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      These picks are solely at the discretion of the BU household. Of course many may disagree, in those cases they can offer comments to support a position and BU is not averse to adding to the names selected.

  1. I voted for Uncle Jeff, even though I don’t agree with anything he says or does. But he sure knows how to generate buzz;, and I notice that the majority of people on BU agree with me.

    Uncle Jeff, BU’s person of the year.

  2. I voted for Freundel Stuart, even though I disagree with most of the things that he does and actually consider him to be the second worse PM that Barbados has had the misfortune of being led by, second only to DT. The Jeff Broomes buzz was actually primarily generated by FS’ actions and inactions as was the buzz related to several of the other names cited by BU. I think FS is the overall winner by far.

    BTW, I think FS’ Christmas Speech was excellent. I don’t normally think much of his oratory or speeches, believing they are vastly overrated but that particular speech was a good one. It was totally non partisan and captured the required essence of the Season.

  3. Freundel Stuart it is for the nonsense he has done since becoming PM, the AX COI in particular. I think he takes the worse PM title away from Sandi.

    In a few days when the new term begins, we will see that our $600,000 has been wasted as no one in the Ministry or at Personnel Administration wants to touch the report. FS took it out of their hands and he cannot put in back into their hands again, I was told by an official in the MOE.

    So we will wait and see what phase we are at and will the teachers strike again.Though I think they, by their actions on Speech Day 2012, have shown people their true colours. Why attend just to walk out? What example are they setting for the children?

    FS, you own this fiasco!

  4. Which year short me crutch Owen Arthur told the country Mia Mottley bedroom lifestyle was unacceptable? Which year the said Owen conspired with George Pain and Dale Marshall to overthrow Mia? My wife and I cant remember which year Owen insulted then degraded and abused Mia twice if its 2012 he wins the buzz award and the butt head award.

  5. Yea, and in which year did someone in the DLP tell Barbadians that I will not lie cheat or steal and then in which year did we find out that Mr I will not lie, cheat or steal was actually lying, cheating and money laundering? Do not tell me that such a person is gone as this goes to the heart of who and what the DLP is!

  6. Looks like Simple Simon is right, Uncle Jeff hogged the media space followed by PM Stuart, Eager 11 and Leroy Parris. They all have a common thread don’t they?

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