Solving Our Own Problems

Submitted by William Skinner
Lloyd Best -

Lloyd Best

Sometimes in our collective wisdom, to demonstrate our intellect, we lose focus of the very same problems we are feverishly trying to solve. The failure of Caribbean thinkers to develop creative and sustainable models of development is now clear to all.

The future of vibrant and prosperous Caribbean economies will not be found in copying: Singapore, Cyprus or any such economies. The problems of our Caribbean educational system and more directly the University of the West Indies will not be solved by how universities in America or the United Kingdom are managed.

We have to recognize our unique position as a region that is slowly, and in some cases, successfully emerging from colonialism. Accompanying this desired emergence is a culture and approach to development that has not been properly analyzed. One of the few Caribbean thinkers, who tried to analyze this emergence and culture, was the late Lloyd Best of Trinidad and Tobago. There is a Caribbean civilization but we have opted to reduce it to how others define us and think we should be developed and managed.

This failure to accept ourselves has led to repeated blunders in not only how we confront our challenges but how we seek to overcome them. Hence, we seem to be constantly reinventing a wheel that is broken beyond repair. Most Caribbean nations have yet to design and develop a proper network of roads; proper public transportation; an enlightened approach to housing, public health and education. We have now reached the stage where the very existence of the University of the West Indies is being questioned by citizens.

In the mean time, in the absence of a comprehensive model of socio-economic development, we find ourselves, returning to the clutches of the International Monetary Fund and other predatory international financial institutions. Their representatives arrive and tell our leaders what policies to execute and when to execute them.

As we approach two hundred years of the abolition of slavery, we must look for regional solutions to the myriad of problems we now face. We have much to offer the world in all the economic areas, we are currently mismanaging but once we reduce regional discourse to nothing more than one-upmanship politics, our arrival at total socio-economic freedom may well be permanently delayed. Hence the failure to make CARICOM a more vibrant regional institution is one of our biggest failures in the post independence era.

The questions should very well be: Where do we intend to be in the next century? What are we trying to build? Where is the real road map? Unless we ponder on these things we would forever be held hostage: mentally, intellectually, socially and economically by those who seek to exploit our failure to create a new Caribbean nation.

Those who see us as being ready to be exploited or to become exploited by of another round of global imperialism are our true enemies. We, therefore, should listen to those citizens, who daily try to build and promote our own Caribbean civilization. If we are waiting on answers from New York, Hong Kong, London, Yale and Harvard, we are truly in a perilous state.

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  1. We had a great chance to solve our problems recently Charlie,..but the devil was in the details ….LOL, LOL LOL

  2. how do we solve our own problems.. hell we owe the problem solvers and they not going to let’s us forget or let’s the debt go, sorry too little too late the cat out the bag,, the other alternative might end up with heads getting crack. no place to run and no place to hide . as for the other carribbean nations they go steupse “we got we own problems! no time fuh holdimg hands now,

  3. The $115 million spent would be most useful today ac, don’t you think? But there again such details will never find daylight…..devils

  4. “successfully emerging from colonialism” Now here is the rubber … This is a true example of a false premise.

    Secondly, THERE IS NO WE … none, never was. “We” is a word that is utilised by those who seek to make consumers of a group. Political Parties are business entities. Churches are business entities. Retailers, health practitioners, vendors, accountants, law people, insurance people, bankers are business entities and their only target market, the only people that they seek to extract their wealth from, no matter where in the Caribbean you may find yourself, is WE …

  5. @ BAFBFP
    “…the only people that they seek to extract their wealth from, no matter where in the Caribbean you may find yourself, is WE ”
    …so what exactly are you saying Baffy? …that WE are really nothing but a collection of brass bowls, … into which every Tom Dick and Harry dip as they seek to enrich themselves….?

    Your language may be more refined, but you sounding just like Bushie yuh…! 🙂

    • The phenomena of Globalization has put paid to any idea of fashioning indigenous solutions to our problems.

  6. @ David
    Onions/ ac/ Miller etc we can understand…but Bushie has to confess to utter amazement that an intelligent man such as yourself has not yet, after many years of BU, recognized and accepted that we are SUNK. …it is clearly just a matter of time now…. What do you need David…..a smutlamp?

    Everything that we held dear. Everything that we dreamed of, worked for, sacrificed for……is slipping….surely, and not so slowly anymore.

    At what stage will you start to look beyond the mirage? Beyond the trinkets that we worshiped ….and beyond these non issues that entertain us daily on BU?

    What we are seeing is equivalent to the last term at school….people start to see the end of a comfortable phase of their lives and they desire to extend it….instead of looking and planning for the NEXT phase of work and adult life….

    • @Bush Tea

      Some of us understand the concept of the temporal, what we may not agree is evaluating time as a measurement. Your next phase – although an inevitability – maybe 1,000 years from now. If such is the case some of us still have to fashion our survival.

  7. Bush Tea

    I was communication with Skinner … and he is from the refined community. You pun de other hand over hear wah get say and pauperise the conversation … HA HA HA. 🙂

    Look. There is a National Consultation at the Hilton of Friday. Registration 8:30. Food and drink gallour at lunch time … FREE. Miss this and blame your self. Be there or be square …. Be there for the bear, I really don’ care, but be there … hear

    HA HA HA

  8. Of course David.
    Same comment was made by some on the Titanic….but the wise persons who said that then were not referring to the restart of the ship’s engines or the expulsion of the rising water below deck.. ..those fellows were heading for the lifeboats…. LOL

    • @Bushie

      It s a judgement all of will have to make and when we do the consequences which ensue.

  9. Man Bushie
    What’s wid you tonight?….you very terminal Like i got take you on ona my beaver huntsLOL….What last day of school what?… We all know things will return to ‘normal ‘as soon as we rid ourselves of some of these brassbowls you and the Miller have so well lampooned… as EZ as dat.. just watch….Man you need to have faith like onions…. Sometimes when I out on the high seas…. a squall may pass and the fish won’t bite..other times dey brekkin down D boat to get in….Life’s like dat Bushman…we got to roll wid d punches…always remember that child who sings “the sun will come up tomorrow ..what’s her name again? Upwards and onwards, lest you forget…lol

  10. how do WE solve our own problems.. that is a good question… bushie do you have an answer, the truth of the matter . WE never had any intention of solving our own problems. WE had one goal in mind and that was to progress not by using our people given the millions of dollars spent on education but by allowing other countries to use those resources at their benefit, then another brilliant idea occurred and WE decided OH! this would work better We pay millions of dollars to outsiders and have them come in and solve our problems, in the meantime WE have wasted millions in education that have done absolutely nothing in helping to grow our economy and millions in asking others to save our asses which we continue to pay .what do WE have to show for it HIGH debt brought about by uncontrollable borrowing to finance the problem solvers and to stop our asses from going under..

  11. @ ac | June 25, 2013 at 8:59 PM |

    Ac, are those words coming from your heart or head?
    Who is this “WE” all of a sudden? Why all of this gloom and doom?
    We thought it was all the fault of OSA and his 14 years of corrupt incompetent misrule? Are you including the last 5 years in your above analysis which sounds as if you are resigned to the idea that all is lost and the DLP like the BLP has been a complete failure?

    You have my sympathy, sweetheart. All is not yet lost. You’ve been through similar pain and agony in 1991/93. Despite the fact it will be twice as intense this time around with junk bond status to cry on you can bear it.

    You are just one big mouth cry baby, aren’t you sweet chile?
    That’s what you get when you put a person who can’t count to keep shop for you with you knowing full well he can’t but because he is your kith and kin you allow him to.

    Hard ears you would not hear, hard ears you will feel.
    The first set of high winds from the approaching hurricane have started to roar.

  12. This man Freundel aint gine wakeup from sleeping. He snoring hard as shite and people suffering. I cant afford to even pay my water bill this month and them ministers driving bout 2 SUVs and feeling big up.

    This gine be another 1937 if things dont start changing. Is there any part of the Constitution that allows us to have an election before 5 years if we think we made a mistake in voting for a certain party?

  13. To think that in this day and age there are those among you that still prefer to speak of one man as though it is the actions of one man that could put a dent in this thing. This is systemic and the people that are normally before the cameras are the ones that are least likely to offer anything appropriate by way of providing solutions.

    Here is a classic example of inability. New types of economic activity require funding, and the funding institutions are now so far removed in practical terms from the influence of policy setters (other than the odd examples of outright underhandedness such as Hardwood and the Cotton thingy) that any talk of serious redirecting in policy agendas is destined to remain just talk.

  14. Is the idea of imperialist vultures feeding off our entrails a post-Colonial myth? The fact is, surely, that in so many different ways we begin with the premise that they know best and so search them out. OK, we want a new Pensions Act. We lift from Canada. We want new Civil Procedure Rules – ok we lift from London. We want a modern law of rape – OK so we lift from Australia. We want to research legal aid – OK so we bring in a fella from US Why? Why? Why? and Why? Are we SO bereft of ideas that we have to become international scroungers? And then, to cover our own sense of inadequacy, have the cheek to blame the western imperialists.
    Oh – and – since UWI has been mentioned – we tamper with a system that’s working well and maintained standards and reform it with ‘semesters’ from US – and so establish a guaranteed institutional mediocrity. For what? And to please whom?

  15. I stand by my comments miller.the fact is that the problem did not start five years ago but have been a continuum exacerbated by a 14year govt who had no vision or methodology to solve our problems.

  16. @ac
    Yes despite what the BLP yardfowls like Miller would wish for us to believe, those 14 years of BLP rule must be considered when one seeks to understand where we are and why we are, where we are at present. Much more could have been done to safe guard the future of this country during those 14 years but the BLP became drunk with power and lost power as a result.

    But if this DLP government does not up its game, the people of Barbados may very well cut short the existence of this current government by taking to the streets in some way, shape or form. The political opposition has already set the protest wheel in motion. Owen’s latest speech as reported in the media should be a wake up call to the government.

    It is amazing how history does repeat itself, or, indeed comes close. With a slim two seat majority, this government can so easily be brought down. Who on the government side can be persuaded to join the opposition when things get worst and the PM’s approach to leadership is challenged once more? Or will the rift in the BLP force further mayhem and divisions that could see one of the BLP MPs joining the government?

    • @Oilman

      What you have omitted is that the Arthur BLP government is recorded as one of the most popular governments in Barbados’ history. A people get a government it deserves. We continue to blame political parties and absolve ourselves.

  17. It is a lot easier to borrow ideas than to think of your own, it takes a lot of hard work to produce and implement an idea and if a proven product is out there, it may make sense to use it. What I have found in Barbados is when someone feels like making that effort to over achieve they lay down till the feeling goes away.

  18. @David
    Well Owen was popular because he was able to create that feeling of confidence and nationalism that every nation needs. It can never be said that Owen did ‘no good’.

    However, I find it hard to blame ‘the people’. Under our system the people vote and that is it. Some analyse things deeper than some. There will always be yardfowls and party supporters who are about eating food.

    I am more concerned with the so called politicians who are elected and given a mandate to govern. Many of these politicians are learned individuals who should be able to use their brain matter to navigate in times of plenty and in times of famine. However, it seems as though in this country it is all about tribal, political battles. There is no sense of nationhood and a desire to develop a nation and a nation of people.

    • @Oilman

      In our system the people are required to do more than just vote; if the system is to be effective. This is the flaw in our system, the people have become detached unable to discern their role. Until we do it will to matter. The watch dog of a political system is a discerning people.

  19. the people have aright to speak out and be vigilant. However throught out the years WE the people have become brainwashed and content into an ideaology that others knew what was best for us and are better equipped and prepared into carving a way forward that WE cannot do singlehandely . We have become brainwashed and stupid even to the point of allowing govt to deny US our own bank sytem.

  20. @ David
    There is a difference between what role is required by the people and what obtains and is allowed to obtain.

    • @Oilman

      However you swing it the catalyst for ang change moment will always be with the people. It always begin with the people.

  21. Fruendel does not need to wake up, he just needs to pass off his necessary portfolios to someone who is awake. If Donville was the minister of planning it wouldn’t matter if FooFoo ever came to work or made another public statement.

    We don’t need to make harsh economic decisions either, they will be made for us before the end of this year by new colonial masters.

    One way or another our financial problems will be solved, how far we sink into the abyss before that time is the only question.

    Of much greater concern is our social problems, instilling the work ethic into a spoilt generation is nigh on impossible.

  22. They better start learning to adapt real fast……..spoilt huh!! let me see them eating that…………

  23. Why would you be in such a hurry to appoint blame to the PM for TPC approvals?

    You have not got a clue, do you remember a guy called Capt Randolph Straughn who cannot enter USA jurisdiction for fear of arrest, you remember that he was the PSC to TCP?

    Well for your information he recently retired and on the new person taking up office they went to PM Stuart to report their findings and those findings of will boggle your mind as Straughn had withheld and hidden 553 files with TCP approvals form the PM and from TCP and from the owners of those applications.

    Do not rush to judgment without having a clue as to the cause of some of these matters, people love to cast blame on politicians that is easy to do but many times the politician has no reason to be blamed many times it is those much lower down the pecking order that is to blame.

  24. @ Oilman | June 26, 2013 at 6:15 AM

    Mr. Oilman this is one BLP yardfowl that knows nothing about any14 year BLP rule. Trust me on that one. It’s OK if you refer to me as a ‘johnny-come-lately’ BLP yardfowl or even a modern day spin doctor but please leave out the 14 history thing.

    I am only concerned about the recent past and the promises and commitments made to the people of this country after they dispatched that 14 years of rule to the dustbin of history. Let us concentrate on the present from circa February 21, 2013.

    But I must admit that I totally agree with your otherwise well informed analysis of current events and the great potential for history to repeat itself. But please leave the miller out of any 14 year scenario of ‘yardfowlism’, you hear? David of BU can attest!

  25. Detroit in Michigan (United States) via the Ambassador bridge connects to Windsor, Ontario (Canada). The Detroit area, also is home to American automakers (General Motors, Ford and Chrysler). The city of Detroit, additionally is owner of a multi-billion dollar art collection housed at the Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit, MI) and owner of the Belle Isle Park, the only island park in the world, but Detroit like Barbados is financially handicapped and said it could solve its own problems.

    After review of the city of Detroit’s problems internally, Governor Rick Snyder decided that something must be done and enforced Public Act 4. The governor in 2011 had signed into law Public Act 4. Originally written as Public Act 101 in 1988 and later strengthen by Public Act 72 in 1990, Public Act 4 extended the state’s power, allowed it to seize control of troubled cities and school districts without difficulty. Detroiters, however, refused to accept Public Act 4 and or the state meddling in its affairs, said it could solve its own problems. Michigan voters supporting Detroit in November 2012 repealed Public Act 4.

    Until March 27, 2013, the state of Michigan temporarily had no legal right to involve itself in the city of Detroit’s internal business affairs. Senate Bill 865, a revision of the controversial Public Act 4 became law on March 27, 2013. The state since March 27, 2013 has legal right to appoint an emergency manager in troubled cities and school districts and the emergency managers have right too: 1). hire and fire local government employees 2). Renegotiate, terminate, modify labor contracts with state treasury approval 3). Sell, lease or privatize local assets with state treasury approval. If the City of Detroit would have just solve its problems (past years), it would not be in its NOW predicament and would not need intervention of Senate Bill 865 or an emergency manager in its midst. The same must be said about Barbados. If Barbados would have just solved its problems (past years) BEFORE 2008, it would not be in its NOW predicament.

  26. @ Oilman | June 26, 2013 at 12:50 PM
    “So we problems start in February 2013?”

    Of course not, Oilman! If so the BLP would not have been evicted from office in 2008. What was promised in 2008 and allegedly reaffirmed by the voters in February 2013 are the solutions to those problems that existed prior to 2008 and indeed to those that arose since them .
    But we still await the solution to the problems promised in 2008 that placed the solution to the Cost of Living problem as Job No. 1, 2 &3.

    Could you tell us Oilman what is Job No1. or 2 or 3 since February 2013?

  27. This reads like the preface to a book.
    Next I suppose will come the credits and page 1 is yet some distance away.
    The end ……????

  28. The DLP at moment has no solutions for those mountainous problems it faces. Mottley and her group apparently has none either. Clyde Mascoll and Dale Marshall according to Barry Alleyne with the Nation News said government is broke so broke that if it was a private company, it would be declared insolvent and forced to file bankruptcy. Barbados government though laidin the red ink before 2008. There were (3) S&P downgrades BEFORE 2008. Barbados before 2008 was sliding down hill. Mia Mottley fusses to the Nation News (July 2012) that government owes more than $100 million to the University of West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill Campus and called for an “urgent” permanent solution to the mounting debt problem. Laugh. Go ahead and laugh. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Government at moment owes Al Barrack millions if not already paid, a mounting debt problem that occurred because Arthur was into folly with Julie Price, had hit upon one of his drinking binges and or was sleeping.

    All of the above stated does not solitarily endorse and or bless the DLP. Thompson of the DLP was not honest but certainly not fearful. Thompson unlike Stuart did not fear the Violet Beckles case. Violet Beckles must be taken seriously. Many are involved and must be accountable beginning with one, Sir Richard L. Cheltenham, QC. Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley, Samantha Cummings, Mark Cummings and so many more. Speaking at a political meeting at the corner of Deacons Road, Owen Arthur said “the island had been humiliated by the recent S&P downgrade.”We have been reduced to junk status and someone has to be held responsible for it. He Arthur said also that the S&P downgrade report must be taken seriously, buttttttttt Violet Beckles. That old woman has been humiliated by massive land theft and fraud perpetraded by corrupt lawyers and high authorities in Barbados. This must be taken seriously. This must be taken seriously. Sir Richard Cheltenham, Charles O. Williams, Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley, Samantha Cummings, Mark Cummings, etc. must be held accountable this horrible atrocity.

  29. I sincerely believe that the Barbados Labour Party can do a better job than the DLP.

    One remembers with fondness how Owen Arthur and the BLP came to Office in 1994 and did a wonderful job of restoring confidence in Barbados. The DLP brought about a situation where the employers and the workers combined to rid the country of ineptitude in the form of Erskine Sandiford and the DLP .

    The strike and march during that period and the no confidence motion thereafter sealed their fate. Why did it happen even after Sandiford assured the country that the Barbados economy was batting better than Sir Garfield Sobers ? (I think he was probably referring to a time when Sobers was out without scoring ). I beleive that Sandiford told us a big lie . The DLP has a way of telling lies.

  30. Whats this thing about Violet Beckles ? Howcum she owned all this land ? I dont believe it. Sounds a bit crazy to me

  31. The DLP group internally is functioning better than the BLP. Mottley seemingly can’t handle her own kitchen fire – George Payne v Edmund Hinkson – gets out on the street to communicate with the public, comes here to the BU, post comments and the Barbados Free Press the same. The PAC meeting that convened 06/18/2013 was temporarily suspended but not before Minister Inniss embarrassed her rather badly, Mia Mottley and not before she embarrassed herself. Does she know what she is doing?

  32. I think a really good question should be how did cow get all that land, no one will want to question that, but they would want to question how a black woman got some much land though she had the deeds for them, no wonder most people will have to work for cow indefinitely, so will their children and grand and great great x5 going forward, total dependency.

  33. Thompson before his demise (October 23, 2010) investigated Violet Beckles claim of which involves the BLP administration, and the National Housing Commission (NHC), a government entity. . . . . moving tax numbers from one person with deed to another person with no deed and no proof of sale. . . . massive land fraud. Violet Beckles fought until her death, right of her inheritance. She was allowed none and or nothing of what became rightfully hers via authentic legal documentation. Many are responsible for this and must be accountable: Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley, Sir Richard Cheltenham, Charles O. Williams, Samantha Cummungs, Mark Cummings, etc. All in the United States would be in jail.

    The Mottley family linked to Mia Mottley purchased the Arch Cot Scrub land that couldn’t be built on and within six month got planning permission when the previous owner couldn’t because it was caved. The Codrington family totaling five ALL died at Arch Cot, Brittons Hill. Their home fell into a cave beneath it. This occurred during the BLP government with Arthur at the helm. Someone is responsible. Someone has to be accountable, Yes Arthur and the BLP folks. Those deaths at Arch Cot, Britton Hill involving the Codrington family of five could have been avoided. No building on that land should have been allowed because the land was caved. The attorney general at that time (Dale Marshall) blames no one. No one is responsible, it could have happened to anyone. Bullshit!!!

    On 08/31/2006 Officials of the FBI and IRS raided the offices of several prominent members of the Alaskian Legislation. The investigation involved allegation of illegal gifts to lawmakers from the VECO Corporation home based in Alaska. One of them, Senator Ted Stevens was indicted by a federal grand jury on July 29, 2008 on seven counts of alleging that Stevens received from VECO hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts that he did not declare on his US Senate financial disclosure forms. Senator Ted Stevens (Alaska) BEFORE persecuted and convicted by the United States had received a Land Rover (SUV) worth 44,000 and 250,000 home renovations of which included a $5,000 generator. VECO (Alaska), additionally was a major contributor to political campaigns and one of Senator Ted Stevens’ biggest campaign contributors. Congressman, Don Young (Alaska) between 1996 and 2006 BEFORE persecuted and convicted by the United States received $157,000 from VECO employees and its political action committee.
    Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall awarded The VECO Corporation (Alaska) a government contract WITHOUT TENDER. The VECO Corporation built the prison at Dodds in St. Philip but had no record of building prisons. Certainly, VECO gave to them, Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall something for such generosity. Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall in the United States would have been charged and convicted for taking bribes, illegal gratuties and gifts from VECO. Maybe.

  34. DR. THE HONOURABLE | June 26, 2013 at 6:34 PM |

    Whats this thing about Violet Beckles ? Howcum she owned all this land ? I dont believe it. Sounds a bit crazy to me@ Google

    well White love to think only white can own , for slavery still on many minds and lack of teaching in the Barbados school system , faith in the ones we put over us with trust betrayed,
    But when said COW own all the land its OKay? , much easier on the brain, Say the same to COW and ask for a deed and a clear title , None yet ,or just hidden by Sir Ham?
    Truth not easy to take , so we give a little at a time.

  35. Gather, I am intimately aware of the Straughn problems and have been deeply embroiled in those battles for six years. Blaming Straughn for losing those files and nothing passing through the PM’s office is like blaming my gardener for the failure of my company. FooFoo had no idea no TCP work was coming across his desk? Didn’t check up on the hundreds of complaints he received in person by stalled business people? You are a joker, the man is incapable of anything other than deep thought with no tangible effect. Those who can do; those who can’t teach: FooFoo should be a lecturer at UWI so we could ignore him there too.

  36. @ Frustrated businessman | June 27, 2013 at 6:59 AM |

    One still wonders if the same Foo Foo ever managed to come across that missing file that the FBI allegedly sent to the then PM OSA.

    At least it could not have taken that long to request and obtain a copy from the authors of the same report if even OSA “accidentally” removed it from both sight and site.

    They say a promise is a comfort to a fool even FOO Foo but a man’s word should always be his bond.
    The fools called the CLICO policyholders are still waiting to hear about arrangements to be put in place to see the promised returned of the principal portion of their investments.
    We shall assume that the missing files are securely stored in File 13.

    It seems Bajans are just a bunch of Foo Foos indeed!

  37. Arthur in June 2012 tells the Nation News that his party is ready for the next generation. Further on he says “it [the economy] is a mess right now. We will fix it”. In light of what he stated, Barbados people just didn’t have faith in Arthur, should they?

    Owen Arthur in 2006 invested 2.4 million in a Nigerian water heater project. No water heaters were produced and the 2.4 million dollars was lost and or unaccounted for. The Barbados Water Authority in 2009 was near bankruptcy. The 60% water rate increase was a gift from Arthur and the BLP due to the Barbados Water Authority problems totaling thirteen years. The Barbados Water Authority is a government corporation. The government under Owen Arthur for thirteen years paid no attention to the Barbados Water Authority, what they were doing and not doing. They apparently never thought to look inside the Barbados Water Authority house just to see WHAT’S GOING ON. Al Barrack in 2008 became Thompson’s problem. It was FIRST Arthur’s problem. Arthur and the BLP was responsible for that Al Barrack mess NOT Thompson. Arthur had a moral responsiblility to fix Al Barrack’s problem , NOT the DLP. What Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance, said is true to the bone.

    “The contractor [Al Barrack] should not direct his anger at the present government and its effort to settle the matter. . . . he knows where this mess started and should focus his attention on them [Owen Arthur and the BLP] while we use our best efforts. . . to resolving this matter”.

    Barbados at moment relies on few things to survive, mainly tourism which is terminally ill. There are, however, other things above and beyond tourism that aggravates the county. It has these problems too: a growing debt and a cash flow problem. Opposition spokesperson Mia Mottley on 06/27/2012 outlined a 2012 – 2013 a new BLP would put in place. Mottley promised Bajans lots of cookies and candy. The Barbados national debt is not a laughing matter. How could the BLP have given Bajans so much cookies and candy that it does not have. Attempting to do so would not have solved other problems in its midst. In light of what Mottley said, Barbados people just didn’t have faith in the BLP, gave the DLP group another term of five years.

    • @LOOK

      Why do you keep regurgitating this over and over? We all understand you are not and admirer of Barbados. In fact you have stated you have no desire to live here. Why not peddle your stuff on the international blogs and leave he little neighborhood BU blog alone?

  38. @ David

    Your attack messages usually come from one of your many munkers. You like Mottley can’t handle fire in your own kitchen. By the way David, I do peddle other blogs.

    • @Look

      Ok then, why not go ahead and identify the monikers. Get every one in the know. This should fit your repeated calls for transparency.

  39. @ David King

    You know your own moniker names. Should I feel the need to post them, I will.

    Unlike you I am not petty, don’t have to be, my demeanor is above yours. Your attack on me is rather petty. All that I have posted here is topic related – Solving Our Own Problems. That should be your only and utmost concern. Now get off my ass.

    • @Look

      If anyone here is using monikers it is you. BU has been onto you and two others for some time. It is clear you post to satisfy an agenda. Perhap Plantation Deeds can assist. You made an accusation and you have been called out on it. Until you step you are simply a fraud. You can have the last word, well, well look our crosses.

  40. David

    As I stated earlier on, I’m a historian. I research and write about things of interest. My interest at moment is Barbados. Deeds perhaps can assist me. Could you, if you would, have a word with him about me. He may willingly offer me personal contact information. This would surely help to satisfy my agenda.

    Thank you kindly.

  41. We not dealing with the cost or cost over run for, the money is gone.
    What do we have to show?
    Roads are better
    water ways in town and the bridge is better,
    roads that were not done while the BLP was is now done
    the Oval is better
    Air port is better
    walk ways on the beach
    High Court looks good
    Some parts of Sixmens is better
    some housing for many but not yet filled
    Love to see
    Red Jet back for they try
    better record keeping of out history
    School to cover this island history
    no extra funds for getting deal for Ministers , they already get a paycheck.
    only tax whats needed
    remove the tax when goals are met.
    clean elections
    stop looking to behave like USofA and be Bajans
    We can do better by helping each other and not fighting .
    Working to a better Barbados , for we have no where else to or call home.
    One day we will be able to forgive those who trespass against Us.

  42. @ David

    Why not peddle my stuff on this little neighborhood blog [IF] topic related – SOLVING OUR OWN PROBLEMS?

  43. Let BU readers be the Jury on this Civil Matter of ” SOLVING OUR OWN PROBLEMS” . problems in Barbados ,
    What is the root , What is the Nature and Cause of the Action?

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