How Do We Invigorate Our Tourism Product?

Adrian Loveridge - Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

Adrian Loveridge – Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

I suppose you can put it down to my naivety, so long in coming, so many great expectations and then in hindsight, the reality of the situation. Almost 40 percent of the eligible electorate chose not to vote, the status quo re-elected for a second term by a precariously small majority and just microscopic adjustments made to the governance of an industry in crisis. At least, that seems to be the scenario, so far.

Clearly there are plus points. Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner, appointed as a Parliamentary Secretary in the reconfigured Ministry and Tourism and International Transport, when many of us years later are still puzzled why the two bodies were ever separated in the first place. The Senator brings her abilities in marketing to the table at a time when this discipline is needed more than ever.

Shadowing the Ministry is Member of Parliamant Santia Bradshaw and while I don’t want to diminish her abundant legal qualifications, I am far from convinced we need or want any more lawyers involved in tourism policymaking. But she is also an entrepreneur and after looking at her website, I was personally impressed with the high level of presentation. Hopefully she can add value and youthful objectivity to the sector from a constructive opposition stance.

Now is the time for solutions.

A line in the sand has been indelibly etched: to re-state what many of us have been saying for months. While the global recession and the dreaded APD tax have helped stifle growth in visitor arrival numbers, they are not the sole causes of our dismal performance in tourism. Now this has been established beyond any reasonable doubt, it is time to move on and implement policies that will restore viability to the industry.

‘All the signs suggest Caribbean tourism is rallying’ and a ‘5.4 percent growth rate outpaced the rest of the world’. These comments attributed to Chairwoman of the CTO, Beverly Nicholson-Doty when referring to statistics for 2012. With Easter just over two weeks away, traditionally arrival volumes start to fall very soon after. This means we are currently facing an extended softer eight long summer months without any national marketing plan in place. What really puzzles me is that both Government and the BTA have failed to explain the fiscal challenges they are currently encountering honestly to the private sector. There has been this cloak of silence, while the public sector seems to enjoy this assumed comfort of continued employment almost at any cost.

But as we enter the shoulder season, thousands of tourism workers have genuine concern, whether they will keep their jobs or have working hours severely reduced to dramatically lower living standards for them and their families. Frankly, it has been an appalling job of public relations in keeping the private sector fully informed and ‘we’ should all learn from this.

Following the tragic events of 911, with all the then associated impending doom and gloom that threatened our number one industry, a meeting of key players in tourism was convened to brainstorm our options at that time. It was, in my opinion, one of the most productive meetings that I have attended in twenty five years. Maybe, its time again, to put the politics aside and focus exactly how we are going to kick-start what fuels our economy.

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  1. This was three years ago still nothing in place.It is early days but since the general election Minister Sealy seems to be in hibernation.

  2. I would like to see how Miss Irene will handle this ministry. I believe she will come with some fresh ideas and find I hope she will find a way to link the cleanliness of this island to Tourism. There are many ways to start invigorating Tourism and it should first start at home. Let us have a clean up campaign for ALL householders and ALL Businesses to beautify and maintain their surroundings. We need to make this island healthy and clean one. After the house cleaning could then invite others to visit. Right now we are inviting people to our dirty island.

  3. Here we go again. _sing the code word “jump start” “fuel” all words related to asking for “more money ” in the tourism industry. weklkl the giovt have propsed several incentives to help the sector along with millions of dollars. However the govt decided that putting all the eggs in one basket does the country no good and has wisely decided to strengethen trade and manufacturing to “fuel” the economy. YOU GET IT ADRIEN.

  4. @ islandgal246 | March 11, 2013 at 7:32 AM |
    “We need to make this island healthy and clean one. After the house cleaning could then invite others to visit. Right now we are inviting people to our dirty island.”

    Totally agree with you. This island is in need of an immediate clean up.
    But it seems no one in authority is listening and seem blissfully unaware to their degrading surroundings.
    Just take a trip around the Inner St. Michael area and the South Coast.

    Now that the winter season is coming to an end and the expected layoff of workers employed for electioneering purposes we should not be surprised if the environment is further marginalised and disregarded as a first casualty of fiscal containment.

    If the government is to go on a serious, concerted and continuous clean up programme the miller will shower them with praise from high heaven.

  5. The people have learnt.the govt is listening. Thedays of putting it all in one sector are behind us.we are now embarking on a path of long term growth and sustainabilty one that would weather the storm in hard economic times. the tourism sector has proven that under such stresses of golbal recession it cannot sustain itself. hopefuly the movers And shakers in the tourism industry would join hands with the govt and people and make it all happen for the good if the countrty.

    • What does government diversification of the economy strategy has to do with effective use of resources and being environmentally sensitive i.e cleaning the country etc? In fact cleaning Barbados should NOT be driven by sector concerns in tourism.

      While we move to diversify should we neglect or strangle the sector which is paying the bills? We really need to separate the arguments.

  6. Heard that Adrian?? We welcome your thoughts on diversification to aid in further revenue attraction that would increase foreign exchange. two or three other foreign exchange earners would benefit Barbados and it’s people. What do you say???

  7. @ ac | March 11, 2013 at 8:51 AM |
    “All the signs suggest Caribbean tourism is rallying’ and a ‘5.4 percent growth rate outpaced the rest of the world’. These comments attributed to Chairwoman of the CTO, Beverly Nicholson-Doty when referring to statistics for 2012.”

    Ac, does the above statement mean anything to you? Are you questioning the veracity of the figures and the integrity of Chair of the CTO? But you want others to respect our local leaders?

    So you really believe that “Manufacturing” can be the salvation and major foreign exchange for the Barbados economy? Do you really think that in a world of free trade and subsidized Trinidadian manufacturers that own and control the production and distribution businesses in Bim Manufacturing can outperform tourism and the offshore sector as our main earners and employers of school leavers? What are going to export? canned monkey meat?
    Woman, get real before you are sent back to the cow itch fields?

  8. long term goals and stragety must be inclusive .enviromental issues doesn”,affect tourism alone it affects country and strategies that benefits all is where we begin.

  9. Miller outsuide “privitization” what else do you have to offer. your efforts to poo! poo! the govt have falllen on deaf ears so said the voting public. even ” Even the most ardent supporters have gotten a dose of reality and has put that “dead dog” to rest leaving you the lone barking chihuahaa trying to take flight

  10. @ ac | March 11, 2013 at 10:01 AM |

    Why don’t you deal with the issue in hand and leave out the red herrings?

    Can manufacturing replace tourism as our number one foreign exchange earner as you are recommending?
    No go from there!

  11. U fickng idiot i see u looking foir an agrument in yur the fact only a fool would think iothewise. however our country cannot survive alone on tourism that is the point and for some their eyes remain closed to that fact and constantly harped on the need for more funding in that sector while all other sectors remain dormant.

  12. There has been so much talk about culture and tourism..i.e. the culture industry and how it will help tourism big time… and yet one of the many ‘great’ (*not”) ideas (or should I say *approved by Parliament* according to one disbursement of the information or *passed by Cabinet* according to others, ideas or sentences or rules within the Culture Bill that went from Culture Industries Bill to Culture Industries & Development Bill and now appears on the GIS website as…do note the T removed from the Development, so it reads quite rightly DevelopMe….

    … is this on Page 8 under Interpretation of the Act:: “approved producer of “audio-visual content” or “approved producer” means a film production company incorporated under the Companies Act, Cap. 308, or registered under the Registration of Business Names Act, Cap. 317 that is controlled by a resident of Barbados;”

    Bearing the above in mind, and according to what is being said by The Ministry re this Bill being one of the first Bills to be seen to in Parliament, the general consensus being on the government side that it is so good it will be passed immediately upon presentation to the hallowed halls…I wonder if Puerto Rico and Jamaica forced this big movie production company/team to find local partners…then employed lawyers galore to incorporate local companies on these islands under their laws before the production company/team were able to seek permission and approval of their film/production from The Ministers of Culture who could after all of this time consuming and foolish path (according to how I read the Barbados Bill) just say “no…not a creative package I approve”…hmmmm…the mind does boggle sometimes eh?

    Have a feeling the monies that come into a country when Hollywood or Bollywood or any large movie-making company in the world decide to use the particular country/island to film will not be part of the Barbados landscape…and the interest and advertising that arises from being the location will also be lost….oh! I forgot our tourism is on the rise and we do not really have to think on this type of ‘free’ advertising with perks…

    And don’t forget the kind of lessons to be learned by having these people here employing locals and having them perhaps learn the tricks of the trade….ooops! I forgot…slap slap…wake up Rosemary…that last sentence?…forget it…I remember now…our local film makers already know it all.

  13. For those who do like to lick on links:

    Blair Underwood among Hollywood stars to shoot new movie in the Caribbean
    Font size: Decrease font Enlarge font
    image The film adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” is to get underway in September in Jamaica and Puerto Rico.

    CALIFORNIA, United States, Monday March 11, 2013 – Motion picture history will be made in the Caribbean this year with “Macbett”, a new film directed by Aleta Chappelle, making her the first African-American woman ever to direct a film version of a Shakespeare play.

    Broadway and Hollywood actors Terrence Howard, Sanaa Lathan, Blair Underwood, Harry Lennix and Evan Ross will star in the Caribbean-set movie adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”, filming of which is scheduled to get underway in September in Jamaica and Puerto Rico, according to

    The new film’s storyline revolves around General Macbett (Howard) who meets the “weird sisters,” rulers of earth, water, fire and sky as the spirit daughters of Mother Africa.

    As the strange spirits manipulate Macbett by telling him he will soon become king, Macbett and his beautiful wife Lady Macbett (Lathan) become obsessed with ambition, setting the stage for “Something wicked this way comes. Open, locks, whoever knocks,” in the words of Shakespeare’s original play.

    Howard appeared on Broadway in the 2008 revival of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”. His film and TV credits include “Iron Man”, “Hustle & Flow”, “Crash” and “The Brave One”.

    Lathan starred in “A Raisin in the Sun” on Broadway. Her film and TV credits include “AVP: Alien vs. Predator”, “Blade”, “The Cleveland Show”, “Boss”, “Out of Time” and “Something New”.

    Underwood appeared in the most recent Broadway revival of “A Streetcar Named Desire”. His film and TV credits include “LA Law”, “Gattaca”, “One Life to Live” and “Deep Impact”.

    Lennix starred in “Radio Golf” on Broadway. His film and TV appearances include “Ray”, “The Matrix Revolutions”, “State of Play” and “The Matrix Reloaded”.

    Read more:

  14. @ miller and island gal
    and all those criticizing the “Cultural Industries Bill” did you contribute anything? As far as I am aware input was sought from anyone who wanted to make a contribution at town hall meetings or written in suggestions. Stop criticizing and contribute. For those who don’t want to invite tourists until the country is “clean” I ask how many support recycling, encourage “people.” who create the dirt in the first place, to use garbage bins and not throw the paper cups etc out of the vehicle windows etc. In other words encourage each person to be responsible for his own clean up campaaign. Each person should have pride in contributing to a clean environment. See each tourist or potential tourist as a friend that you are inviting into your home.

  15. Barbados is a tropical destination with existing infrastructure and Hotel plant.

    A clean safe Barbados if well marketed could be a preferred vacation destination.

    Nuh lotta log talk. clean de freekin place and put the police to work with the assistance of the BDF. Crime against tourist will ruin the industry if it is not dealt with seriously.

    Then hire competent professionals to market Barbados.

  16. Alvin Cummings……..I am sure I contribute MORE than YOU do. I promote Barbados as a garden destination on my blog, I have been recently covered by Joanna Fortnam of the Telegraph and more recently by Louise Hampden Horticultural Consultant, TV Producer & Writer at the BBC. I recycle, I have an environmentally friendly garden and I am into preserving old houses. Many visitors who contact me via my blog to visit my garden. HOW DARE you! You are such a fcuking moron!

  17. Alvin Cummings you may be comfortable with a dirty Barbados and therefore you can’t see it. There are many of us here who practice what we preach. There is a mindset on this island that if they don’t dirty the place people will not have work. I have tried on several occasions to ask people to stop littering and that was the response I get. We need a NATIONAL lesson in PRIDE for our surroundings. Take for example Six men’s fishing village, as very picturesque place BUT the filth that has collected over time is heartbreaking. That village if cleaned up and landscaped on the seaside it will be another beautiful window to the sea.

  18. AC…… What exactly is your point? If we continue on the path we are taking l we will get there on that list. We are such a small country with a small population it is easier to clean a small house than a large mansion.

  19. my point is that you guys keeping harping about barbados as if it is the nastiest place in the world . apparananly it is o.k for you to send that kind of a message on a daily basis through the world wide web. yes barbados does have its problems but other countries as well and some of those countries listed in the video tourist still keep going as adrien and others would attest to aware of the crime and gore and apparantly not daunted by the negative publicity, so what is your point ? and please don’t remind me.

    • Here we go again. Can we try to maintain our standard? Whether another country is nastier cannot be a benchmark. As Hants keeps saying like a stuck record, let us clean the damn place. Let us address the rising crime situation. Pushing it under the carpet is a Bajan mindset which will not work any longer.


      BU is not the Advocate, we do what we do. We discuss the rotten underbelly of Barbados society which the establishment would like to mask.

  20. AC …so it is better to remain silent than to address the filth we see piling up on the streets? The overgrown lots and bush that harbours rodents and thieves should remain and not be addressed. We all want a cleaner Barbados and hope by harping on it, would make everyone become a bit more alert to what is happening and to do something about it. To remain silent means that you are just as guilty as the people who litter and foul up the island.

  21. and you know why tourist keep going back to some of them places cause drugs are rampant and are easily accessible govts look the other way in order to stop their dying economy from the eventual death. the drug trade is like a runaway freight train while crime and violence effects the average citizen of those country but you know what the govt could give a damn cause whatever makes the tourist happy even to the determent of the moral fabric of the country makes them happy.
    then people like you islan gal comes along with you pitch fork in hand pointing out all that is wrong with barbados, we too would be heading down that direction if we give into those whose interest is self and country be dam.

  22. AC said “and you know why tourist keep going back to some of them places cause drugs are rampant and are easily accessible govts look the other way in order to stop their dying economy from the eventual death.”

    Girl You believe those things don’t happen bout hey? Try walking on Accra, Southern Palms or on the West coast beaches. Sorree, I forgot that you don’t (can’t) swim 🙂

    • @islandgal

      It seems what ac is saying is that we should repose our confidence in the authorities who have shown the capacity to fix the ZR issue, praedial larceny issue and the jusdical system which is about to collaspe under its own weight. all of these issue straddle decades.

  23. yeah they happen here but if people like you keep berating immigration handling of such issues it can only get worse. can’t forget how when the jamaican girl level those “finger rape” charges at govt you were first in line cheering her on. .

  24. David I guess AC loves how things are and sees NOTHING wrong with the system. She definitely lives in a fool’s paradise!

  25. @ Islandgal
    “The overgrown lots and BUSH that harbours rodents and thieves should remain and not be addressed”
    …you stepping near to the edge with your propaganda against “BUSH” yuh….and dropping insults and accusations of Bushie ‘harbouring rats and thieves….. ‘. Watch ya self yuh!!

    …But wunna minding Alvin Cummings though? He sound like one of them old time country fellows whose last visit to town was in the 70’s before donkey carts were banned from the city.

    Bushie went to great pains some time ago to explain why Bajans litter up the place – but wunna play wunna can’t face the truth, so wunna keep on spitting in the air ……

    Wunna know that when THOSE SAME Bajans migrate they become some of the tidiest citizens in Canada, USA England etc?

    There is no sense of OWNERSHIP by ordinary Bajans of this country as a whole. We have not had the quality of leadership that has been able to build a national consensus of collective togetherness.
    So we have the Block communities, the Heights and Terraces, the white community, the muslin community, the church communities etc, BUT THERE IS NO REAL BARBADOS community as such.

    Add this to the clear disparity in ownership between these communities along with the lack of social interactions, and it should not be difficult to see why a fellow takes the attitude that he should just drop his empty drink bottle by the side of the road or on “them big people lawns”……let them pay someone to clean it up….

    Wunna think that an average Bajan feel enough ownership of the beaches not to leave it dirty? …when these beaches have become the front yards of the wealthy, while Bajans squeeze through “beach access” gaps to see the water…?

    If Hants,Alvin or Islandgal feel that just calling for a cleanup will accomplish anything – wunna must be fambly to ac or Onions (may he rest in political peace – RIPP 🙂 )

    • Did BU not feature the nasty Sluice Gate at Graeme Hall which is the responsibility of government?

      Did a member of the BU household witness today a group of boys next to a canefield ‘sucking’ cane and without any trepidation throw the cane peel in the road? How difficult would it have been to toss the peel in the kuss Kuss grass which borders the cane field? It is a head thing Bushie, you are correct.

  26. @millertheanunnaki | March 11, 2013 at 9:36 AM |
    @ ac | March 11, 2013 at 8:51 AM |
    “All the signs suggest Caribbean tourism is rallying’ and a ‘5.4 percent growth rate outpaced the rest of the world’. These comments attributed to Chairwoman of the CTO, Beverly Nicholson-Doty when referring to statistics for 2012.”

    miller you mouth very dirty when you ready so dont curse me but what Loveridge isnt revealing is the robust 5.4% growth is dominated by the non English speaking Caribbean. The cheap vacation hotspot Dominican Republic with a tourist industry bigger than the whole Eastern Caribbean doing the dog with mass tourism. DR, Aruba et al is where the real growth is located. The English speaking Caribbean is finding it hard to grow tourism in the prolonged recession not only Barbados . We know Loveridge relishes any opportunity to twist figures to highlight Barbdos ‘ bucking the trend.’ He is adept at cooking figures to make Barbados look bad.

  27. here you again with your negative crap which does nothing to enchance your country or people. after all the negative publicity u pounded on barbados you still looking for people to come to visit the country. how about if you promote your garden about the number of insects that eat you plants or have died from diseses how many people would be interested in buying any of your plants, i mean yuh might say you clean them up but you would never say how many succumbed to disease or insect on your blog , BTW i have frequented your blog and have never read such exposure.

  28. Bushie dahling, yuh mekking muh laff yuh sweetie pie yuh. Bushie I see where yuh coming from and I agree wid yuh. The lack of ownership of this island by our people is sad. True when dem go to over an away dem does fall in line pronto. Like we have to start leading the pack back to de Bush to appreciate what goodies de Bush can give we.

  29. AC…yuh can’t read, I have exposed the African snail on my blog and I have very few pests attacking my plants. AC to tell the truth I don’t like to sell my plants and many people will tell you that. They are amazed that there are very few pests and I grow plants for butterflies to lay their eggs on, yet my other plants are beautiful. You should come over one day for a visit. My only problem is the lack of water and I don’t want to see my bill when it comes. I have an ecologically balanced garden. I do not spray unless it is a naturally derived insecticide. I have several neem trees and have lots of aloes. Stop trying to pelt rocks, take a pill and chill!

  30. @Bush tea.If I rent a plaace from someone, it is not mine, I don’t have ownership. does that mean I should keep it nasty? Whether you like it or not Barbados is ours (yours and mine) We should all take pride in seeing that it is kept in the best condition possible. If you go in the bus stnd, (ours) or the van stand (ours) do we have to own the bus or van to make sure that we don/t drop our garbage in it? Even if someone else owns the lawn, why would you want to throw the bottle on the lawn. I am living in Canada for a couple of months, I spend the rest of the time in Barbados. I own nothing in Canada, yet if I am esating something I will not wilfully drop the container on the street. I keep it until I get to a garbage can. It is all in the attitude, and as long as people have an attitude like you theplace will always be dirty. If I visited someone whose home was a stinking mess why would I want to go back there?
    And Bushie, you can get aqccess to any beach, go on any beach aand stay on the beqch as long as you like. It is your duty therefore to make sure that the beach is kept clean.Whether or not someone else owns th house on the beach you can still bathe on the beach. @island girl. I am happy that your are doing your part. think how wonderful it would be if everyone did as you do.

  31. @ Watching | March 11, 2013 at 8:39 PM |
    “We know Loveridge relishes any opportunity to twist figures to highlight Barbdos ‘ bucking the trend.’ He is adept at cooking figures to make Barbados look bad.”

    You would only receive a good tongue lashing or cussing from the miller when you peddle dirty lies and promote partisan political hypocrisy on this blog.

    Look what you have gone and done to Adrian. Smear the man’s character without just cause just because of your partisan propensity to lie.
    Show us where Adrian ever twisted figures and cooked up statistics on tourism to make Barbados look bad?
    It is people like you who refuse to accept and deal with the real problems negatively affecting tourism in Bim and contributing to its demise.
    Continue to dig your heads in the sand and place some bogus recession.

    Adrian has earned more foreign exchange for this country than you and your ilk could ever do in a million years.

  32. @ millertheanunnaki | March 11, 2013 at 9:45 PM |
    “Continue to dig your heads in the sand and place some bogus recession.”

    Should read:
    Continue to dig your heads in the sand and place blame on some bogus international recession that seems not be affecting Jamaica and the other Caribbean destinations as far as tourism is concerned.

  33. Look Alvin, it may be better if you just ignore the bushman cause you only looking to make Bushie cuss ac and Onions now! (When anyone get Bushie VEX VEX he does cuss ac and Onions)…

    Obviously you is some kinda “goodie two shoes” namby pamby, half Canadian sap who sees everything through rosé colored glasses.
    Bushie is from the REAL world where no one gives a brass bowl bout how nice and sweet and obedient you can be….cleaning up the beach after you get a dip and picking up sweet wrappers in Younge Street.

    OF COURSE ” We should all take pride in seeing that it is kept in the best condition possible……” But if a fellow feels pissed off because of perceived unfair practices; sees no future for himself or his children; feels ignored by the system……you think that fellow will take pride in ANYTHING…..far less in keeping de “Big-Up people” place clean?

    Stupseeeee …you really went Cawmere? …you sound more like a Crumpton Stree man yuh….

  34. you see island seem to relish the tought of always having negative to say about barbados; i am yet to read anything positive you have said about barbados,so your crusade about cleanup barbados as just another chinck in your armour so i fail to see youwhere you are being genuine in your comments but just being hypocrtical and downright nasty on a consistent basis.

  35. @ Alvin Cummins | March 11, 2013 at 9:25 PM |

    You are totally missing the thrust or kernel of Bushie’s argument.
    The Bushman is far from condoning such actions. He is totally against littering but only proffers a set of plausible explanations as to why some Bajans don’t care about their surroundings or the environment.
    You are imputing motives to the man unjustifiably.

  36. along the way one would find these individuals relish condemning barbados to the grave of :do nothing: can be agreeable on almost any topic that promotes the degrade the island reputation.

    miller Topic”DOOM AND GLOOM”
    adrien loveridge :Barbados TOURISM INDUSTRY Having a death RATTLE
    Islangal..”One million things that is Wrong with Barbados.
    soon to be published and release on Amazon .com.

  37. @ Bushie

    Look Bushie why D brass sole you callin my name fa?….You ent see me hay fa de longest while

    Lying low drinking d-grouse
    Quite as a mouse
    Ent troubling a louse
    Enjoying my poems n souse
    But now about to buss a cuff
    In a fellow cawmere frouse

  38. @ ac | March 11, 2013 at 10:13 PM |

    You are purposely omitting one off the list.
    OSA’s fishbone stuck in ac’s craw for the last 14 years going on 20 causing permanent constipation at one end constant verbal diarrhoea from the other orifice.

    When you are able to vomit up the OSA bile we might just move on with you and see Barbados as a thriving paradise with a booming economy and smiling tourists in the millions on our pristine beaches.

  39. onions you still steusping after the BLP got anothe five years in the wilderness… yuh like that downgrade………..Poem and souse u on a diet.

  40. No my darlin ac……I got new company…..pick bones on that one

    Johnny Walker Black find a new friend…whaloss…..but I hear D grouse responsible for taking ur head hauncho Davidy… is like not much wee…gree ?

  41. @ islandgal246 | March 11, 2013 at 9:05 PM |
    “I have several neem trees and have lots of aloes”

    The Neem tree is one of the best natural protectors to have around the house. Besides providing excellent shade they can act as natural insecticide and pesticide. The tree can also be a village pharmacy.
    The miller has two and has given away many seedlings now turning into big trees themselves.

    You could invite ac over to your place for some meditation and a cup of bitter Neem tea for her political blood cleansing. But given the way she thinks that Bim ought to be a national dump full of garbage all over the place and an acceptable eyesore, the Neem tree might just sway mightily as if a hurricane of waste is in the area.

    BTW, do you get the hummingbirds and the other yellow breasted ones sucking the nectar from the aloe vera plant when it puts out its fertility stems?

  42. It is always so easy to slip away and run from the topic at hand,which is what needs to be done to fix our tourist industry. Dicussions about manufacturing and agriculture, and how many eggs need to go in whichever baskets,are all I ever hear about when we start to discuss this most difficult topic.

    Blaming society is usually the first recourse of those,who either lack the imagination or intent to solve its many ills. We did not get where we are overnight and we will not get where we want to be by tomorrow night either. We have the right to,and must analyse and criticise those who have been elected and duly PAID to clear the path before us.

    Too many times we choose to repeat the same mistakes,and refuse to accept the fact that we have been wrong and not wronged for all these years.The facts speak for themselves,the industry is in crisis and has been for a long time.Current programmes are not working,and even a cursory glance at those proposed, reveal a complete lack of imagination and will be ultimately doomed to dismal failure.

    Have you seen the BTA’s promotional video featuring Rihanna?
    Follow me to Barbados? Are you freaking kidding me? Why would I want to come to Barbados ? To frolick in sugar canes and ride a rusty bicycle on a road? WHO IS YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE? Young people who recognise Rihanna and want to party ? Clearly NOT!!

    I have no idea what these people are trying to do and obviously neither do they. Maybe we really should be spending our precious few dollars and going to Brazil and let them show us how such a campaign needs to be run.

  43. Any ah wunna go’ a problem wid me pissing pun a pailin’? … I just want to know. It is one of a few remaining truly liberating cultural privileges …

  44. Redman,

    You will see that my original column (Barbados Business Authority) does NOT mention Ms. Bradshaw as a Senator.


    Thank you for your balanced support.


    Thank you for posting the CTO statistics. It makes a NONSENSE of the statement by Watching – that the figures ‘are dominated by the NON English speaking Caribbean’.
    The lengths that some go to disguise the truth.

  45. All this lotta long talk from all yu – all saying in different ways the same thing – for there to be a change the leaders of this Island MUST by setting the example of passion, commitment & proper leadership begin the change themselves. This Country signs every International agreement in sight, Environmental, Money Laundering, the list goes etc etc & nothing is ever enforced.
    As a retired person I cannot believe the changes I have lived thru in this country & I am glad that I grew up when I did.

    • @Tudor

      Your comment gets to the meat of the issue. A couple questions you could have asked to get to the meat of the matter using your references:

      How many people have local authorities arrested in the last year for polluting the environment? Perhaps our friend Carl Moore has the statistics.

      How many Barbadians have been arrested in the last FIVE years for money laundering.

  46. Miller asked…. “BTW, do you get the hummingbirds and the other yellow breasted ones sucking the nectar from the aloe vera plant when it puts out its fertility stems?”

    Good morning folks, yes Miller I have hummers and Bananaquits by the dozen in the garden. I also have a humming bird feeder that attracts both the hummers and the Banana quits, sparrows and lizards. I enjoy watching them try to scare each other off to protect the feeder. I have even documented the hummer and her babies.

  47. Tudor

    You retired now and you glad that you grew when you did …? Stupse. So you neva wuk behind a fluffy pun Kadooment day den… Don’ knock it till you try it hear …! My sympathies …

  48. I was surfing the accomodation for crop-over, looking for something for the wife and kids, and of course I would send out emails checking cost, safety etc. and it dawned on me why am I having to do this? One of you computer guys could set up a web site where I type in what I want to spend and want and if anyone wants to fill a room or villa and the money works for them they call them back.Rather than the best advertized, or waiting for a call anybody could have a shot at a potential customer.A lot of people just book because they are tired of searching and use name recognition .Kind of like travelocity. Once the people come to your place then it is your job to keep them coming back.

  49. LOL @ Onions

    Don’t drink too much, you still have a lot of humble pie to eat.

    Try and bring your tail back here on BU and tek ya licks like a true Cawmarian 🙂

  50. Bush T
    Not Model T… you is a new kinda idiot or wat?…. Wid ac like a true lamprey and you say what? t… we all dun kno how tings went down…talk bout suprising dems selves……so wait if dey cud play huff um why should I play saint? Din Pilgrim not say..”foolishness dont breed sense.”……but such is life in the tropics.

  51. On one of my trips to Bim, I threw a piece of garbage in a trash can in Bridgetown, and was promptly told by someone who was watching me “you could never be from bout here, putting garbage in a can” the comment made me wonder. Shortly thereafter I had cause to walk around the bus stand by river road and noticed the many trash cans available for garbage, however, right beside every trash can lay a heap of garbage. I was stunned to see it was acceptable to throw the garbage next to the can as opposed to in the can. I am sure I have not been the only one to notice this, tourists have eyes as well. Education from very young is sorely needed to stop this disgrace, and yes, when the same culprits go to Canada, US, etc, they are the cleanest persons on earth. Makes me think it’s because they are Bajan they take the island for granted and display reckless disregard. Correct me if I am wrong.

  52. We must try fix each problem with a 360 degree view. There are the well known Bridgetown vagrants who have taken up residence which is fodder for another discussion. Do we need to do an Ed Koch?

  53. @ David
    What Ed Koch what!?!
    …all we need is a leader with a little common sense, a little vision and a lotta balls.
    These are all simple problems that any mature teenager can think through.
    What the hell would (will) we do when confronted with REAL problems – like there are in 80% of this world…..

  54. That pervasive belief should be instrumental in letting them see that the country should be kept clean………otherwise, it means there is a serious problem with their thought processes.

  55. All we need are people who are proud of their country and take pride in keeping it clean. all the hooting and howlering by the politicos does nothing to improve the image of our country. like jamaicans say “outta one many” that many means all of us indivually.

  56. If NY City which was a disgustingly filthy mess and the 70’s and 80’s could be cleaned up somewhat in the 90’s, so could Barbados, absolutely no excuse can be offered………………it starts with the leaders.

  57. Until the public is educated about the health risk and various bacteria attributed to disease due in partby unsanitary method which people used to disposed of garbage all the money spent for cleanup would be uselessas people only response to “cause and effect”what is needed is getting to the root cause and the source/s of this problem by way of education along with heavy fines..

  58. Actually David, Barbados IS God’s country.

    We have been blessed WAY beyond anything that we actually deserve. …Hell, we have been blessed DISPITE everything that we actually deserve.

    One of these days, Bushie will even explain WHY this has been the case, but even without such an explanation, it should be easy to see that ….
    – our success in human development in the period after WW2;
    – our phenominal success in tourism (which Adrian seems to think is some national right);
    – our being spared the ravages of destructive hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts, etc UNLIKE even our neighbors…
    – The general lack of destructive violence (dispite greater disparities in ownership of assets than there is is some strife-torn jurisdictions)
    – ….among MANY other blessings
    …..have been way outside of the statistical average for other countries in this world of ours.

    Have a look at the historical Hurricane paths for example, and see if a pattern is not clear….

    This situation was so for a REASON, and for a TIME.

    If we had been WISE, we would have stored away reserves during that time of blessings and plenty, and be fully prepared for the coming time of testing….
    We all know how THAT turned out…..

  59. Bush Tea, I certainly don’t think its a ‘national’ right. I know what it takes, as I have been working in tourism for 50 years and so has my wife.
    Those of us who make a living out of tourism, rarely get a second chance to get it right.

  60. millertheanunnaki
    Adrian has earned more foreign exchange for this country than you and your ilk could ever do in a million years

    Miller the spectacular cut ass you get on Feb 21 with more licks on the far horizon in 2018 give you double vision. Idiot you dont know Loveridge property is open 5 months of the year without security guards. Leave the fancy middle class terraces overlooking the ABC where you, onions and the bush T johnny reside and swing by Adrian’s place. Have a talk with other hotel folk or neighbours. What major foreign exchange what? Also didnt he tell us he sold the place?

    The people responsible for tourism foreign exchange are the hardworking long suffering workers on the front lines giving their all to make a living in the process making visitors welcome and doing Barbados proud. I’ve got little time for owners and top management in some of our hotels. They believe they are the true rulers of our nation. The electorate never even heard of them but because all of ours eggs are in the tourism basket they blackmail GOB and make scandalous demands on the public purse indeed the country.

    Thats why its a game changer for the Dems to restructure our economy weve got to to erect additional pillars for the economy to stand on by any means(legal lol) necessary. Thats why the Dems won and a BLP yardfowl like you lost. The BLP talking petty micro economics about little money in your pockets the Dees past that at the macro level tackling restructuring.

  61. Hi Adrian,
    Your position on tourism is well taken and have been well argued. Bushie differs from you in the following respect.

    Consider world champion Hussain Bolt.

    This chap appeared out of the hills of Jamaica as a teenager and immediately demonstrated the kind of potential for performance that exceeded the statistical average by degrees.
    Bolt has gone on to establish all-time records and set new world standards.

    At some point,(depending on how his talent is managed) he will decline in performance. At that point, we can take two contrasting positions

    1 – Bold is lazy and playing the donkey, and needs to buckle Dow and train like he did in the early day in order to get back on top.

    2 – Bold has been blessed with a special gift and talent and he has made good use of the opportunity that he has been blessed with. Now that phase of his life has passed, he should move on to the next phase – FOR WHICH HE SHOULD HAVE USED HIS GOOD FORTUNE to prepare.

    Bushie’s is the latter position with respect to Barbados tourism, while you seem to be suggesting that Bolt has a responsibility to keep up with the Blakes of this world.

    How is Bushie misreading your stance?

  62. Where is the 5.4% robust growth david? Hear from powerhouse Jamaica.

    KINGSTON, Jamaica — “A winter of discontent” is how Opposition spokesman on tourism, Edmund Bartlett, described the current winter tourism season in Jamaica.

    “I am seeing that it is likely to be a winter of great discontent for Jamaica,” Bartlett told the Observer, Monday, explaining that the situation was having an adverse effect on the foreign exchange rate.
    Foreign currency trading resumed Monday morning with the United States dollar being sold for an average J$97.31 cents.

    Basing his assessment on the latest tourism figures, Bartlett said that the tourism industry has suffered five consecutive months of decline since last October, at an average of two per cent per month and with January’s decline being as much as 4.7 per cent.

    “The government has been preoccupied with finding ways to contract the economy so much that it has taken its eyes off the sectors of growth and the generation of foreign exchange, and they have not seemingly bothered to recognise that the tourism industry, the principal foreign exchange earner apart from remittances, has been experiencing five months of negative growth in stop-over arrivals, and the consequent reduction in foreign exchange earnings,” Bartlett told the Observer.

    “This is unprecedented in, at least, the last ten years, because even during the worst recession in years, 2008-2011, we still had growth in stopover arrivals and earnings,” he said.

    Bartlett also noted that the three main tourism markets for Jamaica — Canada the USA and the UK — which are responsible for a total 90 per cent of stopovers have been experiencing severe downturns. He said that Canada, which showed the most significant growth even during the recession, was nearly 15 per cent down in January.

    “The UK last year was down 17 per cent and 12 per cent in January, and the US showed less than one per cent growth in January,” he said.

    “Where is the ‘Bolt Bounce’ from the one million pounds spent on London last summer? Bartlett questioned.

    He said that the growth in cruise visitors was far from sufficient to ease the situation, as such visitors represent only one percent of revenue.

    According to Bartlett the situation has been so bad that some hotels have been rotating staff, which is unusual in winter, and the reduction was also affecting inflows into the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) and the hotels’ room tax.

    Read more:–winter-of-discontent-#ixzz2NLEiHHTQ

    • @watching/observant/1000 pounds of blubber etc

      You are dishonest in your rebuttal of Adrian’s argument. Why don’t you compare Barbados to one of the other islands which has experienced growth? Were you the one one harassing Adrian in December that we will have a good Winter period and Adrian was chided by you for showing concerns? Your partisan BS will not wash on BU only with DLP partisans.

    • @ac

      Coming from a DLP yardfowl we are on equal footing!

      If you took the time to read the article posted by the multi-moniker ‘watching’ here is something you missed:

      “The government has been preoccupied with finding ways to contract the economy so much that it has taken its eyes off the sectors of growth and the generation of foreign exchange, and they have not seemingly bothered to recognise that the tourism industry, the principal foreign exchange earner apart from remittances, has been experiencing five months of negative growth in stop-over arrivals, and the consequent reduction in foreign exchange earnings,” Bartlett told the Observer.

      “This is unprecedented in, at least, the last ten years, because even during the worst recession in years, 2008-2011, we still had growth in stopover arrivals and earnings,” he said.

      Read more:–winter-of-discontent-#ixzz2NLSW7Ib1

      The former tourism minister of Jamaica is saying the same thing Adrian has been saying. In essence, despite the depressed markets of the world Jamaica can do better.

    • The big irony is that Adrian has been consistent in his feedback about where he sees improvement is possible. Last election those who posted on BU debated how the BLP treated him. Now we see the roles shifted. In a second term government BU expects the DLP partisans to attack BU because we attack the issues period which is something the parties will never like.

      Well hear this, BU thrives on criticism.


  64. No. david tiurism is down not only in barbadios and yiu and adrien and other BLP yardflows/are being disingenuious in blaming it all on the govt. the fact is that throughout the booming years when the BLP reign the world economy was on fast track and the BLP other than handing over the public purse to the Tourism industry did nothing of real substance to enchance the industry now all this back and forth is nothing more than to pressure govt to give more of what they don,t have..

  65. @ Watching | March 12, 2013 at 11:15 AM |

    Unless you are involved in the same foreign exchange earning sector you are in no position to criticise Adrian for his efforts.

    But what can one expect from a person whose taste of mediocrity and rating of high or outstanding performance is measured by your evaluation of the recent electoral result as
    “spectacular” win of a 2 seat margin from a previous 20 +1. But let us grant you the pyrrhic victory, even if by hook or crook.

    However, before you carry on your futile attacks on Adrian, it would do you a world of good to take on board David of BU’s comment @David | March 12, 2013 at 12:20 PM |
    “@watching/observant/1000 pounds of blubber etc”.
    Take heed and watch your idiotic comments about people who are making a significant contribution to this country in earning foreign exchange to support the imported conspicuous consumption habits of lazy bastards like you.

  66. @ GP
    Pope Shiite!!
    Bushie don’t want no “Popeship”, ….how about a motion for Islandgal to be constrained to swear obedience to Bushie from henceforth…. 🙂

  67. Yeah david i read that too sounds familiar. here that swan song everyday coming from BLP yardlows .however the gist o the article highlights the reality and decline of tourism in the Carribbean.

  68. BUSHIE
    I not sure you can handle Island girl’s garden But could you teach ac to spell, use punctuation, some logic and how to keep quiet when she has nothing to say of substance?

  69. Hey gorgie porgie wha.s up doc. wuh happen that new job fire yuh ass .see u got plenty time to be all up in people.s bizness how about finding a garden that u could mow down.or dat too much work fuh u to do. maybe u could try a little viagra.

  70. “how about a motion for Islandgal to be constrained to swear obedience to Bushie from henceforth…. 🙂

    NEVA HAPPENING ….You got to swear obedience to ME BUSHIE first then things will heat up!

  71. Bush man on a lease….I could just picture it….Hear Islgal…” dat…hurry up too.”….

  72. David | March 12, 2013 at 12:20 PM |
    @watching/observant/1000 pounds of blubber etc

    You are dishonest in your rebuttal of Adrian’s argument. Why don’t you compare Barbados to one of the other islands which has experienced growth?

    What untreated crap are you and your sidekick BLP yardfowl miller coming with. You fully support Loveridge in his ad naseum misleading arguments based on cherry picked data to show the rest of the Caribbean is growing and Barbados is not. Isnt that so?

    Now its been pointed out to you the growth Loveridge harps on is (1) mostly in the non English speaking Caribbean eg DR, Aruba and (2) even powerhouse Jamacia with the unmatched promotion muscle of Bolt, Marley,reggae, movies, proximity to US etc is seeing big declines you get on your high horse with lies of dishonesty in rebuttal. Where is the dishonesty? Read what the former Jamaica tourism Minister said. Its his details not mine. The rebuttal is clear, honest, factual.

    We know the blog is yours and you can attack and distort as you please and more often than any individual blogger still it does not change the truth no matter how much monikers you pin on me.

    The reality is the English speaking Caribbean is having a hard time in tourism because of the world economic crisis not Barbados alone as YOU, Loveridge and your lapdogs miller and islandgirl gleefully want us to believe. Ive got a plane to catch. I’ll be an arrival statistic in Washington DC by noon tomorrrow .

  73. I think that firstly, Barbados tourism needs in bit of shaking up starting with Petra Roach in the UK where we have lost a lot of ground.

    The UK is supposed to be our premier market. Petra has been there too long, all she does is sucks up to whom ever is in charge so that the status quo can remain the same. She is only interested in her position in the UK and her “hob knobbing” with the who’s who. Our UK market is not doing well because of low staff morale, they cannot stand Petra’s management style or the lack of it. Petra socializes, not market Barbados. That is our problem.

    We could have done something to counteract the impact of the APD in the early days when it first was imposed. This government has put little money into marketing but instead opted to put money into GOL airlines which made no sense.That money was wasted, big time. I suggested a while ago that this same money could have been used to lure UK visitors to Barbados. It is always better to build on what you have rather than trying to re-invent the wheel. One way could have been offer some kind of credit to offset the APD once the visitor got here, not from the UK.

    I do feel that we would have lured more visitors. Jamaica must be doing something to counteract the APD as they are getting the lion share of UK visitors. So ac, dont talk about no world recession or blame OSA.

    To top it all off, just before elections, the PM told the Chamber that they are looking at exploring South Africa. This is a non starter, a waste of taxpayers money.

  74. @Prodigal Son | March 12, 2013 at 5:48 PM |
    Jamaica must be doing something to counteract the APD as they are getting the lion share of UK visitors.
    Prodigal this is an incorrect and erroneous statement check the data before you publish.

    • @watching/observant/1000 pounds of blubber etc

      The problem with you and those of your ilk is that whenever you are challenged you have to resort to disingenuous positions but all are reading and can draw conclusions.

      Leading up to the winter period when the Governor stated that this it was a make or break season, what was your response when it was pointed out that Barbados had found itself in a precarious position? You posted article after article to show that Barbados’ performance was good. Some of us told you to wait that it was premature. Now that there is the reality that our product has underperformed in comparison to the region you come with a different position.

      No one is saying that we are not operating in tough times but we are saying we can do better. It took this government 5 years to rollout a tourism master plan document which STILL has to be operationlized. On this blog we have asked why no presence in Ottawa in the important Canadians market. We were told at the 11th hour we registered a booth last week but same old tacti; no buzz at the Barbados booth while the domestic presence, Cuba and others had the buzz. We could go on.

      Stop the partisan bull crap, the idea is that we have to use our tourism budget smart and if we go by the feedback from the operators in the market, Barbados is not being seen. Until we find an alternative to replacing the forex which tourism brings in we need to do all that we can to be the #1 in the Caribbean. Out survival depends on it.

  75. @ David:
    Any access to a summary of the Estimates?
    Heard, en passant, there is projected to be a deficit in excess of $1 billion for the coming financial year? Is there any truth to that?

    • @Miller, see the bolded below.

      Estimates laid in Parliament

      Government’s Budget, setting out the Estimates of Expenditure and Revenue for the financial year 2013-2014, was today laid in Parliament.

      It is estimated that Government’s total expenditure for the financial year 2013-2014, on the accrual basis, will be $3 873.9 million.

      When converted to the cash basis, total expenditure is $3 808.6 million, an increase of $227.5 million or 6.9 per cent over the revised figure for 2012-2013. Of the amount approved for 2013-2014, $2,994.0 million represents current expenditure, while $879.9 million represents capital expenditure and amortisation.

      Wages and Salaries are expected to increase over the revised amount for 2012-2013 by $14.4 million or 1.8 per cent to $823.8 million. The increase is due to increments.

      Expenditure on goods and services is expected to decrease by $54.8 million to $378.0 million. Current transfers are also projected to decrease, declining by $28.9 million or 1.9 per cent to $1,037.0 million.

      The repayment of principal and interest on Government’s debt is expected to account for $1.3 billion compared to the revised projection of $1.1 billion.

      On the accrual basis, current revenue for the next fiscal year is projected at $2,625.0 million. On the cash basis, current revenue is projected at $2,590.2 million, an increase of 7.0 per cent over the revised revenue of $2,420.7 million for the financial year ending March 2013.

      When amortisation of $721.6 million is taken into account, a deficit of $496.7 million on the cash basis is expected, representing 5.3 per cent of GDP.

      The Estimates for the 2013–2014 fiscal year include these provisions:

      (i) A current subvention of $145.5 million is being provided to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital;

      (ii) A subvention of $101.7 million has been provided to the Barbados Tourism Authority to facilitate marketing and promotion;

      (iii) Invest Barbados has been allocated the sum of $4.5 million to carry out its operations;

      (iv) $10.0 million has been provided to the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. to carry out work on capital projects;

      (v) Grant funding of $26.7 million is expected to be received to assist in carrying out the following programmes:
      Human Resource Sector Strategy and Skills Development;
      School Plan Enhancement & Refurbishment Programme;
      Technical Services to the International Business and Financial Services Sector;
      Technical Cooperation Facility and Support to Non-State Actors; and
      Technical Assistance to the Office of National Authorising Officer.

      (vi) A current subvention of $34.7 million and a capital subvention of $3.4 million has been provided to the Sanitation Service Authority;

      (vii) An amount of $27.0 million has been provided to the Barbados Drug Service for the purchase of drugs;

      (viii) A current subvention of $71.3 million has been provided to the University of the West Indies;

      (ix) A current subvention of $21.3 million has been provided to the Welfare Department;

      (x) Skills for the future programme under the Ministry of Education has been provided with an amount of $7.0 million; and

      (xi) The Low Income Housing Project under the Ministry of Housing has been provided with $4.5 million. (Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs/BGIS)

  76. @ David | March 12, 2013 at 6:51 PM |

    Thanks, David.

    It seems as if no transfers/subsidies have been provided for the Transport Board and the BADMC. Or are they subsumed somewhere under the parent Ministries?

  77. @ David | March 12, 2013 at 7:42 PM |

    Just a bit overly enthusiastic to assess where we are going, that’s all.

  78. ‘a subvention of $101.7 million has been provided to the Barbados Tourism Authority to facilitate marketing and promotion’.

    What proportion will go to settle outstanding bills, what percentage will be spent on administration rather than marketing and promotion?

    Will more be spent on leasing/purchasing luxury SUV’s?

  79. Appears as though the government is still consistently pouring money into the marketing of tourism. What amount actually goes into marketing is a good question, how efficient are the ones who are supposed to be doing the marketing is another. Everyone should take into consideration that tourists, in this now acknowledged depression, are still looking for bang for their buck. Cuba and Dominican Republic allows you to stretch your dollar really far and are exceedingly beautiful and larger islands. Barbados remains overly expensive.

  80. @ Well Well | March 13, 2013 at 8:02 AM |

    You could make as much constructive criticism to this administration as you want. You can tell them that many of the problems besetting our tourism are virtually homegrown and do not require lots of money but the political will and enforcement of the laws. But you will be spitting up in the air and whistling in the wind.

    As long as this administration has the scapegoat called “International Recession” to ride like a dead horse or the local whipping boys to lash out at to like the BHTA, the BLP and even Adrian Loveridge they will continue to ignore you and the likes of islandgal to this country’s economic peril, unfortunately.

    Don’t be surprised if this country is confronted with another credit rating downgrade in the coming months reflecting a further loss of investor confidence or a write-off in this country’s ability to recover since it is continuing to kill off the tourism goose that lays the forex golden egg.

  81. Miller……………..I do see where it is becoming increasingly useless to point out REALITY for those self-serving individuals who actually care nothing about the future of the majority on the island. I am waiting to hear what their arguments will be when it becomes evident that there is no more money to pour into tourism and they can no longer use the 10 year old recession that is now a monster depression, as an excuse. I await the rating agencies downgrades. One thing that would be a constant, all the businesses and hotels now owned by the minority population will be sold to foreign investors when the time comes, so too will all government (the people) owned businesses.

  82. How is the government going to bridge the 1 plus billion dollars gap between income and expenditure?

  83. Roverp, So much agree but almost 3 weeks since the election and everyone seems to be sleeping. Do we have a crisis in tourism or not?
    Four of our previous guests currently occupy the only two rooms that are filled in another hotel and yesterday they said it is the quietest they have seen Barbados in twenty five years. And this is the peak winter season.

  84. Hmm…That is one vulgar video but it is the truth about what some Tourist come here for. What can we do about this kind of publicity? The beach bums will feel empowered after seeing something like this and will harass all female tourists. Can we teach the Bums to be more discreet and wait for the women to approach them? Sun Sand and Sex or should it be SEX sun and sand?

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