Sinckler's Honest Election Return

The following is authored by CASWELL FRANKLYN and was submitted as his bi-weekly commitment to the Nation newspaper. BU understands it was NOT published.

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler

During his speech to wrap up the debate on the 2013 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals in the House of Assembly, Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Chris Sinckler, was quoted in another section of the media as saying:

“I don’t steal, I don’t rob anyone, I don’t do anything illegal or underhanded so they could listen as they like, it don’t bother me; so wunna could do what ever wunna like but the truth is going to come out in this country, oh yes it’s going to come out.”

He was speaking about his belief, paranoid or otherwise, that his phone had been tapped and his emails accessed. I must confess that he lost me when he claimed that he explained to the other party on the line that the click they heard would have been someone changing the tape. That suggests to me that he is far less technologically savvy as would be expected of someone in his position. Nobody uses tapes anymore: one little device the size of two fingers can record twenty-five hours of conversations if the battery does not run out of juice.

Be that as it may, I am more concerned with his protestations of honesty. If I am to accept the word of this honourable minister of the Crown, I would be forced to rethink the conclusions that I had drawn after reviewing his election returns for the 2013 General Elections. I actually went into the Registration Department and paid my $4 to view and obtain a copy of his return. Anyone who wants to view a return just has to pay a dollar at the Registration Department: copies cost ten cents per one hundred words.

Now, since I am assured from the floor of our hallowed House of Assembly that the Honourable Minister does not engage in anything illegal or underhanded, I am compelled to conclude that he unwittingly made several mistakes when compiling the return to the Supervisor of Elections. But what troubles me more is that the Supervisor has apparently not noticed the glaring mistakes.

The first thing that struck me is that the Minister declared that he spent $4,692.95 on “tee shirts”. I remember seeing several people wearing t-shirts bearing the Minister’s image during the election campaign. On this score, I must compliment him for his honesty for actually declaring them, in light of the fact that section 10A of the Election Offences and Controversies Act states:

A person is guilty of an illegal practice who before, during or after an election supplies to another person, or wears any apparel or form of dress bearing a political slogan, photograph or image advertising any particular candidate or party in the election.

According to section 28, a person who is guilty of an illegal practice is subject to a fine of $500. This fine only looks small if you are thinking one t-shirt but each shirt handed out constitutes a separate offence. In this regard, I cannot solely blame the Minister; he did something that was contrary to the law, and in effect, reported himself to the relevant authorities but they failed to pursue the matter. Mind you, they have a year to bring charges.

If the matter of the t-shirts were the only problem, I would have said that it was a small matter and let it rest. But there were some other glaring omissions from the return that should have been challenged by the Electoral Office. Contrary to what I observed on the ground and going by the return only, the Minister did not have a single poster or a campaign centre directly east of St. Stephen’s Anglican Church. Also, there was no telephone or electricity supplied to the building. Additionally, according to the return, it is remarkable that the Democratic Labour Party made no contribution to his campaign or that the national meeting that was held in St. Michael North West did not cost a single penny.

Section 52 (1) of the Representation of the People Act requires every candidate to make a return of their expenses to the Supervisor of Elections. It states:

Within seven weeks after the day on which the result of the election is declared the election agent of every candidate at the election shall transmit to the Supervisor of Elections a true return in the Form 5 set out in the Third Schedule, or a form to the like effect containing in relation to that candidate a statement of all payments made by the election agent together with all bills and receipts.

This return is required to ensure that candidates do not spend more on an election than they are allowed by law which, according to section 48 of the Representation of the People Act, should not be in excess of $10 in respect of each registered elector in the constituency. The law relies on the candidate’s honesty to make an accurate return but allows the Supervisor to conduct an investigation, under section 55A, if he is not satisfied that the candidate submitted a true return.

I have found some errors in the Minister’s return, and since he has declared, “I don’t do anything illegal or underhanded” from the floor of the House of Assembly, I am sure that he would welcome the opportunity to correct the errors that I found and any others that he detects on review.

After the last General Elections several people, without reviewing the relevant laws, called for election reform. This case shows that the call might have been misplaced and rather, they should have been calling for enforcement of the laws that we already have since they are mostly observed in the breach.

79 thoughts on “Sinckler's Honest Election Return

  1. Piss StinkLiar ever the Liar
    The Democratic is a party of Lies
    StinkLiar trained with the other Liars to tell nothing but Lies .
    The Democratic Labour Party has always been a party of Lies.

    Fumble Fakespeare said that University Education would continue to free
    LIE : Piss StinkLiar announced that students would have to pay


  2. We disagree! These laws have been broken or circumvented so much and from their inception, by both parties, that they do not exist in the world of politicians. What is missing is the generalization of the findings from the ‘sample statistic’ to the population parameters. Once that is done we have to start talking about radical transformation. This is not a subject that can be long ignored.

  3. The face photo picture on the BU banner is scaring me every time I access the site. There is something about photos that I read and this photo is giving me a ignorant feeling

  4. @ Just Asking


    I too am scared of this foreboding image but then I think that we are not to forget the fact that this criminal is still on the loose and, if he were in the United States of America, would have had the following words above his picture “Wanted Dead or Alive”

  5. Truth is that I may refrain from the blog until this photo face picture is removed. It is a good way to scare me off

    • “A person is guilty of an illegal practice who before, during or after an election supplies to another person, or wears any apparel or form of dress bearing a political slogan, photograph or image advertising any particular candidate or party in the election.”


      Perhaps the Nation believes by the above statement that you are unable to prove Sinckler provided the tee shirts.

  6. We already warn BU about putting up these crooks in our face. Need to put jail BARS in front or WANTED DEAD NOT ALIVE.?

    • @Deeds

      Read in today’s Sun about you giving trouble and the police had to be called to calm you down. Have advised you tat your matter has to be settled in Court.

  7. David

    We have enough proof that he supplied the shirts. That was not the problem. I am told that their legal adviser was of the view that the agent was responsible for making the return. My problem with that is the lawyer did not review the supporting documents that I supplied. Sinckler made a note on the return that his agent was out of the island and he therefore completed the document by himself.

    • Thanks Caswell, was there the opportunity for you to edit because it is a good article to encourage a discussion about election campaign reform?

  8. this is another Caswellian Moment under the Bannner PHEW!

    So u spent Four lousy dollars to investigate Sinckler purchase of Tee shitrs totalling Four thousands dollars, Now maybe u should spend another Four measly Dollars to find out How and when the Shirts were distributed and by whom

    • For years in Barbados all and sundry know that there is hanky panky as far as election financing is concerned. Citizens must be encouraged to ask questions and place pressure on the system. We know that the forth estate will not do it and the political parties will not bring reform to prevent the feeding.

      By the way has the PM followed up on his promise to deal with those alledged indiscretions he said he saw on Election Day 2013?

  9. David @ If you trust what is printed you will be on the back step.
    They print what they want to print and not full story nor truth ,
    Maybe when Sir Roy Morris get back in the seat they will do a better job.

    • @Deeds

      Did you change the people’s lock and give them a key?

      Did the police tell you to leave the people’s property or not?

  10. DAvid@ Will not speak in the middle of this heading . It will take away from the focus .of the MOF

  11. We paid 22 bds for MOF Full returns , We hope we did not get robbed , Its seem Caswell got a better deal?

    Bushie offers Caswell a job as Chairman of the National Supervisory Committee.
    Caswell diss Bushie, ignores the offer, ….and now doing the same damn job at his own expense.
    …they should have charged you $22 like they did DEEDS…. LOL

    • Bushie

      The staff at the Registry did not know that I was entitled to receive copied: I had to walk with my law book. I even has to threaten to take the then Registrar to court before they relented and allowed me to have copies. The copies according to law cost 12 cents per 100 words. Apparently, Deeds did not know and I was trying to give him directions but he did not listen, so it cost him.

    • @Caswell

      Was trying to draw out Deeds but he does not understand that in yours and his we are dealing with a governance issue.

  13. Caswell Franklyn @ No need to be so hard,We did listen but they did not , They fought us for over a week to get them and the July 4th was the pick up 10am , Same time they called the BOMB in the building , Clear the Court. We then had to wait more days , The gave up the PM papers short ,cost 6 BDS $ @ 10 pages count front and back, then had to return a week later for the rest of the PMs returns at another 7 dollars @ 12 pages front and back counted.
    Our papers reads,, 90 words @$1.00 per folio.
    So to all if this is the game the Registrar plays and the Registration Department play to keep people out and at a delay , Then we can see why Marva Clarke had to leave .
    This give us good insight, It cost us Yes, But to us its priceless , We all get for different reasons.We got 16 returns ,, all to see for free any time.


    Man you are not giving up. By hook or by crook you are going to get the Democratic Labour Party out of office so that the Barbados Labour Party can give you the big job they promised you in 2012.

    Time running out for you, I know.

    You are about 63 or 64 now?

    • Carson

      I have no interest in any political job like you. If any action that I take results in the demise of the DLP, I can assure you my actions would be beyond reproach. Mind you, removal of the Government is not my goal: I only want them to be honest and do the best for this country.

  15. Years ago there was a man in Barbados who was a piece of Lawyer, he was a piece of Politician, a piece of social commentator, a piece of Boxing promoter, a piece of girl. He knew everything about everybody. He knew everything that was going on in Barbados. He had a plaster for every sore. His name was ERIC “fly”.

    ADRIAN LOVERIDGE and CASWELL FRANKLYN remind me in many ways of ERIC “fly” .

    ERIC “fly” had his cheering section just like ADRIAN LOVERIDGE and CASWELL FRANKLYN. “Man “fly” you should run fuh de house of assembly, dey wan a man like you in dey”, he was advised by his miniscule number of followers. Just like CASWLL FRANKLYN is always being egged on by BU motley crowd of old age BLP members and supporters.

    One General election time his ego got so BIG, that he decided to throw his hat into the ling and contest a seat as an Independent candidate. As a result ERIC “fly” up and down the place with his loud speakers stopping people from sleeping at night.

    When the returning officer read out the number of votes ERIC “fly” received, I am sure that he wished that the Earth would open up and swallow him. If memory serves me right he received no more than 6 votes!

    So guys like ERIC “fly”, CASWELL FRANKLYN, ADRIAN LOVERIDGE go around with an inflated sense of their own importance only to be brought low, one way or another.

    So it is easy to tolerate CASWELL FRANKLYN. Only the BLP geriatric brigade on Barbados Labour Party thinks that he is all that. If he runs for the houe of assembly tomorrow he would not get a single vote more than what ERIC “fly” got.

  16. You are pathetic.
    Barbados is going off the cliff and all you care about is the DLP. To quote the big mouth pitbull…………………..time longer than twine!

  17. @ david ..
    Why you think the Nation refused to publish this article? The blogs provide a safety cover for people like Caswell Franklyn ; he should go one better and set up a public platform after the Nation refuse . If Caswell Franklyn wants to show how unemployment allows him to do all this research , dont let him stop at Sinckler ; let him do the same thing for all the candidates that submitted returns for the last election . By comparison he should comment about the practice when he was employed as a political assistant to two AG’s .

    • There is no need for me to do the research on the other candidates. Deeds was with me at the Registry and he ordered and obtained about 20, including Freundel’s.

  18. @ caswell franklyn
    But you dont think you should put all that time and energy and the law books to better use by enrolling at Cave Hill and improve yourself. Mind you you will have to pay for it now . maybe the people you support ( if they have any of them ) should encourage you to do that ever since . Or maybe you too foolish to see how you being used.

    • BU is no interested in the partisan political BS. Is it true that many of our candidates in the last general election contravened the election laws. Simple.

  19. This just keeps getting better and better.

    Carson has it occurred to you yet that don’t care how successful or not politicians are at the polls, that they will all ultimately end up like Eric Fly, let the guy rest in peace and stop showing us how low you can go.

  20. Man Caswell, however you cut it …YOU IS A BOSS!
    Only influential people can accumulate the kind of haters that you do….. 🙂
    That is what “Keeping them HONEST” is all about.
    Never mind the yard fowls, you and DEEDS are owed a debt of gratitude.

    You should know that the Nation would not publish that article… It take serious professionalism to stand on that kind of principle and Such professionalism does not exist down there…
    …you will come to discover that, as Bushie has been saying, the Nation’s main strategic objective is to facilitate the Trickidadiation of Barbados… Holding politicians to account would therefore not be a front burner item for them…

    • Bushie

      Their hatred stems from a fear that my actions would result in them having to take their trotters out of the trough.

  21. I hope Caswell has no skeletons in his closet and will conduct his personal life like Jesus.

    His extremely high moral values and his diligent search for truth and accountability in politics in Barbados is to be admired.

    • Hants

      The skeletons in my closet have already been exposed and in any event, they would need carbon dating to discover when they occurred.

  22. For the record We have 16 returns. We as we see it got the main players, We have who ran against all 3rd party , 8 members and 8 other both BLP/DLP members
    It give us a looking inside for all the first timers to learn a lot.
    Many must try at some point to take there own time to go and see the length of time needed for a trip to the High Court as if you were at the airport, It can take most of the day and Hours ,
    If no one went there, there be no information to put on BU ,

    David this is Caswell heading let him send or ask him to send.I dont want to step in front of any one.

  23. here is a man called CASWELL being seen as the virture of truth and the reservoir of information on poop scandal and innuendo, tries subbmitting an article to a newspaper which is known for gossip journalism said newspaper did not even have the stomach to print the rubbish that Caswell wanted to submit..Did the nation get this right or is it ac imagination.or maybe it was a computer gliche ..

  24. Deeds

    You need to slow don’t and think carefully before typing cause you does write terribly man. Most of the time I can understand what you are trying to say.

  25. The Dems are good at making politics a blood sport.

    Here is Caswell bringing to light a serious matter and because it hits hard at the lied inept incompetent Dems, they attack, attack to deflect. It is not happening, we are wide awake and can see the bullshit.

    Barbados is burning and all these idiots care about is their DLP. EWB must be churning in his watery grave at what these wild boys have turned his party into.

    We have a crisis meeting going on right now at QEH to figure out how they are going to deal with this 35 million dollar cut after the fact. BAMP is also meeting today to deal with the matter. QEH is imploding and we have idiots, yardfowls like ac and ccc and the many other of them who use multiple monikers attacking Caswell.

    Barbados will slide over the fiscal cliff and you yardfowls will still be telling us that all is well!

    • Danville is reported in today’s press that the .7% municiple tax is an error and is currently being reviewed.

  26. Here is the truth behind the computer glitch lie.

    This DLP is not only inept and incompetent, it is also very lied and wicked. They think that they can tell the people of Barbados bold faced lies and that they would not know that they are lying. Only idiots like ac, ccc and the Mapp woman in the bus ad and now a Rayside ad as well as their low information supporters would believe them.

    This government is so corrupt, it is unbelievable. They refuse to face the truth, they realise now that they cannot blame the BLP nor the recession any longer so they are blaming the computer.

    The Personnel Department has been calling the accountants in the various department telling them to take people off the payroll. One accountant told the person from Personnel, I cannot just take people’s names off the list when they have worked, I need that in writing. No email or letter came but the very names which the accountant refused to take off are now off the list. Is this what the PM called a computer glitch?

    He is a “bad word” liar. They have put the onus on Personnel to call departments to take people off the payroll so that people cannot blame them the politicians. Since 2-3 years ago, Personnel was conducting an audit of staff to begin layoffs but when word got out, the lied Stinkliar shelved the plan and began borrowing 40 million a month to pay wages. Now that the NIS fund is in a desperate state, they have no choice.

    It is amazing that the Knight of Harmony Hall is saying very little but he was ready to close down LIME and this country even though he secretly made a deal with LIME behind the workers back. Corruption at its best.

    It is time for the Stinkliar and the worse PM Barbados has ever had to come clean with the people of Barbados. You won the election by stealing and buying votes, we cannot do anything to change that so stop the LYING. You Dems have brought Barbados to a new low!

  27. Wuhloss, David, is that really true? I would hope so because that tax is going to cause real, real hardship on people next year. I mean, every year, measures in Sinckler’s budget are unclear and unworkable?

    • Based on the press report the tax is intended to be levied but the quantum may have been incorrectly stated.

  28. Come to think of it, this municipal tax would hit Donville so hard because he has 19 properties…………… wonder it is being reviewed. You really think if it was not going to hurt him badly, they would care? Hell no!

  29. Prodigal
    Mia is on the ball in her pronouncements,her ideas and her ultimatum on having consensus.I agree with EVERYTHING she said.The lady makes sense and has a brilliant mind.I can see the likes of the ‘Quisling’Boyce and the ‘Physical’ in the background in lots of these impositions.They are not political thinkers,they are number crunchers and God help you if you got under the wheel of their bus.Recall some year or so ago the ‘Quisling’was on TV and was asked a question on Clico and dismissed the query with an off hand comment as much as to say if they took their chance for an ROI that’s their business,nothing to do with the government of Stuart!Stuart sez he Stuart is a Warrior.Now he can fight for his survival.As the Trinis would say it ‘dem is one set ‘o clown in Bay St.The halt leading the blind!

  30. @ Cocky Locky

    I was looking in your earlier submission to see if in all the pieces of varied elements, if you had said that Eric Fly was piece uh Rock.

    I did note that you said that he was a Piece uh Girl.

    As he is dead and CANNOT speak for himself, since I am

    (a) soon going to be with him (as will we all) and
    (b) “related” by reason of being as a Piece uh “something”, I will speak to your comment about fly.

    “Je t’accuse” as did the Defarge woman in a tale of tow cities of being the same piece of girl that you sully Fly’s image with.

    And with that french phrase (not latin GP) I will add “moi. aussi” (me too) as are Bajan males. all “pieces of girl” and i will explain that comment.

    What do you call men who bend over and let another man put their ***is up their rears?


    Well, Cockly Locky I suggest to you, me and all we Bajan men are bullers considering the buggering we got on 13.8.13 from your leader Fumble and his trusted sidekick Sinckliar.

    By the way, where did you go for your vacation?

    Was the stay there nice? Would you have liked to have remained there longer?

    It would appear like if the people there were not of the same opinion about you being “nice” since they have foisted you back on poor little Bulbados.

  31. Prodigal Son also known as Pat Parris

    I think you need to be a little careful in what you are saying because it will get some of these senior civil servants who are feeding you information in some big trouble.

    You spoke about the Accountant who told the minister ‘he just can’t take people names off’,don’t you think the minister will be able to determine who that Accountant is?

    I believe these civil servants should remember the oath they take about confidentiality.

    What is your role there as Assistant to the leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley?Is it just to send out these gossip and rumours and comments about CC and AC on the internet?

    You are allowing yourselfto be drawn down in the pit with some of these snakes and you know better than that I am sure.

    All your posts are so bitter why not bring a litle humour,speak on some lighter issue,give yourself a rest before you fall victim to a heart attack and everyone else will move on.

    Life is more than just about partisan politics and you as a woman and a mother should know that.

    A word to the wise is enough.

  32. I believe the prime minister needs to remove Chris Sincler as Finance minister because this is the second time he makes such a big foul-up if what donville inniss is saying is true.

    Chris seems too wedded to increase taxation as a solution.

    I also could not understand why he would cut the QEH budget when it is obvious in this time of hardship more persons in the middle class will be seeking their services unlike before.

    He needs a break from that ministry perhaps the stress is too much.

  33. @ Un commonsense,

    You took great liberty trying to out me. For your information, I am NOT Pat Parris, please stop making that assertion.

    I am one of the most pleasant person aIive, I am at peace with myself, I live a good stress free life, so do not bother with me. What upsets me is the state our country is in and it did not have to get to this. I have the right to speak out on BU as long as I don’t offend David. Get used to it.

    How would I put anyone in trouble? The directive was given to do it by phone calls to take people’s names off went out to ALL accountants in the public sector. Are they going to fire all accountants and all the public workers who are talking about what is going on? Accountants have family too in the public sector, you don’t think people are upset and would talk, oath or no oath?

    Another thing, when you are trying to take down someone, quote them accurately………I never said a minister called anybody…I said the call came from the Personnel Department.

  34. @ common sense.
    You place too much importance on the Minister. Barbados is run by Cabinet Government , NOT ministerial government . A minister is just a mouthpiece of the Cabinet and the policy is implemented by Public Servants . Once you consider this you would be better able to place blame where it properly belongs …

  35. @ common sense..
    “prodigal son also known as Pat Parris”
    I often wondered if this person was not employed , having so much time to hog the blogs . Now i know that she is really at work on the blogs.

  36. Pat aka Prodigal Son

    You outed yourself and confirmed you once worked at Barclays Bank.

    Never mind,I do think that you are a good person at heart and was really sorry that they did not give you a chance for the St Joseph seat and instead gave it to Dale Marshal.

    Don’t let anyone use you to drag you in their mess.That’s all I am saying.You work for Mia but you are not Mia o.k.?

  37. @no objectivity and no common sense

    I am not taking on the two of you! Your logic defies common sense. So only females worked at BB? Or only PP?

    @ the one without any objectivity at all………………Why don’t you comment on ac and CCC who are the ones who hog the show. I do not blog on everything……I blog when your ignorant Dems do the shite you do to Barbadians every day. You don’t have to know what I do, none of your damn business. As long as the DLP continues to mess up Barbados, I will blog. Deal with it!

  38. @prodigal son
    The only dealing I would wish to have with you is to give you some kerosine to wash your filthy mouth …

  39. David;
    Looks like the blog police are exposing a little bit of their hands. Do you have anything to say about the recent posts by Common Sense and Objectivity Please (Whose monikers suggest they might be the same person)? Such posts have the potential to do real damage to the Blog.

  40. Perhaps you might institute a rule such as; Posters who post names and impute that they are the real names of individuals who post on BU under a moniker or pen name will be banned from posting under any moniker (or words to that effect)

    • @checkit-out

      Agree with your comment. Why would another commenter try to put a name on another? What if BU attempted same? Let us respect that BU facilitates anonymous blogging.

  41. David;
    The likely reason could be that the culprit is a bully attempting to blackmail the poster he has named and other posters as well. i.e. Big Brother has your name, toe the line or else you and your family will suffer or We knoh who yuh is. Stop posting that line or we coming fuh yuh.

    The stakes are high and getting higher daily so if a normal poster pens something that is getting near to exposing an inconvenient truth he/she runs the risk of being targeted.

    The true danger is that these characters might actually have lists of the real names of anonymous posters, obtained by whatever means, and thereby the wherewithal to do some real or implicit damage to all posters who take a particular line they do not like.

  42. @Objectivity please !!! | August 26, 2013 at 12:43 PM |
    “common sense. You place too much importance on the Minister. Barbados is run by Cabinet Government , NOT ministerial government . A minister is just a mouthpiece of the Cabinet and the policy is implemented by Public Servants . Once you consider this you would be better able to place blame where it properly belongs”

    Could you please, Mr. or Ms Objectivity aka ‘Also Comical Sense”, explain to us idiots on BU the difference between CABINET GOVERNMENT and MINISTERIAL GOVERNMENT?

    But we do accept your point that “a minister is just a mouthpiece of the Cabinet and the policy is implemented by Public Servants”. So a minister called Mr. Machine acting as the mouthpiece of an amorphous faceless Cabinet overrides Department Heads, bypasses accountants and payroll officers and like a true Trojan corrupt the records of certain temporary workers.

    Barbados is experiencing its own patented version of the Pinocchio Lie Machine. However, instead of the nose of the Chief of the Liars extending vertically like in the real Pinocchio story we are witnessing a horizontal (broadening) expansion at geometric progression. Let them continue with their lies and cover-ups and we might see the sinking of the black Bajan version of the Bismarck in the sea of lies called Fumble Face.

    That is why you should not tell lies on a “Cuntputer”(to borrow a reference to PODRYR’s patented machine). BTW, a ‘cuntputer’ is a device that allows c**ts like you and common class sense to write pure lies on BU.

    PS: The miller is the husband of Pat Parris aka Prodigal Son.

  43. Eric Fly revealed that in 1993/4 at a public meeting in Quakers Rd near the wall of Govt House,that the then Gov Gen was a bow legged so and so and proceeded to buse her in the worst way.Then he went on to say that with all the marches in Buhbaydus by the unions when news got to Sandy in Zimbabwe at a Commonwealth Heads meeting,he had the ‘trots’, crapping himself so badly that the hotel ran out of toilet paper.Later it was revealed that Sandy had gastro and was sick for troof.Another time Eric had a sunday night meeting by Rediffusion in the 90’s and said boldly 5 times that a certain man calling him by name that his wife ‘dead from aids’.That man recently joined his madam at wess berry and people seh he did a nighted man.Eric like he had sources,and he sources look like they did fairly deadly like Malinga toe hitters.

  44. I keep saying this crop of politicians in Bim are dumber than rocks, most everyone is computer savvy, telling lies on a computer won’t cut it, everyone knows the politicians are lying to protect votes totally uncaring about the havoc and chaos their lies will create, i don’t think anyone is surprised that PM Stuart would look in people’s face and lie while insulting their intelligence, it’s a disgrace.

  45. always shot the messenger. that is the rule in these barbados parts. sad really.

    i would like to know if Donville is not putting pressure on his govt? his comments in today paper are very out of place. that was not the place or the person to make that statement.

    we are in some sad times.

  46. What people like the minister Inniss needs to tell the taxpayers is how/where he got the money to acquire so many properties on the island given his age and why should he not pay the maximum taxes on them. All of this is more than embarrassing, but apparently this crop of politicians have no shame and are waiting to retaliate against whomever expose their dirt, bajans need to stop putting up with the ignorance and let the politicians know that taxpayers are boss and will always be, stop enabling their nasty moves, those moves are aimed at the same voters they need to continue pretending they have power.

  47. This government is simply throwing rocks in the air with the hope they land on something good. They are all a waste of time. I would gladly accept the imposition of a “leave office tax” if they would just leave Office and let people who know what they are doing run the country.

    Imagine in times of economic troubles, foolish Bajans chose a lawyer over an economist. Literacy isnt common sense!

    What next? Maybe the entire Budget was wrong!

    • Please stay focus: we are dealing with politicians who cheat to win an election. I have provided absolute proof that Sinckler is guilty of illegal practices in order to win his seat. He is not the only one but I am not calling for new elections just yet. The first step must be a truly independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

      This country is in a sorry state: it is absolutely corrupt with politicians being in control of everything, even the agencies that are intended to regulate their conduct. It really bothers me when I hear them refer to each other as honourable members. What is honourable about institutional lying and stealing.


      Scan the documents and send them to David: he might just need the Form 5 for each of them. Give me a call if you need any help.

    • Only the opposing candidate or a voter in the particular constituency could have challenge the election. I live in St. Thomas so I would only be entitled to challenge that election.

  48. LOL @ Caswell
    …well it look like de dog dead then…

    – the opposing candidate probably broke the law as well so you done know they can’t complain to the commission….

    – the voters seem to have accepted bribes for their votes, so um look like only BU bloggers are left to complain

    – of the BU bloggers ’bout here, only Caswell and Adrian choose to use their own names, so wunna could forget the test o’ we….

    – Adrian can’t complain – otherwise he can kiss his VAT return goodbye…(and dem white fellows like dem money real bad…)

    – Caswell boy…um like like um is only you pon the burning deck yuh….

    • Bushie

      The Supervisor of Elections can also bring an action but she has already signed off on the bogus returns. The return was so obviously false that the Supervisor could only have missed the errors if she intended to.

  49. Caswell

    Why don’t you head to the Courts? In fact, if you don’t head to Court with this bullet proof evidence then we’ll know you are just another clown in the circus.

    • Cuthbert

      The law only allows me to bring a case in respect of the constituency where I was entitled to cast my vote. Only someone from Sinckler’s constituency or the opposing candidate could bring this matter before the courts. The lawyers would say that I have no locus standi in the matter.

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