Removing the Funding Veil at the Barbados Football Association

Submitted by St. George’s Dragon
Randall Harris, President of theBarbados Football Association

Randall Harris, President of the Barbados Football Association

Interesting article on FIFA’s activities in the Caribbean here:

No mention of Barbados but under the Barbados FIFA section here: it lists a new headquarters in Bridgetown costing $600,000 (presumably US$).

I remember reading something about the pitch and how it was not installed right. Can anyone update us on the new headquarters? Does it prove Barbados to be an exception among football associations in the Caribbean? Are we actually spending the money as we should?

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  1. Nobody not like Barbados football … laf out lauw … Barbados football never sho shit … no? So this be only comment … Ha ha … laf out lauw

  2. Is it not ironic that football is the sport with the largest mass based support in Barbados? For a couple years the DLP and BLP operatives have sought to manipulate this segment for the official reason to bring social cohesion at a time when we continue to be challenged by the economic climate. Regrettably despite its importance football is a sport which continues to be controlled by incompetents.

    Minister Ronald Jones relinquished the post of President a few months ago when it was obvious that the state of football in the last decade was in a chronic state of decline. His departure has generate comments about financial mismanagement during his tenure.

    Yet another sport which should be doing more and controlled by a few.

  3. Ha ha Comrade David make sensible point … Football still most popular sport on island … still best place to buy joint Jack Warner, Ronald Jones interchangeable …no? Barbados football never sho shit …Ha ha … laf out lauw

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