Rise Up! You Mighty People – The Case of Brazil, its Implications for the Western Hemisphere and the Role of Political Minions like Ronald Jones

Submitted by Pachamama
Jones with the disgraced jack Warner

Jones with disgraced FIFA Vice President Jack Warner and Lisle Austin

The war which the publics of the world have declared against corrupt, neo-liberal, corporatist establishments has found its presence in all the major cities of Brazil. Brazilian non-violent warriors are employing a range of weapons of civil disobedience in their eternal search for economic justice. The clinch fists of the counterparts of a Ronald Jones are confronting them with state-sponsored violence, as is their duty – they believe. Brazil has been a leading light of a wider progressive movement in South and Central America for over a decade. Jones and his ruling global clique would desperately like to avoid the coming storms in the anti-Empire winter of rage. Some were mistaken in their assumption that that people’s movement had gone full circle and had returned to a state of peu de mort.That Brazilians deemed it necessary to open up a new front against entrenched corporate governments, given all the historical problems that successive regimes faced, and to some extent in more recent times, had been partially successful in managing, must now be re-interpreted as a deeper, more fundamental revolutionary movement than uninitiated observers had at first posited. Cities including San Paolo and Rio de Janeiro are demonstrating against an unremitting, even if dying, neo-liberal project that still leaves masses of poor, mainly black, Brazilians without decent housing, low wages, inadequate transportation, an absence of resources, a lack of medical care, a polluted environment and massive and continuing deforestation of the lungs of the planet – Amazonia. These maladies are ‘liberally’ distributed in the rest of the western hemisphere and spring from the invasion of the Italian Jew, Christopher Columbus.

In macro-economic terms Brazil is currently performing better than most world countries – as measured by the standard benchmarks. It has dragged more than 40 million people out of poverty in the last decade. Some will argue that these protests are made up primarily of the new middle classes and this is largely true. Middle-classes created by the last few governments of Brazil. The political landscape is further complicated by violent right wing movements; the skin heads types, as a throw back from the military rulers of an earlier period. Given these circumstance, this new war front must be sending chills down the spines of all other ‘leaders’ in the western hemisphere, and it is about time! They will be saying if this could happen in a country that is doing quite well, what would the people do to us, who are doing much less well, economically. We have called before and we do so here again, for the removal of entrenched and failing governing systems at their root everywhere.

Fruendel Stuart, in Barbados, cannot long pretend that he has things under control. That he is some exalted figure with no obligation to even talk with those in whose name he pretends to lead. He must certainly be ready to admit to himself, first, that his government – in its widest sense (BLP/DLP), has no answers to current problems. Such an acknowledgement could generate tremendous fear in the hearts of vested politicians. This fear of the people, that is also deep in the bones of so-called leaders, like Ronald Jones, has led him to issue unwarranted threats of violence against the people of Barbados. That not one of his colleagues and indeed not even his boss, the Prime Minister himself, has made a statement of rebuke, suggests to us that this government fully supports the promised state-sponsored violence of Ronald Jones.

Furthermore, what is more disturbing is that these maybe the kinds of conversations this regime is having away from the public’s eye. This is very worrisome. By extension they are all guilty of the actions of Ronald Jones, by their silence. You may say collective responsibility? We again call for Jones to be brought up on charges of threatening state-sponsored violence against the people of Barbados. We believe this matter can be properly placed within the Nuremberg Principles, for a threat of violence by a government official, in our estimation, represents a breach of the natural rights of the people. We contend that it is high time for Caribbean people to stop complaining, and take collective actions to solve our problems and stop this nonsense of having donkeys like Ronald Jones leading lions. No one can help us but ourselves.

Demonstrations in more than 100 Brazilian cities and with millions marching have the hidden governments of the world, for which people like Obama is a mere placeholder, frightened. We have previously stated that Obama and his controllers are well aware that these images will be returning to the USA soon and when they come they will be there to stay. The socio-economic conditions he has encouraged will guarantee this. Like Ronald Jones and his cohorts, Obama and his clique have prepared a militarized police force and empowered the regular military to kill non-violent protestors for ‘unsanctioned’ acts of civil disobedience. They have lost their mystique and the people everywhere have lost their fear and respect for authority figures like Ronald Jones. People like Jones can no longer command public respect. This is indeed a victory for justice seekers and a tactical defeat for people like Jones who is merely a servant of Empire. Jones is a willing to do whatever he deems necessary to serve his masters in all circumstances. Masters that don’t even recognize his existence but like a proverbial slave he can be depended upon to do his master’s bidding even if that means draconian punishment for slaves like Nanny Grig who rose up against house niggers like Ronald Jones and his masters.

This is the same Jones who was deeply involved in regional soccer. His association with FIFA of necessity meant that he was ready to subordinate the sovereignty of Barbados to a cabal of stateless actors in the global structure and Jones found no ambiguities therein. This is the same fuax governmental architecture of FIFA that our Brazilians brothers and sisters are opposing because FIFA believes that they have a claim to the resources of Brazil before the very people of Brazil as it relates to some stupid football tournament/s and in service of the Empire of FIFA. Ronald Jones and his other faithful FIFA boys prioritize a soccer extravaganza ahead of the rights of the indigenous peoples of Brazil in the same way that he is willing to violently deny Barbadians their natural rights so that he and his buddies can maintain an unresponsive regime.

We say rise up!

Rise up today, rise up tomorrow, rise up forever!

45 thoughts on “Rise Up! You Mighty People – The Case of Brazil, its Implications for the Western Hemisphere and the Role of Political Minions like Ronald Jones

  1. Ronald Jones is a side show to hide the truth of What people dont want to deal with , the truth of Violet Beckles , Truth owner ship.
    Is it truth Owner Sir C O W or is it Violet Beckles ?
    Just think for one Moment if the Fraud Squad get back on the case that was started Oct 9th 2009 and ended when David PM died Oct 23rd 2010 , With not report of the FINDINGS., to any one ,.40 pages signed . and no arrest or word ,
    Who Stop Dotting , was it MIA or the PM , not the Balls to finish what David PM started,
    Only the truth can fix what is wrong, When a doctor lies about what is wrong and look to fix some thing else ,, you are dead.
    Find the problem and look to fix it with truth ,
    The Lies is leading Barbados down this path where we are to day.
    COW now looking to build dams to then to sell the water to the government , Still whos land is it to be build on and where are the deeds. Where are the records,
    This move is to save COW business form going under and water rates will go up again , last time it was 60% and all new projects will cost over run and run in to your pocket of will the VAT now go over up to or over 20%,
    Most in govt look to like America so then we may see 29%one day soon,
    Submitted by Pachamama@ is making good points , but YOU all need to see how we will get there before we get there to stop from getting to this or that Point. We are not better than the rest of the world and our turn for being stupid and picking side with know crooks will get you no where, They have already stolen from the people many time over and will do so unless WE THE PEOPLE SAY Enough.
    Wait till you all hear the shout , We posted that Egypt is on its way to Barbados , Its getting closer.it travel across the world ,
    We will also WARN the People of age .

    Is another way to rob the elderly of what they may want to pass on to their Heirs , End up with lawyers and bankers that have we all in this mess already.Then your Heirs will be renting or removed from your family home when you die.Dont be a sucker twice.

  2. I have mulled over Ronald Jones’ crack head statement, trying my up most best to see where it can be deemed a fair comment. Truth is that I still view his statement as a vile threat to democratic principles and the people of Barbados. Point is that there is no rule or law that says that a ‘state’ must respond to a protest in a violent manner. A violent response by the ‘state’ is a conscious choice made based on the nature of any protest. So far Jones to jump ahead in time, in his mind, and warn this country that they will crack heads and shoot people, even though it is not yet known what form of protest is to come, if indeed it is coming, is very unfortunate and says to us that Ronald Jones has violence on his mind.

    Now we can make a leap and assume that he has the backing of his party colleagues in parliament, inclusive of the PM. After all, as mentioned in the submission, not one of his party colleagues has voice opposition to his vile statement. On another level,Jones has already set the scene by spouting words that are negative; negative energy has been placed out there by Jones. Violent protest may already be in the making as a result of his statement!

    • @Oilman

      Agree with your comment, it was an ignorant statement in a tense ans politically polarized climate.

      @Plantation Deeds

      Why don’t you do a google of ‘reverse mortgages’ to see who benefits?

  3. CORRECTION FOR CLARITY— ‘So far Jones to jump ahead in time’ should read ‘So for Jones to jump ahead in time’

    • Interesting to note China and Russia appear to have snubbed the USA on its request to release Snowden.

  4. @David
    Why don’t you do a google of ‘reverse mortgages’ to see who benefits?

    I think that, in principle, the idea of reverse mortgage is a good one, in that it allows older persons to utilise what they have saved all their life for, that is the capital that is locked up in their home. Reverse morgages would release a large amount of pent-up demand into the economy. Not everyone wants to pass-on their home to their children. If they do, then no need to take a reverse mortgage. But there are some serious drawbacks that I see for their introduction to Barbados, and Plantation Deeds has a point. Firstly, the banks. There is already a large stock of accommodation on the market that cannot be sold. When a person with a reverse mortgage dies, the bank will then be left with having to dispose of a dwelling in an already saturated market. They will certainly take this into account when assessing the value of the house against which they will offer the funds. Secondly, the lawyers. The legal fees for conveyance and mortgage in Barbados are usurious. In countries where reverse mortgages are the norm, legal fees are but a fraction of what we have to pay here, and conveyancing and searches can be carried out by para legals at very low costs. I see the legal fraternity (much as the Mafia is a fraternity) licking their collective lips at the prospect of robbing these older residents of a large part of their savings, in cahoots with the bankers, who, of course, get a little of the fee by way of kick backs. Any legislation allowing the operation of a reverse morgage scheme must therefore also legislate a cap on the level of legal fees that can be charged. Sorry to diverge from Pacha’s submission, which I wholly endorse.

  5. @ David
    That is just the beginning. China has an ability to instantly collapse the American economy. The USA could just keep noise but the Chinese are their bankers. The only real power the Americans have now is war and than will come to an end soon.

    • Pacha

      Don’t you have similar concers about the impact of China on emerging economies? Reas some where that 12% of Brazil’s exports goes to China. China has be one a huge influence in this global (interwoven) economy.

  6. @ David
    Of course. Every time we are in Africa we can’t help but notice the creeping Chinese domination. We would more prefer a multi-polar world that the current one with a single hegemon. The next shoe that will drop is the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The BRICS know well what the US and their allies are trying to do, they not going to allow it. We hope the CBB is seeking to further diversify their reserves.

    • Is there any information out there which shines a light on how Barbados’ international reserves is colored? EU countries have been dumping gold which has forced the price of gold down but does thes change the fact that gold and other metals have been seen and goto securities?

  7. I was not surprised that not a man nor woman from the government and by extension the DLP uttered not a word in condemnation of this most outrageous statement by this buffoon Ronald Jones.

    After all, it was the worst Attorney General Barbados ever had, Adriel Brathwaithe who started the “row” that caused Duguid to cuss in Parliament, not that that was acceptable. The PM was there and he said nothing. He cannot control these wild boys. I cannot for a moment get my head around that, how could they be sitting in Parliament supposedly discussing the nation’s business and all of he sudden this poor excuse for a AG, shouted from the top of Parliament……………but Donville, you aint know that he does not know who is the father of his children……….and of course the porn king shouted his abuse to Duguid.

    Ronald Jones has always acted like the magguffy in the DLP, aided and abetted by the dead king, how else would he have been able to carry on as President of the BFA whilst still being a minister.

    I am of the opinion that his comments were not random, they were discussed and he being the blow hard that he is was sent out there to fly a kite, it could not be Donville this time. The DLP knows that they are taking this country to hell in a dung basket and they are running scared.

    After the Central Bank’s report for June, we will see the true picture. A senior Dem said to me recently, this country is in more trouble than he thought! Wow!

  8. @ Prodigal Son
    We generally agree but also extend this critique to all the other established political forces

  9. @ David | June 27, 2013 at 6:45 AM |

    If indeed it was an “ignorant statement” the negative gravamen of it has been surely brought to his attention over and over.

    Why then does he not apologize the same way Dr. Duguid did to the House and the wider public of Barbados?
    Dr. Dugid insulted Donville Inniss and indeed grossly embarrassed himself. But Ronald Jones has not only insulted the entire country but has revealed his true demonic colours of violence highlighted by his many dictatorial abusive outbursts against those who share a different view of the world.

    You called ignorance we call it arrant arrogant nonsense which is a growing and becoming a deeply embedded trait of this administration reminiscent of the BLP’s last term in Office.

  10. we are left for sale /auction for the highest international bidder Barbados this is where we are at our politicians are LIARS lies.lies lies lies lies lies lies it is time for the TRUTH the war on truth starts now THIS for all B:U commentators leave your comments.THE Quake.Tremble and Shake(.RAAD)ROYAL ARCH ANGEL DEGREE 120degreesthreestrongangels3pointstar

  11. We will wait till you DAVID post a heading on reverse mortgages, pushed by BART. The up and downs of it.
    Pachamama @ words we also agree with, , just have to remember how we reach this point. Massive Land Fraud , bad deeds , we may not see it till BART and out side companies, BANKS do CLEAR TITLES searches to the plantation deeds ..
    We love to see Skinners ,

  12. @ Prodigal Son | June 27, 2013 at 8:08 AM

    Although I did not see your post before sending my comments we seem to be on the same wavelength regarding Mr. Jones and his colleagues in the DLP.

    However, I beg to disagree with you regarding what that senior DLP operative said about not knowing how bad the problem is.

    They bloody well knew how bad things were and are getting worse by the day.
    We should not be surprised if the Foreign Reserves now stand around 8 weeks of imports or even less.
    They were told over and over again to introduce measures to curb their fiscal extravagance and get the forex earning or saving sectors of the economy to start firing on more than one cylinder, even if not at full thrust or throttle.

    Even today we are going to be fed, not the truth or any confession or show of remorse and request for help, but a wash pan full of lies, hogwash bullshit, scape-goat and blame-gaming by both Stinkliar and his boss.

  13. This constant and consistent call to destablise the govt warrants careful monitoring. Econmic markets are watching as well as rating agencies . who recently downgraded venezuela because of political unrest in the country in part brought about by the results of the last election whuch was close.

  14. We are surprised that some people in Barbados still want to look to international rating agencies for guidance when they themselves are in potta. In some ways worse than Barbados. That paradigm is unhelpful!

  15. We are sure that we are being monitored but even then we will not stop calling for radical transformation in Barbados and the world. Let them do to us what they just did to Michael Hastings.

  16. Again, it is my foolish belief is that Jones’ comments are not those of a Jackass, but of a body of people who sit in the House of Parliament, on BOTH sides.

    Pacha, there is no doubt that we are at an end of a economic design phase, the problem is that we have been here for quote some time now, and there is always a global war created to extend things a bit further. The War on Terror excuse has finally grown thin, even with David and Moneybrain, so who is next?

    … Got mah frighten … fah real, cause it look like the Parliament of Barbados has been advised before hand …. Oh no …!

  17. @ BAF

    Your intellect is only matched by your courage to tell the truth. All of these so-called educated people in Bardown and few who could interpret pass and present circumstance to FORETELL the future.

  18. @CCC

    It is not us who declared war on the people of Barbados. It is not us who run the economy into a dead end. It is not us who told all the people of the world that your corrupted systems are not working and will never work again. It is not us who will agree with everything said here when the BLP was in office. However, it is our considered opinion that the majority of the peoples of the earth are right and we intend to give voice to the feelings of the majority of the people again and again. If this puts your party in jeopardy, that is a matter for you, we just hope that our work will not help the BLP but instead will allow this system of things to go the way of the dodo bird. Cannot be ever our job to protect your backward party.

  19. @CCC
    Boy I understand that you party had to go on de defensive when Mia decide to mobalise de opposition. But Carson, wunnah overdo yah response and send that man Jones to threaten de people of this country. Admit that de man over react, censor his behind, fire his ass and make him apologise to the nation!

    It is the most the DLP can do. Otherwise, you have no moral authority to claim that anybody but Jones and the DLP trying to stir trouble. Get real man! It was Jones, MP and Minister of Education and member of the DLP who conjured in his mind, the vile belief, that this government, in response to protest, must crack heads and shoot people!

  20. @oilman
    These people can’t take your correct advise because that would be the end of the government. If the political culture were different Stuart would have formed a national unity government and stop these minions like Jones from holding him up to ransom. We will argue that this weak DLP government will not last 5 years. You want to bet! LOL

  21. Oh! mighty man of valour.however remeber that those who own and control the economic power and wealth not going to sit idlly by and watch their interest destroyed. .after the carnage and violence has ceased in its wake would be a dead bodies and a country and people reeling in economic devastation the likes one has ever witnessed in barbados.

  22. That is well spoken from a mind that has no understanding about the graviment of the circumstances we face. Economy is in any event only one aspect of larger problems.

  23. This was a clever little stunt by Sinckler and Jones to take some of the heat and the spotlight from the Minister of Finance, thats all, nothing less and nothing more. It has worked but like everything else in life, time and events soon overtake the controversial issues and attention returns to the main/worrying attraction.
    The Prime Minister has persevered with Sinckler for long enough. The task is beyond him and the business community have lost all faith in him given his incompetence and many misleading statements.

  24. Then when all the smoke been cleared and the dust settle .maybe a new govt formed. then who do we ask to bring our social as well as our economic structure back . as it is our main source tourism which is the of now our mainstay for financial stabilty would come to a grinding halt dragging the coutry in further social as well as economical disater similar to that of haiti..greece and brazil can endure upheaveal but a country with no resources will pay a heavy price cause no OnE would want to deal with it.

  25. The Hon. Ronald Jones has nothing to apologize for.

    What you need to do is to read the full text of his speech. Instead of cherry picking his words.

  26. One BLP man(George Brathwaite) extracted what he wanted from the Hon. Ronald Jones’ speech and the rest of you following him like sheep.

    Learn to think for your selves!

  27. @CCC
    With all due respect, I for one listened and read what Jones said in context. I still can’t see how he make that leap in his mind to promote state sanctioned violence.

  28. @CCC
    Is it that something is wrong wid me or is it that you got to sing for you supper come crack head or shoot out?

  29. os brasileiros não querem outro babaca do exterior, especialmente a babaca dissa ilha de estupradores, para nos dizer como se comportar. Er, LOL e, er, HA HA HA

  30. Beautiful Light-Bearer:
    Trust your path. Yours is a sacred mission. Do not
    fear your voice. Do not doubt it’s place in the world.
    Sometimes you wonder how yours can possibly
    matter when there are already so many voices in the
    world. But matter it does. For each voice in the
    chorus of life is important. Each voice carries a
    vibration and message that MUST be heard in the
    world, otherwise the world might fail. Because your
    message might be the one that changes everything.

    Kat Irieana-Jah Plan

  31. Seasoned historian and true son of the anti-Semitic soil fuch yo mama tells us, as if imparting an irrefutable truth, as only ill-educated cunt sons of the soil know, that “These maladies are ‘liberally’ distributed in the rest of the western hemisphere and spring from the invasion of the Italian Jew, Christopher Columbus.”

    Was Cristofero a Jew? Indeed, were the Columbi even Italian?

    Ah, Fuckyamama, Bless! You didn’t do too well at school, did you? But now you’ve got Dave’s little semiliterate famby ta keep ya warm.

    Er, LOL and, er, HA HA HA.

    • @ de hood
      Do you mean this story? Of course Barbados Today if they wanted to shine more light on this matter could have mentioned that details about deeds etc found can be searched on Barbados Underground. If they really wanted to help that is.

      Fraud probe continues
      Added by Barbados Today on June 27, 2013.Saved under Local News, News Local
      The death of the virtual complainant has not curtailed a police Fraud Squad investigation into what some have described as “a massive property appropriation case” that has allegedly passed through the hand of dozens of lawyers over nearly three decades.
      Today, mystery still surrounds the apparent disappearance of deeds and official files related to the estate of Violet Beckles.
      But Fraud Squad detective, Station Sergeant Mark White, told Barbados TODAY that the case was a “very” technical one, and they were trying to determine if it was criminal or civil matter. Added to that, said White, was the fact that the virtual complainant, Beckles had died.
      However, the investigator gave the assurance that the matter was still active. He suggested though that the executor and trustee, Alex Mitchell, could in the meantime, begin a civil case.
      In explaining the background to this situation, Mitchell, who is a private investigator, told this newspaper that the estate in question, was handed down by Beatrice Henry, a wealthy businesswoman formerly of Lakes Folly in the City, to Beckles, her niece, who lived at King Street, also in the City. Mitchell said that Henry, who was born in 1892 and died in December 1985, while Beckles who passed away in 2010 at the age of 93.
      “Based on the information that we have gathered, from about 1926 to about 1978, or around that period, she (Beckles) has been buying plantations that were up for auction when sugar prices fell in Barbados,” he recalled. “The plantation deeds were given to … [an attorney]; and Violet Beckles stated to the police Fraud Squad, that after she gave those to him, six months later [he] said he couldn’t find the deeds; and therefore a search went [was undertaken] to recover the information that was missing.
      “Based on the information that we captured, the deeds and everything with her name on it, seems [not] to be in place. Information at the Archives and Land Registry are missing, removed or stolen or destroyed, and new titles have been popping up all over the place with no clear title.”
      Mitchell said all he wanted now was for “the police investigations which started in 2010 and were stopped after late Prime Minister David Thompson died, to resume and to get the findings”.
      He told Barbados TODAY there was a need for an audit of certain government departments, including Land Tax, Land Registry, Archives and National Insurance to get clarity on the various files and documents related to the inherited estate of Violet Beckles. (EJ)

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