CADRES survey, which also interviewed representatives of state and non-state agencies about their perspectives on domestic violence, found that the economic situation, alcohol abuse, past abuse in childhood, and the “patriarchal nature of Barbadian society” were factors contributing to domestic violence (CADRES [2009], 16, 27).

  29. >>>ANOTHER FRIENDLY REMINDER from July 2012: “From her meetings with officials, Ms. Pillay said she identified several challenges that Barbados still faces in relation to #human #rights, including issues related to #discrimination, #stigmatization and #marginalization, as well as a lack of adequate sanctions for sexual harassment and the psychological and physical impact which #domestic #violence has on children.” (UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay)

    >>>Because the GOVERNMENT has not implemented a strategic plan to address: DISCRIMINATION, STIGMATIZATION AND MARGINALIZATION, people infected with HIV are harder to reach in #Barbados. The Ministry of Health admits to this:
    “Despite knowledge of transmission of HIV, persons are still engaging in risky behavior. This is further exasperated by the fact that persons engaging in these behaviours rarely use condoms.
    Another challenge experienced by the NAP is the persistence of #stigma and #discrimination, which restricts programme efforts to reach key populations at higher risk such as SW, MSM, youth, prisoners, and PLHIV. Many factors such as small population size, intricate family and social networks, societal conservatism and #negative #perceptions of #government #services, may cause some people to go underground thus preventing them from accessing.”


  30. ….so continue NOT THINKING and just reacting, pushing things under the rug, playing hypnotizing music in the interim, and protecting “bad guys” from the rule of law, and go right ahead and DISCRIMINATE against “NON-NATIONALS” and Barbados will continue this cycle of not addressing it’s own issues, but soon enough other countries will be called upon to shun such a society and more of the ECONOMIC distress will continue. Barbados has put itself on the record. And maybe the public doesn’t have full knowledge, but it’s about time everyone WAKES UP. No matter what country one lives. And by the way, UNITY IS STRENGTH! Indoctrination and slave mentality is a deeply blinding and heartbreaking reality. But regardless, THE ANCESTORS ARE SPEAKING on our behalf and offering guidance:

    Marcus Mosiah Garvey’s response when he was asked the question ‘are you an African or a Jamaican?’ replied ‘I will not give up a continent for an island!’ This was of course an excellent response for its time. (think on that one while throwing one another under the bus based on “nationality”)

  31. @bahamared But I am pretty sure I am within my right to be on a Bajan site. For every idiot like you there are two Bajans happy to have a thoughtful, dissenting opinion here.
    I always appreciate your input. Do not be side tracked.

  32. @David
    This is not intended to defend the Bushman from the warm licks you pelting but an invalid in Bajan parlance does not mean disabled, usually it means an idiot


    Uh huh….. so what do Bajans call people who are disabled?

    • @Hants

      It is not being carried on local TV and frankly you nearly gave a heartattack, congrats!

      On 6 December 2013 05:18, Barbados Underground

  33. Barbados is the country in the Caribbean that other Caribbean Countries love to beat up on. We are the whipping boys of the Caribbean.
    For this year so far, Trinidad & Tobago have sent back over a thousand Jamaican back to Jamaica. Not one of those Jamaicans and neither the Jamaican government have indicated their intentions of challenging those deportations in the court of law. Additionally, Antigua has denied entry to Jamaicans, Guyanese and other nationals from other Caribbean countries but no action has been taken against Antigua. However, when Barbados seek to protect itself from the undesirables and nuisances from some of these said countries it is a different matter. We are put in court and invariably end up on the losing side – Shanique Myrie case.
    I can recalled from reading Caribbean history that Jamaica & Guyana when they were two of the strongest economies in the Caribbean bitterly opposed nationals from Barbados & the other so-called small islands in the Eastern Caribbean entering their countries in large masses. Jamaica likened the small islands of the Eastern Caribbean as piglets sucking on the nipples of the mother pig (Jamaica). A friend of mine who is much older than I recalled the picture of a mother pig (Jamaica) with the piglets ( the islands of the Eastern Caribbean including Barbados) sucking on the nipples of the mother pig. Jamaica at that time had no regard for the other Caribbean countries. Jamaica was big and strong at that time.
    Likewise, Guyana under Cheddi Jagan had great problems accepting nationals from other Caribbean countries whose populations were primarily Black. I read that Cheddi Jagan made the point that he did not want BLACK Sugar foot workers from Barbados engulfing his country. Cheddi Jagan subsequently had measures in place to prevent any high influx of BLACK Barbadians and others from the so-called small Eastern Caribbean countries entering Guyana.
    I do not see why should Barbados should be made to pay the price for the bad, corrupt ,inept, wicked and stupid governments that Jamaica & Guyana were blessed with. Why must Barbados pay for the good governance we had from both the Democratic Labour Party and the Barbados Labour Party except when Owen Arthur was unfortunately Prime Minister of Barbados.
    CSME and the Revised Treaty of Chagauramas are not in the best interest of Barbados. I support the foresight of The Bahamas by not signing on to the damn foolishness. I believe Barbados should do like wise and pull out of CSME & CARICOM. We should not allow our sovereignty to be ceded by our signatory to those worthless treaties

  34. @ Negroman | December 6, 2013 at 2:22 PM |
    “CSME and the Revised Treaty of Chagauramas are not in the best interest of Barbados. I support the foresight of The Bahamas by not signing on to the damn foolishness. I believe Barbados should do like wise and pull out of CSME & CARICOM. We should not allow our sovereignty to be ceded by our signatory to those worthless treaties..”

    Now tell us, dear Negroman, to whom are you directing this piece of outlandish advice? We wonder what the Dipper would think about your recommendation. After all your former Parliamentary Representative and Father of Independence was the biggest “regionalist” of them all.

    However, we must agree with you that home drums should beat first and one must look after one’s own household before trying to help others.
    It is for that very reason you, Negroman, should be concerned about the St. John Polyclinic and Social Complex aka the David Thompson Mausoleum.
    Aren’t you a bit bothered by the excessively long time (over 20 years) this mothballed white elephant has been promised to the people of St. John?
    Minister Inniss promised a December 2012 opening which was subsequently rescheduled during the elections to March 2013.
    Now you can’t blame the BLP and the CSME idiot OSA for this one now, can you?

  35. How do we manage our borders and take other relevant decisions to ensure all the riff and raff are not able to enter our little service based island with threat or hinder. It is such a simple objective for any sovereign to have.

    This statement exemplifies my earlier comment about not understanding what integration, especially the form being pursued by the Caribbean, means or entails. How on God’s earth you could be moving towards a single economy and talking about protecting our BORDERS against Caricom citizens? What borders? Visitors and workers are two different kettle of fish, don’t get tie up!!

    • @Enuff

      Where is it written, anywhere, that there is a defined path which has to be followed? Because the academics say so is so?

    • Impediments to Free movement of artisans, domestic workers highlighted
      Published on Saturday, 07 December 2013 14:57

      Written by Andre Huie
      Hits: 351

      Steven MacAndrew during his presentation at Friday’s workshop at Sugar Bay Club. (Photo: A. Huie)
      St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The Caribbean Policy Development Centre (CPDC) is currently in St. Kitts and Nevis to sensitize the media, officials from the Ministry of International Trade and artisans and stakeholders on free movement of artisans and domestic workers under the CARICOM Single Market and Economy. Free movement of artisans has been in place since 2007 and 2009 for household and domestic workers. The ongoing PR campaign is dubbed “Making CSME Work for Artisans and Domestics” project. Both artisans and household and domestic workers need to obtain a Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) certificate issued by an accrediting body in each country. On Friday December 6th, a workshop was held at the Sugar Bay Club in Frigate Bay with media and ministry officials where communications specialist Julius Gittens and technical coordinator for the Making CSME Work for Artisans and Domestics project Steven MacAndrew conducted the sessions. Mr. MacAndrew says most member states cannot issue CVQs, St. Kitts and Nevis included. “That basically means that artisans and household domestics have a barrier to the movement, because if CVQ is necessary to move in the region but you cannot obtain it then it basically means that you have been granted a right which is in fact meaningless because you cannot access it,” MacAndrew said.   The CPDC has been to several countries in the region so far with the project and according to Mr. MacAndrew, the response has been good. “Many household domestics and artisans are in fact not aware that they have been granted the right to free movement so in many member states they are entering those countries under the work permit regime in order to work better,” MacAndrew said. “There is need for countries to put in place the arrangement as soon as possible in order to finally facilitate the movement of artisans and household domestics in the CARICOM single market.”  – See more at: http://www.winnfm.com/news/local/6516-free-movement-of-artisans-domestic-workers-highlighted#sthash.zrmCHeT4.dpuf

  36. @ David
    You have to understand that Enuff is one of those people who leaves all the doors to his home open 24/7. His neighbors are free to walk in and out as they wish…he is not concerned about any risks to his family….
    …so what borders…?

  37. No David!
    Because it the evidence says it makes sense. Your goods, services and money are free to TRAVEL but not people? Isn’t that the height of idiocy? Seems to work very well elsewhere in the world.

    Yet another senior public servant talking foolishness. After that debacle of the UN Report on gender some years ago, one would think the lady would learn. Clearly she hasn’t.

  38. To assist in protecting our borders from potential undesirables immigration departments around the region, should stipulate that all potential visitors procure police clearance certificates with a validity of six months in their countries before traveling. There should also be a visitor database linking all CSME countries to local law enforcement. Will domestic abuse be classed as a criminal act?

  39. LOL@Enuff
    Man Cuhdear…
    No one is saying that ALL your neighbors are not free to visit your house. ….ONLY that you HAVE a door, and that YOU hold the key….

    If you want to let in the village bad boy, the village ram,and the village idiot….then it is YOUR decision….but they are NOT free to come and go at their whim and fancy…BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE INTEREST AND SAFETY AND SECURITY OF YOUR FAMILY TO CONSIDER…..one would think.
    Shiite man….they can send money or goods any damn time…. Lol

  40. @ Islandgal
    Wuh now you even going BEYOND what Bushie is calling for…. 95% of potential visitors are free and welcomed anytime. If you ask everyone to get current character certificates then you are almost putting a visa system in place…..too much hassle…

    ALL Bushie wants is the RIGHT to stand at Bushie’s gate, look a fellow in the face, ask him a few questions and IF necessary reserve the RIGHT to say “Ever so welcome….wait for Bushie’s call….”

    It that happens less than 5% of the time AND FOR KNOWN REASONS… Then what is the problem?

    ….no one with catchable infections
    …No one known to be a drug dealer
    …no one intending to associate with local riff raff
    …no prostitutes (unless yuh got a work permit)
    …no one whose IQ does not surpass ac’s

  41. @Bush Tea
    Not neighbors but house members, therefore they have keys to the house even if not the bedroom.

    Free movement/travel what’s the difference?

  42. buhie btoo early to get on your dictatorial sop box. the CCJ clearly gave way to three governing laws which gave caricom nationals free travel and right of entry through out the region,and all of the above which you noted are within the rights of govt for denial of any persons entry, except you showed up ur foolishness by including peoples !Q. Leave it to u Barbados would be an isolated country like Cuba having no one to trade or buy what little products that are manufactured, man u are a throw back from the days of segregation. the only difference is that this is black against black, you little tin horn dictator,

  43. @David
    The EU have different governments and the UK still uses the pound. Isn’t this attitude part of why the single economy remains a dream?

    • @enuff

      And the UK is now calling for a amendment to the law to affect Rumanians and Bulgarians. Nothing is a panacea under the sun enuff, we in the Caribbean have to make it work for us based on our unique landscape.

  44. Bushie ..then we really cannot protect our borders if it is left up to Brass bowls to ask questions. How can anyone decipher who is legit from who isn’t? People lie all the time like our MOF and Our PM and have convinced many with their lies.

    • @islandgal

      During CWC a system was implemented where passenger manifests were shared and vetted with clear rules to determine access. This system is only doable when mandated from the outside?

  45. @David
    The Tory government is trying to appease supporters as reducing net migration from 100 thousands to ten thousands was a big election promise. Additionally, UKIP eurosceptic message was eating into their support. The hypocrisy of it is that the Brits are living all over Europe, especially Spain and Portugal, owning property and businesses. All fluff! But what are the facts about migration?

  46. @David
    Social benefits–child ‘money’ and social housing!! Do we have such a system in Bdos? No. The issue of crime is a scapegoat.

  47. Imagine other westindians on A bajan website fighting with bajans about Barbados. I’m Bahamian and in full support of bajans against jamaicans , and Guyanese. Even Trinidad! What A bunch of lowlifes shamucks they are. The three largest English speaking states in caricom with everything,are all considered failed states. Yo! come off the bajans website you parasites.

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