We Expect Better Behaviour From Public Officials

Submitted by Benny

I am wondering what example is being set in Barbados. The behaviour of four public officials and professionals come to mind. First we had the government Minister Mr David Estwick being accused of either pulling or exposing a gun to Mr Dale Marshall. Second, it was the Commissioner being charged with misconduct in public office and being held up to the people of Barbados as a liar.Yet still these two individuals are allowed to function in public office without being sanctioned I deliberately referred to these as individuals until  they are exonerated. They certainly do not deserve the title of gentlemen.

The next show of disgraceful behavoir is that from Mr William Duguid in Parliament.  Now this the exhibition by a QC lawyer ‘mooning’ a judge. I do not know if to condemn him or make a recommendation for a psychiatric evaluation. I think that the latter may be more appropriate in light of the fact that the Judge is a female.

I think that these issues mentioned are some of the more plausible cases because there seem to be some cogent evidence of these occurrences. However we should not forget of the many other rumours that circulate, hopefully they are just rumours; but they are equally damaging and leaves the wrong impression on the young minds. As a person who is often in contact with young people I would say that many tend to justify their behaviour by drawing a comparison with the behaviour of these officials.

We cannot forget the rumours of the 5 and 10s, Ministers who can no longer venture from these shores etc. It seems that we are lost. I think that it is time that right thinking Barbadians should take a stand and demand that things like these should not go unpunished. It is sad to say but parliament, the church, police force, and judiciary seem to be on a slide in the wrong direction and we are just willing to accept it.

Let us remember that people would do as much as they know they can get away with.

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  1. We Expect Better Behaviour From Public Officials

    No we don’t! That is only correct in respect of a very few individuals. Do you remember the circumstances when the former PM married one of his secretaries? Rather than his conduct being frowned upon, people abused me because I went on radio and said that he should have been forced to resign.

    This society is decaying rapidly and the majority of Bajans find reasons to justify uncouth behaviour, rampant corruption, lying in Parliament etc. if the bad behave person is popular. The four mentioned in this post is only the tip of the iceberg.

  2. Estwick is innocent until proven guilty, that now being impossible he is innocent of that false claim by Dale ‘I love Xavier’ Marshall forever.

  3. @Caswell ‘This society is decaying rapidly and the majority of Bajans find reasons to justify uncouth behaviour, rampant corruption, lying in Parliament etc. if the bad behave person is popular. The four mentioned in this post is only the tip of the iceberg.’
    THAT is well said. To go further though, LEADERS should LEAD and be examples.

    To show how things should be done and guide. Unfortunately, the voters LOVED the ‘bald-pooch cat’ remark.

    What does that say, except that Caswell is right?

    Long live Poochie!!!

  4. What better behavior what!

    Shepherd right to skin he pooch at the joker judge. Duh got nuff more of them Dat want mooning too….
    We already established that the court system is seriously BROKEN. Why the hell wunna surprised or upset that a judge get moon….?
    Perhaps Shepherd is at last about to shake up the shiite system.

    How the hell you could be a HIGH COURT JUDGE, with powers and duties to dispense justice on behalf of the common man like Bushie … And an old shaky white man could skin he pooch at you and you can’t do one shiite about it – but go home and cry…?
    What we need are REAL REAL judges.

    Why do we allow jokers to accept positions that they CLEARLY are incapable of filling and then play we can’t understand why things don’t work…?
    Wrong pegs in square holes…..

    If it was Bushie she would not only see the moon, but also the rod of correction….

    Wunna like to jump to obvious conclusions too damn fast….
    If she could push one of the old stalwarts of the crooked and bent judiciary to the point of embarrassing himself ….wunna could imaging how ordinary citizens who are DEPENDING on her to dispense justice must feel…?

    Most of those women judges want sending home. With the exception of Sandra Mason and the one that was Coroner, …who else is up to the job…?
    What woman judge what?
    …picture ac or Islandgal as a judge? ….. Have Mercy!!!!

    A judge needs to have BALLS…..and wisdom.

  5. Bushie…….asking for some of these judges to have wisdom is asking a lot…..however, if a black man or woman has opened their private parts at Sonia Richards her balls would have materialized to jail and embarrass that person she considers herself higher up and better than…however, she would not know what to do with a wannabe white like Alair.

  6. If it was ac she would have givin AS a reason not to ever skin his ASS at a black woman again and the Bar association couldn,t do a damn thing about it cause ac would have done what AS asked using her foot….. it seemsto be always men caught in these unethical practices.

  7. It is said the law is an ass. I guess AS gave a better understanding to that statement and qualified it by showing the law is an an old shity ass.

    • What is interesting if we plot these events (muckups) by these public officials in a time series is the relatively short period they occurred.

    • Islandgal246

      Bushie does not want to see any silk so I suggest that you shave first.

  8. ”ac | April 13, 2013 at 10:20 AM |….. it seems to be always men caught in these unethical practices.”
    A’right, which fella gone and xiss off ac…she gone on a rampage..

    I seriously worried she smoking sumting now……..

    • @islandgal

      You concede that Jeff, a legal academic accords with Caswell’s view on the recent topic under discussion?

  9. Could not get AC agreeing on anything against the lawyers except Caswell two days ago, now she has gone postal.

  10. What are Caswell’s views???? He is too busy playing peeping TOM for Bushie that his views are not important to me. I can’t remember reading anything that Jeff wrote here.

  11. Wunna leff AC alone fuh me please. Alair Shepherd must have been sooo frustrated with the Judge and the system to have to Moon the judge. Now like AC if I were that judge I would have planted my stiletto heeled foot in his rear that only medical personnel will be able to dislodge that shoe.

    • @islandgal

      Wunna leff AC alone fuh me please. Alair Shepherd must have been sooo frustrated with the Judge and the system to have to Moon the judge. Now like AC if I were that judge I would have planted my stiletto heeled foot in his rear that only medical personnel will be able to dislodge that shoe.

      Do you realize we are suppose to be the civilized of earth’s species but we are always ready to resort to base/primitive means to resolve problems? Maybe we are not so civilized after all, a fallacy perhaps?

  12. David we like to boast about being “civilized” but every now and then our primitive roots get the better of us, and some of us will pay the penalty.

  13. @ Crusoe
    Yuh like yuh finally get thru wid Island Gal yuh!
    Not yet! She is a tough nut …but you done know that them sort o nuts does taste much sweeter…. You wait…
    When IG catch she self, she going be done addicted to the bush tea..

  14. @ All.

    Old bajan saying, two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Alair is wrong to skin he pooch at the judge.

    When Bush was president irrespective of all the ignorance that he did, all persons, including his detractors, referred to him as President Bush, but when Obama is President, everyone including Sam Poochie and de Duppie, calls him Obama.

    What is the hazy connection between these two unrelated streams of thoughts? My response is that IT IS WRONG.

    In each of the given circumstances, Duguid and the “yuh muddah” comment, Bulldog and the gun being pulled on Smiley Teets Marshall, Commishioner and his wiretapping, we find a list of things that happen every day, in Barbados (and world over) that, while the behaviour in question is wrong but, depending on who commits it, it is either swept under the rug or, if you are a nobody, it is brought into the spotlight and you are incarcerated or fined (Noel Lynch/CBC).

    Well, Well, AC, Bushie …it is the feeling that, as long as we don’t get caught (i) teifing the rolls of toilet paper from the office at the ministry, (ii) transporting the load (s) of sand meant for the highway project, to our friend’s house (iii) shifting the property linemark at 2 o’clock in the morning, (iv) falsely computing (using compound interest) the “highway robbery” ATM transaction fees, (v) misappropriating eschewed accounts, (v) spending client fees, (vi) skimming the collection from the church offering, (vii) charging $$ to cut off the ** while claiming that our patient needs this unnecessary surgery … and the list continues, we feel that GOD is sleeping.

    @ Caswell

    You are probably one of the few who had the balls to comment on the infidelity that Seethru exhibited with Julie and his flagrant disregard for the Office of the Prime Minister that he occupied (and has now been relieved of FOREVER).

    Not one of the impotent priests, pastors or apostles had the balls, not the Spiritual Authority to stand up and speak to this matter because their “god is dead” (note my use of lowercase for their mock-stick deity)

    2 Samuel 12 I encourage you to read the whole chapter.

    “And Nathan said to David, “The Lord also has put away your sin; you shall not die. However, because by this deed you have given great occasion to the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme, the child also who is born to you shall surely die.”

    GOD, whom I serve, DOES NOT SLEEP and all these deeds done in the darkness, shall be known of in the light.

    As the social fabric of our Barbadian society unravels, and becomes entangled, we continue to see all these things happening, at all levels, on this rock.

    One day coming soon, there will arise a new version of Doctor Rat 2013, in Barbados, who will usher in some righteous killings, unlike those random ones that rocked the mighty USA in 2012.

    Unlike theirs (which in 99% of the case were random cases of psychotic madmen/women acting out), our local purge should focus on the “SOCIAL RAPISTS”, our tiefing lawyers, unscrupulous doctors, integrity devoid politicians and other posturing professionals who continue to ravage our society, wickedness incarnate, sine constraint and/or legal recourse.

    I know what is going to be said about this submission, de ole man ent get he insulin and he need to get banned like BAFFY but as leftside as it seems Barbadians need to wake up and realise that, before it gets to the point where Joe Citizen appoints himself as arbiter of his problem and using his .357 magnum (and the easily available AK-47s) as a newer “alternative dispute resolution” option, we MUST take a stand, and mete out equitable justice against all wrongs, irrespective of whether you are a Mottley, Shepherd, Commissioner Dotting or Seethru.

    Nemo supra legem est (no one is above the law)

  15. Bushie…..because Caswell likes bald pooch cats he believes you have similar tastes, please tell him not to speak for you and only when he is spoken to.

  16. @ Pieceahderock…
    …man pebble, the more Bushie study this thing the better Sheperd looking yuh….

    First question
    Exactly what would de judge charge he with?
    – unlawfully turning his back to a judge to tie his laces?
    – bending over to scratch his itchy pooch with intent
    – lewdly and provocatively bending over in the presence of a judge just because he suffered stomach cramps….

    ….you get the drift?
    Subject to possible correction by the real legal experts on the Blog, Bushie doubts very much that these are existing offences (unlike the well known courtroom offences such as resting elbows on the arm rests, showing emotions etc 🙂 )

    Perhaps AS was executing a carefully researched and planned roust such that, had the judge reacted as Caswell has proposed, all like now so, she would be facing a serious lawsuit for defamation, unlawful detention, pain and suffering, endangerment to pooch, loss of reputation etc.

    Think about it….um is a Win Win for AS,
    If she lock him up – he wins nuff money and she looks bad
    If she does nothing she looks bad …and he goes one up…
    Either way, the system gets exposed as bare SH**E. ….and she has to be on her P’s and Q’s in future least she be accused of behaving like a woman scorned….

    …perhaps the man is a genius!!!?

  17. @ Islandgal
    Bushie…..because Caswell likes bald pooch cats he believes you have similar tastes
    Sweetheart, you ain’t realize yet that Caswell knows a LOT? If Caswell says that Bushie likes bald pooch cats and Amused does not dissent, you can rest assured that Bushie likes bald pooch cats…

    …so before coming up the hill it may be a good idea to invest in a razor 🙂

    …and remember Caswell is a Lowdown goat milk fan like Bushie. When we see bald pooch cats our motto is ” On and Up!”
    LOL Ha Ha

  18. Island
    This bald pooch cat thing is best weapon you have used against Caswell for a long time. I nearly died with laugh.

  19. @ Bush Tea | April 14, 2013 at 8:59 AM |

    As long as the man did not expose his bare buttocks or drop his trousers he has broken no law.
    His “mooning” in the dark might have been distasteful, crass and rude but on what grounds could he have been incarcerated? Maybe he could be set up next time by dropping a spliff in his gown or jacket pocket and he would certainly get his wish to be in jail with the real rude boys who like to drop their trousers in a flash of moonlighting.
    The man, like many others, in that profession is proving the law to be a real ASS befitting those of his ilk to the real title of QC (Quack Counsel).
    You must never forget, BT, that your BBE boy child warned you of such charlatans and hypocrites pretending to be working in the interest of human beings while loading them down with heavy burdens, financial and otherwise.

    • Next it will be a teacher mooning a Principal.

      Here is a quote from the Sanka Price article mentioned:

      “Police insiders say the concern is that this seeming increased tension between Dottin and the PSC is taking place at a time of heightened criminal activity’

      An we have political yardfowls who would blog that the BLP appointed Dottin so we wait until he retires.

  20. So, if the BLP appoints someone to a high profile position and it is not working out, the DLP just extends their appointments……….they are playing tag, someone is benefiting and Dottin is certainly not complaining.

    Miller………………judges have the power to lock you up if you answer them abruptly, don’t answer them at all, curse them, shout at them, they are the few people on earth that are blessed with such executive like powers.

  21. Bushie if you and Cazwell doing tings together so I got to write you off. Wunna getting too close for my piece of mind, I better take up piece of the rock offer but I just pass he onto Perlixing Pearlie. Lemmie you ent want a friend??

  22. @ Islandgal
    Lemme tell you about Lemmie hear!!! …one word – TROUBLE!
    ..if you know what is good for you ya better stick with the bush…

    …don’t worry about Bushie and Caswell, great men think alike, but this is more a case of “seldom differing” than “thinking alike”…. 🙂

  23. What about Fruendel telling the little boy at Illaro Court last yerar that he don’t know the date of the elections and when he finally call the election he said he had the date from the St. John Bye-elections.

    Also Chris “poochie” Sinckler cussing June Fowler in the just concluded elections.

  24. Island
    I already tell you stop wasting time on Bushy and Caswell. I shall stand by your side through thick and thin. I will even get a bullet proof vest to combat Island Boy.

  25. And Jack still in politics? Politicians are beyond the reach of the law in the Caribbean. If the vote can’t remove them are there some other alternatives?

    • Islandgal246

      What alternatives are you talking about? A hockey stick won’t work in every case.

  26. Good morning Lemmie you noticed I don’t call you Le Mule any more, we got up at the same time and posted just a minute apart. Hmmmn something in the air?

  27. I was just perusing the blog when I saw you hail. tell Bushy I shall stand my ground and this could turn out like OK corral shoot out yeah. Can’t be long have a long day.

  28. @ True Bajan | April 15, 2013 at 6:53 PM
    “What about Fruendel telling the little boy at Illaro Court last yerar that he don’t know the date of the elections and when he finally call the election he said he had the date from the St. John Bye-elections”

    So Baje you are agreeing with miller that the man is a lying despicable hypocrite?
    The miller took a lot of flak for identifying early the true nature of the incompetent fake.
    His ‘true’ lying character was also reinforced by his obnoxious outburst in Parliament during the recent debates on the Estimates. He blatantly denied ever making reference to advising any one going to drug lords for financial support. Judging from his track record one can conclude a similar denial would apply to making reference to witnessing voter fraud and like the exoneration of all honourable members from any involvement in corruption during the debate on the Integrity legislation he would also confirm that the recent general elections were fair and free of any wrongdoings, real or imagined including the illegal approval of a new radio station to broadcast DLP propaganda. So him God!
    But that is the kind of man you have hiding in a closet full of immoral skeletons that will soon come tumbling out with the faecal posterior bones of Cammie T in an erect position. More of this charlatan would be revealed in the coming months as the pressures of office close in on him and he recoils back into his shell of silence and managerial incompetence. He will make the perfect undertaker to oversee the economic and social dislocation, deterioration and fall of this once proud nation.
    Let him continue to declare that he will never lie, cheat or steal only to follow in the same path of mortal decay as his immediate predecessor.

    Sorry, Baje, but the miller has no sympathy for liars especially when they are deceitfully incompetent. He will be dealt with by powers upstairs and downstairs as was done with his lying nemesis.

  29. Miller
    One thing about you is that your are constant in your beliefs. I continue to support you, but not on that Mam thing. I know we have a truce there.

    • Fabian

      You claimed that Trotman was behaving like a spoilt child.

      There is a precedent for his behaviour which could be found in the Bible. Remember the story of John the Baptist. Why did he lose his head again?

  30. True enough, Checkit-Out and Fabian.

    But what is appalling is that he said he is going to write to the ILO and complain. Does this mean that there is a falling out out the union and the government? OMG, look what’s happening in our fair land!

    On another matter, how on God’s green earth could the Dems put a known scoundrel like Cranston Browne in charge of the NCF? But got rid of a decent lady like Donna Hunte Cox?

    But then again they are all Dems!

  31. seems like SUMBODY or SUMBODIES decided it was time to teach ROY a lesson. Almost a year ago after the Diamond International May day Speech.

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