Does Barbados Aspire to Become the Warehouse and Whorehouse of Unskilled Labour in the Caribbean?

Canadian Court orders woman to removed Niqab

Canadian Court orders woman to remove Niqab

This week in the news we learned that a Canadian woman will have to remove her Niqab in order to testify against her attackers. This is a case which has occupied the attention of the Courts for five years – read Niqab ban in sexual assault trial causes controversy. Also in the news this week, and closer to home, we heard from Jamaican Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade AJ Nicholson uttering his concern that Jamaica is not satisfied with how free movement of nationals across the Caribbean Community (Caricom) is being facilitated – read Nicholson to address Jamaican travel across CARICOM.

BU took interest in the comments of Nicholson because he pointed to the Shanique Myrie case which is pending before the Caribbean Court of Appeal. By doing so he made his intention obvious that Barbados was in his ‘gun sight’.

In strictly legal terms the two cases are unrelated BUT for BU the cases resonate because in the Canadian judgement there is a sense that the laws of Canada are in consonance with the expectation of mainstream society. In the case of the Myrie matter one gets the feeling that Barbados is being bombarded by some obligation under the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas even at the risk of compromising its rights as a sovereign country. Are we a sovereign country or not? Why doesn’t Jamaica take a similar case to the World Court to challenge the decision to refuse their citizens entry into the USA, UK and several other developed countries which occur with frequency on a daily basis. If they were to pursue this avenue one may believe that their motive in the Myrie case is sincere.

Ms. Myrie alleges that she was discriminated against because of her nationality in violation of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas (RTC) and the 2007 Decision of the Conference of CARICOM Heads of Government. These Agreements, she claims, provide CARICOM nationals with a right of entry to all CARICOM countries.  She also claims that her detention overnight in Barbados was unlawful and that her treatment violated the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Charter of Civil Society, and other international accords and agreements” – More details on CCJ website.

BU is reminded by a comment made by Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart in his former role as Attorney General. At that time when Barbados was gripped in the Guyanese invasion debate, he stated to the effect, that Barbados will not allow itself to become the warehouse of unskilled labour. BU is always tempted to replace warehouse with whorehouse. A visit to Nelson Street, Fontabelle, Clubs and private parties there is the possibility to be treated to the performances of imported girls from neighbouring islands especially from JAMAICA.  Are we saying that our border authority should have their hands tied by the RTC where we must allow unrestricted access to our country by girls with $300.00 in their bosoms who want to stay for 3 weeks?

BU issues the disclaimer that all immigrant from Caribbean islands do not subtract form wholesome productivity. We however have to be intelligent enough to separate the issues by quelling our urge to become emotional.

For many years Jamaica looked North to fulfil the economic aspirations of its people. It seems to BU because this channel has been choked off because of the tightening of immigration laws and the global economic downturn, our tiny islands are being bullied to welcome this influx of immigrants whose majority objective is to add to the burden of our moral, security and economic fabric.

It is premature to take this matter any further until we receive the CCJ decision promised in 2-3 months. Given Barbados penchant for taking it in the gut from the other Caribbean islands post the Tome Adams era, one wonders what Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart will do if the CCJ rules in favour of Myrie.

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  1. As the old people oin the village used to say:”But looka muh crossed doh.!!!”
    First of all @Bushie. I am NOT UPSET, and will NENER be upset at any bloggers that comment on this forum. Some weeks ago I hinted that people have to be careful of their accusations etc and their epithets. This was weeks before the case about the lawsuits came up. Some people seemed to think that I was talking foolishness, as usual. I happen to be aware of what is possible in the world of the internet. Obviously commentators like you do not.My comments had nothing to do with me or my opinions. As usual I sought to give people the benefit of what I know or find out. so here is an excerpt from the Sunday Sun of April 28th 2013. Ig is not the original article (Headlined) but is a follow up story. The headline of the article says”Mae backs Burke ofer online “lies’. “Sportscaster in sync with ex-GM’s defamation lawsuit against Internet rumour mongers.”
    Hazel Mae is on board with former Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke’s defamation suit against online rumour mongers.
    “Hazel Mae fully supports the law suit brought forth by Mr. Burke and feels strongly that people should be held accountable for wititin and spreading malisious lies over the internet” reads a statement from Mae’s legal counselIain MacKinnon, on saturday. …Burke, suprisingly let go by the Leafs just prior to the start of this season in January, filed a lawsuit in the British Columbia Supreme CourtFriday, claiming he wqas defamed on line by annonymous people spreading a tale that he had an extra-marital affair with Mae, a Rogers Sportsnet sportcaster.
    The story alleged the affair was a contributing factor behind Burke’s dismissal. The 18 defendants were identified only by their often bizarre social media names, including Poonerman, Slobberface, and Sir Psycho-Sexy.Burke is suing for damages to his reputation and he is also seeking to have each of the 18 defendants restrained from publishing the statements on the Internet.
    …”Brian has decided that it is time to stop who post comments on the Internet thinking they can fabricate wild stories with impunity” Gall said”.
    Why do you make a statement that “You are a person to be feared”? Is it because I am fearless, and I speak what I consider is the truth? You say that I “…utter veiled threats…”I cannot threaten anyone. As far as I am aware there is no “self destruct” button on the computer. There is a delete button that removes what ever the person does not want, but that does not mean that it goes away. The “self destruct” only appears in “Mission Impossible” which is fantasy. When you “delete” something it might diappear from the screen, but it is still on the hard drive, and it can be easily retrieved by computer experts. If you doubt me go into (a) your Trash bin on your computer (desk top icon) and see if you don’t bring up things you “deleted” or (b) go into the Tools menue, go into options, enter “History,” and retrieve all the sites you visited within the last two or three weeks. The former General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Team is not an “obscure Canadian manager” as you have referred to him as he is very well known, and popular person.
    Finally, I am not threatening anyone. I am pointing out the possibilities. It is up to the “adult, and educated” bloggers to do whatever they want. If they feel they can act with impunity it up to them. No one has to listen to “foolish” Alvin. It is no skin off my back. As I have said before “I don’t rice at anybody., and I fear nobody. Right now I am in the ZR, Minibus, or even Taxi heading to the airport-might even pass by Coral Ridge, on my way to the airport-, maybe driving slowly, or maybe the pace is quickening (i don’t know) just waiting for my flight number to be called and then as Bushie says, I will buzz off to “Dodoland” where I am sure we will meet sometime. I do not find this “buzzing off” something to be feared because ALL of us will do it at some time. No big thing.
    As my dear mum (god rest her soul) used to say “A word to the wise is sufficient”. People are free to do what they want.

  2. By the way, Bushie and Piece…, there is no “ire”, and I don’t hide behind a nom-de-plume. I always use my full name, and I can “espouse ” on whatever topic I think is of interest to me.I have no “right”, desire, or ability, to determine what people should write in their contributions. I have to assume they are all adult.
    I therefore can have no influence on their actions.NO ONE has to do like me and NO ONE has to tone down anything.

  3. The upright and self righteous Barbadians do not consort with whores, all whores are foreign no Barbadians are prostitutes drug users drug smugglers thieves or murderers. The world is waiting to enter your shores get your heads out of your a$$.

    As a Jamaican I have noted with interest a large Barbadian ex patriate community living in relative peace in my country. I am a prime advocate for uprooting and shipping the lot back to your island paradise. If BUM is such a paradise then get the hell out of Jamaica.

  4. @Mikey W
    Barbados is a RELATIVE PARADISE to JA.
    The fact that some Bajans live in JA for whatever reasons is quite irrelevant.
    We want Investors NOT INFESTORS!
    I live in Toronto but still view Bdos as PARADISE! SOOOO….

  5. We are all entitled to our opinions having seen both and been given the opportunity to live in bum I chose to remain in my country and not to migrate to yours. I found the native infestation not to be to my liking.

  6. I have been to both Jamaica and Barbados and both are fine countries. However, Mike W., the article is about immigration into Barbados by, among others, Jamaicans. There is no need to put down Barbados if they object to some of the elements going there from Jamaica. To be fair, the many decent Jamaicans should spare their anger for those countrymen of theirs that go to other countries and destroy the reputation of Jamaica by their behaviour. There is much of it here in the Bahamas too – trust me.

  7. @Mikey W
    It is entirely possible that U are a Jammie we would except BUT if there are disproportionate number of the criminal Jammies coming to Bdos we will NOT accept that. There are far too many criminal Jammies ruining the lives of their own peeps and others in Toronto, London, NY and many other places.

    Many Jammies I have met are very good citizens, I recently met such a gent in the Royal Bank in Toronto. He handled my business requests very efficiently.

  8. By the way, I am curious why so many ppl from the Caribbean would choose to live in Canada. In my recollection of my visits there, the place is FREEZING. Is it massachism or just a case of opposites attracting?

  9. Alvin don’t let them upset you.All bajans think alike. i.e They always right and they know everything about anything. It is obvious from your comment about lawsuits that you were giving information on a story u read. However in full military stlye the Bajan brigade of BUSH TEA a man know to weild a deadly2x4 against woman and theother gansta PODR couldn’t help but ignore theinformation given but instead proceed to bushwacked you.

    • There is no argument about allowing immigration. Michael Williams you are obviously being provocative or your ignorance knows no bounds. The discussion is bout unskilled people who add no value to a country being allowed unrestricted access to a country which has enjoyed a stable environment up to now.

  10. bahamared | April 29, 2013 at 4:39 PM |

    I really do not see how you Bajans can complain about being swamped by undesirables from Jamaica and elsewhere. You did, after all, sign that idiotic revised treaty of chaguaramas, whose only objective is to create a pressure valve for places like Jamaica to spew their itinerant hordes. When we in the Bahamas sensibly refused to sign on to the CSME, I seem to remember your then PM, Arthur, coming to Nassau to try to sell the treaty to a deeply sceptical public. Thankfully the response of both our population and leaders was “thanks but NO thanks”

    that comment should be place in the in the National archives or posted on the walls of parliament . so true, How the hell could a Dumb ass jamaican girl. use the treaty to carry Barbados to Court if such treaty was to serve and protect the national interset of a country and people . i am dumfounded .

  11. @ac.
    Thanks for your kind words and obvious understanding of what I was (and will always keep trying to do) give out what I think is timely and relevant information. And I do not get upset easily. I understand people. It’s not my fault that I remember and keep not of what I have experienced in my long life. I have no idea who the two bloggers BT and PODR, are so I can’t comment on their personalities. Actually I have no idea who any of the bloggers are, not even David.
    And Well Well, I hope you are female…I don’t understand males calling me “honey”. Of course if you are female, keep it up.

  12. @ Alvin and AC

    Me grandson to the rescue.

    Gramps asked me to comment on how IT Managers who donate old computers with sensitive information do this and ensure that the banks’ data is not going to be recovered by some Utility or simple OS Undelete command.

    Every year we have to do this, permanently delete a drive’s contents using a special utility and then we donate the computers absolutely sure that the computer’s contents cant be reconstituted.

    Thank you son, there is brains in the family line yet.

    What i meant to say and what you and your sidekick AC so facilely sought to assign to the Mission Impossible genre is that David must be a man of some skills to have avoided the IP backtracking that this and the previous administration has been using for years to find out who and where he is.

    Sometimes we do push the envelope with some serious remarks and phrases which admittedly defame but there is a place for dissent, albeit that which borders on insurrection.

    If and when a days comes where Batman’s secret identity is known it is our hope that he does have some Zilla Data Nuker to engage before the Big Boot Men kick in his door.

    Canada and Amurica have there Freedom of Speech enshrined into the constitution, our Westminster model has no such freedom recital and short men like Seethru and Fumble will make your life a living hell on earth. Megalomania embodied.

    In one breath the two of you chant how ultra advanced your countries of birth or long time domicile so much more civilized that here with the ingrunt natives yet, almost like if the Thorazine and Haldol anti-psychotics wore off halfway in your decrying Barbados, you turn full face and tell us that our use of nom-de-plumes is a lack of manhood and you are therefore men with bigger balls.

    At a given moment some of us could give the names and addresses of the 26 drug lords in Barbados, who the law turns a blind eye to, on the fly.

    The reason that we use these names is not because we are not Canadians or Amuricans with rights, (like the right to kill students at Columbine in the USA or the Ecole and Concordia mass killings in Canada), but because we know that, unlike Amurica where you have functioning witness protection programs and policemen that can, and will, protect and serve, here in BUM? I like that AC, the very boys in blue will leave their protection duty shift in a heartbeat if the price is right and let the enforcers come and kill us in our homes.

    I ent get to be 81 by chance Cummins! The problem wid unna is dat when wunna encounter “niggers” who does put wunna in wunna place dat does get wunna very frighten. You tolerate us when we rich and pun drugs like Michael Jackson or OJ Simpson (he ent rich no mo) but when we like Michael Jordan Spike Lee, Bill Cosby and Oprah wunna hates our guts and at the local Klu Klux Klan meting does conspire to PHUCK us up.

    Doan worry fellows like me ent gine be heah too long to talk uppity to you massah, causing Uncle Toms like AC and CICC (Coitus Interruptus Carson Cadogan gine pass a law to extinguish us at 70.

    By de way AC not Alvin Cummins how comes dat you goading on your unmasked leader cummins wid your nom-de-plume?? I guess you were accorded honorary white status like dem cricketers in Souf Africa right??

  13. Bahamared……………..As cold as Canada can be, there is a peacefulness in the country, maybe because of it’s vast size, that is unequaled anywhere else in the world, and i have done some traveling, you are also by law, not allowed to show aggression of any kind in public, unlike the other baccanalist countries world. So my time is divided equally between madness US and peace Canada, with a little diversion of pepper pot thrown in, Caribbean. Hope that gave you an incite on why Caribbean people love Canada.

    Alvin honey……………let not thy heart be troubled, i am 100% female of the exotic variety

    Piece…………… are way too much

    • @Well Well,

      Thanks for the explanation. I personally did find Canada a nice place. As for peacefulness, I would recommend Scandinavia or Chile/Argentina personally. While I would never live or work outside the Bahamas, I am myself a globetrotter and respect anyone who travels and keeps their mind open.

    • Well Well, Madness USA…lol. Here I’m believing that were it not for my departure in the 70’s I would be as mad as those who allowed their politicians to jerk them around. Even a visit to the hospital one sees the madness that ”educated intelligent” people will accept.

  14. Bahamared………………..good thinking, i will keep those countries and my bucket list, different cultures are awe inspiring.

    Whitehill…………………..The best thing that happened to you in the 70s was your leaving the island, i you have seen since your return, you have a different perspective on life……………now you get to see the vast difference and what your mentality would be like if you had stayed and not ventured off the island……………i tried staying upon return, but people tend to try to make life unbearable of others even if there is no real need to, very shortly they will be getting a taste of what unbearable means and will come to understand that life is not about making each other miserable.

  15. Whitehill………….things will only change in places like QEH, if the people want to force change and stop accepting mediocrity………….i paid a visit to the hospital there when another relative of mine had an emergency, the doctor was very nice and ordered some tests done, next day we went back to the department to have the test done and the doctor had marked the request urgent, the clerk on duty allowed me to know that SHE did not think it was urgent……………….mind you i went in and so people sitting in chairs and could not believe they were all waiting for this clerk who was on the phone gossiping and was upset that i had disturbed her………….well i went all New York on her…………….only then did the other people start to complain that they were there first, so i went off on them too, cause it seemed none of them knew how to put the scallywag of a clerk in her place and demand service, i wanted to know if they were waiting for me to come to start complaining………..anyway, suffice it to say when i was through, the clerk did her job and did not think it was not an emergency anymore, i even asked her how she got the job, cause with them you never know……………..if you accept mediocrity, as is happening in Bim, you will get nothing but mediocrity. I try to keep out of there because having to pull up people and put them in their place everyday, tends to take a toll on you, hope you will know when to leave it all behind, not worth your sanity.

  16. I have been to Bim several times and would WAY prefer live there than the USA, personally. I was born in USA (New York) and use my passport only as a transit document, when I have the misfortune of not having a direct link to a third country and having to travel through that horrible wasteland called South Florida. The country really is rubbish, from top to bottom.

  17. Bahamared……………certain parts of the US i would never even entertain the thought of visiting, particularly the Southern States, still rubbish dumps living in the past, they younger people are trying to break away from the damage the older mentalities inflicted, but it is still a work in progress.

  18. @Well Well.
    My mind is at peace now. I am very partial to females, except that you will have to let me know what you mean by “exotic”; IS that exotic in terms of corpulence, exotic in terms of eye shape (sort of “sloe eye”), exotic as in from a South Sea island? As you might have gathered from my blogs I like clarity. No jumping to conclusions.By the way, do you live in toronto? Did you really go in the QEH and get on like a “virago”?Tch,Tch!!!
    @Piece of the rock, I am glad your grandson clarified the point I was making, and note he said that to do this (clear the hard drive) a “special utility” was needed. I am not going to comment on your slur with regard to age. And for your information I am leader of nothing or nobody. I am an independent thinker, and not beholden to anybody, party, or congregation. If I have to say something I can say it to anybody without getting personal or defaming. Some people however have to use expletives, or defame, or cuss out. I have no quarrel with anyone using names other than their given names. I however am not afraid to put my name to anything I write.

  19. Alvin……………exotic in terms of all that beautiful African DNA we got, even if it’s 1/4 handed down by our ancestors.

    Over the years i have learned that what you say can resonate a lot louder than how you say it, so no Alvin, I acted like a lady at QEH, but the message was understood perfectly.

  20. I used to have a kind of sentimental attachment to the Caribbean Islands and used to regret that I was more familiar with North America than other Caribbean islands. My children Black Jamaicans are also more familiar and connected to North America than the Caribbean Islands I used to think that it would be good to give them the opportunity to know the other islands at least as well.

    Then I started visiting the other islands mainly on business either representing my company or government and I experienced a level of rudeness, pettiness and hostility that made me rethink my position.
    There seems to be a sentiment among some islands that Jamaica is in total chaos and we are all just looking for an opportunity to escape to some other island.

    Worse still it is expected that having just emerged from a cave when we come to the other island’s we “frighten”. Well having seen a number of other islands and they still lag behind Jamaica in development DESPITE THE MANY PROBLEMS WHICH ARE ADMITTED.

    The experience of many law abiding Jamaicans who travel to the other islands makes the Myrie and the many other incidents reported in the media very credible. Despite the many criticisms of my country and country men (and i must admit many are true) one thing i can say is that we are not petty and parochial.

    Jamaicans for the most part are not hostile or rude to visitors from other islands (for the most part we have very little interest in petty rivalries and after waves of migration we all have more ties in North America and the UK) and for the most part tend to regard such people as distant kin. In my view this is an extremely misguided view. We need to wake up and wise up

    • @Michael Williams,

      It is unfortunate that rude, petty and ignorant people have blighted the travel experiences of yourself and other Jamaicans in the Caribbean region.

      But I would implore you to resist the temptation to generalise. Some of what may seem like hostility to Jamaicans (for instance, in comments on this blog) may be simply frustration with regional governments’ failure to protect their citizenry from uncontrolled and unfair competition and abuse by the worst elements from other places, not only Jamaica.

      Unfortunately, it is all too often the very worst people in Jamaica and elsewhere who take advantage of regional agreements and treaties to relocate to the more stable and successful countries in the region, like Barbados and the Bahamas.

      Until that unfortunate reality of human nature is confronted, it will continue to be the case in our region that high walls make good neighbours.

  21. Ole man weighing in

    I am not an economist nor statistician. I am not anything other that an ole retired man.

    I will put the following figures to you.

    In any Caribbean island less than 0.05% of the population are hardened criminals.

    These however are the reason that Jamaica, Bulbados, St Lucia and the rest of our beautiful islands have reputations as cutlass wielding, crime infested garrisons and ghettoes

    Concurrently 95% of the politicians are crooks and these few men and women rape the said countries for their respective terms in office as if on schedule year after year

    When these two percentages meet it is here that a truly miraculous thing happens where ” so few, give so little, to so many, for so long and so much is talked about the little done for so long”

    If our politicians had the balls to send the big boot men to tek out the 0.05% in their ill gotten mansions then we would not be living in prisons.

    And if the 99.5% of us had the balls to appoint a set of politicians who represented us in spirit an in truth the we would not be bemoaning the problems in our respective societies.

    Our countries are still beautiful places, we are not in battle zone like other places yet.

    Stop talking and do something.

  22. What is my “something???”

    Refuse the shite candidates they bring as potential candidates.

    Insist on the power of recall as a condition of their manifesto

    So, be they Minister of Sidewalks or Prime Minister, if they doing the bad word, call them home!!!

  23. @A Cummins & Well Well

    With all the camaraderie between the two of you I expected someone to issue an invitation to Timmys for a Double Double and a Dutchie.

  24. Islandgal……………you don’t seem to think it’s verbal diarrhea when you spout poop……….just don’t read it, who is putting a gun to your head?, i were you i would take the focus off me and put it on the economy where is belongs, it might make a difference. Everyone is trying to make a valuable contribution in the wake of the meltdown, if you are attacking people unnecessarily means you are running out of ideas, take a break, don’t read contributions you don’t like, it’s not hard to do at all, i do it sometimes or just go read a book anything constructive…………that energy is better put to good use.

  25. Sargeant……………….don’t worry, Alvin and I will hook up next time i am in Bim, we have a common friend, so i will know how to find Alvin..

  26. Island……….that last post was meant for you………….Bushie is not going to help you clean your shoes, he will run and hide.

  27. @Well Well, it is said that great minds think alike. After I read Island Gal’s contribution accusing me of “verbal diarrhoea” I was thinking “Well if you don’t want to read the whole thing, you can stop whenever you want” and then I read your contribution. to which I say “My sentiments exactly.” I suspect though that she finds them so interesting that she can’t stop, she has to read the whole thing.

  28. Thanks AC for that posting that article.

    It seems we are about to be hit with another lawsuit to the CCJ this time the grouse is entertainers.

    What is this fixation with Barbados though?To my certain knowledge Grenada,Trinidad,Guyana,Antigua and other caricom countries have banned vibes cartel and other jamaican singers of filth from performing in their country with nary a word from Mr Hylton,so again I ask why Barbados?

    Wasn’t Mr Hylton connected in some way with the Shanique mayrie’s case when it first started?

    Seems as though some envious caricom countries and their nationals will not be satisfied until they grind Barbados into the ground.

    Bahamared seems as though you are right,and Bahamas did the right thing by staying out.

  29. Where there is no vision the people would perish! a govt For the PEOPLe by The People, But for some ungoldy reasons cannot decide what is the best interest of a people and a country. Caricom is indeed bearing fruits fruits that would destroy the rights of Barbados protecting its bounderies in favour to free movement.

  30. @ac
    The reason is not unGodly.
    The reason is simply greed
    On this Earth (And think carefully before you comment) there are TWO motivators.

    CARICOM was actually a Spelling Mistake is should actually be spelled as CARICON.
    It was devised because of GREED.
    It was devised as a huge confidence trick on the Ihabitants of its member countries.
    It was devised to protect the power of the Goverments of those member countries and the Wealthy of those member countries.
    The populations of the member countries were simply to be used as the producers of Wealth for use by the two parties instigating the CARICON idea. The Politicians and the Wealthy.
    It shuts our competition ,removes your rights of choice as Free individuals.
    CARICON keeps its inhabitants,for use by the Politicians and the Wealthy as a Farmer would keep “Stocks”.
    To make a profit or be disposed of.

  31. The garcia case makesthe myries case look like child play in as much as the two cases convenes on the rights of a country to protect its borders the garcia case dissolves such rights in that it contradicts the laws upon which bds seeks to preserve in regard to convicted felons from other countries and give the benefit of the doubt to such persons on grounds of humanitarian laws which involves freedom of movement one can argue that myrie ot being a convicted criminal could have been allowed such movement.

  32. Jamaicans are a people who do not take things lying down. They stand up for what they think is their right, and no one can blame them for that. On the other side of the coin, is the Bajan, who like to brag about the old school which he/she attended, how many degrees he / she has secured over the years, but at the first sign of a confrontation, he /she places his/her tail between the legs and look for a good dark corner to hide in. Be they top politicians, lawyers, academics or the clergy , or just plain John Public., and this is the underpinning reason why every Tom, Dick and Harriette comes into this country and run rings around our sorry asses. We are a people without backbone when it comes to dealing with ,not only other Caribbean people, but moreso those who reside mainly in those countries that are part of the United States Visa Waiver Programme and further afield.
    Everyday we see adverts in the newspapers,stating that a work permit is being applied for a non-national as no suitable Barbadians could be found, yet still we spend millions of taxpayers money educating and training our people at the University ,Polytechic, Community college and a host of other learning establishments . And not a peep out of the mouths of the Bajans leaders and politicians , especially those in the various Ministries of Education, Labour and Commerce . One advertiser for a maid, we heard, responded to callers that Bajans need not apply, as a non-national was preferred.
    Barbados has become the laughing stock, if not the patsy of the Caribbean.
    Those Bajan men who since the turn of the last century , ventured into Cuba to cut canes and do other agricultural work, must be all spinning like a fan mill in their grave, because when Fidel came to power, there was no Cominsong around to prevent them from being shipped back home in the dead of the night with only the shirts on their backs,and some with their Cuban born wives.
    And to those who believe that this happened a long time ago and should be forgotten, hope that they feel the same way about slavery and reparation.

  33. Right here is the perfect website for anybody who would like to understand this topic.
    You understand so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I actually would want to…HaHa).
    You definitely put a brand new spin on a subject that has been written about for ages.
    Wonderful stuff, just excellent!

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