Percy Says Tourism is Our Business, Oink Oink!

Adrian Loveridge - Hotelier

Adrian Loveridge – Hotelier

First impressions and attention to detail in tourism, I suspect like most sectors can make all the difference whether you retain a customer, or in this case, a visitor. While flying back into Barbados last week, my thoughts were that despite all the time ‘we’ have been involved in the hospitality industry, have ‘we’ really learnt from our mistakes.

While exiting a Virgin Atlantic plane, the second half-full flight on this route that I was personally experiencing in eight days, I funnelled through with the other passengers to immigration. Looking up, many of the overhead walkway ceilings were dirty, cobwebbed and frankly, badly in need of painting.

Reduced airport earnings may be an issue, but what does it take to use some of the currently wasted space to offer advertising opportunities, that would in turn pay for any increased maintenance costs to keep these areas clean. Next you are confronted with what must have been relatively expensive full colour large decals, promoting not as you would reasonably expect, upcoming events, but a 2013 Crop Over Season that ended weeks ago.

With an American Airlines arrival just minutes before, our 146 Gatwick passengers filtered in behind the Immigration queue. Yet despite the overwhelming number of passport holders being ‘International’, just two Immigration Officers are ‘manning’ the many booths. Seemingly lacking any logic or planning, four officers are on the ‘Caricom’ desks, with far fewer persons to process.

Perhaps it’s long past time that tourism is better explained to all the human component parts of the industry who are there to help make it work. Even before our average British visitor boards an eight to nine hour flight, there is an airport check-in requirement of up to three hours. Very few of our cherished guests actually live on the doorstep of Gatwick or Manchester. Many will have to undertake a road or rail journey, sometimes involving hundreds of miles, perhaps under adverse weather or traffic conditions. So, when that traveller finally arrives at Grantley Adams, paramount on their mind is to get to their booked accommodation, relax, unwind and if they are very lucky, take a daylight dip in the inviting warm ocean.

This is what lingering memories are made of. After all, the overwhelming number of our visitors have worked 50 weeks of the year to justify the cost of this precious holiday. The very last consideration on their mind is to experience what many of us feel are unnecessary delays in entering their destination of choice.

And choice is a very big factor here.

If we make it a too difficult or prolonged process, next time we risk them opting for another holiday location choice, where more time can be spent actually participating in what they have paid for. These observations are not new or ground breaking. The immigration situation has been going on for as long as I can remember, but surely now is the time to be doing something positive to improve the status quo?

As we end, what is traditionally the quietest tourism month of the year, is it time to reflect on how we do business, by viewing the industry through our customers’ eyes?

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  1. Business Monday: Mixed reviews for winter season9/30/2013By Nadia Brancker The summer season has mixed reviews from hoteliers in terms of business, but there is still some optimism for the upcoming winter season. This was the update given by the Minster of Tourism and International Transport, Richard Sealy.Sealy spoke to Business Monday last week on varying tourism related issues at the welcome party for Connect Barbados held last week at Nico’s Two at Sugar Hill Resort. The event is held for tour operators from Barbados main source markets. Sealy outlined, “They have been mixed reviews for the summer. The hotels that have invested and modernised their plant are generally the ones that are doing better and the message in that is that we have to focus on our product and invest. Government is really doing its part in that regard in terms of what we are trying to do in providing avenues for finance and incentives and we like to encourage hoteliers to modernise and refurbish and get their plants up to scratch with the assistance that is out there.

  2. Where duz the $160 Million buy-back of Almond fit in all this?….Who will Percy be askin then to Do his part when workers cannot even be sure of a weeks pay?….scratch is the right word again Adrian,..scratch gain and husk.

  3. These observations are not new nor are they ground breaking,but rest assured that the response will be the same as the last time (perhaps last week) they were brought to the fore.What do you expect?The national slogan is BUSINESS AS USUAL.

  4. No business, especially a service business should be viewed in any other way but through its customers’ eyes. For too long Barbados authorities have made up their own minds about what our customers want without even asking them. That is why our “gift” of World Heritage Status has been left on the back burner and Bridgetown remains a smelly dump. Why “our fields and hills beyond recall” are now overgrown with bush. Why our visitors cannot sit for 15 minutes on a beach without being harassed. No matter, so long as the overseas trips with all expenses paid just keep coming, who the hell cares about what our visitors think?

  5. Why is so difficult to transform Bridgetown?

    Because as soon as you fix up something nice, paros and vagabonds will vandalize it and quickly turn it back into an eyesore again, and regular Bajans will continue to pollute the surroundings with their litter – discarded fast food containers, empty drink cups, roti wrappers etc.

  6. It is difficult to transform Bridgetown because there is no consistent enforcement of law and order.

    Bridgetown will remain a nasty stinking city until there is a comprehensive clean up followed by rigorous policing.

  7. Hmmm.. how about getting prisoners to clean up? They work – get some pay towards paying off those who they have wronged.

    Also, how about getting people who litter to do some community clean up – 20 hours of cleaning up litter. If it is vandalism – get them to paint the walls, fix windows, etc.

  8. They should wear a fluorescent vest with the words “I LITTER” in big print, on the front and back. The Sanitation Authority would be able to concentrate more on pick up rather than clean up.

  9. Let,s do something for god sake.” all these critics and sid bar advoctaes got all the advice but when push comes to shove not one of them gonna lift a finger to help……talk! talk!kkk and more talk.

  10. @ AC

  11. Some years ago, an agency of government (I cannot remember which one) produced a very catchy jingle with words to the effect…………”If everyone, everyday would put one thing away (and the visual was a person throwing litter in a bin) what a clean country this would be, what a clean country this would be”.

    The authorities could try an advertising blitz and see if we can awaken people to what they are doing to hurt our country financially and the damage they are doing to our environment.

    I agree with the comment above, name and shame. I would have like this to be in place for the idiot who threw his garbage out of the minibus because I blew my horn when he threw the first piece of garbage out of the window. He should still be picking up garbage for his stupidity!

    • Whenever some us on BU try to provoke a cognitive approach to discussing the myrid of issues which confront us we have to deal with the imbecilic among us. What we are discussing here is a prevailing culture of reluctance of our authorities to enforce laws on the books to protect the environment and promote cleanliness. Such an approach does not preclude the spirit of voluntariasm or the individual responsibility of a citizen who is part of the society. We are living in times of great indiscipline in all facets of society.

      BU family walk the streets of Barbados and pick up the snack boxes. Go into the ally with bucket and jeyes fluid and wash way the pee.

  12. @ ac | September 30, 2013 at 12:46 PM |

    Some time back you were assigned the task of cleaning up the place.
    You failed miserably and the island is feeling the effects of your failure.
    The only thing which seems to be growing in Barbados these days is the vermin that would soon pose a major threat to public health and destroy the tourism industry.
    The UK would soon be issuing a health advisory about travel to Barbados.

    The populations of rats and mosquitoes have become so explosive they would soon be electing their own representatives to Parliament. At least they could do a better job of managing the economy even if turning the once arable cane fields into upscale real estate in the rat race.
    Once “Beautiful Barbados” has now become the land of garbage, mosquitoes and rats following the trail of the giant African pissers called the reverse pied pipers of Bridgetown.
    If you are so bold to dispute that assertion we would elect you to the same Parliament to join your own kind.

    Now here is a task you are easily capable of doing.
    Tell your people (the bunch of wild boys) running the pappy show called governance that instead of removing the reverse tax credit from the poor (reverse Robin Hood tax) let them impose a very attractive deposit on all disposable / take-way food containers like Styrofoam items and beer and drink cans. This would attract a large cadre of people collecting these items for return to specially designated depots as incentives to clean up the environment and remove the risks posed by the expanding breeding grounds for mosquitoes and easy sources of food for rats.

    Let your principals start by imposing a deposit charge of $1.00 per Styrofoam container levied at the point of local manufacture or importation.
    A fee of $200.00 – $300.00 for every 50 kilos weight in containers returned in bags would act as a reasonable incentive for some small business people. You could also recommend increasing the amount of deposits on plastic bottles and drink cans to say 40 cents with a very decent cut available to the collectors.

    • To rienforce the point the government Vector Unit stopped placing rate traps/bait in Bridgetown because they were being stolen for godsakes.

  13. One question ADRIAN, have you been ban from Caribbean News Now?

    I don’t see your personal jottings on it today.


  15. Miller……….please note that when you try to highlight the things that are bringing down the island and would keep tourists away (their bread and butter mind you, not mine), you are deemed unpatriotic, it might be best to leave it alone, Carson can therefore complain ad nauseam about the clean islands that the tourists would prefer visit, when these tourists visit the other islands they will not have to worry about dengue, lepto, ‘macho’ men peeing in the streets and shaking their penises at the females, garbage on the streets, garbage thrown out of moving cars and moving buses………the other islands seem to show better appreciation, as bad as Trinidad and St. Lucia are (according to the self-appointed know it all Carson)……..i had no such experience there.

  16. The Government of Barbados is doing a great job keeping the ship of state afloat in these turbulent times.

    In St. Lucia the unemployment rate is above 23% on par with Greece. They are twenty four thousand unemployed people in the country.. In Barbados the Social safety net is still holding strong to support the poor, aged and indigent.

  17. BU family walk the streets of Barbados and pick up the snack boxes. Go into the ally with bucket and jeyes fluid and wash way the pee.

    David………..i know you mean well, but the areas where they spread the jeyes fluid smells even worse, something stronger and more potent in eradicating smells is needed, after years of peeing in the same spot and applying jeyes it has absorbed into the stones and reacting badly with any chemicals found in those stones, and/or barbar green.


    Carson C. Cadogan | September 30, 2013 at 2:37 PM |

    One question ADRIAN, have you been ban from Caribbean News Now?

    I don’t see your personal jottings on it today.

    Carson…….really, is that the biggest problem in your life right now?? no tourists visiting the island because of the stench, means government will not have any extra money to employ yardfowls to go on blogs and try to distract.

  18. Was it me or the The American Government, The Canadian Government, The British Government who have instituted travel bans against Trinidad and Tobago?

    If WELL WELL is to be believed then killing citizens in large numbers in Trinidad and Tobago and St. Lucia is not as bad as a man relieving himself in public.

  19. Carson…………your ignorance knows no bounds, do you really believe Trinidad has more killings than the US, England, Germany, Australia, there is no travel ban in Trinidad, you are deluding yourself, I am yet to see a man, black, white or other relieving themselves on the streets of any of those countries, as a matter of fact, if your 2 year old son/daughter has to relieve themselves in public, then you are looking at a fine as the parent, too many places around where you can pop in and urinate, but typical you, see nothing obscene, wrong, disgusting or unhealthy about a grown man exposing himself to urinate in public, you would laugh because it has become a national past time and i am sure you enjoy doing it yourself. Same way you and your ilk will see absolutely nothing wrong with a minister/porn king becoming Prime Minister of Barbados, do you really believe the US will take the island off Tier 2 anytime soon??

    I was speaking to someone this morning we both agreed that the british experiment of blacks on the island has worked to perfection, here we have grown people seeing nothing wrong with any practices that are morally wrong, even if it affects public safety, Carson can you give us an explanation for that mental illness, is it inbreeding?? just what is the problem?

  20. Well Well

    Anyone who thinks that widespread murder in a country is preferable to a can of garbage whose pick up is a little late has to be stupid.

  21. Carson……….appears stupid is the only word you know, the extent of your vocabulary??? Trinidad has 1.3 million people, all their murders have not wiped out the population after how many decades of mayhem? now do the math, Bim has barely 300,000 souls, H1N1 alone, if not contained can wipe the island out in months, lepto, dengue or any outbreak resulting from the garbage you see nothing wrong with, can depopulate that island faster than murders…..which university did you say you attended again?

  22. I have heard some said that UWI is nothing but a low level high school…..instead of proving people wrong, Carson is proving them right. LOL!!!

  23. Well Well

    The Trinidadians and St. Lucians must be laughing at you and ADRIAN LOVERIDGE.

    They must be saying to themselves how dumb can these people get? We are virtual prisoners in our homes from gunmen and machete wielding goons yet these idiots are saying how wonderful our countries are. We would really like to trade places with them!

  24. Well Well

    Go down to Trinidad and ask the relatives of one Murder victim how they feel about losing their love one to violent crime and see if they will tell you ” Trinidad has 1.3 million people, all their murders have not wiped out the population ” and we are happy that our Loved one was Murdered!!!


    If you don’t know what to say just shut up.

  25. @ Carson C. Cadogan | September 30, 2013 at 2:52 PM |

    Who has done the blessing, Canon Carrion? The same force that took away David T?
    If you call the following blessings we sure would like to see the talents:

    An administration that cannot explain where $300 million in forex disappeared to in less than 3 months.
    An administration which proudly and unequivocally accepted the advice of the Governor of the Central Bank to cut over $400 from its expenditure budget by fiscal year end but in another breath retracts on his recommendations, a move that can only lead to a devaluation in the coming months.
    An administration that can’t figure out the difference between 0.7% and 0.07%.
    An administration who PM contradicts everything his Cabinet agrees on.

    If you so strongly believe that God is Bajan and loves the DLP over the BLP why don’t you pray to him (can’t be a ‘her’ to tolerate bullshit from people like you) to send
    $1 billion (or has it risen to $1.2 billion) in foreign exchange to help government print some more money to pay off the debts both reported and unreported?

    Maybe a pray to send a high wind to remove all the garbage and filth from the land for burial at sea might just force you guys out of your state of torpidity.
    Can’t you see tourism is being hampered not by any international recession or APD but primarily by your own home-grown incompetence and folly?
    Would the budgetary measures announced in the budget to attract visitors and stimulate spend be ready for an October start?

    Why don’t you take along your silly sidekick ac and clean up the place before you seek to invite people over?
    Maybe then your puppet idol would listen to your prayers in adoration of a mediocre government. Remember you were told that God helps those who first try to help themselves. Now get on your bike and clean up the bloody stinking pissy place called Barbados. Why not use Bermuda as your model to aspire to.
    Where has the pride and industry gone, Carrion?

  26. Let me give you a story, some Germans were staying in St James recently, as soon as they got into the beach house, some thieves accosted them, stole all their possessions, they were lucky not to be injured, they said they will not return to Barbados. do you really believe it is any safer in Barbados? I feel safer in New York to be honest…….really and truly, nowhere is safe, you keep deluding yourself, i have some close relatives from US went to Barbados on holiday and lost all their valuables, the house they rented, the maid set them up, gave the keys to her boyfriend to rob them……i was very careful while on the island because you can sense the tension, job losses and uncertainty would do that, Carson you need mental help, or you need to change your medication.

  27. 14 August 2013 – ‘Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler today announced that effective October 1 the new rate on accommodation in the hotel sector would be 7. 5 per cent’. ‘Sinckler said in addition to the new VAT rate on accommodation, that from the start of next month direct tourism services would be brought in line with the accommodation counterparts at 7.5 per cent’.

  28. @ Carson C. Cadogan | September 30, 2013 at 3:14 PM |

    Why are you proud, Carrion, in comparing Barbados with Trinidad a country that practically owns Barbados.
    We were hoping you would raise your sights a wee bit higher and use standards that ought to be commensurate with the billions of dollars spent in “educating” Bajans. Why not use Singapore or Switzerland as a model instead of poor old T&T, St. Lucia or even Grenada. How about Bermuda when it comes to public hygiene?

    The same god you claim has blessed the DLP also expects his followers to be not only clean in heart and spirit but also physically clean and well presented.
    You know the old saying: ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’.

    BTW, three weeks of non-collection of garbage with rotten flesh and organic matter exposed to all kinds of vectors of diseases in a very hot tropical environment cannot be seen as just a small matter and despite its regular and consistent occurrence be dismissively referred to “a can of garbage whose pick up is a little late”.

    You keep forgetting Barbados is a tourist country. Why are you inviting people to your dirty filthy house? Do you really feel tourists like visiting dumps and putting their personal health and safety at risk after shelling out so much money to get Barbados?

    Only a true moron like you would subscribe to such mediocre standards. But what can we expect from you? Why do you think you are referred to as “Carrion”?
    Unless Barbados cleans up its act, both literal and figurative, the country would soon be the stinking hell hole of the Caribbean and you can kiss tourism bye bye, “Badbados”.
    Oh how the Mighty would have fallen!

  29. Well Well watch out ….CCC is obviously smarter than you because he has a middle initial, like other world intellectuals, for example …Wile E Coyote……Homer J Simpson…..Bullwinkle J moose just to name a few.

  30. In the height of the Crop Over festivities, the Minister of Culture and the Minister of Tourism (a lost cause) declared on DLP TV that all flights to Barbados were fully booked and the MOT said that he knew people who wanted to come for crop over but could not get a seat. How could the numbers as reported be down?

    It would make more sense for apologists for this inept, incompetent government to focus on what we are doing wrong rather than copy and pasting articles about St Lucia.

    I spent a few days in St Maarten and every morning at the crack of dawn, a crew of workers were on the beach cleaning it up before visitors came on to the beach. It was a pretty sight.

    The bottom line is that some Barbadians are nasty and litter indiscriminately. They could not care less. I have a corner lot and I am forever cleaning up people’s litter.

    What happened to the scores of workers hired prior to the election? Even the highway which was maintained by a crew from the airport down who was always on the job are hardly seen now and the highway looks a mess. Can you imagine what impression the high end tourist going to the west coast have of our island as they are driven down this stretch?

  31. Knowing how Carson operates, he has something really vile he trying to hide from us, the reason for sudden attack mode……….but Carson, i guarantee you it will be made public by the end of the week. Carson should tell us why there is pending work stoppage at the community college.






    I guess that explains why after 20 years as an MP some people now discovered poor people.

    Raquel Gilkes

  33. Barbados is a problem,
    this is quite obvious,

    Country is broke,
    soon will choke
    no joke

    BLP should no longer be an excuse,
    because bajans cut them loose.

    Numbers show,
    tourism is slow,
    therefore, GNP is no go

    DLP must do something NOW,
    must save the island somehow

    Country is crying,
    no sense in lying,
    knows its dying,

  34. Milller……..POOR ac sitting here wid she hands folded .nug got a dg in this fight. everyday being the patriot than i am clean up my surroundings and call sanitation relentlessly if they don.t pick upthe garbage. dont got time to join the BU herd of malcontents and talk garbage. Wunna sound like a bunch of hungry lions tearing at the same piece of meat. about time wunna do something fuh wunna country instead of asking the country to do everything fuh wunna. cuh! BU can give back bY having a CLEAN UP DAY

  35. Tourists who visit third world countries for an interesting experience, don’t mind a few cobwebs at the airport and are not surprised to see rubbish, litter, beggars and beach hustlers if their overall experience of the visit is exotic and fascinating, eg India but Barbados sets itself up as a first world destination where the visitor expectation is not of the ramshackle exotic kind but of a place where everything runs smoothly and in a pristine way. Visitors to Barbados have to pay through the nose, the same prices as at home, to experience a not wonderful result. Barbados is expensive. At the end of the day, Barbados has little to offer in the way of the exotic and foreign experiences people seek in far flung destinations which makes them tolerate the cobwebs. It’s really just beaches, restaurants and shopping in Barbados. That’s your average tourist to Barbados’ expectation. I say, more fool them why not go somewhere cheaper or to an all-inclusive yet they want Barbados because it is “glamorous”. Glamour is all about fooling the eye so come on, let’s clean up our act if we want these tiresome people to continue to visit. We need their money!

  36. @ ac | September 30, 2013 at 5:46 PM |

    A clean-up day, even with the involvement of the BU household is just a temporary band aid and window dressing just like throwing a bucket of water in the bowl to flush a broken toilet.
    Why don’t you focus on the bigger picture and contribute to a longer-term solution?
    The billions of dollars spent on education seem to be providing very little dividends as far as social awareness and responsibilities are concerned. There is too much reliance on the Nanny State even to wipe their bottoms of these educated asses and dispose of their waste in a proper fashion. It seems there are rather keen to worship the god of Materialism and its handmaiden called ‘Money’.
    Why not fight Fire with Fire?
    So why not join in the call for a more imaginative approach to the garbage problem in your little house on the 2×3 rock? The time is fast approaching when the solid waste from the imported consumer items would weigh more than your microscopic landmass can accommodate along with flora and animals including Carrion and yourself.

    Why not financially punish the potential litterers but at the same time financially incentivizing those prepared to collect or clean up after the “mis-educated” children aka environmental terrorists worshiping the god of conspicuous consumption?

    Please use your god-given commonsense for once by first removing your politically cemented blinkers and looking at the suggestion of imposing a financial deposit on all fast-food and take-away containers with the incentive to earn money if the items are returned for appropriate disposal and recycling where appropriate.

  37. miller,
    Did you read Tony Best’s article in Sunday’s Sun?

    So much for the DLP apologists calling us prophets of doom and gloom. The Standards and Poor official certainly put forth a story of doom as he said that the government will not be able to reach the targets set out in the 2013 budget!

  38. They have to do something and they have to do it fast, what am i saying? the same S&P and Moody’s have been saying the same thing for all of 7 years……..Carson i still believe you are hiding something truly vile from us, by the way, the H1N1 tests are positive for Barbados, better start cleaning up pronto…..if i was there, i would help.

  39. At the recent opening of the Couples Resort on the South Coast , we heard the Minister of Tourism,and Acting Prime Minister, on his high horse shouting about Heritage Tourism and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites at Bridgetown and the Garrison. I truly wonder when last the Minister, or anyone at the Board of Tourism, took off their rose tinted glasses, got out of their heavily tinted Mercedes or BMW an took a low tech walk and eyeball around the Garrison Area. I did this morning, and to be quite honest if I were a visitor to this island ,and were encouraged to visit the Garrison area after reading all of the sweetly written write up on the tourism brochures, I would have been most disappointed.
    Have we grown so accustomed to these undesirable conditions that we no longer notice or care about them?
    If this country were an individual, I would safely say that it is heavily hooked on drugs. It shows all of the symptoms of a Parrow.

  40. Hey nitwit miller it is a start..the world was not created in seven days in as much as some might want to the Belive. The BU household is just as much a part of the solution with a diverse family that attracts thousands of readers daily.i propose that you miller the loudest of all the family members organise and spearhead such a project.

  41. How wonderful to wake up to a new day and know that the much vaunted (5 years) Tourism Master Plan is now a reality!!!!

  42. Loveriidge apparently spends his nights working obeah to bring down Barbados. People who see the glass as half full wake up to hear news that 4 Seasons may be back on track. People who believe in Bdos pray its not another false dawn and 4 Seasons restarts soon. People who wish to see Bdos return to prosperity heard the Jamaican owner of Couples resort say Barbados is underrated and underestimated and is in fact a Caribbean beauty. People who support their island nation will not join Adrian Loveridge, prodigal , miller the blog owner and well well in selling out Barbados.

    • Here is another negative Waiting. According to the Nation newspaper we have another Budget proposal which there is confusion in its implementation.

  43. @ Standing up to the traitors | October 1, 2013 at 8:03 AM |

    We promise you “Waiting” (and your other monikers in use) we will see the glass as ‘half-full’ when you can achieve the simple but absolutely necessary task of cleaning up Barbados and reducing the threats posed to public health.

    Sorry to say it “Standing up to the traitors” if you don’t get the basic things done right the glass would not even be ‘half-empty’ but would fall from your blasted hands and be broken in pieces like Humpty-Dumpty.
    So all the anti Bajan crap you are try to label us with would not bring on stream the likes of Four Seasons or Couples or Beaches or whatever you would like to see in Barbados.
    People do not like to go places where their health can be seriously jeopardized.

    Don’t you get the message? You sound like an overfed hog wallowing in your own filth.
    Please clean up the place and then come back and talk about glass being ‘half-full’. Why not start by importing 10 new garbage collecting vehicles before the blasted foreign exchange runs out?

  44. Anyhow Bushie being the observant person.did u not notice ac did notv put a time limit…….OFFICIALLY my hands are FOLDED FOR TODAY…

  45. I quickly read the papers (online) this morning so when I read Adrian’s comment “How wonderful to wake up to a new day and know that the much vaunted (5 years) Tourism Master Plan is now a reality!!!!”, I thought I must have missed something.

    So I Googled “Barbados Tourism Master Plan”, and among other sites I found

    It is blog titled Barbados Tourism Master Plan or Not with 46 posts from November 2011 to January 2012, from about 6 or 8 posters; most notably a very insightful and articulate poster named Netta1465 from Idaho. Netta1465 is obviously a seasoned traveller, (was) a frequent Barbados visitor and regular Trip Advisor poster (close to 500 posts).

    Even though it is nearly two years old; it will be of interest to to the BU fsmily, and should be required reading for the MOT and MOF;

    Here is one of many posts from Netta465 on December 21, 2011.

    “Almatt: but for the average traveller who is looking at prices. . . . the difference in the hotel rates is amazing. Even for someone like me who has been to and love Barbados.

    But, . . .the point is that Barbados has to be competitive with similar islands.
    There are not enough high end vacationers to support the entire tourist industry on Barbados so they have to be able to attract the middle of the road people. Middle of road people are looking for a good value for their hard earned $$$. They could care less about tariffs, taxation, duty, etc. Bottom line is. . . Can I enjoy Barbados for 4, 5, 6 + days for “X” amount of $$?

    Right now, with almost no exception, everything in Barbados is a fair price times 3!!! Something has to be left at market price plus a small overage for transportation to the island.

    The very notion that a visitor who purchases cigs in their country and has paid their country’s tax on these cigs would be again taxed for every single cig by Barbados just b/c this visitor selected Barbados as their vacation choice. That is beyond stupid and foolhardy. How many times do you think the same visitor is gonna get burnt b4 they just leave Barbados off their radar.

    But the oblivious powers that be on Barbados won’t wake up until a majority of the hotels are shuttered, the Gap is a ghost town of empty restaurants and bars, the giant resorts of the West Coast are empty hulls of past dreams and the travel industry is doing write-ups entitled “Barbados, What Went So Wrong So Fast?” Then they will understand that the burden of supporting an unsupportable system cannot be left to small businesses and visitors.

    Right now they seem clueless.”

    This was written in 2011, just before the downward spiral of visitors started.
    Of course there is far more to the problem than the tax on cigs, but price is a very real factor a vacationer considers when choosing the destination for his/her next trip.

    Indeed, “What Went So Wrong So Fast?”

    The hotels are being shuttered.

    Obviously the MOT and the MOF should be reading what their customers have to say in sights like Trip Advisor; but clearly they are not or they cannot decide what to do to turn the ship around.

    The PM has quoted Sir James Tudor, a founder of the DLP, as saying “ We are all like blind men in a dark room looking for a black cat”

    DEM better find the black cat soon, before the cat dies of starvation.

  46. Netta465 said:

    “But the oblivious powers that be on Barbados won’t wake up until a majority of the hotels are shuttered, the Gap is a ghost town of empty restaurants and bars, the giant resorts of the West Coast are empty hulls of past dreams and the travel industry is doing write-ups entitled “Barbados, What Went So Wrong So Fast?” Then they will understand that the burden of supporting an unsupportable system cannot be left to small businesses and visitors.”

    Carson…….you deliberately and maliciously go out of your way to find all types of rubbish to cut and paste about Trinidad, Bermuda, St. Lucia etc…, now how did this escape you, you have selective reading skills don’t you??

    I suggest instead of trying to label other people unpatriotic you actually do what real patriots do and speak to your masters about what needs to be done instead of trying to hide, lie and deceive about every little thing. If the tourists can make this analysis as far back as 2011, without getting info from BU, what do you think these new batch of tourists will do or think about the island?

  47. Carson……….read this

    Nettie465 again:

    “Right now they seem clueless.”

    She means the DLP government is clueless……….she is a visitor who loves Barbados, what would you call her, remember she is your bread and butter.l

  48. Miller………….it’s really time for the taxpayers in Bim to also start taking issue with Mia Mottley, apparently she is just an impotent opposition leader…re the ‘flu’ epidemic at the prison where 250 prisoners as well as prison warders who live outside the prison and interact with the general public……how is it the opposition leader said not a word about this and other issues that affect the general public, and if she claims ignorance, which is a lie, she should not be opposition leader or any leader on the island……she is useless i say, they all know each other’s dirty secrets so none can open their mouth and say anything…………neither DLP nor BLP deserve a pass for what is happening, the visitors don’t stay very long on the island but can clearly see what the taxpayers have to put up with in the form of fly by night politicians.

  49. Carson……….you had all that mouth for me last now, now the tide has turned………how are you feeling today??

  50. “The Trinidadians and St. Lucians must be laughing at you and ADRIAN LOVERIDGE.
    They must be saying to themselves how dumb can these people get? We are virtual prisoners in our homes from gunmen and machete wielding goons yet these idiots are saying how wonderful our countries are.”
    Carson, it’s the tourists that are saying how wonderful St.Lucia is; and the numbers prove it.

  51. ‘Acknowledging fierce competition in the marketplace, the BTA chairman pointed to measures such as the reduction of VAT on accommodations, attractions and dining’.

    Perhaps he should have a word with the MOT and MOF.

  52. Caribbean Lover | October 2, 2013 at 6:02 AM |

    Carson, it’s the tourists that are saying how wonderful St.Lucia is; and the numbers prove it.

    Caribbean Lover in no time you have become a more prolific liar than miller, well well and the blog owner although you haven’t reached Adrian Loveridge’s heights yet.

    latest Caribbean Tourism Org stats

    Barbados arrivals 2013 Jan to Jul>> 313,000
    St. Lucia arrivals 2013 Jan to June>> 165,000

    What numbers prove it what.

  53. Just saying
    Caribbean Lover in no time you have become a more prolific liar than miller, well well and the blog owner although you haven’t reached Adrian Loveridge’s heights yet.

    So what is bizzy williams doing on cbc crying crocodile tears about the state of the economy in Barbados, and what is alphonso-dass doing on tv reading out all those declining tourism figures?? are you taking over from Carson the skunk in your delusions. don’t answer that, it does not require an answer.

    Take comfort in the knowledge that i do believe that all those who are waiting on tourist dollars should find alternative employment in cleaning floors and toilets, the US government is shut down, England has more poverty than Africa, Canada cannot be and should not be bothered with yall at all. etc, etc……

  54. @ Just saying

    “Air arrivals to St Lucia have increased by 5 percent in the first half of 2013, the government announced Wednesday.

    The increase was driven by growth from the United States market, according to Louis Lewis, director of the St Lucia tourist Board….”

  55. @ Caribbean Lover | October 3, 2013 at 6:07 AM |

    If you are called a ‘Liar’ by “Just saying” and his well-known colleagues like ac and CCC then you can rest assured you are carrying the Light of Truth in your hands. Continue to shine it in their faces to expose their deceit and hypocrisy.

  56. @ Well Well

    Transparancy can never come out because of those dirty little secrets. The two ladies are now gone. Plantation Deed needless to say is on their trail, got them by the tail.

  57. Look……………good, wait until the trickle down effect takes hold, they likes of Carson enjoys being rude when you try to tell him something for the common good……….take time barney.

  58. @ Well Well

    Told my 4th grade class they are just too smart. One of them, a 4th grader beieve it or not barked at me “we’re not dummies”. Those BLP and DLP crooks are not dummies, neither is Plantation Deeds, they know this. Those documents in his posession (deeds) is barking at them.

  59. Carson………… i am starting to worry about you, hope you have not contracted bird/swine/skunk flu.

  60. Thinking outside the box …. how about having an immigration officer processing our visitors in the departure lounges of Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester, or even on board the half empty planes inbound.
    Once approved, step off the plane and breeze through to
    arrivals hall.

  61. Straight talk | October 4, 2013 at 11:59 PM |
    Thinking outside the box …. how about having an immigration officer processing our visitors in the departure lounges of Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester, or even on board the half empty planes inbound.
    Once approved, step off the plane and breeze through to
    arrivals hall.
    Lets give it a dry run first on LIAT and Caricom airports.

  62. @ Straight Talk

    Good idea that has been done before right here at the GIA. Trinidad immigration, clearing me on a trip to Tobago on Liat around 1990. Dont know if Buggy was being sarcastic but that is where it can be done… at other Caricom airports where information can be shared and less burdensome

  63. Loveridge seriously why don’t you move to St. Lucia and carry on your love fest with them down there.
    Thirty human beings have been murdered in St. Lucia this year its an unsafe place yet according to you its doing famously well in tourism. Even your comrade hoteliers are fed up with u.

    For Christ sakes Ridge go let peace reign on BU and in Bim. Guaranteed not one soul except BU David will miss you. He likes you because you keep the blog ticking over with your controversial lies and distortions.

    There must be a St. Lucia Underground you can infiltrate.

  64. According to the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Frances Henry, “the island of St.Lucia has recorded 25 homicides thus far for the year (Jan – Sept….”, but WAITING, using fuzzy math, puts it at 30.

  65. Caribbean lover its October and is the Commissioner you quote the geezer the USA refuse to grant a visa? He more likely to use fuzzy math than most.

  66. WAITING, from the end of Sept to the day of your post (5th, Oct) is only five days. So are you telling the world that 5 people were killed in St.Lucia in 5 days? Please present your source; otherwise, you are making up stories using fuzzy math.

  67. Anyone being denied a US visa know, might thank their lucky stars later……….you would not want to accidentally end up in a FEMA camp now would you, the US is no longer the perceived gateway to heaven.

  68. Was someone not found murdered in Bim yesterday, i must be mistaken, there have probably been absolutely no murders in Barbados for the year 2013.

  69. Interesting in the NIS defaulters list printed today. At least two restaurants who are currently receiving Barbados Island Inclusive taxpayer subsidies,
    one hotel that received tens of thousands of Dollars of TIRF (Tourism Industry Relief Funds) to protect employment and a former BTA Director/Senator who all appear on the list. Due Diligence?

  70. maggadog | October 5, 2013 at 11:46 AM |
    @ Straight Talk

    Good idea that has been done before right here at the GIA. Trinidad immigration, clearing me on a trip to Tobago on Liat around 1990. Dont know if Buggy was being sarcastic but that is where it can be done…
    Sarcastic , No . Just a matter of indicating that ‘Charity should begin at home.” Too often we seem to do things for the sole benefit of the tourists, overlooking the needs on those around us.

    • Our friend James Wilson of James Wilson and Company Ltd t/a Downes Funeral Home who is better known for suing Rihanna for not paying a huge funeral expense to cover her grandmother’s burial.

    • Pyramid Entertainment Management Inc is on the list as well. This is Senator Santia Bradshaw’s company.

  71. Normally if a company is receiving funding in the form of loans or grants from the Enterprise Growth Fund, a certificate of clearance has to be produced to ensure the company does not owe the government any money before the funds are released, if money is owed the government in the form of NIS or VAT well your dog died, you cannot get the funds, now it would be really interesting to know if Pyramid Entertainment Management Inc owed VAT before or after they received such extremely large amounts of funds from Enterprise Growth Fund, this is where dates become very, very important…!!!

  72. Also at the press conference were: Saint Lucia Deputy Commissioner in charge of crime operations, Joseph Eugene; Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of crime (in the absence of DCP Frances Henry), Anastasius Mason; and Administrative Officer, Philomen St. Clair.

    The crime records presented by police this week made no reference to homicides as in previous years, but stuck to the crime of murder of which there was 37. Previous figures in 2012 showed 44 homicides – a total of killings found to be intentional and those still under investigation, including killings by the police.

    “We are not in the game of hiding any stats because at the end of the day the stats help us to move from one point to the next – it helps us to re-strategise our operations,” Acting Commissioner Alexander said. “We make available all the stats to the press when it is requested.”

    According to the just released 2012 statistics, there were 39 murder cases in 2011 and 44 in 2010 in St. Lucia.
    Keep the excuses coming CL and traitors.

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