Lion Fish Threat!

Lion Fish

Lion Fish

About a year ago it was reported in the local media that the dreaded lion fish was spotted off the East Coast of Barbados.   We understand that lion fish sightings have been increasing. Luckily on the Eastern side of Barbados is not where the popular bathing spots are located.

About two months ago it was reported in the regional press that Antigua has been battling to control this marauding specie of fish. In fact the Antiguans have taken to eating them. To compound the issue researchers in Florida have recently found the lion fish thriving in deep waters, also scary is the report that they are growing to 16 inches in length.

It is evident from the sightings in our waters that the lion fish is migrating and “metamorphosing”.  Because the lion fish is thought to have no natural ‘enemies in the Atlantic waters’ it begs the question what are the authorities doing to confront the problem. So far BU found a Facebook page which is setup to accommodate feedback from the public about sightings.

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5 thoughts on “Lion Fish Threat!

  1. It is a great worry as the fish decimates reef populations as has been since throughout the Gulf. I believe that local Bajan restaurants should be encouraged to cook and offer the lion fish as a specialty – this would mean it would be worthwhile catching/selling them and hopefully keep the population in check.

    There are a number of videos on YouTube showing how to safely catch and despine the fish.

  2. Given that we are an island state (i.e.surrounded by water) where locals and tourist see frolicking in the sea water as a natural condition, one hopes that the urgency of mobilizing early action against the growth of the lion fish population is understood.

    BU wishes to thank Barbados First for the assist with the link.

  3. Bajan too silly

    The best way to control this thorny fellow is to EAT him…taste great too….like KFC popcorn chicken when fried…and that is no idle boast….Another member of the lion fish family is the Rock Fish or Skull-pin…another bajan delicacy…. now for years. Chop off the heads first and try your best not to be stuck by the bones….then its all chow down time….

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