The Teacher: O to be Worthy

Ronald Jones, Minister of Education promised 3,000 bursaries...

Ronald Jones, Minister of Education promised 3,000 bursaries…

BU wishes to express disappointment no Barbadian teacher was nominated to be considered for the 2016 Global Teacher Prize. Thousands of nominations, with a capital T, were submitted from 148 countries.


The objective of the Varkey Foundation by supporting the prize is to engender discussion about the critical role of the teacher. If there is no pride felt by the teaching profession to motivate a nomination of a local teacher surely the USD one million dollar prize should have been enough to motivate the most lethargic of manager in the education sector in Barbados?

Teacher’s Professional Day is celebrated annually in Barbados. Billions of dollars have been allocated to the national budget ‘to produce citizens who are well-balanced, disciplined, industrious, creative, self-reliant persons who can think critically and function effectively in a modern society.’ – Ministry of Education Website. The foregoing begs the question, why were there no applications submitted from Barbados based the postings on the Global Teacher Prize website?

What metric should Barbados implement to ensure a fair ROI is received from the investment taxpayers continue to plough into education?  The inability of the leadership in Barbados to be motivated to submit an application for one or two teachers to the 2016 Global Teacher Prize is a worrying indicator any way it is viewed. From all reports this prize, in its second year,  is considered by many as the Nobel Prize of teaching.

If sceptics on the blog believe this is a harsh critique about the level of intelligence at play in Barbados – BU understands from a reliable source that a conscientious Barbadian was able to secure sponsorship of $30,000 to develop and deliver a customized course about Telecoms and Internet Regulations targeting the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) and the Telecommunications Unit.  The Human Resources Manager at the FTC indicated they were not interested. Have we not heard public lamentation by FTC senior managers about the lack of training?

Why Barbadians should be more worried?

Twenty five FTC, Telecoms Unit and other ICT related organizations employees were encouraged to signup  for the course, only seven finished the course, 18 dropped out claiming they were too busy or the course was too difficult. On a positive note, one young lady from the Telecoms Unit who finished the course was awarded an Ambassadorship by the sponsor, and represented them in Brazil at a global conference on policy regulation.

We need to have a critical look at the education schema. There is something not right with the finished product. We need to up our game IF we want to produce a nucleus of the workforce who are ready for the global market.

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  1. Only just this week one Mr. Broome’s was complaining about the lack of vision afflecting those charged with overseeing the system.

    Do you just nominate for nominating sake?

  2. Isn’t that nomination a matter for the Ministry of Education? This Government is not supplying figures, etc. for many things it should. They talk so much about everything and it all stays as it is – just talk.

    I hope that the Minister of Tourism has noted that Cuba – which he said he is not worried about – gained one of the Tripadvisor top 10 for destinations for 2015! Let me hear what has to say now!

  3. Those that presently “excel” in the current system see no reason to change it. It works for them and that is all that matters. Until these ” best and brightest” stop exploiting said system for personal gain and recognize that it is failing the country, no teacher from Barbados will deserve nomination for this award. Too many children are just attending school because the law says they must and nobody cares.

  4. The prize operates under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.
    Presumably Donald Trump would ban it.

  5. No teacher in Barbados (in Government schools) is worthy of such a nomination…! Why, because they lack commitment and drive in getting students to learn! The students that I’ve spoken to have little or no regards for the adult standing in front of them…!
    I could rattle on, but it pains me!!!

  6. If children cannot learn the way we teach; maybe we should learn to teach the way they learn…! The young teachers and undergraduates standing in front of our children haven’t a clue!

  7. Small minds coupled with the crab mentality in adults will be the death knell of any progress for the island, unfortunately, the same practices and mindset are passed on from one generation to the next without any break from the cycle.

    As someone said recently those politicians people are not leaders, they are only in charge. True leaders know better and act accordingly. The outside world is not only taking notice of the behaviors but have some comments on it, maybe that will make a difference or not, they may justify stupidity by calling it human nature.

  8. @ Dragon
    Hearing postponed until early next year allow Jack one last Trini Christmas before he goes off to ‘Guantanamo’ to start his singing career….
    The verses of his many songs should be interesting…. especially the one on Barbados….

  9. Jeff Bromes was a poor administrator and equally poor when dealing dealing with teachers under his watch. To now hold him up as an example of what an educator or education system should be is a very sick joke.

  10. A nomination for a world prize is in order for Mary Redman there is nowhere in the universe where you find a more cantankerous, disagreeable teacher. The b**ch is unbearable. What in heavens name do young impressionable minds learn from this misery driven woman. BU you have the go ahead to give her a world prize.

  11. Jeff Bromes was a poor administrator and equally poor when dealing dealing with teachers under his watch
    That may be so, but deny that the man has not been consistent in his efforts “‘to produce citizens who are well-balanced, disciplined, industrious, creative, self-reliant persons who can think critically and function effectively in a modern society.”

    The mere fact that he sees the current system as broken would cause consternation among many of the teachers under his watch. Far too many are contented to just collect lesson money.

  12. The teachers presently control the system. How is that for effective administration?

    Mr.Broomes seemed to have more vision than those walking the corridors of the Ministry.

  13. @ Box Cart,
    It is quite interesting that Bromes had massive problems at both schools. I don’t see how being bombastic and insulting to your staff can result in producing rounded citizens. Quite the opposite, in his case ,he created an adversarial environment thereby resulting in the students being exposed to negativity. He should have been fired after Alexandra but it is the same ministry, he now crticizes, and his political connections that kept him in the class room. We are really short on heroes when Bromes could be treated with such undeserved esteem.

  14. Quite the opposite, in his case ,he created an adversarial environment thereby resulting in the students being exposed to negativity.

    ++++> >++++>

    Got that right!!!

    That is why Parkinson’s results improved after he fist went to the school and declined this year. I seem to recall it being said that results at Alexandra were quite good while he was there, despite the adversarial environment.

    Then again I am not a teacher, so what do I know. If my boss is an ass and I am a professional one, you can bet your last dollar that one and all will feel my wrath and suffer the consequences of any adversarial environment.

    • If one us trying to break the status quo heads will of necessity be crushed. We might not agree with Broomes approach but it is difficult to see how one can buck the establishment and be popular read not black sheeped.

  15. @ Jeff Cumberbatch

    Before I write I am going to apologize to you for any slight against the Fear Trading Commission which you have the misfortune to chair, I beg you think of this my brief remark like that of Amused, as per Balance’s interpretation of the former’s “blows” on on of your recent blogs.

    Were the FTC staff offered free S6 smartphones? and reduced monthly cellular charges? for had that been the case, they would assuredly have been allowed to participate in this programme by their boss Ms. Griffith. I wonder if she and Erine Griffith the Chief Immigration Officer are family? Certainly what they might lack hereditarily they made up for intellectually!!!

    My apologies Mr. Cumberbatch, you only inherited the donkey cart but did nor rear the donkey.

    @ William Skinner

    Normally I am one to support you wholeheartedly because your post, particularly with regard to education, are well elucidated but today, I have to strongly disagree with you one on the basis of one premise alone, you assertion that Mr. broomes “created an adversarial climate thereby resulting in the students being exposes to negativity ”

    This as you know, is unfair for Mr. Broomes, notwithstanding his people skills, just like Jeff Cumberbatch, came and inherited the ubiquitous “donkey”.

    This phenomena of underachievers and sheeple is really about 90% of our population

    Seriously dear writer, you area not posing the question as per why the current Minister of Edukashun, Ronald the chilrun are is readin well WeJonsing is not on the forefront of any Global Activity of worth!!!

    Remember he is one of this lot of “perambulating female rabbits” who the free bus rides for all the schoolchildrun and then, had to turn around and discontinue the free school books programme because the former vote catching gimmick wiped out the latter critical component of schooling.

    So the childrun is are at school today but dem ent go no books to read from!!!

  16. I am of the view that Broomes’ problems were of a more fundamental nature.He brought to the classroom only what he saw and imbibed as a child.He never saw the weakness inherent in his ‘billingsgate’ style approach to managing human resources entrusted to his care by an unsupervising education department now run by former bombastic,tyrannical members of the hierarchy of a Teachers’ Union.Broomes was a monumental failure as an administrator,as was Matthew Farley.They think they literally ….fought the good fight,gave the education ministry ‘6 for the bit’ and now want me to believe that they deserve a knighthood.Good riddance you humbugs.
    Last night I saw the principal of QC on the DLPTV.Firstly,someone should tell him how to dress,how to choose colours which blend and not blind.Secondly,someone should tell him how to speak in public,tone of voice,facial expression,body language etc.Spitting into a microphone is for a political ‘flatform’.Thirdly,I thought the principal was out of place to suggest the matter of returning to separate boys’ and girls’ schools
    should not be entertained.I am very opposed to it and think it should be abandoned forthwith.You don’t mix the sexes at primary nor secondary level.I had the experience of having to deal with a male teacher at a well known secondary school who invited my 14 year old daughter to lunch!!Females should teach females in an all female setting.Similarly,male teachers in an all male setting.I had the pleasure at secondary level of walking to school with the young ladies and leaving them at their school gate.I couldn’t concentrate on the curriculum with them in my class room.I found it difficult at times at tertiary level and in the workplace..Women always know what they are about.Not so a man..he’s a sucker for some of the games women play on men.

  17. I couldn’t concentrate on the curriculum with them in my class room.I found it difficult at times at tertiary level and in the workplace.

    ++++> >++++>

    Thankfully all males were not similarly afflicted. Opposing Co-education simply because boys are distracted by pretty young girls is misguided to say the least.

    It does not get any better late in life, so young boys have to learn how to focus. It will serve them in good stead.

    You eva keep sheep? You ever try separating the sexes?
    Well leh muh tell yuh big man. You duz gaw be buying rope all de time and every morning, you duz gaw be fixing back de pen.

  18. All like now, big able hard-backed men are being distracted by pretty young girls. It is a fact of life. Yuh cud run but yuh caan hide from um.

  19. @ Raw Bake
    Thankfully all males were not similarly afflicted.
    It don’t affect batty boys – in fact with less boys in class they are less distracted ‘ent’ it? … they tend to do well academically …DESPITE co-education….that probably explains a lotta the sissies parading around the damn place…

    @ Gabriel
    Excellent assessment ..except for your overly harsh judgement of Broomes and Farley. When confronted with a shiite system, it is NOT necessary for a mover and shaker to be absolutely pure and clean….. often, just being ‘ingrunt’ is a good start…

    Our system is DESIGNED to fail, ….and in that regard, is succeeding extremely well.
    Putting a ‘normal’ 14 year-old boy in a class with healthy 14 year-old girls …day after day… and expecting him to concentrate on English and Maths is about as intelligent as selling off all your National Assets and expecting that the new owners will give you the profits.
    This approach is designed to destroy true manhood; promote the effeminate and females.

    It is working well…
    Only complete and utter brass bowls could sit down and destroy their OWN future so deliberately…..

  20. At the end of the day Matthew Farley’s vision of discipline is straight out of Charles Dickens’ England . Whenever religion is used as the foundation of discipline , it leads to psychological damage.
    Jeff used to be anti-status quo but changed dramatically when he found himself among the same status quo he and others such as Mr. Ronald Jones vehemently criticized as trade unionists. Bromes , Farley and Jones are all trying to suck up to the powers that be. In Bromes’ case it back fired on him and he just went on an pathetic PR exercise.
    All three of them are just opportunists .

  21. @ Skins…
    All three of them are just opportunists
    Just like almost EVERYONE of the other 270,000 of the brass bowls bout here skippa….
    You were expecting Moses and Aaron?

    Unlike the others, they at least STOOD UP and cried fowl…..
    ..about possibly the SINGLE largest piece of shiite infesting this country…
    – The Education system.

    Even if they are flawed, nothing prevents the perfect among us from pointing them in the right direction …and pelting some stones with them…

  22. @William Skinner December 11, 2015 at 10:33 AM #

    Whenever religion is used as the foundation of discipline , it leads to psychological damage.

    I would amend that… removing discipline and inserting anything…… e.g. The USA.

  23. @ Bush Tea,
    For the record, can you just say what they stood up for and what they cried fowl against?
    You obviously are unfamiliar with those who have been calling for a reform of the education system since the 70s. Ironically Bromes , Jones and Farley , were there in the forefront along with others. I would say that Jones always made it known that his ambition was to be a parliamentarian. Farley was very interested in the St John seat. As I said Bromes underwent a very unfortunate metamorphosis and the rest is history.
    Let me add whereas I now have a bone to pick with them, they are all fine men. They would appreciate that there is nothing personal here. I cannot question their personal integrity and I know that they are all extremely excellent teachers . Just setting the record straight.

  24. @ William
    For the record, Bushie can say what he THINKS they stood up for…
    …and it was for what THEY HONESTLY THOUGHT were needed changes in the education system, as a result of falling standards.

    Obviously what they may have considered to be important needed changes would probably have been of little more actual value than what any other one of us also thought …or thinks, BUT what was different about THEM was that, as teachers WITHIN the system, they dared to articulate their dissatisfaction with the status quo…. and actually tried to make changes..incurring the ire of authorities.

    Now if you want to debate the value of the changes tried that is fine, but YOU YOURSELF have vouched for their personal integrity and professionalism as teachers….. What more can you have honestly expected? …..Wuh they ain’t bushmen… 🙂

    As you probably know, step one in the change process is DIS-satisfaction with the status quo. Somewhere down the road there is room to ‘fine tune’ a new vision. In that regard therefore, they were excellent pioneers in critiquing the co-ed education mess that we have developed.

    BTW …Who are those who have been “calling for a reform since the 70’s” bozie…?
    …and what reform was that….?
    Wuh Bushie would have joined that association long ago…

  25. @Bush Tea December 11, 2015 at 10:45 AM “Unlike the others, they at least STOOD UP and cried fowl…”

    Or do you mean cried “foul”

    50 of the Best Teachers Join Forces

    Please note that 31 (that is about 2/3) of these best teachers are women. And yet here on BU we are discussing Jeff, Ronald, Mathew, the male head of Queen’s College, as though the teaching profession is an old boy’s club

    As though we don’t understand that if we in Barbados had to choose the best 50 teachers we would also find that about 2/3 of those best teachers are also women.

    So who are the excellent women teachers in Barbados?

    Name then BU.

    Honour them BU.

    • @Simple

      You does post some ish sometimes. Here we are discussing why in the Caribbean and Barbados we were unable to nominate worthy teachers to enter for this global prize and you come with the gender base shite.

  27. Dear David:

    I did not “come up with gender based sh!te” I noted truthfully that about 2/3 of the people nominated for the prize referenced in your article are women. And I posted the link to verify this.

    Did I lie David?

    Did I make up the almost 2/3 number?

    For the first time on this blog somebody [you] has hurt my feelings.

  28. Instead of wasting our time writing about Ronald and Jeff and Matthew, and the guy at Queen’s College (all has-beens or soon to be has-beens) should we not be talking about the 25 to 40 year old excellent female teachers who we know are out there?

    And maybe lobby to nomnate one or more of them for next years competition?

  29. @ Simpleton

    As one of the women talking bout “de men promoting men and not women”, you doan tink dat you cudn’t have mentioned the name of at least one of the women?

    You does talk some “ish” in trufe doah

  30. “You don’t mix the sexes at primary nor secondary level.I had the experience of having to deal with a male teacher at a well known secondary school who invited my 14 year old daughter to lunch!!Females should teach females in an all female setting.Similarly,male teachers in an all male setting.I had the pleasure at secondary level of walking to school with the young ladies and leaving them at their school gate.I couldn’t concentrate on the curriculum with them in my class room.I found it difficult at times at tertiary level and in the workplace..”

    Gabriel I think you are in the wrong part of the world, why don’t you go and live in Saudi Arabia?

  31. I will excuse Mr Broomes disciplinary actions as one of ignorance coming from an philosophical brand of “old school ” mentality defined as spare not the rod and spoil the child / man or woman
    Unfortunately his biggest failure and one which has tarnished and over shadowed his image was his dictatorial persuasion so sad especially when he had and has given so much of his scholastic abilities to this country
    As a matter of fact on his trek to Parkinson it was one of those moments when he tried shedding and removing the cloak of discontent but found that the environment of social and economical disparages in that school was a mountain too hard to climb which had tried his patience and forcing him back to a dark place of errors and clashes with parents and pupils .
    As for closure Mr. Broomes believes that he has established himself well enough to be merited for those good things he and should never be disciplined for those wrongs he have done
    So sad that a man who had and has given so so much of his scholastic energy would remain shrouded in an image of discipline bufoonary and dis contention
    He cannot be a Happy Man

  32. Raw Bake

    This idea that co-education does not work because dem little power-puffs does twitch dem little bottoms in de classroom and mek de male species of the human genus lose concentration is bare hogwash.

    Down at St. Leonard’s when I attended there in de late 70s and early 80s, de school wasn’t co-educated, but de girls school and de boy school was located on de same compound… have you ever hare such madness?

    And de boys and girls founded unique ways to engaged in sexual relation still, so de power tah be at de time decided that de girls would eat lunch at 12:00pm and de boys at 1:00pm after de girls done eat, but that en all… though, girls were to be released from school for de evening at 3:00pm and de boys at 3:30pm to avoid any hanky panky.

    Boy let mah tell yah, that only made matter worse becausing the pregnancy rate shot up exponentially or is it astronomically Piece?

    I don’t which one is contextually fitting; all I know was that like de Forbidden-Fruit de teachers and de administers had a big mess on they hands Piece becausing students were caught redhanded in de act on school grounds mah dear child.

    • Here we go discussing such matters from a perspective of emotion. Another discussing it from 70s perspective. Around and around we go.

  33. @ Simple Simon
    The damn man cried ‘FOWL’ …. mainly in relation to the lotta old hens he had to contend with….
    Why don’t you name the top teachers yourself? Women DO NOT rock boats, they will do WHATEVER they are told to do, by whoever is in charge…

    @ Islandgal
    Wait, …you man gone out and left the computer unlocked or wuh?
    Bushie heard that you got banned after eating all the food at the restaurant last birthday and then writing to criticise the place… ha ha ha LOL
    Bushie IS sexist …. so wuh?!?!
    …come up by the bush hut and see…. 🙂

    @ Dompey
    The idea of “little power-puffs does twitch dem little bottoms in de classroom” will be hogwash to you….
    Remember that batty-boys are immune…..

  34. Bushie,

    Speaking as a “mad ass, miserable” boat rocker I have to again disagree with you. I have always been known for “kicking against the PRICKS” . My CEO was livid at me when I told him that my allegiance was to the financial rules and not to him. He maintained that he was the CEO and I had to do as he said. I didn’t and his response was ALL OUT WAR in which he won the battle and I won the war. I set a chain in motion for the better. I can’t give any more details or my workmates will know who I am.

    I am known for challenging brass bowlery everywhere. That is why I am divorced and single for ages. I can’t find a non brass bowl man.

  35. David

    What’s wrong with discussing this particular topic from a 70s perspective? I speak to what I know, what I have lived, and what I have experienced, and therefore, sees my contribution here as beneficial to the discourse in some small respect.

    Moreover, I could have spoken about co-education from the perspective of my four American kids who were co-educated from the inception of they school years and I have never had a problem with it and I am quite sure many West Indian parents here like me have never really saw co-education as a problem in any respect.

  36. With respect to teachers, there is a small minority of teachers who still care about the children and do their utmost to enrich their lives. My son’s form teacher is one such woman. I would nominate her for any award. As for some of the others, I am gearing up to challenge them next term because I am having to home school my child. Some of the problem is the disruptive children but the rest is the don’t-carish teachers. The educational system is in dire need of a complete change in approach, curriculum and teaching method as well as personnel upgrade and retraining. Also a teacher evaluation system is crucial We are wasting our money right now. I would venture to say that most children in our school system are being demoralized and set up for failure in life. I am not worried about my son. He has me. I am really worried about those children with parents who don’t have the time or the ability or the vision that I have to steer their child in the direction where he or she can find his or her place in life. And as for the children with bad parents this system does more to destroy them than rescue them.

  37. Donna

    I sorry you wasn’t forty years younger because women of your sort really does something for man of my emotionally and intellectually making.

    Shame on de man who let this luminous crystal a loose; he must be crazy or someting.

  38. @ Donna
    Did Bushie not classify you as a freak long ago? 🙂

    @ Dompey
    …yuh mean your sons immune too…?
    poor fellas….
    Keep dem away from matches though….

  39. LOL @ Dompey
    The only thing that Donna could do for a man of your “emotionally emotionally and intellectually making” is to get a vet to put you down humanely….

    Eyes off PLEASE…!!!

    • @Dompey

      Will write this S L O W L Y.

      A vision and strategy must respond to the prevailing. In other words the vision of Errol Barrow will not apply to current reality.

  40. David
    I think to be on safe ground, in suggesting that Grantley Adams,Errol Barrow and Tom Adams all had a vision of a better Barbados and thus a better life for our people.We await the next messiah.Meanwhile we experience the pharasaic despots,charlatans and buffons.The liars,the corrupt,the albinos,the quislings……..

  41. Daivid

    The ideas of Jesus, Kant and Moses Miamonides still holds true today, so what’s your point? And doesn’t the Sacred Text tells us that there is nothing new under the sun?

    • @Dompey

      Are you brain dead? Here is question for you. Do you think the syllabus/curriculum in the 70s would be relevant to 2015 as far as today’s requirement to compete in today’s world is concerned?

  42. We await the next messiah.Meanwhile we experience the pharasaic despots,charlatans and buffons.The liars,the corrupt,the albinos,the quislings……..

    An Albino is a humanoid with a lack of melanin and is genetic condition.

    All other humanoids posses varying degrees of melanin,which is responsible for the different pigment tones.

  43. I have to add this though it doesn’t pertain to the topic here, but US Supreme Court Justice Scalia, brief dealt another blow to the Black psyche, and further reinforced the racist stereotype regarding the fact that Blacks just do not do well at elite universities.

    Arguments like these really troubles me because after four-hundred years of slavery, racial-apatheid, separate but equal societies and the killing of slaves who were caught learning to read, and write inadequate educational systems in the black communities of America , these people of European extraction expect blacks to compete on the same level as them.

  44. Justice Scalia, failed to take into account the fact that America a little over fifty years ago abandoned the practice of Separate but Equal/Racial Apartheid, and who could forget Governor Wallis statement: “Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation everyday.”

    And these same people who are trying to undermine the black intellect, fought vehemently to keep blacks out of the universities back in the 1960s.

  45. @ Dompey
    …and why should Blacks not be on par with Whites in elite universities?

    Admittedly, it is true that over the last 400 years we have suffered systematic brutality; deliberate elimination of our best human specimens; deliberate inbreeding of a slavery mentality; fractured families; enforced exposure to foreign religions; foods; norms; and an ingrained self-hatred…

    But shiite Domps…Scalia must be able to see that class is class… and that despite all the odds, in a mere 50 years, it is a reasonable expectation that Blacks should be up there with those who, over that same 400 years, enjoyed the VERY BEST that life is able to offer…

    Perhaps he is guided by what he sees in all the other areas where Blacks have been allowed to compete on a relatively level playing field…. like in sport, music, arts, etc…

    The ‘problem’ with those so-called ‘elite’ universities is that their standards of excellence continue to be white-centric, and as such, to be intrinsically foreign to the REALLY brilliant Black….

    “on par shiite…”
    Bushie had a ball in Europe…. 🙂

  46. Bush Tea

    what would it take to make UWI an elite institution? Does it matter where a student learns about crystalline structures or differential equations or thermodynamics or whatever? Does the knowledge change in relation to where it is taught?

    Why should UWI cost so much? Everything (and I mean everything) can be accessed via the internet. So UWI does not have a monopoly on knowledge. As I understand basic economics, the value of a thing is related to its availability. The more freely available something is, the lower the thing is valued.

  47. This made national news in America this week: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is taking heat for comments he mde from the bench that some are calling racist.

    While questioning a lawyer during oral arguments in Fisher vs. University of Texas, a case that has potential to derail affirmative action, Justice Scalia suggested that the practice might actually harm blacks students by putting them into a scholastic environment for which they are not academically prepared.

    Justice Scalia when onto and stated that there are those who contend that it does not benefit blacks to get into the University of Texas, where they do not do well, as apposed to having them go to lesser advance schools” a slower track school where they do well” Scalia Dec 9.

  48. @ Ping Pong
    UWI had the potential to be a world class university.

    It would have required a regional vision from way back in the 70’s, one that was based on the genuine pursuit of excellence; on the promotion of MERIT as a regional policy; and on having a GLOBAL vision of what true education means.

    Once we descended into the usual inter-island insularity with appointments, and created the petit little fiefdoms such as CXC and the other regional playthings of the mediocre among us, all hope was gone.

    A world class university would also have required us building a mentality of excellence from primary school level – even kindergarten, but with the general level of idiots that have occupied our political landscape over the years, such thinking would have been as likely as successfully reasoning with AC…. HOPELESS… lol

    On the other hand, can you begin to imaging the BENEFITS that would have been derived from having such a university? …and from the potentiality of the local graduates…?

    Shiite man!! we would make Singapore look like amateurs… 🙂

  49. Bush Tea
    the frustrating thing is that Singapore did precisely what you have suggested. Singaporeans now prefer to go to their universities in preference to the Harvards and MITs!!!

  50. @ Domps

    You do know that readers realize that you are copying the comments that De Ingrunt Word made on that recently on another BU blog?

    You do need to try not to do that Domps

    @ Ping Pong

    For UWI to become an elite institution they need to replace all the BUHKHVNTS mentalities at the level of Dean forthwith

    They need to disband the entrenched practice of appointing the pooch suckers which manifests itself in the abject reverence that students are expected to pay to them.

    They need to breed an attitude where intellectual challenge is the norm.

    @ the Blogmaster

    You have to recall the two modes of Dompy.

    Barbados in the 70’s when Albert Sealy had cause to beat his donkey wild and “the UNITED SATES OF AMURICA is the bes place in the world because…”

    On another note, specificall that video with Stinkliar.

    Can you believe that shy.te that the ingrunt minister of finants drop at the Garrison??

    I forgot where it was in that exercise of patience but the clown actually used “emerged” an intransitive verb which as you know can only express a doable activity like arrive, go, lie, sneeze as if it were a transitive verb which cannot have a direct object receiving the action.

    “emerged minds” or some sorta buhkhuntery like that. Imagine me saying “I arrived them buses, or I sneezed the handkerchief, he and Ronald We Jonesing (the chilrun are is reading well) got to be family..

    Gabriel or Amused, wunna is latin scholars, give that Garrison “scholar” a lesson in how it is impossible to use that verb in this way

  51. The justice is smoking something or terribly mistaken if he thinks that the University of Texas is an elite university. It is a good state university, that’s all.

    • Some of you quoting Scalia are aware he was reading from a brief perpared to plain the concept of ‘mismatch’?

  52. @ Bush Tea

    We are starting to sound too much alike. even so much so that we are responding to the same brassbowls in the same vein of thought.

    Simpleton, Domps…

    Den we got de same respect for Donna.

    We does speak quasi reverently to Caswell and Jeff Cumberbatch, both of whom we beleive should be in politics

    De only body dat we doan see eye tuh eye wid is De Ingrunt Word.

    In he bettah moment for 90% of de time he does be spot on but den, and I blame it pun de weather in Canada, he will deviate a little

    And you does lef me good girlfriend alone, SSS unlike Lawson (doah he been good recently) and doan send de ole mans tuh dens of cyberspace iniquity like de nex Canadian Hants at de Diaspora Conner

    Well I ent got nuffin to say bout Legion and AC dat goes widout even mentioning a word… casing i ent able fuh she tuh cuss me dis saturdey night

  53. @ Bush Tea

    Whu you tink bout me Grandaughter Lovely (LikeLovetoHatredTurned)?

    She adopted but she does be kicking like Colonel Buggy. Short and to de point (she is 5ft 10ins I see she at de airport, and I bump into she … dem is respectful dots. I ent know how tall Colonel Buggy is)

    De only ting I got gainst she is she name, yesirreeee it is de same quotation dat Fumbles Effing Van Winkle de Sleeping Giant use in Parliament when he was talking bout de honourable speaker from St Peter and the 3S highway robbery scam…

    You see de video? you do realize dat Own Arfur cant wink one eye and left the other one open AT THE SAME TIME?…


    2016 Best Colleges in America

    The Niche 2016 Best Colleges Ranking is a comprehensive assessment of more than 1,100 U.S. colleges based on millions of statistics and student reviews. Unlike other college rankings, Niche rankings go beyond basic statistics and strive to capture the student and alumni realities at each college.

    University of Texas not seen here.

  55. In response to what you said Simple.

    This blog, just like your blog speaks to “elite” in the context of “The Best Colleges & Universities in Texas for 2015”

    Now lest this becomes an exercise in “How Statistics Lie” I put it to you that if you were to use the search engine Google or Dogpile that the list of “elite” would regrettably have some completely different names based on the author.

    Unless of course you wish to say that IS THE DEFINITIVE AUTHORITY ON ELITE COLLEGES IN AMERICA!!

    I will not end my submission and say as others do, ‘sImple by name. simple by nature.” being as they are ad hominem or ad homiwumens…

    It is Saturday night and de Manadm gone tuh sleep and de ole man gots time pun he hands, so to speak, being as I am in de departure lounge….

  56. @ Piece
    We can only hope that this is a case of minds thinking alike rather than the kinds that seldom differ.
    We good with Dee Word too…. He is one of bushie’s top bloggers ….which is why he is called to court whenever he slip into that lukewarm, amorphous, Canadian mode of appeasement.
    WRT your lovely grand daughter, Bushie is just looking on in awe…. You sure she adopted? sounds like a chip off the old block yuh….
    Wunna old tricksters were known to have some ‘adopted’ children that would have passed the DNA tests… 🙂

    @ Simple Simon
    Wait, you very soft this evening … been tasting the rum cake have you?
    Bushie used the terms ‘petit little’ tonight with the expectation that you would jump all over that redundancy… perhaps after a cup of coffee??
    ..unless you are in a ‘fowl’ mood…. ha ha ha LOL

    BTW Simple…
    You must know that the Niche thing is a lotta shiite right?
    What millions of statistics what?
    …mean like ‘which college have the prettiest girls’? ..the best campus food? .. best parking etc?
    The MAIN focus of high level education should be to produce cutting edge thinkers and DOERS who go on to improve society and the world.

    Name one of the ‘millions of statistics’ that captures THAT reality….
    Niche is about where to have a good time and yet get a reputable degree that can enrich you with the least possible effort.

  57. This should tickle yah fancy: in one of Justice Scalia briefs, he made mentioned of the fact that most “Blacks Scientists” in America don’t come from schools like Texas, they come from lesser schools where they do not feel that they’re being pushed ahead in classes that are to fast for them. A direct assaulted on the black intellect!

    Now, one could only surmised that a statistical inquiry has led Justice Scalia to concluded that blacks do better in lesser universities, but them again, would you expect any better from Justice Scalia? He lives in a country which prides itself on Statistical-Racism, ( there is such a thing Bushie; check it out) when it comes to blacks in America and anywhere in the wider world.

  58. David

    Oh please give me a break! I am basing my criticisim of Justice Scalia from the wide array of views expounded by the blacks intellectuals on CNN earlier this week, who founded his comments racist.

  59. David

    I am assuming that you’re a lawyer and that you’re therefore qualified to speak with some authority on this issue?

  60. @ the Blogmaster

    I went to de church early. We had was to discuss my withdrawal from de Feed my Sheeps causing me behaviour Fridey. So I hey early. It only teach me at me ole age dat de customer is always right.

    De food getting warm. Any man (like “Dompey”) who has difficulty spelling his own appointed name “Domey” and throws a “d” or “ed” behind every verb for good measure, is not someone to be argued with.

    Some people fall into the category of “their specialty is being right when other people are wrong…” and some fall in the other group…

    Before i start I have not copied this from the wise William Skinner… I want to talk bout “Edutech and Metrics”

    Here is a “tiefed” excerpt from a WorldBank document about the same Edu_Teck fiasco which, in addition to mentioning the cost US $213 million smackeroos of the fiasco, says…

    “Over the last decade, Barbados has launched an ambitious program of education reform, EduTech 2000, which features a strong ICT component. The US$213 million EduTech project has experienced significant delays in its civil works component, with those delays reflected in delays in ICT implementation. In contrast, major EduTech activities—reforming the primary and secondary curricula and providing ICT-focused TPD—have been implemented
    to some extent, and have introduced increased use of learner-centered pedagogies. As of
    2007, EduTech ICT planning has been revised and the project is moving forward with installation of classroom- and lab-based computers.”


    Now I need not mention that US $213 M smackeroos is almost 1/2 billion dollars, neither would de ole man say like other peeple saying dat de people dat organise EDUTECH get real rich, realy quick, nor will I mention that, jes maybe, dis is part uh de reason dat certain peeples therefore CANT object too strenuously against the CAHILL DownLowe thievery.

    You know how if you is a tief tings got a way uh coming back to haunt you but de ole man wants wunna to focus pun “Edutech and Metrics”

    Metrics is a method of measuring something. So Wikipedia from which de ole man does copy all me topics say dat “A performance metric is that which determines an organization’s behavior and performance. Performance metrics measure an organization’s activities and performance….”

    To interpret, dat mean de same ting dat Sir COW saying bout de niggas dem. Dem loafing at he place, but because uh metrics, cameras and snitches “he knows which uh de slaves wukking and mekking he proud uh tekking dem from de former state, dat was one set uh clothes pun dem back.” Of course he went on to say dat if it wa not fuh he dat dem wu d not ha get no car, tuh whichin de carpark dat he build fuh dem tekking up space.. So even Sir COW got metrics tuh measure de works uh de slaves.

    @ Bush Tea

    Ent you tink it strange dat Bizzy, causing he frighten to get brand wid he family recent remarks, rush and gi’ way shares to de nex batch uh slaves, to appease de public? Is dere any trufe to whu peeple saying bout “he using dis papah shares and deferred money, tuh fool de natives, right befo de Xmas bonuses due. Whu aftah all Bush Tea, he cud say “if wunna got shares, dat doan spend in Broad Street, doan tell me dat wunna want bonuses too???” I was wundering if to pose dat question to De Ingrunt Word in Canada, or a True Freeman, I was gine axe Justin Robinson but dem get warn way from BU

    @ De Blogmaster

    De ole man does get carry way. I sorry bout dat, bad manners

    Whu I did talking bout? Metrics!!

    The following things may inform on metrics for the teaching profession or a tool that shows us how effective is we teaching

    1) content expertise – the calibre/output undergoes peer review or is reviewed by informed experts, (experts which our system does not have)
    2) instructional design skills; whose output department heads and MoE supervisors with content expertise can inform on (Ooops, dat is another tier of HR which successive MoE administrations have never had, becuasing de Minister always appointing he family, or ingrunt peeple who voted fuh he, at the Ministry instead of qualified HR)
    3) instructional delivery skills – the output of which can be quantified and informed by students (“de teacher feeling up my botsie”) department head (who ignoring the student complaints about the teacher and de student botsie) or MoE staff member tasked with assessing Instructional Delivery Skills (and who also conveniently ignore said complaints cause they and the teacher are good friends)
    4) instructional assessment skills – the output of which students’ perceptions and reactions to various aspects of the instructor’s delivery, (Mr Gibson is a good teacher”) SBA and CXC results (showing that Mr. Gibson is a good teacher while teacher x, whose main focus is still on my 14 year old’s botsie, is not).

    This is now appointments for permanent teacher positions sould be made not on the DLP headmasters and their lackey department heads reporting who is a B and who is a D.

  61. Now dat de ole man done write dat long story and ting bout metrics, I wants to axe wunna a $1,000 question.

    Wanna know dat aid all de money diem spend, not one cent went get spend pun and such metrics tool? nothing to quantify what that $500 million in education, a year, impacts on de curriculum or if were is more Garrison students who down know where to put a decimal point!!.

    In all de $213 million Amurican dollars fuh dat IDB loan you would believe dat dere wasn’t any system dat connect up dese cuntputers, at all de refurbished renovated schools dem, dat show when a student turn on dem cuntputer, log into de system, tek a test, get mark by dem teacher, get comments mek by de teacher, record when de parents look pun de cuntputer scores and remarks from de same teacher, and any udder teacher at dem school?

    You know dat dere ent nuffin dat leh de MoE see how de Head uh de Department interact wid de same teacher work plan, see how de head mastah, instead uh looking at de parent bumpy pok**, review he teachers dem wuk?

    You know dat dere ent no system dat show how de “experts” at de Ministry of Edukshun look at de Headmastah and de nuff secondary schools, and all dem teachers progress reports, or dem students wuk, nuffin to examine de metrics and de impact uh de $213 million Amerian dollars dem…??

    Of course we got one Redman woman and a bunch uh teachers striking bout Broomes while we Minister of Edukashun, Ronald WeJonesing of “de children are is reading well” getting if front uh de CBC cameras and pompasetting

    Wunna unnerstand what shy.te we in doah? when neider de BLP shy.tes dat design dis EDUTECH, nor de udder vagabunts dat now managing it, ent got a EFFING CLUE bout whu a $500 million system is supposed to do?

    Where we heading doah?? The Teacher O Be Worthy!!

  62. Piece

    Dompey’s common errors validates unequivocately and categorically that he was fashioned by the unblemished-hands of an all perfect God, who in all of His widom and majesty, clothed him with certain imperfections common to human species.

    Which leads me to end with this perennial-dictum: “To error is human, but to forgive is divine.”

    • @Dompey

      Which leads me to end with this perennial-dictum: “To error is human, but to forgive is divine.

      To Err is Human

      It goes something like this:

  63. David, etymologically, Err and Error means to go astray;to make mistakes, so in essence, the fundamental usage of both words are quite similar. And furthermore, there is an argument yet to be had in the academic world, as to whether or not the word “err” is antiquated in its usage in our present era.

  64. LOL
    ha ha ha
    Ohh shiirttt!!

    Dompey like he wear you out at last David…..
    ha ha ha Wuh Bushie thought you had the patience of Job…..

    …see now why Bushie does just cuss his ass and move on…. 🙂
    Muh belly!!!

  65. @Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right December 12, 2015 at 10:38 PM “Unless of course you wish to say that IS THE DEFINITIVE AUTHORITY ON ELITE COLLEGES IN AMERICA!!…It is Saturday night and de Manadm gone tuh sleep and de ole man gots time pun he hands

    @Bush Tea December 12, 2015 at 10:44 PM “Simple Simon Wait, you very soft this evening … been tasting the rum cake have you? Bushie used the terms ‘petit little’ tonight with the expectation that you would jump all over that redundancy… perhaps after a cup of coffee??”:

    (See note below addressed to piece)

    Dear Piece: So sorry that I could not entertain you last night…but as Bushie discovered I had a little rum cake and then a cup of coffee too.

    Maybe I should not have put that fresh lime juice and more than a little rum in the coffee?


    No I did not say nor did I intend to say that is the definitive authority on American colleges. Many U.S. college rankings are published…I’ve NEVER seen the University of Texas make the top 10 in anybody’s list.

  66. “Were the FTC staff offered free S6 smartphones? and reduced monthly cellular charges? for had that been the case, they would assuredly have been allowed to participate in this programme by their boss Ms. Griffith. I wonder if she and Erine Griffith the Chief Immigration Officer are family? Certainly what they might lack hereditarily they made up for intellectually!!!”

    I do not know what is the purpose of setting up supposedly regulatory bodies like the Fair Trading Commission and the Office of Public Counsel when my interaction with them in recent times tend to suggest that they seem to fear the very bodies they are supposed to regulate. I would really like to see Bro Caswell heading one of these gutless bodies.
    It is inconceivable that Flow can unilaterally stop putting a breakdown of charges for calls made internationally on the bills of customers. In other words , customers are obligated to pay for charges without supporting evidence otherwise their services would be disrupted and not a whimper of protest from the fearful or fairless trading commission and from commentators on BU as well.

  67. Wait! A letter from Grenville is in the Nation making a case for professionals in general and praising up the doctors. I like I ain’t going get to vote if this is the nonsense he spouting. The best treatment I ever got from a doctor here is from one who recently returned from working most of his professional life in Jamaica and the US. And my lawyer is a Trini, not a Bajan. There is a reason for both my choices. Enough said!

  68. Wunna dun know dat de ole man is an revolutionary in udder places dat wud be called an anarchist- enemy of de state.

    But being 14 years above de three score years and ten give de ole man license.

    Quo Vadis?

    “…When a talented tutor is offered $11m to jump ship to a rival teaching house, you appreciate the importance Hong Kong places on education.

    And why not? Education is big business across Asia. Ditto profits: gains at Beacon Group, current home of the fought-after super-tutor Lam Yat-yan, almost doubled in the two years to the end of July and there are plenty of people who would argue this is money well spent…”


    To have the vision and conviction require for a true nation builder to have taken part of that US $213 million earmarked for that waste foop Edutech exercise in 2000 and place 250 of our best, brightest polyglots/educators into a reverse “colonization” Chinese total immersion course and send those of our brilliant minds to Hong Kong or “where de money at”, would be beyond Mia Mottley, the so called brilliant mind that so many of our pundits here on BU accord her homage as the Moses in waiting

    No sireeee, she too bright, having held positions of Minister of Education during that Illuminat/Edutech rape, having also been Attorney General, having also been Deputy Prime Minister and now Leader of the Opposition and Troika.

    No it would be too much for her profound brilliance to design a programme that 15 years ago would have potentially eclipsed the $700 money dat dese udder DLP Buhkvnts trying to screw we the bajan populace with – Cahill Wasted Energy.

    Of course we don’t expect too much from our current Minister of Edukashun Ronald WeJonesing the chilrun are is reading well.

    We are a people sandwiched between the fabled Symplegades, the deadly Clashing Rocks (or islands) that stood at the narrow passage between the Propontis (Sea of Marmara/BLP) and the Euxine(Black Sea/DLP) with no Athene strong enough to hold these incompetents apart as the try to destroy the ship Argo (our country Barbados) in which we flounder

  69. And, in all fairness to Codrington College and Flo, and Lime and Sandy Lane our inept Ministry of Labour, THE CENSUS DEPARTMENT, aided and abetted by Erine Griffith Chief Immigration Officer STILL DO NOT HAVE ANY INTERCONNECTED INFORMATION SYSTEM THAT ALLOWS ANY ONE OF THEM THE ABILTY TO QUERY THE LIEDNESS OF THESE APPLICANTS.

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