We Are Sorry – To Philip and Ann Prior from Barbados with LOVE

Philip and Ann Prior, from Bedfield, near Framlingham, were shot last month during a visit to Bridgetown, Barbados - Photo:EADT24

Philip and Ann Prior, from Bedfield, near Framlingham, were shot last month during a visit to Bridgetown, Barbados

When we mess up we need to fix it. In this case it seems this is what we did. Good job to all and thanks to BU family Andrew Nehaul.

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  1. There is a very close connection with the nearby village (2 miles from Bedfield) where in June 2011 Sir Garfield Sobers opened the new pavilion
    of the Worlingworth Cricket Club. A local small hotel put up an accommodation prize and the BTA provided the flights for a competition to raise monies for the club.



  2. There is a lesson here for the Commissioner of Police. You should respond in a similar way to the two British rape victims rather than accuse them of racial blindness.

  3. I am pleased that the Priors were happy with the way they were treated after this unfortunate incident.

    There are a lot of good people in Barbados.

  4. I am thankful and proud that all these individuals stepped up and did such an excellent job. I however pray that people who live here will also be treated similarly in the event of similar misfortune

  5. @St George’s Dragon | April 6, 2013 at 4:01 PM |
    @pieceuhderockyeahright!! | April 6, 2013 at 6:41 PM |

    I agree with both. This story seems to show that there are many decent and hardworking people in the RBPF who are being undermined by that idiot who holds the position of CoP.

    What I cannot get my head around is that Dottin, by suggesting that these two ladies were, in effect, racially blind has made a public, internationally-reported, racist comment and, as such, has breached of the Constitution and, therefore, has committed gross misconduct. Any public officer with an ounce of decency or self-respect would have resigned. AND if he did not, Section 105 of the Constitution provides a clear and unambiguous means of dismissing the CoP from office for this. Yet, our elected officials seem curiously reluctant to advise the GG to form a tribunal for this purpose.

    I fear that it is no good saying that we got it wrong with the two rape victims, but right in this instance. The international press (I have to use the word “international” so that no one thinks that I am speaking about the Nation) is rarely interested in stories such as this, but very interested in stories such as the two rape victims.

    I wonder if the Daily Mail and Mr Andrew Gilligan will pick this story up as a contrast to their massive exposé of the plight of the two rape victims and the racist comments of the CoP. I hope so and we shall see!!!! But even if it does, the damage (through unbelievable stupidity) has already been done!!!

  6. More good news on the horizon two big name crusie liners would be making stops to barbados not too far in the distant. Disney and Horizon. Ching ! Ching! good marketing strategy!

  7. ac,
    do you mean Croisieres de France’s Horizon weekly from 30 November 2013 until 1st April 2014 and Disney from 20th September 2014, or are these lines’ships scheduled to make visits before?

    In any event it seems to be good news, but clearly summer is the problem.

    I still think there is a market for a cruise and stay programme using the GOL Sao Paulo flight in the summer (reverse seasons).

  8. adrien too early to dampen my spirit ! LOL! However i am optimistic that Tourism news would only get better hearing that the Minister of tourism would be meeting with the The Cruise industry and hopefully the leakage in the summer would be stop seeing more improvement

  9. how is it that two stories of criminal activity can generate differening responses, My take is that one story is filled with an agenda to destroy and humiliate a country . While the other has no possible motive but one of sincerity and knows and understand that the world we live in is not “safe Proof”
    Ihope the govt understand and appreciate what Phil and Ann has done by putting their circumstance as secondary and boosting the moral of this country.
    This couple truly deserves or respect and should be invited as guest by the govt giving their circumstances and their unselfish ability to present Barbados in a positive light. Thanks Phil and Ann.

  10. ac,

    The last thing I wanted to do is dampen your spirit, but I feel that we have to communicate these things better. I know people like Martin Ince are working very hard in the background to make a positive difference.
    I am sure there is more we can do for the summer, perhaps like offering a first night free for cruise ship passengers that book at least 3 nights prior or post cruise.
    Looking at the Disney website, I can only find two images of Barbados (one of them could be anywhere in the Caribbean). Can ‘we’ not help them be a little more imaginative with images to tempt more people to book that particular cruise and get them off the ship when in port?

  11. Adrien i believe that some of the problems that you have address would be tackled and address as i have previously said that much of the planning is with in the hands of the cruise Industry that is why i’m optimistic and thrilled that govt has used some of its resources to meet with the industry who has the knowledge and expertise to address such concerns and would point in the right direction toward improvement of arrivals.
    look i do understand and appreciate your concern but their are some areas of the Tourism industry that cannot be resolved without going to those who manage and control Port of calls,
    Btw Adrien your suggestion is a good one but it is still up to the Cruise ship management who would makes the final call depending on how many cabins are filled going to barbados and if it is profitable to their industry . However i do suspect here is where govt influence becomes of importance .

  12. ac | April 7, 2013 at 7:14 AM | My take is that one story is filled with an agenda to destroy and humiliate a country .
    You are bang on target. The agenda driven people have numerous local allies who detest hearing any good news about Barbados eg your news on the additional cruise ships. The Prior letter is not going to get many hits because despite the tragedy it puts Barbados in a positive light the anti Barbados crowd dont like.

    Question is why didnt the women allow the rape trial to proceed so that the facts, non facts, conspiracies etc be ventilated. They would have been in a prime position to prove their hated enemies the RBPF, the COP and Barbados wrong in front of the world.

    The more I read about this case the more I’m convinced the women got it wrong because of their agenda. Over time the real criminal(s) in this sordid case will emerge. Women should not be raped and their rapists should be punished severely. Its one of the occasions I endorse the Muslim punishment on the use sword.

    • And there is the other view. The lessons learned from the Crawford case were learned good and has manifested in how Team Barbados rallied in this instance.

      We always dwell on the minutiae of the problem. It does not matter if the rape victims have embarked on an agenda, what matters is how we respond to quell the problem. While we toss pin balls at the media they continue to return a volley of cannon balls. We need to fix it even at this late stage.

  13. @ undaunted

    A trial not so! it would filled in the missing gaps and become two obvious as who is telling the truth . Where truth is missing Fiction fills in and does the damage a person pursues Over the past three years Barbados has been villanised and ” raped:” without substantial proof as to what happened to these woman. As seen recently with the myrie cases, a case cannot stand alone based on innuendo ! hearsay! biases ! or word of mouth as they only served the to inflamed but does nothing to enhance or rectify the situationbut necessary facts are needeed to fille in the missing gaps
    However with an agenda driven script needless to say agitated and aggressively pursued by the international press as in this case makes one wonders to whom are these people working for.
    Raped is a violation of a persons dignity and pride and should be taken seriously by those who have been victimised some how in this case the victims have gone to extreme not to vilified the rapist or the person as they have stated is still out” there some where ” in hiding but have taken on the task of repeatedly “raping ” the entire nation’ with three years of catspraddling barbados in the international media and the entire world.

  14. Now David you have said your piece repeatedly on this issue hurling volleyballs at the COP and RPBF , now another view is being presented and i hope you would be tolerant and not close the topic off as you previously did in reference to the “myrie case.
    Everyone point of view is necessary and important for Freedom of speech to flourish in a democracy no matter how offensive or opposing views; Meanwhile others of differing position has sat quietly back and let a barrage of unnecessary and unwanted criticism about Barbados and its people go by in reference to this case .
    However with the positive feedback by Ann and Phil those who have been quiet would only but be pleased and use the opportunity to say what have been on their minds in reference to the raped of the British tourist and the pursuit of negativism it has generated for barbados and its people . However there are those among us who take such negativity serious and are here to presented another view wether others agree or not.
    There are two sides to every story and so far one has been presented by an international news agency who i would not give further publicity and whose only interest is to generate money by selling half truths as news and publicty for the victims and it s news organisation to a gullible people.

    • The Myrie blog was closed because a few commenters decided to hurl abuse at each other. BU reserves the right to shut down any blog if in our view it is adding no value.

  15. As the years go by i have come to the realisation that Bajans PRIDE themselves in Negativity and hatred of their own people.

  16. @ AC …You are on to something here.As guests of the Government of Barbados this couple needs to be brought here.After all that they would have suffered they were still able to paint a better picture of this rock,than some who benefited tremendously from it prior to 2008.

  17. ‘Its one of the occasions I endorse the Muslim punishment on the use sword.’

    How little you know about Muslim countries where the women who are raped are punished while the rapists get off scott free.

    “The more I read about this case the more I’m convinced the women got it wrong because of their agenda. ”

    Such stupidity should never be allowed a computer! What agenda what? Should they let an innocent man take the rap?

    It is a good thing that the AG got involved, leave it up to the COP things might not turned out the way they did. Now the COP should humbly apologise to the two women who were raped like St. George’s Dragon suggested!

  18. that kind of positive publicity given to barbados under the hostile conditions whch Phil and Ann had endured at the hands of criminals cannot be bought and govt should respond kindly
    Sometimes it is true that out of evil cometh good which in this instance was for our island.
    Many other islands who are experiencing criminal activity and its relation to its tourism industry would be in awe of such people and the stand which they took Words cannot express the external gratitude and words cannot express the magnitude of their statements which can help to heal the tarenish image pf barbados in the press on account of what was saidvin relation to the raped of the two british tourist.

  19. Amuse’s comment is relevant. The UK media will not take to the Prior story the way that it did the Crawford. This is not the way today’s media works. Sensationalism sells and the more gruesome the better. What the Prior story has done is to NOT add to the perception that Barbados has a serious crime problem in the UK market. Let us give thanks that the Prior’s have not reacted like most people in their position would have done.

  20. David the “myrie blog” could have been handled differently by issuing a warning which might have remeduied the problem. However the full closiure was unfairand insulting added to the fact there was no warning and infringe on others who might have wanted to respond and was denied the right to do so because of your actions.

    • If you retread with comprehension you should see a BU comment which asked that commenters not take the conversation below a base level. Of interest was your response. You can have the last word.

  21. @ac
    Getting shot and robbed cannot be equated to being raped.

    I would rather tek a bullet than a dick up my butt. Yeah sounds different when put in those terms and I hope I have not breached David’s blogging decorum

    The Commissioner and the BPF should have solved the rape case or provided incontrovertible evidence one way or the other.

    Even if the police arrested the right man, the victims don’t believe they did and it is expected that they will not change their belief unless provided with dna evidence.

    That rape case to this day has been comprehensively mismanaged by “Barbados” and the PM must direct somebody to find a solution that will stop the relentless bad press in the UK.

    David and BU…..doan ease up. We all love Barbados but we have to be honest when people doing shiite.

  22. Iam not condoning criminal behaviour of anykind on any person be it aadult or young child .My response lies soley in how the incident has been dealt with by the international media as if Barbados has become the crime captial of the world and no one cares about the victims of the crimes.

  23. @David,
    I am not familiar with the details of this case, but I would like to know how one man could rape two women at the same time; unless there was complicity somehow by the victims. What am I missing?

  24. yes of course ! thanks for shooting us barbados !it was a pleasure to be shot.
    utter nonsense.if they were dead i guess there would be no letter.
    anyone could have written that letter for tourist reasons.
    got any proof that it actually came from the shooting victims???????
    idiots abound in this world.clearly.

    • Mrcorrecto

      Again when you make comments try to add value. Do a Google search and you will find many references to the letter. You are good at racking up the negative stuff aren’t you?

  25. ONE LAST THING,would the priors not have to return to barbados to
    identify the shooter,or have a trial. or is that it all is well.happy happy.
    Google that.

  26. barbados is #10 in the world for gun violence.
    Google that! now if we could just get a nice letter from the rape victims and
    the stabbing victims and robbery victims and harassment victims it would be all wonderful in barbados a country of nasty tourist hounds.

  27. and of course they would not have been paid or compensated by the barbados government to write such a letter.! no we will never tell !
    horse hockey.!


  29. now lets see is this not a hate crime,racist crime?
    if the tourist were black would have been shot?
    or were they shot[because they were white] luckily non deadly ,but the gun man would not have known that they would not die.!
    has this gun man been caught ?
    when is the trial for attempted murder?
    i think this shows racism against whites in barbados.!!!!!!
    no dough about it.!
    here is something interesting bajans may want to think about also—http://barbadostripadvisor.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/why-do-we-think-barbados-goverment-turned-down-this-free-offer/

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