It Is OUR Money Mr. Exchequer!

Opposition Leader Owen Arthur declared recently the Central Bank of Barbados has an entertainment budget of one million dollars

Opposition Leader Owen Arthur declared recently the Central Bank of Barbados has an entertainment budget of one million dollars

Leader of the Opposition Owen Arthur declared at a political meeting recently that the entertainment budget of the Central Bank is one million dollars. He made the point to attack government’s decision to resist reinstating the travel allowance. BU is not in a position to confirm or deny Arthur’s statement. What we know is that there has not been any public response to his claim from Central Bank officials or the Prime Minister of Barbados.

The statement by Arthur has brought front into focus the issue of expense control by central government and quasi government agencies. We hear about ministers, public servants and partners travelling to China, countries in Africa, South America and others. Are we satisfied that decision makers in government and the public sector are making the best ‘budget’ decisions? Retired Permanent Secretary William Layne stated recently that government is bloated and he was very harsh in his position regarding Statutory Corporations.

Unlike the United Kingdom which has a living Freedom of Information Law, Barbadians do not have ready access to general information  held by government. We are expected to participate in our democracy but how can we if ready access to information is blocked? The current system means WE can be fed koolaid. A passive media does NOT help!

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  1. Mr. Anti american of talk show fame has been trying to find out the money spent on travel overseas by government/civil servants for many years.

  2. The blog owner ahd his BLP friends are trying desperately to protect the Barbados Labour Party from the effects of Barbados Labour Party wrong doing.

    DAVID they are cetain things that you can not reverse.

    They should not have done it in the first place.

    But DAVID there may still be hope for them. DAVID I have never heard you call on your BLP friends to return the ill gotten gains which they have stashed in their secret overseas bank accounts. Make that call.

    All they have to do is to return the money to the treasury. Use whatever excuse they care to and no questions will be asked. The country needs the money.

    They can say that they didnt mean to take it, that they made a mistake and put it in their overseas bank account, they dont know how it got there, the bank put it there in error, they can say whatever excuse they want to and we would forgive them.

    The repatriated funds would go a long way in helping the situation here in Barbados.

    DAVID make the call to your buddies!

  3. David wrote”A passive media does not help.”That’s why this writer continues to be so critical of that bunch.Very shortly there will be moves made to stifle social media and one can already feel their support for such,as day by day more and more people come to the realization that incompetence now renders that bunch obsolete.

  4. DAVID

    Ask your BLP buddies to return some cash soon. The country has to repay $30million for the Hilton Hotel which the BLP built in St. Phillip. Sorry I mean Dodds prision.

    DAVID do your part to help the nuh?

  5. @ Carson C. Cadogan | December 6, 2012 at 7:32 AM |
    “DAVID I have never heard you call on your BLP friends to return the ill gotten gains which they have stashed in their secret overseas bank accounts. Make that call.”

    Your rants sound like the barking of a mad dog at a full moon.
    The PM has put you and your fellow blog ass lickers to shame. It’s time you stop this corruption shite because it’s falling all over your faces.
    Carrion it’s time you go back into your kennel and stop soiling the blog.

    Go and clean up the place. Man, Barbados stinks. Just take a stroll or drive around inner and outer Bridgetown places like Wellington St. and President Kennedy Drive and you will see unsightly piles of garbage that has not been collected in the last 3-4 weeks and in some months. What are you and your administration waiting for? An outbreak of the plague or some other rat borne pandemic? Are you going to blame this on the BLP or the international recession?

  6. miller after four years of griping the economy is on the brink, four years of telling us the BLP knows the solution to big growth in the economy the best See Thru Arthur, Malik wid Teet and Mia Lifestyle Mottley could offer is to privatise the Transport Board, CBC and government statutory corporations. If the BLP did not put this utter foolishness in its fifteen point recovery plan I would not believe it. Thousands of jobs gone if you privatise the BLP must know that. Good grief man the three stooges are clueless.

  7. millertheanunnaki

    How come at BLP public meetings you have hunreds of cars listening to the speakers and few people, at DLP meetings you have a half dozen cars and thousands of people listening to the speakers?

    How do you explain that?

    The people not interested in what you all lot have to say?

  8. @ Awake | December 6, 2012 at 8:54 AM |
    @ Carson C. Cadogan | December 6, 2012 at 9:14 AM |

    You might be unpleasantly surprised to hear from the miller that the DLP deserves to win back the government. The miller would take great joy in witnessing the fun and games to be played out in 2013.
    Mia can wait another 2 years to be a true dame in shining armour.
    Let the DLP be the devaluation fall guy never to return to the political landscape after 2014.

  9. Hey miller you keep wishing and hoping bad things for the country and its people. a true patriotic you are. now go get a bunch of your rich friends and help clean up the debris . that,s what a true patriot does and while you at it clean the scales out of the BLP eyes for god knows they need someone to do it

  10. @ ac | December 6, 2012 at 9:47 AM |
    “Hey miller you keep wishing and hoping bad things for the country and its people. ”

    Weren’t you doing that during OSA 14 year’s of misrule with that millstone of criticism still around you neck blaming OSA and the BLP under the sun that is wrong in Bim today?

    Why are you attacking the messenger?
    You think I am the only one to see what is happening to this country?
    My so-called rich friends might just include you who have the financial wherewithal to hire maids and cleaners to privatize your domestic responsibilities even your bedroom duties.
    Stop talking crap, ac. I am responsible for cleaning my own surroundings and not littering public places. We pay taxes and levies to operate the SSA and the Ministry of Health along with the NCC. If these agencies can’t do a better job then they ought to be privatized and outsourced like how you have done with your household tasks and responsibilities.

  11. Miller here is some more crap for you. why didN.t you ask the same of the 14year old reign of your chief implementing a plan that would further your cause and one of debushing. the only one talking crap is you you beginning to sound like a broken record .BTW how de hell OSA in any position to question anybody about money when his financial house as PM stinks to high hell

  12. Miller,

    When PM Stuart fire the first salvo in 2013 you are going to be shell shocked.

    Here is a classic example of you – and not PM Stuart or the DLP – misled yourself.

    Both Mia Mottley and Owen Arthur scream mother for the DLP to bring the anti-corruption legislation (the 2 BLP MPs even pretended to “declare their assets” although they were unable to get fellow BLP MPs to do the same)

    Now that the real Bill is debated in the House both Mia and Owen not in the House to contribute to the debate !

    No reason given for their absence ?
    No reason given why they chose not to give post debate reasons for their absence ?

    Miller and other BLP stooges would want the whole of Barbados to believe all is well in the BLP camp ?

  13. @ ac | December 6, 2012 at 10:47 AM |

    You are a real hard-ears and disobedient child. Why don’t you listen to your leader and speak accordingly.

    Debushing is not the more pressing major concern here since its only nature wild at work.
    What is of immediate and grave concern is the amount of man-made litter and garbage piling up on the streets and in the gutters offering havens for rats and posing a serious hazard to public health that can lead to serious outbreaks of life threatening diseases that not even your maid and cleaner can isolate you and your husband from.
    Think on these things and stop running your mouth on OSA. The fig leaf man and Mr. Molasses are best of buddies in the closet now that their common enemy David Tremble Dick Thompson is dead and gone. Ask Clyde Mascoll if you doubt me.

  14. Poor Peter Wickham, using his bully pulpit to berate the blogs. We all know you are pissed of at BU because Bush Tea chased you away by raising lifestyle issues. Relax Peter because Facebook has been fingered for more false postings, hoaxes etc. Ask Stetson! How many operate on FB under the cloak of anonymity we ask?

  15. David
    Why you don’t stop blaming Bush Tea for Wickham? He run cause he can’t stand the heat… 🙂
    …now if we were taking poles…… Oops…polls he would hang around.

  16. This Anti-American fella wan’ bannin’ … Talking bare shite ’bout America and Israel …

    I din’ hear Wickham say nuffin’ ’bout the blogs, and I could say with the confidence of knowing the man that he is not homosexual, thought such details make no difference to me. Caswell, I hope you listening ’causen if you chose to come out the closet I BAFBFP would still respect your opinion for nothing will change ….

  17. @ Miller

    Arthur and the BLP band are clones of the Church of Laodicea (New Testament/Revelation) blind and cannot see their own sad condition.

    Prime Minister Stuart says he will remove the fig leaves that covers his party – hang nail statement. The “clean bill of health – another hang nail statement. . . . MENE, MENE, TEKEL. . . Your days are numbered. You have been weighed and weigh not enough. (Old Testament/Daniel 5: 26-27). The divesting DLP hurricane is moving into the BLP direction. The BLP believe me are NOT PREPARED.

    That’s all folks.

  18. BUGGS BUNNY | December 6, 2012 at 1:20 PM |

    They “should know these things before the high winds come”.

  19. I have no doubt that Owen Arthur’s claims are true. It is well known that the Worrells are the biggest entertainers in Barbados.

    The Worrells choose not to live at the Governor’s official residence but frequently entertains there. Who pays, we do not know but I know for a fact as I was there that they hosted a party for a friend of theirs at the residence.

    It is called living off the hog as the dead king promised.

  20. If it as Adrian Lovridge claims that one CCC works at Accra Beach Hotel, how does he spend so much time on BU talking DLP shoite? I shall ask a friend who works there!

    By the way, Adrian, to answer your questions in a previous post, my BTA sources tell me that the dumbest decision to separate the BTA into a marketing and a product entity have been completed but NO decision or announcement will be made until after the election as there are certain to be MAJOR job losses and with this government constant refrain that it will not send home workers, hence the no decision.

    What a way to run this country. Or is the the cause of the global recession?

  21. Prodigal Son

    The Governor’s official residence … HA HA HA .. Right behind the school that can boast the proudest athletics record. Now is this because the girls from the school are still forced to walk all the way to the public park (Blenehm?) to practice when just behind them there is the huge expanse of open property known as the official residence of the governor which is reserved for “entertainment” by people who prefer NOT to take up residence there.

    “Independence, independence, how I luv independence… A colonialistic joke… Happy independence Barbados” Gabby

  22. BU finds it amazing that in times when we babble about being frugal ie. exercise fiscal discipline the Central Bank should have a one million dollar budget.

  23. All the nonsense by those who are talking nonsense will mean nothing on election day. The electorate decides and nothing you people are saying here on this blog will have any effect. Some of you desperate and sound desperate too. I can tell by your language and over extensions. Relax and let the people decide. The people are not stupid. You can bet that collectively they make the right decisions

  24. Wait ya mean we accustomed to proper proper threads…and just so cuz it close to Elections…..BU family exposed to this shoite…..poorrakey upon poorrakey David….Bushie cud really come out the bogs….ya ridiculous man..

  25. Gladiators, we salute you..


    “Where lies the fatal blow, thrust to the heart, derail to the soul”…

    Since when did one swallow make a summer? The counter attack to the BLP’s privatization option, aired a couple weeks ago, may have given many on the opposite side, a glimmer of hope. That was back then. Winds of change have since shifted again. Alike the seasonal veteran poppies, …red flowers of Flanders have once more sprung to fame. A prescription of false hope if one believed they would have been yellow. A puckish swing that bounce off the Opposition’s breast plate and could now emanate more damage than good for the deliverer. Hansard’s 1992 records of Parliamentary proceedings, revealed that actually it was the DLP’s late great Hon David Thompson’s brain child to originally rid of the Transport Board by way of selling off perceptible inefficient assets, as far back as then. Last weekend’s meeting in Britton’s Hill promulgated the Jacobean by way of a produced document, in the hands of an effervesced Opposition’s leader for the indulgence of all, and even the portcullis of some.

    Now it is back to poppycock. More woeful name changes en breach and a deserving effigy of a Lashley’s ‘Cross-over’, is in rein. With a welcomed distractive football tournament at the Mecca, a sinister search for a mercurial or even the merest of a ‘fall from grace’ Duguid for political advantage, to ends. A time comes however, when it will be necessary for a true Gladiator to come out swinging something worthy of his traits (giant). A party can only make militate boast of being confident that it will win the next elections, and procrastinate for so long, when it comes to that which matter most. Definitely somebody has an elections to win. No more ‘slips of the cup’ can be entertained. The onus lies with the current administration to bring on their soprano. True generals, the likes of a Bonaparte or a Hannibal, know when to take the offensive, and or when to lay still ( not sleeping though) playing dead. Time will come to deliver that fatal blow. True genius is knowing when.

  26. :@ Gail Ann Cummins

    For your information, BU and its bloggers were INSTRUMENTAL in the outcome of the last elections. Do not under estimate us. Why do you think the pretty Mia wanted to close us down?

  27. Vote and comment if you believe government/public sector is doing the best job managing the purse strings of government.


    The above impromptu polls says it all……Time to say Goodbye DLP….
    11% Yes
    83 % NO

  28. starbucks a giant private corporation tries for three years to wiggle its way out of paying corporate taxes in the U,K, citing losses.. wuh dam if poor me can’t pay my property tax cause i ain’t wuking tink sumbody gonna care. these corporate giants are the biggest welfare freeloaders just give them an inch and they take the whole kit and bottle.

  29. “However, in the face of much “discussion and misconception in the public domain concerning the company’s profitability”, BNOCL admitted that after the losses in 2008 and 2009 it had earned profits averaging $50 million in 2010 and 2011. But the agency claimed that much of its cash flow had been reinvested in the oil company’s operations.”

    What was wrong with $30m in profit rather than $50m? Wouldn’t NIS funds be better spent investing in BNOC expansion programme?

  30. First Citizen (TnT) is offering loans at 7.5 % with .5% commitment. Republic (TnT) is saying that it will do better than the competition no matter what is being offered. I cannot remember the last time that I have witnessed the banking institutions being so desperate to get rid of cash. Much of this has to do with the lack of investment options. BTW a certain bank has responded by increasing its fees on every damned thing that it has on offer… It is a Canadian bank to boot.

  31. @BAFBFP
    This Anti-American fella wan’ bannin’ … Talking bare shite ’bout America and Israel …

    Yuh mean yuh ain’t happy yuh get banned from BFP so yuh want to get banned from VOB too? Everybody with a little grey matter know that you are “Anti American”

  32. @David
    I don’t like seeing these figures in a vacuum, do you have any details on the entertainment budget for the CBB Governor over the years?

    You also referred to the criticism being levelled at the Gov’t agencies by the retired PS and since the bean counter was PS in the Ministry of Finance under OSA one should ask what advice did he give the Minister when his office was just down the hall.

  33. @ Sargeant | December 6, 2012 at 10:08 PM |

    We can tell you what advice the bean counter gave to David Thompson.
    You want to hear that?

  34. @Miller
    I want to hear his advice to both individuals, but Miller you are missing the big picture(purely accidentally I’m sure) Gov’t didn’t become bloated since 2008 it was on its way long before then. You don’t wake up one morning and discover you are obese.

  35. old onion bags

    “The above impromptu polls says it all……Time to say Goodbye DLP….
    11% Yes
    83 % NO”

    Mr. campaign manager

    The last poll your BLP put its faith in said that you would win the 2008 general elections with a resounding majority.


    The Barbados Labour Party got the majority of licks.

  36. old onion bags

    Do you recall Tom adams famous words?

    They supported us in their thousands, but voted for us in their hundreds.

  37. I certain that Kerrie Symmonds that writes on this blogs under his various names will be grinning from ear to ear when reads of the fiasco that was Mottley’s football tournament the LIME Football tournament that was declared a financial failure in today’s Nation news rag it must beg the question if Mottley has failed so miserably with the finances and planning of this tournament no wonder Arthur was forced to strip her of responsibility in nearly every Ministry she had assigned to her, to the point he said that she was working a half day a week as a Minister in his Cabinet.

    In the red
    printshare0 comments
    Mia Mottley. (FP)
    BY EZRA STUART | FRI, DECEMBER 07, 2012 – 12:13 AM

    This year’s LIME Pelican Football Challenge was a financial loss for the organizers.

    This disclosure has come from Mia Mottley, who heads Pelican Ventures Inc., the entity behind the just ended September 9 to November 30 tournament, which featured 12 franchises split into two groups.

    In an interview with WEEKENDSPORT, the long-serving parliamentarian pointed to the below par attendance this year of under 2 500 paying fans nightly for the majority of group matches, which were all held at Kensington Oval.

    While pleased with the crowd for the semi-finals and last Friday’s final between Akademiks and Phoenix UFO Toyota Fire House on Independence Day, Mottley said the increase in numbers only marginally compensated for the high overall cost of staging Barbados’ richest sporting tournament.

  38. Arthur would lie on his wife and numerous children to make Dr. Worrell look bad his $1 million entertainment claim is rubbish. Whats not rubbish is Dr. Worrell’s frank explanation that Barbados must not spend a penny more than it earns.

    Arthur’s plans is for Barbados to stimulate its economy by spending way in excess of what it earns decimating its foreign reserves. No way Owen, with you jobs and foriegn reserves gone with Dr. Worrell we know the true position which is live within your means.

    BAFBFP you are best decribed in the immortal words of dough boy Dr. Duguid. You is a real mudda c%#t.

  39. yeah and to think that MIa has a planned of 500million to rescue the Tourist industry and can”t manage a small venture like football. what stategy what! for tourism . Mia got to be dreaming!

  40. Prodigal Son | December 6, 2012 at 2:42 PM

    If I was like your boy, Dr. DoBad the dentist with the dirty mouth, I would really tell you<"carry yuh mudda sc#&t", but I dont use language like that.

    That sort of language is reserved for Barbados Labour Party people.

  41. BAFBFP you boring c#@t if pillsbury Duguid said scunt you c#%t he could posit thats not a curse word, in Barbados it means nothing.
    Only foriegners use scunt when cussing you wannabe relevant johnny.

  42. David

    Do really think that the kind of behavior that is being exhibited by newbies such as Pilot should be tolerated …? Should adults be allowed to be exposed to the public with this unfortunate tone..? I think that he could be a danger to himself and for that reason and that reason alone I would like to politely suggest that his comment be struck from the record … (plus I really ain’ want he tah find out wah real cussing is, he new … ha ha ha)

  43. For those of you concerned about your identity you should download the Tor browser it encrypts all traffic and passes it around the world.

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