Alexandra Solution or Confusion?

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists, but I was neither, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me – Pastor Martin Niemoeller

They have come for Jeff Broomes, and as a trade unionist, I must speak out before they come for me. From the outset, let me state that I am not defending Broomes because I think that he is guiltless. In Barbados, everyone, even Jeff Broomes, is innocent until he pleads guilty or guilt is established after a duly constituted body makes that determination after hearing the evidence, and giving the accused the right to be heard. I am therefore concerned that the Public Service Commission (PSC) has taken steps against him, under the guise of a transfer, before it follows the rules in order to establish his guilt or innocence.

The Barbados Secondary Teachers Union (BSTU) has achieved its goal of separating the Principal from Alexandra School; but they have nothing to rejoice about when you consider the way it was done. I hope that the membership of the union is sensible enough to condemn the method that was adopted by the PSC. BSTU should vociferously disassociate itself from the denial of due process to Mr. Broomes. Even murderers who kill in front of witnesses are given the right to be heard before sentence is pronounced. In essence, he has fewer rights than a murderer.

The PSC is supposed to be an independent body charged with the responsibility of making appointments and exercising disciplinary control over members of the Public Service. Its power and procedures are set out in the Constitution, the Public Service Act and regulations. It does not have the right to act on the recommendations of any body that is not authorized by those pieces of legislation. It certainly cannot hold a straight face and expect to convince the country that it acted independently of the recommendations of the Waterman Commission into the affairs of the Alexandra School. Mr. Waterman clearly stated that these matters should be investigated by the PSC. I do not pretend to be all knowing, but I am not aware of any investigation by the PSC that would have authorized it to act against Broomes and inflict collateral damage on other innocent public officers.

The PSC could not be so naïve as to believe that by transferring Broomes and a number of others that it has resolved anything. Its actions have only served to give the Government the opportunity to call the elections in a period of industrial peace because the teachers would not be on strike. However, if the BSTU is worth its salt, it would move with all deliberate speed to be seen to protect the rights of its shop steward, Mrs. Gail Streat-Jules. She was acting on behalf of the union and has been adversely affected in her employment as a consequence. At the very least, BSTU should report the PSC to the Police for breaching section 40A of the Trade Union Act. If the Police fails to act, the union should institute a private prosecution against the PSC. The immunities granted to service commissions by section 106 of the Constitution does not appear to extend to conduct that might appear to be criminal. And section 40A makes it an offence, punishable by a fine or imprisonment or both, for an employer to dismiss or adversely affect an employee for taking part in trade union activity.

That might only be the beginning of the legal troubles for the PSC. Remember it has acted against Jeff Broomes without giving him an opportunity to be heard. It would be completely out of character for him to meekly accept punishment by whatever name called for peace sake. He is now the victim, but this matter is bigger than him. Every right thinking person in this country should find the behaviour of the PSC to be offensive: it should not be seen to be trying to circumvent the rules. Luckily, Broomes has options, and he finds himself uniquely placed not only to defend his rights, but to establish standards and procedures which will serve as precedence to guide future service commissions.

I now find myself in the uncomfortable position of advising Jeff Broomes: I consider him to be the villain in the Alexandra matter, but even villains have rights that must be protected. My advice to him would be to institute proceedings in the High Court for a judicial review of the actions of the PSC. He has more than enough grounds for seeking relief, but I will only quote a few from the Administrative Justice Act, namely: breach of the principles of natural justice; acting on instructions from an unauthorized person; and failure to satisfy or observe conditions or procedures required by law.

The BSTU should not be happy to have achieved its goal of separating the Principal from the school at this cost. I cannot be so shortsighted to believe that removing Jeff Broomes by any means necessary is okay. What will be their position when something similar happens to one of their members that they consider to be innocent?

Finally, my advice to the Public Service Commission is simple, resign before you do further damage to the institution called the Public Service.

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  1. The filing Injunctions in the court by the various parties involved should be the order of business all of this week. Can’t wait for Garcia to be released by the courts in early January. By then, the issues of the teachers will be forgotten because the island will have a drug lord to deal with being released into the society.

  2. @ ac
    On second thoughts he seems more your type indeed….

    his point is “that problems between the teachers union and administration should not take ten or twelve years to be resolved.”
    …well DUH! Brilliant observation…

    The principals may run things in the US school but the average students rate very poorly on the global scale – and Blacks and Hispanics do even worse.
    We won’t even talk about the problems with violence and gang activities in their schools…

    Bushie would take Barbados’s problems over theirs ANY DAY.

    All Bushie was suggesting to the fellow was not to compare apples and oranges. We are presently cussing Bajan apples and we don’t want to hear nothing about no New York oranges.

    @ ac
    …and by the way, should the PM decide to jump from the City Center car park after all, please see if you can accompany him…he owes us!

  3. I would to see Queen’s College getting some of the transferees. Why is that the school has been spared? Is it that their principal will keep nuff noise? They are getting scholarships and exhibitions every year which means that they have the formula for success.

  4. One of the things that must be understood here is that transferring officers [especially to work inconvenient distances from their homes] has long been a ploy in the local civil service.It is commonly employed in the Police Force and the Fire Dept.

    It is not uncommon for fire fighters from St Lucy to be banished to the airport station.About 20 years ago I once had the same policeman to come to my home on two successive nights. On the first night he came with a drunken lecturer at Cave Hill who had high up relatives in Trinidad. For unwittingly arresting this man for driving the wrong direction and then urinating on Coleridge St,when stooped, he was summarily banished to District F in St Joseph. On the following night he came with an injured felon from Horse Hill.

    A similar thing was done in the MOH. Here we see it done by the MOE. Nothing new really.

    In the MOH when a good team is developed some where it was always disrupted for some silly reason

  5. @bushtea
    What is your point. As stated before I was born in Crane St. Phillip and went to school at St. George Secondary. I don’t see how you can compare the school system here In NYC is more than four times the population of Barbados. That is a different argument. As stated before the principals here don’t have any power. They have a mandate you carry out on behalf of the board of education. I thought that the principals in Barbados had the same mandate, but apparently not. It seems to me that a principal has even more power than the CEO. If that is the case then it’s obvious nothing is going to change. My point is also that no conflict should exist between the principals and the teachers, they should be on the same page. Their shouldn’t even be any conflict between tha principal and the moe. If any conflict exist it should be between the teachers and the Moe. All the other stuff that you are coming at me with are side issues and can be discussed another day. No one is responsible to any one. They can’t get fired or even transferred so why bother. And the BLP and DLP are responsible, so politics shouldn’t even be involved they are all the same. The BLP was in power when the mess started and should have resolved this mess a long time ago. I am a Bajan and I have a right to comment or compare anything that I so desire to. The question you should be asking is what I am saying is true or does it make sense. That’s the issue.

  6. erskine don’t waste yuh time wid bushie,he got an igrunt following who make him think he always right and have given him an oversized ego the size of NYC .it is going to be hard to make him understand that a person like BRoomes was a law unto himself, costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars to topple him off that selfimposed perch of his/ assisted by administrators who had not guts to remove him for twelve years

  7. @concern teacher | December 30, 2012 at 8:38 PM |
    Apart from Mr. Broomes seeking redress under Administrative Law, the teachers who are being transferred should also seek redress also It is clear that these Services Commissions (yard fowls) that have been appointed since 2008″

    this is ridiculous, they work for the government of barbados PSC handles transfers of appointed officers, it is their responsibility, in essence u are saying that many other public offices who are transferred should do likewise if they do not think they should be transferred,

    i really do not think that mr broomes is as gullible as many of u seem to think, why are u even suggesting that he should seek redress, who says that he feels that he needs to seek redress?

    u are a teacher and do not know that psc committee has changed since 2008? a new committee was put in place in january this year

  8. @just curious | December 30, 2012 at 9:05 PM |
    I would to see Queen’s College getting some of the transferees. Why is that the school has been spared?”

    stop being silly, how many schools are not affected with these transfers? St Leonard’s Boys, Springer Memorial and I think St. Michael etc were not included, why have u chosen Queen’s college only? i am glad that none were transferred to any of those schools,

    • Some of us continue to be myopic about the issue. It is the system which has failed, it is not about Broomes. It is also instructive that during the COI many giving testimony revealed that similar conflict exist across the school system.

  9. then again the same bushtea called for the PM to commit suicide and guess what some of these igrunt followers agreed ! Insane or what. ! so a cult following would emerge with koolaid in hand.

  10. Just Curious; re. your point about QC. I understand that there are two secondary schools which will actually have vacancies for principals from next term. I wonder if they were considered as possible schools for the transfer of Mr. Broomes. I can understand why one of them would not have been appropriate, but choosing the other one would have involved no disruption whatever in that school and someone could have been transferred on promotion from within the overall SS system to work at AX while Broomes took up the vacant post.

    I still think that the MOE had little to do with the implementation of the details or other modalities of the transfers.

  11. @Bushie and AC

    It is time for a truce. Let us debate whether natual justice prevailed in this circumstance regardless to how we feel about the situation. That is all the court would be asked to make a decision on.

    In law justice must only be done, but appeared to have been done.

    • T the Point

      Thank you. You seem to understand the point that I was making about the treatment of Broomes. I am not one of his adoring fans but I insist that he should be treated in accordance with the rules of natural justice. Additionally, I am also saying that whether or not we like him should not be the basis for judging him. If we condone the treatment that is meted out to him: will we also condone it when the PSC does a similar thing to someone we like? Or God forbid if the same happens to you?

      The rules in the Public Service clearly set out the procedures for dealing with officers who are accused of breaching the rules. The PSC ignored the rules probably because they fully expect that there are enough people like AC (without basic reasoning skills) that would support their unlawful actions.

      Every day of my life I fight for people who have suffered as a result of maladministration in the Public Service. I would be a hypocrite if I accept that they can breach Broomes’ rights just because I might personally feel that he should be dealt with for his conduct. By all means deal with him for breaching the rules if you have the evidence; but do it in accordance with legally accepted standards or the PSC would be no better than what he has been accused of.

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    This year I was home for a few days when the postman turned up. My mother [who is ill] told him that she had not seen him for the week. His response was IT IS ONLY THE ELDERLY LIKE YOU THAT ARE STILL LOOKING FOR US, WE DONT COME AROUND DAILY AS WE USED TO DO.

    Now if the powers that be in the MOH had listened to me over 20 years ago, and developed a system where there was meaningful interaction with the elderly—–who still look forward to seeing the postman daily—maybe we can do some of the preventative medicine that Bushtea wants to see happen

    THE SYSTEM HAS FAILED again——here it failed to listen and learn and look forward

  13. @Georgie
    Your comment re the postman being more than delivering mail brings back a pleasant memory of the postman for our district.My mum at least once a week would invite our postman Mr Ken Elcock into our home for a nice cup ‘o tea and a little chat.In addition we were told at elementary school that anytime we passed a policeman in uniform we were to salute the uniform.When we passed an elderly person we were required to greet them..good morning/afternoon m’am,sir etc

  14. Calling Blp yardfowls to break down Owen Arthur’s rant on Cost U Less.

    Owing Arthur lambaste GOB for high cost of living Gob induce Cost you Less here to engineer the driving down of prices. Owen pissperade on GOB for not attracting foreign investors. GOB entice Canadian retailer Cost u Less here to invest their foreign currency. Owen bawl unemployment too high. Cost U less hiring over 100 hundred poor people. Would you believe after all this Owen turns around and curses the GOB for welcoming Cost U Less? The man embarass Barbados and foreign investor Cost U Less. It would be no surprise if the company flees Barbados.

    Mind you Owen constantly attacks GOB for as he puts it being inhospitable to foreign investors now Owen’s big mouth scaring away the same investors. Are there any BLP yardfowls out there who can vouch that Owen Arthur isnt stale drunk or gone absolutley insane.

  15. @Check it out

    the moe does not employ anyone and hence it has no authority to transfer, it can make recommendations.

  16. @caswell and ttp
    Is there a need for “natural justice” with a transfer?

    Did the. PSC deal with his alleged breaches or did they simply move to resolve the issue at AX?

    Based on the action taken does Jeff have a “case” to answer??

    The BSTU said they took action not based on a grievance or grievance procedure. Seems the PSC has returned the favor by not dealing with Broomes as a breach of conduct..

  17. @Observer

    the psc can transfer staff. Has the commissioned acted on the COI report and if yes then it has erred. Mr. Broomes letter of appointment is unique. He should have been appointed to the service and not the school and u cannot wait ten years to correct an error in law. So hence i am agruing my case on that premis. On what ground is the psc attempting to transfer him? Is it for deeds the commission said he commited. There is no rorrelation between the Commission of Enquiry Act and that of the PSA of 2007

    I dont know about the other teachers letters of appointment. Action will start this week.

    I am trying to be objective as possible even though I found broomes to be an effective leader.

    • To the Point

      I think we can give it up now: we seem to be talking to people who have closed their minds and feel that the authorities are always right. You cannot convince a man against his will and you certainly can’t get through the masonry that protects AC’s brain from outside influence.

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  18. Gabriel Tackle | December 30, 2012 at 11:19 PM |
    Your mother is/was clearly far ahead of the jokers that are supposed to lead us, in addition to working on the postal officers self esteem and morale.

    We had similar training.LOL .

  19. keen observer | December 30, 2012 at 8:48 PM |

    The filing Injunctions in the court by the various parties involved should be the order of business all of this week. Can’t wait for Garcia to be released by the courts in early January. By then, the issues of the teachers will be forgotten because the island will have a drug lord to deal with being released into the society.
    do not hold your breath keen observer, the law under which mr garcia has been held does seem a bit confusing to the layman’s eye but the solicitor-general may very well be right this time.

  20. i too feel that in the interest peace and harmony at the school mr brroomes could have been respectfully not shamefully transferred to another scholl long ago through the appropriate channels available to the responsible authorities for so doing; and bro franklyn has pointed out who they are, however, i too like bro franklyn feel that the bstu oght not to gloat over this pyrrhic victory but should condemn the action of executing this transfer on the recommendation of the commission of enquiry.

  21. Ronald Jones should not be allowed around any school age children, particulary little boys. Though i will not reveal my experience with this joke which took place at an extremely higher leve, this is no joke. This guy has the personality of a very disturbed creep

  22. so balance you say that broomes could have been transfered long ago. so why did it take 10years for this problem to be resolved. everybody make it seems so easy except that there must have been much more to this problem than is now being perceived.

    • @ac

      Broomes like many was a political appointee. The last government served for nearly 15 years. Have you been following the debate? This is how it is done in Barbados. This government has made some questionable appointments as well and so it goes on. Of course the politically blinded will not see it. The CP issue with Hallam King exposed this problem a long time ago. The situation at AX was brought to a head because of a series of events.

  23. that does not answer my question it seems that many think it was a simplistic issue that could have beenresolved by the PSC and if so why did it go onso long .

    • It is that you like many continue to muddy the issue by dwarfing it with the political dimension. If the government wanted to have an Inquiry go ahead but the discipline of the teachers and Broomes if they thought necessary remained the job of the PSC and could have been triggered by the action necessary to precipitate it. All agree that the PSC cannot be influence by an external action. Therefore a logical conclusion is that the transfers were not PSC inspired and if they were they could not have been influenced by the COI.

  24. @ttp
    I’m sensing your main objection is with Broomes’ letter. Understood. As we agreed a judge has to determine that.

    @caswell & TTP
    Let’s say Broomes was transferred based on the recommendations of the King Inspection Report rather than the Commission of Inquiry?

    Would there still need to be “natural justice”? I notice Caswell speaks only of the transfer and not of “the letter” so I have to frame this question as if “the letter” doesn’t matter. Caswell, your argument is at slight variance to TTP’s and I might remind you that vack in January you argued that such a letter has no weight.

    My mind is open and willing to learn.

    Actually yes, it could have been solved a while ago with clear thinking, actual action and reasonable courage. At 600,000 less and many moons lost. The (past and present) PSC and MOE have to take the blame for that.

    Just observing

  25. @caswell
    Just reread your post again.

    “Follows the rules to establish guilt or innocence”

    I hope you recognise that I’m suggesting the transfers do not require guilt or innocence. They’re “procedural”

    You also reference 40A and 106 re Mrs Jules and action BSTU should take etc. But I have to ask (again)…..

    Have the transferees been dismissed, “adversely affected” or punished by the action or transfer? If so, how?

    Just Observing

  26. methinks that the simplicity given after the fact is being done so not on all the evedience presented and what may not be told to the public . Hence we are gathering straws to build a stone house. i do believe that the complexity of the issue surrounding broomes letter of appointment was one of the stumbling blocks that stood in the way and in order to separate fact from fiction it was necessary for a through investigation to be done.

    • @ac

      If one accepts that the letter of appointment is ambiguous did we need a COI to establish? An opinion or two from the legal eagles could have sufficed and the MoE use as the basis to act.

  27. david i am not trying to dwarfed the issue politically. However when a statement saying the matter could have neen resolved long ago .one can help but wonder.WHY.

    • @ac

      Your last point has been addressed over and over and over on BU. It is how the political arm has reached into the public service. If the government changes we can expect similar, let’s pick a name, Dr. Leroy McClean.

  28. you see here is where i find issue with the simplicity of the matter. the same question you poised don’t you think that the govt would have asked such questions before launching an COI

  29. @Caswell

    i think i read on one of the blogs u being quoted that new legsilation make old conditions null and void and that is hwy broomes migh not have a leg to stand on.

    I believe that the Ministry mada mistake in not appointing Broomes to the teaaching profession or in a word to the service and thus assigning him to Alexander. I am told that under administrative law, that mistakes must be corrected within a reasonable time, but I am not a lawyer, just a simple bsinessman.

    A NEW law cannot not nullify existig contractual terms and conditions for public officers. what would happen is any new appointments subsequent to the new law will apply to the new appointees.

    If the King’s report was acted on, i have not seen or read the report, before any ation could have been taken, mr. brromes would have to cooment on such if the moe requested that this be done. Was this done. Did due process prevail.

    • “T”

      I shall try to explain my position one last time just for you.

      In order to establish posts the Minister for the Public Service makes an order called a Public Service Order, formerly a Civil Establishment Order, and lays it in Parliament. In the case of teachers it is called a Public Service(Teachers) Order. If a jobs does not appear in these orders, they do not exists in the Public Service. There is no post in the Public Service called Principal of Alexandra School, just principal of secondary school.

      If Broomes has a letter appointing him to Alexandra School, it would have to have been a mistake in my opinion. If I were arguing a case for him, I would say that the appointing authority did not make a mistake and that they only wanted him at that school. Since 1982 teachers were appointed to the Service and assigned to a school and could be transferred. Mr. Broomes was appointed after 1982, and was apparently given an appointment to Ax. He could argue that they knew what they were doing or they would have sought to make the correction years ago.

      It is my understanding that since Broomes was appointed the others after him, except one was appointed to the Service and assigned to schools.

      You are correct that a new law does not nullify per-existing contractual arrangements. However, again in my view the contract would have been illegal. That said, Broomes claim could be one of legitimate expectation which is not based on the law per se, but on what the public official held out to Broomes when the appointment was made. He would have an arguable case based on legitimate expectation.

      The other plank of his application before the court could be that the Public Service Commission failed to follow the rules when dealing with him, and also that it implemented the recommendations of the Waterman Commission and, as such, it acted on recommendations of an unauthorised person. This was not a mere administrative move: there were allegations of misconduct that the PSC should have asked Broomes to answer. They did not.

      Another thing in Broomes’ favour is that this is probably the first time since the implementation of school boards that the PSC initiated lateral transfers in the Teaching Service. This is normally done school to school or by the Ministry of Education. Do not get me wrong: I am not saying that the PSC does not have the power to transfer. My question is why now? My belief is that they used irrelevant considerations like the proximity of the next general election as a basis for acting as they did. They certainly could not have been acting in the best interest of the students.

      Sent from my iPad

  30. @Caswell

    we are in consonant, now that u have fully ventilated the issues. I am interested in the outcome of this matter. Students of IR should follow this matter closely.

  31. @Caswell
    totally agreed on legitimate expectation as TTP has been inferring, but I have to ask (again)…

    “the Public Service Commission failed to follow the rules when dealing with him..”

    how so? which rules? under which process?

    ” there were allegations of misconduct that the PSC should have asked Broomes to answer. They did not.”

    > have official allegations been laid before the PSC to investigate?
    > Isn’t the Permanent Secretary responsible for submitting such charges of misconduct to the PSC within a particular time frame of the misconduct?
    > Haven’t we concluded that nothing coming out of the COI can be directly used for adjudication and discipline?

    Can we agree that the current action (on the surface) has nothing (legally or procedurally) to do with misconduct,breaches, investigations or discipline? In the same way the BSTU’s action had nothing to do with grievance(s)?

    “My question is why now”
    there’re no legal or procedural answers for this question. That would raise another type of discussion altogether which we can have but legislation and regulations would have no place there..

    Just Observing

  32. More questions than answers which shows the complexity of the issus”if” could have” those are the kind of questions that brought about the COI still we are rehashing as if nothing has been resolved.

  33. @ac
    All of the questions have answers. It’s just that the powers that be chose a long drawn out expensive route to “find” them. The complexity lies in the human and interpersonal factor, but legally and following rules and regulations, it has always been quite simple.

    So does Caswell! That’s why I’m most curious to understand this most recent crusade! At least you declared your hand early and pinned hopes on the appointment letter, which is the only real hope for Broomesie. Caswell dismissed that letter months ago and in his view “the contract would have been illegal.”

    I always try to remember that some people actually come here to read and learn and not just to post views. We owe a “duty of care” to those people 😉

    Just Observing.

  34. @ Caswell

    You are talking alot of non-sense. You are a prime example why people should first try to ascertain all of the facts (or most) before rendering an opinion. You have a blasted opinion about everything, whether informed, un-informed or ill-informed. Thats why you constantly have to be looking for an manufacturing facts to suit your opinion.

    “and also that it implemented the recommendations of the Waterman Commission and, as such, it acted on recommendations of an unauthorised person”

    Mr. Broomes is a teacher, not a lawyer not vexacious litigant. If his employer want to re-assign him then he should respond to his employers request.

    He might win the battle but lose the war cause the next step will be to show that some days during working hours he does indulge in the consumpion of intoxicating drinks.

  35. Times Squared is jealous of Caswell
    It shows through
    It is clear, crystal clear. Some people get vex when you are at the top of the class and they try to cut you down by personal attacks.
    Times Squared is employing this tactic.

    Caswell is a well respected member of the BU family so cut the crap-Time less, Less Time, Times -Round -Squared or Oblong

  36. @jeff
    Thanks for the read. Here’s a loaded question
    On what grounds are tranfers challengable? (or injunctable…I made up that word by the way) assuming that you don’t have a letter like Jeff’s. .

    GP made excellent reference to the MoH where willy nilly transfers are par for the course. Education doesn’t have a precedent (well, there’s one that I can remember) but that doesn’t make it “wrong.”

  37. The focus on Broomes and the teacher’s rights to take this to court shows how some privilaged Bajans prioritize things.

    No mention or discussion about what is best for the children when they start the next term.

    All I seeing is a focus on the path to enrich Broomes and his Lawyers.

    Be a true Leader Mr.Broomes. Work to rules. Go to Parkinson and from day one document and report. Keep copies of the evidence so the next Amaiida will be dealt with appropriately.

    They want you to fail but prove them wrong.

  38. Interesting the matter of transfers being challengeable. Wasn’t the Royal Shop issue anchored in a similar view? ie. Employees transferred from Bridgetown to Port? Yes it is a private sector matter but interesting parallel nevertheless.


    Jeff is a wordsmith so let it rip:-)


    You’re just another knucklehead on BU. People like you and Caswell want Barbados to be in a constant state of confusion whether justified or manufacturers. I don’t know why as a harmonious society so much more comfortable than a state of confusion. Wunna don’t realise that in a state of confusion the politicians are the winners, they devide and control all the while lining their pockets.

    The Prime Minister, Minister of Education and the Ministry of Education et al outfox Broomes and alot of people, Caswell included can’t accept that fact. If Mr. Broomes don’t accept the result go the the High Court and make an application for an injunction to prevent the transfer.

  40. @David

    the only thing in common was the word transfer. This is public administrative law which is codified.


    I had read that case before, but thanks nevertheless.


    we all have rights and if we chose to insist on those rights then we must be respected. some of us dont stand for anything and accept garbage. Yes the children have the right to be taught and Mr. Boroomes and others have rights too and they should aslo enter the equation. We only understand issues when the shoe is tight on our foot.

  41. unless and until Broomes or any of the other aggrieved teachers obtain a High Court injunction wunna better try and report for duty at schools to which wunna been transferred failing which someone gine get fired for abandoning the employment.

  42. @ David

    Too much tail wagging the dog in Barbados especially the public sector. This non-sense have to stop somewhere. The blasted public sector go in people who believe them can do whatever the hell them want, whenever them want and whosoever them want to.

    When the GOB has to cut the wage bill next year I hope they don’t just lay-off people en masse based on senority but look to send home those who do not deserve to have employment based on their conduct.

  43. I still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that the WHOLE damned management team, the WHOLE hog, the Principal, the Heads of Departments, the Senior Teachers, The Guidance Councilor, get cut and transfer out …. hmmm! And this is supposed to be a solution.

    And as per previous comments, what happens when a Chemistry head is replaced with a Biology head … Oh shoot. The poor teacher from St. Philip who had nothing to do with anything gets a letter informer her of a transfer to Ax …. MURDA … And Jones remains in place … HA HA HA

  44. @ To The Point,

    I absolutely agree everyone have rights.

    I am suggesting to Mr.Broomes that he also have the right to prove he is a great Principal and competent school administrator.

    That is my right as a BU blogger even if my suggestion is too complex for some to understand.

    Broomes can be remembered as the man who improved Parkinson school or he can sue and get a settlement and wait like Barrack.

  45. Broomes might have the right to challenged .hiowever based on all the evidence against him it might be a long road to hoe.the only thing that prevent his transfer is the “socalled letter” of appointment. other than that he is an employee of the govt and like any employee is subjected to disciplinary action whenhe fails to carry out his duties in a satisfactory manner.

  46. @Times Square

    If only it were so simple to send home civil servants. Yes there is the issue of inefficiency but then there is the implication of dismantling the tax base and the multiplier/revenue impact.


  48. @ Hants | December 31, 2012 at 10:38 AM |
    ” Broomes can be remembered as the man who improved Parkinson school or he can sue and get a settlement and wait like Barrack.”

    What are you implying here Can Baje? That Parkinson Memorial is a poorly administered school with poor performances by students?
    Are you saying that Broomes can turn around these things?
    If the current principal can’t do a good job in making Parkinson function effectively (based on your implication) why do you think he can clean up the mess at the Alexandra? Why not transfer the headmaster of HC to AX and Broomes to HC or Foundation where everything is hunky-dory? If Broomes messes up and causes chaos then we would know who is the elephant in the room of confusion.

  49. I just heard the passionate plea of one of the many hardworking teachers in our system.I know not the man but one can hear his keen interest in his subject and in his students of Princess Margaret Secondary.He objects strongly to this transfer to a school not equipped like his present school with the tools to make a difference in his specialty subjects.Jeff Broome’s overall performance at AX cannot be overlooked.One gets the impression that he is a keen Principal who is in control of his plant.Not so Amaida Greaves,Beverley Neblett Lashley nor Leslie Lett.They are trade union activists and have no place in the secondary school environment.They ought to be dismissed from the Teaching Service for not teaching children entrusted to their care.Did someone say the tail is wagging the dog?

    you are correct.


  51. @Hants

    if u want to enter into the world of sarcasm, thats up my street, so please dont think that your simple logic can be considered complex.

  52. @Time Squared

    you are clueless about the functioning of the public service, despite your emotional outbuse which does not add but detract from the debate. Enjoy your old year’s night.

  53. millertheanunnak wrote “That Parkinson Memorial is a poorly administered school with poor performances by students?”

    No. I am implying that Broomes can challenge himself to make Parkinson better.

    He should CHALLENGE himself to modify the Parkinson engine and chase down HC.

    He could also go into survival mode until retirement or sue for more gravy.

  54. If there is any good to come out of transferring the entire management of a government institution without a challenge being made, I hope it is that the same would be applied to the Ministry of Culture … Get the rid of them; every blasted one of them; from the PS back down. There is no greater example of a continuous wasting of Tax payers money.

  55. @David

    have u heard anything about teachers protesting outside Personnel Administration this morning? I received a call to that effect, but was not able to verify that.

  56. @ BAFBFP | December 31, 2012 at 3:20 PM |

    Now you are cooking!
    Amused and the miller are now totally satisfied with your recommendation.

  57. Can someone assist Freundel Stuart in making a decision to call the elections?

    The BUT is the most politicized trade union in Barbados. They are certainly not working on teachers’ behalf, only their own self interest. Imagine Karen Best hide from all these issues just to get a pick in the MOE as CEO. That is why we are at this point now.

    And Bajans refuse to get the facts but want to kill Mary Redman for representing her members. Well come January 8th, 2013 it gine be cat piss and peppa, cause teachers aint tekking this shite lying down.

    About four of these Cabinet ministers are former teachers. Just shows how much care and interest they have for students and their colleagues.

    Decisions taken on the sole basis for political expediency will NOT win this time. This DLP is by far the worst – even worst than the Sandi no confidence members.

  58. I just heard the Head of Department for Princess Margaret on the radio protesting his movement to Alexandra. I am amazed that this country has moved fully into one of disorder after allowing all and sundry to break civil service rules. The general orders of the civil service is now a joke. I always thought that Mr.Farley was breaking the rules when he was allowed to be a call in moderator and producer.

    It would now be unfair to discipline him for his outburst on national radio.

    • @Clone

      Heard the news extract, a very angry and frustrated teacher indeed. Will he make the time to manage himself to give the AX students the benefit of his training? Some will say his outburst has compromise has created an unnecessary hurdle in the race to making the smooth transition from Princess Market School to AX.

  59. You see me, I slow, but I does always get there in the end. Well, well, well, all these years and it finally dawned on me.

    Ladies and Gentlemen exposed for the first time in BU History, millertheanunnaki and Amused are one and the same person …. HA HA HA HA .. Look I can’ unstan’ how I like one and got problems wid de nex one, but that might be a diagnosable condition .. HA HA HA HA…. Miller, I right …?

  60. It would be very instrumental to discover who really was responsible for these transfers. Was it done by the Chief Education Officer? Was it a committee of school board members? Was it the technical people at the MOE and did the Minister of MOE sign off on who and where the teachers were going?

  61. This DLP Government is the worst ever
    Take a bow E2
    I am glad to see people come around to my position of long standing !

    Next Election:
    BLP = 20 SEATS
    DLP = 0 SEATS

    It happened in 1999
    Dont fool yuhself that it cant happen again
    Everthing points to it. The longer they delay the vexxer we willl be and when it passes the point of no return its all over for the hapless DEMS. THEY HAVE BEEN BAD BEFORE, OH MY MOTHER”S BIG TOE, BUT THEY GONE PAST THAT NOW!

  62. It is interested to see the cases cited by Jeff Cumberbatch as it relates to the Public Service Commission in Belize and Barbados respectively. Good cases. Like Mr. Cumberbatch, I am waiting to see what is next. January 7th can’t come fast enough because I know that Mr. Broomes ain’t going anywhere near Parkinson School.

  63. Just Asking
    Have you really studied the Alexandra problem?

    Well History would show that the problems started under the BLP. Were they nincompoops too?
    Why was he not sanctioned then? Possible answer Drinking buddies
    How did he get to be the Principal?
    Do you know that Jeff Broomes was in Management at St.Lucy Secondary school and applied for deputy principal at St. Michaels and got it. A vacancy came up for Principal at St. Michaels.
    Why was he not appointed principal at St.Michael?
    Barbados is a hypocritical society
    Just Asking

  64. I heard part of that caller’s “outburst” and it seems to me that he is a brave soul, totally outraged at the way the transfers were done and the total illogic of his personal transfer.

    As far as I know, coming onto a call in programme in this way is totally outside the bounds of the General Orders of the Public Service but several unofficial calls to call in programmes have been sanctioned in the breach for many officers in the past who, even though identifiable, were not overtly so, and no effort was made to punish them for such breaches.

    I wonder if the geniuses at MOE or the PM’s ministries will try to punish him since he is clearly patently identifiable. To do so however may have some pitfalls for them so I would expect them to ignore it. But who knows with Freundel, the enigmatic very asymetrical thinker?

    I would not be surprised if this outrage of transferring in excess of 40 teachers at one fell swoop, 21 of them at AX, will see several more aggrieved teachers who were innocent bystanders in the game taking somewhat similar stands even though in less public fora.

    I still maintain the “AX transfers” (and their implementation) was one of the worst decisions that was made by a Barbados PM (The PSC would not have gone “online” without consulting or informing him of what they were doing as they are his creatures) and shows very little concern for the well being of the innocent students at many schools who must be negatively affected. But we know that the PM thinks that such disruptions are not really ultimately important as he sailed through one such in his schooldays, as he told us last year.

    I wonder when we are going to see the PSC dealing with the transfers that are needed in the general service re. the MOE. The public might possibly deal with the Minister, as the PM wouldn’t.

  65. Can a teacher be sent on special leave without asking for it?
    If that can be done all those who do not want to teach including any strikers and protesters should be sent on special leave.
    Invite in some graduates who are qualified in the particular areas to teach for the two terms. That would help with the unemployment among graduates right now. They are a lot of them who are very talented and the children like them because they are young with pierce nose, tongue, and tattoos.

  66. I heard Peter Wickham just now on Starcom network radio saying that the elections should be mid-January or the latest around February 10,11 2013 when parliament will dissolve itself. I hope his assessment is correct. Cant wait to send the bitches packing. Don’t even talk about the school boards,, a bunch of illiterates idiot that want to tell the principals how to run the schools.

  67. @Clone

    Dont you think that Mr. Farley would have sought and obtained permission to be a moderator. Read the General Orders and the 2007 Public Service Act 2007. The Public Service Act takes precedence over the GO. Where the PS Act is silent on a matter, the General Order prevails.

  68. @Caswell
    Mr. Broomes was appointed after 1982, and was apparently given an appointment to Ax. He could argue that they knew what they were doing or they would have sought to make the correction years ago.

    there are many people in the public service who were appointed to a particular ministry but has subsequently (since 2007) received letters stating that they were no longer appointed at for example ‘B Ministry’ but have been appointed at ‘C Ministry’ where they were attached for a number of years. this was done so that the person acting in the officer’s post at ‘B Ministry’ could be appointed in government, rather than remain temporary. so even if mr. broomes was appointed to AX it could be revolt and his appointment could be transferred

    • Smooth Chocolate

      I think that you are confusing being appointed to a post as opposed to a ministry. When a person is appointed his post might be located in a particular ministry but the post could be re-allocated in another ministry because of a reassignment of ministerial responsibility. Put simpler, a department could be moved from one ministry to another but the officer would be in the same post.

      Additionally, there are general service post and departmental post. A person who is appointed to a general service post can be transferred to a similar post anywhere in the service. On the other hand, a person who is appointed to a departmental post cannot be transferred without his consent. Examples of departmental post include: customs officers, policemen, teachers, education officers, environmental health officers (public health inspectors), nurse and transport inspectors, to mention a few.

      Sent from my iPad

  69. They said Fruendel cant make decisions he makes a sound one on a problem that festered for over 10 years now they want to massacrete Fruendel. Stand your ground PM the silent majority supports your AX action.

  70. @smooth

    I hope u understand the difference. Each eastablished post must be listed in the Civil Estsblishment Order. This cites where the post is located. Temporary posts are not.

  71. Salaries start at about $45,000 USD and go up to $100,000+

    Might be worth it for a teacher who does not want to accept a bad transfer, but can take an early retirement, and take a pick in New York for a few years. It may work especially well for those teachers who have completed their responsibilities to children, parents etc.

    Friend of mine took that route a few years ago, and came back with some change and a new spouse.

    Not bad.

  72. Looka life.
    Come next week Jeff Broomes will still be at Alexandra while 21 teachers including the BSTU cabal will have to report to other schools. Wow. What a way to end the year. Popcorn is still in hand.

    The political ramifications around the corner. We’ll chat 🙂

    Have a fantastic night everyone and all the best to you, yours and any others for 2013. Been great blogging wid ya!!!

    Observing and signing off for 2012.

  73. It has been interesting reading all the comments on this issue, before the ink was dried on the transfer letter the BU “legal” community was advising Mr. Broomes to resist any attempt to transfer him from his post. It seems that he has taken their advice thus the “Pope” of Queen St. appointed at pleasure will only leave this position at his leisure. I call him the “Pope” because he seems to be of the opinion that his is a lifetime sinecure which he will leave only at the will of the Almighty or compulsory retirement age whichever comes first.

    Errol Barrow used to say that Civil Servants were like Asbestos i.e.” fireproof”, as usual the Dipper was correct.

  74. Observing;
    Yes! The plot thickens.
    From Barbados Today it appears that;
    1- Broomes has not yet been served with his letter. He hiding or what? Strategy?
    2- His Lawyers are gearing up for a fight and he might well be still turning up at AX next week.
    3- At Least one transferred teacher is hopping mad.
    4- There appears to be quite a few others who are seeking legal advice as to what course to take re. the transfers.
    5- Mary Redman and a team from the BSTU sought to meet, unsuccessfully, with the big wigs of the MOE and the Min Civil Service today. Yuh tink they were trying so resolutely to congratulate the public servants on so adroitly solving their problems with Mr. Broome or could it be some other urgent matter?
    6- It seems strange that she wasn’t trying to meet with the PM who was so effusive in his praises of her and her actions earlier this year, and who could have opened the doors that now seems closed for her and the Union. Could they be somewhat miffed with the PM’s recent apparent volte face? Might we now get some insight into former promises made?

    I’m getting my peanuts and popcorn out too. Looks like an interesting side show to the main one coming down soon at a polling booth near you.

    All the very best for the New Year to all the BU bloggers but especially to David (BU), Deeds, John Jackson, Yourself, BAFBPF, Bush Tea, Caswell, Miller, Amused, Enuff and a few more I can’t recall right now.

    • Mary Redman and a team from the BSTU sought to meet, unsuccessfully, with the big wigs of the MOE and the Min Civil Service today. Yuh tink they were trying so resolutely to congratulate the public servants on so adroitly solving their problems with Mr. Broome or could it be some other urgent matter?

      On what basis would Redman and the BSTU have sought a meeting with the CPO and MOE? Is this the precursor to a another grievance being filed OR is the old strike action about to be activated? One would have to guess that this is a new grievance in the making – the unprecedented volume of transfers – if Broomes follows the script and report for duty Sir!

  75. What a way to end 2012 and usher in 2013.Controversy after controversy.Now it looks like anarchy with teachers being treated like policemen of old.Uncooperative and difficult policemen were banished to Crab Hill or Bissex and had to get there irrespective of where they resided.Now teachers in 2013 are being sent all over the country because of 3 uncooperative and difficult teachers who do not understand the fine line between trade unionism and professional duties and responsibilities.Teachers Day is meant to assist with the development of the teaching profession;its not a shopping day.Again,any appointed teacher failing to teach the nation’s children and further when reminded so to do by your superior officer you ignore a lawful command, constitutes gross insubordination and instant dismissal from the teaching service.
    As if that’s not enough we read the CJ and the DPP are not seeing eye to eye on a fundamental change the chief judicial officer wants to implement and which seems to have found favour with many practising attorneys.Dare we to hope that the DPP would do the honourable thing and resign, leave our shores and don’t return?Is this the showdown at high noon between the bajan sheriff and the guyanese keeper of the lock ups?2013 will open with a bang!

  76. @ Caswell
    Give up Barbadians do not respect the LAW when it comes to public administration.

    @ BU Community

    Happy New Year.

  77. @Gabrriel

    While I agree with u that any teacher failing to carry out a legitimate request to teach the nation’s children should be disciplined, and there are rules against insubordination, i dont think there can be summarily dismissal of any Public Officer, according to the rules of Public Asministration in Barbados.

  78. I now get home and I drunk as shite … I sure i get sometingi tonite … I know I get lil somting tonigt ,,, goo d way to start de reay yeh …

  79. David;
    Wunnah hardears doh!

    There is no other conclusion from that story but that Mary and the BSTU are hopping mad. When a union and its female boss is mad, sparks fly. The Bigups should have hustled to meet them and try to cool down things. That they didn’t tells another part of the story.

    If the Union struck for weeks at a critical time last year for ONE oblique remark about one teacher what do you think their response might be now? All hell likely to break loose and FS, who the union will now see as not to be trusted, won’t be able to stop it as he is likely to come up with such solutions as; renaming Alexandra;
    shutting AX down;
    recalling the transfer letters and putting the blame clearly on his Officers;
    or some other asymetric “solution”

    The only real solution to the oncoming illtimed “shoot yorself in the foot” problems is for the Eager 11 to act resolutely this time.

    Yuh tink de bigups in the two ministries have plans for this contingency (which was a quite obvious result of the mass transfers that potentially can indirectly affect the BSTU’s total membership but directly affecting at least 39 members at several schools ) and if not, why not? I would suggest that the MOE did not know of the plan itself or of the modalities of it, the CPO, a direct creature of its Minister, is another matter.


  80. ac says that there are school children reading BU … This would be a SCARY scenario if true.
    Can you imagine school children looking on at this whole situation in Barbados?
    Shoi……ahhhhh mean…Oh dear man, they would be laughing their little asses off at the big set of brass bowls that comprise the so called adults in this place….

    Every little ROUTINE issue gets turned into a big catastrophe by inept handling, and asinine analysis.

    A problem with a single school, and a small union headed by a lonely woman- now turns into a national problem with most schools, all the school unions, multiple totally unconnected and innocent teachers and students, WHILE THE REAL DUMB ASSES AT THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION REMAINS UNTOUCHED.

    Now such actions can ONLY be conceived in brass bowls.

    The central problem in Barbados is (as Baffy continues to rehash) Lawyers. For every possible issue, we look for “legal advice”. We ALL know that all but two (or three at the most) of the lawyers in this island are dishonest crooks (and this is pending some outstanding information on those three).

    Furthermore, the only ones more dishonest and crooked than the lawyers are the Judges (appointments which always go to the most inept lawyers), and the politicians who excel in dishonesty, deceit and bribe taking.

    Is it any wonder that the place is on an accelerated downward slide?

    Can you imagine our children reading BU and finding out the truth about their future…?
    Can we blame them if they lose all respect for authority?
    Why should they go to school and learn the same junk that created O$A, David Thompson, Frundy, Waterman, and all the brass bowl judges and lawyers parading around the place while being clearly inept and useless?
    Why should they go to school when Trinis and Canadians will run everything in Barbados anyhow?
    Go school for what? – when the BLP will divest every shoite to foreigners while the DLP will just appoint their yard fowl incompetents like Onions to suck at the trough…?

    David, we should resolve a number of new year resolutions;
    1 – Ban all children under 16 from reading BU
    2 – Stop being so nice and accommodating to these brass bowls who are mashing up the place 🙂
    3 – let us find out EXACTLY who robbed Violet Beckles…..
    4 – send ac where it is that Onions gone…. Ha Ha Ha

  81. @David

    My source told me that Neblett and Greaves were able to negotiate where they wanted to go because that they have been appointed under the old order. Caswell can check this out and inform the blog. I am told that he was very nusy over the last week and a half checking on this matter. Lol

    Healty New Year to all barbadians.

  82. @ To the point
    There is nothing exceptional about Mr Broomes’ letter of appointment ; it is the identical letter ALL PRINCIPALS receive on appointment to the post of principal . They are ALL appointed on promotion to the post of principal and then ASSIGNED to one of the civil established posts which the Ministry of Education controls . There is no established post on the Civil Establishments list called ” Principal of X School ” . If you were to read one of these letters you will find the first sentence reading ” The Governor General on the advice of the PSC is pleased to appoint you on promotion to the post of principal , ( NAME OF SCHOOL ) , …. Since there is no such established post it could only be interpreted that the appointee is ASSIGNED to the school . This is one of the differences between the current position and what previously existed when for example a person was appointed Headmaster OF the Combermere school or Headmistress OF St Michael Girls School .( This IS NOT my original argument but the EXPLANATION given by the CPO at the Commission of Inquiry ) .
    On another matter : I heard some of what the disgruntled Teacher at Princess Margaret School had to say yesterday . Don’t teachers speak ENGLISH anymore ?

  83. Another Retired Teacher;
    Point above taken.
    Now tell us where you stand about the utility, recklessness, sensibility and sensitivity of the decision to transfer 40 teachers at the same time. How do you think such a decision would impact the Children for a start? What “speak english what?

    If you are indeed a teacher and can support such actions it speaks volumes of competing allegiances that you might have.

  84. Taking bets on the outcome of this sordid situation?

    10:1, Broomes remains at Alexandra.
    20:1, BSTU goes on strike calling out its wider membership
    1:10000, BUT gets involved. LOL
    1: 2million: Freundel Stuart and Ronald Jones resigns

    Bets can be waged right here on BU. Half proceeds go the maintenance and administration of BU website.

    P.S Waiting for QC, HS, Cawmere, Lodge, St Michael, Foundation to get involved. that is when all hell gine brek loose and a real solution will be sought speedily.

  85. @fedup
    The odds of bstu striking are better than 20:1 !

    @retired teacher
    Have you seen THE letter?
    Do you know the EXACT wording?
    Do you know if it as in a COMMA or the word OF
    Could Broomes’ lawyers be that DUMB?

    Actually, if they are under the “old order” they can bluntly refuse to go and be on solid grounds.

    Time to write the manifesto!

    Ya ain’t unpick ya teet wid my questions last year but we’s still we.

    Hopping mad is an understatement. They’ve found themselves in a corner with no legs to stand on and no reasonable weapons to fight with. Whatever happens next will not have a solution and will ride through until elections. My popcorn still here. Bought a soda and a Oh Henry for good measure too!

    How d hell you drunk and still managing to type?! You’s a real boss though!

    Observing for 2013. Best wishes to all!!

    • Here is an extract from the BT report citing Vernon Smith QC, co-counsel for Broomes.

      “I am satisfied that he [Broomes] has a fool-proof constitutional action against the Government…,” Smith said. “At the same time, I am also satisfied that what has now taken place goes to the root of his contract of service … and as such also constitutes a major trade union dispute.”

  86. Happy New year to all

    The teacher at Princes Margaret has a strong case why he should not be transferred. He is at a school where most Barbadians do not want their children to go. They have started subjects there where skills are at the core of their programs. If there is a lab there for the teaching of auto mechanics and the Alexandra teacher is not skill to teach that subject the disadvantaged children from their placement will now be disadvantage even further.

    Please Mr.Jones get involve in your Ministry and reverse that transfer that was done for Princes Margaret
    He is talking sense but maybe is ready to retire because of his aggressive opinions as seen in todays Naton. His Principal may not have told him the truth.

    It seems that all of the Principals were called about the Head of Departments at their schools and what they teach. Maybe the Principal did not explain his special circumstances of teaching these subjects.

    • Until we hear more there seem to be a heavy absence of emotional intelligence used in the decisionmaking so far. Agree with you Clone that in the case of Jones at PM some sensitivity should have been given. Yes there ‘maybe’ legal support for the transfers but …

      On 1 January 2013 15:10, Barbados Underground

  87. Clone; What you say above makes perfect sense. I wonder if the calls about HODs might have gone something like this.

    The phone rings; ring a ling ling.
    CPO person; Hello! I’m the maguffy at the CPO. I would like some information on your heads of department
    Principal: Why?

    CPO person; That’s classified, and in any case its none of your business;
    Principal; OK! Speak with the MOE.

    CPO person: I have been directed to speak with principals. The MOE has nothing to do with this. I don like your attitude. Yuh don know I could have you transferred.
    Principal: Yes! Maam

    CPO person; Enough of this foolishness. Is the Head of Industrial Arts a BLP sympathizer?
    Principal; I don know.
    CPO person; Chupse

    End of conversation.

    This is just a fantasy conversation but there are many other permutations of it that might not have had the CPO eliciting any information on any special circumstances that might have negated the transfer of any HOD.

  88. Barbadians across all political lines should demand a Freedom of Information Act before elections are called. It should be supported by all thirty MPs. If any person votes against the bill they should be voted out. This will help us become a stronger democracy. Right now we are tricked every five years by both parties.

  89. all the hoopla . Come opening day when the bell rings all teachers would go to their assigned posts. if BRoomes refuse to receive his letter. that does not stop the process from moving forwards. the assistant Head of Parkinson can take over until a full time Head is put in place. Broomes in the meanwhile can pursue his legal problems. i say to BRoomes and his team of lawyers “many are called but few are chosen” and the same is true for Broomes.

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