Manifesto WARNING!

2013 BLP Manifesto

2013 BLP Manifesto

The manifestos of the DLP and BLP have been released about ONE week before the E-Day of February 21, 2013. Generally people pay very little attention to manifestos in most countries. A manifesto may be described as a political tool to get political parties elected. Although we know they are usually littered with pie in the sky promises, BU had hoped this one time around, given the unprecedented challenges which confront service-oriented economies like Barbados, the electorate would have been wooed and teased by a vision articulated by both political parties (espoused in the manifestos).  How do they plan to navigate the economic and social milestones currently strewn in our path? Why is it this one time our people could not have been convinced to turn-down the political rhetoric, and instead, engage in a level of collaboration hitherto never experienced in democratic Barbados? As a highly regarded small predominantly Black country here was an opportunity created by the prevailing economic challenge for us to lead; a role which is not unfamiliar in the post-Independence period.

Kudos  to the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) for being ‘first’ out of the blocks with their Manifesto launch – a sarcastic comment you ask?. Although a trivial point, it has not escaped the notice of BU that apart from the first page which features an aggressive air-brushed image of Owen Arthur reflected on The Team for A Better Tomorrow, Mia Mottley’s photo appears in the most prominent position. To those with an ‘eye’ for these things it is called subliminal advertising and it is designed to draw the eye and create an impression in the minds of the electorate.

During the stewardship of the DLP government (2008-2013) a few issues have always occupied the attention of the BU family. Heading the list is GOVERNACE! On Thursday an increasingly cynical electorate will have to decide which party leads (by a nose) on the issue of Freedom of Information (FOI) and Integrity Legislation (IL) among others.

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We learned that from the FOI and IL, or what Denis Lowe called a Charter for Change which BU exposed in the McKenzie Files known as BUleak that neither Lowe nor DLP colleagues were eager to legislate and implement integrity legislation. In earlier BU blogs we also learned that William Duguid expressed a similar position on the BLP side. Prime Minister Stuart and party have bragging rights – at least an effort was made to table IL. From experience of how things get done in Barbados BU will argue that there is a lot of room between the cup and the lip. If it is one ailment which afflicts Barbados, we suffer from implementation deficit. Who do we give the nod? The party which brought IL? Or the party which because of a perception of corruption was booted from office five years ago?

Another issue which has been robustly discussed since the event is CLICO and BAICO, CLICO mostly.

The BLP has promised CLICO policyholders (does this include investors too?) they will get 100% of their money. The BLP obviously expects to benefit from 35,000 CLICO votes, or is it 14,000 which was clarified by Prime Minister Stuart on the campaign trail. The question to be asked: is the electorate capable of discerning when will this money be repaid?

Repayment, according to the BLP, is open-ended. The value of the repayment is set “as at the date on which payments of interest to them ceased.” Repayment will be made by means of “a combination of medium and long-term investment instruments and tax relief, where applicable.” We also learn that, “approximately $364.8 Million, which have now become a $76.7 million dollar problem given that the two companies have assets with a current market value of $288.1 million.” BU is unable to appreciate the arithmetic offered by the BLP. Also there is the legal reality. The CLICO matter is under the ward of the court and CLICO Barbados has oversight for premium written in the OECS. Please tell us how Barbados is able to beat home drums first which is promised by the BLP. Bear in mind the promise comes from the BLP, a strident proponent of regional integration.

The biggest suspicion thrown up by the BLP manifesto however is under the heading LAW and ORDER.

“The last Barbados Labour Party administration made the largest investment in policing in this nation’s history to make the job of policing safer.” So much money spent for such a reduction in services. The obvious question raised by this promise is – What about the safety of the people being “policed” from the Police?

We must pay attention to the recruitment of new officers and the retention of serving policemen and women and do all that is necessary to increase the numbers of the Royal Barbados Police Force. Equally, a caring government must pay careful attention to the health and well-being of police officers.” It seems to BU the answer to all our problems is to throw dollars at the problem. BU is reminded that under former Attorney General Dale Marshall is when we saw the rot taking root in the Barbados Police Force. Has building a spanking Judicial Centre at Whitepark Road solve the problem of delayed justice by the Barbados Judiciary? “How will construct[ing] an ultra modern Headquarters at Central Police Station” dissolve the many complaints levelled against the force?

BU has sufficiently highlighted our inefficient, ineffective and moribund judiciary system in the Tales from the Courts. Again the solution of the BLP is to “improve the administration of justice by ensuring that the Supreme Court and its Registry are adequately staffed at all levels including expanding the size of the Judiciary.” Let BU give the BLP the benefit of the doubt that the promises will make a difference. How will it be implemented? We want to know!

2013 DLP Manifesto

2013 DLP Manifesto

The DLP manifesto followed (meeting finished in the early Saturday morning 16 Feb 2013).

Like the BLP’s manifesto it makes a lot of promises, many of which we know will not be kept. And early scan of the DLP manifesto gives the impression – compared to the 2008 DLP manifesto and the 2013 BLP manifesto – that the promises seem more conservative.

Starkly evident to BU when we compare DLP promises to those of the BLP, a conservative FISCAL approach seems to be preferred. This probably reflects the personality of Prime Minister Stuart. There is the perception that the BLP will spend a lot of money – which BU believes we not have – to increase the number of civil servants and their benefits . Similar appears to be absent from the DLP manifesto. The reality is that many of our key markets continue to make massive cuts in government spending. Our major market in the EU countries (especially Britain) and in the USA and Canada – countries from which we source our financial aid may legitimately question why are they are cutting government spending and we giving pay hikes to a moribund public sector.

Surprisingly one of the areas which the DLP manifesto fails to address is the rot in the JUDICIARY and GOVERNANCE system. It is a no-brainer that until this is addressed in the most aggressive manner, all the talk about revitalizing the overseas business sector and foreign investment etc. makes a nonsense. BU genuinely believed with the coming of Marston Gibson – delivered by the DLP – we would have seen an improvement in the judiciary after David Simmons.

On page 55 of the DLP manifesto, in the section dealing with LAW REFORM: “while adhering to the a strict observance of the protection of rights, especially those basic human rights which the Founding Fathers of our nation thought to be fundamental to the protection of the basic freedom as to enshrine them in our constitution.” But it ignores the fact that we have a justice system where these rights “fundamental to the protection of the basic freedom as to enshrine them in our constitution” are breached daily by the very justice system that is sworn to uphold them. Again in BU’s Tales From the Courts several of the issues have been highlighted: 1) holding people on remand for years without bringing them to trial and often, after years of remand, the charges are dropped, 2) despite being told by victims that they have arrested the wrong person, continuing to hold that person on remand on the basis that a confession under duress has been extracted, 3) having civil cases drag on for in excess of 20 years at first instance, not even having gone through any appeal process – that adds another decade to the process 4) the habit of the Registry of losing files which in the age of technology should have been scanned and filed electronically with access to judges on a Network/Intranet and 5) the high level of Barbados decisions overturned by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).

Bottomline, neither political party has addressed the important requirement of timely and efficiency delivery of justice, a key pillar required to support any stable society, a society which the DLP likes to tout.

BU has left the subject of TOURISM to last. It is a volatile industry but one which Barbados is heavily dependent. All sensible Barbadians understand that tourism performance will be affected by the economic challenges being experience in our key markets; mainly the UK. What Barbadians have been annoyed about is the fact our performance continues to trail our Caribbean neighbours. The CTO is reporting 5% growth in long stay arrivals across many markets. Barbados recorded a 5.5% decline during 2012. January 2013 was down 8.2% across all markets and an alarming 18.4% down from Canada, one of the markets least affected by the global recession. Most alarming has been the lack of engagement by Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy and government with Barbadians.

A review of the BLP manifesto shows that it consulted with stakeholders; BU does not glean the same when we scan the DLP manifesto. The DLP promised to restructure the Barbados Tourism Authority Board early in its term (2008). We are about to enter another election (2013) and no restructure. How are thousands of voters who work in the hospitality expected to vote in the circumstances?

What is absolutely scary about General Election 2013 is that many fear the return of Owen Arthur, yet the same group is uninspired by a DLP government, who for the first three years of its term seem to be caught like a deer in headlights. The BLP finds itself on the verge of regaining government and relegating the DLP to the ignominy of a one term government. How the BLP has done it can be attributed to a DLP government who many believe could have done better.

Is it possible we are entering a period in our history which makes a third party or independent appealing?

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  1. A Little Man to Woman exchange:

    “I will give you a new car, a BMW? what colour? house on the terraces, clothes to make heads turn.”

    “But Oswald you ain’t got nu money!! and you said the Bank manager threatening you.”

    “Don’t talk foolishness woman trust me”.

    “But Oswald you said that before we had de four children”.

    “Stop looking in the past woman, break open a bottle.”

    “We can’t afford a bottle Oswald.”

    “Then send fu two.”

    “Who will pay fuh all this freeness Oswald?

    Trust me woman! trust me”.

    “But we need to brek fu shore or we will sink to the bottom of the Careenage.”

    “Trust me Woman! trust me”.

  2. @David
    BU is in danger of becoming a toothless tiger, an impotent intellectual wasteland, a chair leader for political theatre or a stenographer for the status quo. Instead of representing those who have rendered a judgement about the uselessness of the political culture, instead of pointing to a third way, instead of directing readers to the collusion of political parties and politicians in the dis-empowerment of the people, BU at this critical juncture feverishly presents an editorial line that tries to find some kind of nonexistent decency or rightness or inevitability about the limited ‘choices’ we are supposed to have. Yet this is the same BU, and DAVID in particular, who likes to talk about creative solutions to existential problems. The same David who has expended a ‘forest’ in his writings about the obvious failings of both the DLP and the BLP and the political waste that they represent. The same David who one day after the election will be here again complaining about ‘official’ malfeasance, political corruption, political trickery, lack of seriousness. But now, this Judas, has a chance to present the viable option that we have previously adumbrated, he, consistent with the lackey cultural norms as popularized by the ruling classes in Barbados resorts to a status quo mentality. These norms say to people like David that he should play it safe. That he should not encourage Barbadians to BOYCOTT a regime that is in free fall. A regime that is a relic of a bygone era. A regime that in bankrupt in more ways than one. A regime that continues to this day to live on the backs of the masses of the people in Barbados. Unfortunately, we have had to come to the conclusion that there is no difference between David’s BU and the Nation or Advocate as far as their editorial philosophy is concerned. In other words, we think we have free speak but how can that be when those who guide the debate limit the options the country is to have? WE SAY BOYCOTT THESE ELECTIONS YESTERDAY, TODAY, TOMORROW AND FOREVER.

    • @Pacha

      We obviously have a separation in philosophy on this issue. The right to cast a vote by the ordinary citizen is one of the important moments in a breathing democracy. One does not have to take political science 101 to know and appreciate that no system of government is perfect, none. So with respect Pacha don’t be stuffing your beliefs down our craw.

      As always feel free to submit your views which will always be given a space.

  3. @David
    What is a right to vote? How can it be a right if the right to withhold that vote is not ours? What you are taking about is the basis of misguidance in the system. You are in effect talking about, not a right, but an obligation to support a political culture that is teetering. You have consistently, axiomatically supported the established duopoly. If that is what you are going to do why not present all the possibilities to the people? Ours was never to force our ideas on anybody. In fact, no right thinking anarchist wants anybody else to see the world precisely how she/he does.

  4. @David. That is an analysis worthy of the very highest standards of impartial journalism anywhere in the world.

    @Yardbroom. That you are absolutely right, you already know.

    With apologies to my cyber-friend, the Miller, the BLP lost me when Owen announced his heir apparent in the person of Dale. Then I read the Manifestos and that decided me.

    At a time when the countries from which we derive most (if not all) of our foreign aid are reducing their civil service and their social benefits and at a time when our tourism market is suffering and our foreign investments next to nil, the BLP Manifesto is one of the most arrogant, self-serving and fiscally irresponsible documents I have ever read. Basically, what it says is, “Vote for us and we will give you the world. At least we hope to, as long as the worldwide recession doesn’t go from triple-dip to quadruple-dip, or even more dips and we can then wheedle money out of the usual donors.” And on what is this spending spree based? Barbados’ strategic importance to the Western World? That has not been the case since 1989 when Russia eschewed communism. We HAVE no strategic importance, except in the minds of old people firmly mired in the past and our “communications centre” is a thing of the past.

    Not that I am giving the DLP a free pass either. Their performance has been lacklustre and without any real balls. But, at least their corruption and unreality has not even nearly attained the levels that made us vote the BLP out of office. And if you look at the BLP slate of candidates, it is the same lot we got rid of 5 years ago. And if they get back into office again, except under young, progressive and energetic leadership, these last 5 years will merely represent a lacuna for the instant millionaires just slavering to attach themselves once more to the public purse.

    The BLP Manifesto is fiscally completely irresponsible and unsustainable. And I prefer to choose the lesser of two evils.

    So, yes, David. It is time we had a third party. Maybe the ever-loyal MAM might finally make the break in the National interest and form it, as she is the ONLY politician in Barbados with the stature and statesmanlike abilities to do so. But for this time, I am going with the party that will cause the least damage to a country so dependent on the international community.

    Anyway, that is my position as is my right. I really am disappointed with both Manifestos. I had expected better. I think we deserve a better choice that having to choose between one party that promotes fiscal irresponsibility and another that is simply the lesser of two evils.

  5. @ Amused
    The fullness of time will prove the DLP no less corrupt than the BLP. Just, you don’t know about the corruption yet

  6. Only if the modern day electorate knew of the struggles our foreparents went through to gain the right to vote, then we would see that we are doing these ancestors an injustise by NOT VOTING, too many things that they fought for are now trivialised.

  7. To my mind a fair assessment on the part of BU.Like it or not,agree with it or not BU has brought to the table a plate of balanced opinion,open for discussion.Wish we could say the same for the main stream media…The same main stream media that sought to dupe the public last election with that bogus boxill bull-shit.

  8. @Pacha

    Why do you believe that by locating your ire at the political system only that it is the sum of what will resolve the problem in your eyes? What about all the other stakeholders who make up civil society? Are you giving them a pass? Who is to say your unifocal approach is the silver bullet needed? Why don’t you fleashout your thesis to feed more informed exchanges?

  9. Bush Tea
    Where did Owen endorse Dale Marshall as his deputy IF he wins the next elections? I thought I heard Owen said he cannot name a deputy not until after the elections If the BLP wins. Even So, who say Owen will be P.M, the elected members of parliament of the party which commands the majority of seats, sit among themselves and select/elect a leader, who is then declared the PRIME MINISTER. The same thing happens in the DLP, I don’t think Stuart will be elected IF the DLP wins the government.

  10. One comment about the BLP slogan “Things Dread” on the Tee shirts, if they win what will be on the Tee shirts on Feb.22? If they lose will the slogan be amended to read “Things (still) Dread”?

  11. Purely from a TOURISM perspective, I cannot see anything in the DLP 2013 Manifesto to address the current crisis in the sector. NO practical immediate solutions and why would you want ANOTHER five years to restructure the BTA, when you have already had an overwhelming mandate for that five years. During the DLP administration we have lost over 100,000 long stay visitors and over 92,000 cruise ship passengers in 2012 alone.

  12. @June Boy
    I thought I heard Owen said he cannot name a deputy not until after the elections If the BLP wins.
    If Owen did say that it belies the point that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, Owen did name Mascoll “co leader” of the BLP last go around and look what happened.

  13. Read both manifestos, don’t see how a DLP government is going to spend so much less than a BLP government. Both looking to spend and both will have deficits. For now it looks like the Bees plans might yield more economic growth, but no one knows what will happen globally. That said the Dems can’t keep blaming our condition on the global slowdown. Above all economics theories, credibility is the most important factor of all, and regardless of which party wins, CREDIBILITY above all else determines the access to money….credit. Said simply you have as much money available to you as you have credibility. That is how a debt based monetary system works.

  14. David

    It is over for the BLP. The momentum is with the DLP and the CADRES poll will only add to that as the Base of the party will be energised and barring a major slip up in the closing days, then the DLP will romp home to stunning victory.

    It will be crucial for the BLP supporters to understanding immediately thereafter that the electorate has rejected them, they have only rejected OSA and what he represents, winning at all costs and leadership by fear and duplicity.

  15. During the DLP administration we have lost over 100,000 long stay visitors and over 92,000 cruise ship passengers in 2012 alone.

    So what has the Hotel owners in Barbados done to help themselves.

    I own a Business that got hammered during the recession and I had to find a solution for my survival without any help.

    Could you list the concessions and tax breaks granted to Hotels in Barbados?

    While I accept that Government could have done better I cannot ignore that the country I live in has spent hundreds of millions advertising in ways to get Canadians to vacation in Canada.

    The Americans bombard Canada with advertising to get Canadians to visit Florida,Lousiana,Vegas, New York etc.

    The last five years have been difficult and not only for Barbados.

  16. The BLP manifesto is an insult to intelligent Barbadians. They are telling people that you can have all the services in the world, all the tax breaks and concessions and no massive cuts in government expenditure. It does not add up. Arthur is trying to pull a fast one but it will not work. This is pure deceit and intellectually dishonest.

  17. Just imagine if the visionary Sir Hillary on the Hill would have partnered with the captains of industry at the Barbados Chamber of Commerce or one of the Accounting Houses to cost the two budgets. Did someone say Banana Republic?

  18. Hants,

    To answer your question – LOTS and without the benefit of a BDS$92 million annual budget for marketing.
    It’s a wonder there are any hotels left at all. 16.6 per cent increase in VAT, 50 per cent increase in Land Taxes, 72 per cent increase in electricity, 60 per cent increase in water bills and thats just in the last FIVE years.

  19. David on February 16, 2013 at 6:48 AM

    Was Operation Bang, or was it Bang Bang postponed?
    Hi david,
    I was away from BU for a while. I was busy welcoming Beenie Man to our shores in true CARICOM spirit.

    Back to Operation Bang , it is obvious you missed Dr. David Estwick presentation last night that the exposed the trickery and treachery of OSA brand of ” optics ” economics . I always told you we the DEMS were going to expose OSA on the big screen. Dr. Estwick through the use of a power presentaion placed the real economic figures during the OSA years and that of the DEMS on the big screen last evening.

    You should have heard the screams of disgust from the crowd when the folly of OSA vodoo economics was exposed.

    That was Operation Bang 1

    OSA says it was only banter between him and PM Stuart on the floor of Parliament over the ” tek Mia Mottley offa muh ” saga . PM Stuart insists OSA wrote him a note.

    For OSA sake , I hope he was DRUNK !

    When PM Stuart set the record straight on that issue:

    Then that will be Operation Bang 2

    Now to Peter ” go tek a pole ” Wickham.
    His most recent CADRES poll data shows
    BEES – 17 seats
    DEMS – 13 seats
    Peter in his analysis says it is too close to call

    The swing has fallen from 7% to 4% against the DEMS.

    PM Stuart popularity is now 36% , Owen Arthur is at 32%


    That clearly tells me that WICKHAM is having a lot of influence on this GENERAL ELECTION. I guess that is possible now that PM Stuart has promised him an Ambassador pick….to. BULL – GARIA .

    This Barbados is a very strange place !!!!

    But David the TRUTH of it all…… OSA will not win this election……..the forces of Mia Mottley and Peter Wickham are too POWERFUL.

    Their role and impact in this GE would be the final Operation Bang.

    I know of what I speak.

  20. the bottom line is on hand you have a govt in the DLP which says more of the same. on the other hand you have the BLP saying lets try something new.

    persons will make their vote on that.

  21. @ David
    We have always spoken about a culture. The political culture is only part thereof. We focus on the political culture at this time for obvious reasons. We are the ones who have led the critique on the local/global economic culture which control the political culture. We are the one who have argued that the culture of colonialism, whether British or American, is anathema to current and future ‘development’. Seems you got a lot of time to confront the boycott agenda while guarding the tenets of the duopoly.

    • No duopoly Pacha, simply not convinced by your perspective on the issue so far.

      The way to go is to agitate for change and to invade the infected organizations and swamp them with alternative views. This is something enuff has been championing for some time. Because a system is not functioning to expectation it does not mean the people should make the system weaker by withdrawing. This may only lead to the collapse of the very system and anarchy.


    Congressman, Jessie Jackson Jr. and wife in the United States is being persecuted and convicted on charges of fraud. Barbados is too far behind, must somehow catch up. Owen Arthur in Barbados is not only a free man but racing for a fifth term as prime minister. LOL He, Arthur and the BLP train wrecked Barbados and accountable for massive land theft. Violet Beckles inherted vast amounts of land from Beatrice Henry; all was taken WITHOUT COMPENSATION of any kind. David Thompson investigated Violet Beckles claim of which involves the BLP administration, and the National Housing Commission (NHC), a government entity. . . . . moving tax numbers from one person with deed to another person with no deed and no proof of sale. . . . massive land fraud.

    Speaking at a political meeting at the corner of Deacons Road, Owen Arthur said “the island had been humiliated by the recent S&P downgrade.” We have been reduced to junk status and someone has to be held responsible for it. He Arthur said also that the S&P downgrade report must be taken seriously, but what about Violet Beckles? That old woman has been humiliated by massive land theft and fraud perpetrated by corrupt lawyers and high authorities in Barbados. This must be taken seriously. This must be taken seriously. Someone has to be held accountable.

    Thompson of the DLP was not honest but certainly wasn’t fearful. Thompson unlike Stuart did not fear the Violet Beckles case. Violet Beckles must be taken seriously. All those involved and must be accountable – persecuted and convicted: Sir Richard L. Cheltenham, QC, Charles O. Williams, Samantha Cummings, Mark Cummings, Mia Mottley, etc.

  23. @@Fractured

    I was at the meeting and I was not disappointed with Estwick’s presentation, I knew all along that owen and his gang were strangers to the truth. They think Barbadians stupid.

    I am amazed at the number of people who say they dont want owen, and yes this is from canvassing an entire voting box, and belve the dlp will win about 70% of the votes from this box nad this box comprises the rich and the poor. What I find interesting, is some the persons whom I would have considered not holding middle class jobs, understand the issues, including the coutry affording what owen and mascoll promises. most of them are adamant that it
    cant happen.

    I have been reliaby informed that the swing has dropped to 3%, but it is clear that the dlp message is resonating with the people. Owen trickery will not prevail. Can u tell me if any nis pensionsers have to pay income tax. Is owen going to break the income tax act, and by the way, those allowences are contributing to persons obtaining greater gratuity and pesnions, but then again, owen had employed an illegal immigrant and he is accusotmed to brekaing the law or changing things to benefit him, like the old man who was robbed of his land , no wonder sandy lane supporting the campaign.

  24. @Adrian

    you sound an old 45 record. If the govt did not take the necessary action, it would have been a lot worse, the hotel sector is too mendicant. dont u think that we should all play our part. what do u want the govt to do. tell your business friends to pay up the moeny owed to govt.

    I visited jamaic last year, and i was amazed at the varoius charges that were on my bill, and our charges cant compare to theirs. what i was happy about that a lot of local stuff on the menu, thats what people like you in the industry needs to do, think local, if things so bad, why u still operating?

  25. @Ac

    i didnt see u at the meetingl las night by ncf, i was happy to be there estwick really dealt with the mock economist and mascoll that fraud who dont understand practical economics, he and wood should remain in the acdemia world.

  26. @ To the point i have always identified with davids estwick and clarity in his presentation of economic matters and his abilty to point out the fiscal landmines OSA would leave standing in the way

  27. @To the Point

    How come Sinckler did not present on Economic Affairs?

    His presentation was powerful. Let us see if it resonates. Of course the BLPites will tell you the debt created can be seen in physical assets created.

  28. Fractured and Man assah; Thanks for the preview of the Wickham poll results. if you are correct it means that Freundal will be PM of Barbados for another 5+ years. Wonder how many people will be overjoyed at that news? Wonder how many voters (B and D and non partisan) might, because of that news, go out and vote against the DLP even if they had no intention of doing so earlier?

    Thanks again.

  29. How come that Stuart and Arthur, two of the early recipients of the much vaunted “free” education can’t come together in a studio and debate the issues. They prefer the old style electioneering where they get on a stage and sling brickbats at each other while their supporters do the same on these pages and elsewhere.

    Never mind the above been in the cold so long my brain is cryogenically frozen.

  30. @TTP and David
    Estwick has always been excellent at breaking down economic matters simply for the average. Joe. He did it e. Ffectively in 2008. And I’m surprised that they took so long to employ him this cycle. The elephant in the room would be why has he been so underused and, given Poochies and Parris’ of late, where does that. Leave. Sinckler. Also, practical economics, political economics and policy based economics are three different beasts. Best to know which one you are wrestling with.

    We’ve all acknowledged that the average bajan does not “want” back Arthur. The question is, what is the DLP presenting as the alternative…with 4 days left it’s going to be tough but we’ll see.

    TTP says 4%, fractured tells us 3%, bobbu. tells us don’t worry about it either way. Tomorrow will tell.

    Just Observing

  31. David; Re. Dr Estwick’s presentation. Like Clive Mascoll’s own on the BLP’s manifesto delivery, they will sway no independent voters as they require fairly intensive thought and the presentations were being delivered to the respective choirs. The die is already cast.

  32. A.M. Best Places Ratings of Sagicor Financial Corp. & Its Subsidiaries Under Review; Downgrades Ratings of Sagicor Life Jamaica

    OLDWICK, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A.M. Best Co. has placed under review with negative implications the financial strength rating (FSR) of A- (Excellent) and issuer credit ratings (ICR) of “a-” of Sagicor Life Inc., Sagicor Capital Life Insurance Company Limited (both domiciled in St. Michael, Barbados), Sagicor General Insurance Inc. (Sagicor General) (Bridgetown, Barbados) and Sagicor Life Insurance Company (Sagicor Life USA) (Austin, TX). Additionally, A.M. Best has downgraded the FSR to B+ (Good) from B++ (Good) and ICR to “bbb-” from “bbb” of Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited (SLJ) (Kingston, Jamaica) and placed the ratings under review with negative implications.

    Concurrently, A.M. Best has placed under review with negative implications the ICR of “bbb-” and debt rating of “bbb” on $150 million, 7.5% senior unsecured notes due 2016 of the ultimate parent, Sagicor Financial Corporation (SFC) (Barbados). SFC is publicly traded on Barbados, Trinidad and London stock exchanges.

    The under review status follows the announcement of a debt exchange program by the Government of Jamaica, which A.M. Best notes is the second such program in three years. Under the program, eligible investors would receive new notes that have lower coupons and longer maturities. Given SFC’s exposure to the business and financial risks of Jamaica through its controlling interest in SLJ, the ratings of SFC and its subsidiaries have been placed under review with negative implications.

    The downgrading of the ratings of SLJ reflects its sizeable exposure to the Jamaican government securities, as well as the ongoing pressures of the weak Jamaican economy. A.M. Best expects that the bond exchange will have a negative impact on SLJ’s risk-adjusted capital and earnings position.


  33. @check it out
    “The die is already cast”

    I tend to agree with you there. Any shifts in voters after tomorrow will be to the “not bothering to vote” column.

  34. @David

    Estwick had said from the beginning of the campaign, he was going to put a lie to what propaganda the blp had espoused over the years, and i believe that no one could have dramatised it better than him. It was an excellent presentation. I always felt that dr. estwick should have been minister of finance, and as he said, time, longer than twine, well done dr. estwick. you were magwonderful(thats my new word for abaove excellent and how u like that.

    from discussing, this elections with some people who are in the board rooms, with white corporate barbados, i now get a better understanding as why we need elecoral reform in this country, else the meoneyed class will continue to manipulate the political process in small open economies like barbados. when the dust is settled, we should be calling for such reform, where the state allocate a specified sum to both politcal parties, and not a cent more is alloed to be spent, including the sponsoring of ad by groups or individuals.

  35. @anthonyb
    Didn’t sagicor take over a lot of CLICO’s business? Just a question without any deep review of what you posited.


  36. @chek

    your logic sont seem logical, the floating voters are the one that decide the elections and they analyse, unlike u.

  37. @observing

    u have been preaching doom, so i dont think u will analyse the manifesto of boath parties, but then again, ur party, like check it out is good at created fasle impressions like what it di for 14 yrs, leaving a leagacy of debt and then the recession compounded the situation. But we are accustomed to rescuing the economy, as david has shown. one day in politics is long

  38. @observing

    i listen to people talk, and sometimes i evoke a politcal discussion deliberately to understand how people are talking, thats how get to understand the political psyche of the person i am dealing with.

    by the way, i was dealing with a mechanic, who never voted in his life and guess why he told me he and his wife were voting as first timers, the though that owen dont have any interest in the common man developments. Over and over over I am hearing that message.

  39. As the pm, says constituencies are won at the constituency level, and not the national level. as long as representative has looked after his constituents, he should not be affected by any swing, but if u have neglected then u r impacted.

    Food for though.

  40. @TTP
    “As long as representative has looked after his. Constituents”

    I agree. Hence why at least 6 DLP seats are totally up for grabs.

    Which unspirited comments by the way?? I never inferred that bajans are dumb and the only doom I preach is the doom caused by a lack of proper leaders in Bim. That’s a fact.

    Was it only the “common man” that carried the DLP over the top in 2008??

    Just observing (and overhearing)

  41. Geez don bred I so vex wid dis poll. I duh want de Bees get shock pon polling day, but Peter Wickham gone wid gypsy heself and talk out de secrets de people pon de ground tellin he.

    Anyhow, well wunna know now dat Bajans in stupid. Pearlie tired telling wunna Affah in had nuh use. Dah fuh lick de Bees, fuh getting rid a Mia. Freundel out front, dah sound like de name a one a dem torrobreds down pon de Garson pon Gold Cup day ent it nuh. Murda!

  42. David, dear-heart, I in gloating. I know it in over yet. But I know de Dems got a lot more up dem sleeve and when dem start tuh kick in de home stretch dis week de Bees better be prepared cause de best is yet tuh come from de Dems! Look, lemme go in my bed before I talk out de secrets dat people call and tell me… Murda!

    David go and lay down and hug up yuh wife do! Or you sleepin out at de deputy tonite?

  43. What the hell is happening where is David, where is miller where is onion, the one Observing(..)? You too Prodigal. I cant believe my eyes Fruendel Stuart the man villified and maligned by the Bees like no other has overtaken Owen the Great Leader Arthur in the leadership stakes. David speak up. Am I reading the Nation teaser correctly. After the relentless ridicule the cartoons, the stinking comments about him Freundel overcomes. Big up yourself Freundel no matter what happens from here on in you proved yourself to be giant of a man

  44. @TO THE POINT | February 16, 2013 at 7:38 PM | I agree.

    @Adrian. He is right. We are in a global recession and everyone is having to cut back. So, what you need to do is accept a lesser return, cut your prices, increase your service and just pocket less money yourself. After all, the consumer who uses your services is having to get by with less. And this is what a responsible government reflects, especially one so utterly dependant on the largess of other countries.

    • @Fed up

      At this point to judge impact is speculative on our part. We will have to wait and see. Bear in mind many are supporting BLP reluctantly, the Arthur turnoff is in play. If there is some ‘evidence’ that Arthur is a murky sort …


    ‘you sound (like) an old 45 record’

    Well, closer to a old 78 record really.
    Of course you are right, but think of the millions the taxpayer would have saved with GEMS, CWC2007 and many other issues, if they had listened to that old record?

  46. @Frdel

    u r correct, but then again, at one point last year, i was saying the pm needs to market himself more, i felt then he was roo low key, but i am now convinced that he is a real student of politices. in my immediated family, there are twenty one votes, and every one has committed to vote this time aroun, even the first time voters.

    From the time the elction was called, some dlpers who said that they were not voting said, no boy, things aint dred so i must stop the reds.

    here this irony, the gentleman who is running against ronald jones is operating from a yellow house, the lady who is running against stephen lashley, the front wall of the house is painted in yellow,

  47. @Amused

    you and i seeing eye to eye again. i was not dpebding on no poll, i was talking to people over the last three weeks, and some whose political preference i dont know, and barbadians understand the issues more than i though, youn and old, private and public sector employees. Something that disturb me though, is the white corpoarat barbados trying to influence the outcome of elections from the board rooms. will say more on that later

    revisit your views.

    @June boy you havea grasp. of what is happeningon the ground.

    you nad i have always been consistent in our nalysis, even though i am not bright like amused. Every timei reflect on the blp promises, i rember R& R in america, romney and ryan, two farts that aint even got no smell. If the cureent dlp govt was a reckless govt, if would have granted public servants an increase, but it recognizes the danger at this time, but the reckless blp promising the stars, because the white businessmen want them back in power for their godon

  48. the white businessmen want them back in power for their own purposes, but which ever party wins this elections, there must be radical chnage to this econmic order. BELONG TO THE ABOVE

  49. @TO THE POINT | February 17, 2013 at 5:47 AM | We agree to agree – and we agree sometimes to disagree. We are, after all, not stupid – or at least we don’t think we are. And I am in complete agreement with you on all you have said here.

    Some years ago when Owen was PM, I was dragged to a polo match. Personally, cricket is my sport and the rareified and upper crust atomosphere of polo does not sit well with a little country bumkin like me, but I have no problem with people who enjoy that sort of thing, as is their right. I DO have a problem with the fact that present as guest of honour at this polo match was none other than Owen the PM, who was following Cow around the place like a little boy looking for sweeties and sucking up to all the big boys. So you will get no argument from me over your concerns about the espousal of the BLP by white corporate Barbados. Quite the contrary. In my view and wide experience, you are right to be concerned. And yes, there is need for a change to the economic order.

  50. “things aint dred so i must stop the reds.”

    really? is that the reason the DLP does not talk about the cost of living in its manifesto? keep fooling wanna selves that this election is about OSA or MAM.


  51. @ TO THE POINT | February 16, 2013 at 8:25 PM |

    Can we take it Estwick is your preferred choice for Minister of Finance instead of that liar Sinckler under a returned DLP under Freundel?
    Would that be Freundel’s way of getting back at Sinckler the back stabber?

    Imagine Estwick cussing the IMF representatives that will soon be arriving and promising to lock up his enemy Leroy Parris against his boss’s instructions to let CLICO die a natural death with the effluxion of time and tied up in the inertia of our corrupt and incompetent legal brotherhood operating in a quagmire of quicksand passing for a justice system?

    Would we see the bull-shitter Sinckler moving to Foreign Affairs or even to Tourism to replace another miserable failure Sealy? This might be Fumble’s way of killing off a traitor and creature of his dead archenemy David Thompson. Let the voluptuary and glutton eat his way to death by attending all the free food functions in that sector just like how Sealy turned out to become an obese swellhead.

    If Sealy retains his seat because of a weak candidate he is up against would he be transferred to Transport & Works given his engineering background and the opportunity to get some much needed open air exercise thereby giving John Boyce a much needed rest as recommended by Dr. Walcott?

  52. @ TO THE POINT | February 17, 2013 at 5:50 AM |
    “… the white businessmen want them back in power for their own purposes, ”

    Why don’t you stop with is nonsense of white businessmen?
    You constantly and consistently blame the BLP for selling off the businesses to Trinidadians. So how can white people control something already sold to foreigners?
    The only white owned and controlled businesses in Barbados are Seale, COW, Simpson Jada and Preconco. Are you referring to them?

    Man, stop living in pre 2000 Barbados and see who owns BS&T and nearly all of ‘commercial’ Barbados. Even many of the plantation lands are tied up in CLICO owned by a Trinidadian conglomerate called CL Financial through CLICO Holdings Barbados.

    If you want to see who are the new business kids on the commercial block just take a look at the photo with the PM engaging the new Bajans down Kensington New Road. A picture can convey a better message than a thousand words can say.

    Now stop with the white people nonsense. You are wasting your time attacking a dying breed. Ask Julian Hunte or Lowdown Hoad if you doubt the miller.

  53. Got that right Miller………………………..I bet you a lot of them don’t know about the multi-million dollar cigarette scam and who is selling and controlling the money and has been for many years. For all the 98% literacy in Bim, sometimes I wonder. I keep telling them forget the white man, when he is ready to sell the businesses and run, if blacks are not (and are never, ever) in a position to buy out those white owned businesses, guess who will be buying them, sit there and think these politicians are not aware, that’s why they follow the money.

  54. I love the photo on page 17 of the DLP manifesto. So 1980’s.
    On the same page, they promise an ICT programme. Let’s hope that it is a programme for 2013 not 1983.

  55. And in the same vein, the BLP has decided to use a 1983 photo of Owen Arthur on the cover of their manifesto.

  56. The Green economy is the way to go .
    Solar has so much potential for Barbados .
    I have a solar system and I am pleased with the performance so far .
    I have a zero electricity bill and I sell the excess energy to BL&P.
    If you have an electric stove/oven then you can zero your bill for cooking gas.
    Even if you use a gas stove/oven you can still reduce the consumption of cooking gas by using hot /boiling water from your electric kettle or tap ( if you have a solar water heater) .
    Further savings can be made by reheating food in the microwave ; use of electric grills and toaster oven .
    Adding a solar system stabilises the voltage to your home and avoid voltage fluctuations , this helps your appliances to perform better.
    Enjoy washing your clothes in warm /hot water from a solar water heater or from a photovoltaic system.
    Enjoy recharging your hybrid / electric car from energy generated by your solar panels.
    Enjoy an air conditioned home powered by solar energy.

    COOKING GAS BILL = $ 0.00 .
    ELECTRICITY BILL = $ 0.00 .
    REVENUE FROM BL&P = ($1000- $5,800/ year) depending on the size of the system.
    Saving on gas bill = $ 3000 – $7500 /year depending on type of car , hybrid / electricity .

    increase tax rebate on solar /renewable energy .
    zero duties on hybrid / electric cars.

    reduction of vat on electic bills to 15%
    check the math:
    electricity bill = $100
    vat 17.5 % = $17.50
    total = $ 117.50
    if vat is 15% then total $ 115.00
    saving $2.50 for every $100.00

  57. Just went to collect a printed copy of both manifestos at the two constituency offices (Christ Church East). The BLP office was open and fully staffed, but had run out of manifestos since Friday. The DLP office was all locked up with no-one in sight. Are these people really serious or is it just contempt for the voters? Yes! I know I can read them online, BUT you cannot assume that for ALL voters.

    • @Adrian

      Obviously Lowe feels confident that his resources are better allocated to the field if that is what he has done.

  58. @ dread | February 17, 2013 at 10:03 AM |

    Your proposal is also arrogantly haughty and disrespectfully dismissive of the poor and suffering unemployed.

    What about the thousands of households who cannot benefit from the tax breaks far less buy and install photovoltaic systems.
    All of those thousands of Bajans living in rented accommodation, dilapidated house many in the City and the Inner St. Michael, those living in housing areas like Eden Lodge and Haynesville and Bonnets and working for minimum wages barely enough to put food on the table and pay the bills.

    Could you please come up with a set of proposals to help them too?
    What about this?
    Put some of the money hat you and other solar system operators received from the excess sale of solar generated electricity into a special fund that will be used to subsidize the cost to those poor consumers who are unable, financially or structurally, to benefit from photovoltaic systems. At least the first 200 kilowatt hours from the BL&P grid. What about it dread?

  59. David, your response must be tongue in cheek. Are you saying that Dr. Lowe does not have sufficient supporters to leave one or two in his office?

  60. Following on from AL comments above, as I was making the rounds to the constituency offices across the country this morning, I found OSA in his office.

    We exchanged pleasntries and I asked him how things are going. He told he is a bit tired and the constant beatings he is getting from the DEMS and some members in the BEEs it is taking its toll on his sugar levels.

    I wished him well and as I was about to leave he called me back and showed me page 27A in the Sunday Sun of 17th February, 2013
    and with a dejected look on his face , he said, ” only if Miller had not encouraged me to LIE…..the day may have been SAVED ”

    How sad !!!!

  61. @ David

    The Prime Minister at Eden Lodge last night likened OSA to damaged goods on a shelf being sold by a vendor (BLP) all the while knowing that the goods are damaged but hoping the buyer would not notice.

    Owen’s hand written note to Mr. Stuart is being put on the stage tonight at all DLP meetings so everyone can see what Owen really thinks about Mia.

    Also remember Operation Free Flow? Dr. Estwick will show tonight how much, to whom and where all the ‘free’ money was flowing from the Treasury for that scam.

  62. @Miller

    i know of what i speaketh and what is said in the board room. Have i hit a raw nerve with u? I hope not. But u know that i am not too smart, so why dont u ignore me anyhow. Blessed sunday to u.

  63. @Miller

    if sickler is a liar, what would u call owen, the biggest liar and scamp that ever grace the stage of prime minister in bim and how about that?

  64. @Miller

    i though all along that u were saying that the dlp will be beaten, so why waste time with pontificating on who goes where. u should be concerned with where pain and smiley go, how about that?

  65. @ TO THE POINT | February 17, 2013 at 11:36 AM |

    As a man, you,- like a true political whore sucking up to the Wickham pole (or should it be poll)- should be happy that Freundel is the preferred leader of a party which could lose the elections 17-13 not in the DLP’s favour.

    So if the poll is reliable as you seem to suggest this (time around) Fumble has gained ground in the leadership stakes more so at the expense of others than at OSA.
    According to your ratings OSA should be receiving less than 10%.

    But I am glad to see the Molasses man has finally been able to stamp his authority on the DLP at the expense of that liar Sinckler. Why not take it a step further and exclude that incompetent liar from a future Stuart-led Cabinet?

    The fact that Estwick has been speaking on platforms mainly on economic matters rather than those of agriculture is indicative of a change in the Doctor’s heart beat.
    Can we conclude that a deal has been struck between the Doctor and Fumble that the Minister of Finance inheritance worked so hard for since Mascoll fled the scene would be taken away from the lying buffoon and reinstated to its rightful owner?

  66. Well the Owen Arthur ” negative effect ” is already taking root among the BLP candidates.

    As a journalist you could well imagine I have to interface with both party camps. I was just on the phone with Edmund Hinkson and he told me he ” drop Owen from his platform with immediate effect !! ”
    I said Hinks what you mean you serious ???

    He pointed me to page 23A of the Sunday Sun of 17th February, 2013.

    The most revealing part of his disclosure to me was the he was acting on the advice of Miller , Onions , Enuff , Observing , Prodigal , Tackle of BU ” UNITY ” fame.

    What a day in politricks make !!!

  67. @Adrian Loveridge | February 17, 2013 at 10:25 AM | With respect and as a warning because of that, your comments are becoming very silly indeed. You went to the BLP office to pick up a copy of their Manifesto, but they had run out…..and you see nothing wrong with that, because they had an office fully staffed who could talk to you, despite the fact that they had run out of what you went to get. Then you went to the DLP office, which was closed, which you see as being a contempt for the electorate. And you know that these Manifestos can be read online, but still………I think I have that right. So answer me the following:

    1. What is the cost of having a fully manned office with no Manifestos available, because they had run out? Would you equate that to increasing the size of the civil and building a new central police complex with money we do not have? Is that being fiscally responsible? And it is the Sabbath in a very religious country, when people like to go to Church and then spend some time with their families. But never mind. At some considerable expense, there was a staff in situ for you to talk to and to suck up to you (I was going to put it rather more coarsely) because you are supporting them, because, inter alia, you don’t like the fact that the DLP has not given the hotel industry a whole lot of money and concessions that the country cannot afford.
    2. So, if the BLP has run out of Manifestos, it is not outside the bounds of probability to suppose that the DLP may have done the same. So, mindful of the cost of manning the office, appreciating the fact that most of the electorate have computers (and printers if desired) and know how to use them and mindful that it is, after all, the Sabbath and their staff who are in for an extremely busy week might appreciate some time to go to Church and to spend with their families, before they have no time for their families this week, they did not open. Now you may or may not (probably not, in your case) view this as fiscally responsible as well as humanitarian and respectful of the fact that the electorate IS actually living in 2013 and DO know how to use computers (and printers).
    3. And you know that these things can be read online – or even printed off on a printer with which, I would hope, your hotel is equipped. You also have the choice of setting said printer for colour or b/w and also for fast and economical print (or not). Yet you get in your car and waste gas and time (during the tourist season) driving to both these headquarters in order to obtain copies of Manifestos that, for a fraction of the cost and trouble, you could have printed for yourself. Do you think that this was fiscally responsible of you.

    And how have you chosen to make your complaint? Why, by means of on an online blog…..or are you expecting members of the electorate to travel all the way to your hotel to collect copies of your complaint, which copies you may, or may not, have run out of?

    I also do not understand why you are down on Denis Lowe so badly. I recall seeing on BU an e-mail exchange from the McKenzie Files aka BUleaks in which it is reported that you attended a meeting with Denis, this fellow McKenzie and others of the Allard backers, dealing with Chancery Lane. I have to suppose that your present disenchantment with Denis is because, once Allard had provided him with the wherewithal to get elected, Denis didn’t do what Allard wanted. Is that what it is? Pay back? If so, SAY SO and leave equivocation to those running for public office.

  68. @ TO THE POINT | February 17, 2013 at 11:29 AM |
    ” i know of what i speaketh and what is said in the board room.”

    So you sit in the same boardroom the so-called white shadows sit?
    Is that of in the capacity of a knight around the table or as the messenger boy supplying food and beverages?
    Why don’t you shut your lying trap? You really think a black man with your level of intelligence would ever be listened too unless you are bad talking some other black politician or businessman?

  69. Amused,

    I really have to ignore most of your comments because they border on the ridiculous. I was not aware that all party supporters were paid salaries. Don’t they have any volunteers? You also seem to be implying that only DLP supporters go to church on a Sunday.
    As I have already stated, I can print both manifestos, if I chose to you so, but the point I was making is that both parties have assumed EVERY voter can do this or they just have the order quantity and/or distribution wrong.
    Again, you choose to ignore, what I have already said several times. In FIVE years and two months I have only see Dr, Lowe twice. Once at our hotel to discuss CRIME in this area and once at the Waterfront Cafe. I have NEVER discussed Peter Allard with him.

  70. Adrian

    Dennis Lowe is not in the habit of talking to fools. Chances are Richard Sealy told him to stay away from after the Cabinet on the Minister’s recommendation, fired (revoked) your appointment.

  71. @ anthonyb | February 16, 2013 at 8:18 PM

    Many here on BU and in the wider society will make no observations nor comment but thanks for the info and alert to the reverberations at the local level.
    Another early warning signal that we might be on the cusp of the fall of another financial giant with the feet of clay and a river of turbulent economic waters flowing by.
    The problem with the local weakening giant is that it is too heavy at the top. Too many parasitic chiefs feeding off the once fatted calf without adding any value to the business to justify the million dollar pay packets.
    We sympathise with any political party in charge of the affairs of this country in the coming 3 years.
    FSC, you have been duly warned!

  72. @ millertheanunnaki

    My scholarly colleague, i think that you, like BAFFY, are soon going to be banned!

    Why you may well ask, because you are making suggestions of how we can turn around this economic melee with a practical social safety net!!

    Such a contribution , and similar contributions, speaks of things that while i believe they are to be promoted in my dear BIM and should form part of the healthy dialogue that we have here, and in other real world fora, unfortunately are as rare as Chris Sinkliar giving Ms Foster a genuine apology without the gesticulations and obvious disdain and disrespect.

    Denigrate, descry, dissemble, destroy, undermine, tear apart, character assassinate, i believe that these have become the order of the day and are now the symbols of being a good bajan citizen.

    I must admit High Priest Millertheanunnaki that at this old age i am unable to understand how few of us are committed to contributing to a better Barbados.

    I find myself wondering why it is that constructive criticism is not encouraged and the King and his henchmen, on both sides of the divide, seek to descend on dissenters, like in the Night of the LongKnives.

  73. @Adrian Loveridge | February 17, 2013 at 12:31 PM | “I really have to ignore most of your comments because they border on the ridiculous.”

    But of course they do. I was responding to the ridiculous. And trivial.

    “You also seem to be implying that only DLP supporters go to church on a Sunday.”

    I never mentioned “supporters”, I was talking about office staff in response to your comments about office staff. You spoke of staff. By the way, “staff” implies, in the English language, people who are PAID. Nowhere did you use the word “volunteers”.

    “In FIVE years and two months I have only see Dr, Lowe twice.”

    I have no doubt that is true and I do not question and I NEVER made ANY comment as to time period. My recollection of what was posted on BU (and I am fairly sure that it was accurate) is that the meeting to which McKenzie referred, took place in 2006 (OVER 5 years and 2 months ago) and I will confirm this as a matter of accuracy and clarity AFTER the elections, which are now taking priority to your reluctance to print Manifestos off the Internet.

    @Miller. This new failure of a major corporation I have not had a whiff of. However, I know you (in the cyber sense) and you are unlikely to have mooted this without reason.

  74. @miler

    ur stupidity is showing. you jack ass, u dont have to be in a baord room to know what is discuseed, like how owen got info leaked to him. I though u had sense, but then again, it seems that u aint gun get a chnace to sip what was promised to u. u ninconpoop.

  75. Peter Jilkes, clearly Dr. Lowe doesn’t need three votes of ‘fools’ like us.
    Perhaps if re-elected you can change the law to deny ‘fools’ the right to vote, but there again, 5 years and two months wouldn’t be long enough for you to pass the legislation and of course there is the recession.
    Just to remind you that I was one of nine BTA directors to be revoked, including DLP stalwart, Eric Mapp, the former Resident Manager of Sandy Lane Hotel. Do you consider him a fool too?
    Now a foolish question. How are you going to make up the 100,000 long stay visitors lost during the last administration and the 92,000 plus lost cruise ship passengers last year alone?

  76. Adrian

    I am not in the hotel business, never was so that’s not my problem that’s for parties with a vested interest, even owners like you who owner two bit piece a hotel.

    The lot of you we’re fired for conduct not appropriate as a director. Screaming and shouting and carrying on like animals in zoo at board meetings, deny that if you dare cause I know what I witnessed. We rejoiced when you were fired, you are a complete waste of time.

  77. Peter Jilkes,

    I believe (and that can be verified by the BTA Board meeting minutes) that I was one of the very few Directors who attended EVERY meeting and I cannot recall one single incident of raised voices, let alone shouting.
    Were you disguised as a fly on the wall?

    And you didn’t answer the question about Eric Mapp and the other eight directors. Were they shouting too?

    I am proud to have contributed to taking a derelict property, employing up to 20 local people and turning it into a multi award winning hotel that has paid millions of dollars in taxation. ‘two bit a piece hotel’ but highly successful.

  78. Quote ”Peter Jilkes | February 17, 2013 at 3:29 PM |
    I am not in the hotel business, never was so that’s not my problem that’s for parties with a vested interest, even owners like you who owner two bit piece a hotel.’
    Maybe this is why Barbados is in the state it is in. Such as the jackass above who mocks a hardworking ntrepreneur who employs people, rather than having everyone work as government workers, our reall economic issue.

    Well done Mr.Loveridge, dont mind morons like the above, armchair experts who do nothing for the foreign exchange and mock others who work hard at such.

  79. ”Dennis Lowe is not in the habit of talking to fools.”

    From what I am hearing he may shortly have plenty of time on his hands to talk to whomever he wishes..

    • @Crusoe

      It took Stuart easing pass Arthur in the poll numbers according to CADRES to drag you out of sabbatical?

  80. @ TO THE POINT | February 17, 2013 at 3:04 PM |
    “miler: ur stupidity is showing. you jack ass, u dont have to be in a baord room to know what is discuseed, like how owen got info leaked to him. I though u had sense, but then again, it seems that u aint gun get a chnace to sip what was promised to u. u ninconpoop.”

    Anyone reading what you wrote will not be able to tell the difference between a jackass and a nincompoop, right TPP? Decipher that if you could read between the lines of bitter irony.

    The people who leak information from boardrooms are in breach of their fiduciary duties and responsibility not to disclose unofficially information of a confidential nature.

    Now here is piece of malicious information that was disclosed by a former member of the CLICO Board.
    Leroy Greenverbs is afflicted with AIDS and has given it to his wife and dead pal David who in turn gave it to his spouse along with the black Coachie boy Dopey.

    Now, PPP the officious messenger black boy, run with that and deliver! It’s time you know your intellectual place, not so?

  81. That was really enlightening and entertaining, but on another note, the last PM who told Arthur he was afflicted with an expiration date, expired first, now some are wishing that he be dug up and buried at Dodds prison.. Sounds like a paradox to me, careful what you wish for others, sometimes it’s best to bite your tongue.

    • @Observing

      What could they have written?

      Barbadians need to curb their artificial lifestyles.

      We import all of our oil and food. Any tactic to reduce cost of living is a bandaid measure.

  82. I don’t think anyone was seriously expecting to hear anything about the high cost of living in Barbados or any plans to lower it.

  83. @david and well well
    So this is finally an admission of what we knew all along without admitting it. Lol

    Just observing

  84. I dont think anyone has confidence in Manifestos. After all, in the last election, the main issue bar none, PROMISED by the DLP Leadership (including PM Stuart), was a recuction in cost of living.

    But, instead of that (at the time on these blogs it was stated early to raise the VAT, but before doing that they raised ALL of the folliwng):
    – land tax
    – road tax
    – professional fees
    – cut allowances (could have reduced tax band rate to compensate if as they say, ‘it was illegal’, so, simply compensate by changing bands. But no, not done so it was simply a money grab.

    Is THAT reducing cost of lviing?The ONE thing they promsied above all? If they knew it could not be done then why promise?


    Hence, we know that their manifesto is irrelevant.

  85. @miller the scavenger, i am balck and proud, r U. U ninconpoop, why u worrying with an illiterate like me that cant even spell or consturct a sentence poperly. the irony is u dumpsy like me. U will get ur handouts black boy,

  86. @David

    that should go for others, i am seeing arguments that would led one to believe that others are double and triple monikering. Hope miller got only one.

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