DLP 'Hit the Ball Out of the Park'

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A shot of the crowd in attendance at the DLP meeting at Bay Street

A shot of the crowd in attendance on Wednesday night

The DLP’s meeting last Wednesday night was such a resounding success, it is hard to see how the Opposition could top that event. Mr. Stuart and his team hit a home run the other night. Keep it up guys!

Over and above the 14,000 odd people who turned up (some neutral observers put it at lots more) and who seemed very attentive until the Prime Minister ended the meeting, the content, presentation and overall atmosphere were very good.

Of particular  note is how each speaker dealt with the achievements. I was amazed that Government had achieved so much, and in a severe world recession to boot. Of course, Prime Minister Stuart was his usual self, confident very articulate, deliberate and sound; he had the audience in the palm of his hand. Ministers Michael Lashley, Sinckler and Jones were very good as well.

Just heard that England (Great Britain)  has gone from a double dip recession to a TRIPPLE DIP. Wow!  Looks like the Great has dropped out of Britain! And, with all the receipts coming in from businesses in the US, that country’s economy has further declined – heading to a double dip. For 2012, the US economy had further slumped. However, Little England, in spite of all the challenges, is still holding its own. We are keeping our heads above water.

So, with the general elections looming, and the Opposition promising to give away so many things and planning to give Barbadians everything they want, we are waiting with bated breath to see how they will vote. I really believe that the upcoming election will be a test of the sense and intelligence of the average voter. We all know that the whole world is experiencing very difficult times , the ‘mother of all recessions’ – with no foreseeable end in sight – and no amount of outlandish, pie-in-the-sky promises to back-raise the government will wash with a knowledgeable and more discerning public.

The BLP is promising to fill Barbadian pockets with lots of money, (I wonder from where) create endless jobs overnight, welcome 50,000 more tourists, return VAT to 15% (Britain’s is 20%) and all other allowances, and reduce unemployment in days (just saw on NBC that unemployment is up in the US) will certainly be dismissed for what they are: GIMMICKS.  So, wheel and come again Owen Arthur!

The BLP’s strategy  seeks to prey on the electorate’s worst fears in a recession, offering senseless and asinine solutions to catch the imagination. I suggest they offer these same solutions to David Cameron. Barak Obama, François Holande, Portia Simpson, Kenny Anthony and Kamla Persad Bissessar, etc.

We are a more alert, informed and prudent electorate this time around.

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  1. There appear in today’s press two items of interest for the observant Barbadian citizen.The first is a BLP sponsored advertisement highlighting the CLICO debacle wherein attention is being drawn to the fact that Prime Minister Stuart is a self confessed friend of former CLICO Chief Executive Mr Leroy Parris ; the second is the article under the headline ” Top Election Issues ” written by Mr Peter Simmons and in which he, remarkably, coincidentically , singles out the fact of Prime Minister Stuart being a ” pal ” of the former CLICO chief executive officer as a central election issue .
    Now Peter Simmons is the brother of Sir David Simmons . When Mr David Simmons was appointed Chief Justice of Barbados there appeared a special supplement in the Sunday Advocate of about thirty three pages , a series of paid congratulatory advertisements from every corporate entity of any known existence heralding that appointment . It was an unprecedented occurrence in the annals of any known justice system. Such a publication left many to wonder what would be the outcome of any matter involving one of these publicly expressed admirers of the Chief Justice which came before him ? Mr Peter Simmons himself must have endorsed this publication since it became very clear that he had been the author of some of the articles in the supplement ? He now considers an innocent expression of friendship with a man whom PM Stuart publicly informed sold him his first insurance policy , as something to be raised to the level of an election issue. Mark you, nobody to this day has alleged any impropriety resulting from that friendship. Would Simmons not consider, as a shrewd anaalyst,
    that the expression of palship which those paid advertisements implied, was of a much more sinister nature and liable to undermine the entire justice system ? Maybe there are pals and there are pals ; there are friends and there are friends and the distinguishing feature is the class of friend.

  2. @David | February 3, 2013 at 10:45 AM |

    ” Miller:Why does the government need to incentivise Chefette yet Automotive Art has made the leap?”

    I don’t believe in “incentivising” any fast food business. What was intended in the use of the word “incentivise” is to punish the sale of unhealthy food by a fat tax and encourage alternatively, through the tax system, the sale of healthier locally grown foods lie vegetarian fare and rabbit burgers (even sautéed locally raised African snails for those with an adventurously French cuisine palate LOL!!).

    The same way the government encourages and assists rum producers to export why not encourage Chefette to export its brand of fast eating and faster dying food on the run? Wouldn’t that be the fast food equivalent to encouraging rum drinking to overseas boozers?

  3. @Of Friends and Pals

    Very valid points, why would corporate entities support a paid supplement at the appointment of a CJ, BTW did CLICO sponsor any of those ads?


  4. @ Sargeant
    Don’t forget that David Thompson was CLICO’s lawyer and he expressed open disapproval of the appointment . So there was no way CLICO was going to offer any congratulations at that time .

  5. Which reminds me some folks here were preaching that the present CJ would be beholden to the Gov’t because it appointed him, but wouldn’t the former CJ have been beholden to his Gov’t who plucked him off the back bench (once removed) as well the Corporate Elite who hailed his ascension to that majestic office by serenading him via a special supplement.

    Only in Bim

  6. Well the 2013 election campaign is truly on .

    Owen Arthur in a press conference at BLP headquarters today issued a public apology to the Barbados Labour Party for depositing into his personal bank account , campaign funds intended for the BLP.

    What was also interesting , he said he did it more than once !

    Somehow I suspect he was jolted into “confession mode” by PM Stuart comments about BLP 2013 campaign spending thus far.

    Miller, did you help your boss craft that public apology ????

  7. @Enuff

    My issue wasn’t about who appointed the CJ it was the about the comments that the current CJ would be partial to the Govt does that mean the former CJ would be partial to the Govt as well as Corporate interest

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