Caribbean Countries Sitting on a Gold Mine…Legalize Ganja NOW

Submitted by Napolean Bonaparte


Time we unleash our true potential. The United Kingdom  has taxed and barricaded  our other crops like sugar and bananas, even tourism (APB) almost to non existence. Think that was by chance? Think again and while we at it, reconsider the Vincentian Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves’ position.

We sitting on a gold mine !

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    • PM Gonzales has a vested interest in decriminalizing/legalizing marijuana.

      Like homosexuality there is an inevitability to it.

      On 5 October 2013 19:44, Barbados Underground

  1. Marijuana is a grass….and like all weeds grows well in these tropical climates.Could you imagine the influx of growers should this status be materialized? Question is who will regulate the market?Govts will obviously want its take (vat) and obviously there will be the wannabe middle man ready for his cut.Its just a matter of time though….so we all can be prepared for it from now…..By the way did you know there is Hemp milk available at latest large…..check for ur selves…

    • Is it not a farce that in several states in the US the weed has been legalized and promoted for medicinal purposes yet at the USA Coast Card is busy interdicting marijuana pushers in Caribbean waters?

      On 5 October 2013 20:21, Barbados Underground

    • @Simple Simon

      Maybe marijuana affects people differently just like alcohol does only that one is legal and the other is not.

      On 5 October 2013 20:57, Barbados Underground

  2. Ganga is an alternative high to rum and other “legal” highs. However, we need to remember the increase in related diseases that started to show up after prohibition ended In the US in the 30s. Increases in liver cancer and social effects of alcohol were not anticipated and caused an impact on the health sector.

    Ganga will increase lung and respiratory issues and will have a social impact. As a user in my late teens for a few years, I can confirm it did take away some motivation and I still have friends now in mid to late 40s who continue as frequent users and have not done much to advance their lives even today.

    Just my comments, but I did enjoy the experience. Just needs to be controlled.

  3. Hey I’m coming down after all I’m a billionaire (by JA standards) and we billionaires don’t let our money sleep so put out the welcome mat for the newest gangapreneur.

  4. “PM Gonzales has a vested interest in decriminalizing/legalizing marijuana. ”

    Of course he has David, he was a pot head when he attended Cave Hill.

    Did it help Bob Marley with his brain cancer?
    Did it help Arrow with his brain cancer?

  5. Look you lemmings , mary jane may be the way to go as your country spirals into the great abyss you will be desensitized to any pain felt by the the concerned people around you

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  7. People need these artificial highs to deal with their nerves. There is a better safer way .Seek and ye shall find, Nirvana awaits thee

  8. Island gal is the person quoted below the fat bastard of whom you speak?

    [“Were it not for the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, LIAT would have already been out of the skies,” Prime Minister Gonsalves said.]

    Can anyone tell us the share holding Gonzalves and his marijuana exporting island have in LIAT. Word is Barbados taxpayers have 50% shares, Antigua 39% so how can the fat kont say his dope state keeps LIAT flying? Is he high on the marijuana which is St. Vincent’s only claim to fame? Nearly forgot Gonzalves also famous for number of times he’s been accused of rape.

    Last question is there a count on the number of drug runners from St. Vincent in Dodds. There must hundreds based on the drug seizures around our coasts we read of everyday.

  9. With you on this one just asking. Say NO to the legalization of marijuana. Its a gateway drug next we will have more dope addicts and junkies that the Bronx.

  10. “young men shall dream dreams and old men shall see visions…”

    It it one of the most pernicious drugs on this earth, insidious and seducing many of its users to believe that it is “ok” to be used as an (i) enlightener (ii) aphrodisiac (iii) relaxant and all the other “pro” marijuana neophytes.

    Whatever it does do relative to asthma and other medical ailments (glaucoma) needs definitively to be researched but, in its current incarnation it is not to be advocated.

    It is addictive, will kill rapid thought, creativity, motivation and brings out the latent idiocy in and among the already prevalent “waste foop” crew that abound, locally and globally.

    A laced spliff can really F up your world, FOREVER.

    DONT BELIEVE THE GONZALES HYPE and the ones who expound that “the herb is for the healing of the nation”

  11. ‘We sitting on a gold mine !”
    what gives the ganga trade gold mine status is as a result of its treatment as a crime which makes accessibility and availability difficult and therefore costly according to the dictates of market forces. When it is legalised, prices would drop like when there is a glut of anything.

  12. The intro. video said it all….MJ was made illegal to prevent Mexicans and Blacks from economic wealth during the power struggle of the Rolling 20’s …when MJ posed an eminent threat competing with boot-legged whiskey and cigarettes….status quo remains to this day.

  13. To be “blunt” if I can am allowed to use a “pun” under these circumstances, I am a smoker and have no remorse about it. I suffer from chronic anxiety and found that it calms me and helps with sleep at night. FYI alcohol is not in my DNA period. I have never had the urge to use another “drug” if one categorizes herb as a drug. So the gateway theory is a farce in my opinion period. I am 52 and used the herb from 14 without breaks. I can consider myself educated (BSC in Elec Eng UCONN), however my mother always said to me “de more education you get de more stupid you seem to become”.

    With that said I think I have the right to comment about this “gold mine/cash crop” theory. The thought is ludicrous and border line delusional. George Washington (US president) had a marijuana plantation but its purpose was for the manufacture of rope and fabrics. FYI the Polish government allows certified growers to use the herb in the making of rope to be used on ships. It makes the strongest and most durable rope.

    To legalize herb to smoke and get high is simply put a dumb idea. However to decriminalize for personal use makes ample sense since we know that “the laws of men create crime and violence”. But to entertain the thought that by some magic were the Caribbean to legalize marijuana with the hope that they are sitting on a “gold mine” and that this “cash crop” will in some way have a positive affect on the region, is border line delusional and simply put a “dumb and stupid idea”.

    Our focus needs to be education, technology and service oriented. I think my mother will also say “the more education Dr Gonsalves got de more foolish he seem to become”.

    • Perhaps the benefit to be accrued to our little islands is the cost savings from avoiding these matters in our courts, police and administration. But there is the mores and morals which we need to agree.

  14. @ David
    “Perhaps the benefit to be accrued to our little islands is the cost savings from avoiding these matters in our courts, police and administration. But there is the mores and morals which we need to agree.”

    Perfectly said.

  15. ac don’t care about marijuana . have no interest in mariuana ….as it is we as a society is already destroyed up by the legal induced substances like rum and tobacco which decrease ones mind to nothingness kiliing hundred of in nocent people and wrecking family lives daily through ingestion and recklessness …and last but not least with no thought or concern for innocent lives drunkeness as a maor cause for innocent people being killed on highways across the world…we as a society can do without another so-called “wonder drug” and the saviour of mankind..Like every thing new those who want to legalised such substances baulked at the idea for more taxes to be levied in monitoring and govering these yet to be proven substances in an effecient way…….Haven’t we learned nothing from the negatives of Alcohol and Tobacco a once illegal substance which now legalised makes the rich Richer and sends the poor hurling into poverty and premature death ….Are we as a society SO BLIND THAT WE CANNOT SEE<

  16. What benefits the negatives outweighed the positive.. just take a look at alcohol that too has medical benefits in use for sterlisation and drugs but when produce for human consumption the negative factor mutiples enormously weighing down govt and its impacting society as well., the same will be true with Marijuana, Govts like gonzalves looking for a quick fix but all there are inviting is a WHOLE LOT OF TROUBLE which eventually would be laid at the taxpayers foot. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH>….

  17. @ Konkieman
    ” I still have friends now in mid to late 40s who continue as frequent users and have not done much to advance their lives even today.”

    Your friends would have been under achievers no matter the circumstances. Do not find excuses for them. Forget education as a vehicle to opportunity since I do not know their circumstances. If you set up a plan and work toward it daily you will get positive results Maybe your friends have no game plan or play book, Do not blame the herb for their shortfall.

    Please be aware that I respect your comments.

  18. “The UK has taxed and barricaded our other crops… sugar/bananas.”
    The reverse is true. For years the UK paid higher than world prices for both crops. Why should Barbados expect preferential treatment? Independence comes with much responsibility for managing one’s own affairs.

  19. Piece said:

    “It is addictive, will kill rapid thought, creativity, motivation and brings out the latent idiocy in and among the already prevalent “waste foop” crew that abound, locally and globally.”


    There is some truth in the above comment, while noting that everyone’s brain is affected differently by what we introduce into our systems, we can’t discount the medicinal properties it (marijuana) is known to contain……i however, don’t be believe it should be recreational, unless you are suffering with some ailment like anxiety, cancer, glaucoma etc,etc, there is really no need to use it.

  20. Industrial Hemp vs Marijuana

    There is a difference between the industrial hemp plant grown to produce fibre and oils for industrial purposes and nutritious foods for human consumption and the hemp plant (aka marijuana) grown for it’s THC content to make a person high. Although the leaves are very similar in appearance, the low THC varieties (which do not contain enough THC to give a high) are allowed to grow very tall to maximize the fibre content, while the varieties with a high THC content, grown to be smoked and produce a high in humans, are kept short and bushy to maximize the production of the marijuana buds.

    Difference between Industrial Hemp and Cannabis

    Industrial hemp is a variety of cannabis sativa that has a long history of use in the United States.

    However, since the 1950s it has been lumped into the same category of marijuana, and thus the extremely versatile crop was doomed in the United States. Industrial hemp is technically from the same species of plant that psychoactive marijuana comes from. However, it is from a different variety, or subspecies that contains many important differences. The main differences between industrial hemp and marijuana will be discussed below.

    Industrial hemp has low THC levels compared to marijuana specifically cultivated for personal psychoactive use. Whereas marijuana that can be smoked usually contains between five and ten percent THC, industrial hemp contains about one-tenth of that. In order to get a psychoactive effect, one would need to smoke ten or twelve hemp cigarettes over a very short period of time.

    The reason for the low THC content in hemp is that most THC is formed in resin glands on the buds and flowers of the female cannabis plant. Industrial hemp is not cultivated to produce buds, and therefore lacks the primary component that forms the marijuana high. Furthermore, industrial hemp has higher concentrations of a chemical called Cannabidiol (CBD) that has a negative effect on THC and lessens its psychoactive effects when smoked in conjunction.

    Compared to cannabis sativa indica, cannabis sativa sativa (industrial hemp variety) has a much stronger fiber. This fiber can be used in anything from rope and blankets to paper. Marijuana fiber has a low tensile strength and will break or shred easily, making it a poor fibrous plant when compared to industrial hemp.

    Industrial hemp also grows differently than THC-containing cannabis. Hemp is typically grown up, not out, because the focus is not on producing buds but on producing length of stalk. In this way, hemp is a very similar crop to bamboo. The stalk contains the fiber and hard, woody core material that can be used for a variety of purposes, even carpentry. Generally, THC-producing marijuana plants are grown to an average of five feet in height. Industrial hemp on the other hand is grown to a height of ten to fifteen feet before harvest.

    Also, it is fairly difficult to grow concealed marijuana within industrial hemp crops as the DEA alleges. Since industrial hemp is grown so close together and is generally a very narrow, vertical growth crop, any THC-producing marijuana would stick out like a sore thumb. Its wide growth would require a large amount of space to itself in order to get adequate sunlight from beyond the tops of the competing industrial hemp plants.

  21. why in heavean sake would one compare or even suggest that Equality for homosexual and an illegal substance would be given the same preferance have we gone stark mad.

    • The problem with you ac is that you are always in attack mode which often makes you lose sight of the crux of issues. Is BU comparing the two do you think? Have a reread if you can. If you need clarification don’t be too afflicted to ask.

  22. want something to do ?

    (1) Criminalize Alcohol / Ban Alcohol
    (2) Do not Legalize Marijuana

    Either make both Legal or both Criminal

  23. David even the mention of the two as having the same effect or concern formed by public opinion or govt involvement is ludicrious. the two issues are separate by the fact that the homosexual issue is driven by CIVIL RIGHTS while the maijuana issue is driven by a public need for selffullment and money.

    • @ac

      You still don’t get it do you? Do understand the point is about the Caribbean following positions taken by the US and not about any comparison of homosexuality and legalizing herb? You get it?

  24. The issue is quite straight forward, We BIG so drink our Jack Daniel and enjoy our Black Label.We are the big fish and we have no room for flying fish which every way they swim. We call the shots and decide what is legal from illegal. You maybe independent but we are who really in control. Is that simple enough for you or do you want to resent it and taste some more tariffs?APB is there to keep you in check. Too many of our little people like cricket and taking out our foreign exchange. Flooding our markets with your ganja would give us an instant headache. So it must be curtailed.Get the drift natives?

  25. Barbados should place legalizing Marijuana on the back burner ,until such a time that we build a new and bigger hospital to replace the one at Black Rock.

  26. I agree with David, marijuana should only be legalized for use by homosexuals, It will make them easier for some of you to catch

  27. I dare say Col.Buggy ole chap, that is not right? We got much more madd doggs an englishmen prowling our motherland that they, yet we got more asylums. Me thinks its the Dewars and the Walking Spirits of Johnnies, don’t you think? Besides I think most of them young hoods in their GreenGates got there thru mixing our Arthur Guinness blend with their Mount gay. Ya real Bugger that…whew!

  28. David, in fact it is worth comparing homosexuality to marijuana use in that historically both mind-altering substances and sexual “deviancy” have been criminalised and then decriminalised in societies, over and over, depending on the status quo. Today in our society we become more tolerant of what was once regarded as taboo. Sexual equality is a good example. Just look at womens rights, let alone abuse of children and slavery itself. Once it was a given that women and children were inferior beings and that you could enslave a person. Still today for example in the Muslim world, women do not have equal rights, sexual preference is denied. the latter still being denied in Barbados by many people. So yes, I do think there is common ground there.

    Openness about sex has now led to the explosion of violent porn available to all, including children, on the internet. Tolerance of alcohol abuse causes big problems in our society. Yet we have seen what happens when these things are repressed, Prohibition leading to the rise of organised crime and sexual repression screwing people up.

    I think we have to take a balanced view. Marijuana use in itself is rather harmless, though it does induce a lackadaisical attitude yet loads of people smoke it today and loads have smoked it for many years, most of us enjoying a smoke with no ill effects.

    The problem is in the recent development of powerful skunk varieties of the herb. which verge on the psychotropic. There are many individuals in society who unbeknownst to themselves, have mental conditions which fly right off the radar when their minds experience the effects of skunk. You may say the same is true of alcohol; some people can lead happy and productive lives if never having alcohol when one drink tips them over into alcoholism, true but skunk gets to more of us. And unlike alcohol, skunk can tip an otherwise ordinary person into schizophrenia, after just a few joints, because of its psychotropic effect. Facts and figures on this are available via google.

    At the end of the day, alcohol is just alcohol. You can’t get a more powerful version of it unless you drink loads or high-up the proof. Mainly it is the habitual use of alcohol which causes long term problems yet one big go of skunk can physically alter some people’s brain imaging for good, see it on the xray, it is permanent.

    So let us imagine a thriving agriculture where weed was produced and marketed. Obviously growers would be keen to develop more and yet more potent varieties for sale.

    On the subject of bananas and sugar, the UK did everything possible to protect these industries in the Caribbean, ended up in court cases against the World Trade Organisation in the international courts over it, even US bans on UK exports as a result. There were ads on TV to only buy Caribbean bananas, one major supermarket still supports Caribbean bananas, Waitrose. We all know about the Chiquita scandals and I personally always ask for Caribbean bananas in the market. There is huge loyalty in the UK for Caribbean products so please, Napolean Bonaparte, stick a banana in it.

    • @Victor

      Thanks for your world view. BU tried to make the simple point that when issues take momentum or root in the US it appears Barbados and the Caribbean will give more validity, we used the issues of homosexuality and legalizing hemp as an example.

  29. welll davd let me take another look at your comment……if You are stating That IF america says YEAH OR NAY the world would follow,,, in that context you are right,,,,,,,However america has already said NO and it seems like it has fallen on death years as this issue seems to have a life of its own .ONLy and if corporate america can get the lion share via markets and set the market price would the legalisation take process until then these small islands will have to sit on this “POT OF GOLD”there will be a negotiation factor which again would only benefit the rich.. the poor slands would never benefit except for more prolonged debt and social nightmares.

  30. ac, yes you only have to look at what the US has done to South American corn production so it is so expensive just to make a tortilla, their staple food. Imagine Weed growth! Sometimes I am grateful to the US dastardly as they are in so many ways. Because there is such a hard core of voters who would be against weed plantations it won’t happen there but here…?

  31. David, sometimes you are so prim. One has to look at the bigger picture, thereby hoping to get an angle on the present situation. Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.
    Is it unimagionable for your average Bajan to say no to planting Weed crops of ever increasing intensity at all? Of course they would not want it and anyway who would want a bunch of Vietnamese experts turning up on the island with their grow rooms as is seen in London. The US with its prissy voters would never sanction it anyway.

    So you decided to distance yourself from the homosexuality element of my remarks. I don’t have a personal drum to bang on that issue yet I used it to make a point. If people in Barbados are unhappy about gays, so be it. Everybody else in the Western wolrld is gobsmacked by their attitude by hey ho.

  32. wuhloss and to add insult to inury .. once legalised the USA market would have the technology and work skill to produce more than enough marijauna plantsand to selll other markets outspacing these small islands who would have no other choice than to sit back and watch their pipe dream of gold turn to DUST….Does gonsalves know what he talking about?

  33. great idea Barbados cant produce enough food as it is before everybody gets the munchies.
    The waiters at the Hilton were so slow you had to look twice to see if they were moving, now they will be at full stop.
    Instead of growing herb try and find a way to smoke that sargassum seaweed

  34. The most recent research shows that M does help people with certain medical problems.Medically speaking, it probably causes damage to younger peeps whose brains are not fully developed ie youngsters under 25. Therefore it should/ must be legalised for Prescriptive purposes.

    Under normal non-medical circumstances the ILLICIT nature of anything tends to attract people like a “moth to the flame”. We have to make a decision that if M is to be illegal then the Govt must be serious and take a strict non-corrupt course to implementing the Law along the lines of Singapore ie DEATH to Drug Traffickers! The illegal course is NOT my choice since it does not seem to work unless the Govt is totally brutal. Too many incentives for CORRUPTION by officials. Additionally NO TAX REVENUE!

    Legalisation would immediately put the Criminals OUT OF BUSINESS!
    WHY? Simple, there would NOT be enough PROFIT as prices would drop 80-90%. Large well organised Cigarrette COs would move in to the market.
    Govt revenue would skyrocket from its current major losses to enforcement.
    There could be increases in certain medical side effects but we have those now and typically legalisation should NOT lead to more participation.

    I say legalise it, especially of Bajan Green can be promoted for certain medical benefits OR we can use our biotechnical capability to produce excellent varities for whatever purposes

  35. @Old Onions
    Are you serious??? Yet another “business” Whitey stop darker peeps from exploiting! Really? Well here in TO and many other Cities Globally a whole lot of young Blackmen are getting SHOT Dead or wounded in the drug trade.
    Black peeps should want drugs legalised for this reason at a minimum. Naturally, we should expect Political Leaders to use the Tax Revenue to improve Education and Training for poorer peeps including those plying the drug trade!

  36. I am not a user but I am a citizen of Barbados, and recognize we have limited financial resources,so to see them used to combat a civil disobedience drug,when for the possession of a marijuana cigarette, a breadwinner would be incarcerated and heavily fined
    depriving his family of sustenance and heaping on them societal shame, that’s to me is insane.

    I propose a controlled test period of a 2 year window of legislation,a only for use by persons 21 years and older,whereas a user is prohibited from doing things such as driving a vehicle after the use of the drug… following an alcohol protocol of detection and prosecution.
    Then it’s more of a “what happens behind closed doors stay behind closed doors act”.
    The product should only be sold only by licenses vendors, and should not be demonstrated or displayed in public.

    And to add another stigma stem of society Casinos ……my opinion is that they should be licensed to international hotels and the legal tender should be $US,Pounds or Euro to participate, along with an international Passport to purchase chips, like how duty free shopping is done.

  37. Colonial Ranger Bob | October 6, 2013 at 12:53 PM |
    I dare say Col.Buggy ole chap, that is not right? We got much more madd doggs an englishmen prowling our motherland that they, yet we got more asylums. Me thinks its the Dewars and the Walking Spirits of Johnnies, don’t you think? Besides I think most of them young hoods in their GreenGates got there thru mixing our Arthur Guinness blend with their Mount gay. Ya real Bugger that…whew!
    Funny you should say that. I walked into a shady basement bar one early morning in BAOR,and was sharing what I thought was rolled up cigarettes with some guys and girls. Next day I was asked by one of the long haired gits who worked with me ,if I realised what I was smoking that early morning. Marijauana he informed me . My reply was, In that case I prefer to stick to my beer and cheap DeRoches brandy. Never touched the stuff since.

  38. Money brain, people grow their own anyway. To turn growing dope into a nationalised industry is pure folly. Even with today’s sanctions on tobacco prices, warnings on packets etc., smokers still indulge. The health benefits of consuming weed are well documented for those suffering medical problems but to imagine turning Barbados into a weed-producing economy is just laughable. I do get the point that decriminalising the use of weed would cut out a lot of wheeler dealers and crime/corruption etc. but please, is that the way forward for Barbados? If anyone has to take on this crazy idea, let it be Jamaica! They have the land and no wonder, are already mad anyway! Could that be a result of consistent smoking of weed I wonder?

  39. “I say legalise it, especially of Bajan Green can be promoted for certain medical benefits OR we can use our biotechnical capability to produce excellent varities for whatever purposes”

    You do not have too legalise it just decriminalise it

  40. Bajans are so inept that if Mary J was decriminalized Bushie is willing to bet we would diss any local brand and import tons of highly marketed junk from over and away..
    …brass bowls

    Imagine highly paid civil service brass bowls cannot yet figure out that the biggest problem with traffic on Bay Street are the asinine traffic lights that they have installed there….
    Shiite man….
    When the lights are off ….THERE is no traffic except at peak times as expected.
    When the lights are on …… all day long becomes peak time…

    If we can’t solve BASIC problems…….? What gold mine what????

    Even if someone GAVE us a billion dollars now, Freundel would probably buy Almond for $100M, Knock it down for $10m, build a new one for $950m and give it to the Bajan-hater who destroyed Paradise…. 🙂

    ..on course the BLP would burn um down, and then engage VECO to build a new one for $1.5B – after spending $200M with COW to provide temporary facilities…..

  41. weed from north America is already sold in bim, i believe some of u should find out how ah plant that was here from Lord knows how long on the earth came to be made illegal and who did it and why ,and ah lot of u will get the answers u seek ,but its to understand it ,if after all this time so called educated fool cant realize legal or illegal ,ppl will smoke herb and that is ah cold hard fact ,the solution is to decriminalize, and put controls in place,and at de same time sugar ,salt and fast foods they kill and cause health problems to

  42. @Victor
    I agree that it is unlikely to prove a major industry BUT I would prefer to grow it LOCALLY than pay for expensive illegal imports.

    Bim must reform laws and agricultural Policy to encourage CROPS! Also, develop a shipping strategy to receive imports from Dominica et al.

  43. Pat | October 7, 2013 at 11:22 PM |
    Time for Bajans to stop importing and consuming all those thousands of tons of New Zealand cheese.
    And bottom of the pile, lamb.

  44. @Col Bug
    OK! So what about those Lamb Shanks and Lamb Joints U love so much?

    Bajans to stop eating cheese??? Dem would soon be migrating to Antartica!

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