Great Expectations

Submitted by Napolean Bonaparte
What does the future hold for Barbados?

What does the future hold for Barbados?

Around this time next five years Barbadians will find themselves in the now enviable position of looking back from whence they came. Shall it be with a sense of condemnation or a magnanimous sense of joy? Whatever the outcome, we have indeed stood at the crossroads and have chosen destiny and course. Will our travelled path be to the upward and onwards or the stark and inclement, only the years ahead will tell. One thing is sure though, we having drawn our lot and must accept whatever lies ahead in the fray. From this point on, days to cogitate are long gone, as the jib has once more pointed sea-wards and the crew sanctioned sea worthy. A voyage for a better sought, some with hopes in karma, some in pray, sidereal and celestine, all welcomed permits, as we journey on with purpose.

No one can dispute that what stood today, definitely will set the preamble for tomorrow. Nothing is predestined that was not shaped by events of the past. Every action accompanies a reaction.  As much as some would like to avoid such litmus deliberations, question begs given past situations and performances, how sincere can we be to ourselves in expecting any real difference from our past, given that we have  the same old batsmen standing on the same old wicket. What’s worse, past policies and ideas seems identical(as if) etched in stone and no perceived change.

Being an optimist on this one flies against all scientific logic and is more suited as a flavouring  condiments only to be diminished in time. Being a realist, one cannot help but accept facts and call a spade a spade. Who may want to say different, must be prepared to offer good reason and not just rhetorical party support. The C train leaving Fulton Street inbound to New York station will arrive as is accustomed unless circumstances and situations change. Similarly, taking a Transport Board bus or a  mini buggy ride to Connell Town, though more familiar, both have high probability of reaching destined points with operating lever set: ’ business as usual“.

What do you think, think, think ?

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    What does the future hold for Barbados? Pain

  2. As we have previously said on here – BU – and in many other places, both these intellectually and politically bankrupt discredited and corrupt BLP and DLP factions must – within the next 5 years – be driven by the broad masses and middle classes from the governmental political landscape of this country, or not there will be greater unprecedented levels of social material decline and degradation visiting this country within the next 9 to 14 years, akin to much of what happened in Jamaica in the 80s and much of what has been happening to it since then.

    These old, visionless groups should have been removed from this said governmental political landscape ever since the 80s.

    With the death of Errol Barrow in 1987 marked the end – substantially – of an era of the realisation of conviction conscientous transformational politics in Barbados being at the core of the national politics of this island.

    Since that time up until today, there has become at the core of the national politics in this country, the pernicious practising by these two old ramshackled parties of a politics that primarily secures the personal interests, some of the familial interests, many of the corporate interests, many of the cronistic interests, and hordes of the foreign affairs interests of the major principals behind the maintenance of these two villainous political groups that should have been long ago driven from the governmental political landscape of this country.

    Any party that puts those kinds of interests way beyond taking care of the fundamental interests of the people, the public, the material productive sectors of this country has no right to be in existence in Barbados, whenever it is seen – as it is the case right now – that this is so.

    Since Barrow’s death this has been the situation with these jack o lantern factions.

    However, almost every time it appears that these fools are serving the basic cardinal interests of the nation the public the material sectors , it is fundamentally because they have to; because for them there is so much that is politically at stake, that they stand to lose much politically electorally, if they do not attend to such national public interests; or it is fundamentally because they are using such appearances and veneers of serving the nation’s the public’s the material sectors’ interests to cover, to hide up, to attempt to deflect away from the scrutiny, knowledge, understanding, and actions of many of the more politically knowledgeable and conscious of citizens within the Barbadian society and who will more often than not inevitably expose corruption, malfeasance, maladministration within these joke BLP/BLP led governments for the benefit of the understanding of many other citizens’ of this country, will more often than not promote a more democratic egalitarian educated Barbadian society, and who will therefore too declare that behind such appearances and subterfuges there are these schemes and activities that point to those same levels of personal, familial, corporate, cronistic, foreign affairs interests being wickedly corruptly secured by these backward factions and their uncivil connections.

    So, Down with the Damned DLP and the Blasted BLP!!




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  5. Given the reality that our past is our gateway to the future .glancing back does paint a picture of one which has been squandered and we our leaders have succumbed to corruption and deceit worldwide . failuires to do the necessary corrections have now caught up with us and as we hunker down in trying to find new ways of escapism we create new obstcles rooted in hatred and revenge for which their are no cures.

  6. NOw as we journeyed through the world of a new technological age our minds have been taken over we are no longer”free thinkers” we have become robotics another ingenuis design to errode some of our freedom dumbing down our intellecut replacing the method of memory by making it possible to act and think like others even to the point where our sensitivity has been destroyed

  7. Well Well @ We have a deed for sixmens 240acres 1926. What ever they or he doing . I hope he spend some money to see if they building on Clear Title Land . If not hope they keep 4 penthouses for Us .
    He will spend his money and go back home with nothing. After moving the land to please him self.

  8. Plantations………….he may not enjoy it if the IRS has anything to say about it, he will be in some federal lockup instead. You will have to find out how jada got title.

  9. While the future looks bleak at this stage, all is not loss. The new Bridgetown Arrival Port facility for instance does carry promise when tourism picks up again. We all been told that in times of recession is when Government should be increasing its infra structure thru foreign grants and the like. Unlike many I am an optimist ( though not political) and feel confident Barbados will rise again. There is too much beauty for her not to attract the world stage.

  10. This has now become quite a popular thought…..make of it what you wish.

    “Tax havens are entrenching poverty in developing countries”.

  11. How is this for premonitions……West Indies team beating the Pakis left n right today….I hear our captains get changed….first from Gayle to Sammy…from Sammy to Bravo?….Results start a flowing again…sometimes it is good to give our leaders a little rest…then they come out blazin again… there is hope

  12. Barbados has recorded the lowest sugar yield in its history. Surprise surprise……why were these morons surprised? The writing was on the wall and every year it was less and less. They never made their target for the past 8 years. Frances Chandler was correct about the state of the sugar industry, that indecisiveness is at fault. They have been sitting on plans to change the industry since 2002 and only now they are ready to implement them.

  13. Great Expectations indeed. Like spotting glaciers drifting in the Caribbean. This is one time the old negro song” Change will come”….will be proved wrong. Sometimes we must be realist.

  14. Old Onions………….you just hit it, it’s not about change, the time is long past, it’s about adapting…….of course we will all see what that means pretty soon, it will be worldwide.

  15. @ Well Well

    Snip-ing from Green Monkey on another thread…

    Bilderberg: Powerful People Plotting in Secret is the Definition of ‘Conspiracy’

    As over 140 of the richest and most powerful people on the planet meet this weekend at the Bilderberg meeting in Hertfordshire, England, the mainstream press still refers to the protesters in attendance as “conspiracy theorists”.

    This overused tactic to discredit opposition to any actual conspiracies is beginning to fall on deaf ears and is exposing the media as lapdogs for the powers that be.

    Until the last decade, Bilderberg meetings enjoyed relative anonymity save for a few “theorists” who attempted to expose them. But now alternative researchers have thrust the Bilderbergers into the spotlight without the help of the establishment press.

    So much so that the press is now forced to cover the annual event. Yet, they still use their ink to attack protesters more than the cabal inside the heavily guarded gates.

    What’s odd is that the Bilderberg meeting is the dictionary definition of a “conspiracy”:

    ..bout hay we doan need no mo “conspiracy”

  16. Old Onions………….you should have seen the other link on the same thread after GreenMonkey’s, you have to learn the art of conspiracy to survive.

  17. Does the 100 days after a new Govt ascension not mean squat? When Thompson was in command, one could recall 100 promises to move the country in a meaningful direction.Whats up with this current pick? All we hearing of is companies closing and job loses.

  18. Sanka Price continues to use the Saturday Sun newspaper as his political soap box – The Eff I wuzz and Question Time section every week reflect the one sided partisan and biased consistency of his submissions.
    If Sanka Price ands the Nation management look at their mirror image, they will find that they are basically mouthpieces for the opposition and not reflecting the highest standards and principles of journalism.
    A national disgrace .

  19. As far as those 100 day promises,bunch of nonsense for Dummies. Why if you cannot get even two words from the mouths of babes (excluding.some) would you consider 51 promises?

  20. i see on here hatred against bajan whites.i am a bajan white but i am not a rich,old money mothers ancestors were Irish slaves and my fathers
    ancestors were merchant marines.
    now in-case the majority black population feel that all bajan whites are the same ,that is definitely not so. i dont get invited to the privileged old money handed down,set you up in business by dad or mom,cocktail fact i am
    talked about by the same rich,never worked a day in their life white rich bajans.not one of them have worked hard for what they have .usually most is given ,handed down from dad and mum.where they work,the businesses they
    so call work at is in their family. this leaves me in the same position practically as you poor or middle class blacks.i am not a murderer or a thief or a rapist.
    i am sure you can see the old blood money bajan whites coming from a mile off.NOW we also have the rich blacks and they separate them selves from the poor or middle class blacks as well.they are on a different level to the regular
    black person that is not rich.
    all these white and black rich bajans look down their nose at all that are not.
    all you bajans know this.
    i will tell you as a white bajan that the rich ones feel like they are real special,
    superior by far than a poor white or black.
    you know the ones i mean dont you.????????
    listen i know the reason they stay in barbados although they dont even have a tan or go in the the feeling of superiority over the masses of poor or middle class blacks.
    this is also so for the rich tourist that buy our land and live in barbados
    like they own the place.
    the reason they like barbados is the same reason.
    it makes them feel more important and special than their friends back where they came from.BIG FISH IN SMALL POND SYNDROME.
    they get a power trip from feeling better than the majority black middle and poor classes in barbados.
    this is why they like barbados cheep maid,gardener,whatever.
    but i can tell you this also they are all shallow,fake ,materialistic,
    mother f______and now you mostly good people of barbados realize what is really going on.
    but how do you tell the hard working white ,from the pompous rich old money white boys.
    i think you know.being a bajan myself we seem to have a 8 Th sense.
    in my opinion the bajan whites can be nastier and more evil than the blacks.
    i am not talking about killers,robbers,or con men and rapist here.
    i talking about the majority of hand to mouth bajans.
    know that.
    barbados going through some hard times but it is the nasty mouth,disgraceful,
    feel they are great white or black that are at the root of this problem.
    dat is wuh i say.i am a white middle class bajan bordering on poor .

  21. A good biography of truth always cleanses the soul…..hope the bajans are reading and taking notes of the root cause of their problems and continuing downfall.

  22. Plantation wrote

    Before the Barbados Labour Party assume the reins of Government in 1994, Barbados was at a standstill. Businesses in town were closing down left right and centre. The darkest period in the history of
    Barbados was between 1988 and 1994. Everything was bleak bleak bleak. The BLP saved Barbados when they came to power in 1994 . They did extremely well. But alas ! the ignorant people in Barbados took the situation for granted and call for a change, Change from what to what , Owen Arthur asked them . 14 YEARS of prosperity after the pain and suffering of 1988-94 and back to foolishness under the DLP 2008- present. IMMEDIATELY — Pain and suffering.
    One set of people could be so ignorant though ?

    Try asking a big guts horse to get up and help-out wid the plough… ever see Mr.Ed laugh?…..

    Igrunt _UNTS and sum dollar bills

  23. What will it take for a timely decision to come about?… much longer?…when Cave Shepherds closes musse …SatJay Mall our newest mall like a ghost town….eva week mo tenants leffin…The BCCI asked for the 2.5% Vat to be revisited… answer…what will it take ?

  24. How much is Mia Mottley paying the Nation newspaper for this kind of coverage?
    Absolutely biased and poor journalism.

  25. It seems that as CBC tries to raise their standards and are clearly giving the opposition more coverage on the evening news, the Nation BLP newspaper has decided that they must act as an additional outlet for the opposition that has 16 voices in parliament.
    How can the Nation newspaper take what are clearly politically orchestrated theatrics by the opposition to politically exploit recessionary conditions and week by week make it front page news.
    The Nation newspaper is putting the BLP first and any other consideration after. The Nation Newspaper is a national disgrace and an insult to the best standards of journalism.

  26. What we should be more concerned about is what was said last night. Hear a Peoples Economic Watch Movement launched, cheezon breds !!!.MAM has given us notice that businesses’ and consumers’ suffering will be forever highlighted as all we BIG BELLY HORSES continue to draw $ 17,000 each month and roll and sleep in Parliament.Looks like we days numbered, what the ass we going do with a big able spotlight in we face?
    Already they expose the NHC dealings, up next His Justice’s backside dealings.Shoooitttteeee man!

  27. Mia last night at Foundation School definitely a woman on a mission….all ya Sleepers and Fat feeders better take heed….nxt up there will be a no confidence motion….and like days of Sandi…some go have to walk the plank in shame…all ya better buck up

  28. @ NationBLPnewspaper | June 10, 2013 at 6:50 AM |
    “How can the Nation newspaper take what are clearly politically orchestrated theatrics by the opposition to politically exploit recessionary conditions and week by week make it front page news.”

    The same way the DLP used a so-called poor pensioner and a school teacher (public servant) from Combermere to demonize the BLP and rile against privatization.

    What about the lies told to the poor ignorant people that the BLP were going to send home 10,000 public sector workers if they were returned to power?

    What about the DLP telling ignorant Bajans that the BLP would sell off the air and seaports to foreigners and sell of the hospital and schools making Bajans having to pay for medical care and education including that at the UWI?

    The question to you, yardfowl, is how are you going to sell your “Privatization and Layoffs” programmes to the same idiots in the coming months.

    Are you going to buy space in the same Nation newspaper to convince the people of the merits of your “restructuring” programmes or are you going to rely only on CBC and the Advocate which is really about to jump ship anyway?

    It would be good for your tormented whingeing soul if you would take your fellow blooger Anne’s advice and stop buying or reading that scandal sheet and (in your view) BLP propaganda mouthpiece called the Nation.
    Or better yet, get your DLP administration to withdraw its licence on grounds that the Nation is a purveyor of lies and sedition and an imminent threat to national security aka protecting the DLP in office.

  29. @Miller
    It is obvious that you also cannot in good conscience defend the obvious political bias of the Nation newspaper despite a very feeble attempt to do so.
    They are destroying the standards of journalism in Barbados when they(the Nation newspaper) gives over its editorial domain to political hacks like Sanka Price masquerading as journalists.
    If you read the Saturday Sun you will see, every point Mottley makes is repeated by Sanka Price, Harry Russell, Albert Brandford and of course Pat Hoyos. These men see themselves as unofficial BLP MPs and are clearly BLP supporters . They should be at desks in Roebuck street and not polluting our newsprint daily.

  30. @ NationBLPnewspaper | June 10, 2013 at 9:43 AM |
    “They are destroying the standards of journalism in Barbados”

    And just imagine you and your DLP propping up such poor journalistic standards by financially contributing to that newspaper’s survival!

    But what can we expect from an incompetent corrupt, bribe taking administration controlled by a fraud called Leroy Greenverbs?

    Mediocrity is the DLP gold standard of economic management.

    Please let us not talk about morality. Imagine a party headed by a blatant bold faced hypocrite who has no shame or integrity about lying to an innocent school child and who also claimed to witness voter fraud but fails to do anything about it.

    Let us not talk about the buffoon of a liar and a total misfit in control of the country’s finances and who has no qualms about buying votes by distributing cash, cell phones and ipads.

    Man what standards what! Go and clean up the island and come back and talk about standards.
    Anybody who can accept as high standards the filth and dilapidated buildings in Bridgetown and other areas of this once proud place must be a dirty lower class idiot like you.

    But then again it takes one to know one so you and the Nation newspaper can hold hands and walk through the filth and dirt of Bridgetown.
    Just go to the entrance of the Bridgetown Sewage Plant and see the stagnant water accumulating in a blocked drain breeding mosquitoes from water draining from households in the area. Is that the kind of standards both you and the Nation newspaper are upholding?

    One only has to pay a visit to the Nation’s first place of operation opposite St. Mary’s Church (it might be on Literary Row or Mason Hall Street, not known for sure) and see first hand the awful state that building is kept in.
    What hurts more than anything else is the temerity that newspaper has as to display a commemorative plaque proudly highlighting its lowly origins and road to success.

    Harold Hoyte, both you and Al Gilkes need to hang your heads in total “national” shame.

    When are things going to improve in Bridgetown? Are you going to blame the international recession for this state of affairs? Don’t you have any sensitivity about inviting visitors (we know the locals seem to be inured to filth) to “walk down memory lane” in your so-called World Heritage city whose designation will soon be withdrawn if things continue like they are in the coming weeks?

  31. NationBLP Newspaper
    Why you constantly worrying about The Nation Newspaper? Do like me boycott the damn foolish paper.
    I have not bought a Nation Newspaper for nearly two (2) years.The Trinidad Indians cannot count a cent of this man money.While at it,I try as hard as possible not to buy anything that is either made in Trinidad or support any Trinidad owned company in Barbados.
    Unfortunately I have an old existing account at Dacosta Mannings Inc.that was given to me by when the company was owned by Shipping & Trading.When I finish paying that account I done,done with Dacosta Manning Inc.
    NationBLP Newspaper stop worrying about The Nation and boycott the stupid Newspaper

  32. Negroman
    Time we bout here stop the petty nationalism…..Trinidad is here to stay…. until the day we hit BLACK GOLD offshore, and maybe be able …repurchase your Mannings and SBI and StarCom…we have to live with it….But wait because Heathrow International own by a Nigerian, I doan see Brits swimming the Channel or going by boat when flying to Africa…..hy must we be any different or care that much who own majority shareholdership?..

  33. So much for the future…..Jonesy now open up a hornet’s hive….something about here not right at all…..why don’t somebody come out and say something…that is all that is required Huck Finn…..

  34. Expect Chris to tell we more lies and expect De-Lies governor to say STABLE- we. This is what we should expect to do otherwise is bare folly. I really to make workers march again up and down Broad St AGAIN fah nutting expect that toooooo

  35. How quickly the chickens have come home to roost and Barbados up shoite creek now after.Great Expectations what? Fool if you had an inkling of any. Great Deceptions thats what These con men fool many a good soul with their election lies and gimmick-try. They have no shame. none what so ever. Fire Darcy, Fire Todd, Fire Esther Fire Irene and save 40 maids and 20 messenger jobs.Now that would be a great expectation……….

  36. Why the brassbowl wanna fire Onions? This man used to talk sense den. David what and where is the Old Bag whereabouts? This Govt is run-a-d-mill guvverment ya hear. I remember all and sundry begging these jokers not to kill off the lil growth that was back in 2009. Now they shoiteing green. Imagine they want to do away wid VAT too… .what D Brass bowl den!!!!!!

  37. Whaloss des jokers wanna dun away wid VAT fa trute ?. These fa real? What kinda moojan parade get put in power doa? Vat is a self reporting system in itself. Ya mean des jokers cant even understand dat?If they would get up offa dem HARD arses and go after the culpits who collect these taxes on DEM behalf and now um in dem bank account high and mighty .den, maybe we would see the deficit gine down, Johnnie fa real dennnn! Got collect the 3 billion in VAt and stop pissin off the peoples una shoite houngs

  38. What will it take for the good hard working Bajan people (non-lepers) to learn…if you make wrong choices…you will have to pay the piper someday…..

    Bajans wanna now hearing the tune the piper playing… waana got to do some PAYING. Is Dem who calling D tunes now….shutup and payup!

  39. Garbage Tax- now defunct
    Vehicle Reg. Tax- increase from $200- $400 or $800 SUV
    Tipping Fee – $50
    Land Tax – increase by 50%
    Water Rates – increase by 50 %
    Gasoline prices not reflective of fall in crude oil prices- $368 Mil profits to BNOC
    UWI students paying 20% of Tuition fees.

    With all these collections how come this Govt still cannot get things right?

    Excuses on excuse.

    Now a FAT BOY Tax………….a Govt that in the Toilet if ever there was one.

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