President Randy Harris, weak but strong

President of Barbados Football Association (BFA) Randy Harris has occupied the office although the performance of Barbados football has slipped to an embarrassing level during his tenure.

BFA President Randy Harris and FIFA President Gianni Infantino 

It helps us to stay healthy, fit, and active. It teaches us the value of teamwork and encourages us to work hard and never give up. Sports also help us develop discipline, dedication, and commitment, which are essential values for success in life. It is also a great way for people to socialize and make new friends.


It must be obvious sports is not only everything EDUCBA describes, it is also a trillion dollar global business. Where there are big business decisions being made expect to find political factors at play and corruption.

The world’s most popular sport is football (soccer). In recent weeks a controversy triggered by suspended president of the Spanish Football Federation Luis Rubiales planting a kiss on a female player in his exuberance at Spain winning the women’s World Cup, and the ensuing debate amplifies the importance placed on holding on to executive positions in sports, especially soccer. In the face of global condemnation he refuses to resign.

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Removing the Funding Veil at the Barbados Football Association

Submitted by St. George’s Dragon

Randall Harris, President of theBarbados Football Association

Randall Harris, President of the Barbados Football Association

Interesting article on FIFA’s activities in the Caribbean here:

No mention of Barbados but under the Barbados FIFA section here: it lists a new headquarters in Bridgetown costing $600,000 (presumably US$).

I remember reading something about the pitch and how it was not installed right. Can anyone update us on the new headquarters? Does it prove Barbados to be an exception among football associations in the Caribbean? Are we actually spending the money as we should?

Time To Dump Dead Weights Leaders – Jones, Stoute… Frundy?

Submitted by Charles Atlas

Steve Stoute, President BOA , Ronald Jones, President BFA, PM Fruendel Stuart

What is really wrong with Barbadians? There must be some kind of curse hanging over our heads. How else can we explain the proliferation of such mediocre leadership in so many areas of national life? Why does Ronald Jones think that he should impose himself on Barbados football for another four years? The sport has fallen into chaos – with falling rankings, a reputation for violence and hooliganism, low standards, and accusations of bribery under his watch. Even in his other conflicting national role he has shown his total inability to lead – best exemplified with the Alexandra affair.

In any other civilized country Jones would claim ‘personal reasons, medical reasons or just plain tiredness’ – and step aside to allow someone else to make an effort to turn things around. It is not as though there are no alternatives…. Randy Harris has shown himself to be more than capable of doing a better job in this position. One can only assume that Jones is hooked on the personal perks of the position and cares nothing about the success of football.

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Minister Ronald Jones Sagging Under The Weight Of Two Hats – What Human Development Strategy What!?!

Minister of Education and Human Resource, Ronald Jones

… AND WHEREAS this Human Resource Development strategy is aimed at empowering citizens to actively contribute to sustainable growth and development in a dynamic, global and competitive economy’…

Human Resource Development Strategy 2011-2016

We live in what is described as an increasingly global competitive economy which makes a tiny country like Barbados – with scare natural resources – very vulnerable to what economists delight in describing as exogenous shocks. To maintain our standard of living which strives on consumption expenditure, there is consensus we will have to rely on services for the foreseeable future; until Barbados is able to discover black gold or other eureka finds to reduce reliance on tourism and international business.

Singapore is held up as the model for service-based economies. The efficiency of its civil and private sectors along with the ancillary services is a key attribute to the competitive advantage Singapore has built over time. We must be honest and recognize that the discipline which exist for Singapore to achieve what it has is derived from a command and control approach operating in a ‘dictatorship-like’ system. If Barbados is to be able to compete draconian changes will be required both in the public and private sectors to improve efficiencies.

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Tino’s Best Beamer

Tino Best

BU extends commiseration to the Barbados Under-17 CONCACAF Championship football team who was given a drubbing by Canada 8-0,  Canada was the more professional outfit if we accept the report from Frank Gill, manager of the Barbados team. Some will say they did well to have qualified for the tournament, a generous assessment.

We continue to fool ourselves we can prepare local teams to compete creditably on the world stage using an amateur approach. Can anyone answer why Minister Ronald Jones who heads one of the most important ministries continues to be President of the Barbados Football Association (BFA)? If a plausible answer can be found, can anyone articulate then what have been the achievements of the BFA under his stewardship? Has Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart like his predecessor given his blessing to Jones’ Jack Warner twin-style approach?

Local sport is in a sorry state. Although bedevilled by a lack of resources there is also a lack of leadership. Many of the local sports associations have become the playground of political aspirants or the plain ignorant. How many local leaders of sports associations can articulate a short or medium term vision? Instead all we get is squabbling among executive members and sometimes others on the periphery. We may have indeed become educated fools.

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