113 thoughts on “LIAT Reponds to Virgin’s Richard Branson…is this a joke?

  1. Waaait where dem get dis wild woman from? Bushie is dat Mrs Bushie??? Dem ent got nuh shame at all, bunch of blasted idiots. A jitney bus service comparing themselves with a bullet train. Stupse

  2. Liat should be apologising to the passenger…..they obviously didn’t read Sir Richard’s advice…”Always listen to your customer”.

  3. the worst PR job ever. the lady look likes a train wreck. ,this ad stinks to high heaven. no class whatsoever. Really a simple commercial promoting the airline commitment to its passengers would have suffice BTW bushie u need to buy the woman an Afro pick!

  4. I do believe LIAT should have stopped after this ‘rather stretching’ it diatribe about how wonderful they are before going headlong into what can only be termed as the most embarrassing advertisement evah (as shown above)…badly written (check the English), badly produced, badly acted and certainly badly thought of as good enough to broadcast to the world, it is such a sad reflection on this Caribbean island and God knows what a laughing stock we must be worldwide by now! Parris unfortunately looks as though she had her head out of the window of a flying LIAT plane…and should nevah have been put in front of the camera like this.

    Whoever voted this production ‘in’ should be shown a front door.

    The cost to produce this piece of horrendous silliness is borne by taxpayers…and hopefully Richard Branson will not see it fit to get his award-winning advertising agency to produce a comeback that could easily push LIAT further into the ground…its losses also to be borne yet again by the taxpayers..

    I feel so ‘shame’ knowing this was actually seen fit to be shown…totally classless and not even reaching funny…I guess this is what they were trying. Hmmm. LIAT should have simply shut the you know what up, ensured the passenger’s ills were seen to in order to save face and if they had any creative brain in their head (the airline or their ad agency) they should have then used the irate passenger to read out his letter, and then show what the airline did to achieve his happiness …in fact a little more creative brain and they could have hooked him into doing a series of ads for the airline…dear God…what is inherently wrong with us these days????

  5. @ islandgal246 | July 8, 2013 at 9:49 PM |

    Apologize! That is a word that does not exist in the dictionary of these tin pot dictators in this speck of the world.

    But Richard is a man who likes “challenges” and he might just take on the LIAT sponsored braggadocio issued by the beautiful and articulate black woman.

    Come on Branny, buy out the little ‘fly-by-night’ and show them how to run things.
    First change the name from Leeward Islands Air Transport to the Little Virgin Caribbean Airways.
    Just for sport Richard, move the damn island hopper from Antigua unless these airports become more user-friendly.
    And Richard Sir, you don’t have to worry about paying one red bloody Mary cent for LIAT as it stands.
    Just pay off the debts it owes to Tom Dickey and Mary the Virgin.

    And if these financially strapped shareholder government leaders refuse to play ball or, in the case of Gonzy, are looking for kickbacks just let them know that you hold the keys in the cabin of Virgin Atlantic to the success or failure of future tourism in the East Caribbean especially now Cuba is one of your top favourite flying destinations.

  6. This is so sad …imagine a donkey cart trying to out run a porshe. Lawd

    AC yuh got me brekking up bout the afro pick ROFL ….I am sure dat is Mistress Bushie. She bushy enough and quite plump too. And looka dat fake smile , I cudda do a betta job dan dat woman. Poor rakey image poor rakey airline.

  7. really miller u think Richard got time to waste helping out this financially strapped airline. Richard is a business man. not going to bite. it is obvious that this PR was intended to feed off any response which branson would have given. branson no fool. he is not going to play their game he is astute and well seasoned in this business. recently he took a letter of complaint against virgin and turned it into a media/campaign promotion for Virgin. without spending a dime and the media fell for it, that is smart, dumb would be if he gives liat such an advantage.

  8. I found the ‘amming’ a tad much,’some of our complaints is’ and the frazzled hair are the off-putters in her presentation.A confident and self assured representative of Liat.They should keep her and rid themselves of the dinosuars for management they have in Antigua.Barbados should never have put one blind cent let alone 64 mill in an airline run by and for Antiguans,the most obstinate people this side of the vineyard.

  9. @ ac | July 8, 2013 at 10:46 PM |

    Are you implying that LIAT is just as bad as the Barbados Transport Board?

    So who is going to save their asses? If Simpson could buy out Shell and Esso why couldn’t he along with COW et al take over LIAT or even the TB?

    Never underestimate Branson. If he gets LIAT for a song he might just take on the challenge of proving black people can’t even run a two bit airline far less a transnational corporation like the Barbados Transport Board (joke right, Baje?)

  10. This add has no decorum or ta set the marketing team that put that add out should be all sent home imagine my tax paying dollars aging for stupidity they could have gotten so much if they did it the right way and not the distasteful way they did

    • @Jeff

      The Youtube video was made private. There must be a copy out there will see if we can find one.

  11. My apologies to Bushie and Mrs Bushie….heard that dis woman pon de video got reel close connections to Onions LOLL

  12. stay safe everbody. islan gal. u must be worried about your beautiful plants and garden.with the approaching storm.. BTW the only thing Onions can HOOK at his ole age is fish.

  13. Storm what storm??? Chantal long gone got a few sprinkles earlier this am nothing to write about. Thanks AC …..I am not too worried about the plants, am more worried about my windowless house. Windows arrived on Sat. Started installing on Sunday got as far as two and six more to go. I have some temporary shutters on the windward side while the other side is open.

  14. Would it have killed them to contact Branson directly and get tips from him on how to upgrade liat………..he gives tips freely on linkedin to business people all the time, he would never say no to them, that is not who he is, what is wrong with these people.

  15. LIAT is not prepared to service its customers they are on one big ego trip. This video shows exactly what Liat is and what Virgin is not.

  16. I can’t see nor hear the LIAT ad and I don’t know what Richard Branson said but I like the lady’s hairdo.

    I’ve flown LIAT and Virgin many times.

    They squeeze them in on Virgin from London to Barbados, not roomy at all, good thing I was flying with family with whom I don’t mind getting up close and very personal. However I can say that the staff are always competent and polite. Although a security official (the official may have been an airport official and not a Virgin official) gave me a good, good, feel-up just as I was about to board a Virgin aircraft in London)

    I’ve flown LIAT (probably many mores times that Branson has)and unless I am the only lucky one, truly I’ve had only one significant delay in decades of use, and the staff are always competent and polite.

    I think that with LIAT it is a case of “give a dog a bad name and hang him” even if the poor dog hasn’t sucked an egg since he was a puppy

  17. Imagine how the customer feels, to call customer service in Antigua you have to pay for the call. There is no 1800 number to call and dem want to swim in the same sea as Virgin. Wabeen can’t swim in salt water!

    Customer service in Antigua is a WASTE OF TIME it should be called CUSTOMER DISSERVICE ! I hope Jean Holder is reading this or is his head buried in the sand like the rest of Liat?

  18. @ David
    Bossman, do you appreciate the influence and impact of BU in Barbados?
    If you did you would probably begin to see the pivotal role that you have played in this place in promoting FOI and Transparency.

    MORE IMPORTANTLY, you would by now be beginning to see the POTENTIAL that you have to positively impact out future.

    Why don’t we set up a BU Finance Company with a minimum of 500 (but unlimited) shareholders to become the public face of BU?
    We can then set up a Board of Directors to collect funds and to support the work of BU….
    …things like legally challenging shady issues, funding private investigations where needed, buying Ads in the press…..or maybe even opening our own Media House…..

    Wunna fellows does think too small with the lotta talent that wunna have been blessed with hear….? …like Caswell. 🙂

    …just saying….

  19. .Re Bushy’s comment
    …..I smell the stench of victimization and lock up….giving Bu a face..Blowgoat again ya lucky the boat haul in PStC …

  20. What I found fascinating is that in Leesa’s longer video interview she stated that LIAT operates around 100 flights a day and carries around 3,000 passengers a day. With an average payload of 30 passengers, what on earth would you want to lease 70 seater aircraft for, or have I missed something? I appreciate many are double or triple drops, but if they are only operating on an average of 60 per cent load factors with 50 seaters, what are they going to do when several of the fleet have a 70 seat capacity.


  21. Dat woman says that every airline gets a bad day sometimes but with LIAT it is always a bad day everyday.

    • LIAT is the only airline in our region and it is for this reason we need a LIAT which is efficiently managed. To add to the discussion is that a cash poor Barbados is 49% shareholder. LIAT must be managed like a business with due consideration given to the fact is serves a Caribbean good.

  22. @ David | July 9, 2013 at 9:08 AM |

    So when is the major shareholder going to call a spade a spade and demand that the LIAT HQ be removed from Antigua in order to save the airline from further mismanagement and eventual financial collapse especially if Bim is unable to continue to so heavily subsidize this money sinkhole?

    I can tell you for sure that if (and it is looking more like ‘when’) this country comes under an IMF imposed programme of structural adjustment one of the first casualties will be subsidies given to commercially oriented entities like LIAT.

  23. Brutus you have been sent here to do nuff damage control …,,So Brutus take us to your leader!

  24. islandgal246 – your first assumption is that I can not think for myself or do my own research? If so, that is an incorrect assumption.

  25. Not only is LIAT having a BAD day everyday, dat woman is definitely having a BAD HAIR DAY. Like she has just jumped out of bed and the cameras started rolling.

  26. LIAT wishes to advise that due to the passage of Tropical Storm Chantal all flights to/from Barbados and St. Lucia have been delayed.

    The George F. Charles Airport in St. Lucia remains closed and we are still unable to operate flights to/from the Grantley Adams International Airport in Barbados.

    Flights throughout the LIAT network will be disrupted today due to the passage of the storm.

    Passengers travelling today are asked to check the LIAT website, the LIAT Facebook Page, their local LIAT office, or to call the LIAT Call Centre from Antigua – 1-268-480-5582; toll free from the rest of the Caribbean – 1-888-844-5428 and from Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands – 1-866-549-5428 for information on the status of their flights.

    Customers affected by the disruptions who wish to rebook for a later date will be allowed to do so without change fees or fare differences for a period of one week from the date of their original scheduled travel. Following the one-week grace period, passengers will be required to pay applicable fare and change fees when re-booking.

    **LIAT also wishes to advise that passengers who decide to travel but are unable to complete their journey due to disruption caused by weather conditions, will not be provided with meals, transportation, hotel accommodation etc. Passengers with onward connections are advised to contact the respective carriers.**

    Customers are advised to continue monitoring radio stations for further updates. LIAT regrets any inconvenience caused as a result of the passage of the storm. (Official Release, emphasis on Para is mine)

  27. This from PennLawyer on the Huffington Post of July 1 “I’ve flown LIAT between Antigua and Montserrat. Nothing like being on the last flight of the day, looking out the window, and seeing your carefully packed bag filled with thousands of dollars worth of dive computers/cameras/equipment sitting in pristine glory on the tarmac! Hey, mon! relax – they’ll send it over on the first flight tomorrow. And they did. Nothing missing or broken. What I loved was when the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda flies over to Montserrat for a meeting with the Premier of Montserrat, he’s sitting in those same tiny LIAT airline seats as the rest of the world. Helluva lot cheaper than first class or a private charter, let alone Air Force One.”

    And I’ll add helluvu lot cheaper that a ride to Trinidad on CLICO’s private jet

    • @Simple Simon

      We have established that LIAT does NOT fly to Montserrat. Beware of the ignorance which fly and is picked up by the gullible.

  28. @David | July 9, 2013 at 10:31 AM…”We have established that LIAT does NOT fly to Montserrat.?

    My bad David.

    Fly Montserrat flies between Antigua, Barbuda and Montserrat.

    And SVG Air between St. Vincent and Bequai; and between Antigua and Barbuda

  29. @ Simple Simon

    2nd time in as few days that you have rushed in to make indefensible statements once on behalf of the all time clown Marva Alleyne and now for non existent LIAT flights to Monserrat.

    We are watching you and hope that simple does not mean, simplistic

  30. LIAT – You should say to de ‘Marketing Communications Specialist’, “YOU ARE FIRED”. Then go about firing your entire management team for not getting it. And letting this happen.

  31. I see nothing wrong with that beautiful black lady’s hair.It is natural tightly curled or kinky (your preference) hair.

    I have seen other young black women with similar hairstyles.Check out Paula Hinds who I must say hers look a bit outrageous to me,but hell that’s her black hair.Thankfully the young lady in the videp is not wearing that awful,musty weave most black women can’t seem to do without these days.
    Yes the content of the AD is stupid and not appropriate to the original complaint.That said however, I really can’t agree with all the insulting remarks about the young woman.

    Would those remarks be made if her hair was dead straight and blonde as per the causcacian hair type?

  32. The LIAT ad while a coiffeur’s nightmare and an insult to our eldest son who once wore the most perfect afro, and is now bald, his mother’s genes, I still have some hair on the head, is possibly one of the best knight’s gambits that Jean Holder has thought of in his lifetime.

    Let me explain.

    1. Poorly edited advertisement – purposely put together by a seeming amateur (bait item #1)

    2. Hosted by a person who looks like if she was in a cat fight, and lost. Not any comparison to the ravenous beauties that Sir Branston’s advertisement demand.

    3. Seemingly where the script and scenes were patched together late one evening by the videographer after a few drinks (and the hostess after some long hard, you know what). A purposed strategy of “made the ad look shoddy, instead of make it look professional, particularly when our LIAT is rupturing at the seams”.

    Projected results, Sir Branston responds and takes up the “Challenge”, rushes in to prove a point that he can “out do” LIAT and throughput to our islandchain increases.

    A brilliant strategy born from the mind of an Orwellian strategist which unfortunately Jean Holder is not.

    So it is a poorly thought out, composed ad after all.


  33. Wait and see of the new flight brings changes. I never one delay with liat and that was this year and it was due to mechanical prob. I prefer to wait that to die. Nothing lost from having to wait. Flew with them 6 times last year even during peak periods and no delays.

    The video is not all that.

  34. @ Common sense is not common | July 9, 2013 at 11:23 AM |

    First time the miller is in whole agreement with you.
    Now you know how it feels when the messenger is attacked instead of what is contained in the message.

    We are glad to see that the first ray of commonsense is beginning to peek out from that dark cloud of partisan ignorance (LOL, if you can!!).

    You can cuss the miller as usual since he gets great pleasure from it to brighten his rather boring life.
    But you must admit he hasn’t been wrong so far about the economy and the eventual revamping of free tertiary education.
    Ask Ronald Jones what is planned for UWI from the next academic year. But isn’t he taking a rather bold step in going against his PM’s position? Isn’t this gross insubordination and in need of another snubbing and public humiliation as in the case of the AX enquiry?

    If you were to use your commonsense and examine what the miller is saying instead of cussing him left right and irritatingly centre you might just be able to put some proposals on the table of massive expenditure cuts to save your DLP administration from making the same faux as in 1991/92; that is inviting the IMF to sort out things.

  35. Dat woman head looks like a Don King wannabe.

    Clap hands …have you been drinking? You sound a bit incoherent.

  36. @ Common Sense is not common

    You dont get this thing dont you?

    This is not about blackness nor our understanding that we still struggle against tacit and overt racism, it is about, in any “conflict” sending our best who will be able to defend us against these attacks that WILL COME.

    Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson vis a vis Barach Obama, only send the best, those on the periphery will only make us the target of unflattering remarks

    I am blacker that many of you will ever be and i say send me the best of our nubian princesses.

    Image is everything, diction and a seamless presentation, albeit on a low marketing budget, would have been a better strategy.

    This internet thing is a powerful tool wielded by soldiers who understand this fight.

    Take a look at the david duke video posted earlier by Iabingy, a mass of lies, cut and pasted with a precision and perfection that, were it not for the colour of my skin, i would have easily come to the conclusion that what Duke was intoning about my brothers was true.

    You only have one chance to get this right, we cannot allow these mediocre attempts to become the standards in our combat, up the ante, or we die in utero.

    She is a good looking young lady but for this message, and the psychology behind all imagery of this type, who we are “baiting”, it was simply not good enough

    This is not like the subliminal advertisements of Coke advertising, nor is it like the russian advertisement which is displayed after the LIAT ad, with the frothy soap pouring offf the asses and pudendas of those nubile caucasian bodies, this is about understanding how premiere visuals, with our most visually stunning, articulate speakers can engage our targets.

    When the CIA and NASA wish to enviegle their marks in foreign governments they employ the most attractive parties (either male or female) to reel in their persons of interest.

    Perspective sir/madam in all things

    • LIAT is an airline which is owned 49% by Barbados. Further it is an airline which P&L has hemorrhaged up to 50 million dollars in the last two reporting periods. The point here is that LIAT has an obligation to be professional in its business dealings. Branson has the luxury to do do what he wants which should not be a dictate for LIAT management. The video would have been approved by senior management of LIAT.

  37. Most of the men on this blog like strong hairy lack women.

    And they are lying when they say otherwise.

    Don’t mind Piece uh de rock yeah right at 11:31 a.m. “Not any comparison to the ravenous beauties that Sir Branston’s”

  38. I don’t hear anybody making nasty comments about Sir Dwight Venner’s hair, or the American ambassador’s

  39. Miller

    Thanks for the backhanded complement.

    No offence taken at your occasional outrage.

    Not sure you have been reading all my comments because I am post very infrequently and say whatever is on my mind (as decently as possible of course ) and try to be fair and balance (not like fox news though lol).

    We are dealing with black skin white minded persons and they don’t even realise it.

    Black hair is naturally wiry and doesn’t lie down flat.Yet we are made to feel that our women folk must straighten out their hair to look like the other races with straight hair before we consider they are looking decent.

    Remember that Alfred Taylor case at the Holiday Inn or Grand Barbados (can’t remember the name of the hotel) where the young lady had braids and she was dismissed.

    Eventually she won her case.

    The thing is no one is saying dress in an untidy manner,but we must remember the colonial master who set the standards of who and what is beautiful,are still the ones making that judgement call today.Remember the lighter your skin and the less kinky your hair back then the more valued you were as a slave.

    Black hairstyles are on the opposite side of the spectrum to indian,chinese and white hairstyles.
    A lot of these images of white barbies have many of our young black women still messed up,hence this constant need to wear other people’s cast off hair,and the need to dye your hair almost white blond even though you are as black as midnight.

    I live in hope that one day we will be fully appreciative of what it means to be black inside and outside.

    • The following is posted on LIAT’s website. Can anyone provide clarification about who are LIAT’s shareholders given we have been told LIAT has four investors (Barbados, Antigua, St. Vincent and Dominica).
      LIAT Board of Directors
      ChairmanDr. Jean Holder
      Directors of (Barbados)Mr. Trevor MayersMrs. Gabrielle Springer-TaylorMr. Grantley Smith
      Director of (St. Vincent)Mr. Isaac Solomon
      Directors of (Antigua)Mrs. Nadia Spencer HenryMr. Paul Ryan

      Executive Management
      Captain Ian BruntonChief Executive Officer
      Julie Reifer-JonesChief Financial Officer
      Leesa Parris-RudderChief Commercial Officer
      Diane ShurlandLegal Counsel and Company Secretary
      Desmond BrownCorporate Communications Manager
      George ArthurtonDirector of Flight Operations
      Alan AlexanderDirector of Engineering
      Lesroy BrowneDirector of Schedule Planning & Special Projects
      Wilbur EdwardsDirector of Ground Operations, Cargo/QuikPak
      Ilean RamseyDirector of Human Resource
      Andy BenjaminInformation & Communications Technology Manager
      Sonya JohnDirector of Customer Service
      Andrea JamesTreasurer
      All correspondence should be addressed to:LIAT Board Of DirectorsPO Box 819St John’s, Antigua

      LIAT shareholding includes varying amounts of shares held by eleven Caribbean Governments. The complete list of shareholders are as follows:

  40. Common sense is not common | July 9, 2013 at 12:23 PM |


    Thanks for the backhanded complement.

    No offence taken at your occasional outrage.

    Not sure you have been reading all my comments because I am post very infrequently and say whatever is on my mind (as decently as possible of course ) and try to be fair and balance (not like fox news though lol).

    We are dealing with black skin white minded persons and they don’t even realise it.

    Black hair is naturally wiry and doesn’t lie down flat.Yet we are made to feel that our women folk must straighten out their hair to look like the other races with straight hair before we consider they are looking decent.

    Remember that Alfred Taylor case at the Holiday Inn or Grand Barbados (can’t remember the name of the hotel) where the young lady had braids and she was dismissed.

    Eventually she won her case.

    The thing is no one is saying dress in an untidy manner,but we must remember the colonial master who set the standards of who and what is beautiful,are still the ones making that judgement call today.Remember the lighter your skin and the less kinky your hair back then the more valued you were as a slave.

    Black hairstyles are on the opposite side of the spectrum to indian,chinese and white hairstyles.
    A lot of these images of white barbies have many of our young black women still messed up,hence this constant need to wear other people’s cast off hair,and the need to dye your hair almost white blond even though you are as black as midnight.

    I live in hope that one day we will be fully appreciative of what it means to be black inside and outside.

    Very well said…………..i would bet that 99.99% of black women don’t know that unless white women get up every day (since they no longer have slaves) and put a straight hot comb to their hair every day or leave it tied up, it just looks like a rat’s nest………..stupidity knows no bounds.

  41. @ Common sense is not common | July 9, 2013 at 12:23 PM

    Peace my brother or sister, Peace! I could not agree with you more.

    The problem still exists among the black sisters thinking that they have arrived with their forex wastage false ‘Remy’ Portia Simpson-Miller lookalike hairstyle.

    How do we get our sisters who have been highly educated (some with PhD’s) to play the role you have just outlined? Black women are more appealing and emotionally convincing than the black man in spreading the message of black liberation and charting the way forward for our people.

    Our friend “PODRYR” has a point. We not only need black women psychologically free of the damage done to the psyche of the black person in terms of how he or she looks physically but also to capture the best of our well educated and intellectually attuned people like yourself to tell the World we are free physically, psychologically and spiritually.
    We will carve not only God but our future in our own image.
    The quicker blacks see themselves as the closest beings to God with their “darkened” skin full of melanin the better for the species in its race to survive and delay its eventual extinction.
    Ask Bushie if you doubt the miller!

    How about that, commonsense becoming more common?

  42. If the shareholder governments of LIAT are serious, they need to give subsidised air fares to the citizens of these goverments. This would force the other goverments in the region who benefit from LIAT’s services to contribute to its survival.

  43. I think the lady looks swell. I go out every day looking worse. take today, went to the gym at 7:30 no comb, no brush. Left gym, went to supermarket, no comb, no brush. came home had lunch went to garden, no comb, no brush. I have a friend here right now for tea, no comb, no brush. Going to bed tonight, get up tomorrow, same thing.

    Give us natural black ladies with natural locks a break.

  44. wunna men got a problem if in this age of modernism and making one self look attractive and appealing is some thing to do with self. hate and not being proud of the person you are, wunna men really got a problem. I belive that wunna only complaining because wunna cheapskates and don’t want to dig deep in the pockets to give the woman the money for these personal enhancements .However on the other side when wunna go out wid the nappy head wife or girlfriend wunna can’t help but look at the woman with the long hairweave comparing her to the difference in style and attractiveness to the so-called “natural Beauty ” ,Fuh real ! wunna would do about and say anything to avoid giving the woman the money to make her enhanced her personality.When it boils down to it it is all about wunna cheap and don’t want to spend the money on wunna women. and all the dribble about natural this and natural that is alll horse sh..it.. Wunna need to shut up cause wunna talking bare crap just a bunch of leaking “Brass Boiwls wid.

  45. LIAT, Caribbean Airline, Receives Hilarious Complaint Letter From Passenger

    Is this what all the fuss is about?????

  46. Liat again in the news, passengers at the airport saying that Liat has no sign saying that they are closed. Their flight info board says that everything is on schedule. SMH The customer is never first with Liat.

  47. is there anything right about LIAT! really how does an airline in this age of rapid news afford such negative publicity.Getting off the ground with bald tires not easy and a recipe for disaster; I don’t belive what I am hearing and just to think that millions of readers are finding out just as I type, LIAT needs a good PR firm to hold its wings high above the skies cause they are flying too close to the ground at warp speed.

  48. I just happened to watch the video and I can’t for the life of me see what the commotion is about a tongue in cheek “challenge”, and what’s wrong with the young woman’s hair?

    Seriously some folks have to get out more.

  49. @David

    I would hazard a guess that they caved like a cheap suitcase after the criticism which seems along the lines of how come a small puddle jumper could fly in the face of a Trans Atlantic carrier with a world famous honcho at the head.

    From reading about Branson I think he would be amused after all he has been known for pulling practical jokes and he is not above putting his foot in his mouth.


  50. Gabrielle Springer-Taylor, Perm. Scty for ex-Seafood minister Georgie (Porgie) Hutson who helped murder REDjet – should a a Civil Service Sr officer also be a Director on a Board which pertains to her ministry (Int’l Transport)? Why is the phrase “Conflict Of interest” jumping around my head all of a sudden, eh?? This is one of LIAT’s many twists and turns which prevent it from reaching its correct potential…

  51. The sad thing is if LIAT was smart? Find the letter writer and offer them a UK trip via Virgin, everyone wins! That is Pro-Active…. Get Ser Richard to be the writer’s Flight Attendant and have Virgin personnel do some training with LIAT Staff & Management, make mileage but not like THIS?

    • @Sargeant

      Perhaps there is the view my most Caribbean people who have to travel on LIAT that the airline is known to be inefficiently managed and therefore should avoid these tongue in cheek battles with Goliath airlines like Virgin, especially when it is not a competitor.

  52. Dear LIAT

    Having now made the comedy list internationally on no less than NBC’s Today show maybe LIAT will try to do something to make your detractors, both international and regional. look at you with a modicum of respect dear Jean.

    I would humbly suggest the following.

    For one day a week, for the next 3 months, expand your Just Go programme to two days a week, those of your weekdays where you note that people dont fly with a U$$100 round trip

    Pair up with specific hotels in specific destinations, the ones that realise that in this “hurt season”, having travellers stay with them, instead of paying utility bills and bank loans on empty rooms, is worth giving a 50%? discount on one’s accomodation.

    Maybe if you, and your marketing staff, got up off your derrieres and went into the trenched Jean and you personally spoke to these hotel owners, like Sir Branston does with his targets, you could solicit support for a LIAT underwritten intra-Caribbean initiative that various CARICOM member states might welcome.

    Then again, I have been up for a while and have to take the insulin as prescribed, so you should forgive my thinking that you Mr. Holder would be disposed to spearhead a programme to promote affordable intra Caribbean travel.

    So forgive me this interruption, let me go take my medicine so that i can come back and use my extensive pensioner time, idly looking around the internet for more comedy/jokes on LIAT.

    Holder, you is a Bajan isn’t you? Say no more, say no more, wunna in a class of clowns all by wunna self, Seethru and Fumble is you leaders, so i expect alotta long talk, meetings galore and nuffin will happen

    LIAT – Lotta Ineffectual Abortive Talkers

    (I had was to look real hard fuh de word wid an “A” doah)

  53. With LiAT it is always NEVER about the customer.
    Their ads show only their planes and their staff, NEVER about their customers.
    The customer is seen as their enemy.

  54. @pieceahderock

    Note that Branson is a bonafide entrepreneur and Holder is an appointee by a government. We know the difference does not escape you.

  55. @David
    My comment was not to defend LIAT’s business acumen (or lack thereof), I was just disappointed that a harmless video could generate the kind of withering criticism offered here. Even the woman appearing was criticised for her deportment and appearance, people seem to forget that she is perhaps a model just trying to earn a few bucks..

    Memo to LIAT next time you air an ad put in a call to Madison Ave. or get Charles Saatchi (forget the last name he got enough troubles of his own).

  56. I heard that there are many passengers at GAIA right now who were asked to book in early this morning, but is still at the airport waiting for a flight out.

  57. Please stop dissing LIAT.

    I have travelled LIAT twice between Barbados and two other islands. It was on time, efficient and the service was friendly.

    Richard Branson has the luxury of laughing at its travails, but LIAT has the responsibility of servicing routes (whether or not they are profitable) as a vital social and developmental imperative to lesser developed islands.

    In this sense it is like Bahamasair, which will NEVER be profitable, but which anyone but a fool recognises is vital in keeping the far flung country together and servicing islands with a population of 50 or less people. LIAT has a similar responsibility, over a similar size area, except it deals with separate sovereign nations.

    Cut LIAT some slack and please do not try to compare it to a private sector airline. To do so is ignorance.

    • Effective tomorrow LIAT should stop flying to those unprofitable routes. If Caricom wants to subsidise let them.
      Capt Ian Brunton: 35% of LIAT’s flights subsidised

      Frigate Bay, St Kitts: Thirty-five per cent of 112 daily flights by LIAT are described by the airline’s new chief executive officer Captain Ian Brunton as “social (uneconomic) routes.”  “LIAT cannot continue to meet the cost of these social routes,” Brunton told the state of the industry conference of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation in St Kitts last week.
      The airline operates the intra-regional routes in the Caribbean going as far north as Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and Guyana and T&T in the south, also flying into the US and British Virgin Islands and the French Caribbean, Guadeloupe and Martinique.  http://www.guardian.co.tt/business-guardian/2012-10-17/capt-ian-brunton-35-liat%E2%80%99s-flights-subsidised

  58. @ David [BU]

    And with that observation, of entrepreneur versus wannabe, therein lies the never-ending quandary in which we find ourselves, putting men, and women, who could not in a week of Sundays, run a sno’ cone cart as effectively as Sister Marshall did all these years in Cheapside market

    I am inclined to agree with Old Onions when he accosts us as brass bowls because we seem to have misunderstood the message and continue to practice that “pin pun she” policy, to our eternal detriment.

    I do acknowledge that in a small island that everybody know every body else so it is not difficult to unwittingly employ the “Six degrees of separation” by default.

    However, in our case, that renown Kevin Bacon theory is aptly translated into “Six inches of separation” not because Seethru and Fumble is short men and dem head is so close to dere posteriors dat dem perforce issh**te talkers, but it is so so called because of the distance between the correct area where intelligent infants are birthed and the other unspeakable orifice where these brass bowls like Jean come from.

    Did you know that the chicken’s egg technically comes from its pooch? I plan to call Sinkliar and/or that Alair Shepherd fellow because they seem to have degrees in “poochology” and backsidism, not to be confused with “backslidism” when one who purports to be “Washed in the Blood” backslides.

    I feel that the two of them will be ale to shed great insight into why we appointing so many proctologists to our leading administrative positions without fail.

    “The fault lies not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings”


  60. @ David | July 10, 2013 at 7:11 PM |
    “Effective tomorrow LIAT should stop flying to those unprofitable routes. If Caricom wants to subsidise let them.”

    Or, as suggested on a different thread, charge an economic fare to residents from locations whose governments do not contribute to the subsidy when flying to those unprofitable routes.

    I am glad to see Cpt. Brunton is seeing the same landing lights on the tarmac of harsh business sense if LIAT is to figuratively not drop from the blue Caribbean skies.

  61. branson in drag ”””’ Like Five stars;;;;;;;;;; one defining moment in the video . would like to be a fly on the wall of those getaway parties on one of his private islands, come to think of it all that video need was the part showing Branson in drag,,,,,,,,theU tube hits wouild have been in the millions.
    Caption NO APOLOGIZES HERE,,,,,,,,,,

    • LIAT withdraws videos after negative feedback
      By OBSERVER media – Wednesday, July 10th, 2013.
      Article Hits: 76

      Less than 24 hours after releasing the challenge via video to Sir Richard Branson on Monday, the airline decided it would be better to remove all evidence of the video.
      ST JOHN’S, Antigua – LIAT opted to pull a pair of videos, which it released on Monday in response to the complaint letter brought to light by Virgin Atlantic owner Sir Richard Branson, after negative feedback.
      In the first video, LIAT’s director for commercial and customer experience Leeasa Parris-Rudder thanked Branson for “putting LIAT, the Caribbean airline, on the world stage,” and challenged him to a race.
      But the attempt to leverage the huge global attention received from the complaint letter in the airline’s favour backfired.
      The video quickly attracted a barrage of undesirable feedback and was heavily down-rated on social networks including LIAT’s official YouTube, Twitter and Facebook networks.
      One person commented, “Lacks wit, taste and intellect. And she’s corny. Plus why take jabs at Richard – he didn’t pen the letter.”
      People criticised the airline for being childish, unprofessional, embarrassing, for responding in poor taste and failing to take the criticisms seriously.
      The second video was a more serious attempt by Parris-Rudder to address the concerns outlined in the complaint letter written by Arthur Hicks and sent to a British Virgin Islands newspaper earlier this year.
      “We have been investigating this matter internally and have not found any letters of complaint lodged within our customer relations department,” Parris-Rudder said.
      She went on to note the airline has found no complaints of lost bags but noted that Hicks does travel “quite frequently with us” and is “a valuable customer”.
      “We are still in the process of speaking to the passenger to get some more details and to ensure that this passenger is satisfied,” Parris-Rudder said.
      The head of commercial and customer experience also noted they hoped to piggyback on the publicity received from the complaint letter, which was picked up by some of the biggest media houses in the UK, US, Australia and elsewhere.
      However all evidence of both videos was removed by the airline early on Tuesday after social network users criticised the response.
      The complaint letter which pokes fun about a LIAT horror flight, was written by tennis pro Arthur Hicks. It was published in British Virgin Islands newspaper BVI Beacon in April.
      ABC News, the Daily Mail, NBC, Fox News, the Washington Times, the Sydney Morning Herald, MSN, Yahoo, CNN, the Huffington Post, Newstrack India and the Miami Herald are among hundreds of media houses to have picked up on the LIAT complaint letter since Branson shared it.
      (More in today’s Daily OBSERVER)

  62. @David[BU]

    This is precisely why old men don’t fight wars, we know the carnage is not worth the conflict.

    Maybe fellows like Sargeant, Well Well and Simple Simon can now understand the illy thought out advertisement now it has traversed the world.

    Like i said before this has nothing to do with blackness, it has everything to do with content and Jean Holder me the rest of them are poor managers me marketeers.

    Youth is oft wasted on the young.

    We the old coveys at BU do not expect you young Turks to come back here and apologize but we hope that you learn to defer to reason

    • You just got to love LIAT, our only Caribbean airline. We hate them BUT what can we do without them.

      8-year-old left at airport in apparent LIAT error
      Friday, 19 July 2013 01:12
      PHILIPSBURG–An eight-year-old child was left in the care of Immigration Services at Princess Juliana International Airport SXM last week Wednesday after being returned to the island by LIAT airline due to a flight cancellation.
      The child, an unaccompanied minor on LIAT, was destined for Guyana from St. Maarten where she was to have been met by her parents. She was put in the care of LIAT and its handling agent Juliana Handlers for the trip, which was scheduled to stop in Antigua and in Barbados before touching down at its final destination at approximately 10:00pm.
      The flight left St. Maarten at approximately 11:30am. On arrival in Antigua, the remaining leg of the LIAT flight (Barbados-Guyana) was cancelled. As the child had no supervision in Antigua, she was put back on a flight to St. Maarten.
      Normal procedures dictate that LIAT’s flight attendants would have handed the child over to its agents once back at SXM airport. This was confirmed by Head of Immigration Geronimo Juliet, who stated that LIAT’s ground handlers would have had to be the persons responsible for leaving the child at Immigration.

  63. Sorry, corrections read “managers and marketeers” and “ole fogeys”, the iPad always correcting the ole man

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